The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s04e07 Episode Script

Follow That Hearse

Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
Luigi, jump!
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
And me! And me!
This is the last load, Mr. Dunbar.
Good. Soon as you dump 'em,
we'll call it a day.
I want to close up before the rain hits.
You got it.
Ew, this place is the worst.
Must be enough chemicals in here
to start World War III.
What in blazes?
Believe me, Slimer,
I've got a feel for these things.
This is it.
The year Ecto is going to win
the classic car show.
But she's gotta be perfect.
Which means no eating in the car.
No problemo, Winston.
Sorry, Winston.
Want a lick?
Why me?
What have we got, Janine?
Some sort of ghost
in the East Side Auto Salvage Yard.
Hold it.
I just cleaned the carpet,
so, check your boots.
Yup. They're on my feet.
So are mine.
Real funny, guys.
And watch your fingerprints
on the window, OK?
Rain? Oh, man.
All over my new wax job.
Does that mean
we can put our feet down now?
I'm telling you, Ghostbusters,
it was the most terrible thing I ever saw.
It came roaring right up
out of the waste pit.
- Waste pit?
- Yeah.
There's a big pond of glob out back
where we dump old motor oil, antifreeze,
the brake fluid, you know,
stuff like that.
You mean toxic waste?
It was a big, ugly blob of a thing.
Glowing, you know, real bright, like.
And I will never forget his eyes.
Pure hate.
How would you feel if you lived
in a toxic waste dump, pal?
Let's roll.
You know, this place
has a lot of history.
Yeah. Some of these old cars
date back to the '50s.
No, I mean real history.
The Manhattan Indians
used to live around here.
I'm kind of glad
you can't see it now.
Man, this is a crime.
Polluting the land like this.
I'm getting a weak reading.
Probably just spectral residue
from where this was earlier.
Looks like ectoslime.
It is. And it has
an unusually high reading.
I'd guess a Class-7 or better.
It's up there somewhere.
Anyone bring a 2,000 foot ladder?
Spud, how would you like
to help us locate this turkey?
It's really a simple task, Slimer.
Just fly this meter up to the top
and watch the needle.
It will tell you if you're
getting warmer or colder.
But if the reading gets too high,
hustle your buns back here fast.
Understand, Spud?
Like a bullet, Winston, promise.
Be careful, Spud.
No, Ghostbusters!
We got you covered, Spud.
Here, Egon!
Flush him out.
Don't let him get away.
You see him?
- Where did he go?
- He was headed this way.
I am afraid the meter is useless
with all this lightning.
The air is too ionized to get a reading.
Oh, I really hate it
when a ghost gets away.
Yeah, me too, Ray.
Same here.
But without a meter, we don't stand
a chance of finding that goober.
Phew. Let's go.
I hear a warm shower calling.
Be sure
and wipe your muddy feet, guys.
- I--
- Just cleaned the carpets.
What's the problem, Winston?
I don't know. All that lightning
must have messed up
the electrical system.
Nah. Poor Ecto is probably just
choking on too much wax and chrome polish.
Thatta, girl. Sounding good again.
By this time tomorrow, we'll be
driving home from that car show
with the first place trophy.
Hey, Winston, wanna play catch?
Yo, Winston!
Oh, hey, a cool dude.
Peter, Winston, Ray, Egon, help!
Slimer, what's wrong?
Phantom! Monster in Ecto.
Slimer saw him.
I don't see any phantom,
Slimer. Where is it?
There. Near the door. Nasty phantom.
Take a look, little buddy.
There's nobody here but us.
Must have been your imagination.
Hey, I didn't leave Ecto parked like this.
Slimer, you haven't been driving Ecto,
have you?
Uh-uh. No way, Winston.
OK, very funny guys.
Who turned Ecto around?
Honest, Winston, we haven't touched Ecto.
Though turning old hearses around
in narrow garages used to be my hobby.
But I gave it up. Too much stress.
Well, somebody sure been messing with her.
I don't believe this.
Now she's back the right way.
Winston, perhaps you're taking this
car show too seriously.
Yeah, man. Lighten up.
Winston's right.
He is?
See, Slimer saw it too.
Hold that thought, Winston.
Right now, duty calls.
Man, something really weird is going on.
Come on, baby. Don't start this again.
Winston, what are you doing?
I didn't stop, she did.
You mean ecto applied
her own brakes?
That's exactly what I mean.
The brakes won't work.
I can't control her.
It's clearly some sort of
demonic possession.
Power up, guys.
OK, that cinches it. Fire at will.
Wait, hold it. Hold it.
That's our Ecto out there, guys.
Easy, Ecto, easy, old girl.
Winston, I don't think
that's such a good idea.
It's me, Winston. Remember?
Ecto. No!
Hold your fire.
You might hit Winston.
Help! Guys!
Uh-oh. That's Winston's boot.
There's more of his stuff.
This is not a good sign.
Oh no! We're too late.
Poor Winston. Ecto got him.
No, it didn't.
Let's get out of here.
Wait. We can't let Ecto roam around wild.
She's dangerous.
Ray's right. We have to neutralize her.
Yeah. She's gotta be destroyed.
Oh, no. Poor Ecto.
I can't watch this.
Me neither.
Hit it!
Get down. Watch it.
Hold your fire. Hold your fire!
It's developed some sort of
electrical force field.
Our throwers are useless.
Like I said, let's get out of here.
Good idea, Winston.
Janine, what are you doing here?
Catching up on my paperwork.
What truck ran you over?
You're kidding!
No. She's possessed.
By that same spirit
we chased in the Salvage Yard.
Oh, my gosh! What are you going to do?
I think I got something.
Remember, I said that Salvage Yard
used to be Indian land?
Well, listen to this.
"The Manhattan Indians
believed in an Earth Spirit
who lived below ground
and protected their lands from evil."
Are you saying that ugly
phantom at the wrecking yard
used to be a sweet, lovable Earth spirit?
What in the heck happened to him?
Like I said,
try living in a toxic waste dump.
Of course, it's a mutation.
Right. And that toxic waste
turned him ugly in more ways than one.
Janine, we need to borrow your car.
Oh, no.
Remember what happened
the last time you borrowed my car?
Aw, that was an accident.
We'll be even more careful this time.
Be nice to her.
That should make Janine happy.
These are Ecto's tracks, all right.
Look at the size of them.
Are you telling me Ecto's getting bigger?
Looks that way.
So, now that we have a 10-ton hearse
with a nasty attitude running loose,
how do we stop it?
We know our blasters
don't work against her.
Anyone have a solution
for this little problem?
Not yet.
I have an idea.
Just might be crazy enough to work.
We've got to lure Ecto
back to the Salvage Yard.
Then, try to get her in
close to that big crane.
Whoa! There she is. Right behind us.
Look at the size of it.
Well, the luring part
is working great, Winston.
What's the rescue plan?
I'll fill you in on the way.
Give it your best shot, Winston.
Move out and wait for my signal.
Station One. All ready here.
Station Two. Same here.
OK, guys. That's a go.
Hang on.
Heads up, Winston. We're on our way.
I see you. Switch on.
Ghostbusters ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
- It's working.
- Yeah, working.
The magnet is disrupting
the phantom's electrical field,
leaving it vulnerable.
Pour it on, guys, we've got him.
Ghostbusters ♪
Stop, stop, hold your fire.
But we haven't trapped it yet.
And we're not going to. Peter, cease fire.
See, he's changing.
For the better.
Well, I'll be
Why have you spared me?
Because you aren't the problem, we are.
We are?
It's humans who are dumping poisons
into the ground and oceans.
You just got caught in our mess.
You've got your work to do
and we've got ours.
Unless we start changing things,
we are all going to be
in a world of trouble.
Thank you, Ghostbusters.
- All right.
- Way to go, Winston.
You are the champ.
I thank you and Ecto thanks you.
Guess what, guys?
Old Ecto and I aren't through yet.
There's another car show
in New Jersey next month.
And we're going to win that one too.
Which means no dirty feet,
no fingerprints on the glass,
no more eating in the car, Slimer,
and no more slamming the door.
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