The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s04e06 Episode Script

Short Stuff

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Luigi, jump!
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
And me! And me!
Target, 12 o' clock high.
Here, Egon.
Trap out.
One ghost to go.
And we make it looks so easy, don't we?
Maybe too easy.
Uh, Ray, is there something
bothering you?
I don't know, Peter.
Guess I'm just getting
a little bored with the job.
You just spent the last two hours
running around with a proton accelerator
on your back,
chasing down a bunch
of grossed out goobers
for the City of New York
and you're bored? What gives?
I'm tired of chasing
all these little Class twos and threes.
Remember the good old days?
Stay Puft,
the Sandman
We haven't seen a major
manifestation in months.
Oh, brother.
Ray, I for one, am perfectly content
to let sleeping ghosts lie
wherever they may be.
Bring me the book of annoying beings.
Yes, oh, Great Ghostmaster.
Why are there only two of you?
Where are the others?
Missing in action, your maleficence.
Yes. They were captured by
The Ghostbusters.
I've had enough of those pests.
It's time I took care of them
Once and for all.
I have summoned you
because you are my best bounty hunters.
I have an important job for you.
I want the Ghostbusters
brought to me alive.
The one to accomplish this
will be greatly rewarded.
The two who fail
will be dealt with severely.
I saidAlive!
Now go.
Hey, cheer up, Ray.
Yeah, cheer up, Ray.
Everyday can't be a Class-8.
Yeah, thank goodness.
I know, guys.
It's just I wish
the excitement level around here
would pick up a little, that's all.
What was that?
Whoa! Let's find out!
What in the world?
I don't think its termites.
Look out! Whoa!
Yuck. That thing's part spider.
That was really something, wasn't it?
Just like the old days.
Not quite, Ray.
In the old days the ghosts
didn't come barging into headquarters.
Peter's right.
This wasn't merely a haunting.
It was an ambush.
Hey! Where'd that come from?
I've heard of speed bumps,
but that's ridiculous.
Wow! This must be our lucky day!
Cease fire.
Where did it go?
Maybe we hit it.
I don't think so.
Man, I don't like this.
Run, guys!
Winston, move it!
Quick everyone. Bail out in unison.
Way to go, Egon!
Yeah! Way to go, Egon.
Thank you.
Color me paranoid,
but I'm starting to think
somebody's out to get us.
Us? We don't have any enemies.
Yeah, everybody loves the Ghostbusters.
You know it!
Ghosts don't.
Are you saying
something supernatural is out to get us?
Well, that's great!
Yeah. Terrific.
We'd better get back
to headquarters and beef up security.
No telling what's next.
How's the new
security camera working, Janine?
Well, it's not exactly
prime time programming,
but no way is any ghost
going to sneak up on us.
Yep, that's the Ghostbuster motto.
Always alert.
Yes, may I help you?
Janine! What's wrong?
Janine, can you hear us?
She's of no consequence.
Who are you?
My master awaits you.
Is this exciting enough for you, Ray?
Everything's getting humongous.
No. It's us. We're shrinking.
Having a small problem, Ghostbusters?
Oh! Guys!
Janine! Wake up.
Slimer, what happened?
Ghost! Man!
Gus, itty bitty.
What do you mean?
How itty bitty, Slimer?
Eensy teensy.
Oh, my gosh! We have to find them.
All right!
Slimer, wait!
Slimer, you're wonderful.
Now, quick! Fly us out of here.
You lost them?
You lost them?
Then find them.
Yuck. Do we have to do this?
You'd rather be back
in that glass beach ball?
Let's get out of here.
Set us down here, Slimer.
Everybody out.
help Janine find a spell
that will restore us to normal.
Tell her to look
in the Big Red Book of Ancient Spells.
Roger, Egon.
OK, Egon.
Why couldn't Slimer
have just flown us back to the firehouse?
Because any creature
powerful enough to shrink us
is powerful enough to track us
and we don't dare lead
them back to Janine and Slimer
before they find a counter spell.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Any luck with the radio, Winston?
You kiddin'? At this size
anything farther than
a half a block is out of range.
But if that ghost is tracking us now
Right. We should be running.
Yes, and since the firehouse is that way,
we should go this way.
How? Fly?
No. Walk.
Come on, Ray.
No way am I goin' out on that thing.
WhereWhere are they?
Ray is really enjoying this, isn't he?
The man loves his work.
If I get out of this alive
I promise I'll never
tell another short joke.
Come on, Peter.
I'm taking my time, Ray.
I don't want to miss
any of this great scenery
or become part of it.
Great, just great.
Back off, bird!
This guy thinks I'm lunch.
Go suck some worms, pal.
And leave us alone.
Guys, over here.
You happy now, Ray?
None of my clothes fit anymore,
my social life is shot
and I feel like the bottom of a bird cage.
Easy, Peter, we're all a little upset.
Don't say "little."
Trust me, guys,
I know what I'm doing.
What's that?
Are we having fun yet, Ray?
All right, I admit it isn't going
exactly the way I thought.
That's a load off.
Oh, Slimer!
All these old magic spells
are Greek to me.
Yeah, me too.
We'll just have to try 'em all
until we find the right one.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh-huh. Good idea!
OK. Here goes.
Definitely not that one.
Ugh! We're gonna drown, Ray.
Drown in Yuppie Water.
I have a plan.
Everyone kick, hard.
Start fizzing this stuff up.
Man! You call that a plan?
It's our only chance.
Come on, guys, harder.
Now, if we all aim
for the cap and fire together,
the pressure from the carbonation
should blast us out of here.
Question. How come we're not dead?
This small, we're nearly weightless.
Like ants. Falls don't hurt so much.
Speak for yourself.
Wow! Who are you guys?
Shh! We're the Ghostbusters.
- Jecky, who are you talking to?
- The Ghostbusters.
Oh, that's nice, dear.
Find them. Now!
So, it's a matter of life and death
that we get out of here.
- Will you help us?
- Sure.
Then we better get a move on,
because company's coming.
May we borrow that?
You bet!
What're going to do with it?
There's the firehouse.
The wind is taking us right to it.
Because we sure can't keep running.
We gotta make a stand.
You're right, Winston. And with any luck,
Janine and Slimer should have
located the proper spell by now.
Aren't we forgetting something?
How do we get down?
Simple, we shoot the balloon.
Is this a science thing, Ray?
Please tell me this is a science thing.
Yeah. Where'd you learn this trick, Ray?
In a comic book.
I'll get you for this, Ray.
Just a minute, Slimer.
Ex lex bulbo.
Rudesby burlistrator.
Goroosh bigwidgen.
Ruby necnich aruchtator.
Oh, no!
I'm not cut out for this.
Egon, where are you
when we need you?
Oh, Egon.
Slimmer said you were small,
but I thought he meant, you know, small.
Did you find the spell?
I found a hundred spells,
but not the right one.
Then we'll have to find it now.
Yenta terdius godens.
Hey, how about this one?
Pescudinaki snollygoster.
Lupus infabula gramat i caster.
Hey, Egon, look at this one.
This could be it.
It's Moxemus, Ray.
Ow! My concentration.
Read this, quick!
Let's get him.
Well, I hope you had enough adventure
to last you a lifetime, Ray.
Yeah. You know, I really have.
Time to take it easy. Kick back.
Yay! That's good, Ray.
Hear me, Ghostbusters.
You've won this time,
but you haven't seen the last of me.
I'll be back. I'll be back!
Oh, boy! Let him come.
We're ready for him, aren't we guys? Huh?
You think that guy
will get his own show?
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