The Red King (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

the storm still between
us and the mainland right
we can't even make a
phone call if the storm passes
do you know how they executed people
they threw them down
the big pit on the hill
and anyone that they punish in this way
becomes the Holly King we
know you've arrested Douglas
we know he killed Kai
then he killed Griffith
we will deal with Douglas
ourselves we are the true way
oh my God
whatever you have in mind
when it's not gonna happen
we'll see
don't hurt her
don't hurt anyone
get off me what are you doing
get off me what the fuck are you doing
get off me get off me
wait wait why are you taking me
what's going on Grace
Grace stop this Grace
stop this listen to me Douglas
nothing is gonna happen to you
oh God oh God
what is that
what's that noise
there will be a trial in the village hall
say that sentence back to yourself
listen to how insane it sounds
thank you
thank you thank you
people opposite Jordy lock up
get your gear on and meet me in the hall
your attention see
no no
no no
no no Owen
listen to me no
please don't please don't say it
I have to Owen
I'm in the true way you have to be told now
have you done anything to my son
what like what
you tell me you know
we indoctrinated him made
him drink something like a
a portion no
we'd never Christ Owen no
if if he takes that path when he's older
that's up to him well
that's not gonna happen
you're not getting your hands on him
not having him join you yep
I will what
well I don't know
do I
I don't know what you
do we don't do anything
it's just tradition and these rituals
these these beautiful rituals
but it was private
and this was the last thing that we wanted
but Christ look around
I mean someone had to take charge
we were in charge you weren't love
best will in the world
Kai Mahangal Griffith and
Douglas will get off somehow
some loophole we all know it
it's got so that we're not shocked anymore
you know I don't get you either
Griffith was a better
dad to you than your dad
you should be raging
front of the bloody queue
why'd you marry me then
hmm not one of them
cause I didn't love any of them
I bet you've had a good laugh though
Paul Owen doesn't have a clue
cause you're my man
and that's not changed
anyway you knew
I suspected
that's different
you suspected
but we laughed
we had sex
we argued about whose turn
it was to change and happy
that's our life and it's great
and none of that has to change
I have to get to the hall
alright but listen to me
you're gonna be important today
you're not in anyone's shadow anymore
people of Saint Georgie
your attention please
please make your way to
the village hall immediately
the killer of Kai Prigo has been found
the killer of Clyde Beagle has been found
his hands still wet with
the blood of our friend
the Griffin Crosser
the True Wave has assumed
control of the situation
but justice is a collective act
so make your way to the village hall
as quickly as you can
now run
hello hello girl
I'm so sorry to interrupt you
you look gorgeous you come over here girls
come on girls quick
quick now sit now
Jane is gonna make sure
that you all get home safely
and when you do get home
I want you to ask all your mummies
and daddies to come
here to the village hall
I want you to promise me
that you will show me your lovely dance
sometime soon good
go get your things
what's going on
that they're saying that Douglas killed Kai
and then now he's killed Griffin
what are you all doing here
are you okay seriously
what the actual fuck is happening
where is Douglas
huh you have to go please
all of you you have to go home listen
they're saying you killed Kai
they're saying he's here big one
I made an arrest earlier
that's all I can say right now
no don't fuck me off with this shit Grace
not again is he here guys
Jesus Christ what
you have to take a
storm you'll need it later
I'm not taking one what
are we gonna do with these
are we gonna storm
somewhere I need to find Heather
don't just um
it's not safe just stay with me
you came
you have to stop this Heather
no one is getting executed today
no one
that's what the plan is isn't it
Douglas becomes the Holly King
and you've thrown him down that pit
no one can say that
we didn't give your
way of thinking a chance
but hand on heart Grace
you cannot guarantee me
that Douglas won't be acquitted
or that
his punishment won't be a
fraction of what he deserves
that's a risk you take
by being part of a civilized society
you can't be a civilized society
with murderers on the street
I don't suppose you got a man to do
how long do you think you've got left alive
I mean
there are some variables
see your last act before you tap out
is to make everyone on this island
an accessory to murder
I don't think there's gonna be a reckoning
if that's what you mean
or are you planning on killing me too
why on earth would we do that
oh cause you're gonna tell the world
we'll see you might surprise yourself
the energy you are wasting
this is happening engage
with it or I don't know
go for a walk listen
you listen to me I am your police sergeant
my job is to uphold the law
you police by consent and
we withdraw our consent
oh you could advocate for him if you like
there'll be a vote at the end
you might persuade the
islanders to let him stand trial
on the man
this is a Lynch mob
I'm not gonna join in and legitimize it
then he'll die
I don't know
is a lot isn't it
a lot to process
some of you will have just discovered
a loved one is a member of
of the true way
there will be time to address that
I promise but first
we need to decide what to
do about Douglas Carisford
so we now know that on
September 1st last year
after an argument with his father
Priedo came into contact
with the Reverend Carisford
we don't know what took place between them
but sometime later
Douglas attempted to flee to the mainland
and there were no further sightings of Kai
until a year later when
his naked body was found
in the old lookout shelter
a post mortem concluded
that Kai froze to death
he was still alive when he
was locked in that shelter
but a satellite picture showed me hangled
Pugh's car beside the shelter
at the time of Kai's death
before he could be questioned
the hangar kills himself and hours later
his corpse is desecrated
then earlier today
Griffith finds Kai's backpack at the church
and Douglas stabs him repeatedly
and as he is dying to stop Douglas escaping
Griffith handcuffs them together
so the Reverend Carisford
sores off Griffith's hand
he is quickly arrested by Sergeant Narion
and Constable Parry alright
let's leap forward to
Douglas's trial on the mainland
what do we think his defence will say
then start off with some
character assassination
oh not of Douglas
of Kai an innocent crush on his babysitter
will be presented as something grubby
it's not relevant sure
but the defenses point is
to erode the jury's sympathy for the victim
Kai was already in distress
when he arrived at the vicarage
they might say he wanted to hurt himself
Douglas had to intervene
and Kai was accidentally knocked out
and they'll hit that word
accident over and over again
rooting it in the jury's mind
and then there's the expert witnesses
huh they will explain
now Douglas can't be held
accountable for his actions
he was in shock by now
Kai has been passed on to me hanger
why didn't he check that Kai was dead
before he dumped him in that shelter
and the desecration of his body wife
was Douglas's righteous
rage against Kai's murderer
not the actions of a guilty man
trying to deflect blame
onto an innocent group
because yes
Mehangel was a member of the true way
I wish I could tell you that he wasn't
I wish I knew why he he did what he did
but you can ask any member
of the True Way here today
and they will tell you that
Mccandle's actions were
no more reflective of our faith
than Douglas's were of Christianity
Ho ho
and then there's Griffith
ho oh
they will talk about his temper
about his drinking
why just the other day he
stormed into Grace's bedroom
and punched a hole through her wardrobe
the next thing you know
he's conducting illegal searches
he finds Kai's backpack
and then he attacks Douglas
who kills him in self defense why
Grace has let everyone
to believe that there is a
there is a fanatical
cult loops on the island
oh ho
ha ha he's already taken
that excuse for a spin
so now he is handcuffed
to a member of a cult
his body's survival mode kicks in
and that is why he sawed
off Griffith's hand and fled
lie upon lie
upon lie
there was a time when
conventional justice worked
when the objective was to decipher
not to win
I miss that time
don't you
this is insane
this is wrong
one thing Heather didn't mention
the plan is to execute Douglas
I'm not talking a lethal injection
or a gun to the back of the head
they're gonna throw him down that pit
he will pinball down and
break every bone in his body
if he survives he will lay at the bottom
and die a slow and agonizing death
like my son like Kai
that's kind of my point
I think
we should strive to be
better than the man who killed
I'll tell you something else
you don't wanna hear
everything Heather just said
that disingenuous manipulative word salad
it might be true
10% of it might be true
Douglas has the right to have it heard
as would you
regardless of how well she sells it
what Heather wants
isn't a more reliable form of justice
but a total rejection of it
because justice
it isn't just a result it's a process
I'm not gonna pretend
that the law is perfect
it's like a dam
there are cracks there are leaks
but without it we drown
I don't know you're not here by choice
are you Grace or on Saints Jewellery
I mean Grace's transfer
here is what's called a punishment posting
she reported two of her
colleagues for beating up a man
recently acquitted of sexual assault
why he was acquitted
because his victim had
a previous conviction
for shoplifting when she was a student
his defense argued that
made her testimony unsound
that's right isn't it Grace
remember character assassination
I don't know I wasn't on the jury
it wasn't his first offence
so was it
there was a previous attack
that never made it to trial
or at least that's what
you told a packed pub
the other night
he had been incapacitated
after the first attack
what would have happened
to the second victim
I'm not gonna speculate
about something I have no idea
the answer is there wouldn't
have been a second victim
Douglas the same question to you
now there
oh my god what is wrong with you
just stop Douglas
Douglas Douglas
why did you come to ST George
I'm not doing this I'm
I'm not doing this Grace just said
you should have a chance
to put your case forward
this is it
why are you here
I fell in love with one of my parishioners
where I worked before I've
never made a secret of that
but it didn't work out so I
came here for a fresh start
this woman you fell in love with
what was her name
something I've always
wanted to say to you Douglas
you have a beautiful smile
now how would I
how would I describe that smile
I would say it was like a rainbow
we're too cheesy
please oh please
have you heard that before
please please don't
don't do this these letters
were found in your house
all of them signed from Rachel first
she's been used at you
wanting to communicate like this
and not by text or WhatsApp
ha ha she says she hates her handwriting
please don't have
she talks about how
exhausting her family are
about a film she saw but how
much she loves kissing you
but how your smile is like a rainbow
get a bigger love letter basically
old fashioned
what and then
she talks about how nervous she is
about going into year 8
oh no
no please
please please
please you're making a mistake
don't do after two months
her letters become more graphic
as she describes having sex
in your living room in
a parents living room
Rachel was 12 years old at the time
did Kai find these is
that why you attacked him
the church knew that they did nothing
he was allowed to pack
his suitcase and comes here
unless we act now
Douglas will be free to
offend over and over again
just as your rape is did
can you see the pattern yet of your failure
of the law's failure
these men are cancerous cells
they cannot be counseled
they cannot be cured
they need to be cut out
when will you stop
protecting these predators
and start protecting us
all right all right
all right
thank you all right
there will now be a vote oh God no
no don't do this please no
no no
please no no
you have all been given a stone
if you think
Douglas should be handed over to the police
on the mainland
I want you to place your stone here
if you think we should
deal with Douglas ourselves
I want you to place your stone here
if there are more stones on my right
then on the left Douglas
will be executed in
accordance with true way law
oh my God
let's go
come on
the death of the dead
it's fine
I'm sorry
the votes are equal
you're the last Grace
it's up to you
no no
no no
you're dead you're fucking dead yes yes
thank you
that cannot have been easy
now I want you all to go home
close your windows
close your doors
close your curtains
for the next hour
Saint Jory belongs to the true
oh my God
what's going on out there
have they done it
they've taken into the
growthers to be prepared
they said
we did the right thing Grace
who you trying to convince
there they are my two little psychopaths
no turn around to go away
you're the last thing we need right now
uh uh
we are doing this look
you wouldn't understand okay
I'm a father literally
shut up
spaffing an airline doesn't
mean you can execute people
and you I don't even
I look at someone's
laptop and I'm dead to you
a fucking mob wants to
kill the vicar and you're like
let me know when you're done lads
hey hey
where are you going
I'm not finished with you
I'm gonna pack my bags go to the harbour
wait for the storm to clear
and get the next boat to the mainland
well wait
cause Lucy's got something to tell you
go on Lucy
it was me who told
Griffith to go to the church
I'm in the true way too well
I was but I was a nobody
the original 30 families
or whoever's left of them
they're at the the part of it
we just do what we're told
I was meant to send you to the church
they didn't tell me why I swear
but you weren't here it's
just Griffith so I sent him
you see what this means the
two way knew it was Douglas
what any follow up questions
like how long did they
know why didn't they tell you
you can both hear me right
I am saying this out loud
good for them
they are clearly better
detectives than we are
where'd you get this from
it's from your file isn't it
no it's paid for the holy king
that's not no
listen you have got to snap out to this
I've been wrong my whole life
I've supported a system
that allows criminals to go free
had this right
if I can't promise Ian that the man who
who killed his son and assaulted a child
we'll get the basic minimum
punishment then seriously
what what are we for
I'm sorry that
I wasn't who I wanted to be
the true weight price of
souls highly is the body Chris
don't they call it ruination
but the preparation is exactly the same
don't do this first
the sacrifices had Rowan
berries to help them on their
way Silas what did you just say
in folklore
Rowan berries protect
travels on their journeys
and stop them from getting lost
there were Rowan Berry seeds in Kai's teeth
and said he must have found the money in
the money was delirious
he couldn't have they
grow at high altitudes
not in the woods where Kai was
for this really bright red
that's where true race
sacrifices get their name from
the Red King
and all of that was in your file
yeah but it's it's gone now
and all the stuff was added
this page about apostates
that's not mine well
that's how we knew
the symbols in the hangar's body were wrong
so there wasn't a link to the true way
only two people have come
into contact with this file
Heather and you
I just hid it under my bed
I didn't fiddle with it besides
Heather's a Mother Superior
it's gonna be here isn't it
if Kai was a sacrifice then
what was he a sacrifice for
I think it was by Heather time
the nankaros are the
channel for the four gods
the gods speak through them
but Heather's the last one
she doesn't have any children
so there's no one to
take over when she dies
we didn't worry though
Heather was so strong and fit
we thought there'd be more
time to come up with a what
a succession plan a miracle
then she got ill she
hid it but we could see
we'd ask the 30 families
but they just say don't worry
we've got a planet
I think they meant Kai
I think we got played
but if killing Kai was to save Heather
has anyone pointed out to her that
it clearly didn't work
why do they need Douglas
is that her having another part
no Douglas is an execution not sacrifice
there's a difference shit Douglas
hold him still twice hunt
lady's been sick again
why isn't she better
she should be better hahaha
hmm hmm hmm hmm
wait I need to check if anyone's in here
I need to do something about this fine
but if you're thinking
about running away Douglas
this is literally the
safest place on the island
for you right now
why don't we go to the police station
this is the first place they'll look
it will be fine here
we just have to secure all
the doors and windows what
how long are we gonna be here for
till we can contact the
mainland and call the cavalry
I guess
hey uh
we could hide under the stage what
think about it um
every room has a window
so people can see in
but if we're under here
then nobody could see us
and there's biscuits in the kitchen
so we'll be alright for a day or so
and if somebody needs to go for a wee
then they can just go
to the toilet and all fours
this is actually really heavy
what does World 2018
wait wasn't this one missing
that's the police officer
who killed himself
in front of me that's Matt
Matt Benfield Benfield
well that can't be him
he he went to school with us
and where is he now I
I don't know he
he went to mainland a few years back
that's him
trust me it's not the
sort of thing you forget
Matt died in front of me
and I was transferred to his home
that's not random one of
the last things he said was
they just asked for a name
what if he meant me my name
but why bring me
here to the heart of it all
to solve Kai's murder
but if it was a sacrifice
why risk me finding that out
Heather said the votes were even so
I had the casting vote
she lied
more people voted not to execute
not many but more
she'd already lost she didn't need my vote
because this wasn't about Douglas
remember what Silas
said it's about ruination
this whole thing has been about me
getting me to vote to execute Douglas
to betray myself to ruin myself
I was the next sacrifice
the moment I put my stone in that bowl
I became the Red King
remember those Welsh cakes
you wanted me to give Grace
totally forgot but later I was hungry
so I had one but it was rank
now I know why
it had ruined berries in it
to help Grace on her way
just like Kai
anyway she never had them sorry
I put some in a drink this
morning when she collapsed
and I didn't know about Kai
look at me say that again
I didn't know about Kai
that was the higher UPS
what's left of the 30 families
they needed me after
to give the Rowan berries to Grace
and I'm I
I kept trying to feed her
she probably thought I was mad
all this just to save Heather oh
you don't understand if she dies
we lose our gods we we
become nothing orphans
we become dust my God man
that's what they told
me and you believe this
why would they lie they're my family
I thought I was your family
you were you
and you've been you
since you were 10 years old
you could have asked me to join
I didn't want to
it was mine
and you would steal the show
I I have to go no
no no no
don't get in the way don't interfere
just let this play out they killed Kai
your family they killed the kid
yeah to save something so much bigger
did you think I'd be ashamed
I was lonely
we're all lonely
so you know this little
girl this lonely little girl
we can do something with her
come on
well well
now where are you little city mouse
check the other rooms go on
this where you're hiding little City Mouse
he was the right one
around got me pumped in
you're in there aren't you
little city mouse
squeak squeak I can smell
you I can smell you a fur
that's in here
it's not about the vicar anymore
but I reckon you've worked that out
the lady just want some
little city mouse to be honest
boys they're not here
sort them out out the back door
you must have just missed something
what like I'd like go Jesus
you under there have gone
thank you
I won't hurt you
Kai was a sacrifice
we're actually saying that
we don't know for
certain that it's a theory
he was and I was her second attempt
really fucking long story
Lori gave you some sort
of Rowan Berry smoothie
this morning Lori's one of them yeah
sounded like it was a bit
of a shock for winter too
I don't know what to believe anymore
I'm losing my mind
so you
you need to tell me or you did the guy
or I walk outside
I'll get the crafters back
and I don't care what they do to any of you
I never touched Kai
nothing like that ever happened ever
he turned up at my house he was distressed
all of that is true
Griffith had just told
him about you and Lucy
but we talked and I calmed him down
he was gonna go home but I
before he arrived I'd been looking at um
at Rachel's letters they were on the desk
car said he was gonna tell everyone
I just I just tried to I tried to
pacify him
it really it really was an
accident and then I panicked
I tried to get away
that didn't work and I was walking home and
and I and I met my Hangul
I swear to you
I didn't know he was still alive if I did
I I never would have let my Hangul take him
and he took Kai's backpack
I I didn't see that again
until Griffith found it
it definitely wasn't in that cupboard
someone put it there and I I
I wanna I wanna explain
about about Rachel and me
our relationship was
so so utterly authentic
it was so real and and and gentle
it was it was actually beautiful
I have met so many men like you
and every single one
thought he was a nice guy
it wasn't a love story you
raped a child now be quiet
Ian go home we've got this
I shouldn't let them kill
you and not just for Kai
you are such a hypocrite
Kai was in love with Lucy
and you you were fucking up
that's why Kai came to me that day
Heather Mehangel Griffith me and you
we all lock Kai in that shelter
get to this to the station
and lock him in his cell
there's still plenty of people
who'd like to see him
dead what are you gonna do
gonna bring this to an end
she's not here
oh my God
oh my God
was it always gonna be Kai and then me
he was a gift
when my Hangul walked into that vicarage
and realised that Kai was just unconscious
he saw the opportunity
to save our entire faith
so he brought him to me
and we prepared Kai together
and then mihangel took him to the shelter
while you waited for a
recovery that never happened
Kai was soiled by his carnality
we know that now so you came looking for me
someone like you someone to ruin
and yet here we are
so I'm guessing that didn't work either
your body will serve us just as well
no no wait
let's just calm down a second
I know you think I'm a fanatic Grace
but I don't understand you either
I look at you
but the chamber of your
heart where faith should be
I am shocked by its emptiness
except I do believe in something
and I'm not alone
Owen asked me earlier what the plan was
I said we just had to wait
for the cavalry to arrive
it turns out they were here all along
I just had to get your thugs out of town
long enough for him to round them up
it's a lot of witnesses isn't it
but sure go ahead
kill me who knows
maybe at work you'll be the
healthiest woman in prison
oh my God
cutting it a bit fine weren't you
well I got everyone though didn't I
so what are we gonna do with the monsters
sit them on the ground
put their hands behind their heads
we'll process them one by one
so my mum's in a cult then yeah
how you doing with that
not amazing
you killed us you know that
we were something
wonderful and you killed us
don't know how long this is all gonna take
the woman I love is still in there
we're gonna find her okay
he's on the right side isn't he
I should be here for you
it's a sort of emergency
we'll be nice to you
what what
ah ah
they're ready for you now
I'm pleased to tell you that
having completed their inquiries
the IOPC have concluded
there is no case to answer
you are therefore fully
exonerated of any wrongdoing
right sorry sir what
the situation on some jury
was supremely complex and um
we do not believe it would
be in the public interest
to take any further action against you now
no this do you know how many people died
the whole thing was a fuck
up a spectacular fuck up
there had been a degree of
infiltration into the police force
by associates of Heather Nankara
mistakes were made
but it doesn't do to dwell
gotcha sir Sergeant Ryan
the situation on ST George remains complex
the army have minded the
shop for the last six months
but what the island needs
is a return to some kind of normality
most pressing is the
restoration of its police force
you have got to be kidding me
so jury requires a very
specific tone of policing now
so what do you say Grace
will you go back
I don't know what's going on
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