The Red King (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

it's too late for you I mean
and at my office this is Griffith's office
it was but Griffith retired
you're not a good fit here
how many customs do people have here
it's an interesting history
and one we like to
lean into for the tourists
a child has gone missing
asking about Kai pre door
she's pissing people off Griffith
Kai just jumped on the
last ferry to the mainland
I don't think that's where he is
I love you
I love you
we come into contact
with people with complex
mental health issues all the time
out there at work
you think the chaos will be different
so it blindsided me
work was a very toxic environment
they at that time wasn't
a safe space for you
no no absolutely
I was only in the room
where Matt killed himself
because Fredericks
and Cooper just turned up
yes but the reason you were hiding
is because you'd reported them
I wouldn't say I was hiding
that complaint you made
how do you feel about that now
the same so that had to happen
he didn't say a shame
your colleagues took a
predator off the streets
made the world well safer
and what do you do you report
them and you had no shame
I find that pretty disgusting
wait a minute you can't say that
I'm off duty
this session finished 2 minutes ago
um hi
Grace and Ryan we spoke
on the phone you look shot love
yeah bit of a long night
I found the body
secured scene and then called you guys
it's Kai Predo 13 years
old missing exactly a year
I'd actually just reopen the case
I got stuck in their way
so it's great you're here
first thing I need from you is
somewhere to set up
shop uh yes police station
so you go down actually I'll show you
some of the streets don't have names here
and the ones that do it mostly consonants
Grace was it take a breath love you goblin
the next thing I need is hotels and B
and B's is eight of us yeah
and last off we don't know this is Caprido
because unless I'm very much mistaken
the body hasn't been identified yet
yeah no uh I know I just
mean it it's probably him
oh right well
if it's probably him
I'll just tell the pathologist
to sit this one out
shall I
well I'm not a bloody sniffer dog
I need you to take me to the body donor
so the way I say it equips
inside door shuts behind him
he gets trapped
that's what happened to Grace last night
she had to call me to let her out
tell her Grace when miles
from a household road
so no one would hear him
poor lad dies of hypothermia
yes why is he gonna close on
it's actually really
common with hypothermia
the victim becomes
disorientated and gets undressed
okay so my question is if it is this Kylad
why wasn't he found a year ago
uh yeah
that's on me
me and Griffith split the island and but I
I searched this side from
Finite Bay to the church but
should be told like okay
I did I didn't really search this area
it was cooled off and dangerous
it just
it didn't occur to me to look in you
so how many days after we
went missing was the search
had to wait for the
weather so five maybe six
you don't think you're still alive do you
no you wouldn't have
survived the first night
where was clothes
they're not in the shelter
so where did he get undressed
he had a backpack too where's that
probably started to freeze in the woods
got undressed there
dumped his backpack
and stuck in his way here
what do I know wouldn't
be doing this 25 years
oh my God
Owen go and get some Kip
then come back here and
help me coordinate Grace
find out who wants that stretch of land
then put out an appeal
for anyone that's been to the shelter
in the last 12 months
I know it seems pretty inaccessible
but you never know
some kid might have
been there with a spliff
found a body but didn't
want to come forward
so just say it's all in
confidence blah blah blah okay
I thought I'd be more useful if I'm
how you getting on with those hotels
am I doing that oh Jesus H yes
if it's not too much trouble
it's our office
I'm the senior officer here
not Owen Owen knows the island you don't
but it's a question of optics
I'm still trying to get established here
once this is over you
go back to the mainland
I don't what the islanders
will have seen is me
just shoved to the
periphery of the investigation
long term
this will affect my ability
to police and protect them
optics haven't exactly done
you any harm so far Grace
we make the best of what we've got
not all of us have your charm Ann
listen we'll have to get
the body to the mainland
and identified
get the 50 action started
nor before this Owen
what you call that weather thing again
the winter's whale yeah yeah
it hits the island every year
cuts us off from the mainland for a bit um
phone lines internet a lot
it's on our world's freakiest
weather on YouTube
thanks love now piss off and get some sleep
I am not gonna stay here a
moment longer than I have to
so sorry not sorry
that there's no time to
worry about your feelings
fine go back through the statements
re interview the witnesses
integral enough for you
there's something else you
should consider the true way
what's that oh
what the shit is this it's a pagan faith
someone tried to
introduce her 100 years ago
and the word is it never took root
but what if it did
what if it's still active
but what's that got to do with the dead lad
well the island has held a parade
around the time Chi disappeared
and none of them are interviewed what
oh God
is it Kai you found you found a body
is it Kai we're going to
issue a statement in G course
what are you talking about
you found a body haven't you
what the hell are they all doing here
I'm sorry but
we cannot discuss the
details of active investigations
no don't do this Grace
please don't do this he must be Kai's dad
I'm on I'm leaving the major instant team
you're right
we're here because Grace
has found a body and yeah
there is a chance it could be Kai
but we can't be certain
because it hasn't been identified yet
and that is not me bullshitting you
we genuinely don't know but
here's what's gonna happen
as soon as I know something
I'm gonna call you we've
got your number right
if you don't hear anything from me
it's cause I don't know anything
is there anyone you can be with today
no I'm worried about that
I'm fine okay
look I'm so sorry and whatever the outcome
I know this year must
have been awful for you
but like I said as soon as I hear anything
I will call you
Jesus Christ
it's his son
we drop the protocol and
throw the guy a freaking bone
will you
just just get some sleep
cause you are not used to me like this
don't forget the widow's whale
don't forget the widow's whale
expect it to arrive any day now
wait wait
hang on
who's Matt in the pub actually
give me a sec oh
that hell we hang
all right
she's taking a walk or
do you work around here
we're gonna farm today off my loli
we're taking a walk now yeah
I was just there following the route
the liberation parade
looks like it got pretty wild
did you see it
it's hard to work
do you have to be in the
true way or can anyone join
haha the true way has to focus
focus for the tourists right
I've got to ask why
did you take off like that
can't be chatting that I'm working for
he's a beast
totally understand no further questions
my love instead
let's do this properly
in the next day or so
we've reopened the Kai Predo case
you'd be amazed how many crimes get solved
because someone saw something
while they're out walking
so I'll be in touch cheers
in a bluntin
part of a munwest
really long go
Griffith yeah
and I'm leaving the
MIT to fancy quick power
ah haha
don't be too hard on Owen
you know he's a good lad
I was thinking
was that kids go to
the mainland all the time
sit down
Owen must have looked at
that shelter and thought well
you know Kai's not that daft ah
we all make mistakes
said the Dalek climbing off the dustbin
oh this is my wife Min
alright love hey
you'll have to speak up she's from Vietnam
do you like it here do you
it's not like the picture
we met online
and my profile picture was
me on holiday in Crete yeah
we've been through this
I never said it was here hmm
you never said it was
you 20 years ago either
so I am I just wanted
to pick your brains really
I mean Owens a sweetheart
but I said to myself
and if you want to know
the wise and the Ware force
you got to speak to the gaffer
so here I am I don't know about that
hang on a minute Mister
what's that all about
for you to handles back
oh what can I say
bit of a memento
well it's the least you deserve
so what you thinking about
Kai then locked himself in the shelter
dies a hypothermia nothing flashy
met my replacement then I have indeed okay
it's nothing to do with her being Indian
I mean how good it be if seen the wife now
it's her attitude she's ambitious
nothing wrong with that but um
you know someone like her
she wouldn't choose to
come somewhere like this
you should have to be sent
it's a punishment post thing I knew it
as she said she'd that
dog shit through its box
what did she do
how can we get satellite
pictures of the area
around the shelter
on the nights after Kai went missing
know what sort of satellite pictures
I don't know this is what I'm asking
could you check with air
support on the mainland
see if they have the helicopter up
between September 1st and 3rd last year
I need Annes to sign up for that
you're absolutely right
we have to be mindful of hierarchies
hold on I'm a senior officer
so we don't have to ask her for you
well done for checking though
did you really just say
I'm really sorry about the surge
feel awful but I honestly
I do forget it
you were just following orders
that sounds wrong lack of orders
I'm not making any sense it's fine
listen did Kai ever get
in trouble with the police
not like other kids
there was a time someone called us out
because they thought
someone was in their garden
it was Kai but it was
just a misunderstanding
Griffith other word
and that was it oh
you made the call
Lucy Popkin I know that name
she was Kai's babysitter issues
interviewed after Kai went missing
did Kai say why was in the garden
like I said it was Griffith
other word not me
do you fancy a brew then hmm
I have no idea
the Chi disappeared
around the time of last
year's Liberation parade
so I followed the route
they take up that hill
and there's a massive hole there
yeah that area is usually cooled off
I think they tried to build
a mine in the olden days
but there's Sodle down
there and it never got filled in
if there was a big festival
around the time someone went missing
you would check for a link
you would take statements
from the people there right
not you one 1
would us us would should
when was the last time you slept
34 hours ago oh
bloody hell Chris go home
did you say something
let me give a try
did he
ever thank you
that rapist to civil liberties
got you so hot and bothered
he must have sent a note
or a book token perhaps I mean
it's it's just manners
he didn't know the last I heard
they were still feeding him through a tube
oh dear
how sad never mind
what about the girl though
must be such a comfort for her
knowing her attacker
had you looking out for him
girls plural
there were two that we know of
the first one never went to trial
I think you're a bit tapped love
I think you've got a screw loose
there's not a copper in here
who wouldn't do the same as those boys
then I'd report you too
that's how principals work
not gonna say hello dad rude
that's better
how's it going still
winning over hearts and
minds or playing the long game
sit down take the weight off
you found Kai then
yeah yeah we think so
tell me about the treeway
are they still a thing not a clue
I thought you're plugged into the island
I'm the island the island is me
you said yeah
the island not the people
the people are predominantly twats
what goes on at the Liberation parade
oh God don't go near that
why does no one talk about it
okay fine
basically once a year old
moms and dads get dressed up
put masks on
climb to the top of the hill
and have a massive shag
what uh
did you go
you think I'm letting
some 50 year old dad bod
gets pulls on this real estate
I did ask him why we didn't police it
he said it'd be awkward yeah
seeing your mate from the pub
hanging out the back of your auntie is shit
you can't unsee what about that
that big hole in the ground
is that part of it fuck knows
I reckon the men dance
around it waving their willies
same as a book club on the mainland in it
uh no
I get it though
everyone's been on their
best behaviour for the tourist
so let him get on with it
I see doesn't bother the rest of us
word of advice get better
at hiding your distaste
it's just what happens yeah alright
it's not like anyone asked you to join in
I know you didn't choose to come here
but we didn't choose you either
it's too late
do you want me
oh I Grace
I wanted to apologize again
I mean how did someone
get a dead chicken up there
without anyone noticing
and then winter to laugh like that
what must you think of us
I made this just for you
it's a traditional Welsh breakfast
so you got lava bread and breakfast cakes
lava bread is that a jam
no seaweed
cause it is uh thank you Lori
as I said I don't actually eat breakfast
oh God I forgot
it's fine I'll have it for my lunch
well I am gonna clean that room myself
every inch I'm gonna scrub it
so it's ready for you whenever
you wanna come back
we'll see
how did you get on
with the satellite pictures
no turns out the force helicopter wasn't up
cause of that mad weather thing
last night whoever did
that was bang out of order
has it ever happened before what
no of course not yeah
we guess
that was the first time
there was a cock in your bed
okay well
check with the Coast
Guard if conditions were bad
perhaps they had planes
or drones up looking for
ships answering distress calls
today's a bit full on as it goes
I won't keep you then
is that coffee bring us
one in will you Grace love
positive ID on the body
Kai pre door the cold first thing
I'm gonna head over to his dad's now
I'll go I should go fine
just don't be a twat about it
deliver news that is before well
I'd never guessed from yesterday
Owens a town meeting tonight
so I want you to do that
appeal about getting more information
what about the chicken in my bed
what about it I'm here for Kai
aren't you supposed to
be getting me some coffee
what if it's connected to Kai
oh well you're uh
what is it true believers
or whatever they're called
I've been asking around
and I think I'm getting close to something
and I think this was a warning Grace
I hate to break it to you
but if it's people you've pissed off
the list of suspects is
gonna be longer than
Mr Tickles are yeah
and half it will be your
team why did you tell them
just think people should
know who they're working with
well I certainly do
sky that got me started babysitting
he was 8 it was just for
pocket money back then
I got my regulars now
and I run a little parents
a toddlers group of the village hall
oh cause of Kai
when did you stop
babysitting Kai when he was 11
I bet you stayed friends with him
with his dad well yeah
small island got to stay pals with everyone
and when you went missing
we were frantic we all
helped with the search
I get a sense the search
was a bit half hearted
no Owen was great
went from door to door getting us all out
tell me about when you
found Kai in your garden
that was nothing but you went to the police
cause I didn't know it was Kai
and when they came and I saw who it was
and Griffith had a word of him
and then it was all settled
did you ever find out what Kai was doing
no obviously why
because the next day he disappeared
why is none of this in your statement
Kai had a bit of a crush on me
and didn't want to
make a big thing about it
because then it becomes you know
it's how people will remember him
but Griffith took your statement
and he doesn't mention it either
okay well
thanks for your time
I'll be in touch if I need anything else
and listen it's happened again
someone in the garden at night
this time about a month
ago can you show me where
see that gate at the back
I was stood here I looked
out and the gate was open
and I could see the shape
of someone sort of crouched
by the shed who's that
Silas my boyfriend
ignore him it could have been him
he was on the sofa watching taskmaster
I called him and we ran out
but whoever it was had gone
what's he doing he wants
to build a bomb shelter
I wish
that was the weirdest thing
anyone had said to me today
did you report it please
I will now though if it
happens again now you're here
oh random question
you didn't go on the liberation parade
did you you know what goes on up there
EWW so you don't remember the true way
that's just a tourist thing
the greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world
he was just a tourist thing
it really is a massive package
so congratulations now
we're hoping that the Widows
Whale won't be too ferocious this year
but as ever will be here in the hall
and we'll have hot meals
and blankets and a crash
and of course we'll have
a lorries as I like to call it
a pop up pub
so if you need us and it's safe to do so
or if you just want some
company then we'd love to see
right now
I'm going to hand over to
sergeant Grace and Ryan
hi I haven't been here very long
and this is obviously not the way
I would have like to
introduce myself to you all
as many of you will
know a body was found in
the old lookout shelter on the cliff path
that body has now been
confirmed as Kai Predo
I'm sure you'll all join me
in extending our deepest
sympathies to his father Ian
the exact cause of death
hasn't been determined yet
so we would ask anyone with any information
to please speak to us
everything will be treated
in the strictest confidence
of course
thank you
uh uh thank you sergeant
now we normally end with any other business
but I don't think we have
time for that today so
I got a question for Lady Nancardo
reckon you got a pretty
good idea what it's about
it's always nice to hear from you Delan
please go ahead
a lot of us are on the
bones of our asses now and
and 5 months income a year is not enough
we should be allowed to
have tourists here all the time
your grandfather had it all sewn up come
out this way
haven't seen him by the way
no joy with the Coast Guard
so try the Met Office the Met Office
this is getting daft now
what's daft is we keep
having this conversation
obtaining an aerial view of the scene
is one of the 50 actions
of a major incident
it shouldn't be like asking
you for a fucking kidney
the both of us should just give up
I was talking to Lucy Popkin
she was telling me about
the search for Kai last year
she said Owen was great
got everyone organized but I'm confused
because Owen said he
searched the side of the island
where the shelter is but I looked on a map
and that's the opposite
side to where Lucy lives
which makes me think you searched that side
or didn't search it and if that's the case
you're either lazy to the
point of incompetence
or you mismanaged the
search for Kai deliberately
there's something very um
temporary about you my love
you're the tourist
I don't just mean on the
island I mean in this job
you're in a man's world and gets it
we'll have you for our tea
all right
but before you do answer me this
what does Owen know because right now
it looks like
you colluded to undermine
the investigation together
is that it or is he just protecting you
you leave Owen out of this
oh I wanna leave Owen out of this
but first I need to know if you did
Owen does as he's told
that's all my decisions were mine
say jury police station Owen speaking
and is the pathologist
those satellite pictures
just arrived from the metal office
I've forwarded them to you right
thank you um
did you have a chance to look at them
cause you don't want them no
no that's right
I had to go on the handle myself at all
you know to me outside
absolutely it was a bomb waiting to happen
uh huh
sorry sorry
say that again
is this stupid fool
yeah understand
alright thanks Andy
yeah I will do you too bye
what they tell you
if it walks like a duck
and talks like a duck
chances are it's a bastard duck
what did he say hypothermia
Chi must have got lost in the woods
started to get cold disorientated
got himself undressed and
then crawled into the shelter
and that was that poor lad
good your face
you really thought
something fishy was going on
didn't you oh
we still don't know who put
that chicken in my bed yeah
and when you find out you'll
be massively disappointed
trust me nine times out of 10
death is mundane and
crime is really banal seriously
they should have that
in Latin under insignia
anyway I thought you'd be
glad to see the back of us
oh shit that reminds me Owen
would you shut the weather report for us
when does your mad storm land
can I read the apologist report
what in case he's missed something
I just like to read it fill your boots
it says this afternoon Christ
do you hear that everyone
chop chop
it says it
with traces of rowanberry
seeds in Kai's teeth yeah
probably grown in the woods somewhere
people eat all salts in that state stones
leaves G mind if I you've been CC
I should tell Ian good idea
let's go there now you know it was Griffith
you screwed up the search
of the shelter and not Owen
what was it silly old sod
I should have his pension for that right
last piece of advice before I go
your obsession with the letter of the law
is all good and well but upholding the law
and protecting people
are not always the same
you know what I'm talking about
you're wrong
I'm trying to get two
corrupt offices off the street
was protecting people there
has to be a line in the sun
otherwise it is just chaos
Jesus Christ
your last boss must have
been permanently knackered
I've only been with you for two days
and I feel like I need a bloody spa break
what's that it's my number
I might come in useful one day
someone who's been there done that and
and I mean this
I think there's a great
cop in there somewhere
and listen I think that
about you too I really do
how is he he not great
doesn't have any family here
does he that's one of us pop by once a week
have a cup of tea Jackie's okay
you uh speak to Griffith then
you're a good friend to him Owen
better than he deserves hmm
I do the same for you
thank you
right you were saying well
I'd just arrived
and I asked you what crime was like here
that I met Ian
you told me about Kai and it all kicked off
so you were saying oh right yeah
well sometimes
a pig or a cow might go
missing from one of the farms
and I was there
why what
no reason I'm just gonna stop you
right who's gonna tell her
fine I'll choose
which one are you Arlin
we discussed this what's your name today
twat No. 1
which makes you twat No. 2
that's better
twat No. 1 get off the floor
it was us to put a chicken in your bed
why was that twat No. 2
because you ruined our party
because we're pathetic little man babies
what you wanna do with them
I'm sure Lody could do some help
cleaning the pub for a week each
she's right boys
those toilets where angels fear to tread
perhaps so you'd like
to escort the marrow in
but hate for them to get
lost along the way lads
she hit me
she can't do that well did
she must have missed that
how did you know the
island told me not truly
so we made sense
I can have my office back
weird days carried an accident yeah
nothing to do with the true weight
turns out that's just a tourist thing
wish someone had told me
be honest what were you imagining
weed arrested a suspected rapist
this is back on the mainland
he went to trial but he was
acquitted on a technicality
and that night two of my
colleagues attacked him
put me in a coma so I reported them
when someone does that
the police closed ranks
I was ostracized I lost everything
and on the last day
literally the day I emptied out my locker
another cop killed himself in front of me
just before he did he talked about a plan
he said someone had threatened his family
and the last thing he said was
it's too late for you I mean
I was cleared of any wrongdoing
but I still have to be punished
for making a complaint
against my colleagues
ah welcome to S
anyway I was convinced
that this cop's death
was connected to what had just happened
to me why else would he say that
the thing about conspiracy theories is
yeah they're comforting
they imply structure
a plan that someone's in control is chaos
that's all
someone tries to install a
new secretive religion here
100 years later a young boy disappears
on the night of one of their festivals
my career implodes someone kills himself
there is no connection like
this is what Ann was telling me
it's mundane it's just human
they ever find out why
the cop killed himself
he had bipolar disorder
it got missed somehow
wouldn't find out till afterwards
everyone hates me don't they
ah they'll come around
you meant to say no they don't
what's that
I asked someone from the MI
to get me an aerial shot of the shelter
during last year's widow's whale
when Kai was trapped in there
a symbol of the true way
wait what's wrong
I think that's a car
look how close it is to the shelter
even during the storm even in the car
they'd have known Kai was in there
they were listening to him die
hi Grace
you have to come back I found something
you're gonna have to speak up
I can't hear you
I've just seen a satellite
picture of the shelter
on a night Kai died
and there's a massive true way symbol
someone drew it on the top of the cliff
another and a car
a fucking car someone
was there listening to him die
it's the true way I knew it
I knew they're involved
and did did you hear me
uh sorry
I I didn't get any of that
was that Grace yeah
just wanted to say goodbye bless her
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