The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e06 Episode Script

Buster the Ghost

Ghostbusters ♪
♪There's somethin' strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's somethin' weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Tommy, are you still
in the bathroom?
I just finished.
Well, get to bed then.
OK, Dad.
Buster, how did the kid do it?
But of course. It's obvious.
Get on with it, Buster.
I told you, you don't have to tiptoe.
You're a ghost!
Oh. OK. Yeah.
Aren't you forgetting something?
The wand!
I don't need that dumb wand.
It's in your job description.
Come on, we're late.
Look at this filthy
That's not your affair.
Now, Buster,
if they catch you practicing
unlicensed dentistry one more time,
you'll lose your job.
Every child should have
a regular check-up.
So, I'll make a deal with you.
You don't tell me how to do my job,
and I won't give you the time of day.
Buster, wait!
Mom! Dad!
There's a ghost in my room!
What's all this
Excuse me, I
Can we leave now?
I think you're right.
Are you all right?
How many times must I tell you?
Use the stairs!
But do you listen to me?
Oh, no.
The Tooth Police.
Oh, how could this happen to me?
You've been through every job
a ghost can get.
A house haunter.
Graveyard ghastly.
I was even a ghost writer.
You can't get any lower than that.
How about defrocked tooth fairy?
This is the end.
I'll kill myself!
Oh, don't be silly.
Yeah, you're right.
It is silly.
Are you having
trouble with ghosts?
I sure am.
I didn't say anything.
Well, if you are,
we're the guys to call.
You are?
We're the guys you've been looking for.
I have?
We're ghostbusters!
They have the same name as me.
We're ready to believe you.
At last!
Oh, someone who
will believe in me.
This must be fate.
Or destiny.
Or maybe just dumb luck.
You're half right.
Stop crying,
I'm not waterproof.
An orthodontist?
Really, Marie?
Is he cute or what?
Look, watch. This is it.
This dump?
Great! Now they're coming to us.
Hey, you can't go up there.
It's you.
It's really you.
It's a ghost.
I don't remember catching you.
No, I came to join you.
I don't think you understand
what we do here.
I can learn.
In the meantime,
I can help out.
This is weird.
I'm a good cook.
Are you?
We sure could use a cook, Egon.
Please guys, give me a chance.
What do you think?
I kind of like the guy.
Who cares?
He can cook.
No, we'll live to regret it.
Yo, I hate to throw anyone
out on the street.
Sorry, Egon.
Oh, thanks guys!
You made the right decision.
You did. You did.
I'll get my things.
I'm telling you,
we'll live to regret it.
I know that smell.
I love it!
Hey, guys!
Something sure smells good.
At last, no more fast food.
I am really hungry.
You better be.
Holy-jump-up and-sit-down!
I went to the store,
here's the receipt.
I hope you like leftovers.
What leftovers?
They look pretty good, Ray.
You never learn, do you?
You weren't supposed
to be practicing dentistry.
We should get out of here.
How about this?
Free dental care.
I agree with the watch.
This is the Ghostbusters,
not a dental school.
You should listen to him, Buster.
Come on, Ray, it's a call.
That's dangerous,
driving around like that.
There's got to be an easier way.
Buster, what are you thinking?
You know I don't like it
when you think.
They're my buddies.
I'm going to help 'em.
Fastest gun on the west side.
That's only nine.
Where's Peter?
Right here.
Ten and 11.
That's the last of them.
Let's get home.
Well, I don't know about you guys
but I'm going right to bed.
Yeah. Good night sleep,
sounds perfect.
How about this, Ghostbusters?
Now you don't have
to go out and hunt for ghosts.
I invited every ghost in New York.
You can take your pick.
See, every kind of ghost
you could ever want.
Neat, huh?
Don't you just love it?
This is ghastly.
No, ghostly.
Ain't I wild!
Come on, join the party.
I won't say I told you so.
OK, OK, you were right.
We were wrong.
What do we do about it?
Well, we can't use our
proton packs in here.
I don't know.
If we're careful,
I think we can keep the damage down.
No way, Ray.
An accidental proton hit
on the main electrical system
could blow the entire
containment unit.
Good call, Egon.
OK, we use trickery.
Where do we start?
First we find the tooth fairy.
Oh, no.
Stop that.
Help. Get out of here.
This is terrific.
Hey, Peter.
I think you've been drinking coffee, man.
Are you all right?
I guess so.
This place is a mess.
And I can't find Buster.
We're not going about this logically.
We've never gone about anything logically.
I'll show you logic, smart guy.
Remember when you were in college?
The parties.
Where did you always wind up?
-The kitchen.
-The kitchen.
That little green traitor.
Hey, come in.
There's enough food for everyone.
There's enough food for everyone
in Central America.
OK, pack it up.
The party's over.
We just started.
We're going to party till we drop.
Hey, how long could that be?
By my calculations,
if all energy levels remain constant,
about 14,000 years.
It's worse.
Forget 14,000 years.
We may not last another 14 minutes.
Hey guys!
Guys, we've got a problem.
The ghosts have disturbed
the ethereal balance.
I think we better get out of here.
No ghost is chasing me
out of my own home.
Besides, it wouldn't do any good.
If the fire house goes,
it will just leave a hole
in the continuum.
All of New York, then New Jersey.
What would we do without New Jersey?
OK, Egon, you're in charge.
What do we do?
Remember, keep a very tight beam.
Don't worry about me.
You just pull me in when I yell.
Hey, Buster.
You sure you know
what you're doing?
We'll know in a minute.
Wow! Hey.
What's the idea?
I thought we were pals.
-We are but
-No, Peter.
He deserves the truth.
Hey, guys?
Buster, we catch ghosts
and jail them in a containment unit.
We like you but you're a ghost.
Oh, I thought I finally had some friends.
Wait a minute.
Buster, do you really
want to be our friend?
Then you have to help.
The entire world is at stake here, kid.
Can you do it?
I don't know.
You gotta.
For you guys, anything.
OK, here's what we do.
OK, Buster.
Do your stuff.
I never did like zombies.
They've got lousy teeth.
Hey, gang.
Well, come on. Let's eat.
Let's go.
Wow, look at this mess.
Worry about it later, Ray.
Remember, we only get one shot at this.
Are you sure this will work?
Well, no.
I know, I know, the theory is sound.
Better hustle, Egon,
things are getting ugly out there.
Yeah, Buster can't hold them much longer.
Better strap down and lower your visors.
When we start venting
the containment unit, it will be rough.
You take Buster.
I'll get Slimer.
OK, Egon.
Go, Ray!
I swear, guys, the food's gone.
Sixty-five percent capacity.
Heads up!
Get ready to vent.
Winston, do something.
Ready to vent.
Buster! Where are you?
Here goes nothing.
Vent. Now!
Hold it.
We got them.
This must have been some party.
Not exactly.
Buster caused some major problems
and we had to get rid him.
Buster? That sweet guy?
You didn't put him
into the containment unit?
Not quite.
We found him a job.
Not as a dentist, I hope.
No, as custodian of ghost town
in California.
He left us his watch though.
What a swell gift.
That's what I said.
You could use my advice, I think.
Firstly of all, Egon,
about your hair.
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