The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s03e06 Episode Script

The Two Faces of Slimer

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Funny show, Slimer?
Hey, the guys are back.
A haunted dynamite factory?
Man, we get all kinds, don't we?
But you have to admit,
Winston, it was exciting.
Yeah, Ray, a real blast.
What's on the tube, Spud?
Come on, Slimer,
cut us a little slack, will you?
We couldn't take you on this run.
You know we love you, Slimer,
but you're just too little
to go on these big jobs.
Yo, Slimer, brought you a surprise.
Triple caramel crunchy, your fave.
Suit yourself, Spud.
Come on, let's get these traps unloaded.
Hmm, that's a sound
I haven't heard before.
You know, it's done that
a couple of times this week.
I'll check it out in the morning.
Right now though,
I'm checking out my bed.
I'm history, too.
Don't you want to sleep at
the foot of my bed, like usual?
OK. Goodnight.
You're just too little
to go on the big jobs.
Too little. Too little. Too little.
Thanks, Slimer. You're a real hero.
You saved us.
You ain't afraid of no ghost.
- Who you gonna call?
- Slimer!
The real Ghostbuster!
Slimer, the real Ghostbuster,
Ghostbuster Central.
Hello, help me.
There's ghosts everywhere.
They're eating the corn beef.
I can't believe it.
It's unbelievable.
OK, calm down, sir.
Now, what's the address?
They'll be there in two minutes.
A haunted delicatessen.
What next?
Better than a dynamite factory.
Help, he's eating everything in the place!
He didn't even take a number!
Don't worry, sir. His number is up!
Ew, yuck.
Let's go.
Man, I never saw a ghost with
an appetite like this before.
Yeah, I hope he saved room,
'cause we brought dessert.
Ah! He slimed me!
Big Green's outta here.
When it comes to eating,
he gives Slimer competition.
Sweet dreams, Slimer.
That funny noise we've been hearing
seems to be a minor seal failure.
-Anything get out?
-I'll check.
Hmm. A small amount of ectoplasm escaped.
Not enough to constitute a whole ghost.
Lucky for us, huh?
Rise and slime, Spud.
Time for your morning chores.
Come on, Slimer, look alive.
Sorry, slip of the tongue.
Still mad at us, huh?
OK, tell you what,
next call we get, no matter what it is,
you're going with us, deal?
Slimer, you don't look too good.
You feel a little colder than usual.
Maybe you'd better kick back today,
until we need you.
Next time, I'll let Ray play nurse.
I'll make you some
Mama Venkman chicken soup, okie dokie?
Ghostbuster Central.
Now, where'd he go?
Coming, coming.
Where are we going?
Some ugly ghost is
terrorizing a water-front diner.
There it is.
Neptune's floating restaurant.
A very exclusive eatery.
You can't get in without a coat and tie.
Or Slim Fins.
How do we get out there?
No problem.
I've added a few things to old Ecto
for something just like this.
Hang on.
Winston! What are you doing?
- Watch.
- No, you watch.
All right, Winston!
Hey, it's Big Green from the deli.
Yeah, it looks like
he's got the munchies again.
And this time, we bag the slime ball.
Plan 52a, move!
Fire on three, guys.
Hut one, hut two, hut
I've been slimed again!
Now, where did he go?
-Think he's still up there?
-I hope so.
Now that slimeball's really in trouble.
Yeah, and so are we.
This is a "no smoking" section.
Boy, you must be one tired little spud.
Sleep tight.
- I've completed the analysis.
- And?
Yeah, Egon, what leaked out of the tank?
Some form of catalytic paranormal flux.
Harmless to corporeal entities,
but capable of inducing
malevolent ectoplasmic metamorphoses.
He means it was something
that can't hurt us,
but can make harmless ghosts
turn mean and ugly.
Well, it's fixed now, no harm done.
Yeah, lucky for us.
Who's been eating garlic?
You're history, pal.
Hang on to him, Peter!
Get it, get the trap!
All right, we got it.
And he's going straight into the unit,
where he belongs.
What's up?
He's the green monster?
Of course.
That energy leak
from the containment unit.
It must have infected him.
Yeah, and whenever he falls asleep,
he turns into a hideous creature
of unspeakable horror!
And unspeakable slime.
We have a real problem here.
If Slimer keeps turning into a monster,
and keeps getting bigger
and meaner every time
It's worse than that.
These readings indicate that
if he undergoes this change enough times,
he'll eventually stay in
his new monster form.
You mean
You mean like my mom used to say,
"If you keep making faces,
your face will stick that way?"
Ah, no!
We can't let him fall asleep again
until we figure out a cure.
Come on, Slimer,
I know it's way past your bed time,
and my bed time,
but you've got to stay awake.
Here, have some more yummy French fries.
How about a cola?
Another burger? More pizza?
How about some ribs, Slimer?
Hey, hey, hold it, Spud.
Don't conk out on us now.
Winston, how about some tunes?
Atta boy, Slimer, let's jam.
Yeah, let's get down.
Slimer, no, wake up!
Up and at 'em, Spud.
OK, go to sleep.
I just hope Freddy doesn't get you.
Good ghost.
Winston, go check and see
how Ray and Egon are doing.
-How's it going?
-Still nothing.
We've gone through every book we own,
and there seems to be no way
to reverse Slimer's condition.
Well then, we've got to
look through them again.
What about Slimer?
No problem, he's wide awake.
I don't know what to do.
Poor Slimer.
Hey, come on, don't give up yet, guys.
Something good's gonna happen,
I can feel it.
Easy, Slimer. Easy, boy.
Don't get a big head.
I was afraid of this.
He's getting away, come on!
There he goes.
We're losing him.
There's a ghost in there!
Let's go.
But remember, this is our Slimer,
so be careful in there.
We still haven't figured out
what to do when we find him.
Let's find him first.
Let's split up. Ray,
you take the candy section.
Egon, frozen foods.
That's it. That's the answer.
Frozen foods are the answer?
No, what you said about splitting up.
By inducing ectoplasmic fission,
we can split Slimer apart
from his alter-ego.
I get it.
Once we separate Slimer from the monster,
we can hit the Big Green
with everything we've got.
Whoa, wait, guys,
what happens to Slimer
if we don't do it just right?
It's our only chance,
and Slimer's only chance.
Peter, Winston,
set your beams to 50,000 gigahertz and
OK, move out!
We get one surprise shot.
We have to make it count.
So leave it to me.
Aim for his exact center, Peter.
Don't forget to compensate for the recoil.
No problem.
Peter, don't! It's too risky!
Trust me, Ray.
Hey, where are we?
Where's Big Green?
He's still in here,
but there's so much ectoplasm
giving off readings,
I can't pinpoint his location.
Hey, Slimer.
If you could eat anything you
wanted in this whole store,
what would it be?
Way to go, Slimer.
Ready, aim, blast him.
Hang on to him, guys!
I've got the trap!
That's express checkout for you, pal.
Not bad, Pete, not bad at all.
No big deal. I used to be a box boy.
Hey, where's Slimer?
It appears that Slimer is
definitely back to normal.
Or abnormal.
See, Slimer, like I've been telling you,
some jobs are just
too big for a little guy to handle.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Ooh, not bad.
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