The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s04e08 Episode Script

The Brooklyn Triangle

Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
If there's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Luigi, jump!
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
And me! And me!
Hey, where's my baseball?
I know I put it in here, but it's gone!
Yeah, well, I have a bigger problem.
Anyone seen the mates to these?
What's going on here? A garage sale?
Peter! Our stuff keeps disappearing.
Oh, you guys.
Just admit it, you're always losing stuff!
Argh! Slimer?
Lose something, Peter?
No, Slimer stole my food!
Slimer isn't even here.
Oh, so my sandwich and milk
just got up and caught a cab?
Maybe. Along with your sneakers.
Hmm. That's funny.
I could've sworn I put 'em on.
No problem.
They're around. I'll find 'em.
I mean, stuff just doesn't vanish
into thin air.
Let's hit it.
Hold it, hold it!
What is it? Did we hit a gas main?
No, that's like nothing
I've ever seen before.
Better get Big Ed.
- Ed, we got trouble.
- What kind of trouble?
I think you'd better
come see for yourself.
Well, I'll be
Ed, I have a bad feeling about this!
I think we ought to call the Ghostbusters.
Forget it, Charlie.
I don't need any mumbo-jumbo
Ghostbusters bailing me out.
We'll just fill it in and be done with it.
What in the world?
Ed, we're messing with something here
we don't understand.
I'm calling the Ghostbusters.
Ray! Have you seen my typewriter?
No, have you seen my baseball?
Peter, Peter!
My typewriter is gone, period.
Maybe we've been burglarized.
Janine, who would steal Winston's socks?
A burglar with no sense of smell?
There's no big mystery here, guys.
If something's lost, you look for it!
Peter, upstairs, your sneakers!
See, the green guy found my sneakers!
Thanks, Spud.
A-ha! There you are, you little devils!
There's a lesson to be learned here, Spud.
Things don't just get up and walk away.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, your sneakers did.
Real funny, Slimer!
Hmm. That does it.
I'm swearing off coffee,
sugar, red meat and smog.
Me too!
Well, maybe not sugar.
Well, at least the hone's still here.
Ghostbusters Central, Janine.
Egon, let's move. We got a call.
What kind of call?
A demon sighting in Brooklyn.
Sounds fairly routine.
I think I better stay here.
We're getting some
dangerously high PKE surges.
I think something is trying
to break through from the spirit world.
I want to monitor it.
You want to
I'm telling you, those sneakers
ran off by themselves.
Oh, come on, Peter,
just admit you can't find 'em.
I'm telling you the truth.
Slimer saw them too!
Uh-huh, uh-huh, weird.
Right down the drain.
Yeah, sure.
What on Earth?
Holy cow!
Did you guys see that?
Sure, haven't you ever seen toasters
flying south for the winter?
What's going on?
Better step on it, Winston,
while we've still got wheels.
Er, don't look now,
but we're being followed.
Hold on, guys!
I didn't think they rolled up the streets
in this town till midnight!
We gotta wait, Ed.
He's right, Mr. Zeddemore.
The Ghostbusters are on the way.
We don't need the Ghostbusters.
This is my job site
and I can take care of this myself.
With dynamite!
Hi, you guys!
How are you doing, Winston?
Fine, Charlie. Where's Dad?
Over there.
Maybe you can talk some sense to him.
Huh, I doubt it.
Need a hand, Dad?
No. Gonna close that hole
the way it should be closed.
With this.
Dad, this is our kind of job.
Let us handle it, please.
I said I was doing it.
Now, step aside.
Where's Winston?
Dad, can't we just
talk about this?
Not now, Winston.
Dad, look out!
Blast those blue puppies.
You OK, Dad?
Yeah, check it out.
Nice piece of work, huh, son?
See, we deal in practicalities here.
Not like what you do.
Dad, look out!
Come on, we gotta save 'em!
Come in, Egon. This is Ray. Over.
Yes, Ray.
Winston and his dad have been sucked into
some sort of inter-dimensional hole!
This may tie in with the readings
I'm monitoring here.
We'll need time to find
a way to deal with this.
But we don't have time!
We're going after Winston now!
I think that would be
an extraordinarily bad idea, Ray.
I seriously doubt your throwers
will function on the other side.
Maybe not, but we don't have
any other choice.
- Ready to roll?
- Ready.
Then let's get lost!
Go for it!
Boy, this is some off-ramp.
I wonder why
we're falling so slowly.
Gravity must be different here.
Yummy food!
Hey, look at this.
The largest lost-and-found in the world.
Yeah. What world?
Uh, maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for something in a light blue.
I wanna see the manager!
Peter, look!
Very nice!
Thanks, Spud, but those are a little loud.
I don't hear 'em.
Uh, excuse me.
What are you guys looking for?
Peter. I think I know where we are.
I'm all ears.
The Land of Lost Objects.
Anything anyone
ever loses winds up here.
Good. That includes Winston and his dad.
Your crazy Ghostbusters
friends teach you that?
No, Pop. I learned this
from you when I was a kid.
Remember that old truck
you used to always get locked out of
so you rigged up your own door opener?
Yeah, I remember.
Hey, you were a good teacher.
Impressive, Winston Zeddemore!
Who are you?
How do you know my name?
I am the collector.
Why are we here? What is this place?
It is not for you to know.
I will have to keep you both
here to ensure that
your Ghostbusters friends
don't get any foolish ideas
about stopping me before I find it.
And I will find it
if I have to steal everything
in your world to get it.
Wait, wait. What's this "it"
you're talking about?
Holy mackerel.
That guy was was a ghost.
Yeah, and not a very friendly one.
The key. The key.
Man, this is worse than
driving through Brooklyn.
That does it. I'm gonna start
trapping these suckers.
Guess Egon was right.
Our zappers are useless.
What about the radio?
Eh, nothing but static.
I must've lost it around here somewhere.
You see it, Slimer?
See what, Peter?
My mind.
Peter, I bet we'll find some
answers in that fortress.
Not a very friendly looking group.
They're warriors.
They must be guarding the fortress.
Let's get out of here.
Things are getting worse, Egon!
How much longer?
I'll be done
in a few more minutes, Janine.
Look out!
Peter? Slimer?
Hmm. Fruit cocktail and smoked salmon.
Hey, where do they keep
the can openers? I'm starved.
Quite nice.
Holy cow!
Leave it to Egon to make a grand entrance.
The key. The key.
Hey, where are your manners?
Don't worry about them, Janine.
They're annoying, but harmless.
The key. The key.
What is this key they're looking for?
We don't know.
They won't talk, and we can't zap 'em.
These will enable our proton packs
to function properly here.
- Did you find Winston and his dad?
- We think they're in that fortress.
And I say it's time
we paid a little visit.
Your Ghostbuster friends
are coming, Mr. Zeddemore.
They are very persistent, but so am I.
They will not stop me from finding it.
What "it" are you looking for?
Something I have sought for 100 centuries.
The key.
Wowie! Ooh, hot!
How do we get across this?
Special effects.
Let's go!
We gotta climb that?
Come on, Peter. It'll be fun!
Booby traps.
We can't just walk in there.
What we need is a spy.
Someone who can blend
right in with other ghosts.
You really think your buddies
are coming down here to bail us out?
How are they gonna do that?
They'll figure out something.
That's our job.
- You just can't accept that, can you?
- That you chase ghosts?
You blow things up with lasers?
That's no job, son.
That's a video game.
This is no game, Dad.
- We didn't dig that hole in Brooklyn.
- Yeah, it was my fault.
No, it wasn't.
If they hadn't broken through there,
they'd have come up somewhere else.
And we'd still have them to deal with.
Hey! You like your job, Dad,
and I like mine!
Guess that's true, son.
Winston, what's that?
Hi, Winston!
Man, is it good to see you!
Slimer, this is my dad!
Hi, Mydad!
Well, er, hi, Slimer!
Slimer, can you unlock this door?
Follow that Ghostbuster!
Tell me again
why we surrendered, Egon?
'Cause it's the most expedient
way to see the head man.
You mean the head demon?
You can't stop me, Ghostbusters!
I'll find the key if I have
to steal everything on Earth!
What key, you goofball?
The key to this fortress!
Where I've been imprisoned
unjustly for 10,000 years.
Let's see how you like it!
I wouldn't try anything, pal.
These things hurt.
Where did you get this?
Been in my family for centuries!
For 100 centuries.
But this is only half the key.
Where's the other half?
What's it to you?
I was a mage, an abjurer of spirits.
A Ghostbuster
like yourself.
What happened?
A powerful demon
imprisoned me here forever
as the Keeper of Lost Objects.
The only way I can ever be free again
is to find the ancient key.
This is half of it.
I will find the other half.
What do you think, Dad?
I know when somebody's lying.
And I believe him.
- Yeah, so do I.
- Then that's good enough for me.
My boy ought to know. He's a Ghostbuster.
After all these years
I'll keep this, if you don't mind.
In return, you can have back
all the things you've lost.
Ghostbusters ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Is everything OK here?
I don't know.
I'm still missing my sneakers.
I was missing my sneakers.
My old Boy Scout shirt!
Got my belt back!
Here's your baseball, Ray!
Well, look at this!
The microscope I got
for my third birthday!
Whoa! My old high school yearbook!
This was my graduation picture!
Hey, what'd you get, Peter?
My grade school lunchbox!
I lost it in sixth grade.
Ooh, yummy!
Well, easy come, easy go!
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