The Red King (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

the phones don't work
it can be woke up today
could be the end of next week
shall we continue in sin
that Grace may abound
you have no idea how
hard it is for me to be stable
I need to know what's real
I need to know who's real
I need to be around people I can trust
I need to be around adults
it's not about the true way
it's about me I don't think they killed Kai
and whoever did
has been faking the
connection to the true way
I love you
I love
they're not taking any
further action against us
insufficient evidence
I wanted to tell you myself
you baffle me
you really do
he was a predator
a beast
it could have been you
next time someone you know
mad about that lad who topped himself
but then I was like yeah
have you ever tried talking to her
I was like believe me
I've considered chopping
myself out the window
a few times
that could have been me
whole career all of it gone
you tried on bitch
you left these at me flat
I went forensic on the place
got rid of every trace of you
I don't get it
I thought I had something that you do this
I thought we had something too
and then you put a suspect in a coma
was it worth it
it was over it was my hangel
it could still be my hangel
he just wasn't acting alone
we only think that because
of what they did to his body
so what if it was a prank
you know someone's bored
they get his body draw
some random symbols on it
but it's not connected how
bored do people get here
well I'm not saying this
wouldn't be a step up here
I want this to be over as much as you do
what they did to my hand
girl's body makes it ongoing
a conversation they wanna continue
we have to ask ourselves why
because they've got more to say
is um Griffith friends
with the funeral directors
the crowd is yeah
in the Leslie the the dad dig away back why
well literally
had a dead body stolen
from right under the noses
cause you really called Leslie Crowder
you still think it's Griffith then
I think he's connected yeah
you gonna talk to him no
point I've got more evidence
I'm good I just got up too quickly
what if um what if I spoke
to him and said what I know
um come on Griffith
what's going on yeah
that should do it okay
well we need to do something don't we
it's not something's
making threats against you
actual threats
where these cops are reported back home
I was explicitly told if I pursue it
and then one day I'm on patrol
and I need urgent assistance
none would be forthcoming
so this doesn't scare me
if I changed who I am
because of some threat
then they'd win
I'm gonna go talk to the crowders
see if they've got any CCTV
so we might get lucky
and they're all on video
loading my hand girl's
body into Griffith Volvo
what did you do to wet
all right
hey you um
you hear about my
hunger that's mad isn't it
like I'll film with Brad Pitt
and Gwyneth Palter's Ed
do you know what you did today
Kello's just bothered by me
didn't Chris tell you what
happened to Silas fight
no no
she oh wait no yeah
she did she said you had it
did you find it then
I took it from a car when she crashed
I hid it that's why it was missing
because I didn't want her to solve the case
because I don't want her to leave
anyway she's hacked me
I'm here because I
wanted to say sorry again
bloody hell winter I'm not in the true way
I swear I know I know you're not
how is she it's chaos
I know where my son has
made a threat against her
left a message on my hunger's body right
that's it you let me help
I don't care what she says help out anyway
she sacked you so you said yourself
you know where
I wanna make it up to a
Grace thinks there's
something fishy about Beth
and now as well fishy how
no one seen it and she didn't take
her laptop was in her bedroom
Grace away has anyone checked it out
there might be someone on it no
we need a warrant we can't
even make a phone call to
the storm passes and lines back up
how about I have a look
I sneak in open it up see
what she was chatting about
you get cool sneak in
I used to sneak into
people's houses all the time
well I didn't nick anything
just have a look around make a sandwich
Washington telly you
ever sneak into my house
we get enough topic
this could solve the whole
thing and if I get caught
it's on me I'll say you had nothing to do
no look
we can't it's just it's just
that's ridiculous
you haven't been to Griffith's house
no always wanted to the police sergeant
he was my Moby Dick
I don't know why
haha oh my Lord boys
how many times we do not
impersonate the dead sergeant
I'm so sorry hello
this is a crime scene
they shouldn't be in here
well as our place of business
degree of traffic is inevitable
stop laughing now I'll let you
you don't have any other bodies
not real ones so stay out
and lock the fucking door
but I would ask you to
moderate your language
in front of my boys that easily stimulated
I'm gonna need to see the footage from any
security cameras you have
we don't have any alas
we never felt the need well
you might wanna review that
given a dead body turned
up on the other side of town
last night
the angle always was the restless type yeah
that would explain why
there's no sign of a break in
do you notice this blue
tinge here on his underside
this is called liver mortis
it's when the blood pools
in the lowest parts of the body
after that comes putrefaction
and decomposition
death has seasons you see
all right there sergeant
don't look the full ticket
who else has keys to this room
no one you wouldn't expect
there might be a sat in your police station
the doctor surgery
the vicarage of how many
statements from all of you
and the names of anyone
who can vouch for your whereabouts
last night well
that's not darling and
your timing's perfect
we've not had our breakfast
come to the station in the meantime
stay out of here okay
I really think you should stay
you look warm
we like to spoil you
would you get out of my way
of course
you try and get some rest
though could be a long day
oh yeah
you're right then
well last night mangle
I'm I'm okay thanks
listen we need to talk to
you about Beth and Brosser
think there might be a link to Kai
so need to have a look at
her laptop
probably gonna be a
password or YouTube appallel
so thought you might know it
did you have a favorite
color favorite number
who's the favorite number
I do 73
look at it written down
got a bit of everything
is she police now oh god no
no she just helping
out today and only today
I made a promise
I don't know when I I don't
get anyone into trouble
look no one's gonna get in trouble
the fifth might get into trouble
Swifty forever
Swift as in Taylor Swift then IE
then a No. 4 then ever
or one word Swifty forever
Tim Dwyne
I'd know seeing Griffin will get in trouble
do it wouldn't understand
she's young woman in a
world of gaurman faced men
why are they interested
in bath and all of a sudden
I don't know similar Kai
I don't think has anything to do with this
there you go now
take it off
I said take your mask off
get back what do you want
what do you want from me
get back take your mask off
don't hurt me don't hurt me
get out of the way you ridiculous
it's all right
I've got you
what happened you collapsed god seriously
I have to get back to work work
you need to rest five minutes
you're exhausted one minute
why is everyone wearing masks
seems to be a characteristic of Saint Jury
that the longer they
cut off from the mainland
the weirder they become
it's been two days
a lot of them are morons
because you're awake
how you feeling fine
thank you embarrassed me daft
drink some of that it'll sort you right out
and you wouldn't be falling over
if you started having breakfast
you heard the lady
that's really sour
you okay I uh
I stopped taking my medication today why
I don't wanna spend what time I have left
lost in a fog of nausea and fatigue
so I'm leaving my fate to the gods
I really hope they can hear you
sometimes on centuries
it feels like we're cut off from them too
oh yeah Griffith
oh great
you're in I'm making lunch for men
you um
you got a minute
what it is
is I know you and Grace
got off on the wrong foot
I know she can be a bit stubborn
but that goes for you too Griffith
do you think I killed Kai
take your time Christ man
no no
I don't
I'll be the one defending you
I'll be the one saying master
it's like you didn't like it
that's where it gets weird
he was just a kid that you're a grown man
maybe you just didn't
care that he was missing
has all these gaps
and it's not just me who fix it
I protected this island for 30 years
when my Simone had her heart attack
I was back
at my desk by the end
of the week when Bethan
I was back at my desk
by the end of the week
then write that down
should fill those gaps nicely
but this stuff
that does make sense
about birth and now as well
and carefully lad
hmm we don't want to
find ourselves somewhere
we can't get back from
if someone asked me
where were you on the block of the block
I'd be like I was at home
I was I don't know
at the pub
I wanna help
look as for Bethany
if it's just a coincidence and grief
no one's doubting what you
you Griffith
this stuff of legend ask anyone
but there's questions
about decisions you made
about where you were I won't dignify them
can get them in a raffle
30 years graft
you know what else 30 years gets me
the right to say move on
nothing to answer and for that to be
that 30 years means I get hurt
I'll tell you what 30
years has got you Griffith
me ignoring what's
right in front of my eyes
he's got me making house calls
behind my sergeant's back
begging you just to have a conversation
you wanna be heard but
don't wanna talk to her fine
and talk to me but you're not you anymore
not her
I can smell her on you
I tried
I really did
we've uh
we got something to show you
she's not part of this anymore
didn't she tell you she's just people now
my hearings just fine though
so no worries there
we think we've got a motive for Griffith
don't um don't freak out
winter saw some emails on Bethan's laptop
between her and Kai
Bethan's laptop is in her
room in Griffith's house
do you have a warrant I don't know about
you said you wouldn't freak out
I don't I don't think I did say that
so what you asked to see
them and Griffith was like
sure why not
then I'm confused because
it sounds like
you access them without anyone's permission
is that what you did
let me just tell you what they said Owen
is that what you did
did anyone see you
we um
we think minded
you have jeopardized this whole case
you understand that don't you
you have fucked it all of it
oh my God oh my God I have to report you
am I here again why does
this keep happening to me
we did it because we were worried about you
you had an actual death threat
we had to do something no
don't tell yourself this
was a courageous thing
you did it because you have a crush on me
and you did it because
you want this case over with
because it makes you sad
he was all we have and
now we can't go near him
the only way the only
way I'll get Griffith now
is if he literally hangs himself in
you you can both see him too right
this is an informal conversation
I am participating in of my own accord
because of my eagerness
to find out who killed Kai
and obviously anything winter
or boating may have seen
on my daughter's laptop
is in admission I don't
know what they found
I wouldn't let them tell me
entering my house under false pretenders
they have committed burglary
and accessing her laptop without consent
is a breach of data Protection
I am deciding whether
or not to press charges
let me know if you do I'll help
so where do you wanna
start your vendetta against Kai
being awolf for 2 hours while he laid dying
the half hour search
stonewalling my inquiries
you choose if you had enough to arrest me
you would but there's
nothing to eliminate you either
I keep throwing you ropes
I keep saying explain this
explain that but you never do
what eliminates me is the lifetime I spent
sat in that chair I don't care
it doesn't count it should count
a man's word should matter
why are you even here to tell me that
I know what your plan is
I wish to God I had a plan
you want my pension I
don't want your pension
you want to ruin me you want to cancel me
I want to find who killed Kai
and if that wasn't you
then surely some part of you wants that too
let's start at the beginning
why was there no investigation
into Bethan's disappearance
because I knew she'd gone to the mainland
she packed a bag and took
some pictures of her mother
and a week later
I took her laptop to a place in Swansea
and got it opened
and there was an email from Kai Predo
wishing her a safe trip
she deleted everything else
so he must have sent it after she'd gone
and there was the whole
thread underneath it
he'd arranged it all for her
booked her ferry ticket
set her up with a new phone
email new bank account
and that is why you hated Kai
because he helped to leave you
so when you found him in Lucy's garden
it was your chance to get your own back
you knew that he had a crush on Lucy
so you told him she
was sleeping with his dad
well you know what happened then
don't you Kai and Ian had a massive row
he ran away and then he died
sorry I interrupted your flow
the next day Ian turns up at the station
because Kai hadn't come home
but then the Widow's whale landed
so there wasn't anything we could do
wait a second you were
missing during the Widow's Whale
I wasn't missing
I stayed at home because
it was Min's first one
so I wanted to make sure she was alright
then I ran out of drink
so I told men there was a
cow loose and went to the pub
the pub was closed Lodi was there
she had the flu
so she hadn't gone to
the hall with everyone else
so I sat with her for a couple of hours
doing what
talking drinking
ask her oh
I intend to
so what happened after the storm cleared
Ian wanted everyone out looking for Kai
but it was my belief he'd
gone to the mainland too
me and Owen searched the island
most of the island didn't find anything
and so thought that was that
in hindsight
that was an error so in this email thread
did Bethan say where she was going hmm
it's not relevant it's
called policing Griffith
I need to check that out too
she's at University
doing a degree in sustainable fashion
whatever the hell that is
she's using her mother's Maiden name
that's pretty definitive
this wasn't just some
teenager spreading her wings
she erased any connection to you
she didn't like me
that happens
parents and their kids
it's not always like a story
after her mother died
it was just the two of us
perhaps I could have been softer
and she was called Simone she
I think that's why Kai and Beth got on me
had this in common
I got your thing for Lucy
now I don't have a thing for Lucy
I don't mean a sexual thing
she was your last link to Bethan
just as she was Ian's last link to Kai
unlike Ian
I never wanted to screw her oh
take that moral high ground
where you can go to 5th
you didn't kill him but
you sent Kai to his death
got everything you want
no but who does
step outside for a minute please
it wasn't him
shit really
yeah Griffith totally hated him
but he didn't kill him
while Kai was dying in the shelter
Griffith was in the pub with Larry
what do you want me to double check that
actually yeah
still an asshole let's make him sweat a bit
where does this leave
us right back at square one
well I meant us
you and me
oh he is all we bloody need
something I can help you with Dylan
somebody tried to steal
one of my boats this morning
dragged it as far as
they could to the water
then tried to smash the bow eye
we're a bit pushed at the moment
but I'll come by later yeah
I know it's fine
I'll take a look go ahead Dylan
I'll meet you there
you were okay to talk to Lori
what is this bullet thing
really worth the honor
think about it
why is someone trying
to leave the island now
the storm still between
us and the mainland right
it's really dangerous
they must be desperate
why are they connected if they've been
threatened to you didn't answer my question
about what happens with you and me
oh we're not gonna laugh about this one day
if that's what you mean
I need you to stop coming here
that's twice now you've
jeopardized the investigation
do it again and I'll arrest you fine
I came here to say goodbye
listen you're right
first time was a dick move
the second time no regrets
I did it to keep you safe
it's great you have this
massive boner for the law
but be careful
you don't wake up all
alone one day and realize
oh shit
the Lord just wasn't that into you
catch you on the flip side dickhead
right you can go home
I was gonna talk to Lori
I'll let you know if there's
anything else we need
and if it all checks out with Lori
which it will I don't know
go about your day I think I'll stay
why don't you talk to Dylan
I want you to tell me to my face
come home precious I'm fine
you go love you've not had any lunch
this ever happened before
people unusually daft enough
well there's still MUD over the water
that's why I reported it
someone's looking to get drone
and I
alright Mr Kesha
oh Lucy
hello love
is Grace around or Owen
no they've been called away
oh right
is there anything I can do to help
um no I
so is Grace gone long then
there's no telling I can
take a message if you like
I don't know
you don't know
all right um
tell him I was walking past the church
and I could hear shouts from inside
like someone's trapped
someone's trapped in the church
that's my message
someone's trapped in the church
oh my God
did anyone else from the island disappear
around the same time as Kai
um not that we heard about why
well if someone's trying
to leave Saint Jury now
perhaps they did the same
year ago when Kai disappeared
and how we find out though
with this
the CCTV footage of the
tourist getting on the ferry
last year every time we've looked
we've been trying to spot Kai
we didn't think to check
if someone else was
trying to leave the island
how did it go with Larry
yeah she confirmed Griffith story
he was with her for the two hours
complaining about how no one speaks clearly
on TV anymore how did he take it
well I haven't told him yet
see him later if you want
he wasn't here well
he made a whole thing
of being told face to face
see if you can recognise
anyone getting onto the boat
I don't know
sorry it's none of us
just tourist thanks
someone missed the boat
who is that
that's Douglas
we have to get to the church
we have to speak to Douglas
now I think that's what Griffith's got
pick up you there son
ah oh great
ah sorry
I was uh
I was downstairs how can I help
oh we got a report
people can hear shouting
like there's someone trapped in here
hear anything
no no
I was a no
sorry you got the report
I thought you'd retired no
I was in the station at the time and uh
Grace and Owen were busy so
why don't I take a quick look
hey come on
oh doing a bit of DIY
I say yeah
yeah just finished building like this
honestly it's full time job
no yes
someone playing silly buggers
I'm afraid sorry to bother you
yeah let me help you with this
load away no
no there's no need really no
I absolutely insist it's
a myth about retirement
it would be useful
cooking now what do you believe
making salads and everything
beetroot pine nuts
spread it
what's this
this is kind Pritus
I didn't put that there it
was you all along my God
it was you
and I got what you I did I
God oh God
I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry
sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry I'm sorry
no no
no no no
no no
no no
no no no no
no no
no no no
no no
no no no no
no no no no no no
no no
no no no no
no no
no no no
no no
no no
no no no
no no no no
no no
no no
no no
no no
no no
no no
no no no
no no no
no no no
no no
no no no no no
no no no
no no
no no
no no
no no
no come on keys
where are you no
no no no
oh God
oh God
anyone here
Clifford can you hear me
come on it's me
come on it's your favorite person
he's gone
Owen Owen stay with me
either that way
ah ah
I swear to you
I've absolutely no idea
how that bag got there
as I said look Griffith
he went into the storeroom
then suddenly he turns around
and he's holding this backpack
that I've never seen before
and then what happened
it just sort of came for me
I didn't mean to hurt him
and then he handcuffed me
so you sawed his hand off
you said there was some sort of like
satanic cult on the island
you got the Griffith was a part of it
they killed Kai
they done that to mohangle and
and and now
now they were coming for me
the day Kai disappeared
we've got CCTV footage of you
trying to board the last
boat to the mainland
one of the tourists
that left a wallet behind
in my church I was just
trying to get it back to them
that Bible quote that Kai asked you for
the one about love that
was Lucy Popkin right
when I asked you before
you said you didn't know who was for
no I said I didn't know at the time
okay so sometime after he asked you for it
he told you who was for like
I wasn't stupid he was 13
he knew that it was never gonna
gonna come to anything
when Kai found out about Lucy
and his daddy must been really upset he was
he was devastated
Kai found out about his dad and Lucy
the night he disappeared
but when I asked you before
you said you hadn't seen him for a few days
when you asked me before
I waived my right to a solicitor
I'd like to reconsider that now
you need to go outside
what are you
what are you all doing here
we know you've arrested Douglas
we know he killed Kai
and then today he killed Griffith
but we have someone in custody
that's all I'm willing to say right now
will do your best I'm sure
but the law as you understand it
is fundamentally flawed
thank you for the Pep talk
go home in my grandfather's time
the Islanders devised
their own form of trial
and sanction
so in order to ensure justice is done
we will deal with Douglas ourselves
we don't have the authority
but we do this is our island
and we
how the true wish
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