The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e37 Episode Script

The Headless Motorcyclist

Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something strange
In the neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something weird
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call?
I ain't afraid of no ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost
Who you gonna call?
Who you gonna call?
I'm telling you, what you really need
is our new year-round
ghost protection policy.
Keeps you safe from spooks,
or your money back.
Ghost protection policy?
Well, I'm not sure we have need for
Need? Of course you have a need.
Looks like you struck out, buddy.
Look, I didn't come here with you
so you could hang around
with some other guy.
You're being ridiculous.
I already told you that he was
an old friend I haven't seen for years.
He didn't look very old to me.
Let me go, you're hurting me.
Excuse me,
but we just got a call complaining about
the noise, from China.
So why don't you just
leave the lady alone?
Look, buzz off, buddy.
We don't need you butting
into our business, OK?
Oh, really?
From the look of this,
I'd say you're going out of business.
Whoa, whoa!
You little wimp!
When I'm through with you,
you're gonna look like day-old Brie.
Is he cute or what?
If I didn't know better,
I'd almost think he was human.
Come on, Pete.
Let's leave these folks alone
and let them settle their own problems.
Bud, come on, let's go outside and talk.
I'm going, but not with you.
Nice guy. Twisted, sick and demented.
But nothing 10 years
of therapy couldn't cure.
Oh, poor Bud.
Now he's really in for trouble.
Who does she think she is?
Jeez, I hate that. Turn off your brights!
Why doesn't he pass or something?
If this is someone's idea of a joke,
I'll give them their money's worth.
That guy's good.
I want the Ghostbusters!
Which one?
All of 'em! Now!
And the guy was lucky not to end up
the blue-plate special
at Bob's Barbeque Hut.
OK, so you want us to investigate
this motorcycle spook, right?
Know this guy?
Yeah. Sure. I met him last night.
He had an argument
That's the guy who was almost barbequed.
You mean the guy that Peter had
a fight with last night
almost got killed by a ghost?
Yup. Quite a coincidence.
Why don't you make
both of our lives easier
and tell me how you did it?
I didn't do anything!
Hey, it's not my fault
if this guy is such a pain in the neck,
he even bugs ghosts.
But you're the only guy
in New York with a motive
and easy access to ghosts.
A ghost isn't a hit man.
They don't listen to me.
Shoo, shoo.
Oh, yeah. I can see
ghosts don't like you at all.
I can explain everything.
It won't make any sense, but never mind.
Look, lieutenant,
Peter has a perfect alibi.
We were together all the time last night.
Mmm-hmm. Meaning he is innocent,
or you're all accomplices.
One way or another,
the truth will come out.
I never let a guilty man go free.
Never! I'll be back.
Using a ghost to attack someone!
It's impossible.
Unless, of course, you reverse
the polarity of the neutron flow.
I didn't reverse any polarity.
Which means there's still
a killer ghost on the loose.
And we better catch it.
Besides, it would be bad for business
if Peter goes to jail.
Ray, I don't like this.
I don't think
it's one of your better plans.
We need somebody to drive the car
and retrace that guy's steps.
Don't worry, we'll be following you.
Nothing can go wrong.
Yeah, sure.
Use a ghost, go to jail. Use a ghost
-Anything yet?
We've definitely got something here.
It seems to have quite
a strong concentration of P.K energy.
I noticed.
What do we do with it,
now that we got its attention?
Oh, boy!
Hey, that way!
There's something funny
about these readings,
but I can't seem to put my finger on what.
Hey, I know, I know!
It's the water. He can't cross it.
Water is a natural ionizing agent and
Could somebody please tell me
what's going on?
Yes, that would explain
the sudden drop in power readings
as we got closer to the river.
But I still don't understand
Wait a minute. I've got it!
Doesn't it all ring a bell?
The chase, the bridge, the headless spook?
It's that old Washington Irving tale.
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Oh, it's you.
Very perceptive.
Come on in.
Now, Kate, is there anything
you'd like to tell us
about a certain ghost?
A ghost?
Uh, how should I know anything about
You were kind of worried
when Bud left the other night,
when there was no reason
for you to be worried.
Unless, except, of course,
you knew what would happen.
You did, didn't you?
It's all tied in with
Washington Irving's story
about the headless horsemen, isn't it?
So, is this ghost a friend of yours?
Friend? He's my family's curse.
My ancestor was the man Washington Irving
called Ichabod Crane.
One night, uncle Ichabod was chased
by a headless horseman.
He ran faster and faster
to the far side of the bridge,
knowing full well the next moment
could very well be his last.
The next morning,
Ichabod was nowhere to be found.
Out by the bridge, the townspeople found
the broken-down old nag he'd been riding.
And some pieces of a shattered pumpkin
scattered around on the bridge floor.
But Uncle Ichabod had escaped
the fury of the horseman.
Eventually, he married and had a son.
But 20 years later, the ghost returned.
Like his father, Ichabod's son
found that the ghost
could not pursue him over running water.
Ha! You see?
It's the ionization factor. I told you so.
Shh. Then what happened?
Ever since, the headless horseman
has pursued my family and our friends,
forcing us to move again and again.
Living next to a bridge
is some protection,
but it won't help my friends.
First Bud, then yourselves.
No, I don't think so.
I vote we go after this guy.
Those in favor?
OK, gang. It's unanimous.
We're gonna take care of the young lady's
pesky paraphysical pest.
Besides, I have to clear my good name.
How much longer till that gizmo's ready?
Soon, Peter, soon.
You can't just
barge in here like this!
Well, what have we here?
Not preparing to let some
ghosts loose, are we?
By the way,
I found that this Bud character is
an insurance investigator.
And you were selling
ghost insurance at the party.
What a coincidence, eh?
And that's all it was.
Oh, that's OK, Dr. Venkman. Leave it up.
You'll notice that you can
hit it all you want,
but I keep on smiling.
Will you?
Have a good day, gentlemen.
I'll be in touch.
Count on it.
OK, Kate, do you understand it all?
Just sit in the chair
and read from the script.
We can't afford to have any mistakes, OK?
This helmet will broadcast
your psychograms to the ghost
and draw him here like a fly to honey.
OK, everybody. We set?
All right, Kate, it's showtime.
That Peter Venkman, what a guy!
Since I met him, I've never been happier.
That's it. Keep going.
I don't think I've ever
had a better friend.
Even that ghost couldn't ruin
a friendship like this.
That's it. That's him!
Go on, Kate. Part two, part two!
Quick, quick!
I've turned on the psycho-dampers.
As long as you stay in the car,
the ghost won't be able
to detect your presence.
But how are you going to--
Peter's helmet
will amplify his psycho-imprints.
Now that the ghost is so close,
it won't be able to resist.
Isn't that dangerous?
Peter understands the risk.
But he knows it's a great plan.
This is a really stupid plan.
Right on time.
The eagle is landing.
The eagle is landing.
I wish you wouldn't be
so melodramatic, Ray.
This is just a simple
ectoplasmic manifestation of 12.5
on the Flammarion scale,
not a ride at Disneyland.
Oh. Sorry, Egon.
Well, well. A motorcycle!
Just as I thought.
Quick, follow that cycle!
OK, Egon, here we come.
Hope that stuff of yours works,
or I'm barbecue.
I don't know, lieutenant.
Doesn't look to me
like he's helping that Venkman guy.
All we have to do
is get him onto the bridge.
But how are you going
to get him onto the bridge?
As soon as he sees it, he'll
He won't.
Egon created a hologram
that makes the bridge
look just like any other street.
I think the honor of the final capture
should be yours.
I've seen enough.
They're innocent. Darn the luck.
Like I said, a brilliant plan.
Well, I'm glad you decided
to sign up with this.
Ghost insurance is the wave of the future.
Better not. It's safer.
Hey, I live for danger.
To Dr. Peter Venkman!
He'll get us all killed yet,
but I wouldn't have it any other way.
-Down the hatch.
You're my man.
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