The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e10 Episode Script

Dairy Farm

Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Ahh, tell me about it.
Four Class 5s in one week!
Don't forget the eight Class 3s.
And the Class 2
in Mrs. Fiorino's linguini.
Hey, class is dismissed.
Let's talk about something else,
like vacations.
Good idea, Pete.
We could all use a few days rest.
Right, we've had very little opportunity
for relaxation in the last three months
Relaxation shrivels the frontal lobes.
Hey, Egon, my lobes
could use some shriveling.
What do you vacation animals have in mind?
What about cousin Sam's dairy farm?
Ray, we've spent the last three months
chasing slimers, spuds
and squids of all nations.
We don't want to waste a vacation
on barnyard animals.
The fresh smell of
new mown hay in the morning.
Hay in the morning?
The comic cackle
of the chickens at feeding time.
The gentle lowing of moo cows at dusk.
Ray, I'm only gonna say this once.
No power on Earth
is making me go to a dairy farm.
Hey, there's the road. Turn left. Left!
Got it covered.
Got it covered, eh?
You fellas all right?
I think so, sir.
Sorry about your car.
Didn't expect anyone to be
driving up a grain cut.
Nice navigating, ace.
Well, it looked like a road.
Where you boys headed?
The Stantz Dairy Farm.
Do you know where it is?
It's about three or four miles
up that way.
You can't miss it.
Three or four miles!
Come on, the walk'll be good for us.
Uh, sir, would it be possible for you
to tow what's left of our car there?
We'd be glad to pay.
Tell you what. My brother Charlie's
got an auto shop in town.
Bet he could fix your car up just fine.
Course, it might take him till Sunday.
Oh, well, that's perfect.
We're spending the weekend anyway.
Now, isn't that refreshing?
Can you imagine what would have happened
if we had an accident
like that in New York?
There aren't many harvesters
on 32nd Street, Ray.
Well, let's get going.
We don't wanna miss milking time.
Let me choke him a little.
Just till his tongue turns purple.
If you're looking for your friends,
they went that-a-way.
Oh, thank you, sir.
These city fellers
get weirder all the time.
Well, this is it. Cousin Sam's place.
Marvelous, isn't it?
So charming and peaceful.
It stinks, Ray.
Hardly scientific, but accurate.
Oh, boy, yay!
Well, we're stuck here,
so let's make the best of it.
That the spirit, Winston.
Oops, I didn't mean to talk shop.
Spirit. Oh, I'm funny.
Ray, nothing in the world
is gonna make me like it here.
You understand? Nothing!
Did I say, "nothing"?
You look wonderful, Sam.
That's your cousin Sam?
Yeah, it's short for Samantha.
Sam, this is Peter Venkman.
I told you all about him.
It's Dr. Venkman, actually,
but my friends call me Peter.
And I do hope we're gonna be friends.
Gee, Ray. You never told me
he was such a jerk.
Uh, this is Winston Zeddemore
and Egon Spengler.
Pleased to meet you.
Supper's almost ready.
Meanwhile, you look like
you could use a cold drink.
I made some fresh lemonade.
You run
this whole place by yourself?
The dairy's fully automated
and I hire help as I need it.
Sam always was very independent.
I love independence.
Independence Day's my favorite holiday.
Sorry to break this up,
but we farm folk get up early.
Actually, we could use
some sleep ourselves. Right, Egon?
You know, this trip
didn't start off so great
but after that meal
and the prospect of a whole night's sleep,
I feel terrific.
Personally, Ray, I can think
of no place I'd rather be.
I told you. And what's best is
No ghosts!
Let's hit the hay, cowboys.
No ghosts, right on.
No ghosts, all right.
Ray! Ray!
Hey, I'm no farm boy,
but I'd say this was not how
a dairy's supposed to look.
Who could have done this?
I'm getting some interesting readings.
No readings, Egon.
We're on vacation, remember?
Are you saying this was caused
by some kind of ghost?
I wouldn't rule out
a Class 2 Area Aberration.
Readings indicate it's at least a Class 3.
Guys, vacation! Relaxation, romance.
No ghosts.
Ignoring this phenomenon
won't make it go away.
If this was caused by a ghost,
I want to get rid of it.
And you guys are Ghostbusters, right?
Even if we don't have our equipment,
we could investigate.
Confirm if it is or isn't a ghost.
Thanks, Ray.
Yo, Egon, Ray! Look at that!
It looks like another field.
With nothing growing on it.
In the middle of a farm?
This ground feels really weird.
We'd better take a soil sample.
It might tell us something.
It's a
Huh? Yuck.
That field's always been barren.
Ever since I bought the place.
This is very interesting.
You got something, Egon?
Egon, I'm trying to eat here.
What is it?
Some odd form of ectoplasm.
I extracted it from that soil sample.
That field is crawling with it.
You find anything in town, Ray?
Did I? According to the county records,
this farm was owned
by the same family for 10 generations.
The Petersons, I know.
But what you don't know,
is that he whole family
is buried right here on the farm.
All 10 generations of them.
When the last member of the family died,
the farm went to the county.
They removed the gravestones,
but not the bodies.
Let me guess, that field we found
Is the Peterson family cemetery.
So you figured this Peterson bunch
is our slimers?
It's a classic pattern.
Desecrated graves, angry spirits.
So what do we do now?
We watch the field tonight.
If this farm is haunted,
that's where they'll appear.
We've been out here all night.
Are you sure this is the right spot?
Something's happening!
Holy Shinola, it's a zombie jamboree.
They're heading for the farmyard.
What are they doing?
I know it sounds crazy,
but I think they're doing chores.
Of course! They're farmers.
So they're doing what they always did.
It makes perfect sense.
Well, maybe not perfect.
If they keep this up,
they'll ruin the farm.
Not to worry, we'll talk to 'em.
Ray, talk to 'em. Will you?
- Me? Well, uh
- What should I say?
You'll think of something. Now, go, go.
Uh, uh, Peterson family?
OK, Ray. You got their attention.
I, uh, I believe you've made
a little mistake.
You see, this farm no longer
belongs to you.
So we'd be very grateful
if you'd just go back to your, uh, rest.
What's he saying, Mother?
I think they're trying to
throw us off our farm, Father.
Unless someone's got a better plan,
I'd suggest running.
Ghostbusters ♪
Head for the house!
Don't panic. If my theory is correct,
this people will return
to their graves at sunrise.
And if it isn't?
We're in very big trouble.
Remind me to kiss that rooster.
Great theory, Egon.
How'd you come up with it?
I read it in The Big Book of Occult Lore.
You see, what we're witnessing here
is chronometric reversal
aggravated by non-urban
obsessive repetition.
Doesn't anybody speak American anymore?
It's really quite simple.
The Petersons are farmers.
In life, they got up at the crack of dawn.
But their ghostly state
has reversed that pattern.
But how do we get rid of them?
Good question. Egon?
Even if we had our equipment,
there's too many of them to trap.
Thanks, Egon. I knew I could count on you.
Well, we might be able to rig
up a mass containment field
using the machines in the dairy.
But I doubt it would
hold them for very long.
It's a start. Get to work, Dr. Stantz.
Right away, Dr. Venkman.
Egon, Winston, give Ray a hand.
Sam, you and I'll handle
the most important thing of all.
What's that?
Breakfast. I'm starved.
Shouldn't you be helping?
Ah, technical stuff is not my bag.
What's the scoop, Ray?
We're all set, Peter.
I feel compelled to mention
that this set-up
could cause an explosion
of monumental proportions.
Makes life interesting, doesn't it?
They're here!
This one's for the money, Ray.
It's working!
You did good, Ray.
It won't last long.
Hoping it won't have to.
Yo, Petersons, listen up.
Let us go!
First, meet Samantha.
She bought your farm.
And she's got something to say to ya.
Talk to 'em, Sam.
Tell 'em how you feel about this place.
Mr. Peterson, I love this farm.
You made it a beautiful, peaceful place.
A place to last.
But now you'reYou're destroying it.
No, we would never do that.
I know this land is your heart and soul.
I know it because it's mine, too.
But if you stay here, it'll die.
And everything you and your family
worked for will be gone, forever.
But I promise you, as long as I'm here,
you'll always be a part of this place.
Peter, the field!
-Sam, look out!
Spring, plant daisies.
They was always our favorites.
II will.
Time for us to go.
Talk about your flashy exits!
I don't know how to that you guys.
Especially you, Peter.
How did you know they'd listen to me?
They were farmers. You're a farmer.
Once Ray collared 'em,
I took a chance you'd make 'em understand.
And you did.
Now about that thank you
I think al little kiss
would be a good start.
Ugh, I've been smooched by a spud!
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