The Reckoning (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

So, Sir Jimmy Savile,
will you come through the keyhole?
Hey, marvellous! Welcome.
"I am an animal
and I will eat you if I have to."
My goodness.
Yes, you must give
You must give them all fair warning.
No, victims. Victims, yes.
Hope springs eternal
in the breast of the single man.
When you're full up with fear flight, you run,
or you freeze.
Mine was always freeze.
So everything, for me, in time
..when I was being hurt,
was real slow.
So I don't know
I always used to try so hard
to gauge it,
that I went into that room
just so I could take seconds
to go into the room,
but I always felt
like I messed that up.
I think my feeling
of being uncomfortable
..was me me repeating myself
and saying, "I did pay for my
ticket, I did pay for my ticket."
In my own way, I was trying to say,
"Please let me go,
please let me go."
Two men had taken me in there,
and two men were standing
outside the door,
and I knew that.
Playing to a script, and he knew
exactly what he was doing,
knew how to groom people,
how to persuade me
to go in the house.
I never thought
about it being dangerous.
It didn't occur to me
cos I never thought of him
as a as a predator.
I tried to push him away a lot,
he was a very, very strong man.
His upper body strength
was incredible,
and I don't know why he stopped,
I don't know what made him stop,
You're just chucked in,
you're trapped, you can't move,
you can't do nothing, you're're just the prey,
ready to be captured.
That doesn't make sense. I-I cycle,
I run, I've run marathons.
You're also a heavy smoker.
Your diet consists of
takeaways and fry-ups.
So sort me out.
It's not like I haven't done enough
for the hospital.
We know how much you've done for us.
The only remedy
is a quadruple bypass.
Don't like the sound of that.
For a man of your age,
it is a very serious operation.
But I'll get better?
We'd do our best for you.
Hello, ladies!
What's going on?
What's it to you, grandad?
Hey, any more talk like that
and I'll tell the head. Old cow!
Yeah? Good friend of mine.
I come to the fete here every year.
They're shutting this place down.
They're sending us all
back into the community.
Yeah? Nobody told me.
And who are you, anyway?
Who am I?
I'm Sir Jimmy Savile.
You're him! Yeah.
They said you used to come here a
Many jolly japes were had
by me and the naughty girls.
What do you mean japes?
We'd go for a drive.
Stop at a shop, ciggies, some pop,
and there'd be fun, fun, fun.
So you could get us ciggies?
I'd get you a bottle of that,
if you behave yourself.
Come on, all aboard!
"Clunk, click"!
Why are we stopping?
What about the ciggies and booze?
You'll get 'em!
Scenic spot. No rush.
Budge up.
So, let's get acquainted?
What's your? What are your names?
Amira. She's Emily.
Yeah? Right.
Are you sad about
the home closing down?
I'd sooner be there
than be fostered again.
My last foster parents said
they didn't know what to do with me.
I'd know what to do with you.
Come nearer, Amira?
What are you doing?
You know what to do.
What are you doing? Come on, you
don't get summat for nothing.
Get off! Come on! Get off! Just make
it harder. Stop! Let go of her!
Don't make a fuss!
It's nowt she hasn't done before!
Fuck off! Leave her alone!
We should tell someone. Like who?
The old cow?
What, you think she'd believe us?
OK, then, the police -
it's not like you're even 16.
What, you think
they'd be any different, yeah?
Come on, let's go back.
How's life in the cardboard box?
Well, I said I was living
out of boxes, not in one, Jimmy.
I think we should carry on -
finish our work.
Well, you told me to fuck off.
I was hasty.
There is a story
that needs to be told.
What's brought this about?
I'll explain when I see you.
Well, I'm not schlepping
all the way up there
just to hear more evasions
and riddles.
You and I are on a journey, Daniel,
and the destination's the truth.
God willing, we'll get there.
Right, I've got to go.
So, I'll call you.
I can put them on myself, Victor.
All right.
You've seen the priest?
Surely you want
the Sacrament of the Sick?
It's a massive operation, you know?
Get everything off your chest.
I would.
Most Catholics would.
I'm not most Catholics.
Veteran broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile
is in intensive care
in a Leeds hospital this morning
after having major heart surgery.
The operation had been planned
for some time,
and the former DJ, television
personality and charity worker
is expected to be moved
to a general ward later today.
A keep-fit fanatic,
71-year-old Sir Jimmy Savile
has been a regular marathon runner
for several years.
It's official -
Sir Jimmy Savile is indestructible!
Nice to see you, Jimmy!
Heart bypass! He told us he was
going on a cruise, he lied to us.
And he calls me his best friend.
You know what I think
about that man
and I doubt we even know
half the story.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
No. Rumours aren't fact, Beryl.
You know, all I ever saw were
a bit of messing about with nurses
and teasing and flirting
and kissing their hands.
And up their arms and on the lips
if they don't stop him.
Well, they probably didn't mind.
Or they pretended they didn't!
I used to say to them,
"Don't let him do that!"
But they were either
..too embarrassed or scared
to resist.
And you know, with some, it didn't
stop at kissing them on the lips -
he'd stick his tongue
in their mouths.
Beryl, that's disgusting.
He gets away with it
because no-one else sees it,
only the woman knows.
I mean, it's sexual assault.
Well, it's not proper
sexual assault.
You say that because you're a man!
For a woman, it's a violation.
And if he's sticking his tongue
down women's throats
in full view of other people,
what's he doing
when he's alone with them?
Did he ever try owt on with you?
And he got very short shrift.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you're a decent man, and you
like to think the best of people.
I reckon that's what most people
think of Jimmy Savile
because they daren't let themselves
think about what the truth might be.
Quadruple bypass, for a man of
your age to come through that
It was God's will.
Your own willpower must have helped.
When you set your mind on something,
you tend to get it,
as with that knighthood
you wanted so desperately.
I've told you,
that was an unsolicited honour.
Yeah, you also told me
that you and I were on a journey
toward the truth.
Well, I haven't been
twiddling my thumbs
since I last saw you.
I've been speaking to people,
sitting in libraries,
reading everything that's been
written and said about you.
Yeah? You seem to have forgotten
that I'm a journalist,
and I have no doubt
you wanted that knighthood
because you thought
it would make you invincible,
but it didn't. The rumours grew.
More and more people thought
that there was something in them
and, at the same time,
your career started to tank,
and from being a puppet master,
you were losing control
You are dreaming, Daniel.
The public were
falling out of love with you
and then they cancelled
Jim'll Fix It.
You must have been furious, Jimmy.
Not at all.
Not at all.
It was all very amicable.
They've mountains of Fix Its
stacked up in the office,
enough to last another decade
at least
..and still the highest ratings
on the box.
Look, I'm as upset as you are.
I mean, fortunately,
I have been offered another show.
Not now, not now.
Well, bully for you!
19 fucking years! I agree, I agree,
they should have let us run for 20,
then let us bow out
with tributes and fanfares.
So why didn't they?
Artistic and programming reasons.
That is fucking bullshit.
You know, Bill Cotton would never
have let this happen -
he understood talent.
What are you suggesting?
You and I know
there are people in this building
who like to talk about me
behind my back.
Perhaps you're one of them.
You are being paranoid.
Now I have never been part
of the Jimmy Savile rumour factory,
not least because I've never
actually seen anything myself.
Cos there's fuck all to see, pal!
Well, maybe I should have
looked harder.
What do you mean?
I don't know what goes on
in that bloody van that is
forever parked out there, curtains
drawn, whenever you're here.
I kip in it!
The BBC is changing, Jimmy.
Yeah. Well, fuck the BBC
and fuck you!
They wanted Fix It to run forever.
I decided it was time to to move
on and I managed to retain
my productive relationship with the
Really? When did anyone from the BBC
last call you?
I sense the gloves coming off.
You're still being evasive.
What is this?
New heart, same old bullshit?
Bring it on.
You've not seen me in a real fight,
have you?
I don't fuck about.
It's shirt off and bare knuckles.
I want to ask you about this man.
Ray Teret, you shared a flat
with him in the early '60s. Yeah.
Till I found out he was
a lying, ungrateful low-life,
told him to fuck off,
never set eyes on him since.
Hello, stranger.
There better be a good reason
for this.
There's an age of consent problem.
As you always said, if they don't
show you their birth certificate,
how can you tell?
You don't touch 'em.
You make sure you're careful.
Leave no marks, no witnesses,
and make fucking sure
they keep schtum.
Always have
..until now.
She was 15.
Johnnie Law got involved.
For fuck's sake.
In the old days,
the coppers wouldn't have
given her the time of day, but
..times are changing.
It's going to Crown Court.
My brief says I'm looking
at six months.
I don't understand why I need
to know about any of this.
People know about the connection.
What connection?
I'm Sir James Savile,
you're some two-bit DJ
with a shitty little record shop.
We shared a pad
..stuff happened. Nothing happened.
But it did.
There's every reason
some smart-arsed barrister
would want to paint a murky picture
of my history with young birds.
Jimmy Savile Mark II,
they call me in Manchester.
Suppose they ask about my life
with Jimmy Savile Mark I?
You say nothing.
Yeah? Why's that? Omerta,
Sicilian code,
you say nowt to incriminate anyone,
including your worst fucking enemy.
A code punishable, if broken, by
things you daren't fucking imagine.
You look like a man who knows
he's running out of road
So you weren't aware of
the charge of
..unlawful sexual intercourse
with a girl aged under 16
which was brought against him?
News to me.
He was never a friend of mine.
Well, you can't claim the same
about this man.
Peter Jaconelli.
Passed on now.
God rest him.
You were friends for years.
I visited Scarborough often,
to see the Duchess.
He was mayor and ice cream king.
And also a paedophile.
That's an outrageous suggestion.
You're saying that he didn't
use his ice cream business
as a means of luring young victims?
All Peter wanted to do was put
smiles on the faces of kiddies.
People in Scarborough say
everyone knew.
Knew or heard rumours?
A young man went to the police,
charges were prepared.
It never came to court.
Flail away, Daniel!
It just seems striking,
flatmate and mentor to Ray Teret,
a convicted sex offender,
friend of Peter Jaconelli,
a known paedophile.
They say a man should be judged
by the company he keeps.
I kept the company of
queens, princes,
popes and presidents, didn't I?
Besides, there's only one judge
I'm bothered about -
and he's up there.
You've got a completely
clear conscience, then?
What's on my conscience
is between me and the boss.
But given the age that you are,
frail, patched-up heart
No-one lives for ever, Jimmy.
Do you not sense that
final reckoning approaching?
I have no fucking fear of it.
And if I had my time over,
I'd do nowt differently.
Hey, Victor, cop this one for me,
will you?
Can't, I'm needed in A&E.
Just take this old bird
down to X-ray first.
Why can't you? Too old, too ugly.
That's not on.
Suppose she heard you!
It's nowt she doesn't know already.
You all right, love?
Need any help?
Not unless you can fix it
for a nurses' pay rise, Jimmy.
I can fix anything, love.
Hey, don't rush off.
I've work to do
and I've been told Told?
Not to be left alone with you.
And who told you that?
One of the sisters.
Yeah, some miserable,
sex-starved old crone.
Please let me past.
Told you, I can fix anything for
I just need something in return.
That's not on!
Just a bit of fun.
There's no fun in being
propositioned by a dirty old man.
We're told to report
anything like this now.
Still won't go nowhere - never has.
There's always a first time,
it might come sooner than you think.
What do you want?
Come to see Charlie.
I heard he was ill.
He's poorly. He's very poorly.
Anyway, you better come in.
I make no bones about it,
I insisted on being here today.
Charlie Hullighan.
What can I tell you that
you don't already know about him?
And what a privilege it is
to pay tribute to him today.
Charlie was, er older than me.
He knew me from being
a babe in arms.
As a lad
..he was a young man
who my late mother, the Duchess
..told me to look up to -
and how right she was.
As head porter, he
..his priority was always
the patients.
He made people laugh.
When they were in distress
..he showed 'em kindness.
He trusted people
..and they trusted him.
He always wanted to
..see the best in any of us.
Thanks for coming over.
I wanted to see how you were.
And there's something else.
What's that?
If anyone says anything about me,
down the infirmary,
you'd you'd speak up for me,
wouldn't you?
I mean, you must know
there's been talk.
And I've always wanted to believe
that's all it were - talk.
It was never anything
more than that, Charlie.
Then why do I look at you
..and see a frightened man?
I'm the one that should be
So, er
..farewell, old friend.
You'll not be forgotten in
this world.
Godspeed you in the next.
Are you afraid?
I'm worried for Beryl, of course I
Seeing me go through this and
Scared for myself? Ha.
Damned if I know what's at the end,
You do know
..devout fella like you.
It's heaven or hell, in't it?
Depending on the life you've lived.
One could talk a long time
about why you believe in God,
but, to encapsulate it,
I believe in God because,
if nothing else,
it's a good gamble.
If we went through life
thinking that when we die
and that's it, gone, finito,
er, that's all right Hello.
..but it's much nicer to go through
Dan. We have to carry on.
Thinking that maybe,
when we die,
we go on to an even better life.
What you don't realise,
as an atheist,
is faith conquers fear.
As Isaiah said,
"They who walk in the Lord's path
"will rise up with wings like
But you kept falling.
That vice-like grip was loosening.
And there were no calls for help
from Tony Blair
That grinning twat!
You had to literally hand back
your set of keys to Broadmoor
I gave 'em back,
my mission was accomplished.
You left the place in chaos.
You'd become a persona non grata
at Stoke Mandeville
Never have, never will.
Then why have you
stopped going there?
Other fish to fry.
It's bollocks, Jimmy.
It's because you're in constant
conflict with the new management,
who banned you from wandering
the wards without let or hindrance.
I was putting smiles on faces.
I've spoken to people there.
You told one manager
who tried to rein you in
to, "Get your fucking tanks
off my fucking lawn."
Because it was my fucking lawn!
You'd lost all control, hadn't you?
Just give me a fucking break,
will you?
And welcome to the very last
Top Of The Pops!
It's been going for 42 years.
It belongs to the world now,
part of TV history,
and we have a top line-up
of pop acts
to see us out tonight in style.
That it?
That's all you've used of me?
Well, apart from the very end.
Do you want to see that as well?
Of course I do.
Clever? The man who started it
ending it.
I'm barely on screen
30 fucking seconds.
That decision was made in the
production meeting, so, you know
I wasn't at the production meeting.
This is bollocks, mate.
Sorry, this way, please.
No autographs.
Sign out as you go.
Isn't it the case
that knowing what you feared most,
on this earth at least,
had happened?
You'd become a nobody and you made
one last desperate attempt
to get back into the limelight.
If you're talking about
what I think you're talking about,
then, yes, that was a mistake
..but not for the reason
you're saying.
How's about that, then?
Goodness me!
Ladies, ladies, it's a good job I've
got such a sound ticker, I tell you.
Big Brother, thank you for bringing
me all these beautiful ladies.
How are you all?
Look, here we are.
Don't all mob me at once,
don't all mob me at once.
Form an orderly queue. I know who
you all are.
My word, I'm quite overwhelmed!
One at a time, ladies, please
You OK?
Form an orderly queue.
Didn't you once say you used to see
him around at Stoke Mandeville?
You never told anyone
before you told me? How could I?
..let yours truly have first dibs
with the lady
You should go to the police.
It was over 30 years ago.
I don't care.
Go to the police.
I'd come with you.
I can't.
I just can't.
Hello, Crimestoppers hotline.
How can we help?
Yeah, I'd erm
I'd like to report a crime, please.
OK, can I have your name, please?
It's, erm, Amira Bhand.
OK, Amira, I am just going to take
a few details if that's OK.
Why do you say your cameo on
Celebrity Big Brother was a mistake?
Because it led to
certain complications.
What complications?
I'm not going to tell you.
Why won't you tell me
what the complications were?
Because I made them go away.
And you said it's OK
to call you Jimmy?
Jimmy, it is.
Everyone calls me Jimmy.
And your date of birth?
October 31st 1926.
And, er quite proud that,
in all the time since then,
I've never done anything wrong.
And thank you for letting us
use this office
here, at the Spinal Injuries Centre.
It's my second home.
Can I just stress, Jimmy,
that you are not under arrest
and you're free to leave
at any time?
I'm happy to help. Lovely.
But, before I make you aware
of what's been alleged,
I do need to read out the caution.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence if
you do not mention when questioned
something which you later rely on
in court.
Anything which you do say
may be given in evidence.
I'll say everything.
So the reason for this interview
is that a young lady
who was a resident of Elmwoods Hall
has reported that, on a visit there,
you encouraged her
to perform oral sex on you.
Out of the question.
This lady claims that you invited
her for a drive in your car,
where the alleged incident
took place.
I used to go there to cheer up
unfortunate girls
and sometimes they would beg me
to go for a run in my Roller,
which I always did with
the permission of the head -
and they loved it.
But, you see, a few people
will always want to take
advantage of my celebrity.
How do you mean?
They'd see me on television,
BBC, Top Of The Pops etc,
and they would
throw themselves at me.
And when I tell them, "You can't
do that," they'd resent it.
And then, according to them,
I'd assaulted them,
which is the one thing a man
in my position would not do.
So you're saying
this didn't happen?
A flight of fancy.
So we conducted
further inquiries at Elmwoods
and we discovered
that there'd been other claims
of sexual interaction
with the girls there.
Out of the question.
Did you ever ask any girl
there to perform a sexual act?
Out of the question.
You never used your celebrity status
to seek sexual gratification?
I've never done that in my life.
Are you sexually attracted
to girls under 16?
The exact opposite.
But that doesn't stop some people
making allegations and threats.
What kind of threats?
To go to the papers.
And what do you do
when you receive these threats?
Some of the dafter ones, I actually
pass on to my pals in the police
and we have a laugh about it.
Er, others
I, erm
I have to resort to the law.
Bear in mind, I a doctor of law
and, er, if I see a genuine threat
to my reputation,
I use my own legal expertise,
and that of my solicitors,
to make it go away
..which it always does because there
is never a shred of evidence.
We will end the interview there.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
When I sit and I go through
everything you've written or said,
it's like you're constantly giving
hints that there's a dark side.
Please elaborate.
You did a game show
with David Frost
wearing a sweatshirt with
"I'm an animal" on the front,
and when he asked why, you said to,
"Give victims fair warning."
You spoke about being feared
in every girls' school in Britain
and about using wrestling holds
on girls in the back of cars.
And when Frost asked you
what you were going to do next,
you replied,
"Anyone I can lay my hands on."
You were basically
advertising to the world
that you're a sexual predator.
I mean, the truth is pretty well
staring us
in the face if only we'd look.
What's the point of committing
the perfect crime
..if nobody knows you've done it?
So, what you're admitting
to being a predator?
I'm admitting nowt.
Here we are, in the ring,
and I'm looking at a man
who has not landed a single punch.
And I'm looking at a man who,
behind the bullshit,
is terrified of what's to come.
If you're talking about death,
that holds no fear for me.
Need a lift, Vic? No, we're fine.
Who is it? 76-year-old lady.
What happened to her?
None of your business, Sav.
She's going straight in the fridge,
is she?
No, her family's asked
to view the body.
What are you doing?
Just checking she's all right.
What do you mean?
For the family to see her.
That's not for you to do.
Get out.
Don't you dare tell me what to do.
I'm telling you.
Show some respect.
Her family'll be here any minute.
Please, leave!
He was with the body, I don't know
why or what he was doing,
but he has no cause to do that.
I mean, a body has to be treated
with respect.
The dead can't look after
themselves, can they?
Their loved ones trust us to do it.
I don't know what you expect me
to do with this information, Victor.
He needs telling - don't go in the
mortuary, don't go near the bodies.
I can't say that to Jimmy Savile.
Without concrete evidence,
there is nothing we can do.
Well, it's wrong.
In this book,
you wrote about sitting for hours
with your mother's dead body.
The happiest of my life.
"She was all mine now," you wrote.
Why would you want to
possess someone in that way?
It's called love, Daniel.
Isn't it more that you were finally
in control of her
rather than she being in control of
And doesn't that suggest
something deeply unhealthy
about your attitude to the dead?
In my work as a porter,
I've comforted the dying,
consoled the bereaved,
and I've never treated anyone who's
gone to meet their maker
with anything other than
humility and respect.
If that's the case,
then why have Leeds United fans
at Elland Road
been known to taunt their opponents
with the chant,
"Jimmy Savile'll fuck you
in the morgue"?
That's a blow below the belt, lad!
And it's all fucking lies!
What are you doing?
I've heard enough.
This has all been
one gigantic waste of time.
What about your book?
There are more important things.
Like what?
If you've done some of the things
that I think you've done need to come clean,
not for my sake, but for the people
that you've done them to.
But you've no remorse whatsoever,
have you?
The only thing that bothers you,
or terrifies you, I'd say,
is whether or not you're going
to burn in hell for all eternity.
Good luck with it.
Wait, wait, Daniel.
We're, we're friends!
I'll tell you everything!
But I can't do it here.
What do you mean?
You'll get all of it.
All of it? All of it.
I've got some business in Leeds
early next week -
I'll call you after that.
Catching a train.
Where to?
Appointment with my quack.
Mind if I?
As if you'd take any notice
if I said no.
I don't know what people'll think,
W-what do you mean?
I might as well be
sat next to a tramp.
Have you been drinking?
I've had a couple of brandies.
You never used to.
Look at the state of you.
You're lucky most folk
don't even know who you are.
Of course they do.
Anyway-anyway, how are?
I'm all right.
It's not much of a life
without Charles,
but he'd want me to make the
most of what there is, wouldn't he?
Aye, yeah.
Yeah, he would.
And so I try, for his sake.
Hello, sweetheart.
Come and have a little dandle
on Jimmy's knee.
Not allowed.
Mam says I'm not supposed
to sit on strangers' knees.
I I'm not a stranger.
I'm Jimmy Savile.
Cody! Come on!
Got to go.
Hurry up and be 16!
"Hurry up and be 16?"
What's that about?
Why would you say that
to a little girl?
Just a bit of fun.
You disgust me.
It's all happening very quickly.
It seems there's nothing more
they can do.
He wants to go home,
but he's asked for the last rites.
And you will know the importance
of a fellow Catholic
to bear witness to that.
I know that, Father.
So will you?
Can't really say no, can I?
Dear Jimmy, before you say
the prayer of repentance with me,
if there are any sins which have
sat heavy on your conscience
and about which
you have remained silent,
now is the time to confess them.
I have nothing of that kind
I want to confess.
Very well.
Through the ministry of the Church,
God grant you pardon and peace.
And I absolve you of all sins the name of the Father,
the Son
..and the Holy Spirit.
You just couldn't do it, could you?
One last opportunity
to tell the truth
to your God and maker.
I'll take my chances, thanks, pal I always have.
Er, Jimmy, it's Dan.
Erm, I haven't heard from you.
Can you call me to set up
that meeting in Leeds, please?
One of the country's
best-known broadcasters,
Sir Jimmy Savile,
has died at the age of 84.
With a career that spanned 40 years,
he was famous for his show
Jim'll Fix it
and for being the first and
last presenter of Top Of The Pops.
Sir Jimmy was also well-known
for his charity work,
raising more than £40 million.
Well, many tributes
have been paid tonight,
and Prince Charles said
he was saddened by the news.
Nick Higham
looks back at his life
You hear someone dies,
emotions kick in.
My emotions were like
laughing, happy.
Happy cos you know,
but then that changed,
within a few days,
then I was mourning for him.
I was never going to get revenge.
The old showman
would have appreciated the sign
on the front of
the Futurist Theatre.
Yesterday, Leeds said goodbye
to Sir Jimmy.
Today, it was the turn of
his adopted second home
to bid him a fond farewell
I found the BBC and
other institutions extraordinary
for not actually talking about
the man who we all knew
and wanted to make him into a saint.
I think it was well-known
that there were accusations
against Jimmy Savile.
Welcome to Top Of The Pops!
He was a pop pioneer
How about that, then?!
..and a multimillion pound
charity fundraiser!
He made us belt up in the '70s
Clunk, click every trip!
Now, then
..and fixed it for thousands of
kids' dreams to come true.
For 60 years, Jimmy Savile has
been part of our lives -
a Great British eccentric.
I thought it was absolutely obscene
and I didn't watch it
on the television,
I couldn't bear to watch it,
cos I knew different.
I think, when the story broke, erm,
and I realised that
I wasn't the only one,
I wasn't pleased
that other people had suffered,
but I was glad it wasn't just me,
and I think that's what gave me
the impetus then to go forward.
..that are abused
..carry their guilt
..carry their guilt
for the rest of their lives.
It really messes with their lives.
This never stops for any of us,
whether you're crumpled in a corner,
or walking, being straight,
and this is what people
need to under
It never stops.
It is a daily fight to be able to breathe
and to be able to try your hardest
to be your best person,
when, actually,
you always feel like a failure.
Now, if you speak about Savile,
it's in a bad way.
You know,
it's Savile the paedophile
and that's what
he'll be remembered for.
Don't let this ever happen again.
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