The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e38 Episode Script

The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic

Ghostbusters! ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Leave me alone!
Oh, guys!
There's someone who wants to see you.
They'll be right down.
Oh, thank you, Miss Melnitz.
I only hope they can help me.
Mrs. Faversham, you're saying
you haven't been up
in your own attic for 70 years?
When I was a little girl
my father always forbade me
to go up into the attic alone.
He did the same when I came home
after my husband passed away.
My father's last request
was that after the house was mine
I must never sell it
or go into the attic
for any reason whatsoever.
Well, if you've never been up there,
how do you know the attic's haunted?
The sound, Mr. Zeddemore.
If you could only hear the sound it makes.
Well, I say we've asked this lovely woman
enough questions.
We're ready to investigate
whenever you are.
That's another matter.
I don't know what your fee is.
I'm afraid I don't have much money
but whatever I have
Actually, you're in luck.
We're having a special
for lovely women this week.
Our retainer's been reduced to a smile.
You can smile, can't ya?
Ah, there you go.
Our fee is amply paid.
Just give us a minute to get ready.
You OK, Peter?
Hmm? Oh, oh, sure, fine.
I got my coat off Slimer,
I'm set for the day.
Besides, she reminds me of my mom.
Well, so far, so good.
Getting anything on the PKE Meter, Egon?
Maybe the noise was physical on origin.
Squirrels on the roof perhaps.
Squirrels, Egon?
Fat squirrels playing basketball.
Sounds like its coming
from the attic, all right.
Come on.
Top floor, ladies lingerie, tubas,
togas and fishing gear.
Everybody out.
You mean everybody up.
I'm still not getting anything,
but if there's something up there,
it won't be hard to find.
That's for sure.
This attic's gotta be pretty small.
Probably won't even be enough room
to stand up.
Uh, guys, I take that back.
What is it, Ray?
What do you see?
I think you better see for yourselves.
Well, Egon, are you getting anything now?
Right off the scale.
Strange that this should be
so completely confined to the attic.
-It's almost as if
-As if what, Egon?
I am not sure.
But I'd rather not hazard
a guess until I am sure.
Come on, let's see
what's over this next ridge.
If you ask me,
I think we got a supernatural yard sale
on our hands here.
I mean, have you ever seen
such a pile of junk in your lives?
Only when I look
in your closet, Peter.
Ray, I will answer in language
you can understand.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Look out.
I always said Peter's manners
would get us in trouble someday.
OK, Egon. I'm waiting.
You got something up your sleeve, right?
Something scientific?
I say we blow them up real good.
Short, simple, to the point.
I like it.
Whoa, way to go!
Why is it whenever Egon makes a plan,
it's always me who takes the fall?
Me, always me.
You have come.
Actually, we were just
looking for a phone.
Nice hat by the way
But the coat's just not you.
What are you doing here?
Who sent you?
A nice lady named Mrs. Faversham.
Maybe you know her.
Faversham! Yes, I remember.
Must destroy Faversham
for what he did to me.
Destroy! Destroy!
Yeah, well, we've all got our hobbies
and right now mine's at home,
so if you'll excuse me.
Hey! One more and I'll come over there
and slap you silly.
Well, maybe two more.
Bring me Faversham!
Bring me Faversham or die!
Do you hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
So does most of the Bronx.
So as long as you've got my attention,
why not tell me
why you want Mrs. Faversham?
I will explain nothing.
You will bring or you will die!
You know, you must really be
a terror at swap meets.
So, if you don't mind I'll just say
Let him have it!
So, Peter, having a nice day?
Oh, yeah.
Argued with a hat and a coat rack.
Yup, nothing new.
How's about you?
This thing, whatever it is,
it's just toying with us.
It knows we can't beat it
if it won't show itself.
Although what I overheard of Peter's
conversation has given me an idea.
But we've got to get out of here, quickly.
I've got almost
all the pieces to the puzzle.
But there are a few questions
that only Mrs. Faversham can answer.
I second that idea.
Then let's get a move on.
Let go!
Let go, chump.
Keep going, I'll get him.
Come on!
You don't have to tell me twice.
The trapdoor was over here somewhere.
- Come on.
- What the
Where's the door?
It was right here!
I was afraid this might happen.
That thing has absolute control
over everything in this attic.
So, if it doesn't want a door here,
it's gone.
Must be real handy
for keeping salesmen out.
Or for keeping us in forever.
Would I be alone in thinking
that things have gotten
just a bit out of hand?
We're gonna be in hand
if we don't get outta herefast.
There's one chance.
If we can break its concentration
by hitting it in two places at once.
Then we might distract it enough
to lose control
and let the door come back.
Or, we could talk it to death.
Come on, let's do it.
That's it. Keep firing.
Draw its attention.
And now!
Just a little longer.
That's it. Go!
Why is it whenever we go
into these situations
we never find anything cute?
It's always big and mean
with lots of teeth.
I agree.
We're definitely falling into a rut.
What I wanna know
is if it's that big and nasty
why didn't it just follow us out?
I think Mrs. Faversham may be
able to solve that part of the puzzle.
Come on.
Here's your tea, Mrs. Faversham.
Thank you, dear.
You're terribly sweet.
At least someone
appreciates me around here.
We do appreciate you, Janine.
We love you.
It's just that, like, well,
all great loves, you know,
it improves with distance.
You think it'd do any good to slug him?
Business before pleasure, Janine.
Now, do you think you could tell us
the first time
you can remember your father
forbidding you to go up to the attic?
Yes, I believe so.
I was just a little girl at the time.
I remember it because it
struck me as being so strange.
We were never very well off,
but my father had always worked so hard
never to deny me
anything a girl could want.
Not that I really wanted much.
I had my kind, loving father
and my dear Teddy.
What more did a girl need?
He wanted me to have everything though.
Then one night, he went up into the attic.
There was a terrible storm that night.
Silly of me,
but I actually imagined
it came from upstairs.
Then I heard something quite frightening.
No! Get back!
I renounce you!
Before I could investigate the shouting,
my father hurried down.
He looked so pale
as if he had seen the devil himself.
Then he said a very strange thing.
My dearest Agatha,
Daddy has made a terrible mistake.
It's all fixed now, but
you must promise me
never to go into the attic.
Do you understand?
I didn't know what to say
so I only nodded
and never again
went into the attic.
Is that any help to you?
Mrs. Faversham, I think
you've solved the puzzle.
Janine, why don't you show Mrs. Faversham
the containment unit.
I'm sure she'd find it fascinating.
Of course.
Come along, Mrs. Faversham.
I'll show you where they figure out
new ways to do stupid things.
OK, Egon. Fill us in.
What do you think happened?
I think that Charles Faversham
tried to make a good life
for his daughter even better.
I think he called up forces
he couldn't control,
some "thing" too big for him to handle.
He probably tried to
send it back, but couldn't.
He had no other choice but to seal it
in the room and hope for the best.
And there it's been
enlarging its private domain,
growing angrier
with each passing year, for 70 years.
Wow, that thing must be real mad by now.
Which might just be the answer
if that thing isn't aware
of exactly how much time has passed.
Yeah! It might work.
But we'll need bait
to lure it into the trap.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Oh, no. Not me.
Not this time.
I've got a better idea.
You're coming with us
and you're gonna be big. Get it.
Oh, yeah
OK, everybody set?
Systems are go here.
Seven years of college
and I can never remember
if it's positive to negative
or positive to positive.
Here's hoping.
Everything's a go, Egon.
And here comes the bait.
Come on, Slimer.
Show 'em your stuff.
What can I say, Slimer?
It's you.
Yeah, baggy, dumb-looking
and creased in all the wrong places.
No, Slimer. You'll ruin the suit.
OK. We all know what to do.
Slimer, your job is to lure that thing
out into the open.
Make it assume its true form
and then get it over the trapdoor.
Then, as soon as it's in position
we open the ghost trap and wham him.
No more voices in the attic.
Just be sure
you're out of the way, Slimer. OK?
Hey, don't worry
about a thing, little fella.
Remember, you're a ghost,
so it can't hurt ya.
But one can always hope, can't one?
Later, Slimer. OK.
Right now, it's show time.
All right, showtime.
Uh, yeah, that's right,
Mr. Faversham,
we heard the noise upstairs,
in the attic.
Maybe you outta go
check it out,
Mr. Faversham!
Yes, yes, come to me.
Yeah, that's it.
Go on, Mr. Faversham.
Faversham! Faversham!
So long have I awaited you, Faversham,
here in my prison.
Do you like it?
I built it all myself.
Every inch of it
has the word hate written on it.
That is how much I hate you
for keeping me here.
Only one thing has kept me
from going mad
Revenge on the one who had imprisoned me.
And now, here you are.
A little more, Slimer.
Just a little more.
I could destroy you
with these sharp claws.
Would you like that?
Nor would I.
This I will do with my own
claws and hands.
And, now, too!
You've changed.
Almost not the same person.
Do it, man, now.
I can't. He's not close enough.
Oh, boy.
You are not Faversham.
Run! I shall destroy you.
Destroy you!
Destroy you all!
You think this guy can learn a new song?
Come on, come on.
Ghostbusters ♪
Hey, how about me?
Come on, come and get me.
I'm not afraid of you.
You will be
Your time has ended.
Not mine, yours.
Smile for the birdie.
I won't be imprisoned again.
Boy, when we organize a yard sale,
everything goes.
Hey, wait a minute.
Where's Slimer?
Gee, he fainted.
If we left him here,
do you think anybody'd notice?
No, huh? Just an idea.
And we found this upstairs.
Thought you might wanna have it.
II don't know how to thank you.
Would you like to come up for some tea?
Uh, sorry, but we've got another job.
Maybe next time.
Oh, I see.
Perhaps another time.
Thank you again.
You coming, Peter?
She's all by herself, Ray.
I know, Peter,
but there's nothing we can do about that.
Not tomorrow and not the day after,
but today
It's just that, my mom,
she spent so much time alone,
I never got to
Can you guys handle this job without me?
No problem.
We'll catch up with you
at the station later.
Take care, Peter.
Actually, I think I'd love a cup of tea.
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