The Reckoning (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Ten, nine, eight, seven
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Top Of The Pops.
This programme contains
very strong language,
deals with Sexual Abuse,
and contains scenes which
some viewers may find upsetting.
Keep moving, thank you.
Just over to the left.
Have fun, girls.
So, there you have it, guys and
gals, this week's number one.
Two Little Boys.
Thank you very much for watching.
Don't forget same time next week
for another Top Of The Pops!
Another day, another dollar,
hey, choirmaster?
Wasn't sure Joe Cocker was going to
get ON the stage let alone off.
Dear, dear. Has he been at
the Liquorice Allsorts again?
You covered brilliantly,
Well, at your service.
I mean, it's only an idea
Goodness me!
Let me get through there.
What's going on?
Dear, dear. We'll talk
about that. Goodness me.
I'll catch you later.
Where's the fire?
Now, then, now, then.
Now, then, now, then,
what can you beautiful,
young ladies possibly want?
I hope you're not looking for
Marc Bolan's naughty dressing-room,
because that's a bit further down.
The girls were hoping for a little
chat and to get autographs.
Well, I'd be very happy to oblige,
only if your mothers are happy for
you to enter a gentleman's boudoir.
Course we are! Yeah, of course.
Then, so am I.
We can go for a drink and come back
later and get them, Jimmy.
Why don't you do just that
while I have an enchanting soiree
with these fair maidens?
Ladies, could you give me
one moment?
I said I'd call you.
I know you did.
I need you to drive me
back to the hotel,
piss off back to Manchester,
and look after the club,
then fetch me London, Sunday.
I can't. Why not?
I've sommat on.
What? Some poxy bird?
You'll have to drive yourself.
I don't have to do anything!
I don't see why I should
spend my whole life as your gopher.
Because you know which
side your bread's buttered.
Because without me you'd be nowt.
Roof over your head, work.
I could find work.
Yeah? Who with?
And even if you did, a word from me
and you'd be out on your arse.
Am I right?
Sorry, Father.
Sorry, Father.
But I am on a promise.
All right, then, mind your way.
Take the coach not the train,
it's cheaper.
Where's your pals?
Their mums thought you were busy.
Where's your mum?
Came on me own.
So are you up for a bit of fun?
Right, well, you've
got your autograph so run along!
Don't go anywhere!
Night, Jimmy.
Yeah, night-night, choirmaster.
And, er, remember me
in your prayers!
I will do.
So, the night is ours.
The bright lights await.
There we go, don't dilly-dally.
So, er, how come your mum didn't
come along with you tonight?
We don't really get along.
Well, it's not exactly The Ritz
but, er,
it's got everything we need.
What do you mean,
"everything we need"?
I think I'd like to go home.
Where's home? Walthamstow.
Don't worry,
I'll get you a taxi afterwards.
After what?
The nuptials.
I want to go now, please.
Hey, hey, hey, listen, listen.
Every princess is nervous on her
wedding night, but there's no need.
It won't take long.
Please! I don't want to!
If you struggle,
it'll only make it worse.
Now, come on.
I don't think at the time
it occurred to me,
that he was an old man
in a young environment.
But subsequent to me
having the meeting
or whatever you might want to
call it, in my twenties,
that's when it became,
he's, yeah,
he's like a dirty, old man,
trying to mix with young people.
He fooled everyone.
He had
He had adults eating
out of his hand.
He he just had
He had the persona about him,
you know.
Everyone wanted to be
associated with him
and he just had that aura about him,
everybody loved him,
you know,
he he was the star of the day,
you know.
I think he was
an extremely clever man.
If he was had any
There was no talent.
But I think he was probably of the biggest manipulators
of people.
To rise to the status that he did.
Anybody important,
he would put himself
in the middle of that.
Now, you could look at that
in two ways and say, OK, then,
did he did he just do that for
to to groom more people
for more access
to more vulnerable people?
I think three quarters of him,
that was the intent.
I think the other quarter was
he, in his own sick mind,
believed that
if you'd done enough good,
it would weigh out the bad.
Are we going to write this book
or not, Dr Wordsmith?
Top o' the morning to you, Daniel!
And to you, Jimmy.
How are you feeling?
As often as possible.
You look a bit worse for wear.
Yeah, I am.
Now you know why I don't drink.
Brisk run to the Headland and back,
showered, shat, shaved
and ready to rumble.
And, er, what's this?
A Scarborough breakfast. Tuck in.
Where were we?
Birth of Top Of The Pops.
As Wordsworth said,
"Bliss was it in that dawn
to be alive,
"but to be young was very Heaven."
You were well into
your middle age by then.
Age is just a number
when you're having fun.
But what happened, Daniel, was
I made the mistake
of letting people see
just how much fun I was having.
Greetings, fellow scribes!
Keep those Remingtons clacking.
Deadlines await
and I don't just mean
Ye Olde Cock opening at 12 noon.
Eddie, my good friend.
All right, Jimmy?
What have you got for me this week?
Er, a cheery piece about how
youngsters should be kind
to old codgers
and, for my
Jimmy From The Pulpit nib,
a quote from Psalm 37
verse four,
"Delight thyself in the Lord,
thy God,
"and he shall bring thee
the desires of thy heart."
Good, thanks.
Terms as per, to be paid in full
within seven days etc.
I'll get this to bed.
How's how's things
in the world of hackdom?
Er, yeah, good thanks.
..any, er, big scoops in the offing?
Erm, yeah, actually.
We're just about to run a story
alleging that
someone at Number Ten
is a Soviet spy.
..and has the gentlemen, er,
in question been informed?
I'm sure he will be.
In time to prevent publication,
were it to be untrue?
I'm sure we wouldn't run
such a story,
if we weren't confident
we had hard evidence.
Well, you'd need to be,
because if said gentleman believed
he were being maligned,
he'd likely pick up the phone
to Mr Legal Eagle
and instruct him
to take you to the cleaners.
And who would blame him?
Keep up the good work.
Morning, ladies.
Gents treating you well, I trust?
Yeah. Good. If not,
let me know, I'll box their ears.
What you have to understand, Daniel,
is the more a man like me tries to
spread fun and happiness
..the more you get nay-sayers
trying to stop you.
How would they try and stop you?
By making up stories about things
that didn't happen.
Gentleman meets damsel,
they frolic merrily,
everyone goes home happy.
Where's the story in that?
Well, the story would be
if the frolicking wasn't merry
but inappropriate,
because the damsels were young
and vulnerable.
Never happened.
Some people might think
there's no smoke without fire.
Look at that cigar.
Do you see smoke?
Do you see fire?
There, free science lesson.
But sometimes
..there is smoke
where there's fire?
You see, you're being negative.
Well Whereas I stay positive.
But in order to protect myself,
I had to keep my eye out
to make sure that the nay-sayers
didn't stop me
from doing nice, happy things.
Hello, BBC, how can I help?
I'd like to speak to
someone in charge, please.
In charge of what, dear?
Top Of The Pops.
Is it about tickets?
You have to write in for those.
No, it's about
a very serious personal matter.
You see, all she ever wanted
was to be on the telly.
It's urgent.
No, I can't hear a thing.
There's definitely no heart
there whatsoever.
Must have left it in San Francisco.
Or on that dirty weekend in Filey
when you were with the missus?
Get this man a new heart, pronto!
How's tricks?
Tickety-boo, as ever, Dr Newshound.
Good. So what have you got for me?
A marathon, week Saturday.
Kiddies' cancer charity, starting
and finishing in Roundhay Park.
There'll be a beano afterwards,
brass band,
young ladies in tutus,
all that bollocks.
I'll give you some bullshit
for an exclusive.
I'll be there Yeah.
And the BBC have tapped me up
to do religious programmes.
Why not? You're a man of God.
Why not indeed.
Yeah. I, er, I even suggested
a new show for them.
Savile's Travels.
I travel up and down the country,
interviewing folk,
playing their requests.
Perfect, that, for a nomad like you.
Yeah. You, er
said you had a favour to ask?
Yeah, you've not heard about any
hacks sniffing round
me personal life, have you?
No, I haven't.
Call it a sixth sense,
not that I'm concerned,
because there's sweet FA to find,
as you well know.
As well I know, Sav.
Just keep your ears to the ground.
Bloody hell,
they're done with you already?
You look like a new man!
Today we're going to discuss
the BBC's decision to ban the song
Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus
by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg,
despite it having got to number one,
a decision supported by many,
including my good friend
Mary Whitehouse and the Pope
on the grounds that it is
inappropriate listening
for the youth of today.
What on earth is that?
My new home from home, Mother!
And, er, fish and chips.
They've made homosexuals legal,
and abortion.
As if the Pope hasn't got
enough on his plate
without you criticising him.
I didn't, Mother.
I just pointed out a lot of
young people disagree with him.
That's the,
that's the point of the show.
The BBC want me to help
young people, you know,
make sense of the modern world.
The Jimmy Savile you see on the
telly and in the papers, that's
..that's just an act.
I still don't think
it's a respectable act.
I mean, why are you wandering
the country, sleeping in this thing?
So I don't spend
my hard-earned on hotels.
Well, it's odd.
I doubt I'm the only one
that thinks so.
I'll get you an ice cream.
Thank you.
Mr Jaconelli,
look who's here!
Mio amico.
I didn't know you were in town.
Yeah, just, er, showing the Duchess
the new set of wheels. She loves it.
Bloody hell.
Now, I, er, I come bearing gifts.
There you go. That should help
drum up trade.
Not half.
Kids come in here all the time
asking to meet you.
Girls especially.
Yeah, sadly,
this now being the Duchess's home,
I'm, er, on me best behaviour.
There you go, Sav.
On the house as ever.
Give my love to the Duchess.
Grazie, amico. Arrivederci.
There we go, Scarborough's finest.
You know there's talk about him.
What talk?
Peter Jaconelli.
For goodness' sakes.
Whatever next?
You don't believe it, then?
The Mayor of Scarborough?
Who dispenses ice cream-shaped
happiness to countless thousands?
And that's what the local gossips
come up with?
I hope you don't believe
that, Mother.
Well, it's a Christian's duty
to think the best of people.
I mean, you wouldn't believe it
..came up with some malicious
tittle-tattle about me, would you?
Why would they?
No reason, no reason at all, Mother.
Bloody hell, mate, could've knocked!
Yeah, I did.
I might have had company.
Apologies. Bill wants to see us.
It's urgent.
So, er, what's all this about then?
It's probably this investigation
into the standards of behaviour
at the BBC.
What? That old bollocks?
Greetings, King Billy.
And, er, congratulations
on your elevation.
No-one mourned the passing
of the Mr Sloan more than I,
but I can't think of a better man
to fill his shoes.
Thanks, Jimmy. But, er
..I've much more important
matters to discuss.
Right, how can we help?
With this, I hope.
Name of Sara.
She was found dead on her bedroom
floor by her mother a few weeks ago.
She'd taken an overdose.
Transpires she attended
the recording of
several Top Of The Pops.
Good God.
She left a suicide note in which
she referred to having sex with
a disc jockey she met on the show.
Here. Her mother was horrified
and contacted the BBC
and now she's gone to the press.
I have to ask this, Jimmy,
as I'll be asking all the presenters
of Top Of The Pops.
Did you know her?
Never laid eyes on her.
Poor lass.
But this is the
..sea we find ourselves swimming in,
Top Of The Pops
is a national phenomenon.
Young people, especially girls,
are obsessed with it.
That's why we're in the tabloids.
If I had the slightest inkling that
any DJ had had a relationship
with an underage girl, I would have
been in here to report it.
Underage girls shouldn't even be
attending the show.
Yeah, and we do our best
to prevent that.
How? Well, if they look young,
we ask them.
Er If they lie, what can we do?
I mean, the whole building is a
is a rabbit warren
It is. It's impossible to keep tabs
on Yes, it is.
..who they are,
what they're doing.
And there's the bigger question,
er, did it happen?
Why do you say that?
Because of my insight
into the mind of youth.
Don't forget the BBC asked me
to front, er, Speakeasy.
And it's a sad fact that
a lot of these young girls
are so obsessed with fame,
they don't know truth from fantasy.
They lie about their age to
get on the show,
and then they lie about their
encounters with their pop heroes
to impress their friends.
But the claim is here
the girl had sex with a DJ,
not a pop star.
Well, some DJs now achieve
the same status as pop stars.
Due in a large part to the
gentleman sitting beside me.
With the result, that, er, sadly,
we too become, you know,
the focus of the teenage fantasies.
I hear you, Jimmy, but we need to
get to the bottom of this.
I'd expect nothing less.
A lawyer's already looking at
DJs and producers
taking favours to play records
and so on.
They're going to want to
look at this too.
Very wise decision,
one which I fully support.
And I know, we, er,
we will do everything in our power
to, er, assist them.
Good God.
The charity work. Why do you put
so much time and effort into that?
Two reasons.
One, as a tribute to the Duchess
who set me on the path
as a young lad
by making me help out
in church jumble sales.
And, two, as I said to His Holiness
the Pope
when I escorted him round Yorkshire,
"If I can bring
a little bit of sunshine
"into the lives of those in need,
"then I bring it into my own."
It's just that some people
have suggested
there could be an ulterior motive.
What ulterior motive might that be?
That such relentless work
for charity
That has raised tens of millions
..could be motivated by a desire to
compensate for a darker side.
Now, I'm not making any accusations,
I'm just simply asking you
the question.
Yeah, and I'm simply answering it.
It's fucking bullshit!
And anyone who says that is a cunt!
Jimmy! Can't believe it!
The Beach Boys playing this
Keep a lid on it, sunshine,
we've got half the world
and his wife turning up.
Lecture theatre only holds 200,
that's why it's patients
and staff only.
That's why we've been keeping it
hush-hush, Graham.
We'll get you a front row seat,
You're a bloody saint, Jimmy!
Not yet, pal, but, you know, feel
free to put in a word with the Pope!
Where's Charles?
Er, he's in the hall just checking
everything's ready for t'concert.
Yeah, he's a bit of an old fusspot,
in't he?
No, he's not.
He just likes to do things right.
I don't believe we've met.
And I think he's been very good
about this.
About what?
Your coming back to the hospital
when he said
he didn't want you here.
Flirting with nurses, carrying on,
and scaring patients.
I don't flirt with the nurses,
if anything
it's the other way round.
And I've never frightened
anyone in my life.
And Charles didn't have much choice.
Prime Minister Wilson's asked me
to front the
"I'm Backing Britain" Campaign,
which means asking celebrities
to, er, do some voluntary work,
hence my two days a month here,
working as a porter and
..I've brought the Beach Boys.
Well, Charles is
pleased about that anyway.
There's a letter here for you.
Can you read it?
I I need specs.
Why do people write to you here?
Well, I'm a nomad, you see.
So they write to me wherever
they think they can find me.
So how come Charles told you
he'd banned me?
Mind your own.
Do I detect more than a mere
professional relationship?
Detect what you like.
It's a patient from
Broadmoor hospital,
asking if you'll open a fete.
Yeah, I get all sorts of
crackpot requests.
Hiya, love.
See you tonight.
Batting above your average there,
Wouldn't mind giving her
a smacked arse myself.
Less of that.
Beryl's a very nice person.
How'd you meet her?
She works in canteen.
So what, your eyes met across the
meatballs? Love at first bite?
We're in a serious relationship
if that's what you mean.
And there was me thinking you'd be
a bachelor boy forever,
Charles, like me.
Well, anyway, I
I wish you both much happiness.
Thanks, Sav.
Anyway, the hall's all set.
We just need the Beach Boys.
Well, they'll be at t'Queens
tryin' to mek sense of
all the Yorkshire accents.
'Appen I'll go fetch 'em.
Hello. Hiya,
is that the porter's office?
Yes. Is Sav with you? Yes, he is.
Can I, er? Aye.
Can I speak to him?
Aye, he's with me now.
Can you tell him it's Albie?
Yeah, all right.
It's for you, someone called Albie.
Right, I'll I'll see you
in the hall. Right then.
Your sixth sense wasn't wrong, Sav.
They ARE digging
into your personal life.
And it's the paper you write for.
Fucking hell.
You don't sound surprised.
I'm just outraged, that's all.
How close do you think
they are to running it?
It's not imminent,
according to my source,
but I guess with that
piece in the News of the Screws
about that lass topping herself
That was bollocks, that, Albie.
Yeah, but they'd not want
to be scooped.
Jerry Lee Lewis married
a 13-year-old.
I can't imagine David Bowie
checks birth certificates.
John Peel has that bloody Schoolgirl
of the Year thing on his show
and yet I'm the one getting it
in the neck.
You've got to admire the chap.
I suppose him
having mental problems,
he wouldn't have thought there was
anything odd in inviting me.
Gentleman off the telly to see you,
Sir Ludwig.
Yes, I recognise him.
So to what do we owe this honour?
Er, one of the shows I do for the
BBC is called Savile's Travels,
where I wander the highways
and byways of the country
talking to people about their lives.
Now, are your sweets
getting smaller?
Because I think some of them are.
No, ours are a big as
Yeah, the family loved
them, so he thought he'd try
Aniseed Balls and Humbugs
and then he thought, "Well,
why not open a little shop?"
And the rest is history
Wear a seat belt.
Jimmy! Sir Arlo.
Good to see you!
And you too, great man
of Fleet Street.
You pop up everywhere these days.
If there's a worthy cause,
I'll be there.
And inspiration for those columns?
I'm told yours are the most read
in the paper.
Responsible for
..tens of thousands
of extra sales.
I know the paper is thrilled
to have you on board.
And long may it continue, I hope.
Why wouldn't it?
You haven't had offers from others?
I'm never short of offers, Sir Arlo.
Well, I'm sure the paper would
more than match them.
Very good to know. And, er, needless
to say I would like to stay.
And, er, the editorial staff
are very supportive.
I'd like to think so.
You don't sound quite sure?
I'd like to think that
they would support me
if my reputation came under attack.
Why should it?
Well, there are certain elements
in Fleet Street who love to
shoot down public figures based
on little more than idle gossip.
True, but, er, the paper
you write for
prides itself in dealing with
facts, not gossip.
And long may it continue I hope.
Morning, scribes.
Slow news day?
Eddie, my good friend.
A lot of glum faces out there.
Everything OK?
Yeah, yeah. Fine, thanks.
I'd hate to think they'd had to, er,
spike a major story or anything.
Well, if we did, it would be
my problem, wouldn't it? Not yours.
Indeed it would.
Today's piece -
Broadmoor and mental illness.
Pulpit nib, Isaiah -
"Learn to do good - seek justice,
correct oppression."
Terms as per.
Your contract has been renewed
for another year.
Well, who am I to argue?
How'd it go?
I answered every question
as honestly as I could
and he still didn't seem satisfied.
Tenacious bugger.
Never met a lawyer who wasn't.
Good luck anyway.
Only nobodies need good luck.
Good afternoon.
Mr Stewart is, er, quite right
when he says Top Of The Pops is
the biggest show on TV.
Numerous presenters, producers,
production staff, whose names
I couldn't even begin to tell you.
So he can't be held responsible
for everything that goes on
and nor can I.
You can tell me what you've seen.
Just young people having
fun, fun, fun.
You've never seen inappropriate
behaviour by staff?
Not once.
Touching, fondling,
any sexual activity
in dressing-rooms, etc?
Did you ever meet Sara,
the girl who killed herself?
To the best of my recollection, no.
To the best of your recollection?
Does this assist
with your recollection?
It was taken just after
the end of the show in question.
If I had a pound for every pretty
girl who's stood next to me
in that studio Look again
at where your right hand is.
It's on her back.
Her back or her bottom?
Her lower back.
You've an odd idea of human anatomy,
Mr Savile.
Perhaps they taught that
at the public school you went to,
they didn't at mine.
I'm going to ask bluntly.
Did you have sexual
intercourse with her?
Bluntly, no.
Have you ever had sexual contact
of any kind on BBC premises?
As God is my witness, no.
Have you ever been out with girls
you've met on the programme?
Girls, no. Young ladies, yes.
I'm quite open about it,
but what I say is,
get your folks
to invite me round for tea.
Then, if romance blossoms between
myself and the young lady,
later, everyone's happy.
I know you are an eminent chap and
I don't mean to tell you your job,
but you need to have a think about
who it is you're talking to.
I'm talking to a disc jockey.
And a practising Roman Catholic.
Your religion is of no relevance.
It is to the BBC,
or they wouldn't have made me
presenter of religious programmes.
I'm a bachelor, I don't deny it.
And I've got an eye for a pretty
lady, but under-age girls?
Jimmy Savile?
Admired by Mary Whitehouse,
founding member of Lord Longford's
commission on pornography,
who does extensive charity work for
Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville -
any of whom would be more than
happy, I'm sure, to provide you
with a character reference.
That's not to say I don't think
it's quite right the BBC
have asked you
to establish the truth.
Well, he was an even bigger
arsehole than I expected.
Yes, yes, yes.
What's that?
The girl's inquest was today.
But WE'VE done nothing wrong.
Agreed. I mean,
yes, we've all seen a bit of
harmless flirting around the studio,
but in the end,
pop music's about sex, isn't it?
TV audiences, they want to see
girls in short skirts
flaunting themselves
for their pop hero.
And that's what we gave them,
for God's sake.
They wanted fun, we gave 'em fun.
I know you're a ladies' man, Jimmy.
Underage'd never do that.
Well, you've answered your
own question, Johnnie. Quite.
Without you, this show would never
even have got off the ground.
I don't think the BBC even know
how lucky they are to have you.
Well, they'd better bloody had,
You see, Dr Wordsmith
..people say things about me
with no evidence.
That doesn't mean
I don't have to be wary.
I mean, they couldn't find any
evidence against Jesus,
but they still crucified him.
You see, I never let
the suspicious minds
and nay-sayers get under me skin.
I just focused on spreading sunshine
and giving people a lovely time.
Hey, don't roll your eyes.
I knew I was succeeding.
Everywhere I travelled,
and I travelled everywhere,
people told me, they'd go,
"There's Jimmy being Jimmy.
"Look at what he does for people."
Now, Libby, tell me
how you ended up in a wheelchair?
I dived in the shallow end
of a pool.
Right. And you got more than
a headache? I did!
Now, you broke your back,
you ended up paralysed,
you've had six operations.
But I've not, erm, given up hope
of walking one day.
Right, but before you came to
Stoke Mandeville, you had given up?
I had, Jimmy. And I never dreamt
I'd meet you here.
Well, the pleasure is all mine.
Pleasure is all mine.
Now, how do you find the staff here?
Because I'm told the physios put
you on the parallel bars every day.
And they're kind but
they're quite strict. They are.
Do they ever smack your bottom?
I wouldn't feel it if they did!
Right. So you wouldn't mind?
Probably not!
Right. Now, and have you got
a boyfriend?
We split up after the accident.
Well, let's hope you find another.
If anyone will have me.
I'm sure someone will have you.
Time to choose your record, Libby.
What's it to be?
What's your favourite?
I'd like to hear, erm
Green Tambourine
by The Lemon Pipers, please.
Marvellous choice.
Green Tambourine
by The Lemon Pipers
Victor, my good friend.
Clocking on for a shift.
Where do you think Charles
will want me? Casualty.
- Three RTAs in the last hour.
- Going down there now. OK.
I'll be on in a sec. Just want, I
just want a quick favour off Beryl.
Fair enough. What favour?
Would you be so kind as to read
this letter for me.
See an optician!
Keep meaning to.
Too busy doing God's work.
You? An OBE?
Is that what it says?
You know perfectly well it does!
What do you reckon Charles'll say
to that? What do you mean?
Well, he's never likely to get
a letter like that, is he?
So what? Don't you think, you know,
sometimes think you could have
done better?
Than Charles? Better in what way?
Well, you know,
some women like a fella
with a bit more lead in his pencil.
I like a man who treats
a woman with respect.
Now, you might get away with that
with some of the nurses -
and God knows I wish they wouldn't
let you - but not me.
You stuck-up bitch.
Heard you were short-staffed.
Thanks for coming in.
You all right, love?
Yeah. Fine, thanks.
What's this?
Damn me! OBE, services to charity.
They don't give those out
in cornflake packets.
Thanks, pal.
Well done. Beryl?
The powers-that-be must think so.
I'm sorry if you thought
I was short with him.
Well, you know,
it's a massive credit to him.
It's just that you didn't
want him here
and now you're praising him
like the rest.
Well, you have to think about
what he'd done here. I do.
And I say to the nurses,
"Don't let him do that."
Well, it's just Jimmy being Jimmy.
He's been like that since he were
knee-high to a grasshopper -
full of himself.
He brought The Beach Boys
and Roy Orbison here.
You know, he makes people laugh.
He sits with the sick and dying.
I've seen people overwhelmed
with gratitude.
I know.
And if that were enough to make me
like him, I'd say it.
I don't though.
But I know you do.
It's about to start, Mother.
Come and sit down.
And now to Yorkshire for a
festive edition of Songs Of Praise,
introduced by
a very special presenter.
Ooh, Harry Secombe!
Good evening, one and all,
from the church
of St John The Baptist
My word! TV: In The
Wilderness, Cragg Vale.
A wild and wonderful place
in God's Own Country.
In other words
Doing Songs Of Praise!
Yorkshire -
the land of my birth.
We have a wonderful show tonight,
which reflects on those
wonderful Christmas themes of faith,
love and family, which every single
one of us love to celebrate.
And celebrate tonight we will -
whether you be a chimney sweep or a
prince, a dairy-maid or a duchess.
Gather round your telly-box
and join me
My life. I'm so proud of you!
And wait till you see this.
I was going to wait until, er
..until they announced it
on New Year's Day but
Your son, James Savile, OBE.
That, Daniel, was the happiest day
of her life - and mine.
Bar one.
Bar one.
And what was that?
I'm coming to it.
It's one of the first cars I ever
rode in, one of these Rovers.
Well, I thought it'd be
a trip down memory lane, you see?
Behold, Mother! My work.
Who are they? Who are they?
They are damaged people
who deserve all the love
and support we can give 'em.
I don't understand.
They're mental patients.
From Broadmoor?
No, from the sister hospital,
And I decided to treat them all
to a day out at the seaside.
That's lovely, Jim!
Hey, look who it is!
Just trying to be a good Catholic.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I just felt like
I was getting somewhere.
Felt I was getting somewhere and,
y'know, I didn't want to leave.
He's obviously -
he's obviously lonely,
just wants an audience, really,
get things off his chest.
I will! I said I will.
I'll be back tonight.
Yeah, promise.
I sense Mrs Wordsmith threatening
burnt dinners and the doghouse.
Not quite.
I tell you,
they're brain damage, wives.
Whereas the love of my life never
gave me anything but happiness.
You look more beautiful than ever.
You're all mine now.
I don't have to share you any more.
I promise, I won't do it any more.
I swear. Double dip.
I meant it, when I said that.
When you said what?
When I promised her I wouldn't do
any of that shit again.
What shit, Jimmy?
It's Johnnie.
That lawyer has sent his report in.
And? We're going to have to
tighten up audience supervision,
no young girls wandering
around the building.
But he's concluded that instances
of immorality are rare.
No further action will be taken
over the girl who committed suicide.
He didn't consider the evidence
justified the allegations.
Sounds like
it was all in her imagination.
A sad case blown out of proportion
by the papers.
So I'm in the clear?
Well, I think the BBC do know
what they've got with you.
Mr J Savile OBE?
Thank you, choirmaster.
Here he is!
What we got here, then, Peter?
One for the fun palace, Sav!
Thank you, Jimmy!
I mean, she's made up!
And she's got something
she wants to ask you.
And what might that be, young lady?
Ask him!
Can I be one of the girls
on Top Of The Pops?
Not only will I make sure
you're on the telly,
I'll also fly you to the moon.
How about that? Thank you!
But first, I said
you'd show her the amusements.
Yeah, well, you know, not without
Mum and Dad's permission.
Of course! Absolutely, Jimmy.
Then how could I possibly refuse?
Right, go on. Go on.
That way, young lady, lead on.
See you later.
Bye! Have fun.
Thought we'd be walking.
What, a princess like you?
Walk? Never.
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