The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e18 Episode Script

The Long, Long, Long, Goodbye

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
My town.
It's been a while.
Things have changed.
I've changed.
I'm Phillip Spade, and I'm a private eye.
A Sheamus, a gumshoe private detective.
A beagle, a hawkshaw,
an operator, a spy
Uh, but enough about me.
Oh, yeah. the old neighborhood
sure has changed.
That used to be Maxi's Bar.
Now, it's a hangout for health nuts.
Sam, the tailor worked there
until he was arrested for bookmaking.
Now it's a frozen yoghurt shop.
Whatever that is.
And that was the old firehouse.
Now it's some kind of private club.
Belongs to some guys called Ghostbusters.
Bunch of ghost haters or something.
Yeah, the old neighborhood
sure has changed
since I left it 40 years ago.
What I couldn't figure out was
why I was back.
what theLook out!
Oh, I had a hunch
I was about to find out.
You guys wanna keep it down?
There are scientists
trying to sleep up here.
Oh, boy. This could be big!
Let's go!
Ah, come on, Ray. It's Saturday!
Whoa! OK, OK. I'm coming too.
Yeah, let's catch ectoplasm!
Let's do it!
Keep firing, don't give it
a chance to think.
Actually, this is a new
and unique spirit entity.
We can't be sure
that it's capable of thinking.
No brains, huh?
Let's go.
Quick, let's split up.
- Why?
- Why not?
Phew! Too bad.
A little paint and that would
have made a nice second car.
Oh! I guess this means we win.
Hi, guys.
Winston! Where's Egon?
Oh, he's just hanging out.
I don't get it.
The bulldozer was in top shape.
It's gas tank was full.
It should have flattened us.
Why do I take no comfort in that?
That big black monster's gone too.
Now that's comforting.
Now I knew why I was back.
I was here to get Blackie.
He looked real different
from the last time we met.
But it was Blackie all right,
no doubt about it.
When I saw him go back in the hole,
I knew that's where I have to go, too.
Yeah, but I was gonna need some help.
And the four guys in jumpsuits
were the only game in town.
The map doesn't show anything
unusual in the immediate area.
What about this weird yellow lake?
That's mustard.
We had hotdogs for breakfast.
Eh, what is it?
The hole the black creature
came from goes right down into the sewers.
Perhaps we could use
Slimer as bait.
To lure the hideous, horrible,
vicious thing out into the open.
I bet it's hungry.
I was right.
These guys made their living
getting rid of folks like me.
We'll have to research this a bit.
I'd like to know more about
the thing before we face it again.
In addition to Tobin's,
I suggest we comb through old newspapers
and any books
on the history of the region.
Great. You guys improve your minds,
I'll change my suit.
And check the icebox
for non-threatening food stuffs.
I had to admit it.
These guys had guts.
They also had weird jobs,
strange clothes and no nose for clues.
But, with a little professional direction,
a few obvious hints
ought to get their brains burning.
Grab 'em!
Don't move.
They'll have to get by us first.
I'm getting newsprint all over my face!
It's sort of against
the detective's code to be so obvious.
But I wasn't gonna take
any chances with these jokers.
Hey, did anyone notice this before?
Wow, will you look at that?
You mean the story on the theft
of King Tut's treasure from the museum?
No, no! Here.
Look at this picture of the detective
who investigated the robbery
for the museum.
His name was Phillip Spade.
He dressed like something
out of an old movie.
I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit.
OK, enough fun. Back to work.
There's gotta be something here
that'll help identify that creature.
Three down and one to go.
I had to move fast.
There was no more time for subtlety.
Bing-bongs, Choky-woks,
corndogs, Pit-patties
This isn't food.
It's a high school science project.
That's the last time
I'll let Ray and Egon do the shopping.
What happened?
What's this?
Wow! Look at this. I don't believe it!
Wait till I show the guys!
You will not believe what I just found.
Take a look at that.
You mean this story
on the cursed treasure of King Tut?
No. no!
Look at the picture next to it.
I knew a girl in high school
who looked just like that.
Oh, brother.
Guys, we're not getting anywhere.
We got no choice.
I don't wanna hear what comes next.
These guys
were total washouts.
It was time to find some fresh talent.
We're gonna have to go down
the hole and catch that creature.
Looks like
I spoke too soon.
These Ghostbusters may have been ninnies,
but even they didn't deserve
to be torn limb from limb, by Blackie.
Because the thing didn't arrive
until the road crew
broke open the street
We can only assume
that this territorial invasion
caused the thing's
rather nasty appearance.
So we're gonna invade it again.
Great idea.
These Ghostbusters
didn't know it
but they were gonna
have company on this trip.
What was down there was Blackie.
And only I knew what he was.
And what he used to be.
Well, welcome.
Real heroes can laugh
in the face of danger.
The line to the right is still in use.
But the other's been inoperative
for about 30 years.
Seems like a good place to start.
We haven't had an encounter yet.
But we aren't making as much noise
as the road crews, either.
A little louder, Egon.
I don't think it heard you.
Well, that does it.
Great! Let's go home and have
hot chocolate with little marshmallows.
You can come too.
Heat 'em up!
Peter, we can't risk a shot in here.
It could cause another cave-in.
That's just great.
Down! He's gonna blast!
Hey, guys!
Hold it right there, Blackie.
Hiya, Blackie.
-Who's that?
-Ray, this is fascinating.
An ectoplasmic entity confronting
-an unknown spiritual manifes--
-Egon, shut up and run.
You wanna come along quietly, Blackie?
I didn't think so.
Any calls?
I don't see it.
Thanks, Ray.
That was fun.
We should do it again more often.
Hey, this is the dude!
The ghost with the rotten clothes.
That's me, all right.
Phillip Spade.
No, Ray. Phil's a good ghost.
He saved our lives.
Reflex action.
It's OK. Blackie can make
anybody trigger-happy.
It all started about 40 years ago.
I'd been hired to protect
the King Tut exhibit,
unknown to the museum.
They found a lot of jewels
in old King Tut's tomb.
Cursed to stay set.
But no ancient jinx
was gonna stop a good thief.
And Blackie was the best.
I knew right away it was Blackie.
It was his style.
But it was my style to stop him.
It was on this very block
that I found his car.
Looked like the curse was for real.
When I looked again,
Blackie, or the creature,
were nowhere to be seen.
The curse changed Blackie.
He became the guardian
of King Tut's treasure.
I always knew Blackie hid
the jewels near here.
But I could never find them.
Until now.
I get it. The treasure must be
down the old tunnel.
Where Blackie caught us.
Well, great. All we gotta do
is stay away from there
and we don't have any problems, right?
Nobody ever listens to me.
All we have to do
is get King Tut's treasure,
return it to the sarcophagus,
and the curse should be broken.
Great. Don't forget
there's a nasty green monster
who doesn't like us.
Oh, yeah.
Peter, tell Spade to get ready.
We're getting close to the area
where the monster appeared.
Mr. Spade?
Oh, jeez.
Where's Spade?
I was hoping you wouldn't ask me that.
Oh, no.
Don't risk a shot
unless it's clear of the walls.
Egon, it came out of this hole.
Then that's where the treasure is.
That's what I was waiting to hear.
Grab the jewels!
Spade, do something.
What do you want me to do?
Ask him to stop it?
Get out of here
before he buries us all.
We got it.
Let's get the heck out of here.
I'll start the car.
Get going.
I can't hold him much longer.
Hiya, Blackie.
Where's Spade?
Right here, boys.
Don't do that.
Ghostbusters! ♪
Oh, yeah. Blackie's right behind us.
I think you can outrun him.
-Peter, there's the museum.
-I'll go open the door.
Where's the exhibit?
Been 40 years. How should I know?
The basement. They probably stored it.
Where is it? Where is it?
I don't know. I don't know!
There it is. There it is!
What a bunch of ninnies.
Lift. Lift. Oh, boy.
All right!
That's it.
Here, take it.
Spade, you saved me!
Me and my partners.
It's OK, don't mention it. Ever.
What happens now, Spade?
Time to move on, Blackie.
Everyone on the other side
figures you've paid your dues.
It's time to retire.
- Spade?
- Yeah, Blackie.
Who were those guys in the funny suits?
The Ghostbusters, Blackie.
They got real moxie.
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