The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e33 Episode Script

Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

Ghostbusters! ♪
♪There's somethin' strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's somethin' weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I love this smell of a new stereo.
They smell like
The instantaneous combustion
of thousands of dollars?
You should know after what you spent
on that dinosaur computer of yours.
Marsha is a wonderful computer.
A friend for life.
Pay no attention to him.
He'll never understand
what we have together.
I trust you have some headphones for that.
And rob you of the supreme
audio experience of the Americas?
Besides, I got a buddy at Insanity Records
who gets me all the new stuff
before it even hit the stores.
Out all day trying to make my way ♪
Just trying to make ends meet♪
Who is that?
Shanna O'Callohan! She's Irish!
When I can walk to my own beat ♪
♪Cause there's love
on the street tonight ♪
I won't sleep till I get it right ♪
But I know when
that lightning will strike ♪
There's love
There's love, There's love ♪
And that chartbuster was
"Love Makes Me Live."
My clothes ran away!
Looks like you got out without a scratch.
Oh, yeah? Look at this.
And he's been eating garlic again!
All I did was put a record on my new
and recently deceased stereo.
The vocalist was Irish.
OK, guys, wanna share?
This singer can only be one thing.
A banshee.
A banshee is an Irish spirit
who's bizarre supernatural singing
always causes disaster.
But until this one,
they've only caused trouble
with individuals.
They've certainly never cut records.
This departure from the norm
could result in the banshee song
causing massive catastrophes.
We must stop her before that record
goes in to general release.
You know, before we start jumping
to conclusions
maybe we should get more evidence.
Exactly. So how do we
What? What's that?
She's appearing
in concert Tonightat Carnegie hall
and its gonna be simulcast
all over the country.
Even New Jersey!
This could be the end of America
as we know it.
Though I suppose we could
afford to lose New Jersey.
Thanks, Egon,
I feel much safer now.
Just get Shanna to another studio, OK?
Can I help it if your ceiling
turned into a giant bat and flew away?
So it flew away and took
all the musicians with it.
Call the union and get some more.
No, no! Not bats, you idiot! Musicians!
Get outta here.
Nobody books acrobats anymore.
Excuse me, are you Vincent Braggs?
Shanna O'Callohan's agent?
Yeah, who wants to know?
We're the Ghostbusters.
We'd like to speak with you about her.
Oh, well, uh, step right into my office.
Mmm. Smells like somebody's
had Banana Flambe in here.
She's gonna be a big star after
that Carnegie Hall gig, boys.
You wanna book her,
ya better do it before her national tour.
If we don't an end to her
there won't be any nation for her to tour.
She's a negative spirit, Mr. Braggs.
Call me Vince.
Vince, your client is not
an aspiring rock megastar.
She's an aspiring
agent of doom, a banshee.
Call me Mr. Braggs.
You guys think I'm an idiot or what?
Vince, do you wanna be responsible
for the end of America as we know it?
So you're telling me,
that my biggest act is an evil ghost
and that you want me
to default on a multi-million dollar deal
before she destroys the U.S.A?
I'm kinda glad we touched base with Vince.
I think we should take another
meeting with him real soon.
I don't know, Peter.
After you called him a mutant and all.
But I meant it in the best possible sense.
Vince is probably
under the spell of banshee.
His actions are not his own.
Then again, he may just be pond scum.
We'll discuss Vince's family tree later.
We still gotta find Shanna.
Ten bucks says she's thataway.
A musical rehearsal hall
this close to such a disaster
can't be a coincidence.
Three guesses who's inside.
You're going to make a mess, aren't you?
No more messes!
I think the sight of all this destruction
may have driven him over the edge.
OK. Come on!
One at a time or all at once?
This mop is registered as a deadly weapon.
Come back here! Come back here!
Wow. That's gotta be record.
No time for trivia.
We've gotta save the world.
Wow, great jumpsuit!
Thank you.
Would you know if Shanna O'Callohan
is rehearsing here today?
Oh, you must be her new group.
Her other guys had anaccident.
She's in room D.
And if I were you guys,
I'd stay clear
of giant bats from the ceiling.
It's showtime, guys!
Whoop! Oh, no.
Well, that confirms it.
She's a banshee all right!
Gosh, she's beautiful when she's angry.
Hey! What are you doin'?
No, it's mine! Mine!
She's a close personal friend.
Come on, let go!
This could be serious.
Banshee's have certain powers over men,
and I think Peter is hooked.
I'm gonna ask her to go steady.
Our next video is the latest
from Shanna O'Callohan
And it also stars her steady boyfriend,
The fabulous scientist Dr. Peter Venkman.
Out all day trying to make my way ♪
Just trying to make ends meet ♪
Working away to reach the day ♪
When I can walk to my own beat ♪
'Cause there's love
on the street tonight ♪
I won't sleep till I get it right ♪
But I know that lightning will strike ♪
There's love There's love
there's love ♪
On the street tonight ♪
A good imagination is a joy forever.
Excuse me, Peter,
but you can't have this fantasy.
Darling, who might this be?
He's a guy who gave his computer
a women's name.
Come along now, you have no control
over your emotions at this point.
You give him back to me.
We aren't done with this video yet.
Yeah, Egon, we've got 17 more bars.
I'm sorry, Peter.
Uh. Hello.
I'm Dr. Egon Spengler.
And you are watching this raucous,
overblown, spectacle.
It's totally in the banshee-riddled mind
of my colleague here.
Uh, thank you.
Now, Peter, you have to leave the poster
and come with us.
I don't want to.
Shanna's inside.
Aren't we a bit early?
The concert won't start for a while.
It will be fine, Peter.
A few words with the building manager
should help us stop the concert.
Hey, I haven't read that magazine yet.
Oh, it's great.
It has Shanna's 10 most
super secret secrets.
Wow, what are they?
Well, secret number three
was that she liked
petite men with gentle voices
and good grooming habit.
And look what else I got.
-This stuff is contagious.
-Yeah, repulsive, isn't it?
I think it's obvious
that we're the only three men
in the building who aren't
under Shanna's spell.
Three against three hundred
isn't too fair a fight.
True, since we've got the Proton Packs
and the Ecto Containment Unit.
I'm ready to rock and roll.
Peter, would you like to meet
Shanna O'Callohan?
I can't believe it.
I'm having a little trouble
with it myself.
Undercover bodyguards to Shanna.
OK, Peter, we'll stand out
here in front of her door,
and if anything strange happens
we go in and stop it.
You look great.
You're gonna sing great.
And after tonight, nobody can stop us.
And then, I'll get a bigger office.
All those years I wasted
on one person at a time
causing little disasters.
-I'm too talented for that.
-Yeah, that's right, Shanna.
You and me, we're going places.
To the end of the Earth, Braggs.
The end of the Earth.
Yes, uh, something strange is going on.
Maybe it's time for us to protect Shanna.
What a good idea. Isn't it, Peter?
Well, are you sure
we won't be bothering her?
Do you guys have a press pass?
Hey, back off!
Nobody zaps my Shanna.
Peter! Look out!
Good night, mother.
What are you looking at?
Nothing, I just
I gotta get back to some people.
You know,
I don't remember much
about the last two hours
but I know this much.
That lady's history!
She's out there. Then let's do it.
Two minutes.
She's an easy enough target out there.
Catchy tune.
You, come here!
Cut, cut!
What the heck is going on?
Cut the power.
Remember what happened
in Shanna's dressing room with the mirror?
Yeah, what of it?
I have an idea. Cover me.
-Good luck.
-Thanks, I'll need it.
Mayday, mayday.
Thank you, but you ain't seen nothing yet.
In two seconds, we go coast-to-coast.
I'll never work in this town again!
Thank you very much everyone.
And welcome to my concert.
This is a song from my album
"Love Makes Me Live."
Hit it!
Neat trick. Thanks.
I figured if the mirror
reflected her true self
and reflecting her voice
at her with feedback
would turn her back completely.
Quick! Hit it while I keep you covered!
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
How about that Shanna, huh?
For the good of the nation
I suggest you get off the stage.
Hey! I'm knocking 'em dead.
Come on, we've had enough
senseless destruction for one night.
I don't think I wanna hear
any rock and roll for a long time.
I never did.
Once more!
More! More!
They wanna hear more from you, Venkman.
Venkman, I could make you
into a very big star,
if you went back in there.
Nationwide TV and radio,
a crowd that loves ya.
I can feel love from that crowd, Vince.
I really could.
Of course you could!
You just get yourself together here
and I'll introduce you.
-What's your first name?
-They call me
"Dr. V."
Ah ha, I love it. You've got it,
Dr. V, baby!
I'm surprised
you didn't take Braggs offer, Peter.
Glory, fame.
What? And get out of ghost biz?
Dr. V! Dr. V! Dr. V!
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