The Red King (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

I love you
I love you
yes at all
tree I say maybe the green green grass falls
we got a problem Fredericks and Cooper are downstairs
what are they doing here no idea
they weren't meant to be back until until I'd gone
are you going there
I'll get them in the canteen and you can Nepal then
not hiding from them Grace for once I got look
just for once
don't go for the most ludicrously bloody hard option
oh sorry
didn't realize anyone was out here
are you new
what's your name
Matt been her 6 months right
the last 6 months have been a bit uh
you know for me yeah
chances are I'm gonna spend the rest of my career
going around schools
teaching kids how to cross the road now
they just asked for a name
I didn't know what they have planned
I said that make a fuss but just made them angry
they said I had to do this or else to kill my son
what he did
okay okay
just stay calm
if someone's threatened to tell me I can help
it's too late
for you I mean
morning love you sleep alright
oh yes thank you
the room is lots of things to look at
what would you like we got tea coffee toast
I can do you a fry up I got all the bits I no thank you
I don't eat breakfast so interesting
yeah I find other cultures absolutely fascinating
it's not really a
I just don't like breakfast
speaking of my room the uh artifacts
would it be okay to pop them in a drawer
yeah don't
don't worry about it I'll do it
it's for the tour since it's a bit creepy
I know but um
it's end of the season today
so the catchers will be arriving any second
and we can all get back to normal
the what catchers
it's just the thing we do
they come round up all the tourists
and then take them back to the boat
would be really nice to have some company
I hardly see winter these days
so winter it's my daughter
have I met her yeah
you'd know if you had
so how long you gonna be here
well it's a permanent post so
oh no oh no
it's good lots of challenges really excited
wow wow wow wow
whoo whoo
whoo whoo
it's time for the house
come on come on
come on come on come on
Happy New Year Happy New Year
hi Owen
Grace and Ryan the new sergeant
beautiful day that sky
but you never get bored of that
January is a bastard though you'll see or not
I'm kitted out pretty much
just need my CS spray oh
we don't have much call for that
go send some a couple of years back
I think it's in a drawer somewhere
perhaps we can dig it out later that my office
where's everyone else
um like who to the cops
the civilian accessories oh then yeah
we don't have any it's just you and me
how does that even work
I assume we don't do alternate 12 hour shifts
no we do mostly office hours
swap weekends that sort of thing
so what if there's an emergency
you know like after five PM
we put our home numbers on the outgoing answer machine
you'll get some kids pranking you during the night
but they get bored eventually
is this my phone
I'll rephrase that
is this a phone you can take it as far as the main door
but then it cuts out
are you using electronic notebooks
oh now there's no need we got these
okay no right
so it took me through the frequent flyers
every town has that family
who's it here yeah
we don't really have one
you know mostly everyone's pretty well behaved
oh um
there's the crowthe twins but they're just lung gads
you know
that was crap now and then usually with each other
what about the other kind of troublemakers
the local councillors the Rotary Club
that sort of thing it's just Lady Naancardo
a lady who know she lives in the big house on the hill
she owns most of the businesses and properties
but she's is so what do you do all day
commentary project have you read any
oh they passed me by
right well
I better be getting on with them
thing is this is Griffith's office so
it was but Griffith retired and I was given his job
so now it's my office
I can draw you a diagram if that would help
in my notebook
morning Jesus Christ
oh yeah sorry
I've got to say that someone sleeping at office cell 1
Doctor Freedom actually
he's a bit of a regular on your DOC right
thank you Owen
Coffee Owen please
why is it called cell 1 it's the only cell
just call it the cell
see the island's GP
on the island drunk is that natural job here
nothing would surprise me
I'm Grace the new sergeant
and this is CS spray in a cell with a prisoner
am I a prisoner I have no idea
did I would actually arrest you last night
I don't know I can't remember
I was searching someone's garage
Mr fallen asleep
did you just say you're the new sergeant
did you just say you were searching someone's garage
I'm Coyote 14 now uh
he disappeared it was a year ago
that was pretty much exactly a year ago
Griffith believed it
just jumped on the last ferry to the mainland
so why you looking there
because I don't think that's where he is
CCTV footage of passengers getting on the last ferry
I've watched it a thousand times
there's no sign of guy plus he was happy
he was popular I mean
there was no hint that he was about to run away
did you have an argument did kindness mom
well his mom died nine years ago
and he's a teenager I mean yeah
we argue all the time
there must have been some kind of search of the island
not a particularly thorough one
what makes you say that
why they didn't find him
so now you're looking for your son in people's garages
not for him
for clues
I don't know he got desperate
it made sense of the time
any people whose garage it was
are they pressing charges
no it was my angle P
he's fine said just buy him a pint you lucky day
will you
and then will you have a look
fresh paralyzed and all that
and I'll see what I can do
in the meantime stay out of people's garages doctor
did he say we didn't do a proper search for guy
cause we did
and the CCTV footage of the ferry
look I've seen it
it's a Rugby scram anyone could be there
Kais in the mainland is obvious
can't do any harm to look at the file
I seen there is a file
evening all
oh God I just said even more
oh Grace
what can I get you oh uh
orange juice please
I don't have that with orange squashed
just a water then thank you right
and is it all right to take that stuff down in my room
like we said I totally forgot um
you leave it with me okay
Owen hi
oh oh yeah
right uh
yeah uh
so this is my Hangul oh yes
Doctor Predo was searching your garage I believe
right brilliant
and this is Griffith ah yes
my predecessor hello
actually I'm pleased I bumped into you
I wanted to talk to you about Kai Predo
it's been a year since he disappeared
so I thought
now might be a good time to take another look
but going through his file
I can only find interviews with his dad
his old babysitter in the vicar
what's your background my love
this one of those questions
where we go further and further back
till I finally concede
my grandparents are from Hydrabad
no not at all
you're more English than I'll ever be
no I mean
were you a sergeant in your last place
I was yes
so this isn't a promotion then
so what did you do
your theory was Kai took the last boat to the mainland
I've looked at the CCTV
of the passengers getting on board oh
and you're right
Owen Issa Rugby Scromik at the easelive slip past
but did anyone check the CCTV of the passengers
disembarking in Tenby on the mainland
at Grace Levi
maybe keep this for office hours yeah
oh oh yeah
no that's actually I should call it a night
do each other
about the CCTV and tenby
who the hell are you oh good
get awake I heard you've been asking about Kai Fredo
got people raging although
oh gotta meet her
she sounds mad
then I was walking past your room
and my feet would do it
if you're messing about on the beach
so I thought you know
two beds grease yeah
I'm winter
did you know Kai
everyone knows everyone
he was all right just a kid
do you think you run away
it happens
is that what you do then to find Kai
no it just came up
I met his dad and that was that bold
you've not even unpacked a child has gone missing uh
even so be like shit like you
yeah well
I never got the hang of that
what are you doing on the beach
told you messing about howling at the moon
I love the beach colder the better
my masters have got splinter of ice in my art
but that kid from the story
is that why she called you winter
she says that was my idea
so they chose it when I was still in a valley
sounds like me
he could have gone okay
most do they usually older
but they do you notice how
there's barely anyone here older than 17
and younger than 30
it's like there's a wall somewhere
and they all get colder
Owen still here Owen smart smart knee lights on and you
you're still here
I can't go
I am the island and the island is me
got any mates yet
I'll be a mate pretty useless though
heads always full of mischief
I don't mind nice one
see you later
if you ever need to wash your feet again
that that's fine
nah got basin in my own room
I know you uh
went through this in your statement
but walk me through the day he disappeared
yeah uh wow
I was getting ready for work and uh
Kyle was on his way out
but he didn't come back that night
so I just assumed it stay with a friend
did he do that a lot yeah
they all did it's an island
it's enclosed it's safe
he wasn't back the next morning
and about lunchtime I started to get worried
so I rang around no one had seen him
I went to the police station
asked them to help me look and
and the widow's whale began
so we had to wait the widow's what
the widow's whale it's a weatherfront
I mean it arrives around this time every year
how long does it last
sometimes a day sometimes a week
but then it can linger over the sea
so can be really sunny here
but contact with the mainland can get a bit patchy
are you
I'll go easy on yourself doctor
I'll make some tea
unless you like something a little stronger
uh tea is good
thank you tea it is
oh my God oh
my God
the Nuncarroll family have lived on S
Jordy for centuries in the early 1900s
Christopher Nuncarroll set off to travel the world
but he returned to the island in the winter of 1917
bearing unsettling news in the Americas
he had seen the first signs of Spanish flu
he knew it was headed for Saint Jory
and so convinced the islanders
to cut themselves off from the rest of the world
nothing came in or out for five years
not a traveler not a supply ship
not a letter not so much as a radio signal
by the time
they reestablished contact with the outside world
Spanish flu had killed over 500 million people
around the globe and 228,000 in Britain alone
where I say Jordy hadn't lost a single soul
Christopher Nancarro's bravery and decisiveness
saved the island
please select a video Wales Best Kept Secret
the true way Spanish
Reverend Carriage for the Douglas
you're here to talk about Carpenter aren't you
I'm pleased
that someone is looking into his disappearance
I never really understood
why Owen and Griffith didn't get more manpower
from the mainland
I get the sense they don't like UPS and intervention
when was the last time you saw him
uh I think it was
I don't know a few days before he disappeared
does this mean anything to you
set me as a seal upon your heart
as a seal upon your arm for love is stronger's death
passion faces the grave this flashes of
flashes of fire a raging flame
in fact can I
yes this is me
this is this is where I highlighted it
I gave this to him
or Kai
had asked me
if there was a quote in the Bible about love
and I said that you know
my favourite was from song of songs
you didn't mention this last time around
in your interview well
I know I think it was a month or so
before you disappeared to us
I completely forgotten about it
did he say why he wanted it
no no
and I didn't ask I didn't want to push it
one thing this job has taught me is that you weren't
people's trust at their speed
kids especially you were friends with Kai
brought many kids his age interested in religion
well I wouldn't go that far
I mean he helped out a bit
he asked questions and he was a nice kid
I wouldn't say that I wanted to recruit him
but I admit you know
I did want to encourage his curiosity
oh one of the thing um
in the visitor center I saw a picture of uh
what is it the liberation parade
how many customs you people love you haha
any excuse to get dressed up haha
the liberation parade is tomorrow is how they
marks and jewelry being handed back to the islanders
that's not a Senjuri accent no
no I came here about 5 years ago
I uh I fell in love with a member of my congregation
in my old Parish we were gonna get married
the whole thing but it didn't work out
it was a
it was heartbreaking
in the olden days if you wanted to forget someone
you'd sign up to the Foreign Legion
I came here
it's out
the past is always with us on some jewelry
thank you for your time
oh hi love
what are you doing here come for your lunch box um why
I'll just bring it home I know
but as I was passing oh I see bloody hell
hey Chris
this is this is Ellen
lovely to meet you
Owen's been telling me a lot about you
how's he know and this is Owen 2
Owen No. 2 no
Owen as well
oh right hello
how how are you
so where are you two off to then
all dressed up oh
Evan's gonna show me around the island
help me get a lay the land
I know he's been really patient putting up with me
I've been riding him pretty hard
I'm gonna go to my office
been raging you hard is she
here we go I don't think
I didn't notice you calling her Grace like that
it's her bloody name Polly
that's why I describe the atmosphere in you
you know I'm sensitive to atmospheres
Christ woman is oddly lie
if someone had come in here just now
and seen the both of you giggling like kids
that'll be that I would
she's pissing people off asking about Kai Predo
it's rude
where's that music coming from
oh just noisy neighbors
I was talking to the vicar about the liberation parade
tomorrow night shouldn't we be organising stewards
getting support from the forces on the other islands
we tend to let them get on with it
so pleases itself so what
we just sit in the station
no usually we take the night off
you take the night off yeah
look I know it sounds a bit
have a nice day
it'd be awkward awkward why
what the hell happens where is that music coming from
alright mate
looks like you're having quite party
never mind
whose house is this
who's house is this who stop the music
I need to see everyone's ID
not gonna happen though wait a second
are you a stripper girl
I have reason to believe all the guests are underage
I'll count to 3 gentlemen
cooperate for a Nicky dose
awesome this Indian cost extra
oh come on love choice
cuff them both
now Owen
party's over folks
put your drinks down and make your way out now
shouldn't have done that excuse me
it's good for the kids to love some steam
saves us a lot of bother
I was gonna uncuff you now
then you gonna go inside
and we're not gonna hear a peep out of you till mid 30s
go on do one
that was actually really hot
undermine my authority
in front of a member of the public
or hesitate when I give you an order again
and I will have you up on a disciplinary are we clear
we said we will stood right here
and we agree that you were gonna shut her down
what do we hear huh
you're sick as bloody thieves
can't stop her asking questions
of course you can just starve her of the oxygen
oh I
I don't know
attention and and stop this Predo nonsense
and here she is the No. 1 detective ladies agency
you say something Griffith
you're not getting the message my love Owens useless
so I'll tell you
you're not a good fit here
it's just it's horses for courses
enough I'm helping the girl
you don't speak a Duolingo
it's not your fault
it's theirs for sending you to do a white man's job
but raking up the Kai Preto case
I mean
is it a promotion you're after
or do you just want to piss on my reputation
okay Grace
go upstairs love I'm sorry
you shouldn't have to put up with this
no it's fine
let him get it out
time wars you not knew your place
you were grateful and happy with what we what you had
you know life was simpler then it was simpler you know
you're taking everything
you got a bumpy old station
now you're in my station I just thought of that
you're gonna pay for that
what Greg
don't worry about it love
it's just a drink Griffith
so you're gonna pay for that drink
stop right there
you know what gets me about you love
first the amateurs
the evil looks the names
I've just had 6 months of having my tire slashed in
dog shit through my letterbox
so really this is nothing
what really pisses me off is
I'm trying to find out if a young boy was abducted
or her in some way
but you small minded bigots won't help me
because of the way I look
the way I sound luckily
I have more of a sense of loyalty to that boy
than his bloody neighbors do
you do not have to say anything that
anything you do say may be noted in evidence
I'm not even gonna ask if you're coming
I know exactly why your loyalties lie
sit down and shut up
oh try me please
by the time you get out
everyone on this island will know
how you got your ass kicked by a girl
you've come to say I should let him out
save you breath I wasn't
he was out of order
and the whiskey thing
there's no one more generous than Lori
but it's always pissed her off
and he shouldn't have said that stuff
look we don't all think that
not sure even he does I've seen his wife
poor cow well
thanks but um
it was stupid
it's hard enough getting people to accept me
now there's this I don't know
they took balls
and the way you sort out the crowthage wings
just like blush blush
then Griffith they teach you that in Newcastle
you like John Wick
so do you want a cup of tea then
yeah that'd be great
make Griffi the coffee
he hates coffee
there's something I wanna show you
okay so
I know
we said that Kai can have gone back to where he came
and there's no other route aside from the harbor
but that's not strictly true and
head down that way there's a little path
it's a dead end
but across the gardens and get to the woods
and past that is a cliff
and you didn't search any of that
well a bit and
okay not a lot
all right
Griffith was certain he just got on board
I still think that but yes
possible that Kai went down there
let's look tomorrow
it's a big area
we won't get it covered before the liberation
for it starts but it pleases itself
you said yeah
no I know
but um
it gets quite busy and noisy and stuff
and we don't miss anything so
Grace so lovely to meet you at last
I'm Heather Landcarro oh um
I didn't expect what um me to look like me haha no
I'm I'm sure you didn't so put it history
my father fell in love in Ghana
brought his beautiful wife back to S
Jury and here I am via Oxford and the spell in Paris
well I'm much the same at Nottingham Newcastle here
I'm sorry I've taken so long to track you down
I wanted to welcome you to the island personally
I was in the Vista Centre yesterday
learning all about how
Lord Nanccarro saved the island from Spanish blue
your grandfather and the very sick man
Huntington's disease it's hereditary oh
I'm sorry
did you listen to the part titled The True Way
that's what gets really interesting
whilst the island was on lockdown from the Spanish flu
my grandfather
convinced the islanders to renounce their Christianity
and to follow the true way instead
the polytheistic faith he concocted from Celtic
Viking mythology with a twist of the Native American oh
okay the symbol I keep seeing dotted around the island
the triangle with the eye in it is
is that the true way hmm
there are only 30 families living here then
so easier to manipulate as the population grew
when became more diluted the true way disappeared
and my grandfather went off to try somewhere else
and was never heard of again
it's an interesting history though
and what we like to lean into for the tourists hmm
could someone have compelled Griffith to limit
the investigation into Kai Predo's disappearance
you mean did I
well even if that were possible
why would I
well messy inquiry
wouldn't do much for the Trip Advisor reviews
neither would a kidnapper or a killer still at liberty
that was the port in the mainland
blokes had they only keep the CCTV footage
a month before they wipe it
okay you can go
what you're right
nothing's happening go home
I'm sure and I'm gonna be pleased to see you no
I'll say she's with mates and always with a sister
and you know besides
it should be a police presence cause we're needed
you're gonna go search some woods and cliffs
aren't you do you want me to come
I'm good
Owen why didn't you get support from the mainland
two of you searching the whole island
just doesn't make any sense
why wasn't everyone pitched in
you know I'm asking
someone made that call
and that someone has to be Griffith why
look kids go to the mainland you'll see
let's go
you are
no no no
no no
no no
no no
no no no no
no no
no no
no no
no no
no no no no no no
no no
no no
no no
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no no
no no
no no
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no no
no no
no no
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