The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e07 Episode Script

Night Game

Ghostbusters ♪
There's something strange
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
There's something weird
And it don't look good ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Hey, who's up for a baseball game?
So who's playing?
The Yankees, the Mets?
The Jaguars.
Oh, no.
Your loyalty is admirable, Winston,
and I'm sure someday,
some distant faraway day,
the Jags will actually win a game.
And I hope you're there when they do.
But not me.
Oh, no. Not me.
Oh, come on.
An afternoon at the ballpark
would do you some good.
Yeah. Like fungus on the brain
would do me good.
Did somebody mention fungus?
No, Egon.
Want to go to a baseball game?
Baseball? Hmm.
I knew a guy
at the university who did a study
on the aerodynamics of the curveball.
Is that a yes?
I'm afraid not.
I'm in the middle of a project here.
But I don't want to go by myself.
Oh, Slimer.
How would you like to
go to a baseball game?
It'd be a lot of fun.
Sunshine, green grass,
two great teams.
Yuck. Yuck.
Ice cream bars, soda pop.
All the hot dogs you can eat.
Yum, yum.
But of course, winning or losing
isn't nearly as important
as how you play the game.
The Jags may not win this one,
but they gave it their best.
Something's going on here.
That's not much to go on, Winston.
A Jag player dropping a pop fly
isn't exactly a supernatural event.
Now, if he caught the ball,
that'd be supernatural.
I know what I saw.
Well, look at this.
I stopped at the library on the way home.
Nothing supernatural
has ever been reported in the stadium,
except in ancient Indian legends.
They state that once every 500 years,
the supernatural forces of
good and evil fight a battle.
That battle has always
taken place on the same site,
on the very spot
where the Jaguar Stadium now stands.
The Indian legends are very specific.
Tomorrow we'll go see the mayor.
If we can't get a permit,
then there's nothing we can do.
It could take days to get permission.
What happens if there's a major
supernatural manifestation
in the meantime?
People could get hurt.
There's not much else we can do.
At least not until morning,
so I say we all get some sleep.
I'm going to stay up and read a while.
Maybe I can find something useful.
OK, Winston. Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Wow, this is terrific.
Meeting a real Ghostbuster.
Hey, I read about you
in the papers all the time.
I know just about every
Well, I appreciate you letting me in here
to have a look at
There it is.
Oh, my gosh.
You'd better get out of here.
I'll follow in a minute.
I hope I'm doing the right thing.
Hello, Ghostbusters?
He's in there.
I got to tell you, this guy is brave.
The level of ectoplasmic
energy is unprecedented.
So, what's our plan of action?
We're going to have to
blast our way through this barrier.
If we shoot three particle beams
at the same spot in its base,
I think we can form a tunnel
right through it, but it won't last long.
Let's blast!
It worked!
You do not belong here.
Well, you left the door open.
What have you done with Winston?
They made me shortstop.
I'd ask for a good
explanation of this, Winston,
but I'm afraid you'd tell me.
Remember those ancient Indian legends?
Once every 500 years,
good and evil
slug it out right on this spot.
They've always chosen the form of battle
from their surroundings.
But when good and evil
showed up this time,
they found a baseball stadium.
So I suggested
they play a game of baseball
this time around.
But how is it you're playing?
When good and evil
choose sides for battle,
no one can be neutral.
The umpire said I could play.
I always wanted to play in the majors.
Winston was here when the battle began,
but it's too late in the game
to add new players.
You three must go.
Wait a minute.
Do you know what we had to
go through to get in here?
Winston's our friend. If he's in danger
Yeah. Like what happens
to the losers of this game?
Then what are you playing for?
The fate of one human soul.
You guys hijacked an entire stadium,
not to mention our buddy Winston,
and panicked the entire city
for just one soul?
Just one soul?
Is there anything
on this puny earth as important?
Isn't even one soul worth
all this effort and more?
Yeah, well, if you put it that way.
You can't make us leave.
We have a stake in this game, don't we?
You may stay.
Resume your position, Winston.
Don't worry, guys.
Wait a minute.
Did I miss something here?
Don't you understand, Peter?
They must be playing for Winston's soul.
Why else would they let him play?
Well, what happens if good loses?
The soul spends 500 years in torment
doing evil's bidding.
Ask a silly question
Play ball!
I don't like to make snap judgments,
but don't Winston's teammates
look a little wispy
to be playing this game?
Spirits can be like that, Peter.
They haven't done too badly.
It's been zero to zero for eight innings.
Strike three!
Way to go!
It's mine!
I got it!
I think.
You're out.
Excuse me, umpire, just a sec.
You disagree with my call?
Oh, no. Good call.
"You're out." Concise.
We just wanted to point out,
seeing as how you're new to this game,
that evil just cheated.
Full tilt, flat out, no doubt about it.
Doesn't that call
for a forfeiture of the game?
You mean declare evil
the losers for cheating?
Yeah, that's the basic idea.
But evil cheats.
That's its nature.
It does whatever
unscrupulous or immoral thing
it has to to win.
That's why we call them evil.
Only good is not allowed to cheat.
If good adopts the ways of evil,
it becomes evil.
So if good cheats,
evil automatically wins.
Got it?
Play ball!
I wonder if good is
allowed to steal bases.
Maybe good just borrows them, Ray.
Throw it home!
Home plate!
Strike one.
Strike two.
Strike three. You're out.
I only have a minute, guys.
But I wanted to say
I'm glad the ump let you stay.
You don't know how important this game is.
I think we have an idea.
Hey, you're only down by one point.
You still have three outs to go.
So go on, get out of here.
We're not worried.
OK. Thanks.
I'm very, very worried about Winston.
A base hit. All right!
Time out for a relief pitcher.
Play ball!
Strike one, and two, and three.
You're out.
Down to the last out already?
They better have
their best hitter coming up.
It's Winston.
Can Winston take this guy?
That's evil's best pitcher.
Your friend may not have a chance.
It's just not right
letting a game decide Winston's fate.
There's got to be something we can do.
If they won't let us in the game,
what can we do?
Maybe Winston would have an easier time
against another pitcher.
Hey, we're not playing in the game.
No one said we couldn't cheat.
Play ball!
Strike one.
Egon, get ready with the ecto-trap.
As soon as we fire
our proton beams at him,
get the trap out there.
If no one is neutral
Strike two!
And if we cheat
Oh, no.
No! Stop!
We can't do it.
If we cheat, good loses.
♪Ghostbusters ♪
Go! Go! Go!
All right! You did it!
♪Ghostbusters ♪
It was a test, wasn't it?
I told you no one can be neutral.
You had to choose.
Would you cheat for your friend
or would you trust in fair play
and let good win on its own terms?
Perhaps we'll meet again someday.
You know, I wish
I'd been able to study that umpire
a little more closely.
Gotten a few more readings.
We saved our buddy here.
Isn't that enough?
We knew all along
that it was your soul
being played for, Winston.
Oh, no, you got it wrong.
It was your soul
we were playing for, Peter.
That's why they let me play.
You mean I almost
That if I'd cheated
it would have been my
Peter, are you all right?
That does it.
From now on, I only go to Mets games.
- Mets games?
- Are you crazy?
The Toronto Blue Jays
are the team to watch.
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