The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s01e04 Episode Script

Slimer, Come Home

Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call?
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call?
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Three nights in a row, guys.
It has to be the same group.
At least it gives us an excuse
to keep Winston out of the station
until the you-know-what's ready.
Egon, I don't get it.
Why would the poltergeist
go after random targets?
I thought they usually
hang out in one place.
Don't they get weaker the further they go?
Usually yes.
But this is very strange.
They shouldn't have the energy
for roving attacks
unless they have some source. Left!
Say, Egon, uh, you think we could have
a little more warning next time?
Uh, like, not to get personal,
of course, but
Now, what were you saying, Peter?
Never mind.
OK, where to now?
It's coming from there.
They're quick.
-Hey, fellas
-Shh. I think I heard something.
What was
- Peter, something
- Sh.
Hey, guys.
Hmm. Looks like the trash
wants to take us out.
Now remember, poltergeists
can't actually hurt you.
But trash cans sure can.
No. Blast them!
OK, so I saw a Clint Eastwood
movie last night
and got carried away. Sue me.
It's showtime, folks.
-Just give me some room. Ready.
Trouble. Very, very big trouble.
Wait a minute, didn't I see this in
The Wizard of Oz?
Well, guys, look on the bright side.
It couldn't possibly get any worse.
I just don't understand it.
We shouldn't have lost, but we did.
They were strong.
But poltergeists are supposed to get
weaker the farther they get from home.
Unless they were drawing
on some other source of energy.
Or the big one was feeding
on all the energy from the small ones.
Like hooking more and more
batteries to the same line.
With that sort of power they
could go anywhere they want.
Well, the only place
I wanna go right now is home.
Are we taking the long way home
or something?
It seems like it's taking us forever.
You think Janine's
got everything set up by now?
This'll really make his night.
Yo, Slimer.
Hey, where is everybody?
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Bet you thought we forgot, didn't you?
Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday.
I don't believe it.
You guys.
I thought we were taking a long time.
And there's more to come.
I just want you to know that
I'm having a wonderful time.
Look, Winston.
It's blueberry fudge cake.
Your favorite.
Wow! II really don't know what to say.
Yummy cake!
This is the happiest day of my
Yum, yum!
-No, no.
-Oh, no.
How could you?
Easy. Yum, yum.
Oops. Uh-oh.
No, it's OK.
I'm on a diet, anyway.
Hang on a second.
No, it's not OK.
We planned this party all week, Slimer.
It means a lot to us, to Winston,
and you had to mess it up.
That's not gonna make up for it.
Let it go, Peter. What's done is done.
It's my party.
After all, Slimer just can't help himself.
Are you kidding?
He helps himself to everything
that isn't nailed down or on fire.
But what use is he, huh?
First time I saw you, you slimed me.
You've been nothing but trouble since.
So do us all a favor.
Cut it out. OK?
You were awfully hard on him, Peter.
I think you hurt his feelings.
Well, he has to learn.
Besides, ghosts don't have feelings.
I wonder.
I love you more than everything.
Today is yesterday ♪
Sorry for everything, guys.
I'm all alone.
Into the cold and rainy night ♪
Slimer, I'm back.
I brought us some donuts.
Come on, Slimer.
Oh, no.
What is it, Janine?
-Where's the problem?
-Right here, Ray.
- Slimer's run away from home.
- What?
If that's it, I'm going back to bed.
Slimer wouldn't leave.
He's got too good a deal going here.
Oh, no? You don't think so?
"No one likes me.
I'm always doing bad things.
I try, but I can't help it.
So it's better if I leave.
Goodbye forever, Slimer."
Can I see that?
You could read this?
I'm a secretary. I can read anything.
Someone wanted him to go.
Oh, let me guess.
This is all my fault, right?
It doesn't matter whose fault it is.
We've got to go after him.
Yeah. We're right behind you, Winston.
We'll split up.
That way we can cover the most area.
Aren't you going to look for him?
Who, me?
Hey, I'm the guy he slimed, remember?
Go after him? Ha!
Mm. Yum, yum.
He helps himself to everything
that's not nailed down.
Bye, cookies.
Going somewhere?
Janine, don't do that.
I just thought that maybe,
maybe you were going out
to look for Slimer.
Who, me?
Heck, no, I was just going
out for a walk.
Yeah, that's it, a walk.
In the rain?
Hey, uh, sure thing.
New York rain's good for you.
Well, see you later.
Oh, just one thing.
If you should happen to find Slimer
tell himtell him we miss him.
There must be a party.
You two find anything?
No, same here.
Something up, Egon?
Just thinking about those
poltergeists we fought earlier.
They're looking for all
the ghost energy they can find.
Which means any ghost
loose right now may be a target.
Let me get this straight.
Every time a ghost joins them,
their power increases.
They draw on its energy
and become more dangerous.
But Slimer?
If I'm right, then even one more ghost
might make all the difference.
They'd steal his energy,
becoming unbeatable
and terribly, terribly evil.
Even Slimer.
Come on, Slimer.
Come home, all's forgiven.
Well, most of it.
Hey, I think I got something here.
We'd better split up if we're gonna
find Slimer before the poltergeists do.
If we don't, he'll become a part
of their evil as it crosses the country.
He'll be gone forever.
Well, well.
What's wrong, my man, you lose something?
Hey, maybe we can help you find it.
What's it look like?
I'm looking for a full torso,
ectoplasmic manifestation.
Color green. No legs.
Spirit classification, unknown.
Hey, we had him, man.
Why'd you let him go?
My dad told me never to mess
with anybody weirder than I am.
Oh, yeah.
Why aren't you looking for Slimer?
It's a new theory of mine.
Ever notice how if you
go looking for someone,
you almost never find them?
Well, I figure if I wait in one place
everybody I ever met in my entire life
will come by sooner or later.
Ray, I think you should know
that's the most ridiculous theory
I have ever
Ray Stantz. Hello.
That's Mrs. Milligan.
My second grade teacher.
Hi, Mrs. Milligan.
Ray, I think one of us
needs a nice, long vacation.
Come with me.
And now, you.
Now, if I were Slimer, where would I go?
Beats me. Poor guy.
I'm almost ready to forgive him
for all the times he slimed me.
Slimer. There you
I don't believe it.
He did it to me again.
Hello, fellas. Guess what.
I found Slimer. Peter, out.
Slimer's in there.
How do you know?
How else do you think this happened?
Come on, Peter.
I've seen you eat.
join me.
This doesn't look good, guys.
-We're too late. It started.
-What started?
The individual frequencies are merging.
All the small ghosts in there
are being absorbed
into one big ectoplasmic mess.
If Slimer's in there
And he's already been absorbed
Then we may never be able to separate him.
Meaning that we'll have to zap,
trap and contain all of them,
Slimer included.
Kind of makes it a perfect day,
doesn't it?
Just a joke, fellas, lighten up.
Now let's go get him.
This is it, guys.
All right, freeze!
Oh, boy.
It's got Slimer.
If Slimer's in there,
we'll never get him out.
I can barely read Slimer's frequency.
He's getting weak. We're losing him.
There's just one chance.
Set your proton beams
at 500,000 megahertz.
Slimer's frequency.
We'll try to yank him out.
I just hope you know
what you're doing, Egon,
because I sure don't.
All right. Fire!
There he is!
And pull.
We got him. Reel him in.
He's all right.
Hey, can we cook or what?
Now for Mr. Ugly himself.
That's what happens
when you call names, Peter.
I think we're in a lot of trouble here.
You don't suppose that thing
would listen to reason, do you?
Doubtful, Peter. Very doubtful.
I want you to know, Egon,
this isn't my idea of a night on the town.
Eat protons, fella.
Egon, the trap.
There's too many ghosts in the trap.
It wasn't made to hold that many.
It could overload at any second.
I think we'd better get this thing
into storage fast, before it blows.
There's only one chance.
What an awfully good idea, Winston.
And I guess you can come too, Slimer.
Let's put this baby to bed.
Hey, piece of cake.
Cake? Mmm.
And speaking of which, we wanna
see you upstairs. Now!
Welcome home!
Just our way of saying we missed you,
and don't ever do that again.
The party was Peter's idea.
-Give me a break, OK?
Hey, so I like parties.
It's got nothing to do
with pond scum over here.
And I didn't miss you.
Well, maybe just a little.
Hey, enough talking. Let's eat.
We got two parties to make up for,
you know?
Oh, no.
Dumb. Oh, you're dumb.
Don't worry, Slimer.
Bad, bad, Slimer.
Yeah, even scientists
learn from their mistakes.
Now, let's eat.
Oh, hey, speaking of learning?
I taught Slimer a new trick.
All right, Slimer, go ahead.
Show them your food.
-Oh, no, no.
-Don't do that.
-Don't do that. No. Oh, no.
That's disgusting.
- Gee, whiz.
- Oh, man.
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