The Red King (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

positive ID on the body type we do
Chimus locked himself in the shelter
dies a hypothermia the wind is well
it's a weatherfront arrives
around this time every year
contact with a main
man can get a bit patchy
I've just seen a satellite
picture of the shelter
on a night guy died
and there's a massive
true way symbol and a car
someone was there listening to him die
oh no no no no
no no
no no
no no no no no no
no no
no no
no no no no no no
no no
no no
no no no no no no no
no no
no no
no no
no no no no no
no no
no no
no no no
I love you
hi yeah
it's Grace yeah I'm Georgie
what's that you're doing chemistry homework
oh I was hopeless of that
I like to pee though
it's probably not even called that anymore
so we just wanna talk to your mum
for Berza Hamads the phone
numbers of a social worker
her GP and my auntie I stay
with her when this happens
it's fine
mum takes lithium but Mr Lasti
because they'd run out the chemist
and she decided she
wants to paint the kitchen
so we came here
which doesn't have any money
so she took the paints
into the ladies toilets
and she tried to get them out the window
I'll talk to the manager
she will understand
first I'm gonna call your auntie it's fine
I can stay here
I can imagine things can
get a bit with your mom tricky
we're all right
I could do with a bit of a breather
I'm gonna give this to my mate then
would you mind if I
sat in the quiet with you
for a bit it it would help
me yeah I don't mind
oh my God
don't bother
during the widows where
we completely cut off
nothing comes in nothing goes out
it's like North Korea
in the meantime
your presence is required
where we're here generally
come on what no
I might be needed for
the m storm and everything
nice try they've been
doing this for 500 years
trust me they've got it covered
everyone still processing
what happened to Kai
it's up to you
and me to show them that
things are back to normal
so come out from behind the desk smile
make mine numbing small talk
trust me
it'll be good for you
and it'll be good for them
can you do a sweep around the wall
pick up any street glasses
and then do me a little
sign that says cashew move
sorry that's me done set it
up Grace how Grace what
I don't know out there
suppose for those later she might
where is she she was right there
you said you'd help me when did I see that
and do this get one of the
monks breathers to do it
did you see which way she went
girl I don't know yeah she's a great kid
sorry no supermodels
not today this isn't a fashion show
I am Mr Brussel oh
it's gonna be a mad one this year I reckon
hear that thunder
that's a lovely raincoat anyway right
kitchens there pubs there
Vicker calls it a pop up
what was that Griffith oh
I was just pointing you
know it's the raincoat
oh you say it's lovely yeah
we know it is don't
need you pointing it out
it's obviously a lovely
rain called ask anyway
it's okay silence Jesus
have a day off for you
here you go
oh wait it's hot
don't just knock it
back like it's a tequila
like a shot Tequila's a drink
it's a grown up drink it's Mexican
great bye
uh two choc laces please
I don't think we have any of those yeah
no I know it's just the
way it's like you're in a van
it doesn't matter oh um how
long does this usually last
I speak I started not
even sung the song yet
what song but when the storm hits his peak
it makes the bell in the church time
when that happens
there's a traditional song we will sing
um so how long were you talking
uh day maybe more
I mean last year was best
part of the week a week
you can't wait a week
so this need to show you something
please you made it
did you bring it yeah
thank you but we do it after the song right
we are in the corner and just so you know
your money is no good today
which is
get him a coffee first
how do they do the symbol is our paint
it's stones when we
were outside the shelter
there were these random
stones laying around
I thought it was weird
I couldn't see how it got up there
what kind of car is that a Land Rover maybe
who on the island owns
a Land Rover type car
lots of people because
of all the hills and farms
did Anne see this no
she literally just left I tried calling her
but then the storm
landed and we got cut off
I told you though didn't I
the true way is still active
and one of them basically killed Kai
yeah look
I did it
the choice is Tori stuff Maurice
dance in the masks that's all
there she is yeah
not now winter
this is police business calm down
I've already seen it
police business blessing
how come she seen it before me
she's not in the police one lady person
so what's the plan uh
we've got it covered thank you winter
I shouldn't have shown you
the picture is vitally important
you don't tell anyone else about it okay
but you can trust me come on
it's not about trust
this is a murder investigation now so wait
you don't think it was
me in that car do you
we haven't eliminated anyone yet
oh my God I'm a murder suspect well
I mean it was only a
matter of time but sadly
as much as I'd like to savor
the moment walk this way
we do this every year
the Widow's Weight has
become just another big party
and every year
someone takes a picture to commemorate it
I'm the Victor does a speech
I'm the Victor does a speech anyway
the Sally picture was
taken basically now yeah
during the Widow's Whale so
whoever was in this picture
couldn't also be in that car right
and behold there I am
Owen can you get me
the names of everyone else
in this picture
well I never noticed that before
but go in your pal
Griffith isn't in the picture
shit all day long
neither is your mom
what happened in 2018
it goes straight from 2017 to 2019
Hiya Grace yeah
Silas we we've not met
but you've been to my house
oh yes
you were measuring your
garden for a bomb shelter
oh shit keep your voice down
if it kicks off
I don't want the whole
island knocking on my door
understood yeah um
how can I help you
it's about Kai Winter would
you mind stepping outside
what no please
this is gonna be absolute
gold the winter boundaries
hey tell me after I'll
be next door no piss off
post mortem said it was an accident right
I don't think it was
let me guess you read something online okay
so if it wasn't an accident
what was it the true way
go on
everyone says they're just for the tourists
well that's bullocks
they're real
they're all around us
manipulating events on ST Jury
and I've not been quiet about this
there's a target on my back
where does Kai come in
maybe he heard something
maybe he saw something
you know how the first Lord Nancarro
left the island
to spread the true way around the globe
and was never seen again
he's still here
my mate Brian Starkey was burned down
of course in their house
once saw Lord on Cado in the salon
said he's musty machine
you don't believe me
where's Brian now Swansea
here we go
look I've got a file back
a home full of their
customs and beliefs and stuff
I'm happy for you to take a look
thank you Silas yes we may well do that
oh god you don't believe him
do you he's total tenfold hot brigade
even as a kid
he thought somebody was drugging his Fanta
it's weird he said the true way though
okay fine
as I said we tell no one about this picture
whoever was in that car
might be in the room next door
and with the accidental death verdict
they'll think they're safe
they might slip up help
someone's attacking us
look at this yeah
you fine take it easy enough that I Dunga
what about all the blood
it's a nice blade he fell on his face ah
not everyone can handle that drink
speaking of which
right you definitely
didn't see who did this
I came in for a pee
someone must have sneaked in
and slammed my head against the wall
and the next thing I
know I'm on the floor and
how do you like to looking down on me
I'm required to ask
if you want this incident investigated
do right
I could have brain damage
okay well
if you remember anything else
just grab one of us I told you didn't I
I got a target on my back
look I know you're gonna say
and I don't reckon it's cause
what he said earlier wait
what did he say earlier
science gets on people's Wick
it's just a fact you know what
it's not your fault it's my
fault for listening to you
listening to him say what winter
excuse me for taking an
interest in your wood things
the true way beat him up
why would they do that because
don't think the beast nice
only telling her because it's bollocks
like more stuff he says
I'm with Owen
Silas talks pretty much
and diluted bollocks
apparently not I mean
Silas came to us with a genuine
oh my god I'm doing it
again go and stand over there
further so rude
you saw the satellite picture
why are you still so
reluctant to believe the true
were involved I'm not
I just mean in terms of
you'd want to lump Silas
as a crowded field yeah
and it's lazy thinking like that
which was why Kai's body was
sat in that shelter for a year
and I have a word uh yeah
I need to sit down uh winter
could you help Silas get settled
in the caretaker's office
oh now you're involving
me right come on you
I'll be in in a minute
don't listen to Silas it wasn't a true way
it was Griffith but Silas
remembered something no
look I'm sorry
and I know Griff is a mate
but he's got a thing for me
remember when I said
someone was in my garden again
I didn't report it to the police
cause I thought it was him
that's why you think he attacks Silas
because he's jealous I was
best mates with Beth Anne
so I was round all the time
even then I tried not to
have too much to do with him
now she's gone everywhere
I look very bloody ex wait
sorry who
who's Beth on his daughter
left the island 2 years ago
just before the widow's whale
where did she go I don't know
she never told me
I was a bit pissed off at
first but we get her now
he saved me
I've been alive for dad
asked why did she leave
cause of him
he's an asshole
okay Lucy
thank you um
please don't send to
Griffith leave this with us
I don't think we're fit attack Silas
no I'm not saying he didn't he could've
his name keeps coming up
he didn't do a proper search for Kai
plus he wasn't in last year's picture
which begs the question if he wasn't here
where was he now there's his daughter
what's his story Griffith
doesn't talk about it
reckon she's on the mainland though
that's what you said about Kai
are you starting to see my point yeah
oh the bell
get out come on
come on ready
one two three
the way you love me is
frightening you better know
that's your traditional song yeah
Knocking Wood by Eddie
Floyd it's Motown classic
you never told me there was a song oh
oh sorry love yeah
well I should have
and well
well I'll write the words down and we can
we can practice together for next year
you'll be you'll be in need to by then
part of the furniture
now did you get the mattress done
I stopped before I threw
it out the bastard window
we'll have a look together
she doesn't know what's going on
I says to her that monsoons
where you come from
don't they
such an idiot that bloke
seriously does my edit
hey what happened to
that boy you got beaten up
no no
you didn't get beaten up
did someone just give him
a shove and he bust his nose
and now everyone's making
a fuss and he's loving it
hmm he's married to that pretty Lucy
they're not married
so you're going to get me a drink
get me a rum I've just sat down
God just shut your ass
hi Min
isn't it I'm Grace the new Clifford
yeah yeah
she doesn't understand you
oh right
okay can I have a quick word
nice to meet you
are you heard what happened to Silas
I'm just asking around in
case someone saw something
and you thought you'd stop with me
reckon you got a bit of a soft spot for me
oh there only flesh and blood Clifford
so do you know Silas well
oh that's a different question
different to what did I see anything
I'm just trying to orientate myself
you know work out how
blar is connected to BLA
no I don't
not especially no
you're friends with Lucy
Morgan Silas really aren't you
I didn't see anything I was
sat with Lody and the boys
thanks that's what I need
Blimey what a Plaza
this is what the widow's
well was like last year
oh I wouldn't know
I wasn't here oh
I thought a police presence
was kind of obligatory
Owen stood in for me Owen's 12
where were you it was a
wife's first widow's whale
I was at home with her
we done that one other thing
Lucy thinks someone
sneaking into a garden again
would you make it that well
we all know who is harassing Lucy
it's unlikely to be Kai again
what them being dead and everything warm
getting warmer oh toastie
what's that supposed to mean do your job
thank you
that's mad about say less and I yeah yeah
is he all right oh yeah
did you um did you see anything though
like maybe one of your boys disappeared
just before it happened
please run now are you
I told you I'm up in Grace today
I saw you meant making cups of tea
not interrogating people what can I say
specific duty no seriously
I take that shit well
I'm sorry to ruin your fun
but if I think of anything
I'll be talking to Grace oh
the dishwasher I stop
the dishwasher properly
but you just chuck stuff in
I mean everything's chipped
I also tidy my room and do my homework
I'm basically a legend okay
all right
and just explain to the
viewers what we're discussing
I'm saying that
I should get my birthday
money early this year
and explain to the viewers why
because the new thing
is coming out at midnight
on the tenth
I wanna make it because you
is not what happens
Mommy such a 9:20
the true way what do they do
give me the headlines do about what
about killing people well
they don't really talk
about it in those terms okay
how do they talk about it
well there's executions
on the sacrifices look
it's only my file when the storm's over
I can walk you through it
where is it this file
it's in my house yes
where I'm gonna get it what
you can't go out to this no
Grace doesn't see where is it Silas
I don't leave this stuff flying around
is it a dresser under the stairs
in a box of photo albums unmarked 5
red plastic cover
so where does whale Grace
just wait till be over soon
dresser under the stairs boxer photo albums
red cover got it keys
the true way is the only league we have
Silas made the same connection
and someone attacked him
someone in here it was conspicuous
it was clumsy so they're panicking
this is an opportunity
we have to exploit it
I've got my radio if anything happens
I'll shout I promise
who are you
I think Lord is the werewolf
because when we were just talking
and everyone was saying it was a land
she was dead quiet and I sought her
what's her game
am I still dead
you are still dead and you
stay dead for the whole game
do you mind if I have
a quick word with Owen
all right go on then go on come on
left holding the fort then
while she goes off showbooting
something came up
I don't mind what she up to
a sniffing around me again
sky isn't it
I thought that was done and dusted
it's just been thorough I guess
remember that time you know
they've been in the job about three months
and we had that stank party
come over from the mainland
it's all kicking off in the pub
we go in I'm trying to calm things down
I look around wezzow in and Lori's like
he's hiding in the ladies toilets
I coaxed you out let you
take charge of the situation
I thought he needs to know he can do this
like blooded you that day
you're forgetting the ties that bind
what's all this about Kai
sorry Griffith
can't discuss that remembers the public
where's the dog someone find dog freedom
no it's right
that's why she's breathing
I told you this was a stupid thing to do
no no
no no
no no
this is him help
there was a man he was wearing a mask
he was right here
he took it
he took the file
this is getting ridiculous
I never been so busy
you're fine let's take it easy
I'm gonna send in the next patient
did Kai know about you and Lucy
he found out just before he disappeared
why didn't you mention this
in your interview with Griffith
I didn't think it was relevant
right well
when this is over let's
and you have a conversation
about what relevant means
would you share something that private
Will Griffith
would you trust him with that
and tell me I asked you the other day
I asked you if you had an argument with Kai
and you said no
no I said we argued all
the time this is different
how did Kai find out did he see you
did somebody tell him
I don't know he didn't say
how old was Lucy at the time
17 so it was legal and everything
remind me how old you are Ian
who told you
I went to get something from Lucy's house
while I was there I saw a photo
just her with an ice cream in a restaurant
but it looked familiar
and then I remembered on the DVD of Kai
on the wall in your kitchen
there's a picture of you with
the exact same ice cream
same background same restaurant
it's obviously taken on the same day
you wanted to remember it
but it's a secret so
the only option was to
have this random picture
of just you up
it's over now anyway
we stopped after Kyle disappeared
Lucy and Silas are an odd couple
he's a conspiracy theorist
for one thing I was saying to winter
was it only this morning
I was saying that
conspiracy theories are
basically wishful thinking
juvenile is what they are
it's like having imaginary friends
do you think he holds it back
this is what worries me
I mean you see it all the time
you get a young couple with
one of them's got a bit of fire
and then they get pregnant
and that's it it's over
all that potential it's just wasted
Silas doesn't seem in a hurry to leave
oh why would he
I mean centuries is as
good as it gets for him
do you think if he was on the mainland
he'd be with someone like Lucy
Aaron said
there were quite a few
people that might wanna
give him a little shelf oh
frankly I was surprised there wasn't a cure
look I didn't shut up
just shut up I thought this meant something
but this is just soap opera bullshit
Ian Fredo I'm arresting you for assault
come on is this really necessary
son don't go in for me
you withheld information
about a missing person
yes my son
and then you assaulted someone
so yes
no no no
do you think I would
withhold something important
what's going on Ellen
says you're resting the dark
caution inform me while I get a pen
because we have notebooks because it's 1975
Chris his son died
very well do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention one question
something which you later rely on in court
is it true you've arrested the dock
I've made an arresting
connection to the attack on Silas
that's all I'm gonna say at this
point that can't be right
why would the dock wanna hit me yeah
we know he's had a few
but he's not gonna attack someone
bring him out let's talk to him
did you know that
my decisions don't
have to be proved by vote
this isn't strictly don't worry boys
you don't make an arrest
like that without proof
at least we didn't in my day
maybe Grace does things differently
look he has a doctor a
man of science like me
I told you
let me talk to him
I'm gonna need you to step
back and take a breath Dylan
but where's the proof in a file
not literally nothing to do with you
hmm the motive
hmm that's where I come unstuck
can't for the life of me
see why he'd go for Silas
if you're a stranger who you don't know
someone's just died for God's sake
me and Ian had a thing
all right
I was 17 it's over now
but it happened and it didn't end well
he got hurt
so he gets wasted and
attacks a 22 year old lad
rush in and rescue him
go on your pal DOC Predo
oh my God hug my face
4th road is flooded I have
to go all around the harbour
almost got washed out to see I did
pissed off I miss this all
pardon my friend
what I made today
what's going on
it's difficult to know to start
oh sorry uh Grace
is everything alright yeah
I I didn't realise mum was in here
I just um need to catch my breath
it's fine as you were oh
come come in come in
what's wrong
I just arrested Ian Predo
and it hasn't gone down well
hmm oh God
is he done now
he's drunk isn't he
no he's a bloody man
she's been playing in with drink all day
but in connection to what happened to Silas
and is that in connection
to Lucy in some way
small island
is everything alright
the good doctor
and I thought my condition had plateaued
we were wrong
there's a very good
chance this will be my last
widow's whale
I'm sorry to hear that Heather
thank you
thank you for not asking
me if I'm sure or telling me
they come up with cures
for things all the time
thank you for treating me like an adult
I know this is just another cliche
but is there anything I can do
I'd rather we kept it between us
of course
anything else
you're already doing it
what's this where'd you get that
you stupid police table what's going on
these people's names
Grace won list of everyone
who was here last year
why doesn't matter I'm on
I wasn't on it well
no you weren't yeah
because I was eight months
bloody pregnant at the time
I wasn't gonna come here yeah
I know oh
you are priceless 15
stitches I had for that baby
and now you were putting me on lists
you're not on the list no
but your mates are your neighbors
people whose weddings we've been to
whose kids that you've played footy with
it's police stuff okay
oh it's police stuff
oh she has got you dancing
I told you to keep a distance
because one day she'll be gone
and you'll still be here you
and everyone on that list
thanks Erin
you can sit with the
others I wanna talk to you
September the 5th S
Jury Village Hall five
ten PM interview with Ian Predo
Kai went missing
the morning after he found
out about you and Lucy
just after he was cautioned
for loitering in her garden
how was he that morning
he was fine
we were joking about stuff
that was all totally normal
but later he came back he
was upset about something
I assumed he was
embarrassed about getting caught
but then the next day I go in his room
he's back in
I ask what he's doing
he said he knew about me and Lucy
and then what happened
he walked out
I assumed he gone to stay with a friend
I thought he needed some space
so I left him alone
but he didn't come back the next day
so I went to the police
did you know about Kai's feelings for Lucy
I suspected we suspect
but you did it anyway
and now you wanna
pick up where you left off
which is why you hung onto that picture
and why you're popping up in Lucy's garden
all of a sudden
she's the last
connection I have with Kai
she's the only other person that loved him
you know afterwards
she needed time I get that
I get it
but if we can make it work somehow
and maybe something good will come from it
just a tiny thing
tiny bit of
all right
I fucked up
I know but do we really need to do this
I'm just trying to establish
a timeline of the event
but we know the timeline
I betray
my son with the girl he was in love with
he finds out
he runs away
he hides in that lookout shelter
and he freezes to death
and it's my fault
it's my fault
it's mine it's mine
that's the only time I need
it's not your fault
not entirely
there's something you
need to know about the night
Kai died
so it was eaten in the garden
Griffith still a twat though
did everyone know except me
it's just a couple of
mates is no one's business
only said I could have
bought a battle Grace
he didn't overlap you and him
he ended ages ago
didn't seem right after Kai went missing
did you love him
I'm 17
what I know
so yeah
oh it's over
hurry up down the picture
how can we do the picture
God before everyone leaves
can we just do the picture quickly
um just uh
maybe just just here
do you wanna be a part of this
I can take the cuffs off
just don't flee across the border to Mexico
you think one of them kill Kai
I can't answer that Ian
well it's probably best
you keep the cuffs on
uh great seeing
come on you guys you guys getting as well
can I just say something first
oh what
oh that's lovely
isn't it yes
I go to share something
go to speak from the heart
and you guys just laugh at me
oh just get on with it
you know now and then
people ask me about sin jury
and how do you describe life here
I start with the Widow's Whale
how we all shelter
here in this hall together
I tell them about the unity
how we all sing knock on word
how we all get battered by the elements
but even so a sense of community thrives
like a flower growing in
the crack of a pavement
that I tell them
is who we are
see there you go
was it so difficult
was it honestly so the
loss of you right now
squeeze in a little bit for me please
that is not who you are
Kai's death was an accidental
he was killed by the true way
someone on this island
shot him in that shelter
put down the treeway symbol
parked their car
and waited for a 13 year
old boy to freeze to death
you think you this plucky little island
but the truth is it is chaos here
it is barbaric I'm gonna
find whoever killed Kai
and they are going to prison
then you can be the
island you think you are
sorry Douglas go ahead
count to ten
I knew it was the true
way but he said didn't I
yeah yeah sorry
I'll I'll meet you outside
what do you think girls
the ticket give me them from a jumbo sale
where can I look the business
what's up the true way killed Kai
look we don't know that yet
we're talking about he saw the picture
what picture satellite pictures
I mean from the shelter
where they found him
it was the symbol and the car
someone was there it's that bloody Grace
I'm telling you making stuff up dividing us
is it true
is that what happened to
save it doesn't make any sense
exactly what would the
true way want with Kai
why was a symbol there
it'll be someone playing silly buggers
I bet you anything nothing
to do with the true way
let me ask around here she was what
I know what we should do
what no
why not sort us right out
crack it stuffs in my bag
the four points of the compass
the four rusty nails the four ancient kings
the four jealous beasts
you are the flame that
shows us the righteous path
the true way
and we give you our blood and bones
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