The Reckoning (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

This programme deals
with Sexual Abuse
and contains very strong language
and scenes which some viewers
may find upsetting.
His memory is honoured
by the presence
of the Lord Lieutenant
of West Yorkshire,
who today represents
His Royal Highness Prince Charles.
Also, the Mayor of Leeds
and the Mayors of Scarborough
and Otley
with their civic dignitaries.
Members of the Royal Marines
and the BBC.
It is impossible to list
all the charitable causes
which he supported and espoused,
but representing them all
in a special way
are those for which
he is most well-known.
Stoke Mandeville Hospital,
Leeds General Infirmary
and Broadmoor,
to name but a tiny few.
Today, Jimmy lies
at the front of this cathedral,
where, in former years,
he had remained discreetly hidden
at the back
in order not to disturb
people's prayers
or distract their attention from
what was taking place at this altar.
When I heard he'd died,
you know what,
I think I was actually pleased
that that horrible specimen
was dead.
But then on the other hand,
I also thought,
"He's got away with it."
It was good riddance.
But it's also that he got away with
something that was appalling.
I feel
..that, you know,
as old as I am now,
I would have danced on his grave.
He identified the people,
and he picked and he chose,
like any paedophile that grooms,
his captive audience.
And I think that really is
where he got his buzz from,
and for a Roman Catholic
to be doing that,
in sight of God's eyes,
he must've felt empowered
and that that was OK -
if you can do that in front of God,
that's OK.
He groomed a whole nation.
Now, then, Dr Wordsmith,
you tell me
exactly what it is you want,
and I'll see if I can help you.
I want to tell
the story of your life.
And why would you want to do that?
As I said in the call,
you're a very famous
and intriguing man.
I'm also a very boring man.
There's no hidden depths to me,
no secrets.
What you see, with me,
is what you get.
Well, I can't
I can't just believe that, erm
To write this book, I need to know
about the man behind the image.
Don't have an image.
There's only one Jimmy Savile,
and you're looking at him,
so I don't know how you think
you're going to write
the kind of book you have in mind.
Then why let me come all this way
if you don't want to do this?
I'm not saying there isn't a story.
There is.
And although
I'm still in rude health,
as a gentleman of a certain age
who occasionally feels the hand
of the big fella on his shoulder,
perhaps now is the time to tell all.
But why should I tell all to you,
a Johnny from London
whom I've never set eyes on before?
Well, I've set eyes on you. When?
As a kid, in the audience
at Jim'll Fix It.
I was a massive fan.
You and millions more.
And I've followed your career
ever since.
You could call it
an absolute obsession.
I really do want to
write this book, Jimmy.
I can see that.
And since you've brought me
this excellent snout,
rolled on the thighs
of Cuban maidens,
then why don't we give it a go?
But it has to be the truth,
or there's no point.
I know no other way.
And I can ask anything?
No no-go areas?
Ask away. I'm ready to tell all.
Where do you want to start?
At the beginning, your childhood?
Didn't have one. Next question.
I suppose you want to hear the story
of my overnight success, Daniel?
Well, er, my overnight success
took 20 years.
Achieved by hard work
..and following
the guiding light of the Duchess,
who brought me up
in the Catholic faith.
Are you still practising? Do you
still go to confession and mass?
That's a private matter
between me and the big fella.
And don't think you'll find
any great secret
that'll be the key to my life
by probing that area.
If you think that,
you can think again.
I'm just trying to understand
what makes Jimmy Savile tick.
What makes me tick is very simple.
Fun, fun, fun.
It's a good job your mothers
and fathers aren't here to see this!
Talk about Sodom and Gomorrah!
Right, guys and gals, get
your derrieres rocking and bopping
to the sounds of Mr Sherwin Linton!
And don't forget
Jimmy's number-one house rule.
Lots of shenanigans but
Mum's the word! My goodness,
I've got you well trained.
Problem, Sav.
"Father" to you, Raymond.
You can call me "Sav"
when your balls drop.
Sorry, Father.
The Tank's caught that twat
trying to get in the back again.
Right, take over. Thanks.
You're getting a bit confused,
young fella.
Or why would you keep mistaking
the back door, which is staff only,
with the front door,
where you have to pay?
You must have flu of the brain.
Luckily, Dr Savile's got a cure.
I'll leave it to my pal here
to administer it.
So that's the Teardrops with
I'm Going to Steal Your Boyfriend.
Well, lasses,
if your boyfriends get stole,
yours truly here is
always ready to oblige!
Sorted. Right, smooch time.
Guys and gals,
the midnight hour approacheth,
so grab a partner,
don't be particularly fussy about
where you grab 'em,
because it's the last dance.
That's right, it's smooch time!
And the smooch song tonight is
Al Hazan with Hello Heartbreak.
Dear, ladies, no partners?
Sad, in't it? It's a tragedy!
Two beauties like you.
You're not offering
to dance with us, are you?
No, I can't join you on
the dance floor, I'd lose my aura.
What's an aura?
It's a mysterious God-given quality.
Jesus Christ had one,
Elvis has one,
as do a few other pop stars.
You're not a pop star, though!
You're just a DJ
who runs a Manc club.
We've met Billy Fury.
Well, I've met Elvis.
You fibber!
As sure as I'm standing here.
And he gave me a little bit
of his aura.
Fancy coming back to mine after?
And I'll tell you all about Elvis?
Maybe. We'll think about it.
You should be paying me
for this apprenticeship, pal.
Ladies, ladies!
Now I've got a question for you.
Have you ever been
in a Rolls-Royce?
Have we heck!
Well, the good news is that
there's plenty of room
for the three of us in the back.
I'll deals with this.
Another time, another time.
How can I help you, officer?
This lad says your bouncer
give him a pasting!
The bastard smacked
seven shades out of me!
I think the young lad's confused.
You told him to!
All right? And you know you did!
All I know, officer,
is sometimes we have no choice
but to eject gents
who get a bit lairy,
and in so doing it can happen
that their heads collide
with a door on the way out,
and I humbly suggest that's
what's happened on this occasion.
This is such shit!
Thing is, son, it's your word
against Mr Savile's
Yeah, and you'll take his!
Cos he's got you in his pocket!
Sorry about that.
Always happy to help, officer.
To be fair,
we don't stand any nonsense down
at Bootle Street nick either.
Well, they don't call it
Brutal Street for nowt, do they?
Night, Jimmy. Night-night.
What you've got to understand,
is I worked hard, but I played hard.
You're talking about, erm, girls?
The fair sex, God bless 'em.
And there were always
plenty available?
You've got to remember,
I was king of clubland.
I brought the Swinging Sixties
to the North of England
before anyone thought of it.
And had I not been a gentleman,
a lot of those young girls
could've been in moral danger.
How do you mean?
I'm talking about scruples,
Dr Wordsmith,
as given to me by the Duch.
And if a young girl
wanted a dalliance,
I made sure it was all above board.
As opposed to, er, what? Erm
Exploitative, nonconsensual?
You're using long words.
There are rumours, er that
there's another side to you, Jimmy.
And what rumours might those be?
Your taste for young women, girls.
There you go again, you see?
I said there is no "side" to me,
the rumours are cobblers.
It was all good clean fun.
They're here.
You really have met him, then?
Aye, found myself in
the offices at Decca in London.
They said,
"We've got this gold disc for Elvis
"for It's Now Or Never,
how do we get it to him?"
Before you know it,
I'm on a plane to LA.
Found him on a Hollywood film set.
True gent. He took the record,
and he danced the bossa nova
round the studio just for me.
What a story!
Well, when opportunity knocks,
don't hesitate.
That's my motto.
You can blag anything, you,
can't you, Father? Aye.
Is he really your son?
Adopted, yeah, a waif and stray.
I found him under the arches
in Piccadilly crying for his mammy.
I don't know what to believe
with you two.
Why are the walls black?
I told 'em to paint them black.
It's so dark.
How's your tea, anyway?
Them tea leaves have only been used
twice before.
Have they?
Yeah, I was feeling generous.
Anyway, you've had your tea.
How's about a bit of friendliness?
What do you mean?
Why don't I show you?
So, er, you been to church today,
it being Sunday?
Not religious, then?
I am, very.
Would you like me
to teach you how to pray?
Why don't you come over here?
Come on.
Kneel down, there's a good girl.
Hands together, like that.
What a vision.
You could be a nun.
I bet you've done some very
un-nun-like things, haven't you?
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Come on!
Are you all right? No!
I'm not!
What did he do?
I don't want to talk about it!
We should never have come here.
You won't tell anyone?
Of course not!
Let's just get out of here, come on.
But why?
It's not as if you don't stand out
enough in this city already.
There's a whole world
beyond Manchester, son,
and, er a lot of people
live and die in it
..without ever being noticed.
I thought Manchester was grim.
Leeds is a shithole.
The prodigal son returns!
This is a privilege.
I don't make a habit of
introducing people to the Duchess.
What have you done now?!
Professional reasons, Mother.
How are you, my darling?
You're giving me palpitations.
You'll be the death of me!
Nonsense, Mother,
you'll live forever.
And who's this?
Jimmy's little helper.
People will think you're a pansy.
It's like the old joke, in't it?
A fella says to his pal,
"My mother made me a homosexual."
And the pal says, "If I give her
some wool, will she make me one?"
That's not funny.
People are talking about you.
"What's he up to?"
I say, "I wish I knew."
They tell me you've taken over
as manager down at the Mecca
but all you do is clown around
and speak in a silly voice.
It was a lovely ballroom,
proper dancing.
Joe Loss, Victor Sylvester.
Now it's just youngsters cavorting
to heaven knows what racket.
They love him, Mrs Savile.
He's old enough to be their father.
What business are teenagers of his?
My business with young people,
is to sprinkle some stardust
onto their wretched lives.
And he's the best in the business.
That was an unsolicited testimonial.
You should see him up there,
spinning those records.
I've no wish to.
He was the first person
who thought of getting people
to dance to records.
So he says.
I'd divide everything he tells you
by two if I were you.
And he's on Radio Luxembourg.
Never listened, wouldn't know how.
We can sort that out.
Look at that.
It runs off batteries,
you can take it anywhere.
And I've tuned it
so you can listen to my show.
I'm quite happy with the BBC.
But I'm not on the BBC, Mother.
And nor will you ever be!
As if they'd put a man with a common
Yorkshire accent on the BBC.
Look what you've turned into!
Why couldn't you have done
something worthwhile with your life,
like Charles Hulligan?
Become a squaddie?
Sent to the colonies?
Taking orders
from other people all day?
He's been invalided out.
He's at the infirmary now -
head porter!
And it's still not too late
to do something with your life.
Here he comes!
Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy!
Steady on, steady on!
You're giving me palpitations!
Are you all looking forward
to an afternoon
of top hits, fun and excitement?
A vision, a vision
Look at this, look, such beauty
Whoo! See you in there.
They said you wanted me?
Shut the door.
This, er your first visit to
Jimmy's palace of pleasure, is it?
Thought so.
I was coming with a friend,
but she hasn't turned up.
All on your ownio?
No matter, sweetheart.
I think you'll, er
you'll have a super time.
Got to see your ticket first.
Don't be shy. I know where
you girls keep your tickets.
What else have you got
in your knickers?
I think you better show me.
Go on.
Let's see.
Eric! My good friend!
Jimmy, good to see you. Yeah, er
This lass lost her ticket,
but we've found it now,
so there you go, run along
and have fun.
It's Saturday afternoon,
and the place is heaving,
and with kids!
Until six o'clock,
when they go home for
a glass of milk and a bedtime story,
then, in the evening, I do it
all again for the older ones.
This place was dying on its feet.
Well, no-one bothered to tell
this city the 1950s are over.
Well, you've certainly done that.
They love you.
You are the man, Jimmy -
everybody's saying it.
Now, I know you've got your show
at Luxembourg,
you've got irons in the fire
at Decca and elsewhere,
but, er
I'm not going to let you go.
I want even more
of that Savile magic.
You're listening
to Radio Luxembourg,
the station of the stars
and the sprinkler of pop stardust
on all you happy young people.
Good evening, one and all!
This is Jimmy Savile
with a new edition of
Teen And Twenty Disc Club.
Now, I'll bet that many of you
are listening to this
on your transistor radios
underneath your bedclothes.
And what better place
for a teenager to be,
with your good friend Jimmy
for company,
and what better song than
I Could Make You Mine
by David Marks and The Marksmen?
What sins do you want to confess?
I don't know if I love my son.
And why do you have this feeling?
He came along
after my other six children.
I know it's wrong,
but I didn't want any more.
"Not again," I said to the doctor.
I think he's always known
I felt like that.
It's my fault he's like he is,
..always looking for attention,
showing off.
I worry there's some
terrible darkness in him.
Has he committed mortal sins?
I don't know,
but I worry that he has.
Does he go to confession?
Yes, but I don't think
he tells the truth.
If there is such a darkness in him,
it's God he'll have to answer to,
not you.
And no sin is hidden from Him.
At the end of our lives,
we all face a final reckoning.
But a mother should love her child
and I don't.
We all love imperfectly.
I don't think
you've committed a sin.
But you must never stop
trying to love or have faith in him.
Mr Hulligan, I presume!
I hear you're the big cheese
round here now.
Well, well, well!
How was India?
Beautiful country,
lovely people.
So how come you ended up
back here on civvy street?
Got stabbed. Aye.
Fella just came up to me
in the street
and buried an eight-inch blade
in my guts.
Was it something you said?
Didn't say a word.
Lost my spleen, nearly died.
It were the uniform he was stabbing,
not me personally.
Yeah. Anyway, you're a
you're a disc jockey now, I hear?
Among other things, yeah.
I believe you've been involved in
setting up a hospital radio service.
Come here.
It's proving very popular.
Yeah? Aye.
So, er how does it work?
Well, the disc jockey sits here
and plays records
requested by patients.
So what, they listen to it
on headphones?
No, no, just speakers on wards.
So what if Aunt Mabel,
er, who's sitting on her bedpan,
trying to do her business,
doesn't want to do it to the strains
of Crying by Roy Orbison?
You need headphones.
We've no money for headphones.
This is all donated.
Who are your disc jockeys?
Well, I do as much as I can,
and we've volunteers.
So you'd welcome
some professional tips?
Thanks, but, er
patients like our amateur touch.
Well, you're head porter, I could be
your chief cheerer-upper.
It's Jimmy Savile!
Hey, Jimmy, we were at t'Mecca
the other night!
It was wild! Mad!
You had us in the palm of your hand,
you did.
Yeah, you're the talk of Leeds!
Well, Leeds ain't seen nothing yet,
And may I say how tres enchante I am
to meet such a delightful
young lady?
Young lady!
My good friend, er, Charles here
was just asking me
if I wouldn't mind volunteering
here at the hospital.
Wow! That'd be fab!
I said I'd be delighted.
Well, it's not up to me, you'd have
to have management approval.
Well, if you're happy,
they'll be happy.
Now, must crack on.
Stand aside, my good man!
Presumably, young lady, they've put
a generous measure of gin in that!
And I'll be your tonic,
how about that?
Boss, how are you? Champion.
Who's this spotty Herbert?
Little Jeff, Ray got him in.
Where's Ray? Southport, I think.
What's he doing in Southport?
Said something about a gig.
Go on, fuck off, Noddy.
Good evening, guys and gals!
Another chilly old evening
in Manchester.
Why don't we turn the temperature
right up with this?!
All right?
We've no milk.
How was last night?
Yeah, good, er
The club was buzzing.
How much'd you take on the door?
Well, erm
I didn't actually count.
It would have been tricky,
wouldn't it?
Being as you weren't there.
I was offered a job in Southport.
I got a top lad in
to cover for me
Top lad? I called in.
The place was like a bloody morgue!
I'm off.
Is that all you can say?
I wasn't expecting flowers,
but fuck me!
I did, love.
I had a chance to make
a few extra quid
I pay you to mind the shop!
Yeah Peanuts.
Yeah, cos you're a bloody monkey!
I'll get some milk.
Your mam rang.
Summat about her hot water
not working.
Didn't know where you were.
In a state, she was.
When was this?
A couple of days ago.
Why didn't you tell me?
Well, I didn't know
where you were either.
No bugger ever does.
You're a cunt! You know that?
W-W-What happened?
I wanted a bath,
but the back boiler's broken.
I tried to get hold of you!
Why didn't you call
one of my sisters?
They've jobs,
they've children
You know you can always rely on me,
I thought I might die
if nobody found me.
I can't die, I mustn't!
Here's your tea, Jimmy.
The only reason
a wife would come in handy.
Making a brew.
I don't need her for me vittles,
I eat beans or find a caff.
Pretty odd view of women.
Not at all.
I revere the fair sex,
and often as not they revere me.
But the idea of a wife
gives me the shivers.
Wives are another person cluttering
up your life with emotions.
And you've never wanted
that kind of commitment?
Have you?
Is there a Mrs Wordsmith?
There is a woman in my life, yeah.
Don't sound too ecstatic.
I've had hundreds of 'em in mine.
Women throw themselves at me,
I have to fight 'em off.
Which is common with many a fella
in the pop world.
And you've never wanted children?
An unthinkable encumbrance.
Love and affection?
I get all the love and affection
I need from the Duchess.
Er, but she's dead.
Not to me.
She's still
what she always was to me.
And what is that?
Guide, mentor, companion,
fount of truth and wisdom
and best pal.
And, er,
what do you think you are to her?
The loving, trusting son
I always was.
Look at that.
Father's wedding ring.
I've worn it since he died.
Erm, so did you
Do you consider yourself
a sort of husband to the Duchess?
Thank you.
What a view!
Gas central heating.
Brand-new suite, swivel armchair.
My word!
And look, look at this. I thought
it was about time you got one.
It's like Buckingham Palace!
Fit for a Duchess!
I thought you might've put me
in St Marcella's.
I don't want to go in there, people
only ever come out feet first.
The thought never entered my head,
Look, you've always loved
Scarborough, and so do I.
Henceforth, this will be your home
and my home from home.
What will you do
with Consort Terrace?
Keeping it.
Too many memories.
Thank you, James.
What's money for
if not to cherish
the woman in your life?
You should have had a wife by now.
And what woman could be your equal?
And I meant what I said - I can't
die, cos who'd look after you?
Fear not, Mother.
Thou shalt be immortal.
Now, put your feet up,
I'll make us a cuppa
and attend to madame's valises.
Bless you.
Right, all unpacked.
How's about I, er, go for a run
and buy us a fish supper?
Now, Richard Attenborough,
this is your
Later, your family
moved to Leicester,
where you and your two brothers
Why did the Sphinx
speak in riddles?
It was to ask a question,
er, which a traveller had to answer
to be allowed to pass.
You see, you're a traveller to me.
So I'm
Am I expected to find
the answers to your riddles?
What you see as riddles,
I see as the truth.
You just don't see it.
I'm trying, Jimmy.
And you're keen to continue?
Yeah, for sure. Good. So am I.
Because I have a feeling
you and I make a pair.
Why's that?
We're both loners.
Well, how do you know
that I'm a loner?
Call it a sixth sense.
Just as you're curious about me,
I am about you.
And I intend to find out more.
There's not really
a lot to know.
That's what I keep saying to you.
And the other thing
my sixth sense says
is there's something missing
in your life,
and you see me as the answer.
Well, this isn't about me.
Don't be shy about it.
I'm your opportunity, aren't I?
You solve the mystery
of Jimmy Savile,
write your book,
fame and fortune will follow.
And why wouldn't it? I should know,
I've leapt at every opportunity
I've made for myself,
because I had the balls to do it.
Can't find anywhere to stay,
What are you doing?
Getting away from you.
What do you want to do
something like that for?
Get out of my way.
We've met before. Yeah.
Yeah, I was only trying to give
Yeah, I was only trying
to give you a cuddle.
Is that why you ran away from home?
Leave me alone!
Stop it!
Come here. Stop it!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Jimmy! Johnnie, Johnnie Stewart.
Greetings. Lovely to meet you.
This way.
Tom Sloan,
head of light entertainment.
Bill Cotton, he's assistant head.
Bill. And then we've got
Anna Instone,
head of Gramophone. Delighted.
Well, I must say I am
honoured and humbled
to be entering
these hallowed portals.
I must apologise,
don't have my whippet with me,
had to leave him at home up north,
but he sends his regards.
Take a seat.
My goodness.
If my mother could see me now.
When does the bar open?
Like the rest of the BBC,
we try and wait till noon. Yes!
Well, no matter to me. I'm teetotal.
And can you keep a secret?
Like a priest in a confessional.
Good, because the project we want
to discuss is totally hush-hush.
I'm sure you're aware of
a new programme on the other side
called Ready Steady Go!
Presented by the gorgeous brunette
Cathy McGowan, yeah.
"The weekend starts here,"
what a great catchphrase.
It's got a big audience
amongst the young.
There's a feeling here
that we need to keep up.
Of course, we've had a stab at
a pop show before, Six-Five Special.
And Juke Box Jury, of course.
But there's a feeling that show's
not quite, um
With it enough? With it, yes.
We can't afford to let
Rediffusion get ahead.
So Tom asked me to come up
with some ideas.
I brought in Johnnie here,
one of our top producers.
We just feel that where
Ready Steady Go! is essentially
a magazine programme
with pop songs and interviews,
ours should be specifically tied
to that week's pop chart,
each episode culminating in the song
that is top of the hit parade.
An inspirational idea. Yeah.
Can you guess where we got it from?
Haven't got a clue.
You know perfectly well, Mr Savile.
You are, of course, right, madam,
but modesty forbade me
from answering in the affirmative.
Cracking idea to have
a lady present, by the way.
We're talking obviously
about your show on Luxembourg,
it's the Teen and Twenty Disc Club.
We'd never heard of it,
but the boys were raving about it.
Tuned in, it's brilliant.
Well, an unsolicited testimonial.
Obviously we'll need a presenter.
I would be honoured
to be considered.
I should make clear that we are
talking to other candidates as well.
May I ask who the other
candidates are?
Pete Murray. Yes.
An absolute gentleman. Indeed he is.
And a fine disc jockey.
Though I know he was disappointed
that he wasn't able to make
a success of Six-Five Special,
as I expect were you.
And David Jacobs.
Very popular with the kids' mums,
less so with the kids.
You must be about the same age
as David.
I doubt very much whether
David is pals with The Kinks,
whereas I had egg and chips
with them last week in a cafe.
Very humble men, The Kinks.
Your point being?
That I have a connection
with the youth.
You have children?
Being a Yorkshireman,
I didn't fancy the expense.
But they trust me,
and they follow me.
Like the Pied Piper.
And they certainly love
that zany style.
The question I have to consider is,
is it right for the BBC?
Our mission is to entertain
as well as inform and educate.
We have to think carefully
about who does our entertaining.
Benny Hill, we love.
The emperor of smut, to some.
But a fine comedian, in my book.
And the black and white minstrels.
Again, met them.
Beneath the make-up, lovely people.
But unlike the minstrels
and Benny, I'm not an act.
I'm just me. I'm Jimmy Savile.
What you see is what you get.
Well, that's
That's good to know.
Thanks for coming in. Pleasure.
We'll be in touch.
Right. Ladies, gentlemen.
I'll see you out, Jimmy. On we go.
All right.
What do you think?
He's our man, definitely.
All I can say is people I know
at Radio Luxembourg have told me
the man's an absolute shit.
Well, how so?
Vain, overbearing, untrustworthy.
You've just seen how patronising
his attitude to women is.
That's just his showbizzy style,
I wouldn't know.
I don't move in showbizzy circles.
But it's your show, not mine.
..I wouldn't touch him
with a barge pole.
What did the Allies call the Jerries
as they retreated
at the end of the war?
Go on. A receding Herr line!
Vic, Dunkirk veteran, Theatre 4.
I'll tell them not to kill him,
then. Good.
Charles, do you mind
if I use your phone?
Aye, if you put a tenner
in the honesty box.
I always leave a bob in,
as you know.
Hello? Eric, it's Jimmy.
I've just been talking about you.
You up for a job at the BBC? Yeah.
Yes, that what I was calling about.
I thought you could put a word in.
Everyone loves you,
because of Miss World.
They already know
what I think of you.
You're brilliant. You're box office.
Why else would I put you in charge
of all my dance halls?
So you think I'll get it?
The producer loves you, Bill Cotton
wants you, the boss isn't so sure.
Something about you
coming across as weird.
And a bighead, Jimmy.
I don't think anything
I could say would change his mind.
Right. Thanks, mate.
Morning, ladies.
Morning. Hiya Jimmy!
Bloody hell.
Hang on, I can do this right
Sod it.
How you doing? I'm doing all
Well, I was all right
until I saw you - and now I've got
a temperature!
And now, I'm getting even hotter.
And now I'm getting palpitations!
Yeah. Do, do, yes. You can give me
a bed-bath later!
Dear, left you here,
all lonely, on your own?
I'm all right.
Big girls don't cry?
Like in the song
by The Four Seasons?
That's right.
I've met them.
Have you really? Yeah, the lead
singer's a good friend of mine.
He used to be a barber.
Cut my hair once.
So what you in for?
Exploratory operation.
And what, er,
what parts of you is Mr
Mr Surgeon wanting to explore?
Well, there's a lot
goes on down there.
Now, then, I wonder
if you can help me out.
I've lost one of my juggling balls.
Can you help me find it?
Just check my pockets for me.
Go on, keep feeling
Keep going.
What's wrong, darling?
You all right, love?
I need the toilet.
I tried to, er
Was trying to cheer her up,
but she's not having any of it.
Come out, love.
Let's have a chat.
No, not till he's gone!
Jimmy Savile.
He's only being Jimmy,
fooling about,
trying to make people feel better.
I'm not coming out till he's gone!
Well, you're being
a very silly child!
Now, in medieval times, the only
person allowed to take the mickey
out of the king
was the court jester.
Anyone else, they'd get
their head chopped off.
But if you were dressed like this
What were that about? That lass?
I think she's just worried
about her operation.
Sure you didn't scare her?
Why would a child be scared of me?
Well, that outfit for a start.
And to be frank, Sav,
I don't like you wandering
these wards without permission.
I've got your permission.
No, you haven't.
Don't keep cracking on you have.
There've been complaints.
Messing about with nurses.
I'm not having it.
I'm just trying to cheer people up!
Yeah, well, I'm sorry, but I've got
responsibilities here, so
You know, if I wasn't
a good Catholic,
I might tell you
to go fuck yourself.
Jimmy, I am going to make your day.
You've got Top Of The Pops.
All right, girls? You good?
Erm, can you make sure there's some
decent crumpet in shot around Jimmy?
Will do, Johnnie.
Yeah. Where is Jimmy?
Anyone seen Jimmy?
Right, can I have
everyone's attention?
Yes, I've switched it on.
But what is it?
Jimmy? You'll see, Mother.
Got to go.
Dollies to the left of me,
dollies to the right of me!
Goodness me.
I'll have dollies underneath me
if I'm not careful!
Right, here we go, studio.
Good luck, Jimmy!
And we are live in five, four
Good evening, one and all,
and welcome to the very first
edition of an exciting new show.
A programme unlike any you've ever
seen before in your lives.
It's called Top Of The Pops!
Behind me, you can see
this week's chart
and we'll be hearing lots of those
fab hits tonight.
And what a show
we've got lined up for you.
The very best groups and singers
are waiting backstage
ready to give you a fabulous time.
But more importantly, we have
this wonderful studio audience
of lovely young people who are dying
to meet their pop heroes,
dance along
and have fun, fun, fun.
And fun, guys and gals,
is the one thing I promise
you will have tonight.
So, without more ado,
let's welcome our very first guests,
none other than Freddie and the
Dreamers and You Were Made For Me!
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