The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e39 Episode Script

Moaning Stones

Ghostbusters ♪
♪There's somethin' strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's somethin' weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Through the years,
the New York's Cosmopolitan Museum
has hosted the world's most
honored works of art,
the most spectacular
scientific discoveries.
But none of these exhibits
have created a greater stir
than the appearance of the famous
Moaning Stones of Tangalla.
Miss Nuxom, what can
you tell our home audience?
They once belonged to the Ibandi,
a great ancient empire that reached
from the Shwango River south to what
is today called Tangalla.
Why are the Moaning
Stones so exciting?
Listen for yourself.
And now there's a new mystery?
Yes, the third stone was
discovered only a month ago.
The three were created
together and then deliberately separated.
There's an inscription that says something
about the Undying One
and warns against uniting the three,
but that's all we know.
Wow! That's really wild.
But how about giving our home audience
a treat.
Let's fit all three together.
This is really so exciting for us,
I can't wait to bring them together.
But we're saving that for tonight.
Well, uh, well I
Eye on New York is looking forward
to being here, then.
Oh, no!
No, it can't be.
Madre dios, they should
have been destroyed.
If the stones are united,
the Undying One lives again.
Another object we found
with the third stone
was this silver medallion.
Very rare, very valuable.
Very early work from the area
near the junction of two rivers,
the Shwango and the Subba.
Many animal forms are also used
in these sculptures and charms.
These ancient people were also expert
bead-makers and wore elaborate hairstyles.
The metalwork was surprisingly advanced,
especially the moldings in bronze.
Little is known about the legend
of the Undying One.
There's only one hope now.
We will soon solve the puzzle
of who was the undying one.
A true love song
comes from the soul.
Then yours must come
from the heel.
Fellas, we have a customer.
Yes, madam, the Ghostbusters
at your service.
How may we be of assistance?
You! You are the one!
I was miles from there.
Whatever it is and whoever
you want, it's not me.
Why don't you sit down
and talk about it.
Yeah. Who is it that you think I am?
I don't think, I know,
you are the reincarnation of Shimabuku.
The greatest chieftain of the
ancient Ibandi Empire.
That area known today as Tangalla.
Bueno, how did you know?
He's a scientist.
Six thousand years ago,
Shimabuku's people were ruled
by an immortal demon called
the Undying One.
There was a war between the gods
and they turned on the Undying One,
the Undying one defeated them
but was totally exhausted.
Shimabuku seized the opportunity
and bound the demon.
You too? Does everyone in the world know
about this Shima-wu-wu but me?
How do you know about it, Winston?
Well my grandmother
used to tell me stories
from Africa and Puerto Rico
about Voodoo and Santeria
but I never believed this stuff.
You must!
Shimabuku bound the demon
into the Moaning Stone
and then separated it into three pieces,
buried at the three corners
of the kindgom,
keeping it safe from all harm.
But now the stones have been found
and tonight all three of the stones
will be brought together again.
The Undying One will be loosed
upon the earth for the first time
in 6,000 years.
His wrath will be terrible.
He brings the twilight of the gods,
the resurrection of the dead,
the end of light.
Dahlia, how do you
know these things?
I am a priestess of Santeria.
I am old, I no longer have my powers,
but I can see things
and sometimes show things.
You are descended from Shimabuku.
The demon can only be controlled
by the soul of the man who conquered it.
Shimabuku, you are he.
Could be interesting.
Besides, I understand
they have a new mold exhibit.
Oh! How exciting!
Hey, let's go!
What do you say, Winston?
I say I'm being Shanghaied.
What is your problem?
Why do you have so much trouble believing,
or even humoring her?
I've heard that roots stuff before
and it just doesn't mean anything to me.
Now for the moment
we've all been waiting for.
Ambassador Yali?
It is a great moment.
These stones have been separated
for uncounted hundreds of years.
Strange. They seem to be humming already.
Oh, well.
The Times was right.
Culture is dead in New York.
It is the Undying One.
Undying One.
Excuse me, is there anything
weird going on in there?
I'd call that a big yes.
Your tools cannot stop the Undying One.
I'm not sure you understand
the power of technology, madam.
Your Undying One might
have been hot stuff back home,
but this is the Big Apple
and we are the welcome wagon.
Accelerators on.
Next time you reincarnate,
por favor, choose more carefully.
Hmm. Australopithecus africanus.
Same to you, buddy.
Oh no!
Get it!
Whatever was giving
it life has stopped.
Must not like the proton streams.
It can't be so tough.
What is that?
I don't believe it.
Horrifidin, yuitatharium morrocias.
That's easy for you to say.
-Wait! Wait!
We're in the Rembrandt room.
We can't risk damaging these classics!
Well what do you think we should do?
Head for the modern art!
We're about the get eaten by dead things
and you're still playing art snob.
Wrong way!
Quick! In here!
- That was close.
- Two, four, six, eight, 10.
Uh, fellas
I don't mean to alarm anyone
but I keep coming up with
an exra pair of eyes.
Anyone have a match?
All right. Ray, is this all right?
Can we please blast these things?
All right!
Let's rock and roll!
It's no good! They just keep
coming back together.
Yeah, what we have to do is deal
with the source of the problem.
Great. Only, I got a bad feeling that
the big guy isn't going
to show itself yet.
Hold on to him, Peter.
I'm getting a reading here.
Ride him, Venkman.
Peter, are you all right?
There's a heavy metal concert right behind
my eyeballs but aside from that
What are you doing in here?
I had to come, you need my help!
We need something,
the accelerators just aren't enough.
I took some readings while
Peter was playing rodeo.
What we're dealing with is a form
of coherent vibration.
I have an idea, but we have
to get to the sound room.
I don't believe it!
That ought to buy
us a few minutes.
When the Undying One is finished here
he will invade the outside world.
If there is any hope at all,
you must stop it now.
Here, this is where the PA
system hooks in.
Need to boost the power.
Ray, I need your help!
Uh, fella, the natives
are getting restless out here.
Winston, I don't know what
your friends are planning,
I can tell you that it won't work.
It cannot. Only one thing can work.
You must believe in Shimabuku,
in yourself.
Look, I believe in what I can see,
or feel, or grab hold of.
Or what can grab hold of you.
We're ready over here.
The theory is that if the Undying One
is composed of coherent vibration
that vibration can be disrupted
and the energy matrix destroyed.
-Will it work?
-It better.
Here we go!
It's no good. We need something
even more disharmonic.
Something with no coherence,
not the slightest shred of
Where are we going to find
something like
Peter, old buddy, you still got that tape
with you, don't you?
You're not serious.
You can't be talking about my
-Oh, no.
-Oh, yes!
This is nuts. They'll love it.
Skeletons will come from miles around!
It's working!
Peter, I was wrong.
Your music really is killer stuff.
Just as the ungrateful dead out there.
What is that?
I don't see anything.
Whatever it is, it's gone now.
Well, what's wrong?
Saber-toothed cat got your tongue?
Crank that sucker up!
It's not working!
Your trickery vanquished the Undying One's
smaller minions but the demon itself
has possessed this creature.
No trickery can stop it.
Then what can?
You can. Winston, you have to believe.
I'm sorry, I've done everything
that I can.
Winston, buddy, when you were a kid
you believed in Santa Claus
and the Easter Bunny, didn't ya?
Well, yeah, but
And all you got was a couple of toys
and a chocolate egg.
So listen to me, you better
believe in the Shimy-buk-ook
because that thing out there
ain't hunting Easter eggs.
Egon? Ray?
It's worth a try, Winston.
I'm out of ideas.
All right, I'll try.
What do I do?
First, you must believe.
Not in your machines,
but in yourself, your heritage.
All right, all right already.
And command the beast
in the name of Shimabuku
to return to the sacred stones
and leave the world of men.
Oh, all right.
All right, Undying One,
this is Winston Zeddemore
speaking for Shimabuku.
I remember that name.
Long, long ago.
This isn't going to work.
It'll see I'm not me. I mean,
he isn't me, I mean
Uno mentito, I will give you
what power I can.
It'll have to be enough.
Listen, Undying One,
you've had your fun, now, now play smart
and get back into those stones!
Yeah, why?
You area the living incarnation
of Shimabuku!
Oh, yeah. I am the living
You have no power.
You have no soul.
Your spirit is weak.
By power, I was bound.
You are just a weak human.
You have no link to Shimabuku.
I see crowded cities in you,
and barns, and yes, slavery.
There is no power in you, little man.
Winston, you are our only hope!
Winston, please!
I, I believe!
Quickly, everyone, I need your help.
I am old but you are young.
Make a circle around Winston
and join hands.
Heck of a time for square dancing.
See and believe.
Demon! Blood of my blood commands you!
From ages past, I command you!
Now, return to the darkness!
Impressive, with a capital "M".
Oh, Winston, I'm so proud of you!
Do you see, Winston?
Do you see what you can do
if you believe in yourself?
Look at the damage. Look at the damage!
Who's going to pay for all this?
And, who are you men?
We are the Ghostbusters.
Wait, wait, one of the stones is missing.
What do I tell
the insurance company?
My work is done here.
Goodbye, Winston Shimabuku.
Goodbye Dahlia. I won't forget
what you've done for me.
Oh! And here, I think that you'll know
what to do with this.
What a day, what a day,
what a day.
I don't know what
you're complaining about.
You get to be the big hero.
I get to listen to everyone
make fun of my music all day.
I think I need to put the equipment away.
Why don't I help you.
Winston, can I help you carry a rock?
Well, I like it.
Subsidy Records will like it.
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