The Rain (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Save Yourself

- [RASMUS] Where should we go? - [SARAH] Bakken.
- The amusement park? - Yes.
Jakob and I made a deal that when all this was over, and I was well again, we'd go to Bakken.
Why not a cooler place like Disneyland? - As if your dreams were cooler.
- They were.
Okay, so what was a super cool dream of yours? Uh Going to Mars.
That was pretty cool.
- That's not a real dream.
- Sure it is.
- No, that's so unrealistic.
- If it's realistic, it isn't a dream.
We're in for a long trip.
[MARTIN] Simone.
[SIGHS] What the hell do you want? - We're coming with you.
- [SIMONE] You are? - So you can hand him over to Apollon? - You need me, and you won't make it alone.
Oh, so you're the big superhero? - Look, I don't need you.
- I don't want to fight with you.
Okay? You may think you can solve something no one else has solved, but the rest of us live in the real world.
Apollon has the resources to cure Rasmus.
And unless we hand him over, they're going to kill us.
Understand? [FIE] Hi.
- They haven't gone far.
Sarah is slow.
- You cannot hand him over to Apollon.
Nothing will happen until we find them, and we'll find them together.
Okay? [EXHALES DEEPLY] [SIMONE SIGHS] Jesus! [THUNDER ROLLING] [RASMUS] Why the hell didn't you say it was me? I killed them all, Simone.
[SIMONE] Rasmus! - [SARAH] They're handing you to Apollon.
- [RASMUS] Simone would never do that.
[SARAH] Ta-dah! - I thought you had to pee.
- I can't wear that suit to Bakken.
- What will people say? - But there's no one there.
No, but I'm sick of being babied, and the others aren't here, so now we'll just do what we want.
It's cold.
Take my jacket.
[EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] Maybe we should leave too, then.
If that's what we're going to do.
If you still want to.
People keep letting each other down.
We don't let each other down.
No, but we're letting Simone down.
She let us down and Martin.
Patrick feels let down all the time too.
We said we were in this together, but what if we don't have anything together? - So, are we leaving or what? - I don't know, Jean.
I don't know if we can find a better place than this.
Maybe everybody's like this.
But we [LEA] Maybe none of us are supposed to be here anymore.
[PATRICK] How the fuck do I get out of here? [GRUNTS WITH EFFORT] [PANTS] [PATRICK] Video cards? He was willing to die for this? [MARTIN] Where the hell is Patrick? Maybe he went with them.
- He's not that big an idiot.
- His idiocy knows no bounds, it seems.
[EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] What the hell is that? [MARTIN] Is it him? [FIE] I don't know.
This is not like before.
Why the hell did she take her suit off? [MARTIN] Don't get too close.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [STEN IN SWEDISH] Kira, did they turn Rasmus in? [KIRA] No.
He's not coming.
[STEN SIGHS] [STEN] Go back to the base and find him.
Kill everyone else.
[IN DANISH] You're quiet.
I can't believe Simone was going to hand me over to Apollon.
Maybe she thinks you're a hassle.
- I think Jakob felt like kicking me - [RASMUS] Yeah, but he didn't.
Simone said she'd protect me.
She said Nothing.
It must be frustrating.
What? Not to be able to get angry without killing everything.
A bit.
Don't think about your sister.
She isn't here.
Fuck her.
Yeah, fuck her.
[SARAH] Hey, let's go in here.
- Weren't we going to Bakken? - Yeah, but look at me.
I look like a joke.
- Wasn't that why you dumped the suit? - I've never bought make-up before.
Me neither.
[COUGHING] - Are you okay? - [SARAH] Yeah.
- [RASMUS] Are you sure we shouldn't - [COUGHS] I'm fine.
Come on.
We want to look hot for Bakken.
Yeah, but I don't think [PATRICK] Alright! Hell, yeah.
[MARTHA IN SWEDISH] Is it on, Kira? - [KIRA] Yes.
- [MARTHA] Okay, give me the gun.
- [KIRA] Mom, he doesn't know anything.
- [MARTHA] He's from Apollon.
He knows! - How do we extract the capsules? Answer! - [IN DANISH] I don't know.
You can't extract them.
[KIRA IN SWEDISH] Mom, no! [IN DANISH] What the fuck was that? [KIRA IN SWEDISH] You can't just kill people.
He refused to tell us.
- [KIRA] Or maybe he didn't know anything.
- In any case, he was useless to us.
But now I think I know how to extract the capsules.
We can get out of the zone, away from Apollon.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] - [RASMUS IN DANISH] After Bakken - [SARAH] Mm-hm? [RASMUS] let's find a place to hide until everyone stops looking for us, where you can be safe.
There's no such place.
[RASMUS] There is.
We just have to find it.
Let's focus on the now.
Because now you're all done.
There's a mirror over there.
Yes, but we need to plan and think [SARAH LAUGHS] What the hell? [SARAH] Okay, it wasn't easy with my gloves on.
- But I look like a - Clown! You're ready for Bakken.
- When you said you'd make me hot - I was just kidding.
Well, that's just great.
Okay, I'll wipe it off.
Come here.
- [SARAH LAUGHS] - You'd better get it off.
[BOTH LAUGHING] - You've been practicing? - A lot.
[SARAH CHUCKLES] You're pretty handsome.
Relax, I'm not - [MENACING MUSIC PLAYING] - [RASMUS] Fuck! Hush.
[RASMUS] What the fuck are they doing here? - [FIE] Do you see anything? - [MARTIN] Only Apollon.
They're leaving.
Where the hell are they? [FIE] Hey, he left marks.
[RASMUS] This way! - Come on.
I'll check out back.
- Simone, I know you feel betrayed - And I know you're pregnant.
I found the pregnancy test.
I don't suppose it's Lea or Sarah.
Fie, I don't blame you for being desperate and wanting to turn him in, but it's not the right thing to do.
[GASPS] [SIMONE] I can't justify Rasmus killing Jakob and all the others.
- I have to believe I can save him.
- You want to save your brother, but - [SIMONE] You don't believe in it.
- [EXHALES] Fie, we want the same thing.
I'm just not used to running.
[SARAH EXHALES] Maybe we should stay the night here.
[SARAH] Here? Yes.
It's kind of nice.
We can go to Bakken tomorrow when they open.
You fuss over me.
[SARAH COUGHS] I can never touch you.
Why do you say that? It just hit me.
I'd kill you if I did.
- You don't know that.
- Yes.
Anyway, you don't know if I want you to touch me.
- It's a pretty creepy thing to say.
- Sorry.
- That's not - [LAUGHS] It's fine.
[KLAUS] I loved her.
More than anything else.
She was my reason to get out of bed.
She kept me going.
And now she's gone.
She survived the rain.
And everything after that.
- But then you came.
- I'm sorry.
Johanne never hurt anyone.
- She was going to turn my brother in.
- [SHOUTS] To save us all! - Do you understand? - Klaus Klaus! - [SHOUTS] Nothing matters! - That's not true.
[GUN CLICKS] - [SIMONE GASPS] - Johanne said to give them the boy.
- She'd have spared you.
- Nobody else has to die.
But Johanne's dead.
- Where is the boy? - We'll follow his trail.
- No, Martin.
- He leaves marks.
- [SHOUTS] No, Martin! - Shut up.
Listen Hey, look at me.
- I can find him for you.
- [SHOUTS] Martin, no! - Shut up! - Hey, hey, hey! Look at me.
We'll find him and give him to Apollon.
- Martin, don't do this.
- I can find him for you, okay? - We'll find him.
- [SIMONE] Martin, no! Martin, don't do this.
- I'll be back for you.
- [SIMONE] No, you can't be serious.
[SIMONE SHOUTS] No! [SIMONE SHOUTS] [SIMONE PANTING] Ready to dial 911? Huh? What do you mean? I could have an anaphylactic shock, and if I do, you have to call 911.
Do you understand? 911? What are you talking about? It's a joke.
I'll just die.
So don't do it.
If I don't do it, I'll most certainly die.
Ready? [SARAH GASPING] Sarah? Sarah! [LAUGHING] Calm down.
I've done this a thousand times.
[RASMUS BREATHING HEAVILY] [SARAH CHUCKLING] [EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] You'd better go outside and get some air.
Huh? [SARAH] To be connected to something.
I don't know why it does this.
It doesn't matter.
You can do something no one else can.
You don't have to be afraid.
I wish I was like you.
You can do whatever you like.
I just want to go away with you.
- Is that really all you want? - Yes, right now.
Right now.
That's good.
It's all that counts.
- [STEN IN SWEDISH] Are you at the base? - Yes, but I don't think they're here.
[STEN] Why not? [EXHALES SHARPLY] [KIRA] We've found some kind of trail.
We believe it's him.
He affects his surroundings.
- It would seem they have fled the base.
- [STEN] Track them down.
Let the team search the base.
Your mission is to find Rasmus.
Complete your mission.
[KIRA] Mom, are you sure about this? - If this works we can get out of here.
- [KIRA] Find another way.
It's too risky.
[MARTHA] Not in comparison to what Apollon would do to us.
Target the capsules in his left shoulder.
The gun should blast all of them out.
Stand by to stop the bleeding.
[MAN] They all seem to be in the same spot.
[KIRA] Shit I don't think we should do this.
[MARTHA] This is going to hurt, but it will pass.
- [MARTHA IN SWEDISH] Three, two, one [GUN FIRING] [KIRA] What the hell are you doing? We're supposed to destroy Apollon, not each other.
[MARTHA] He had a capsule in the back of his neck.
Get him out.
We must find another solution.
[IN DANISH] What the hell are those people up to? What the hell is this? [MARTIN] It's him.
[KLAUS] Why do you protect him? Why do we protect the ones we love? It's sick.
- [KLAUS GROANS] - [MARTIN] Careful! Don't assume we're friends.
[MARTIN] I'm not assuming anything.
Just find the boy.
Shit! [EXHALES SHARPLY] - [FIE] Martin wants to solve this for us.
- Martin doesn't have a fucking clue.
- Apollon can't solve a thing.
- [FIE] But neither can you right now.
Fie, you don't get it.
Rasmus has been locked up all his life.
He's lost out there.
He needs me.
- No, Rasmus needs help.
- [SIMONE] Exactly, he needs help! And who's there to help him? He thinks I want to hand him over to Apollon.
I was supposed to be there to look him in the eye and reassure him that things will be okay, but I'm sure he knows how you feel.
How could he? Okay.
Use this.
We'll find him together, okay? Okay.
[SARAH COUGHING] [RASMUS] What is it? - Are you tired again? - No.
- It's fine if you are.
- No, I just need to catch my breath.
[SARAH EXHALES] [SARAH COUGHS] - Sarah, you're not well.
- [SARAH] I don't want to talk about it.
- So what do you want? - Do you really want to know? I want to get wasted and make out and have sex, and run 100 yards without collapsing afterwards, and not constantly have to deal with or talk about this shitty illness.
- Can you do something about that? - No.
But you know I understand you.
- Yes, so just let me catch my breath.
- [RASMUS] Very well.
- But you will run out of bags - I don't want to talk about it.
[RASMUS] I can't help you if you collapse.
I can't touch you.
I I can't do anything, damn it.
I think we're there.
Come on.
[RASMUS] Sarah, slow down.
I want to show you something.
- Have a look-see.
- What did you do? Whoa.
The others are gone, and everything is in chaos.
I don't know what's going to happen, but we're here.
What is this? It's a chapel.
Your own little paradise.
- You did all this? - [JEAN] Yes.
For you.
It's beautiful.
You can sit here and find yourself a new guiding star.
- [LEA] Guiding star? - Yes.
You thought Simone was your guiding star, and she let you down.
- [LEA] Yes.
- So find a new one.
[EERIE MUSIC PLAYING] You're sweet, Jean, but this is no paradise.
Why not? Because this place will kill us.
We can't survive here.
I don't need a guiding star to tell me that.
It was a lame idea.
- [LEA SHOUTS] Jean! - I get it.
[LEA] Somebody's coming.
- [JEAN] They're back? - No, it's not them.
[BANGING] They're inside.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [IN DANISH] Of course she went to Bakken.
[TRANQUIL MUSIC PLAYING] It's such a mess.
[RASMUS] Well, no one takes care of it anymore.
We're going up there.
[RASMUS] On the rollercoaster? Yeah.
The rollercoaster.
And then what? Nothing else.
What do you mean? Nothing.
Huh? [SARAH] Let's just get up there.
[SIMONE SHOUTS] Rasmus! Fuck.
Sarah I think Simone's here.
- Oh.
- So let's go.
No, we're going up there.
Come on.
[SIMONE SHOUTS] Rasmus! Rasmus! - Rasmus! - [GUN CLICKS] [KLAUS] It's stupid to yell like that.
[SIMONE] Apollon can't help.
You think I'll hand him over? Well, I won't.
I'm going to kill him.
- [GUN CLICKS] - [FIE] Put down the gun.
Put it down.
- [KLAUS] I'm not afraid of dying.
- [FIE] Put it down! [GUNSHOT] Come on, let's hurry.
- [LEA] Where then? [JEAN] In here.
- [MARTHA IN SWEDISH] We'll collect them.
- [MAN IN DANISH] I can't see What the hell is that? - [MARTHA IN SWEDISH] Understand? - [WHISPERS IN DANISH] What is it? [MARTHA IN SWEDISH] If this works, we can get out of here.
[IN DANISH] What the hell? Apollon are here.
We need to get out.
- [PATRICK] Can we get out? - I don't know.
I've got an idea.
Come with me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [PATRICK] In here! - [JEAN] What happened to him? - Never mind.
Help me with the door.
Lea, see if they're coming! [PATRICK] Jean! Come on! [BOTH GRUNTING WITH EFFORT] Quick, I can hear them.
They're coming! [PATRICK AND JEAN GROAN] Now, Lea! - [LEA] What about you? - [JEAN] Just get in there.
- I'll hold it so you can go under.
- You'll die! - You've got Lea.
- She'll kill me if I leave you behind.
- We can't both stay out here.
- Yes! [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUING] Just push the button.
Get in! - Now what? - That button.
- [LEA] What does it do? - Cover your ears.
Trust me.
Do you want to be with me? Yes, I mean Or Yes.
Yes, I want to.
I want you to kiss me.
But I can't, Sarah.
I'm not getting out of this alive anyway.
I can't survive in this world.
You asked me what I wanted.
I want to have a completely amazing, ordinary day that ends with a kiss.
No, Sarah.
Are we leaving? Sarah, what are you doing? Sarah, sit down.
Sarah Sarah, sit down! You're right.
We can never be together.
You can never touch me.
Only once.
Sarah, sit down.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] [RASMUS] Sarah No, damn it! You just This was a good day.
Why can't we have more? - Because - You think we can only have one good day.
But I want more days like these, and I want to spend them with you! Okay? - Did you have a good day too? - I've had an awesome day.
It will never be good, for real.
- We can never - Yes, if I can get this out of me.
Don't do it for my sake.
I don't want superpowers if I can't - If you can't what? - If I can't I really want I really want to be able to kiss you, Sarah.
[SIMONE] Rasmus! [FIE] Sarah! Rasmus! We're coming down.
The other days had better be good.
I promise.
What the hell are you doing? We just wanted to have a good day.
[KIRA IN SWEDISH] Hey! No more games.
We need the boy.
Lower your weapon.
[MARTIN] Easy.
[KIRA IN SWEDISH] Hand over the boy.
[MARTIN IN DANISH] If you guarantee his safety.
- [IN SWEDISH] There are no guarantees.
- [IN DANISH] But we can leave the zone? - [IN SWEDISH] What? - [IN DANISH] He isn't going without me.
[SHOUTS] Hey! - That's enough, already! - Rasmus Listen, don't tell me what to do, as if I'm not even here.
I'm staying! - You don't know how dangerous you are.
- I don't care.
I'm with Sarah now.
[IN SWEDISH] Are you willing to die for this? [IN DANISH] You promised to help me.
[IN SWEDISH] Do you think this is a game? Do you even understand what you can do? [IN DANISH] I can do what the fuck I want.
[IN SWEDISH] You're wrong.
[FIE IN DANISH] No! Let her go! [IN SWEDISH] I won't let anyone get in the way.
He is our only hope.
Do you understand? I came for the boy.
I have no obligation to none of you.
- Now.
- Let her go.
Go away.
- [IN SWEDISH] Do you see what you can do? - [SHOUTS IN DANISH] Go! [SIMONE] Rasmus Are you okay? Good.
All good.
Shit, that was nasty.
Even more so for them.
- [LEA] Are they dead? - It was either them or us.
Why can't it be them and us? - The world isn't like that anymore.
- Well, it should be.
- You've got your hands full, dude.
- Yes.
I kind of like it.
Handing Rasmus over to Apollon isn't the right solution.
I really don't know, Fie.
I I don't know if I can cure Rasmus.
- I don't know if I'm wrong.
- We'll find out.
"We"? In a world of really bad options, I guess you're the best.
- I don't know if that's a compliment.
- [FIE] No? Think about it.
- What are you doing? - You're right.
This could be a paradise, but we must defend it.
- But - I'm sick of running.
- It's all going up in flames.
- Then we'll rebuild it.
We won't let them beat us.
That's what you meant, wasn't it? Everyone else wants to destroy and kill and win.
But we don't want that.
You don't want that, Jean.
- You just want to make me content.
- Yes, but But you don't make me content.
You make me happy.
Are you just going to stand there, or can we talk? Well? I don't know.
I'm just trying to protect you.
I know.
But what if I don't want you to protect me? I just want you to believe in me.
- I do.
I believe in you.
- No, you don't.
I know the risks of doing this, but I also know that the alternative's worse.
The ones we're up against don't give a shit about us.
I understand much more than you think.
I know you do.
- You don't.
- Yes.
You're just saying that.
You'll always feel you know best and that what you believe is right.
I can't do that.
- You can't do what? - I can't do us.
- You can't do us? - I can't [MARTIN] Simone, damn it.
- If we're going to do this together - We're not going to do it together.
You are so fucking naive.
Fucking naive! Ma What's going on? I never wanted to hand you over.
You know that, right? Yes.
I will always help you.
Always! I'll do anything for you.
- I know.
- [SIMONE] It's you and me, always.
- [RASMUS] I know.
- You and me, always.
[CRIES] [SIMONE CRIES] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Where have you been? Um I've got something to show you.
- [MAN IN SWEDISH] We found something.
- What? [MAN] Apollon has a place close by where we can extract the capsules.
[MARTHA] How did you find out? [MAN] We don't have to fight them.
We can flee.
- What if it's a trap? - [MAN] It isn't.
I've seen the blueprints.
Of course they have a place like that.
[IN DANISH] So we can extract the capsules? They managed to.
There aren't any more videos, anyway.
I think we can get out of here.
Let's do it.
You and me.
- What about the rest of the gang? - It's just you and me.