The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e13 Episode Script

The Cabinet of Calamari

Ghostbusters ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
-Is Peter ready yet?
-Beats me.
Give it back!
Slimer, give it back,
or I swear I'll nail your
little fat body to the wall!
Slimer! Whoa!
Slimer, give it back.
It's my jacket, mine.
Give it back or I'll fry ya.
Help! Oh.
Really, Peter, you should
learn to restrain yourself.
It's just a jacket.
Yeah, and that's your
school tie he's wearin'.
Well, almost time for the magic show.
Are the guys ready?
Slimer, give me that!
That's my tie you useless little
- Hey, that's my jacket!
- Give it back to me!
Guess not.
Ladies and gentlemen!
The Magic Theater is proud to present
that master of illusion,
The Great Calamari!
Oh, wonderful!
For once we didn't get stuck
in the cheap seats.
It was nice of Mr. Magic to invite us.
Yeah, too nice. I wonder why he did.
There's a scientific
explanation for everything.
Bravo! Bravo!
I swear I've seen that trick
somewhere before.
It's all done with mirrors.
This is just escapist entertainment.
Oh, no.
Help, Vanna!
Pull the lever! Pull the lever!
Oh, thank goodness.
Hi, I'm Peter Venkman. I'm famous.
You're washed up, Calamari.
Join the club.
You must be Mr. Magic.
Yes, I'm Joe Magic.
I guess you know why
I invited you here tonight.
And I thought we were just
gonna have fun this time.
The ghost started appearing
during rehearsals.
But Calamari said he could handle it.
I can handle it. I don't need any help.
I'm giving you one more chance, Calamari.
If the Ghostbusters
can get rid of the ghost,
I'll keep you on here at the theater.
Otherwise you're through.
I guess you give me no choice.
Can I count on you to catch the ghost?
Can a hotdog count on mustard?
Good, I'll be in my office.
OK, guys, here's the plan.
We'll get the equipment
from the car, then split up.
Egon, you and Winston
check out Calamari's equipment.
Peter and I will start looking
for the ghost backstage.
Do you think there's anything
to this magic stuff?
Of course not.
See, I didn't believe in ghosts
before I took this job.
Look out!
You haven't seen the last
of The Great Calamari.
We'd better warn Ray and Peter.
This ghost could be dangerous.
No kidding.
We'd better check Vanna out.
I mean, check on her.
Make sure she's all right.
Who is it?
It's me Peter Venkman.
Oh, it's you.
You can't fool her.
Uh, we'd like to talk to you about
tonight's performance.
What makes you think I know anything?
Good question.
Look into my eyes.
I'm getting a PKE reading.
Hold your fire, Peter.
I think he wants to talk.
Keep it short.
Uh, I'm Ray Stantz.
Look out, Ray!
I was about to communicate with him.
He tried to saw me in half.
Well, you're hard to talk to.
Well, uh, we could have
developed a meaningful relationship.
Looks like you may get another chance.
How did he do that?
Must be a defective trap.
Let's try another one.
Got ya.
Let see him get out of that.
This guy should have his own act.
He's a better escape artist than Calamari.
There he is.
This is Calamari's dressing room.
I'm getting a reading from that trunk.
It's locked.
-Anybody got a hairpin?
-I do.
Can you speed it up, Ray? I've got a date.
You can't hurry
something like this, Peter.
You were saying?
There's nothing in here
but a bunch of old theater posters.
Maybe there's a false bottom.
The Great Spumoni.
The Great Linguine.
Antipasto, the Magnificent.
This guy can't hold a job.
He can't even hold a name.
Is anybody hungry?
Look at this.
The Great Spumoni asked for a volunteer
from the audience to disappear
in his cabinet of mystery.
The volunteer was never seen again.
I knew there was something
fishy about Calamari.
How's tricks?
I've been expecting you. Come in.
We should go somewhere more private.
Whatever you say.
There's not much room,
but I think I can squeeze you in here.
Where's Peter?
-He's gone.
Peter should've known better
than to go in there.
What could possibly
make him do such a stupid thing?
There's no trace of ghostly possession.
Notice the vacant stare.
The completely mindless look.
That can only mean one thing.
She's from California?
No. She's been hypnotized.
There's only one person
who could've done it.
Anybody home?
Wrong door.
My trunk.
We have to talk to you, Calamari.
Or whatever your name is.
You have to tell us how to get
Peter out of the Cabinet of Mystery.
I can't.
It's all the ghost doing.
As long as it's free,
your friend is trapped.
Then we'll catch it,
if that's what we have to do
to get Pater out of that thing.
But if you're lying
We'll be back.
They'll never catch him.
You could build condos in here.
Is there anybody here?
Is there anybody here?
Here? Here?
This is Peter Venkman.
Peter, who?
Who, who?
There's something
strange about this place.
Get him over the box, Ray.
That should hold him.
I feel like I'm being watched.
I wonder how long I've been in here.
You must be Peter. What's his name?
I heard the echo talking about you.
Who are you?
My name's is Irving.
-What are you doing here?
-I was at the magic show
and they asked for a volunteer
from the audience.
I raised my hand.
-How long have you been here?
-Beats me.
There's something wrong with my watch.
Nice meeting you, Peter.
Get the door, Vanna.
Hold it, Calamari.
We caught the ghost.
Yeah. So tell us how to get Peter
out of that Cabinet of Mystery.
If I knew that, it wouldn't be a mystery.
Stop that ghost!
Calamari is the only one
who could bring Peter back.
He disappeared.
Yeah. Calamari, too.
Hey, look at this.
There was a false bottom.
Secret notes.
"Keep out. Harry Houdini."
Off course.
The world famous escape artist.
No one could trap him.
That's why Calamari's
trick seemed familiar.
Stolen out of Houdini's secret notebook.
Then the ghost must be
the ghost of Houdini.
Hasn't lost his touch, has he?
Look out, guys.
I think he wants the notebook.
Maybe we should let him have it.
Just say the word.
If Calamari stole Houdini's notebook,
he may also have stolen
the Cabinet of Mystery.
And if it's Houdini's cabinet,
the ghost might be able to get Peter out.
No wonder, Calamari
didn't want us on this case.
He was afraid Houdini would tell us
about the notebook he stole.
It must've been Calamari
who made that saw attack us.
Gee, I better call my wife.
She probably waiting up for me.
Anybody got a dime?
Takes a quarter now, my man.
A quarter?
Maybe I should have stayed in the cabinet.
Is Irving out here?
You know, there's a lot more
room in there than you think.
I'll send them all into the cabinet.
Look out.
Ghostbusters! ♪
He's gone.
Maybe Houdini will let him out some time.
Ghostbusters! ♪
You don't see my keys in there, do you?
Well, Peter, you said you could
bring Vanna out of this trance.
How much longer are you gonna take?
Yeah. How are you gonna bring her
out of her trance with Calamari gone?
You've tried hypnosis,
past life regression,
Ouija boards, hunting dogs
and new wave music.
-What's left?
-The obvious last resort.
You ever seen Sleeping Beauty?
Thank you.
Gee, Calamari said the only way
anyone else could bring me out
was if I kissed a toad.
Where did you find a toad in New York?
Oh. Ribbit to you, too.
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