The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s03e05 Episode Script

Once Upon a Slime

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call?
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
"And when the beautiful
princess kissed the frog,
ping, it turned into a handsome prince
right before her eyes.
And they lived happily ever after."
Oh, that's beautiful, Ray.
-More, more, more, more.
No more stories tonight, Slimer.
Hey, this book is two days overdue.
You've gotta get books back
to the library on time.
I'll return it in the morning.
No, no, no, no.
Slimer, I know you love these fairy tales,
but the book has to go back.
We'll check it out again soon.
Slimer! Ouch!
The book goes back tomorrow.
OK, lights out and good night.
- Screwdriver.
- Screwdriver.
Really impressive guys.
When do we get to see what it does?
In due time, Peter, in due time.
Speaking of time.
Its way pass my bedtime,
let's call it a night, Egon.
Oh, very well.
We can finish it first thing
in the morning
and give it test run.
A test run, huh?
Remind me to be out of town, OK?
Just kidding, guys, just kidding.
- Genius is never appreciated.
- I know.
Oh, yum yum.
Pancakes, yummy.
Slimer, gimme a break, will ya?
OK, sorry.
Hey, Slimer,
have you seen the fairy tale book?
I can't find it anywhere.
I don' get it, a book doesn't
just get up and walk away.
What's up, Janine?
Sounds weird, guys.
Some sort of forest just sprung up
right in the middle of Manhattan.
A forest?
What do they want us to do?
Spray for bugs?
Hey, they call, we haul.
Let's check it out.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, wait up for me.
Well, you've gotta admit,
it's different.
Anything on your meter, Egon?
The readings are negative.
-What does that mean?
-I don't know.
-Maybe something, maybe nothing.
-At least we have a choice.
Those definitely aren't crickets.
OK, guys, time to earn the big buck.
Yuck, I feel like a smurf.
Will you look at that.
Wow, this looks like
the Hansel and Gretel house
in your fairy tale book, remember, Slimer?
Relax, Slimer,
this is real life, not a fairy tale.
Yo, anybody home?
Slimer, cool it.
You missed breakfast again or what?
No, thanks, I'm on a low wood diet.
Well, color me amazed. It's not wood.
Its ginger bread.
And this is definitely rock candy.
Cotton candy flowers.
Man, this is the original sugar shack.
Hey, what's going on?
Heads up! Its taffy.
Back off choco breath!
Oh, bummer.
I don't get it,
where did all this weirdness come from?
It's definitely not from the spirit world.
Its solid matter.
Yes, and it may just be
some sort of cosmic accident.
A onetime thing
that will never happen again.
Perhaps the answer is in here.
I'll analyze it back at the lab.
Ghostbusters! ♪
What the
-Get him!
-After him!
This way!
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who are you?
You have to guess my name,
but you won't, nobody can.
Hey, what gives?
Hey, come back here.
Cool out on the upholstery, Jack.
No, no, that's not it.
My name is not Jack.
OK, that's it,
out of the car, bucko.
You're right, Slimer.
I should have known.
Okay, the party is over, Rumpelstiltskin.
Wah! How did you know my name?
Nobody knows my name. Nobody!
Well, so far, we were nearly
eaten by a ginger bread house.
Rumpelstiltskin took
a joy ride in our car.
And its only 10:30, what next?
I'm late, I'm late, me, oh my, I'm late.
Oh, my! Bunny rabbit.
Tell me this isn't happening.
I'd tell you this wasn't happening
if I could.
-But, Peter, I'd be lying.
-That's what I was afraid of.
Guys, guys.
Boy, am I glad you're back.
There's a total weirdo inside.
You're in luck, Janine,
we're having a special on weirdos today.
Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep.
It is, its Bo Peep.
Thanks for finding my sheep, ma'am.
Sorry about the rugs.
Wow, this is amazing.
It's like all the fairy tales
are coming true.
Uh-huh. All are coming true.
Ai ai ai.
It shouldn't take long
to analyze this ginger bread.
Strange, the molecular structure
doesn't seem to match
that of normal ginger bread.
Then how come it smells
and tastes like the real thing?
I'm afraid I don't have
a logical explanation for that, Peter.
Well, then I'll settle
for an illogical one.
Hey, guys.
Problem's all gone.
Slimer, what do you mean
the problem's all gone?
Guys, you better come here. Quick!
Wow! This is incredible,
just like Jack and the Beanstalk.
Heads up!
Nice shot.
All right, Slimer, you better
tell us everything you know
about this fairy tale stuff, and fast.
Well, um
He says he hid the fairy tale
book on Egon's machine
and somehow the machine
made the book change.
Well, that explains everything.
This machine was designed
to turn ethereal entities
into solid matter
to facilitate their capture.
You mean it's supposed to make
wispy ghosts more real?
So they're easier to catch?
That's what I said.
Unfortunately, it worked so well
it seems to have turned Slimer's
fairy tales into the real thing.
So what do we do?
I could probably reverse the process
but I'll need the exact
same fairy tale book.
Slimer, where's the book?
Egon, you and Ray
take Slimer to the library
and find that book.
Winston and I will fly Ecto-2
to the top of the beanstalk
and do a little garbage busting.
Roger, good luck.
Slimer, now you sure you'll remember
which shelf you put the book on?
Uh-huh, I remember.
OK, Slimer, precisely where is the book?
Are you sure?
You're absolutely positive?
Be careful, guys!
What do you think
we'll find on top, Peter?
A very large litter bug.
Man, large isn't the word.
I would hate to do their windows.
Watch it!
Hold on!
Just don't sneeze, kid.
Daddy, look what I found!
Daddy! Daddy!
Look, aren't they neat? Can I keep 'em?
Greetings, Mr. Giant, sir.
Sorry to interrupt your meal.
I think Mikey likes us.
you found something
that's yummy-yum-yum.
-Oh. Guess who's gonna be dinner.
-No way, man.
This snack is gonna bite back.
My thrower's out.
Mine too,
that kid's squirt gun
must have water logged them.
Ecto-2's emergency beep.
The guys are in trouble up there.
Oh, no.
We have to find that book fast.
I found it. I found it.
Attaboy, Slimer.
Come on, we have only one chance at this.
you're going in my tummy-tum-tum.
Ray, set the book on the machine
while I reverse the wiring.
Power on, Ray.
Oh, I hope this works.
Me too.
Tell you what, big guy, let us go,
and I'll give you my entire
collection of baseball cards.
My team's the Giants.
I don't think he's a baseball fan, Peter.
Then maybe he collects food stamps.
I think he just collects food.
Stand by, we're approaching
critical phase.
-This is it, Winston.
-I'm gonna miss you, man.
What the heck happened?
Looks like Egon and Ray found the cure.
Guys, I don't know what
you're doing down there,
but keep it up.
Come on, baby, let's go, let's go.
Hold on!
Will you stop saying that,
I am holding on.
Yay, we did it.
With little help
from our friends downstairs.
Here they come.
All right!
Hey, way to go!
Wow, I love happy endings.
Ray! Ray!
Would you read to me?
Oh, Slimer, I've had enough
fairy tales for one day.
These aren't fairy tales.
Hey, now why can't this
kinda stuff come to life?
Ray, don't you think
Slimer is a little young
for that sort of thing.
Too young for this?
It's a dessert magazine.
Oh yeah, desert!
Good night, Ray.
Good night, guys.
Good night, Slimer.
Good night, Ray.
I love you too, Slimer.
Good night.
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