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One Day We May Be More Than a Body; We Turn Up This Music Louder Than a Mother's Cry

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You met my husband once.
You have no rights here.
Stop! You were supposed to make things better! How are we even supposed to do our jobs when we're out there thinking we could go to jail? There's nobody to sue.
Except Daniel Calder.
Gordon's kid was in an accident with a stolen car, and he just walks? A man who can do that is dangerous.
If I beat Gordon, I will help make everyone more safe, and I need your help.
What do you need? A visit to Cook County prison.
Step up, please.
That top is too revealing.
Can't come in unless you change.
I don't have anything to change into.
I Then you can't come in.
Boden, my name is Tia Young, - and this is my husband, Ethan.
- Hey, man.
You cold? Oh.
No, I'm fine.
Nice of you to ask.
Yeah, it's always cold in here.
Why are you here? I'm running for alderman of the 6th Ward against Nathan Gordon.
I think you know his son.
I know Corey.
From the neighborhood.
What, you trying to make his dad look bad? I'm trying to find out what really happened here.
To help you? Dwayne, what happened with that hit and run? Corey, man.
Rich kid with something to prove.
He picked me up one night in a car he says he hot-wired from some shop.
We got in.
We riding around.
He's driving all crazy.
Like, I mean, doing 100 around the corner.
Hits this dude that's walking.
Man dies right there.
So you were never behind the wheel? No.
I got charged with theft, carjacking, and vehicular homicide.
And I told my public defender I wasn't driving.
I said Corey Gordon was.
Next day, prosecutor comes in, says, "You're being offered a very special deal.
" Plead guilty.
Admit I was the driver and swear Corey was in the passenger seat.
You took the deal.
4 years instead of 30? Yeah.
Dwayne, I can't promise you anything, but I wanna prove that the Gordons did this to you, and maybe it'll help shed a light on your story.
Your Your first time in, you think this is it.
That's the end.
Then you get out.
17, couldn't find a job.
End up back in here anyway.
That's the system.
That's what they want to keep us in.
Hey, good luck with your thing, though.
Danny? To what do we owe this pleasure? - I should be at school.
- What's wrong? So I found something in Harrison's things.
Just tell me that this is some random time I didn't go to Pride, and Harrison had too much to drink.
Just tell me that this does not mean anything.
I've never seen this guy.
Scoot? Scoot! He told me after it was over.
Danny, I'm sorry.
He needed someone to talk to.
He made me promise not to tell anyone.
This guy is just a bartender.
It It lasted a month.
When? Two years ago.
That We were fine.
There was nothing going on.
We were happy.
Why wouldn't you tell me? 'Cause it didn't mean anything.
Well, then why would he keep this if it didn't mean anything? What bar is this? Uh, there is nothing to be gained from that kind of scene.
Well, it's either that or nothing, 'cause the only other person who could explain this to me - obviously isn't here.
- Danny, please.
Just burn it.
You were lucky enough to have 20 years together.
In what world am I lucky?! He just means one month does not erase 20 years.
It changes them.
So you still crashing this party? Uh, I thought about it, and no offense, but I think you both might be a little conspicuous.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Okay, but you're still planning on going, right? I mean, your birth mom is in, like, the hottest race of the city this year.
Aren't you, like, excited to see her in her element? - I mean, plus - I know, and I am.
The way we left it at dinner I don't really know what our deal is anymore.
You could go there alone.
Don't tell her that you're gonna be there, and see if you can sneak in unnoticed.
No, that's, like, not a good idea.
I think that's a great idea.
- Okay.
- ‭It's your life, your mom, your Saturday.
You wanna see what she's all about? - Who's gonna stop you? - Huh.
Minimum wage is $13 an hour.
I will push for a motion to bump that to $16.
Ooh, thank you.
Oh, God, I can't shake off Dwayne Boden.
- Mm.
- It's Me neither.
Kids do stupid stuff, you know? I mean, I could have been that kid.
Benny could be that kid.
- Happy debate eve, everyone.
- Hey.
Hey, I got a big present for you.
- Ooh.
Tell me it's dirt.
- First of all, we are polling higher than ever, snapping at Gordon's heels.
Second, my sorority sister works in the state's attorney's office.
I spent the last two hours pretending to care about her baby, but I got something.
Guess who was the lawyer who offered Dwayne his special deal.
Amanda Sharp.
The head state's attorney? She has been endorsing Gordon for years ever since she was elected.
Sounds like Chicago.
Power players doing favors for power players.
So what did he give her to keep his kid out of jail? Any chance we can find out before tomorrow? Girl, you cannot say anything at that debate we can't prove.
I'll play it smart, but I swear to God, Gordon is going down for this.
Dad, hey, I was looking for you at lunch.
I was thinking about going to the South Side tomorrow.
Tia's in this big political debate, and I-I wanna go and watch her do her thing.
When Tia came over for dinner We agreed not to speak of dinner.
She was pretty clear about the separation between campaign and Jira.
I know.
I'm just I'm gonna sneak in, sit in the back and just watch and learn.
Come on.
I'm engaging in local politics.
Alderman races being a long-standing interest of yours.
My interests are varied.
- Who's our alderman? - Osterman.
Please? Look, I've barely ever been south of the Loop, and I hate that.
But I don't wanna stay away from that part of the city or that part of me just because of Tia.
Okay, okay, but promise me be safe and please, please, please - don't betray Tia's trust.
- Mm-hmm.
- Or mine.
- Mm-hmm.
You deserve better.
I'll be safe.
Thai delivery for dinner? Sure.
Thank you.
Bye! How does someone so tall lurk so quietly? Bourbon was fun the other night.
It was for me, too.
We should do it again.
Maybe without the paper bag.
- I would love that.
When? - Tomorrow.
Jira's going out.
I've got the whole day off.
I could come out somewhere near you.
Well, I live in Boystown, and there's a gay bar literally on every block, by law.
Okay, tomorrow.
I really don't wanna drink this.
All right, welcome to Chicago.
Rite of passage.
‭Ah! Oh, God! Why would you do this to me? - It's to disinfect the - Bah-ston.
And here's to suing Daniel Calder into backing off.
Who is suing Daniel Calder? Paul is.
A countersuit for defamation and emotional distress.
I think that's a terrible idea.
I've known lots of good doctors and nurses who were just doing their job get brought down by malpractice suits.
It's gotten out of hand.
Someone needs to push back.
Did you come up with this? No, this is all This is all Paulie.
Look, Jim found this lawyer lady through the Irish Brotherhood who just wants to meet about the case.
Calder's gonna back off.
He'll see.
And then Paul can get his life back and start thinking about his own needs again.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
Didn't see you down there.
What'd you just say? Just messing around, okay? Hey! - Let's go, man.
- Police! Paul, get over here! Call for an ambulance now! Vic? Vic? Jim, she's right there, same as the last 10 times you asked.
All right, cut him some slack.
He's high on painkillers.
It's right here, Jim.
I got you.
What the hell happened? Jim decided to start something, so we had to get his back.
- Yeah, you did, Paulie.
- All right.
Enough, Jim.
Where are your stiches, Paul? You're supposed to look out after your brother.
Come on, Gary.
Jim elbowed a linebacker for spilling some beer.
He's hard to protect.
Well, he never got hurt on my watch.
Where do you think you're going? I've been up all night with his dumb ass in the E.
We're late.
So you're Abby.
Yeah, I am.
And Paul did a great job protecting his brother.
Come on.
Wanna go see this lawyer.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
I would not want her job.
My brothers and sisters of the 6th Ward, the press, and guests of our community.
Please welcome Be on fire with the Lord.
the incumbent, Alderman Nathan Gordon, and candidate Tia Young.
- What? What is that? - Oh.
Just think, you could've been working under me, hmm? It's really nice to see you outside of school.
I never come down here anymore.
This was the first neighborhood I lived in in Chicago.
- When did you get here? - '89.
You? I was born here.
I, uh, grew up with the rest of the Indians on Devon Ave.
, and it's actually the only reason I'm the only one in my family with a non-Indian name.
My parents wanted to help us fit in, so they named me after their favorite Arsenal football player, Liam Brady.
I don't know anything about football.
Oh, no, no, I'm not talking about football.
I'm talking about real football soccer.
I don't know anything about that football either.
I do know that there used to be a lot more women around here.
- Have all the lesbians gone extinct? - ‭Totally.
When I first moved here, I couldn't wait to move into the gay-berhood, but now it's impossible to live here on a teacher's salary.
It's unfortunate.
- Mm-hmm.
- When I left home, this is where I felt safe.
Why'd you leave home? I wasn't what my parents wanted.
I'm sorry.
I got to pick my family.
Well, you and Harrison made a beautiful family.
I loved being in Chicago.
- This was gay Mecca.
- Whoa.
My mom would've stopped you right there.
She would've said Daniel, there is only one Mecca, and it's definitely not in Chicago.
How cute are you two? Your boyfriend is gorgeous, like a young Puerto Rican Adrien Brody? What are you, exactly? You're so exotic.
Persian or, uh Spanish? I'm not.
I'm Indian.
Oh, my God.
I love Indian food.
Oh, and, uh, the statues, right? Um Like the cute little elephant? - Yes.
- Or the lady with all of the arms.
Yeah, that's that's Hinduism.
I'm Muslim.
Ooh, you cannot be gay and Muslim at the same time.
Yet here I am.
Not a hologram.
Have a nice night.
Um okay.
Does that happen to you a lot? Not that extreme every time.
According to most, I don't actually exist.
To be honest, when I met you, I'd never met a gay Muslim.
I'm usually the first.
You okay? Yeah.
You gotta laugh, right? My parents My mom, especially, wasn't thrilled when I told her that I was gay.
But she never questioned that I was real.
You're real to me.
Maybe a little too real.
God, you need gloves.
Young, Chicago makes national headlines as a city plagued by gun violence.
How will you end the violence that plagues our community here in the 6th? Well, first of all, we're having the wrong conversation, accepting a narrative without nuance.
See, the media and the folks from Washington, wanna reduce our story to black on black crime instead of looking at what's wrong with the system that has led us here, a system that Nathan Gordon has been entrenched in for decades.
- I - Oh, now you got that right.
Ha! That's right, Mrs.
I have been entrenched in this neighborhood.
Oh, yeah, I grew up in the 6th.
Lived here all my life.
- Right! - You left to get a fancy degree.
Came back and got a cushy job downtown.
Ooh! You may live in the 6th now and talk like you've lived the struggle here.
- That's right.
- But you're an outsider.
She's an outsider! Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
If you wanna talk about outsiders, let's talk about cops who come to the 6th for target practice.
- You You voted for - You talk You talk like you want to save us? But you don't even know us.
Oh, please, my family, my husband's family, - we all grew up in the 6th.
- No, no, come on now.
We need someone who works for black people.
You don't even work with black people.
Am I right? - Are you sure you want this? - Yes.
Thank you, brother.
We have time for just one more.
Does anyone have a last question that they would like to ask? I have a question.
Uh thanks.
That's her, isn't it? Uh hi.
I have a question for Alderman Gordon.
Of course.
I'm always happy to answer questions for a lovely young lady.
Gordon, uh, this is my first time hearing you speak, and I know this is a debate, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to be rude.
This whole time, I've watched you disrespect Ms.
I think everybody saw it.
Young is qualified and and inspiring, especially to girls like me.
My My question is after witnessing your behavior, how would you expect any woman to vote for you? Wait, wait.
First of all, I definitely meant no disrespect.
None at all.
If anything, I was challenging Mrs.
The city council is not for the faint of heart.
I've been treating her the same as I would treat any man running for her position.
You know, because when we shook hands, you said, "You could have been working under me.
" Oh! You sure you would put a man in that position? - Hmm? - ‭Oh, that's That's not That's not Well, is it true? The truth is we are who we are when we think no one else is watching, when we think no one else can hear.
I can't prove what you said.
No one heard it but me.
But you can bet that every woman in here has heard something like that before.
Yes, ma'am.
You see, that is the specialty of powerful men.
‭You think you can get away with anything you want.
That's right! And speaking of getting away with anything, I wanna talk about a man a man named Dwayne Boden.
Dwayne Boden served time in prison when he took the fall for the son of a powerful man for a crime he did not commit, and he's still there right now, caught up in that cycle of incarceration black folks face, making it nearly impossible for him to re-enter society.
The prosecutors, the CPD, they were happy to have a poor, black kid from the South Side put away.
Like so many of our young men from the 6th have been shuttled into the system, forced to plead guilty.
Nobody cares! We elect these prosecutors.
We elect the state's attorneys, and we keep re-electing the powerful men comfortably in their pockets.
Right? Nathan Gordon has no interest in bucking the system that keeps him comfortable.
And nothing changes if nothing changes.
I don't give a damn about being comfortable.
I care about my people, because the people in the 6th care about each other.
I know you already murdered him, - but I'm gon' murder him.
- Thank you, baby.
It would make winning this election much easier and much harder.
You know, you oughta be very proud of yourself, young lady.
But there's an old saying in Chicago politics "Do unto others before they do unto you.
" Be prepared to meet that "unto," hmm? All right, you got him.
Thank you.
I'll go talk to her.
- I'm I'm just - Mm-hmm.
Young, you were so fierce.
Thank you for your question today.
I am your Aunt Suzanne.
You didn't tell me you were coming.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I really just I need you to go home.
I I Please.
- I thought I was helping.
- You were great.
And underneath all of that, I am sure she's proud of you.
You know, my family's been CPD for generations.
The Evans name goes a long way with me.
A countersuit against Harrison Brennan's family is ballsy but important.
They shouldn't just be able to say whatever they want about us, you know? Especially since he was in policy.
That was a clean shoot.
People need to learn that a dead relative isn't a winning lottery ticket, but we need to get to work right away.
First, no more shiners.
You've gotta be spotless.
- He can do that.
- And second, I need people people who know what you've gone through to testify to your loss and damages.
Start with your dad.
Gary Evans' word about you carries more weight than anybody's.
Mmm! This is good.
I feel good.
You felt good.
I haven't been with anybody but Harrison in such a long time.
You took off his ring.
It's been a crazy couple days.
What happened? I found something in Harrison's things a picture of someone I didn't know.
Anyway, as it turns out, Harrison had a bartender.
How recently did you find out? - Mm - ‭ Recently.
Why'd you ask me out, Daniel? I don't know.
I feel better when I'm with you.
I didn't make a move for five years.
Not when Harrison was around and not since he's been gone.
Walking by you in the hallway and feeling this way, it's been real for me.
But that's not what this is for you.
You feel better.
I don't know what this is, but I do know Really? Bev Connelly thinks that the countersuit's a great idea, but she says that I need people who know me to testify to my damages, so if you could say something Damages? What? You're damaged? No, no, no, he's damaged.
- Dad.
- I'm doing this for him.
I'm doing it for all of us.
Time to get a little bit of ours back, right? It's like I told you, Paulie.
No, you going to another lawyer to protect you - that's a candy-ass move.
- The whole world's against your son, no matter how much good he does.
Can't you just support him for once? Why do you care so much? I mean, he can't be that great in the sack.
You talk to her like that again, I will put you on the floor.
You haven't come at me like that in a long time.
- See what happens.
- Paul.
- Paul, come on.
- See what happens.
What happened to your mom? Cancer.
Honest to God, I think she was relieved.
Don't have to deal with him anymore.
How bad did it get? Jim was the oldest, so he had the worst of it.
And Dad always saw me as a mama's boy, so it never went very well for me either.
I get it.
I moved across the country from my crazy parents.
I'm glad you did.
You could get away from him, get out of that house.
The sooner you cut him out, the sooner you can feel free.
You're better than him.
Why do you like me? Because I like people that try.
Even with your garbage dad, you're trying.
Man, where did you come from? Dorchester.
What's wrong? It could be a hoax! It could be a hoax.
But we can't take that chance.
I need to know what's on this tape before we can even talk about you watching it.
Okay? Please.
But I'm I'm not leaving.
I'm staying in this room.
Oh, my God.
It's real.
I-I-I made him go to - I sent him to get the milk.
- Don't.
Today was hard.
I think it's only gonna get harder.
Oh, you made him real mad.
Ooh, I did.
But we are gonna kick that man's ass.
But Dwayne for you, you did it today.
You said the thing.
So proud of my little sis.
But? But I gotta say Jira you were a little harsh.
I know it's crazy, her coming back into your life at this moment, but when she got up there, she said the thing, too.
She was fierce, like you, and I thought yeah, that's my niece.
You know? Yeah, she doesn't fall far from y'all's tree.
This is what I'm saying.
You do know that Gordon saw her, saw us talking.
I told her the one the one thing I told her to do was to let me handle this campaign, and she just waltzes into church.
All right, maybe she shouldn't have, but she's mm, that girl deserved better than the cold shoulder you gave her.
Excuse me? You two have been telling me to shake her for weeks.
So since when did you become a Jira fan? Since she stood up in a crowd and defended my wife.
No return address or markings of any kind on the envelope.
So what does this mean? It means someone out there is on your side.
It means Evans lied.
It could mean the CPD conspired.
How? ‭Evans testified that Harrison's hoodie was up, that he couldn't see his face, but the tape shows that it was down.
So he knew Harrison was black.
Is that what we need? Is this the proof? I'm gonna call Jess and let her know I'm gonna be here for a while, okay? Okay.
Please, please, please, please, please.
I put the video online.
People have to know what happened.
And now they will.
I want Paul Evans to suffer.
A video of the security camera footage of Officer Paul Evans shooting Harrison Brennan in the back has gone viral.
We warn you that what you're about to see is graphic.
The shocking leaked video of the shooting of Harrison Brennan begs the questions where did this video come from, why wasn't it discovered before, and who isn't sharing all the facts? I can't listen to that.
What's your name? Uh, Finn! I'm Daniel.
I know who you are.
When I found out about you, I had a whole plan to face you, make you face me.
But that all feels a little small now.
What do you want? He had this? In a book.
I found it.
I'm so sorry, and I-I totally understand if you, um you can say whatever you want to me.
Was he tired of me? He'd just come in here after work.
He'd say, "I just got out of a hospital.
Tell me something easy.
" So I'd complain about auditioning.
It was just nice to have someone that listened.
Honestly, I never really thought about why he came in.
I-I was just glad.
I don't know why I'm here.
This might sound weird, but we talked about you a lot.
He would say, "My husband is the best person - I've ever known.
" - Yeah, I'm not.
I'm not, though.
I understand wanting to be with other people.
Yesterday, I hurt someone that I'm I don't recognize my life.
I just want it to go back to the way it was.
I want my husband back so I can scream at him.
And then he can hold me.
That's yours.
Thank you for the talk.
Daniel? Be kind to yourself.
You, too.
You should have told me you were coming.
Is your dad home? Uh, no, I told him that he needed to get out of the house.
He was making us both crazy crazier than Um I'm sorry for the way I treated you.
I was awful to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm not sorry for showing up at your debate.
You are put together and smart.
I just wanted to see you be you.
I thought that maybe it could help me be me? Because I need to be strong.
Jira you are strong.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are, baby.
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
Come here.
It's okay.
Commander suspended me indefinitely without pay.
And the, uh countersuit's dead.
Bev won't file it, says says any lawyer would be an idiot to touch it, so So you don't have to do anything.
Vic? Suspended without pay.
Commander says it looks Bad.
Like we were lying about the tape.
Like we were lying about everything.
So you brought her down with you.
You should've left the tape with Vic where it was safe.
But you couldn't help yourself, could you? Jim told me everything.
I'm gonna go to bed.
What are they gonna do to you, huh?! What did you do? What the hell did you do?! Idiot! ‭ Idiot! Idiot! Aah! Aah! I imagine it's been an emotional few days since the videotape's anonymous leak.
Can you tell me how it's affected your healing process? "Process" makes it sound organized.
Has it made it harder to move on? There is no moving on.
What do you mean by that? Harrison is still my dad and his husband.
We're not trying to just get past him.
With this new footage of Harrison's death Murder.
What would you say to Officer Evans if were here right now? When Officer Evans had the chance to offer us any level of closure, he lied.
He claimed that my husband was threatening the cashier, that his hood was up, that he couldn't tell that he was black.
This tape clearly shows Harrison's face.
So I don't have anything to say to Officer Paul Evans.
I think my words are better directed to State's Attorney Amanda Sharp.
Please, please do what's right and file murder charges.
You know it is the right thing to do.
The city thinks of the 6th Ward as a war zone.
They talk about Chiraq.
They don't bother to pay attention or try to help, get to know the people here.
This is a community.
- Hey, good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- Hey, Tia Young! All right, all right! - Got my vote, hey! All right, now! The ward seems to be committing to you.
Polls now show a dead heat between you and Alderman Gordon.
There's still work to be done.
You've talked a lot about Harrison Brennan in your speeches against CPD, but he wasn't from the 6th.
Why is this particular case so important to you? Justice for families of people taken by police violence means everything to the 6th Ward.
We have an opportunity right now to demand true accountability, and I will fight for that, unlike some others.
You mean your opponent, Nathan Gordon? He hasn't said anything since the shooting was leaked.
I don't know.
I guess he's too busy cozying up to the State's Attorney to pressure her to do the right thing.
Are you suggesting some sort of collusion between Gordon and Amanda Sharp? I'm suggesting that Alderman Gordon must have a good reason for not speaking up.
Dad, you nailed it.
Well, it's the best chance I'm gonna get after screwing up the deposition.
Okay, you have to stop being so hard on yourself about that.
I can't help it.
I'm on a roll.
Speaking of which, would you invite Tia over for dinner this evening? I would like to apologize.
Great, so you two can gang up on me again? That wasn't part of my plan.
But I'll look at that as a bonus.
I'll call her.
You've reached Liam Bhatt.
Please leave your name and number, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
It's me, calling again.
Just thought I'd check in and say hi.
Um, I'll try you again later.
Okay, bye.
This isn't your fault.
He spent the last few days pushing himself 'cause of me.
Staying up with me, not sleeping, lifting me.
62 years old, he's lifting me? It was his time, Jim.
Thanks for coming, Father Joe.
I hate that he was alone.
We should've been there.
Hey, your dad was a part of this parish longer than I was.
I also wanted to check in with you boys about the funeral.
Gary and I had spoken in the past, so I know he wanted a full funeral mass.
Thanks, Father.
Whatever he wanted.
We do still need to select some songs, readings.
You do that, Paul.
I'm doing the wake.
- Full police send-off? - Least he deserves.
It'll take a couple days to get it together, but funeral can happen day after? That'd be fine.
Thank you, boys.
Uh Paul, let me know about the hymns and passages you want.
Whatever you think.
Perhaps there's a reading or two in here you'd think is appropriate.
It'll kill you to do something for him? Going to Abby's.
Your father loved you, Paul.
Look, I understand that you're just doing your job.
I do.
But you can save all that for Jim.
Gary Evans didn't love anything except being a cop.
The day that tape of me got released, the day he died, the only thing he cared about was people hearing the name "Evans" and thinking "bad cop.
" Well, you can't know what was in his heart.
The bigger part of my job is to listen, should you need to talk, just us Okay.
I'll call you about the readings, Father.
Tensions are high in Chicago as the city awaits action from State's Attorney, Amanda Sharp, in the case of Paul Evans.
- In the wake of - as Paul Evans was cleared on the federal level Harrison Brennan, the doctor who was killed by Officer Paul Evans Tensions are high in Chicago, as the city awaits action State's Attorney Amanda Sharp in the case of Paul Evans Calder residence.
Is Jira there? Who's calling? Your daughter talks too much.
Who is this? I'm gonna sew her mouth shut and put a bag over her head, then we'll see how much she talks! Stay close to me.
No one's going to attack me during rush hour, Dad.
They say worse things about me online.
They called the house.
It's different.
And your face is a lot more recognizable now.
That's the only way it's going to work, right? Amanda Sharp has to hear from us if we're going to get the murder charges filed.
I just want us to be careful.
If this doesn't work, no charges, Paul Evans keeps his job, and we don't have the civil suit to fall back on.
So we're already famous.
That's why we have to do more.
More what? More interviews? Something like that.
Come on.
I don't wanna be late.
Yeah, it would maybe be 200 people.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
The Hibernian is gonna give us the entire second floor for the wake.
You know I was 14 when he won the Harding Award? Mom was so pissed at him for almost getting himself killed.
And how does he actually go? A damn heart attack while I'm asleep.
This is not on you.
You drink too much.
You get angry.
You make a mess sometimes, but your father was never anything but proud of you, which is more than either of us can say about Paul.
Don't make this one more reason to hate yourself.
You know I like it when you get bossy.
While I'm at it, shave.
You look homeless.
- Hey.
- Hey.
He okay? Considering everything, absolutely.
Hello? Hey, did you get back to Father Joe? - Been busy.
- Seriously? I'm asking you to do one thing.
Have you been following the news? - He has a lot on his plate.
- So does Vic, and she's got two kids, and she's calling bars, pitching in.
Just doone thing.
If I remember, when you're reading these multiple choice questions, which were written by a committee to hold on to your critical thinking skills, which you will need for the essay questions in tonight's homework.
Good morning, Jane Byrne High.
It's Matthew Lee coming at you live with a special announcement.
Take it away, Jira Calder-Brennan.
Good morning.
Look, everyone knows that my dad was killed by police earlier this year.
You probably watched a tape of it recently, and for the first time since it happened, there is a real chance to prosecute his killer if the State's Attorney decides to file murder charges.
But we have to show her that people care.
So I am announcing a student walkout this Friday after sixth period to march for an end to police brutality.
Please come.
Thank you.
Hello?! Hello?! - Commander.
- Evans.
Did I say you could turn it off?! Very sorry for your loss, Evans.
Well, he lived a life.
It's gonna be a hell of a wake.
Bring the good whiskey.
It's, uh, not the right time to hold a police wake for Gary.
- Not in public.
- What the hell are you talking about? Dad was one of the best the department's ever seen.
38 years.
We need to consider the optics.
People all over are calling for Sharp to indict you for murder, Paul.
That Calder-Brennan girl is planning some kind of protest.
The school district called us.
People are watching.
You know, this family lost someone, too.
That That doesn't count? The whole city is pissed off.
That tape is doing a lot of damage.
Which way you think it's gonna go? Amanda Sharp knows she can't hit her conviction rates without the CPD, but we shouldn't go picking a fight right now.
38 years, George.
He gave 38 years.
You think I'm happy about this? First day out of the Academy, Gary Evans showed me the streets.
We worked Roseland, the Wild 100s.
Gary Evans was natural police.
And he deserved better than this.
Have a private wake here.
Keep it small.
It's for the best, Jim.
Commander was right.
Dad deserved better.
Did he? You got something to say say it! Daniel, come in.
This is the District's Inspector General, Bill Harrington.
- Welcome to our school.
- Thank you.
You don't mind, I'd like to get right to it, Mr.
I wish everyone would.
This walkout your daughter is organizing cannot happen.
I understand the problems it creates.
And no doubt, I share many of your concerns, but Jira's being cavalier with the safety of everyone in this school, herself included.
These sorts of theatrics have no place here.
Theatrics? She's protesting because her father was murdered.
Daniel, we know how important this is to you both.
It's a worthy cause we all understand.
I got what was perhaps the second worst phone call in my life last night.
It was a threat meant for Jira, so just don't lecture me about her safety.
Did you call the police? Police are not exactly sympathetic to our problems.
Then we agree on the risks.
Talk to your daughter.
Make her see the big picture.
I can assure you, my daughter has a firmer grasp on the big picture in this country than you or I ever will.
I'm a history teacher.
I teach about Alice Paul and the suffragists parades.
I teach about M.
I teach kids who are watching the grown-ups in this country fail them on a daily basis that they have voices of their own.
My daughter wants to challenge those in power, she wants to demand some justice? Great! And if my daughter decides this walkout is happening, I will be next to her.
Tia Young.
Ah, State's Attorney Sharp.
I was told it was urgent.
Amanda, please.
I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.
The mayor likes to talk and talk.
No offense.
Oh, well, don't sell yourself short.
You're a hell of a politician, too.
Well, let's hope the voters agree.
Please, have a seat.
Now I know you're in a race and that you need to excite your base, but unfounded insinuations against me? They're not gonna help anyone.
Really? Well, my support seems to be growing, and I've clearly got your attention.
You're coming across like a desperate candidate.
How kind of you to worry about my image.
Image is what allows us to do our jobs.
Do you really think there's a single person in this city that has nothing to hide, including yourself? We could've done this on the phone.
Have a good day, Ms.
You know, there's an old saying in Chicago politics.
"Nobody wants nobody nobody sent.
" And nobody sent you, Tia.
You stick to the issues in your district, and you keep my name out of your mouth.
I'm sorry.
I'd intended to cook today, - but this day - Oh, please.
After last time, I feel like I should be bringing you dinner.
Well, I had actually sort of hoped that I would get a chance to apologize.
I was not on my best behavior the other night.
I'm sorry.
You weren't alone.
Can we both say sorry? - Pad Thai truce? - Done.
Okay, good.
We're all made up.
Can we get to the plan? I'm leading a school walkout on Friday to get Amanda Sharp's attention.
Is the school supporting that? Definitely not.
- Dad screamed at a district bigwig - I did not - defending my honor.
- I did not scream.
And the three of us are gonna discuss it and find out if it's a good idea.
We have received some threats.
I'm sure you have, and it's scary.
We've been marching in the face of threats since Jim Crow.
Jira is part of a legacy.
And we're prepared.
Matthew, Riley, and I have done our homework.
We've thought this plan through, I promise.
I'm nervous, too.
But come on.
It's for Dad.
And I'd feel a lot better if both of you were there with us.
Hmm, well I did just get some new campaign sneakers.
Okay, but you don't leave my side, and you don't run towards danger.
Mm-hmm, uh, would you like to make a speech? Uh, not as my mom, just, you know, for your campaign.
Whatever you need.
Yes! Okay.
I am going to go call Riley and Matthew.
What weren't you telling her? Uh, I have my own admirers who don't want me speaking out about Harrison.
You don't have to make a speech.
You let me worry about that.
How bad was the threat you got? Hey, hey.
We're not gonna let anything happen to her.
Thank you, Tia.
You just watch her take a stand.
It's gonna be beautiful.
"Any school faculty or staff participating in the walkout "will be subject to review "and possible disciplinary action, including suspension, and if appropriate, termination.
" Obviously, we all care very much for Mr.
Calder and Jira, but the district is clear on their stance.
I can't help you if you get in trouble.
And is security in place? Police will be present to ensure everyone's safety.
Well, our job is to keep our students safe here.
So if they walk I will, too.
- Yep, absolutely.
- Me, too.
- Me, too.
- Yep, totally.
Surprised to see you here in the flesh.
Just needed some air.
Jim's taking up a lot of space at the house, so He's taken on a lot of unearned guilt.
Isn't guilt supposed to be our thing? For better or for worse.
And guilt is a powerful driver.
Couldn't come up with a reading.
I'll find something in Corinthians.
Don't tell Jim it was your pick, okay? I'm not an idiot, Paul.
I know there was never any room for you in that house.
I know Jim's loud, and you're quiet, but you both eat yourselves alive.
You don't wanna talk to a priest, it doesn't hurt my feelings.
But you are on a precipice, and anyone can see that.
If we talk out here, is it privileged? Whatever you say is between us and God.
I killed him.
I just let him die.
And you regret it? I don't know.
Paul you've been suffering with this for what, eight months now? It's not for me to pass legal judgment on what you did, but legal or not, justified or not, you took a man's life.
You need to ask for God's forgiveness, son.
I know this is difficult for you, but there are three parts to confession.
Disclosure of the sin is a start, but then you need contrition.
What's the third step? Atonement, action to right the wrong.
Just doing my job, Father.
You are more like Gary than you know.
We got a big, beautiful table in the living room, you know.
Hey, baby, I'm sorry.
I fell down a rabbit hole over here.
Gordon's campaign filings.
I need proof he and Sharp are dirty, beyond Dwayne Boden's word.
Mm-hmm, so we won't be going to bed anytime soon.
If Amanda Sharp is coming for me, - I need to make sure I'm ready.
- Yeah.
- Hey, don't sit on 2006.
- All right.
My bad.
I take it you, uh, going to the walkout? I know the risks, Ethan, but she needs me.
I'll be smart about it.
What? You're a really good mom.
I'm serious.
I thought I knew what determined Tia Young looked like, and then Jira arrived.
She's put a fire in you.
I think we should tell Benny about her.
I'm keeping Jira from so many people.
I don't like lying to our son, and Jira is She's his sister.
- I know it's not just my call, but - We can do that.
Really? Jira's your family now.
That means she's mine, too, and Benny's.
You're a really good dad.
You're blushing.
Attention, students and faculty, anyone who participates in the walkout will be marked truant for the day.
Their parents will be notified, and disciplinary action will be taken.
Should we go? So again, it's this idea of Manifest Destiny that leads McKinley in 1898 to the, um Spanish-American War.
Excuse me.
You ready? What if it's just us? Well, we know that Tia's outside.
You're my hero, no matter how many others are behind you.
We believe we will win Justice now for Harrison! We believe we will win justice now for Harrison! Jira, why are you marching? I'm marching for my dad, for Harrison Brennan! Justice now for Harrison! We believe Amanda Sharp need to see this.
She needs to realize it's not about friends or enemies.
It's not about sides.
Her job is to seek justice.
We will win justice for Harrison! Blue lives matter! Blue lives matter! Can't shut your daughter up, huh?! You try sewing her mouth shut? - You called my house! - Dad! You threatened my daughter! - Hey, hey! You! - No! - Dad?! - You gonna shut us all up? I'm gonna start with you, terrorist.
- Dad?! - Let's go! Get off me! I didn't do anything! Leave him alone! Dad?! Wait.
Leave him alone! He didn't do anything! He didn't do anything! Stop! Dad?! Oh, my God! Daniel, get outta here.
Stay with the kids! Jira! - Are you okay? - They're arresting Liam.
- Mr.
- Where are you going? I'm gonna go make sure he's okay.
Can you take her? Don't take her back to our house.
- She can stay with me.
- Come with us! I love you.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Thank you, Tia.
Dad?! Wait.
I'm looking for someone I believe was brought in here.
Last name Bhatt, B-h-a-t-t, first name Liam.
I don't recognize the name.
Maybe he's at another station? Okay, the officer at the scene said that he would be brought here.
- What scene was that? - The walkout at Jane Byrne High.
I won't get the name until he's processed.
Do you know how long that will take? Well, it could be a while.
We've been pretty busy today, protecting the citizens of Chicago.
Maybe you ought to go home.
I'll wait.
You set all this up by yourself? Nothing else to do with my day.
That's fair enough.
You okay? I just don't know when this is gonna end.
Hey, it's almost over this part, and then the rest of it, it'll work out.
We'll get through it.
I need I need to tell you something.
Yeah, you can tell me anything.
When Dad When Dad died, I was there.
You were in the house? I was in the room.
He was so angry and worse than usual, and he started hitting me, and What did you do? He just He fell.
He was clutching his chest Looking at me for - I just let him - Stop.
Don't say it.
You know everyone in my life has been asking me what the hell I'm doing with Paul Evans? And I'm saying, "He's not what they say.
He's a good guy.
" I am.
I am.
I I am trying.
He You know what he was.
It's my job to help people, whoever they are.
That's what you're supposed to do.
That's what a good guy does.
I Abby I'm sorry.
I need you right now, please.
I think I need to go.
What can I do? Tell me what I can do.
Apparently, nothing.
A student walkout protesting the shooting of Dr.
Harrison Brennan turned violent today when demonstrating students and teachers were met by members Hey, hey.
Unh-unh, don't let all that into your head.
No, I put everyone in danger, and it was stupid.
Not stupid.
I am proud of you.
If this was all for nothing It all comes down to the State's Attorney, and damn if you didn't give her a whole lot to think about.
Hey, Benny Bean.
You don't have to.
We want to.
I spoke to your dad, and he agrees.
Come here.
Hi! Mwah.
Okay, come here.
This is Jira.
She's gonna be having a sleepover here tonight.
Hi, Benny.
Jira is someone who is very special to me.
She's actually my daughter.
I had her a long time ago before I met your daddy.
I wasn't ready to be a mommy yet, and so I had to let her go live with another family.
And they adopted her.
And she became their daughter, too.
But now Jira wants to get to know our family.
What do you think about that, Benny? Do you like comics? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm I'm a nerd.
Me, too.
Wanna come see my room? Yeah, I'd love to.
Hey Liam.
- What did they charge you with? - Nothing.
How can they hold you for 10 hours and not charge you? I'm brown.
I'm Muslim.
I'm gay.
And, oh, I was protesting the police.
Can I help you get home? I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
I was there because I wanted to be.
That's not why I'm apologizing.
Do you really wanna do this now? I was thoughtless.
I was selfish, and you are the last person that I wanna hurt.
There's no room for me.
I knew you weren't ready, but I But I wanted you so badly, so I let myself believe that you were.
The problem is that I am not allowed to want anything.
I can't ask you for anything.
I I can't even get angry.
What happened to him and to you that's impossible.
You can't give me what I I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to say.
Which is why I need to go home by myself.
And so should you.
- Dad? - Jira, in here! Thank you.
How's Mr.
Bhatt? He's okay.
They're not gonna charge him.
And the guy who made the threat? They questioned him on the walkout.
He denied making the call.
There's not much we can do.
Well, at least your teacher's okay.
He got suspended.
So did I.
- They can't do that.
- They can, because they warned us beforehand.
Silver lining? This picture's gonna be hard for the State's Attorney to ignore.
I can't even look at that.
That's why we need the world to.
Right, Jira? Where's Abby? Leave me alone, Vic.
To you! Someone give him a drink, see if he's really dead.
I have a few words.
Stand up so we can see you.
Hey, I'll stand up when you learn how to read.
Ohh! Gary Evans born and raised here in Beverly.
Mean drunk.
Bad husband.
Great cop.
He showed me the meaning of service.
Up till the day he died, he gave his family everything he could, everything he had to give.
People couldn't always see that.
He wasn't the "I love you" type.
But he showed you.
Took care of us after Mom died.
Built that ramp outside with his bare hands in the dead of winter, 2011.
He pushed us to be better, and he will be missed.
To my dad.
My dad was, uh everything I was supposed to be.
And he never let you forget it.
It was always Gary Evans' way or just it's nothin'.
It's funny.
Growing up I was always hearing what an honor it was just being his son.
And all you people here, you think he's this, uh, good man.
He really wasn't.
He was just a bully.
He was a bully to my mom.
He was a bully to me.
Bully to Jim here.
Till you got hurt on the job, of course.
And that stopped.
Paul, it's not the time.
No, I know, I know.
I'm I-I know.
I'm I'm pissing everybody off.
I'm sorry.
Here's the thing.
Gary Evans was a cruel man who never asked for forgiveness and got away with everything.
I won't miss him.
I'm done trying to impress him.
He can rot.
But, hey, you know, maybe he's atoning now.
I hear it's never too late, so there's that.
You know, Dad was right.
You are a giant, giant disgrace.
Jim, that is enough.
The accident is off to the side now, but the Expressway remains jammed.
In breaking news, we have a surprising report that Cook County State's Attorney Amanda Sharp will convene a grand jury to indict Paul Evans in the shooting of Dr.
Harrison Brennan, this after a video of the shooting was leaked, and at the tail end of a very turbulent week.
But hey, it's the weekend, so let's put on a drinking song.
Here's Ugh! With the grand jury, this means action in the Harrison Brennan shooting will, for the first time, be determined by a group of citizen jurors.
The State's Attorney says that she is confident that they will indict Paul Evans for murder.
Oh, my God.
You did this.
You made this happen for Dad.
- Ms.
Young - Tia, over here! Care to comment on the news? Oh! Um well, I'm I'm relieved to hear that Paul Evans will face a grand jury.
It is the first step towards justice being No, the news that you're Jira Calder-Brennan's mother.
- Why conceal the truth? - You're accused of lying to the city.
This will erode your credibility with the voters.
Do you have an answer, Ms.
Young? Ms.
Young? Ms.