The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s01e03 Episode Script

Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood

Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Yeah, Peter.
Think you could cool the bubbles
and slow that filing to 55?
My heart can't take all the excitement.
Guess it is kind of quiet today.
Quiet? We haven't had
one Ghostbuster call all week.
Yeah, it's so boring all week. Yeah.
Gesundheit, Slimer.
Brothers, I think the problem
is we're too good.
We already bagged every ghost in town.
I agree. We may have put ourselves
right out of business.
- I got it! I got it!
- Let me get the phone.
Sorry, guys. This is my turf.
If it goes bump in the night,
we'll make it right.
Right. Uh-huh.
No, really? Ha. Wow, that's amazing.
-Hey, well, thanks. Bye.
-OK, bye.
-Well, come on, what is it
-What have we got?
Casserole recipe, from my sister.
Relax, guys, it's probably
the dessert recipe.
Right. Jackpot!
- All right!
- Yeah!
Man, it sure is great
to be back in business.
-Where are we going?
-A haunted house.
Oh, another haunted house?
Yeah, isn't it terrific?
Ray, the last five haunted-house calls
were false alarms.
But this sounds like the real thing.
Check out the address.
Thirteen, thirteen, thirteenth Street.
Give me a break.
That's it?
Sure doesn't look haunted.
What a surprise.
But I am registering definite
spectral activity inside.
Fantastic. It's a live one.
That depends on
how you define "live," Ray.
Talk about ugly, with a capital "ug."
There is definitely
a major psychic force inside.
And it's approaching the door.
Egon, what happened?
Some strange force sabotaged it.
Yeah, I think the scientific term
is klutz-itis.
Peter, I
Thank goodness you're here.
Please come in. I'm Mrs. Rogers.
Don't forget to wipe your feet, guys.
I'm sorry to trouble you nice boys,
but strange things have been
happening around here.
Very strange things.
Really? Great.
I meanWell, like what?
Oh, all kinds of things.
Noises, voices, funny lights.
My grandmother had a chair just like this.
Oh, I just can't stand it here any longer.
It's too horrible.
Easy, ma'am.
Ray, drive Mrs. Rogers to headquarters.
She can stay there while
we battle the unspeakable horrors here.
You're so kind.
But please, be careful.
OK, guys. Check under the beds,
in the closets. The usual.
Peter, what are you doing?
The important stuff.
Writing up our bill.
Nothing here.
Kitchen's clean.
I told you, guys,
haunted houses were a lot of hot air.
I said, they're a lot of hot air.
- What?
- Who said, "What?"
-Did you say, "What?"
Peter, I'm trying to work.
-Say what?
-I didn't say, "What?"
-Who did?
-Did what?
-Say "What?"
-Man, I didn't say a word.
Yeah, right. Then who did?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
I withdraw the question.
This is gonna cost extra.
Peter, are you all right?
Yeah, but what happened?
According to Tobin's Spirit Guide,
"Watt is a dominant force
of the underworld,
leader of a legion of evil demons."
"Watt's goal is to invade
and conquer the living world."
Well, he could do it nicely.
Don't worry about a thing, Mrs. Rogers.
Janine will take good care of you.
Oh, you're such dears.
Just part of the Ghostbusters
personal service, ma'am.
Here, Mrs. Rogers.
Just make yourself at home.
Oh, yum.
Oh, yeah, cookies. Oh, boy.
Oh, thank you, sweetie.
But what I'd really like is, um,
well, a little tour
of your fascinating place.
No problem.
Oh, boy. The cookie.
Oh, boy.
Will Precious be safe here with, uh? Um
Oh, sure. Slimer's a great bird-sitter.
What an odd little creature,
huh, Precious?
Watch little bird. Birdbrain.
Take good care of Precious, Slimer.
And don't touch those cookies.
Oh, no touch that cookie.
My goodness, what is this for?
This is the Ecto Containment System.
Where all the captured ghosts are stored.
How interesting.
If someone turned it off, uh,
wouldn't all the ghosts escape?
That's why Ray and Egon
just installed this fail-safe
protective device.
It only responds to the fingerprints
and voice prints of the immediate staff.
That was so we don't have
to be on guard constantly.
The immediate staff?
Oh, you mean
Like you?
Oh, no. Just the four Ghostbusters.
Shall we go?
I'm right behind you, dear.
Help, please!
Knock it off, Slimer.
Go back upstairs with Precious.
Oh, no.
How much longer till you get
that P.K.E Meter fixed?
Almost done.
Huh. Heavy on the "almost."
This is Ray in Ecto-1
calling Ghostbusters.
Ray calling Ghostbusters.
Something's wrong.
I can't get through. Uh-oh.
Hang on, guys. I'm coming.
Nobody messes with my pals.
Ah! Unh.
Unbelievable. A mass transmigration.
-You know what you seeing, man?
-Easy, watch it, watch it.
We got enough problems already, man.
See what I mean?
This is great. We've got
a classic haunting here.
What's this "we" stuff?
You're still standing.
Hey. Unh.
I sit corrected.
So fill me in. What's going on?
The prime motivator is a demon named Watt.
- Named what?
- Watt.
-I asked you first.
-No, Watt is its name.
Don't ask me. Ask Egon.
This'll show you Watt.
Never mind. Let's just track it down.
Hey. Ow.
Hey. Ow! Ouch!
- Watch it.
- Man.
- Hey. Ow!
- Oh, man. Ow!
We're getting closer.
That's comforting.
Gentlemen, I believe I've located Watt,
right inside this closet.
- Take that, you slimeball.
- Eat proton, baby.
Come on, let's track him.
That's it. Let him have it.
Whoa, wait. Hold it. Cease fire!
There's nothing in here
but Mrs. Rogers' dress.
It's driving the needle
right off the top of the scale.
You don't mean
Mrs. Rogers' dress is Watt?
No, Ray. Mrs. Rogers is Watt.
Janine, this is an emergency.
You're in grave danger.
Don't say "grave."
I wonder what's jamming the frequency.
She sure is. Come on.
Since the day she arrived ♪
You can't get her off your mind ♪
And your curiosity ♪
Has got the worst of you this time ♪
Nice puppies. Now stay.
She takes you by surprise ♪
Keep it up, guys. A few more feet
and we're out of here.
Hey, back off.
A little further, guys. Keep coming. Ah.
Will someone tell me what's going on here?
Watt created this house
as a trap to catch us.
That really ticks me off.
Hey, what are we? Ghostbusters or mice?
Would you believe barbecued chicken?
Hey, Pete, you got any ideas?
No. Got any marshmallows?
Drop your Trap, Ray.
Coming right up.
Fry it.
Trap's open.
All right, guys.
We have to get to Janine before Watt does.
Cut it out, Slimer.
Stop it, Slimer. We have to find
Hi, guys. All through with
Mrs. Rogers' house?
Yeah, but not with Mrs. Rogers.
She's a ghost.
Yeah, I told you. I told you. A ghost.
-A ghost?
-Yeah. Where is she?
I don't know.
She had some ideas
for fixing the place up.
I'll bet she does.
We've gotta find her. And fast.
Let's go. Everybody, split up.
Mrs. Rogers?
Any sign of her yet, Peter?
No, but I think I'm very close to her now.
Oh, OK.
Oh, by the way, love your new 'do. Ha.
Oh, I never noticed your new 'do.
Peter. Peter.
OK, Slimer. I'm coming.
I am Peter Venkman.
Peter! Wait!
What are you doing?
Stay away.
Either he's coming down
with a real bad cold,
or we got major problems.
Judging from these readings,
I'd say Peter is possessed.
Peter! No!
Peter, don't do it!
I'm not Peter, you pitiful fools.
I am the mighty Watt.
No, I'm not.
I'm Peter. Peter Venkman.
He's fighting it.
But he can't hold out for long.
OK, Watt, come on out.
We can't get Watt that way.
Peter would never withstand the blast.
There's a slim chance.
If we set one thrower
at Watt's exact frequency
and the other at the electro-metabolic
frequency of Peter,
we should be able to pull them apart.
Let's do it.
But if we mess up,
Peter may go all to pieces, literally.
No, I won't. I won't.
You human.
How dare you thwart the will of Watt.
No. No.
Yes. Yes.
Peter, no!
He did it.
In 30 seconds the protective grid
will go bloo-y.
Then every ghost in that
system will be free.
All under my command.
Here goes.
Stop them. Stop them.
Oh, Peter.
-I got the Trap.
-Toss it on the floor!
No, you can't have him back.
I won't let you.
Hang on, Egon. It's working.
Mine. No!
Unh. I got it.
We did it!
Peter, are you all right?
Yeah. Fine. Fine.
But I have definitely had it
with haunted houses.
Right up toUp toUp to here?
See? I can't go out in public like this.
My life is ruined.
Poor Peter.
There you go, Peter. Looking good.
Slimer was just trying to help, Peter.
Come back here, Slimer.
When I get my hands on you
Well, it looks like
everything is back to normal.
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