The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s04e05 Episode Script


Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Luigi, jump!
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
And me! And me!
It's definitely a Class Five
and it's in the elevator shaft.
Not for long.
Boy, sounds like he enjoys his work.
Heads up, here it comes!
Let's give it a warm welcome, boys.
This is your floor, sucker!
Trap open!
Nice work, guys.
Another case, closed.
Yeah, case closed.
HeyGet a load of that limo!
Can't be anybody we know.
Thanks for a wonderful lunch, Paul.
My pleasure, Janine.
Hi, guys!
I'd like you to meet Paul Smart,
president of Grossjuck Industries.
Paul, these are the Ghostbusters.
Egon, Ray, Winston and Peter.
Oh, and Slimer.
It's an honor to meet you, gentlemen.
Same here.
Grossjuck Industries!
You're in that brand-new
high-rise off 40th, right?
Yes. It's nothing fancy,
but we call it home.
Huh. And what do you
call that? Your jalopy?
Ghostbusters Mobile. On our way.
We've got another one, guys!
Hey, what can I say?
When you're the best,
you get no rest.
Oh, dump this ghost in
the containment chamber,
- will you, Janine?
- Sure thing.
Excuse me, while I take care of this.
I'll only be a minute.
Darn dry throat
Could I trouble you for some water?
Well, of course!
Will seltzer water be OK?
What do you mean they
moved the meeting up?
All right, I'll be there.
- Something wrong?
- I'm afraid so.
They need me back at the office.
- Big emergency.
- Oh.
Sorry to run, but I'll call you.
Hi, Janine!
Oh, hi guys.
Still no word from Paul, huh?
It's been three weeks!
Oh, poor Janine.
Ghostbusters Central.
Um, what can I do for you?
Janine, I'm sorry I haven't called,
but I'd like to make it up to you
by inviting you and your associates
to a press conference.
My company's introducing
the latest technology in ghost busting.
ButGhost busting is our field.
Exactly why you and your friends
should find this most interesting.
Thank you for coming,
ladies and gentlemen.
Now, without further ado,
I give you the future of ghost busting!
From Grossjuck Industries
Looks like some kind of silly
promotional stunt.
Hmm. Silly is right.
I am robo-buster,
a fully automated, mobile,
ghost eradication unit.
Oh, brother.
I am armed with 600,000 volts
of proton stream firepower
and 20 megabytes of onboard memory.
What kind of a joke is this?
A bad one.
Yeah, a bad one.
My energy sensors have
an effective radius of 5 miles.
I am every ghost's nightmare.
Oh, give me a break.
That tin can really
takes itself seriously.
Now, since seeing is believing,
robo-buster will make believers
out of all of you.
Hey, that's one of our traps!
ButHow did Paul get it?
And that's our ghost!
Yeah! Our ghost!
Oh, my gosh! Paul must have
stolen it from the office!
You are an unauthorized entity.
Stand fast.
Cool move, metal-mouth,
you let it get away!
Don't worry, Peter, we'll take care of it.
How did he do that?
Go ahead, spook, give it your best shot.
- Wow!
- Fascinating.
Thank you, robo-buster.
Just a second.
That's impossible!
I beg your pardon?
Your machine violates a basic principle
of ecto-plasmic physics.
Non-corporeal entities
cannot be destroyed.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you've seen the future,
here is the past.
The Ghostbusters!
Dinosaurs of ghostbusting!
Hey, I'll show you a dinosaur, pal.
Whoa, whoa, Peter.
Temper, temper, boys.
I can't believe
I actually liked that lowlife!
Hey, take it easy, kiddo,
he fooled all of us.
I still say it's impossible
to destroy spirits that way.
The kinetic energy buildup
would be enormous.
The flux in the etheric continuum
will increase geometrically
to dangerous proportions.
Yeah, and I hate that.
What did he say?
He says if that robot takes over,
we're in deep dog food.
Play with fire, pal, and you get burned!
- Get out!
- Get out of the way!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Don't mention it, pal.
As a gesture of my appreciation,
lease accept these free 8x10 glossies.
This offer void where prohibited.
There's something about
that robot's blaster that bothers me.
Maybe the fact
that it's putting us out of business.
No, there's something else.
- Hey, get a load of this!
- Quick, tape it.
No haunt too huge!
No sprite too small!
Don't contain those ghosts,
vaporize them all with
I am not afraid of any ghost.
Do the job the modern way!
Call robo-buster today!
That does it!
That creep can't get away with this!
Janine? Where are you going?
To settle the score with Paul Smart!
Janine! How did you get in here?
Don't worry, Paul, we won't steal anything
the way you did from our office.
Well, perhaps I did
use hasty judgment, my dear, but
No, what you used was me
to swipe the Ghostbusters' secrets.
And I'm going to expose you
for the thief you are!
Then I suggest you get out
before I have you escorted out
and take that thing with you.
You are an unauthorized entity.
Stand fast.
Please step aside, ma'am.
This is official business.
And then he was justgone.
Poor little guy.
Slimer, gone.
ThisThis was the spud's last meal.
Not necessarily.
There's a high probability
that Slimer's essence is still present
somewhere in our space-time continuum.
You mean he could still be alive
Or whatever he was before?
Yes, but not in the form we knew him.
Then how do we find him
and put him back together?
I can't answer that, Janine.
But I suspect Paul Smart, could.
What we need are the designs
for robo-buster's blaster circuits.
Then we can figure out
how to reverse the process
and bring Slimer back!
Oh, I hope you're right, Ray.
I'm getting an unusually strong reading
due East of here.
Forget it! Let robo-buster
handle the ghosts
And we'll take care of Mr. Smart!
No way, Janine.
Robot or no robot,
we're still the Ghostbusters!
Yeah! Let's win this one for Slimer.
- Which way Egon?
- Straight ahead.
Now turn right, thirty degrees.
No, no to the left.
Strange, now the signal is behind us.
Stop the car, Winston.
Uh, Egon, you want to give us a hint?
Are we getting warm or what?
Whatever it is, it's all around us.
What is this thing?
It's precisely what I feared.
The etheric continuum
has reached critical mass.
- That's bad, right?
- Right.
All those ghosts that robo-buster
supposedly destroyed, are right there!
In one humongous ghost!
Then Slimer's in there, too!
Don't shoot!
- What?
- What?
Stand back please.
No, don't!
There's only one way
to stop this fruitcake!
Have a good evening, and drive safely.
Right, we wouldn't
wanna scratch the paint.
All right, Smart,
we want those robot blaster designs.
Which you stole from us anyway!
Give it up, people.
Robo-buster's been working perfectly,
and nothing terrible has happened.
Then how do you explain that?
You see, Mr. Smart,
you can't destroy spirits,
you can only contain them.
Well, I'm sure robo-buster
will prove you wrong.
There he is now.
I say, he could use a little help.
OK, lady and gentlemen, power up!
I order you to stop.
You areYou areYou are
You are
The entity has possessed robo-buster.
I want Paul Smart.
Take a number man!
There are a lot of people ahead of you.
Hold this, buster.
Egon, we can't hold that thing off
with our throwers.
True. But if we had his power, and ours.
I'll need your proton packs.
I'm going to convert the robot's throwers
into negative ionizing ones.
He means he's making robo-buster's
throwers like ours.
Egon, this isn't going
to hurt Slimer is it?
Not if I can help it.
Gentlemen, shall we?
An unlawful entity is nearby.
Incredible, how does he know this stuff?
Traps open!
Ghostbusters ♪
It's working.
I'm getting readings from all sides.
We can't concentrate our fire.
Allow me.
More traps!
- Janine!
- Slimer.
He's in there somewhere.
Can't we get him out?
I'll switch to a lower setting.
Call him and he can
ride the proton stream out.
Slimer, look for the beam.
Go for it, spud.
Save me!
Let's put this puppy to bed.
Janine, Janine!
Oh, I missed you! Hi, Peter.
Hi, Egon, I missed you!
Hi, Ray!
Have a good evening.
Well, I guess he had heart after-all.
A lot more than Paul Smart ever had.
I just love what you've done with
your car, Paul.
Trying to make your getaway, huh?
How about a ride, Mr. Smart?
It's hard work being a dinosaur,
catching all those ghosts.
On second thought,
thanks for the lift Mr. Smart,
but we'd rather walk.
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