The Reckoning (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

He surrounded himself,
no matter
where he went in the country,
with people that would have
confidence in him
that he did no wrong.
And he did that all over
the country, en masse.
And these were not children,
these were not the vulnerable
These were people
at the head of society.
These were These were people
that ran institutions.
They weren't silly people,
these were supposed
to be educated people.
And he groomed them
quite easily, seemingly.
I personally think that
the charity work he was doing
was totally a cover
for everything he was doing,
um, to give this image
of this wonderful man
that was raising all these
funds for charity,
and I don't think it had anything
to do with his religion at all.
Because you can't commit
a sin on one hand
and pray for forgiveness
on the other,
because it doesn't make
the sin go away.
I feel very angry towards anybody
who enabled Jimmy Savile behave in the way he did,
which was monstrous.
I feel that the people who were
..of his behaviour
..have to hang their heads in shame.
There was no way anyone
was going to believe me.
Um, obviously, being a child,
you know,
you don't have no dealings with
the authorities.
You don't understand,
obviously, how you understand
it as an adult.
But nobody was going to believe me.
Last time we met,
you said something about making
a promise to the Duchess.
Yeah, to honour her memory.
And you seemed to suggest
that you sat with her dead body.
I did. A very happy time!
And then, it wasn't quite clear
when I played the recording back
Don't worry.
I've got a memory like an elephant.
But it
It sounded like you'd said'd "Never do that shit again".
What could you have meant?
No idea, cos I never said it.
Your machine wants fettling.
You said to call round?
I did, didn't I?
So, here we are. Yeah.
Right, well, I'm a bit, er,
busy at the moment, but
Well, come in for a minute.
I thought it was next week.
Er, right.
Good heavens.
What a pigsty!
Well, he's not
here that much.
Is this how you leave all
the places you stay?
Not that we ever know
where you stay.
But to turn your mother's
home into a squat?
Quite right, Beryl.
The Duchess might be gone,
but I know she's still up there
looking down
and she would expect the same
standard of behaviour
as when she was alive.
I should think so.
So, why did you want us round?
Er, I get letters every day.
You know, people asking for help.
You know, brain scanners,
hostels for the homeless,
day centres
for the mentally handicapped,
and it's all work I want to do,
but I need help.
What kind of help? Well,
you know, admin, accounts -
all the stuff you're good
at and I'm not.
You know, if you good people
help me organise my life,
then I can spend more time
playing the Good Samaritan,
which I know
is what the Duchess would want.
..if it's for charity,
I suppose we can hardly say no.
Your new specs, Mr Savile.
I'm Susan.
You rang and asked for them
to be brought to your house?
Yes. Yes. I did, er
By me especially, the manager said.
Indeed I did.
So entranced was I, um your charms
when you were in that room
and shone that little
torch into my eyes.
It's called an ophthalmoscope,
Mr Savile. Ophthalmoscope!
Right, I get a little shiver down
my spine just hearing you say that.
And call me Jimmy, Susan.
Erm, anyway
I am all out of milk.
Um, could you nip to the corner
Just down the road on the right,
then come back and fit the goggles.
Of course.
Good girl.
Er, I'll see you in a bit.
Autograph hunter.
Er, you don't have to
start straight away.
That's good, because we can't.
You'd be my little guardian angels.
I wouldn't go that far.
But if we can help you help others,
Sav, then we will.
Right, great, that's it.
Beryl. Aye.
Take care. Ta-ra.
Well, not quite enough for
a tin bath for us both to bathe in,
but it'll do for a brew.
Enter Jimmy Savile HQ.
Don't mind the mess,
the cleaners have let me down.
The kitchen's the best.
Just through there.
After your mother's death,
far from stopping,
the rumours grew
We're back on rumours again.
..about your behaviour with girls.
What are you doing? Stop!
We're just doing what men and women
do. Are you a virgin? Get off!
It's what I call SOS -
"same old shit".
You'll find the door's locked.
The door's locked.
Let me out! I'll tell the police!
No! Sit down!
Balloons full of hot air.
Prick 'em, and there's nowt there.
Which is why I was always
able to make 'em disappear.
That didn't happen.
Whatever you may have thought
just happened
..didn't happen.
Have you heard of Savile's Travels?
Course I have.
Right, well, as it happens,
I'm doing a recording of
one from Leeds today.
And I'd like you to do a little
interview with me,
and then you can go.
But the rumours didn't
go away, did they?
Only in the minds of a few
nay-sayers and killjoys.
I was on an upward trajectory.
Yeah, becoming an increasingly
powerful figure
in broadcasting, which which
Not powerful, not powerful.
Trusted and respected.
Nobody who mattered
believed them rumours.
Otherwise, why would the BBC have
offered me the show I did next?
Here I am in the city of my
birth, talking to the lovely Susan.
Susan, tell me,
what do you do for a job?
Trainee optometrist.
Brains as well as beauty. I
I wouldn't say that.
And, tell me, what kind of hobbies,
outside work,
what do you enjoy doing?
..I like baking cakes.
One day, you'll make a lovely
wife for some lucky young man.
What's so brilliant is, you can hear
the girl's nervous,
but with that avuncular manner,
you soon win her trust.
No-one doubts Jimmy's got a way
with young people.
Which brings us to the
purpose of this meeting.
Roger and I have been
developing a new show.
Where Top Of The Pops
was aimed at teens,
kids will be the key to this.
Simple premise.
Basically, we ask the public to
write in
asking us to make a wish come true
for either themselves
or someone they know.
It might be a boy wanting
to fly a helicopter,
or a girl wanting to sing a duet
with her favourite pop star
A paraplegic wanting to scale
Ben Nevis in a wheelchair?
Exactly! Exactly! You've got it.
So, our idea would be
to have the presenter sat
there in a special chair
Wave a magic wand?
Got it. So, when do I start?
Well, job's not
necessarily yours, Jimmy.
Do you mind me
asking who else is in the running?
Monty Modlyn.
Dear old Monty! And he's
very interested in the job
and he's already suggested
a super title, Monty'll Fix It.
if it was being presented
by Field Marshall Viscount
Montgomery of Alamein!
Jimmy'll Fix It
does have quite a ring, too.
Still wrong!
What would you suggest?
Jim'll Fix It.
One syllable shorter, much catchier.
Jim'll Fix It. You're right.
Jim sounds
like your favourite uncle.
You don't have any kids, do you?
I don't, because where there are
kids, there's usually a wife
and where there's a wife,
there's strife.
But you do like children?
Love 'em. Love 'em,
if I can give 'em a squeeze
and hand 'em back.
Don't forget, though, in my various
voluntary roles,
I've brought a great deal of
sunshine into the lives of children.
Indeed, indeed
Give us a minute, will you, Roger?
Look, I've no doubt you're the best
man for the job, Jimmy.
I have no doubt either, King Billy.
Given that my success is the reason
your sitting in that chair,
why wouldn't you put me
in the Fix It chair?
There's a matter
I need to raise first.
I'll save your blushes
by doing it for you.
The matter of the young lady
who committed suicide.
Of course.
There was an investigation.
And very impressed I was
by the diligence with which my
learned friend carried it out,
even though I knew
I would be exonerated.
I do need an absolute
assurance from you
that you have no skeletons
hiding in the closet.
I swear on my mother's grave.
Come in.
I just wanted to let you know
I've heard.
You've given it to Savile.
Look, I know you don't like him
He's a rude, arrogant man.
There are women in this building
who make sure
they are never alone with him.
None of them have told me that.
Come on!
You must have heard the rumours!
About what?
His behaviour with teenage girls.
I haven't heard any rumours.
Well, Douglas Muggeridge
has heard them.
And if Radio 1 has heard them,
then why haven't you?
Did Douglas investigate these
rumours? Yes.
And, admittedly, nothing conclusive
was found Well, there you are.
But what about the girl
who committed suicide?
All investigated by the lawyer.
And you consider that to be
the end of the matter?
He found no evidence to justify
the allegations.
The investigation looked
right across the BBC,
and he did say that such is the
labyrinthine nature of TV Centre
and the dressing room area
that it was inevitable some immoral
behaviour would occur.
And that's supposed to be an excuse?
That "immoral behaviour"
is ultimately
your responsibility, Bill.
Which is why I've taken steps
to deal with it.
Admission to TV Centre is now
strictly ticket only.
There's now much greater vigilance
to keep out under-16s.
Does that include girls who climb
over walls
to get into the back of
the building?
And the girls in the BBC Club plied
with drinks
by pop stars and staff
who we employ?
Entrance to the BBC Club
has been tightened up.
Anna, I'm doing my best,
but I can't work miracles!
And anyway, this show's going to be
centred on kids, not teens.
They'll be working as a team,
making sure they're
properly looked after.
You can't possibly believe this man
has any real empathy with children.
All I know is, Jimmy Savile
is a brilliant talent,
and we have to look after talent.
And all I know is that a man like
has no place working at the BBC.
That's my decision, Anna, not yours.
Mr Cotton. Hello.
10, 9, 8, 7
Mr Cotton.
..6, 5, 4, 3
Good evening, one and all,
and welcome to the very first
edition of Jim'll Fix It,
a brand-new show where yours
truly makes dreams come true!
It's a tough job,
but someone's got to do it!
And, tonight, we have a young boy
who wants to swim with dolphins,
and, last but not least,
three teenage gals who
are desperate to meet the Osmonds.
Suddenly, it all made sense.
Everything I'd done before
had been preparing me
for sitting on that throne
and seeing kiddies' faces light up
as I made their dreams come true.
It wasn't my impression, when
I attended a recording aged nine,
seeing all the production crew
urging kids to grin
when they went up to sit with you.
They didn't need any urging.
And when you weren't on camera,
you just seemed sort of distant
and cold.
It's called professionalism.
I just felt like I was seeing
another side to you.
You've not been listening,
have you?
There's only one side to me,
and he's talking to you now.
And he's thinking to himself,
"I hope I didn't misjudge
Dr Wordsmith.
"I hope he's not like some
of his fellow scribes,
"always wanting
to lift the toilet lid
"to see what's lurking in the pan."
Because were that the case,
I might tell him to sling his hook.
I just want this book to paint
a rounded portrait.
Then let's have no more
talk of kiddies being urged to grin.
I brought joy into innocent lives,
that's all.
Hang on, hang on, come back!
They're not going to go without you.
You can't be a scruff
if you're going on the telly
to meet Jimmy Savile.
Perfect. Go on. Bye!
Kevin! Kevin, hang on! The tie!
Right, remember,
make sure you give this
to a grown-up to give to Jimmy.
Bye. Bye.
Have fun!
Now, all that remains
is for me to give you lovely boys
your Jim'll Fix It badge.
But there's quite a few of you,
so I can't give you all one each.
Instead, I've had a ginormous one
made for all of you.
So if you all stand up here now
Now, you just steady that, young
And pass that ribbon down that way,
pass that round your shoulder.
That's it, good lad.
Same, pass it round your shoulders.
There's another one there.
There we go, that's the one.
There There it is.
So, that's all for tonight.
Don't forget to tune in
to Jim'll Fix It
same time next week,
where we make more dreams come true!
Well done, everyone, great show.
Biscuits are there.
Come on, do help yourself.
Now, then, now, then, young man,
I believe this came from you.
Well, what a splendid surprise!
And I've got a surprise for you.
I know I gave a Jim'll Fix It
badge to the whole pack, but
..what if I give you your very own?
Yeah. Yeah, please.
Yeah, well, you follow me.
Well, if you want that badge,
I want you to do just
I want you to do just one
more thing.
Remember, it's our little secret.
You don't want to get your mum
all upset.
There he is! We've been
looking for you, you little rascal!
Kevin! You had us
worried for a minute.
Poor lad wandered off,
got lost in the woods.
Luckily, Uncle Jim found him
before the big bad wolf.
Hi, how did it go?
Well, come on, sit down.
Tell me about it.
Did he like the tie?
Course he liked the tie.
Look at that.
That's amazing!
Bless me, Father, it is
six months since my last confession.
And what sins do you want to
And what was the selfish act?
There's a caff in Ilkley,
called the Tradesman's,
and the owner wouldn't
let me pay, and I, er
I didn't try to, even though double
egg and chips is only a pound.
And I knew he was skint.
So, er, why do you think you did it?
Er, childhood.
Parents struggled to put
food on the table.
So, this fellow giving away
free egg and chips, do you th
Do you think
he got pleasure out of it?
No question, Father.
And you didn't like to take away
that pleasure?
I know myself how much pleasure
I get
from doing things for other people.
This is perhaps not
a a great sin
Anything else?
Not for myself, Father.
But, um
I have a pal who struggles
with the sins of the flesh.
And he wanted some advice.
Is this friend a Catholic?
He is.
I think he just wanted to get things
straight in his mind.
What things, exactly?
Well, he's a single man,
but he sometimes gets tempted.
So did St Paul.
Temptation isn't of itself
necessarily a sin.
But if he gives in to it?
Forcing himself upon someone
..a young person
..a child, even?
That would be a mortal sin.
Supposing he did lots of good
to try and make up for it.
Would there still be a chance
he could go to heaven?
The Catechism is clear.
Any sin can be forgiven
..if he made a confession.
But must
..urge him
..if he has done anything
like you have described give himself up
to the authorities.
I'll make sure
he understands that, Father.
Bloody priceless, Sav!
Dream-maker to the nation.
King Jimmy.
I'd settle for "Sir".
They wouldn't be able
to touch you then, would they?
I mean, I know you've got other
ways of killing stories,
but who'd put
a Knight Of The Realm in court?
It's not the only reason I want it.
Power and the glory, too?
Never thought I'd get this far.
So, why not see if I can get all
the way to the fuckin' top?
Why not?
Good heavens, Jimmy Savile!
Ma'am, at your service!
I heard the Tories were in town.
I came to pay my humble respects.
May I? Indeed you may!
I do believe I may have kissed
the hand of a future Prime Minister.
Well, we hope so. I didn't know you
lived in Scarborough, Jimmy.
I have many homes,
none closer to my heart.
Sea, sand,
and ice cream par excellence
as served by my very good friend,
the Mayor.
You must try one! I shall!
But can I just say
how much I love Jim'll Fix It?
Denis and I are huge fans!
Flattery, madam,
will get you everywhere!
And I'm told you do an awful
lot for charity.
A call for help, I'm there.
Well, I wish you well in your work.
And I in yours.
But may I make a cheeky request?
I like a cheeky request.
I sometimes get requests from
wanting me to fix it for
them to meet the Prime Minister.
Do you think that might be possible?
Of course!
But you must first fix it for me
to be PM!
Then I shall work my magic powers!
Well, it was lovely to meet you!
The wind ripped all the roof off.
The rain did the rest. Biblical.
Just coming
into Downing Street now,
here comes the prime ministerial
Rover, bearing now Mrs Thatcher.
I would just like to remember
some words of St Francis of Assisi
which I think are really just
particularly apt at the moment.
Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony.
Where there is error,
may we bring truth.
Where there is doubt,
may we bring faith.
And where there is despair,
may we bring hope.
We're all ready for you, Mr Savile.
Splendid, Jeeves.
Lead on!
The Duke of Monmouth.
Secretary to Charles II
and made a Knight of the Garter.
Well deserved, I'm sure.
They had proper hairstyles
in them days. Yes.
You've never been fond
of a short back and sides.
Well, this keep me ears warm.
Welcome to Chequers.
And thank you for fixing it
for me to become Prime Minister.
As promised.
Normally, I'd do such a meeting
at Number Ten,
but I thought
this would be convenient
since Stoke Mandeville
is only down the road.
Well, this whole area
is like a second home to me,
and, of course,
very handy for Broadmoor.
You are involved there as well?
Official entertainment officer.
That's marvellous.
So, the spinal injuries unit.
Er, yes, it's in ruins.
Yes, I'm aware.
They've asked me to head up a
to have it completely rebuilt.
Well, jolly good for you.
The architects have given
an estimate of ten million.
I was hoping the Government
might chip in.
You do realise
the Labour Government
left this country's finances
in a terrible state.
I warned Mr Callaghan
that the pot'd be empty,
the way he was carrying on.
He let himself be bullied
by the unions,
ran up a mountain of debt,
strikes, rubbish on the streets
A terrible mess. No question.
And I'm afraid some of the blame
rests with Mr Heath
when he capitulated to the miners.
Well, now,
if you show a miner weakness,
he will have you for breakfast.
I should know, I was one. Really?
Hearts of lions, but give 'em an
inch and they'll take a yard.
I rather think you and I are cut
from the same cloth, Jimmy.
Well, er, humble origins.
Er, and we know money doesn't
grow on trees.
So, I hope you'll understand why my
government can't help financially.
And I do think it's vital people
learn to help themselves.
Which is why I'm determined to raise
this money by hook or by crook.
Then I'll strike a bargain
with you, Jimmy.
If you did somehow raise
the funds for the building,
I'll try and find the money
to run it.
In that case, ma'am,
we have another deal.
Good to see you. Hello. Good to see
you. How did you raise it?
All sorts of ways, but mainly
a 24-hour sponsored
Morning, sweetheart.
Tell you what,
I'll see if we can get hold of one
of these T-shirts for you.
How about that?
Bit mardy, that one?
In and out of here all the time.
Grandad got a bit
..over-familiar with her.
Three of my favourite ladies!
Jill, spondoolies rolling in?
Yes. Bingo!
How are we doing, my hearties?
Exhausted as ever,
but it's wonderful.
People just walk in,
they give what they can.
And they all say,
please thank Jimmy for us.
Thank 'em from me. Make sure
they get a T-shirt each.
We're all set, Jimmy. Good man.
And help us to be
living witnesses to the Lord.
Lord hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
We pray for peace in the world.
That men, women and children
may live together
in peace and harmony
that God our Father intends.
Lord hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
We pray for all in special need,
the sick in mind or body
and their carers,
the lonely and those with
financial, work or family worries.
Lord hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
We pray for those who died
and all who are bereaved,
that the love of God may transform
the darkness of death
into the bright
promise of immortality.
Lord hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
Father asked me
to do the collection plate
..Through your goodness,
we have this bread to offer,
which earth had given
and human hands have made.
It will become for us
the bread of life.
Blessed be God for ever.
By the mystery of this water
and wine,
may we come to share
in the divinity of Christ,
who humbled himself
to share in our humanity.
Blessed are you,
Lord God of all creation.
Through your goodness,
we have this wine to offer.
Fruit of the vine
and work of human hands,
it will become our spiritual drink.
- Blessed be God for ever.
- Blessed be God for ever.
I want to ask
you about the knighthood.
Never courted, never sought.
Well, I find that hard to believe.
I, er I take it you're not
a religious man, Dr Wordsmith. No.
Well, I think that's why we've
probably got
this "ulterior motive" problem.
Jesus said, "It's more blessed
to give than to receive."
That's all I did.
Come on, Jimmy, I've
I've been reading about this,
been thinking about it!
I mean, St Matthew said,
"Give to the poor and you will have
treasure in heaven."
Now, doesn't that imply that charity
is never purely selfless,
that the giver will always get
something out of it?
And you want that something
to be sinister?
Surely you can see why I'm pressing
the point As I said
to my good friend,
Pope John-Paul II Yeah
..those who bring sunshine
into the lives of others
can't keep it from their own.
And he said, "Spot on, Jimmy."
The more happy I made other people,
the happier I was.
Are you all right?
What's all this?
Your periods haven't started,
have they?
Then why?
Sam, why?
To try and stop him
..getting in.
You poor thing.
Look, whatever was
happening to you at home -
it can't happen here, can it?
You're safe with us in hospital,
aren't you? You couldn't be safer.
Sam, what is it?
Is there something else?
Come on, cheer up.
Give me those.
Why don't you go to the day room
and see what's on telly?
Got chapel.
The priest expects me.
Well, you go to chapel, then,
stop worrying.
we pray for those who are hungry
and for all those charities
who work to alleviate hunger
and poverty, both here at home
and across the world.
Lord hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
We pray for children
and young people everywhere,
especially those who are in care,
or otherwise vulnerable.
Lord, graciously hear us.
Lord, help us to be understanding
and forgiving
of all those we encounter.
Lord, hear us.
Lord, graciously hear us.
In The Bleak Midwinter
Merry Christmas, Jimmy.
Same to you, Jeeves.
Pop those under the tree,
if you'll be so kind.
You'll find her in the kitchen.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
Jimmy, welcome. Merry Christmas.
Now, I know you don't touch alcohol,
so this is orange juice.
Good health, Ma'am.
Please don't "Ma'am" me, Jimmy.
I'm not royalty.
Well, you are to me.
And I'm more than happy
to provide some fun
at the court of Queen Maggie.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
Do you know what, I think that
every Maggie needs a Jimmy.
Quite right.
This is Robert Armstrong,
my Cabinet Secretary.
He's the man in my life
who makes everything possible.
Or impossible, if I think
she's doing the wrong thing.
Well, season's greetings, good sir.
And to you. Robert's only popped in
for a sherry.
Heading off to see
my family shortly.
Denis has taken the other guests
for a stroll.
Er, may I ask who they are?
My speechwriter, Ronnie Millar,
and three others.
All bachelors like yourself, Jimmy.
I hate to think of you poor chaps
spending Christmas alone.
Deeply touched. Anyway,
it gives us a chance to catch up.
It's been such a busy year.
What with the Pope's visit
Yes. Well, I acted as
his native guide in Yorkshire.
T'was a great morale booster.
As was the Falklands.
It wasn't a decision I took lightly,
but it had to be done.
No question.
And when people say to me,
"What about those 300 men
who died when we sank the Belgrano?"
I say, "Maggie had no choice."
Thank you.
But tell me about Stoke Mandeville.
I'm hearing amazing things
about the appeal.
Amazing indeed.
Another half million and we're
The building work
is already under way.
Extraordinary! Well
..I'm going to find that
half million for you.
My word!
And, as promised,
the money to run it.
Well, what a Christmas present.
And by the way,
I'm sure your astonishing personal
contribution will be recognised.
I I don't do it for the glory.
But it's exactly that
selfless public service
that our honours system is for.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'd better find those men.
Already got an OBE, haven't you?
And proud of it.
OK, guys,
I'm sitting down here like this., six, five, four, three
Prime Minister's car is approaching.
Thank you very much.
Keep all our fingers crossed,
we hope that the British public
respond as they have done.
It's a very special day
for us.
Finally, we're back up and running
again. Back on our feet.
When I think that it costs
£10 million,
how on earth do you raise
£10 million in three years?
It's easy.
Thank you.
You're late, Dr Wordsmith.
I ordered tea and crumpet,
but I've eaten it all now.
Sorry, it was a
..domestic issue.
Trouble with her indoors?
Rather not talk about it.
Yeah. I'll bet.
You'll not have, er, visited this
august establishment before?
They don't let any Tom, Dick
or Harry in here, you know.
See that?
From the Pope,
Knight of St Columbus.
That's how I got in.
Previous members include
Darwin, Dickens, Disraeli,
Duke of Wellington,
who parked his arse in this very spot.
And I sometimes like to think
of the Duchess up there
looking down on me.
Thinking, "What an extraordinary
journey my little boy made."
You were talking last time about
not seeking the knighthood.
Which was perhaps just as well,
because there was a time
when the possibility was
slipping by, wasn't there?
Please elaborate.
Well, you'd rebuilt
Stoke Mandeville,
you found extraordinary
national acclaim,
but by the late '80s,
there was still no letter
from the Honours Committee,
and your career was on the slide.
News to me, Dr Wordsmith.
Please elaborate.
I was hoping you'd do that.
I can't.
Because it wasn't.
Tonight, I'm joined by
a showbiz legend,
the man who's been spinning records
for over 25 years,
Jimmy Savile.
Jimmy, you have the title of
a swinging bachelor.
How would you react as
a Roman Catholic Yes?
..if one of your partners
became pregnant?
Well, I'd say, "Who was it?"
Come judgment day,
you're a Christian.
Don't you believe you've put God
in somewhat of a dilemma?
Yes. There's Jimmy Savile,
the good man
That gives money to charity
and helps young children,
and the Jimmy Savile who flies
in the face of everything written
in the New Testament
about sexual promiscuity.
I didn't realise that.
Well, no, you've admitted it.
Stand up, anybody who was so good
that they will walk straight through
the golden gates.
Me, when I stand in front of
the table and St Peter's there
and he says "You are not coming in",
I'll say, "Well, why not?" and
He'll say, "Cos you're a villain",
and he'll show me the debit side,
and I'll say, "Hang about,"
and I'll show him the credit side
and say, "Does that mean anything?"
If he says "That means nothing,"
I'll threaten to break his fingers.
Because, I mean, I don't know
anybody that's going to get
Little fuckers.
Even with your charity work, you
come across as a bit of an egotist.
As if it's all about you,
not the people you're helping.
I don't care how I come across,
All I care about
is helping those in need
and putting smiles
on people's faces.
What about your personal standards?
In one of your tabloid articles,
you describe having sex
in your passion wagon.
How do you reconcile that
with your Roman Catholic faith?
Well, I thought this was going to be
a bit of fun, but never mind.
Your attitude to sex seems strange.
Do you think sex is dirty?
No. Do you?
20 years ago,
I would have knocked 'em about.
What've you got for me?
It's him.
Robert Armstrong.
Thatcher's Cabinet Secretary.
It seems she's put you up
for a knighthood three times,
he's blocked it each time.
He's a cunt.
I knew he didn't like me,
but he's
He's got an effing knighthood,
why can't I have one?
No reason,
but he's got Maggie's ear.
Wants to save her embarrassment.
About what?
Seems to be to do with stuff you've
said and written over the years.
What stuff?
About encounters with young women,
of which you've claimed
to have many.
You once spoke of being feared
in every girls' school in Britain.
That was a fucking joke!
Well, Armstrong
didn't find it funny.
I've just published this.
Advice for young people
on how to avoid perverts.
I help children.
I want that knighthood.
Well, Thatcher's the only way
to that, Sav.
Have you got anything for me?
Wouldn't mind a bacon roll,
as it happens.
Have the rest of that.
They put an extra rasher on,
just for me.
Come in.
Jim, didn't know you were here.
Only arrived last night.
Well, thank goodness.
I've been trying to find you.
And so has someone else.
Greetings, Ma'am.
Jimmy, dear. How are you?
Fighting fit, Ma'am. Good.
Because I'm calling to ask for help.
Anything at all,
I'm at your service.
It's Broadmoor.
The place is in chaos.
Management have lost control.
I'm told the Prison Officers' Union
are practically running the place,
and the patients think that
every day is April Fools Day.
None of this is news to me.
I've seen many things
as entertainments officer,
er, that concern me.
Well, that makes me even more sure
that we're doing the right thing.
And what's that? The management
and board have been suspended.
The Department of Health are
setting up a task force
and they feel sure that with that
can-do attitude
and Yorkshire common sense,
you can help turn the place round.
It would be an honour
and a privilege.
Thank you so much, Jimmy.
I won't forget this.
My advice remains the same,
Prime Minister.
Questions and rumours
about the man persist.
But you never explain what those
questions and rumours are.
Surely if there was anything
in them,
the BBC, Stoke Mandeville
and others would have taken action.
Unless, like us, they've had more
pressing things to deal with.
I'm getting
sick and tired of this, Robert.
Earlier today,
Health Secretary Edwina Currie
arrived at 10 Downing Street
to discuss the situation at
Broadmoor with Cabinet colleagues.
If anybody was
so basically unhappy here
that they didn't like it,
then they should hand
their notice in and leave.
The gloves are coming off.
What do you mean?
I didn't get sent here by the
Prime Minister just to fuck about.
That's all you've ever done before
here. What do you mean?
Inviting press in to photograph
you with t'Ripper and Ronnie Kray?
That's to show the public the work
we do here at Broadmoor.
Not because
you're addicted to publicity
and love nothing more than
blowing smoke up your own arse?
You see, that's the sort of attitude
that's got to change.
And how are you going to do that,
Jimmy? Dr Savile to you.
You're not a proper doctor.
I've completed
an initial assessment
and I've come to the conclusion
that you lot have been fiddling
your expenses,
letting relatives use accommodation
designated for staff only
and generally taking the piss.
This place has been under-funded
and under-staffed for years
and now they've put a lunatic
in charge.
Who, for reasons only known
to himself,
seems to spends most of his time
hanging round the women's block.
You are an arsehole, pal.
But what you'll find is,
I'm an even bigger one.
I was regularly in touch with Maggie
with progress reports.
She was delighted.
Maybe she wasn't paying
proper attention, though.
"Jim fixes it for 60 psychos
to go free" - News Of The World.
Not true, and I sued 'em.
You once gave a press conference
where you said
you wanted male and female patients
to mix so, and I quote
.. "they can fall in love."
Isn't that a pretty eccentric
approach to mental illness?
Pure common sense, Dr Wordsmith.
You have some other
interesting views.
You once said, of psychopaths,
"There's no point asking them
what they did on that dark night
"because it wasn't them that did it,
it was someone using their body."
What on earth do you mean by that?
I sense the toilet lid being lifted.
Perhaps it's time I looked
under yours, Dr Wordsmith.
What do you mean?
You're having trouble
with Mrs Wordsmith, aren't you?
If you must know, I've split up
with my girlfriend, yes.
Now, can we please move on?
I'm looking at a man in turmoil,
whereas you are looking at a man
who has always been at ease
with himself.
All I did was put a hand
on some spotty youth's arse.
The little twat goes home, tells
his dad I'd propositioned him.
Dad takes the lad to the police.
The next thing I know,
the police are at the door.
I I don't know what else
might come out.
If the cops are coming after me,
they know we're close,
they might come after you.
You won't say owt about me,
will you?
No, I I wouldn't, Sav, I swear!
But you're always saying
you've got friends in the police.
I wondered, could you put in a word?
I can't, Peter.
I can't,
it'll only make things worse.
You'd best be on your way, mate.
All right, Maureen?
Hello, Jimmy.
All right, guys and girls, carry on.
Don't mind me. There you are.
Hey, Sav.
I saw you walking past the gaff
earlier. What are you doing here?
Best cod and chips in town,
you once told us.
We're about to order if you fancy
No, I mean,
what are you doing in Scarborough?
We're house-hunting.
Here? Why?
Tell him, Charles.
Well, we've
we've news for you, Sav.
I'm retiring.
What do you mean?
He's retiring.
After years of hard graft,
he deserves a rest
and we've always fancied
living in Scarborough.
Fucking hell! Hey, language!
I can't have you here. Who's going
to look after stuff for me in Leeds?
We can still manage your life,
organise your fundraising
in the north.
I don't want you in Scarborough!
Why not?
Because I
I come here to relax!
I don't know
what you get up to here.
Or in any of the other places
you spend your time,
not to mention where you
park that van up.
Why are you so concerned to keep
everything separate?
Steady on, Beryl. No, it needs
saying. Why all the secrecy?
Anyway, like it or not,
we're moving here.
We've just put an offer in
on a lovely little place.
You see now, Charles,
why I never got married.
Let me guess. You're knocking on the
door of middle age.
You've split up with Mrs Wordsmith,
you're living out of cardboard
This is really boring.
I've told you
I'm going through a tough time,
and that's all you need to know.
But you want to know everything
about my life.
I thought that's what we agreed.
We agreed nothing, pal.
We said we'll see how it goes.
Well, it's over.
You can sling your hook.
What do you mean?
To paraphrase what the Tories
said to Maggie
when her time was up,
you can fuck off.
Run from me, Jimmy.
You won't be able to hide forever.
A few moments ago,
Mrs Thatcher's government
won an overwhelming
vote of confidence in the Commons.
But for the Prime Minister
of the last 11 years,
it was a Pyrrhic victory.
Tonight, the key
to 10 Downing Street
lies in the hands of her party.
She led them to victory three times,
then they turned on her.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're leaving Downing Street
for the last time,
after 11 and a half
wonderful years.
And we're very happy that
we leave the United Kingdom
in a very, very, much better state
than when we came here
11 and a half years ago.
But then the Iron Lady's
composure almost broke.
Watch her face
as she reaches her car.
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