The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e12 Episode Script

Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster

Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Ghostbusters, please hold.
Ghostbusters, please hold.
Oh, boy.
I didn't think we'd
make it back from that last call.
Who would have thought that
giant ghost lobsters could be so viscous.
That restaurant had a
four star rating too.
Any more calls, Janine?
Class Four disturbance
at World Trade Center.
Phantom garbage truck
on rampage in Queens.
Ghost terrorists in the UN,
they're protesting the Monroe Doctrine
and some guy name Samsa says he's been
possessed by a giant cockroach.
Read them and weep.
I can't read them.
I'm too tired to keep my eyes open.
New York is bursting at
the seams with ghosts.
What's going on, Egon?
That's what's going on.
More paranormal activity than you can
shake a Ouija board at.
And I've no idea why.
We better get this
latest batch into the containment unit.
We're going to have to add
another climb bottle down there
or that thing is going to crack wide open.
Thanks very much
for bringing that up, Ray.
Dr. Venkman.
My apartment,
it's haunted.
Fancy that.
Don't feel like the lone ranger, Janine.
Everybody's apartment is haunted.
But not everybody works
for the Ghostbusters.
Unfortunately, Janine,
the city is in a supernatural crises.
We have to operate on
the principal of Triage.
Of course.
What's Triage?
He means that we'll get right on it.
As soon as we take care
of real emergencies.
Something tells me
I better not hold my breath.
Oh, for crying out loud!
All right, that's it!
Get out of here!
Very funny.
I'm warning you guys.
I'm getting mad.
OK, that's it!
No more miss nice tenant.
OK, guys, listen up.
I want my fringe benefits
and I want 'em now.
Hi, Slimer.
Where are the guys, Slimer?
Out on a call.
Well, hey, I don't need them.
I'll bust those ghosts myself.
That's it guys.
Just a little longer.
We're almost done.
Hold them off.
Take your time.
Yeah. This is almost as much fun
as catching bowling balls with my teeth.
OK, let's go.
Now we got them.
It worked!
Of course, I designed it.
And I was worried.
Silly me.
Talk about ghosts coming out
of the woodwork.
This was as bad as when Gozer was around.
You don't suppose?
No, none of the readings indicate
a return of Gozer.
However, there is a common spectography
to the captured ghosts.
You're saying there's a single source.
A nexus for the activity?
That's good, right?
Yes, but there's too much spectral static
for me to localize it.
That's bad.
Look on the bright side.
Think of all the money we're making.
Yeah, but we got no time to spend it.
All right, ghosts.
Maybe they got bored
and decided to move on.
Well, if they had been here.
Boy, I would have given them what for.
Well, I guess I better
get back to the office.
Gee, is it getting dark already?
Can't be, it's only three o'clock.
I ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
Hey! My mother gave me that vase.
My insurance isn't going to cover this.
OK, now I'm mad.
Go on, take your best shot.
I gotcha covered.
Do you have any luck zeroing in on
the cause of all this spook stuff, Egon?
Not really.
Though the concentration seems strongest
in the Midtown area.
Well, it's nice to know we're busting
upscale ghosts.
What's our next cleanup, Ray?
Gracie Mansion.
It's being haunted by a Class Nine
free roaming vapor.
What is going on here?
What the blazes was that?
I think the more important question is
Who threw it?
That I can answer. Look!
Oh, man!
You're done with one thing,
there's another.
No art deco statue totals my car
and gets away with it.
Blast him!
Things just got complicated.
Maybe our batteries are low.
It's worse than that.
The statue is charged
with so much ectenic force
that it's able to resist our weapon.
Egon, you promised
that would never happen.
Sorry, Peter.
It's my first major miscalculation.
I got a hot flash for you, Egon.
It looks like it's going to be your last.
May I make a suggestion?
Now what do we do?
You have professional rank,
think of something!
Quick, melt the ice under his feet.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're here live at Rockefeller Plaza.
Where the Ghostbusters
are battling the latest
in a series of supernatural horrors
hat have been plaguing the city.
Nothing of this scale
has been seen before.
What will become of New York!
Anything to say to our viewers,
Mr. Zeddemore?
Buy lands in Florida. Fast!
He's under a bit of stress, folks.
-Oh, no!
-Oh, my God!
Hey, I know!
Are you ready?
I guess thats an affirmative.
All right, here goes.
What's going on?
You saved me.
All right. Hey, wait until
I tell the guys about this.
Come on, Slimer!
Yeah, come on!
Those guys are never around when
you need them.
Well, I guess I'll just
wait until they get back.
And now, for those who just tuned in,
the Ghostbusters have disappeared!
Defeated by the possessed
statue of Atlas at Rockefeller Plaza.
They were our only salvation
and now no one knows
what's happened to them.
Come on, Slimer.
We got to go find the guys.
That'll be an extra 20 to clean up
all the slim your ghost left.
Keep the change.
Hey, I
I didn't know there was
a lady Ghostbuster.
What happened to them?
I was hoping you could tell us.
What am I doing?
I don't know how to use this thing.
What are we going to do now, Slimer?
Where do I start looking?
They just disappeared.
Like they got sucked
into one of the traps.
Like one of the traps!
Yeah! It's a long shot, but it might work!
Hey, let's go Slimer!
It's the only way Slimer.
You've got to go into
the storage facility.
Someone or something in there might know
what happened to the Ghostbusters.
Come on!
Be brave.
I'd go but I've got this small problem
I'm alive.
No, no, no!
Good luck!
We won't be in here for long.
Proteus will see to that.
Yeah, he's already got the Ghostbusters
in the Erie.
And he'll get us out of here next.
Hey, what are you doing?
Look at that thing he's wearing.
He's a spy from the outside!
Get him! Don't let him escape!
Wait! Wait!
Don't let him get away!
-Hey, woah!
Let me out!
I'm free!
I'm free!
Yay, yeah!
Don't try it!
Oh, good job, Slimer!
Now, let's see what you've found.
According to the computer,
this is the only area listed in Manhattan.
Let's check it out!
Do we have to?
No 13th floor.
Boy, some people are so superstitious.
That's funny.
Hah! I thought so! An unmarked 13th floor.
May I help you?
Yeah, I'd like to see Proteus.
I'm sorry, no one sees Proteus
without an appointment.
I got your appointment right here.
Mr. Proteus!
What are you guys doing in that mirror?
Is Lewis Carroll in there with you?
Janine, get out while you still can.
You don't know what you're up against.
Nothing to it, we're here to rescue you.
Listen, Proteus is one of the primal
gods like Gozer.
He's the one responsible for all
the ghosts showing up.
Yeah? So where is he?
I am here, Janine Melnitz.
You are my prisoner now,
and you will join the Ghostbusters
in eternal limbo.
Will you stop with the shape-changing?
You're giving me a headache.
You're not so bad looking
for a demon, you know.
Eat hot plasma, Proteus!
It's not working!
We're done for!
Get away!
Get away from the mirror, guys.
Let's go, before the beam
destroys the place.
Well, that wasn't fun at all!
Janine, it was very brave of you
to go after us.
Thanks, Egon.
Hey, something's different here.
You're right, it's quiet!
The phones' aren't ringing!
Well, of course not.
With Proteus taken care of,
the level of paranormal activity
in Manhattan has gone back to normal.
Whatever that is.
You know, Janine, you're pretty handy
with a particle thrower.
Yeah, why don't I go
into business for myself?
Maybe you'd settle
for keeping your old job
with a raise.
On one condition.
That you guys promise
to keep my place ghost-free from now on.
You got it, lady!
Except for this ghost.
He can haunt my place anytime.
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