The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e19 Episode Script

Cold Cash and Hot Water

Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something weird
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Ew, gross!
Who else?
Good work, Slimer.
Nobody short-sheets my bed
and gets away with it.
That little turnip.
Where is he?
Dr. Venkman.
Your father is on the phone.
Where are you, Dad?
I'm in Alaska. Remember?
Didn't you get my postcard?
I got it.
Still selling ice makers to the Eskimos?
No, I got a new rack
I mean, I got news.
What kind of con is it this time?
Son, I found something
up here buried in the ice.
I can't tell you about it
over the phone.
But can you
come up here today?
To Alaska?
Are you out of your mind?
But, son
I need you boys
and your equipment.
Something's happened.
What did you find?
I told you. I won't talk
about it over the phone.
You come up to Laganuki,
Alaska, and see.
Just ask your college buddy, Egon,
if he's ever heard of Hob Anagarak.
What did your dad have to say?
Hob Anagarak.
Where did you
find out about the Hob?
That legend is the rarest of the rare.
My father says he found
something in the ice.
He wants us to
come up to Alaska.
Peter, there may be
something to this.
Ordinarily, I wouldn't
trust your father but
So you're saying he actually
may have found
something nasty up there.
I mean, something dangerous.
Yeah, well conman or not,
that's still my dad up there.
If he's in some kind of trouble,
I'm going to help him.
Come on, guys.
What do you say?
We can catch an afternoon flight,
dispense of this Hob character
and be back here by morning.
But if it really is Hob Anagarak,
we may not come back at all.
You OK, ray?
I hate small planes.
Egon, tell us about this Hob character.
The Inuit peoples believed
that the gods made the earth
before human beings.
And while it was still barren
they placed a great demon,
Hob Anagarak, to rule over it.
When the humans came,
Hob attacked them.
They defeated Hob,
sealed him in a block of black ice
and sank him to the sea bottom.
With the fire demon gone,
the heat went out to the land,
the snow started
and the north became cold.
The ice age.
Essentially, yes.
Where'd the humans
get that block of ice
if the land was hot?
Magic, of course.
Oh, of course.
This had better be good, Dad.
If this is another wild ghost chase
You'll see.
Hello, boys.
How much longer till we
Watch it.
Hurry, Egon.
They're running out
of air down there.
Remember, for snow
use a low frequency
with a wide dispersion.
It's working.
Well, the theory of sound.
Try not to talk, Ray.
You're still partially neutronized.
You could evaporate.
You look OK.
Where's Peter?
I trust you have
a very good explanation
for wrapping me up
like a fish, Pops.
Peter, I think your dad just
saved your life.
I don't know what to say.
How about mush?
You fellas came a long way.
I want to prove to you
that this is important.
It isn't melting.
Magic ice, remember?
Can we see the whole thing?
I think it's jammed.
-Bad, huh?
-Very bad, Peter.
This thing rates
at least a Class 7.
I don't know
if we can destroy it.
But I don't want it destroyed.
I want you to get it out
and trap it.
I'm going to take it back to the lower 48
and put it on exhibit.
No. Uh-uh.
Forget it. Not a chance.
He's going to try
to sneak that thing
back to the States,
I know it.
We can't let him.
The PKE readings went off the scale.
Hey, we could dump it in the ocean.
The Russians might dredge it up.
Besides, it's ice.
Won't it float?
Magic ice doesn't float.
Well, we'll think of something.
He'll never sneak that
thing past all four of us.
Who's the wise guy?
Not me.
I'm getting strong plasmoetheric activity.
Boy, this is great.
Hob Anagarak?
What do you think?
OK, that does it.
First thing in the morning,
we fry it.
Please don't do this, boys.
We have to, Dad.
That thing is too dangerous.
We got to neutronize it.
Believe me, this is for the best.
Come on, folks.
We don't want anyone to get hurt.
Ready, Peter?
Let's do it.
Ready, full stream.
Hey, that wasn't so hard.
So much for magic ice.
Let's get back to the city.
I guess you fellas
know what's best.
Sir, if Hob Anagarak
had ever gotten loose,
he could have reduced
whole cities to charcoal.
Goodbye, sir.
Well, take care of yourself.
I will if you will.
Dad, I
I'll be fine.
Don't miss your plane.
Take care, huh.
Did you find it?
We'll have to charge you for four.
But I was only empowered
to purchase one removal.
One removal is fine.
You just pick the one
you want removed.
And we'll put the other three back.
Pay them or I'll put you in there.
Excuse me.
I beg your pardon.
Let me through please.
Hey, watch your hands, pal!
Have you seen this?
"Dr. Venkman to unveil mysterious find."
It's your father.
Hob Anagarak.
He did it.
He's going to unveil it
in Madison Square Garden.
He conned us.
Of course, he conned us.
This is going to be
extraordinarily ugly.
You'll like the next part, Ray.
"The creature will be kept
in a special containment
"designed by the eminent
spiritualist, Dr. Bassingame."
The phony psychic who almost
destroyed my aunt's place?
I'll pulverize him.
You've got 45 minutes
before he unveils it.
I've got a cab waiting.
Come on.
We'll go ahead
and try to stop him.
Load up and follow us
as soon as you can.
Come on, Egon.
Oh, Egon, isn't this romantic?
Uh, yes.
I would say so.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
of the press and honored guests.
Can't we go any faster?
They're starting.
On a recent expedition to Alaska,
I discovered this block of black ice
which had been
heaved up by a glacier.
Entombed within this block,
is an ancient spirit,
Hob Anagarak.
The one the Eskimos call
"The first demon."
In a moment, my colleague,
Dr. Bassingame,
will release this
being from its prison
using an ancient book of spells.
No cause for alarm.
Dr. Bassingame has specially designed
a containment fence
that will keep Hob Anagarak
confined and docile.
Dr. Bassingame,
I turn it over to you.
Hear me, oh demon of the North.
Burst your bonds and sally forth.
Rejoin our world,
yet not be free,
for you are now
controlled by me.
That's a rough translation
of course.
It's working.
There it is.
The eighth wonder of the world.
And now totally controlled by man.
Don't be alarmed!
The fence will hold him.
You didn't tell me
it was 30 feet tall.
I didn't know either.
Something tells me
we're too late.
What gave you that idea?
So, what do you want
we should do?
Can you call in an air strike?
Where to?
So, you two have met.
He was in a hurry,
but I told him you'd be right along
and he just had to wait.
What do we do now, Peter?
Run away.
You conned me!
Me, your own son!
It's his fault.
He said that fence
of his would work.
Look, you can play
"let's blame somebody" later.
He's heading for Central Park.
You've got to stop that thing.
Thank you, Janine.
You're absolutely right.
I appreciate it.
And we'll appreciate it even more
if you can tell us how to stop it.
What's the plan, Egon?
Full stream, maximum drain.
Let's put this puppy on ice.
Did we do it?
I don't think so.
What now?
He's too powerful a demon.
We have to find a way
to bind him first,
then zap him.
We have to hurry back to the Firehall.
Maybe we'll find a clue there.
I've found something on Hob Anagarak.
He wasn't just top demon in those days,
he was a recruiter.
"He enslaved other demons
and spirits to his will.
"When he was imprisoned
he was in the process
"of building an army
to lay waste to the world.
"All he needs are ghosts."
The containment unit.
All those ghosts we've captured.
Boy, are we in trouble.
And now, tell us the good news.
I found a binding ritual.
But it is going to be tricky.
I hate when he says "tricky".
It's the ancient Eskimo
ceremony for binding a spirit.
It calls for six men and a woman.
Sort of an Inuit minion.
Forget it.
I wasn't hired to take these kinds
of risks, Dr. Venkman.
Janine, we need you.
Yes, you do.
-I want a raise.
And more time off.
And I want some
privileged information.
About Egon.
I think he's cute.
Fair. Read on, Egon.
"One of the men must be the sorcerer
who released the demon."
That's Bassingame.
"And one must be the trickster."
It's a universal native
American tradition.
For our purposes,
a con artist or a twister of truth.
Come on, you big turkey.
Hey, death breath, did your mother have
any monsters that lived?
Or would you rather
talk it over with him?
Go, Bassingame.
Now, now! Fire!
Cease fire!
Techno magic, yeah.
You have a good trip.
Thanks for paying my fine, son.
I know you can't afford it.
I'll pay you back, uh,
as soon as I sell the
movie rights on this.
No way.
No movie rights.
No more trouble.
You go back to Iowa
and settle down.
Take it easy.
Go straight.
I don't want to hear anything from you
but postcards.
Nice, quiet postcards.
Ah, I guess you're right, son.
I'll be fine.
You take care of yourself.
I sent him back to the farm.
He'll be safer there.
He doesn't seem like a bad guy.
Nah, he's just going
through a phase.
I don't know where he gets it from.
Hey, come on.
Coffee's on me.
- All right.
- OK.
This bus goes to Hollywood?
Non-stop, all the way.
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