The Red King (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

during the widows where
we're completely cut off
can be really sunny here
but contact with the
mainland can get a bit patchy
the true way
everyone says they're just for the tourists
they're real
he took it he took the file
someone on this island put
down the true way symbol
parked their car
and waited for 13 year
old boy to freeze to death
I'm gonna find whoever killed Kai
you are the flame that
shows us the righteous path
the true way
oh my God
it's off the Welsh coast
it's a community and I'm gonna be there
police sergeant I'm getting a boat there
love about me when will you come back
I don't know as soon as I can
I'll miss you will you
will you really of course will
I will will they love you here
they're always saying
when is Grace visiting
I'm gonna miss you too Mum
you're not my daughter
my daughter's a whore
is the car is a non starter
we don't even know what colour that is grey
green maybe it could be a Lamb Rover
if the image was clearer
we could use the local Intel system
to do a partial vehicle search
if we had access to the internet
that is I know I keep asking
it could be back up today
it could be in the next week
do you want the jar
okay what about whoever took Silas's file
he had a mask you said yeah
like a son sort of a circle
with a face in the middle
oh yeah that's the wood God
you know what it is
remember how everyone
was saying that the true ways
just for Taurus well
it is but that our traditions as well
this four characters right
there's the wood god triple headed goddess
the Red King and the Holy King
when we're kids we dress up as them
and go to parties and parades and stuff
you know like how
people dress up as Dracula
or Frankenstein for Halloween
uh it's the monster
Frankenstein was the scientist what
so the wood guard does he
have a role in the mythology
is he like a messenger an executioner
no idea
our mums would just make us a costume
when we run around
this is only that bloody file
so that leaves Griffith I saw that
we still don't know where he was
during last year's widow's whale
all white shop
Ding yes
just a second Silas I know
what I wanted to ask you
the day that Kai was found in Lucy's garden
she said good if it had a word with him
do you remember what he said
don't be soft now lad stay
out to people's gardens
did you hear him say that
no he took Kyoside
I was with Lucy but
Griffith told me afterwards
so I've had to think
and I've decided not
to press charges on Ian
okay you sure about that
he lost his son he wasn't
thinking straight by Gonzalez
I stopped by his house
but there's no one in no
he's here but we'll tell him
I'll take him a brew in a minute no
maybe don't what does not be a hotel
how are you getting on with my file
uh yes uh the file
it's been stolen what
my car skidded off the road
when I was driving back yesterday
and when I came to it gone
that took me months I'm really sorry
but we'll get it back I promise
told you that didn't I
they're everywhere
perhaps we can chat later though
see how much of it you can remember yeah
in the meantime I just need a quick chat
with my illustrious predecessor
oh this doesn't look good
wait wait
wait wait wait there
if you're gonna go see Grace
can you give her that for me
we're late for breakfast innit
it's lunch actually cause
Grace didn't eat breakfast
did you not know that Welsh cakes
these are made yeah
I had a sperm in it made
me a pack lunch once okay
here we go your greatest hits
pepper soup and a Ferrero Rocher
I asked if you wanted to help out
beer in the bar yesterday in the hall
because I thought
it might be nice for us
to do something together
but you were busy oh
we open we make some
precious memories sorry
that went right over my head hey
next time give me a wink
so I know I'd hate to miss
you being maternal again
it's like a fucking comet
it's okay
you're gonna talk to the others
see what they know about Kai
yeah I did
no one knows anything of
course not cause it wasn't us
anyone could have done
that symbol would be unframed
you watch we should go to the police
we say we're in the true way
and we wouldn't do something like that
oh my god you're not serious
we tell him we say
you know who them is don't you
my husband this one's dad
so that's us over I mean
that's divorce that is so I
think I'll give that a miss
thanks very much is it though
maybe no one will mind what we are
at the end of the day
it's just about belief
isn't it that's all we do
we believe something
is the fall will kill you
Butch casting the Sundance Kid
they're on a cliff and
they're about to jump
and one says I can't
swim and the other says
what's that matter
it's a fall I'll kill you
you're right
people won't care what we believe
who care we like them
so we say nothing
keep digging I'm telling you
it's a stitch up but if it was us
someone's gotta know something
come on
Lucy listen
keep your head down here
while I sort things out why
what's wrong nothing
it's just delicate
so um
best not to be asking too many questions
yeah I got this
it's for kids ain't it
I've got this
there is a state of panic
now because of your actions
my god Grace
you have a duty of care
you can't just present
this like the threat is current
is ongoing the threat is current
and while the true way is still active
the threat is ongoing
if there had been a secret
death cult on Saint Jury
for the best part of a century
I think at some point someone
might have noticed now
hey what's going on
people coming to me
Grace is getting the ball again
because she told
everybody about the true way
what possessed you
I did it because the
investigation is deadlocked
perhaps this might encourage
someone to come forward
if people are offended that is too bad
perhaps they could spare a thought for Kai
locked in that shelter while
someone sat in their car
listening to him freeze to death
you know what
it's great you're taking
an interest in this case
but honestly the best
thing you can do for Kai now
is to let me do my job
don't think I've ever seen
anyone talk to Heather
like that before no
she's a pussycat really
sorry for your wasted journey alright
yes of course
um uh
thank you Grace
best thing you can do for Kai now
is is let me do my job
not gonna lie
tiny bit turned on and I
know I win his too what
shut up I'm not I'm not Chris
what are you doing here anyway okay
hear me out you're totally in the staff
so how about I help you out for a bit
now before you say what you're gonna say
I've prepared a list of reasons yeah
that's a good idea really it is yeah
like you said we're understaffed
you can man the front desk take messages
that sort of thing no
she can't interact with the public
she basically feral besides
does she need a background
check or something
oh you're literally the police
does she have a criminal record
no amazing some follow
questions do I get paid
no in fact
that's kind of illegal but
I'll buy you a sandwich oh
do I get a badge no
but while the phone lines are down
you can have a walkie
talkie the police business only
so no mucking about
well see about that I
know it's Carlos hey Ian
how you doing I was just
gonna bring you a brew
after you showed me this picture yesterday
I've been trying to work
out where I'd seen it before
it's my angles the first time we met
I've been searching his garage
I I passed out remember
that's why I've seen it okay
I mean the image isn't
very clear can you describe it
yeah it's a
it's an ancient Land Rover Range Rover
I don't know the difference
it's it's dark green
but that's more kind of grey yeah
but something's happened
to the paint work on the roof
it's oxidised no
it's it's reacted
it's corroded it's sort of olive grey now
it's olive grey okay
uh winter
could you get in a cup of tea
I'm gonna go talk to Griffith
but on the way back no no no
you have to go there now listen to me
that is the car that
was there when Kai died
tell me about Griffith's daughter
oh my god she disappeared a year
the day before Kai that
weren't a conversation
surely this thing with Griffith is like
you can't see basically the
only thing you can see uh
uh a blind spot and no
it isn't blind spot thank you look
we know the true ways connected guys there
the only way it could be
Griffith is if he's a member
I don't think even you believe that
I see what it means about the roof
what do you reckon
not sure game face on there
hi we hang out there
do you mind if we have a quick word
oh my God
oh yeah
this won't take too long uh
like I said the other day
I'm talking to everyone really
I just wanna ask you
about the car in your garage
okay okay
my hangout listen to me
I need you to put the gun down
I don't think you wanna do this
I think you wanna tell me
something but you're scared
so am I so going
aren't you going absolutely broken it so
so try something for me
in your mind I want you
to jump ahead to a moment
after you've told me think
about the relief you'll feel
do it for me now
we'll all do it feels nice yeah
that relief it's right here
seconds away
that's it she put the gun down
that's it we'll talk
it's all good it's all good
oh my God
did somebody hurt uh
Grace will explain
you'll need these oh
I know mind where you're stepping
might have thrown up a bit
what's going on
I've just had winter pitch up at the house
telling me to bring you in here
look Louise um
it's classified hey we talked about this
where's the file
what's happened
you arrested him
Mangel took his own life
before he could speak to him
thank you
why would he do that we
can discuss that in a sec
first I need you to confirm he's deceased
he has no head
but things have to be done in a certain way
he's dead thank you
it was him wasn't it
we don't know that for sure
why else would he kill himself
that is a valid question fuck off Grace
I swear to God the case
against him is very compelling
fuck Ian Ian
it was him Ian
Ian Manhattan's body is evidence now
it has to be preserved do you understand
I want you to go home
but you can't say anything to anyone
not yet
I'm serious
you've got to be kidding me
they wouldn't leave till they've seen you
was it my angle is it over
uh I
I can't comment at this time
who do you reckon told them Ian
yeah chances are
they're right though Grace
you did it got him
so what happens now well uh
once the phone lines are back up
I'll need to contact the coroner
and the forensic team on the mainland
my hand goes suicide
will be deemed to
death after police contact
so we'll be referred to the IOPC
wait will be investigated yeah
don't worry it's just what happens
we can't investigate what
happened to behind girl
because we're basically witnesses
but we can carry on
investigating Kai's death
who's left to investigate
we're pretty certain
that's his car in the picture
and he killed himself before
he could be questioned
there's nothing much
more incriminating than that
except we know literally nothing
if it was my hand girl did he act alone
if if he's in the true way
is he like the only member
and who kills someone by
making them freeze to death
is that how they do it is it a ritual
I need that file
so I looked for out my hangouts
but I couldn't see it anywhere
then there's motive why kill Kai
far as I can tell they
barely knew each other
I'm saying this isn't a victory okay
this is not justice I reckon
Ian would say it is well
that's why
parents of dead children
don't decide the law
okay okay okay
tell me everything yeah
good luck she's got a face on
because we didn't get to question my angle
so you got him
we have to shut up shop
for the day and get so drunk
we actually go blind no winter
there's a whole process
that has to happen now okay
this is a total mess oh
blah blah blah but tell me what happened
did he do it in front of you
this is insane okay
if everyone knows about the hangar
we need to secure his house
already to this twat
min hi Grace um
we met at the village hall
I know who you are oh Griffith said
never mind uh
is he is he in
can I have a quick chat he's not here
don't know when he'll be back alright
you wanna come in yeah
that'd be great thank you
how long have you been here
since last april aha
they say in the year widow's
well was really mild this
year compared to last year
leash had Griffith with you
that's right isn't it
Griffith was here with
you for the whole thing
he didn't nip off at any point
it's fine he's not in any trouble
it's my job to ask this stuff
there was the cow the cow
someone's cow got out he
was still the police sergeant
so he had to go and help no
yeah I hear this happens a lot with cows
sorry when did you say
this was first day of the storm
about 5:00 and how long was he gone
an hour two hours
something like that and how
did he know about the cow
cause I'm assuming the
phone lines were still down
maybe someone came to
the door did you see them
okay no worries
one last thing in the night
I will leave you in peace
you ever meet his daughter Bethan
she left before I got here
no but I mean
she must pop back for birthdays
Christmases that sort of thing
got your wedding even I
don't know anything about her
thank you for your time
do you mind if I use your toilet
I'll be in touch if there's
anything else I need
but that was that was really helpful
thank you
you know what I did back
home where my job was
I taught physics some chemistry too
but mainly physics that surprises you
doesn't it no
well absolutely not
it shouldn't make any difference what I did
but it might help you
take my word for it when I tell you
I know who Griffith is and I'm still here
think about that
ha ha ha
what are you doing here
I'm basically a detective now
it's Grace around
I just wanted to well
congratulate her oh
don't bother she's not into it
right well uh
if you could pass on the
message nonetheless you bet
we've never really spoken
have we you and I
we should why
why not saying no saying why
communities have cliques that's fine
that's normal but we don't do cliques
you and I do we
it can be a bit isolating at times
the minder
you're rich you're hot
I just thought everyone
would want to be Opal
I'm half the island's landlord
so it makes relationships complicated
you're not mine ladies and gentlemen
a toast to my hangover
may hell be real
may roast
may rot
cheers everyone cheers
Grace Grace
Grace the cat is out of the bag
so you can tell me everything
what sound did his head
make when it exploded
I mean I'm imagining a sort of pop
well let me give
give you a drink oh no listen
I'd love to but I've still
got a pile of work to do
and I just need back to get
changed another time yeah
hmm hmm
this place is dead
not as dead as my hang on mine
sorry it's too soon
yep yep hey
are you going
come on come on
you can't be in here oh
I'm sorry
do you not like it when
someone invades your privacy
Rebecca no
get downstairs now don't panic Lodi
I'm just here to talk to the girl
we're coolest cucumbers aren't we Grace
I'm fine Lodi
thank you
we need to do this
right enough
enough now you crossed the line today
this is harassment once and for all
why didn't you do a proper search for Kai
you're not listening to me
you're done I'll have your job for this
trust me once this is over
you are welcome to it
you lied about the area you searched
and just happened to
miss where the body was
it's a bit of a coincidence
don't you think or you just inept
you know what you're right
I could have done a better search
I mean the boy was already dead
but sure tell me though
is that better or worse
than your prime suspect
killing himself in front of you
the day Kai disappeared
you told him about his dad and Lucy
why I thought it was time
he knew exactly who his father was
ah there's more to it than that
I wanna say it's because
you're obsessed with Lucy
but then you just make
Ian's life hell instead
you went for Kai you hated him
why then
you were a wall
for a chunk of last year's widow's whale
while Kai froze to death why
any of this feel familiar
what those boys that you reported back home
has it occurred you that
this is how they started huh
the Bender rule here and there
quick detail on the way to the toilet
bit of bit of pressure
on the suspect's family
but what does it matter
when you're certain you've got your man
and before you know it
you're beating the shit out
of someone in a car park
tell me
how does it feel to be just like them
where's your daughter Griffith
shut up on the mainland
I heard funny that's
what you said about Kai
Kai said shut up
and what teenager goes
anywhere without their laptop
perhaps Grace is right and
the hangar
is just the tip of a very
unpleasant iceberg
could there be more of them
people we'd know nah
chances are
my uncle was just some
low nutter who found a book
cause I mean I thought
oh yeah this sounds great
you really think so
like you said
if there been some mad cults on the island
for 100 years we probably
would have noticed
sorry walls here aren't exactly soundproof
are you in the true way winter
clicks on my thing remember
so why did you take
Silas's file from Grace's car
what you were seen and now
here you are in the police station
in the middle of everything
I think you are in the true way
and you are trying to
sabotage the investigation
into Kai's death
sorry babes
I left his lordship's
rabbit in the village hall
he won't settle without her
Mum's got him but
she's pulling her hair out
Silas just gonna pop out
get something for our lad
I can't believe it
we were literally talking
to him this morning
now I still think we
should go to the police
put this stuff in his house
that connects him to us
there won't be my hand on you the rules
I don't know what we are anymore
I never cared it was a secret
we didn't do anything
we just believed and and
now this has happened
I I don't know what we are
that's the second time
that you've said that
now we don't just believe we are the answer
the last living subject
of the ancient kings
I don't care what simply left
what mangle did is
nothing to do with us anyway
he's gone now so just hold your move
it's nearly over okay
wow wow
what's Roman's 6 1
Douglas Roman can 6 1
what is it is from the Bible
I'm not sure the the quote exactly
would you have a Bible on you
I don't carry them around with us
there might be one in the office
okay who has keys to the hall
you Lucy does for a toddler group
who else uh
Heather does
she has keys to all the
public buildings even my house
you could ask her I guess
here we are Ramon's 6 1
what should we say then
shall we continue in sin that
what the what
the Grace may abound
hey thank you
Douglas say that's all I need for now
send Lucy and Alan home
but I need to get statements from them both
probably tonight
you still reckon it could be Griffith then
I don't know but he was
missing for a couple of hours
while Kai was in the shelter
min told me wait was he
fuck sake until now
the true way of covered their tracks
Kai's death was a secret
they wanted everything to be invisible
this is a statement
they want us to see them
now they are building to something
building to what my God
why aren't you freaking
out it's on my to do list
in the meantime we're gonna
take photos of everything
every detail then
the body will have to be removed
before it starts to decay
how did you get on
with the funeral directors
they're on their way
maybe this time they can hang on to it
I'm gonna go talk to Heather wait
should you be doing any of this
what why wouldn't I
the Bible quote was meant for you
we don't we don't know that
how daft do you think I am
I said your bloody name
look I can't do this on my own
but if they're after you now
maybe you shouldn't be here
that there's places on
the other side of the island
you might be safer there
I never thought you
would die for one second
but I owe it to Kai to see
this through to the end
one job gentlemen
you had one job uh
you can go home now
I'll have to take statements from you both
probably tonight I want
to talk to Grace what
she's busy talk to her tomorrow
no I need to know
it's urgent look
you can talk to me later
or you can talk to her tomorrow
it's up to you don't be
a dick Lucy not tonight
save your breath
my uncle's body just
turned up in the village hall
it's been desecrated
covered in true way symbols
you have keys to the hall
where are they oh wait what
someone did what to my uncle's body
someone in the true way
stole it from the funeral home
took it to their hall and desecrated it
Douglas said you have keys to the hall
where are they do you still have them
sorry who told you I have keys
Douglas said Heather wake up
sorry it's um it's been a night
it's fine
let me check
uh yes
mine is still here I don't
know what that tells me
but um okay
your grandfather must have
records about the true way
notebooks journals
that sort of thing do you still have them
his son my father destroyed everything
he was so ashamed of
what his father did to send jury
he wanted it expunged
most of the true ways
still have descendants on
the island they might have records
I don't have anything
oh I do have this though
I was going to bring it to you first thing
I've had a look through it
it's actually a pretty good primer
this is Silas's where did you get it
I've been looking for this
if someone gave it to
me they came across it
they passed it to me so
I could give it to you who
who had it oh
I'd rather not say the
important thing is you have it
now you realise this is
how we ended up here
because of fucking secrets
oh Grace love you
what a day come on
sit down no
I'm good really
I've uh this is me using my stern voice
apply us to seat come on sit down
you look awful
I've been thinking
is there someone that you can call
get them over here they can stay
no the phones don't work alright
when we're back up and running again
a fella or a girl might not
what I say there isn't but thank you
come on a lovely girl
like you love is chaos right
but your mum then she's a
no I I lost her a long time ago
me too
if it's any constellation
uh parents dead
Winter's dad I don't know
God knows where
I hope he's dead
well you got winter no
no we're miles apart love
different planet
I was so young when I
had her I couldn't be a mum
so I loved having this little firecracker
she was more like a sister than a daughter
but then of course what
she needed was a mom
she would have been
dead proud of you your mom
tell her how I would be
I should go up I gotta read this and Christ
there is so much to do
did winter give you that
I know Heather did
why no
no nothing
I just I could have sworn I
saw that in Winter's room
would you turn the lights
off when you're done
night night lovey
oh thank God you're here I'm so bored
what's that Silas's file
oh you got it
where was it Heather gave it to me
nice one you're not gonna
ask me where Heather got it
uh okay
where did Heather get
it someone gave it to her
she won't say who
great story
it was you your mum saw it
in your bedroom she told me
are you in the true way no
no it's nothing like that
so why did you take it I
was gonna give it back
that's not an answer
do you know something about Kai
something you don't want me to know
I don't want you to leave
you're the best thing
that's ever happened you
and once it's over it's
not like you're gonna stay
is it
it was a spirit of the moment thing
I followed you out into the storm
because I was worried
and then I saw you crash
and I ran over
and saw the file on the floor of the car
and I didn't think it was gonna stop
yourself in the mood I just delay it a bit
you can't work here we can't be friends
do you understand that no
I can we can look
I knew it was stupid and
I wanted to give it back
I just didn't know how
I'm really sorry
you have no idea how
hard it is for me to stay
to be stable I need to know what's real
I need to know who's real
I need to be around people I can trust
I need to be around adults
you said my mum told
you you saw it in my room
watch it
what did Lucy say what do you think
same as you you should get some sleep
his lordship will be up soon
aren't you coming
I'm gonna make sure
the crime scene is secured
and that's gonna take all night
she's a
she's right you know Grace
there is something wrong here
sinjori is not a good place
well that's nice
this is our home
these are our friends our neighbours yeah
well one of our friends kill Kai
one of our neighbours
did that to Mahango's body
right listen to me
we're gonna get out of you okay
I'm not raising my son around these people
in a bust of Trui you're tired love
and you've had a shock
we've all had a shock
I'll tell you now Ellen
they're not taking him
just I want you to understand that
I don't believe all that
true waste stuff anyway
I reckon it's someone
making it look like it's them
God is that what I sounded like
we overlook stuff here
no ask no questions tell
no lies that sort of thing
this is still made truly broken
we can't live like that ever again
what's that saying um
you can't unring a bell
I uh
I don't know what time I'll be home
I need to get to the station first thing
not doing this again
Ian I swear to God I'm gonna
the end
this is
we're here I need to show you something
bloody hell you've been busy okay
where is it here
this is from Silas's file
it's a description of true
way punishments wait
this is Silas's file yeah
uh winter had it
do you know how they
executed people back in the day
when the first Lord Nankara
was running the island
they threw them down
the big pit on the hill
bloody hell that is not the end of it
now the pit is thought to
be about 200 meters deep
but they'd send someone
down to get the body
bring it back up and then
display what was left of it
well like Mangal's body no
not like they did with Mangal
do you remember
when they asked
if the wood god had a role in the mythology
well he does
they all do and anyone
that they punish in this way
becomes the Holly King now
I thought the Holly King was all prosperous
in Christmas Eve it's really not
the holly crown is like a crown of thorns
and the big belly is
like a distended stomach
from starvation
now the body has to be
processed in a very specific way
chains have been attached
to his ankles like shackles
he wears the Holly King mask
and the only symbol is the true weight
triangle on the chest
it is precise ceremonial
now look at the handles body
the triple headed goddess
mask has been wedged on top
which makes no sense
because he's not the triple headed goddess
and the symbols are just random
they're scrolled here and there
it's what I would do
I just make up some
pagan shit and draw it on him
but that's not all
this is about how the true
way viewed other faiths
they basically pitted them
thought they were stories
thought they were kind of beneath contempt
so why would they hang a card around me
hangles neck of someone else's religion
because they didn't know any better
because it's not about the true way
it's about me what
what do you mean
I don't think they did it
I don't think they killed Kai
and whoever did has been faking
the connection to the true way
oh my God
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