The Red Line (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

I Must Tell You What We Have Inherited

1 Previously on "The Red Line" I knew you weren't ready, but I wanted you so badly.
Dwayne Boden served time in prison when he took the fall for the son of a powerful man.
There's an old saying in Chicago politics "Do unto others before they do unto you.
" Be prepared to meet that "unto.
" Ms.
Young, care to comment on the news that you're Jira Calder-Brennan's mother? We were called to a robbery in progress.
Brennan did not turn or raise his hands when prompted.
Procedure dictates I use deadly force.
You shot him, and you let him bleed to death on the floor.
I want Paul Evans to suffer.
MAN ON RADIO: Cook County State's Attorney Amanda Sharp will convene a grand jury to indict Paul Evans in the shooting of Dr.
I wanted to assure you in person that I'm deeply invested in bringing Paul Evans to justice.
Do you think the grand jury will indict him? Obviously, you know the odds the historical odds against such an indictment.
It's a difficult threshold to prove murder.
We know how many black families have been denied justice.
We're not naive, but Laquan McDonald's killer was convicted with video evidence.
That was uncontested dashcam footage that the CPD did everything in their power to suppress.
But this convenience store tape? No one knows where it's from.
There's no chain of custody.
Somebody sent me an old-fashioned VHS tape.
Can't fake that.
Nevertheless, if we can't trace where the tape's been So what do we do? Well, unfortunately, you just have to wait.
But I'm going to do everything I can, I promise you.
Yeah, you've been really proactive ever since the walkout got national coverage.
You know, meeting you in person, you remind me so much of your mother.
I admire Tia Young a great deal.
Chicago politics is an ugly business, and I'm sorry about the way your connection is affecting her chance of winning.
I couldn't agree more.
That's why we're gonna do everything in our power to turn it around.
So Ethan really couldn't make it? Yeah, he's missed enough work already for my campaign.
Besides, this isn't about the family everybody already knows I have.
Mm, that's true.
I'm gonna check the mic, make sure the crowd can hear the wisdom you and Jira are about to drop.
Charisse Gray.
I work for Alderman Nathan Gordon.
I saw you at the debate when he chewed you out after I handed him his ass.
Well, behind every great man is There's a woman catching it.
Why are you here? The alderman wants me to be a fly on the wall.
Because every person that's here is a vote I might lose? And let's just say he's hoping for a packed house.
They're saying it's a CPD cover-up 'cause of the damn videotape leaking out of nowhere.
Meanwhile, Calder and his kid are part of this whole South Side anti-cop political race.
They should be on trial for lying instead of dragging your ass in front of a grand jury.
I was thinking of wearing this.
Too formal? They won't be able to concentrate on anything but your legs.
Solid strategy.
What is this? I told you to get out of my house last night.
Redding's coming over, needs to talk about the grand jury thing, so since you're already here for some reason, might as well stay.
Glad I have your permission.
You wanna get dressed? No, not from you.
I am not interested.
TIA: Hey.
Sorry we're late.
- Hi, Daniel.
You You raised this brilliant girl.
And bless you for that.
You must be Aunt Suzanne? Hi.
This your first time this far south? Yeah, I thought I was blending in pretty well.
Jira, honey, let's go over some talking points 'cause they're gonna try and catch you off-guard, so I'm Oh, okay.
You okay? I'm gonna take a hit in the polls, but at this point, so much noise, I don't know what the damage is.
Are you okay? I'm grateful the two of you are here.
It's our turn.
This grand jury stuff, uh it's a hell of a break, and coming so soon after Gary's passing What's the play? As the possible defendant, you don't set foot in that grand jury room.
It's just witness testimony from the night in question and evidence presented for them to decide if there's enough to indict you.
Now the State's Attorney will try and put the fear of God in you.
Don't bite.
We'll lawyer you up.
I can take care of myself.
Like you took care of that tape? Which I'm sure you know could carry charges.
But our lawyers get that video dismissed, it goes away, a bunch of angry blacks riot, and everyone else remembers why they need us.
Just keep your mouths shut, and we'll fix this.
I deserve to have my say, Commander, in public.
Calder's out there talking.
His daughter's out there talking.
I just look like some guy trying to save his own ass.
No, you look like the pissant everyone else is trying to save.
Why didn't you let people know - about your daughter sooner? - [AUDIENCE MURMURING.]
Jira has been through more this year than any teenager should have to endure.
I wanted to keep her safe, same as any mother wants for her children.
So you've put her onstage now in front of all these news cameras? - I didn't put her on - Can I? [AUDIENCE MURMURING.]
Uh I chose to be here.
The day I met Tia, I asked her why she wanted to be an alderman.
She told me that the ward she loved deserved better.
I believed her then, and you should believe in her now.
You wanna speak for black folks? But the people are saying that the father's white.
MAN: I can answer for that.
My name is Isaiah Palmer.
I'm Jira's birth father.
Is he really my father? Daniel is your father, and Harrison.
Isaiah is the boy who got me pregnant.
Do you know what he wants now? To make another mess.
Why else would he show up right now and and pull this this act right at the very moment when everything I worked for hangs in the balance? Another mess? [SCOFFS.]
That's not what I meant, Jira Why can't I at least meet him? I mean, he was 15.
You don't even know him now.
What I do know is that at 15, I made a hard decision when he walked out on me on us.
The moment I told him I was pregnant, he took off.
He can't just come back like all is forgiven.
You gave me up back then, too.
- Jira.
- At least he came on his own.
He's available.
Come on, Suzanne.
I came all this way to meet her.
Not gonna happen.
What the hell were you thinking? You turned a campaign event into "Maury.
" They came at Tia on the issue.
I thought I could do her a solid and answer the question.
I had to pick up the pieces when you ghosted her.
So if you think that I'm gonna put her or Jira in that position again, you are out of your damn mind.
You're right.
But I've changed.
- I found God.
- Then produce him.
Jesus can ask me to move out of this doorway.
Other than that, you have done enough damage here today.
My daughter's impressive and beautiful, just like her mama.
Peace, sister.
You need to trust me on this.
I'm the only person in this room who knows what that man is like.
Okay, but he's here.
This is happening.
I'm going to meet him.
Not without me being present, you're not.
I can't believe this.
If there's one thing that I've learned in the last couple months, it's that keeping Jira from meeting other family it's a Sisyphean task at best.
I'm not thrilled about this either.
But would you rather I supervise or she find him on her own? You're gonna do what you're gonna do.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm putting immunity on the table if you testify that Paul Evans is solely responsible both for the death of Harrison Brennan and the stolen security footage.
You might as well end her career on the CPD.
I could charge Officer Renna tomorrow with conspiracy and tampering with evidence.
I'd say that's a little worse than the current job market.
I'll testify that my name is Victoria Beth Renna.
Beyond that, I'm taking the Fifth.
I will not testify against my partner.
Your ex-partner who put you in this position and whose head the city is clamoring for, Victoria, not yours.
Look at me.
The testimony is sealed.
There's no risk for exposure, unless, of course, your bargain basement lawyer decides to Bite me, Amanda.
Your inquisition is just electioneering.
Vic, the department will protect you on this.
Do you trust that they'll choose a single mother over an Evans boy, if it comes to that? You have two sons, right? Connor and Gabriel.
You lose five years with them, that could really make a difference in who they grow up to be.
You take immunity, you don't miss a day.
She's beautiful.
She's got my smile, I think.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to, um It's okay.
I wish I could take credit for it.
That one's my favorite.
I think we took about 30 of 'em.
Harrison kept cracking jokes.
That's the only one where our eyes are all open.
Um can I can I hug you? Uh, yeah.
I never thought I'd get this.
Thank you.
Thank you, God.
Thank you.
Let's sit down.
Uh, I-I guess you have questions? Yes, definitely.
Is it true you disappeared when Tia got pregnant? [GASPS.]
Well, that's, uh Yeah, you're your mother's girl.
Um Okay, yeah.
I did that.
I was stupid and and scared.
Nobody to blame but myself.
I was just hustling for a long time too long.
I'm staying with my mama's sister for a few days to see if Tia will give me a chance to make amends now.
I-I-I have more family in town? And they'd love to meet you.
Uh, do I have any brothers or sisters? Uh, it never worked out for me that way.
I left Chicago for Indiana in '09, hoping for that settled life.
Found Jesus and electrical repair instead.
Do you like being an electrician? I love it.
Getting into wiring and circuitry, learning how things work from the inside, always did that since I could remember.
No, I-I used to do that, too that exact thing.
I would take the blender apart - and put it back together.
Harrison tried to gently guide her towards an interest in surgery so we could have working appliances.
Anyway, um so when I saw you on the news, and I heard that you were Tia Young's daughter, man, my my truck couldn't get on I-90 fast enough.
I'm glad you're here even if your timing is just Yeah, it was bad.
I planned to to tell you after, but when they came after Tia, well - Mm-hmm.
- Um What should we do here? I-I don't wanna It's been a tough year.
It wasn't easy to meet Tia.
She was somewhat planned, and you weren't.
But you're here.
So let's keep talking.
MAN: Thanks for talking to our viewing audience, Paul.
Now we don't know where this video of so-called evidence came from.
Truth is, anyone can doctor footage these days to push their agenda.
Hoodie up or down, you can clearly see cashier's being threatened, his life in danger.
People calling it murder have no idea what you heroes in blue go through every day to protect us.
That's why I wanted to do an interview.
I need to be honest.
I need to ask for forgiveness.
I know that a lot of people watched the tape, and they think that I am a murderer.
I get it.
I get it.
But what you have to know is that it's just It's a moment.
It's the split second you have to make that call, and I believed with all my heart I was doing what I had to do.
I was trying to protect the cashier.
It was a mistake, and I know that my lawyers and the department don't want me to use that word, but that's what it was.
It was a mistake.
I wish I would give anything to be able to take it back.
But anyone who knows me knows I am not a racist.
I'm just not.
I'm human.
And I'm so sorry.
I applaud the candor, Officer Evans, especially since the people who should be asking for forgiveness are the prosecutors trying to string you up with this bogus evidence.
I'm sure you agree.
Thank you so much for talking to me today.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, thank you.
Meeting Isaiah was amazing.
This whole time I've been wondering what made me me, and I think I finally know.
Um, didn't you kinda already, with your mom? Oh, you mean the person who forbid me from seeing Isaiah? I mean, the person who held a campaign rally just to profess her love and support of you.
Which your birth dad kinda shanked.
Can you just support me? When have we not? There are just times like right now that we have to protect you first.
Isaiah's not dangerous.
Well, messing with your connection to Tia really is.
- Really? - Jira [SIGHS.]
I understand that, but w Well [SIGHS.]
you know, I thank you for your time.
Gordon's got you running around.
I don't mind, not when it's as eventful as your town hall.
Like y'all weren't behind that.
Actually, we weren't.
You should have known when your ex stood up and started defending your honor.
Said some nice things online, too.
- What? - He told the "South Side Stinger" that while you two had a rocky past, it was all his fault, and he's proud of you for not having an abortion.
Even still, the alderman sends his condolences.
Funeral lilies.
You know, I really feel sorry for you, trying to demean a sister to keep that man in power.
Chicago politics are demeaning.
Do yourself a favor.
Look into Gordon's history.
10 years ago, he set up a kid named Dwayne Boden to take a homicide charge for his son Corey.
- That is low.
That is ugly.
- It's not true.
Just 'cause your boss calls me a liar doesn't make me one.
You tell Gordon the next time he wants to gloat, have the guts to do it in person, instead of treating you like the maid.
PAUL: I was doing what I had to do.
I believed I was protecting the cashier.
It was a mistake.
Have you seen this? He keeps saying that killing Dad was a mistake.
This troll that's interviewing him basically says that the tape is fake.
- Surprise.
- They're gonna toss the tape.
I think we need to prepare ourselves for this not going our way.
I don't wanna think like that yet.
I don't wanna be sideswiped again after everything else.
- I just - If that happens, we have a lot of good to focus on new family, people who care about us.
I'm really glad that you have those things, Punchkin.
Have you heard from Isaiah? Yeah, actually.
He was wondering if he could come by today.
Are you happy getting to know him? Yeah.
It's what I hoped.
Dad? Well, yes, invite him over.
Invite him over.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on.
It's one of those little giraffe things.
I don't even know why I bothered to wrap it.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't come earlier.
I was Yeah.
Lots going on.
Anyway, what'd you, uh, what'd you name her? Ivelisse.
Lisi Carranza, huh? It's pretty, man.
Saw your interview.
I just wanted to do something that was right.
I kinda twisted up all my words, though.
But it might help with the, uh, grand jury thing.
Doubt it.
It doesn't matter.
That's not why I did it.
You wanted to say sorry for your mistake.
I should probably get back inside.
Yeah, of course.
And, hey look, I just wanna say all this goes sideways, I'm, uh I'm just glad we got to roll together, you know? And congratulations again.
Sorry if me dropping by was a pain Stop apologizing, Paul.
Thanks for taking the time to see me.
Damn, river view.
I always knew you'd do well.
You talking to the press about me now? All good things.
Trying to help.
I haven't wanted your help in a long time.
Can I say I'm sorry for everything? I don't want your apology.
I want you gone.
What's it gonna take to get you to disappear? Again.
You got every right to be raw.
But I'm not here for you.
17 years, T.
Call me "T" again, I swear to God 17 years I've been carrying what I did.
And when the news broke, and I learned that that little girl that I've been feeling for in the news was my little girl? You know that feeling.
Don't act like you don't.
Jira is a strong young woman who already has a strong father.
That's why she came looking for me, not you.
That doesn't mean I got nothing to offer.
You don't want me to talk about you or your campaign, done.
I thought I was doing you a solid, but if it's hurting your chances, - I'll shut up on the matter.
- Good.
Thank you.
But I will not leave that girl, not again.
And you can feel some type of way about it, but as long as Jira wants me, I'm here.
You got a view, that's for sure.
State your name.
Victoria Renna.
And your job is? Chicago Police Officer.
But on suspension because of your complicity in the cover-up of the killing of Harrison Brennan.
I've been suspended, yes.
Now on the night that Paul Evans shot Harrison Brennan, what's the first thing that you remember seeing when you came into the convenience store? I'd like to remind you that perjury immediately negates your immunity.
I saw my partner standing over the body of Harrison Brennan.
And what did you do then? I went to the back and I stole the security tape.
Which indicates that you knew that your partner did something wrong.
Uh What did he do wrong? Officer Evans did not prompt Dr.
Brennan with a verbal warning.
Was Officer Evans aware that you stole the tape? At that time, no.
- Was he ever aware of this? - Yes, Paul Officer Evans came to know of it.
The tape showed that Dr.
Brennan's hoodie was down, and his face was visible.
I'd like to remind the grand jury that when Paul Evans testified in a sworn deposition, he insisted that he could not see the victim's skin color and therefore could not have been motivated by racial bias.
So Officer Renna, did Paul Evans see that Harrison Brennan was black when he shot him? Yes.
Yeah, Tia! Tia Young! Tia Young! That's right! Thank you.
Well, that's one I know I have.
My turn.
- Now talk to some press.
- Okay.
Well, you look spectacular, young lady.
I thought it was your week to be the spectacle for a change.
Oh, can I have one word with you? Just a little word.
Charisse Gray quit today.
Yeah, I thought it might be her.
That's the way you women do it, huh? Stab 'em in the back instead of fighting clean.
Is that what you've done? Fight clean? You exposed me, my daughter, my whole family, and you and Sharp threw Dwayne away like he was garbage.
You know what's waiting for you down there at City Hall? The butchers, and they play hardball for real.
Me? I'm one of the good guys, except until now.
Obviously, because thanks to you and your sisterly solidarity, Charisse is gonna come up to the legal fury of a thousand sons.
But your ass is going to jail, so you get used to being uncomfortable.
Oh, and your hands are clean.
Charisse didn't walk away unpaid.
Maybe you are as dangerous as the rest of them.
You might be following in my footsteps sooner than you know.
FEMALE REPORTER: Polling stations have closed in Chicago, with several races already called.
More results are expected within several minutes, including State's Attorney and a closely monitored alderman race on the South Side.
I feel like I'm almost cool enough to be here.
There's no way prom is gonna compare to this.
So I guess, uh, we should probably skip it.
Were we not already skipping prom? They haven't called it yet.
They haven't called it yet.
That means it close really close, and there aren't a lot of absentee ballots for local races, so I need them to call this thing now.
- They need to call it now! - Breathe [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Give me my phone, Suzanne.
I will watch for returns.
Go, drink.
I don't want a drink.
I want my damn phone.
Oh, you think you have a say.
- 'Cause you don't.
- See? You do too much.
- God.
Bhatt's here.
Bhatt's here.
I invited him.
I didn't think he would come.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Of course.
Excuse me.
You came.
You're here.
I am.
And apparently so is half the student body.
Looking sharp, Mr.
Bhatt! Embarrassed? Can we, uh Come here.
Are you okay with whatever that is? No.
But he deserves something nice.
Tell me if I look sad.
I'm really glad that you came.
ANDREW BIRD: And I know That what I say just sounds absurd But you can read between the lines And you can savor every word There'll be times When you are stammering through tears So long they're not from crocodiles It will be music to my ears, To your ears, to my ears Because what you say is true [MICROPHONE THUDS, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Everybody, returns are coming in.
Shut the hell up.
Thank you.
FEMALE REPORTER: And a very exciting city election is coming to a close in Chicago.
Incumbent Democrat Mayor Andrew Randolph is projected to win with nearly 70% of the vote.
Also State's Attorney Amanda Sharp has handily won re-election with 54% of the vote.
MAN: A lot closer than I thought it would be.
We'll We'll get her next time.
Come on, Tia Young! MAN: Tia Young! And I have the results for several more alderman races.
Here we go.
Tia! Tia! ALL: [CHANTING.]
Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! - Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! - [WHISPERS.]
Please, please.
Tia! Tia! Please.
Coming as a bit of a surprise, newcomer Tia Young has it in the 6th.
Oh, my God! [LAUGHS.]
Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! Tia! [RHYTHMIC CLAPPING.]
What are you doing here? What are you doing? I gotta talk to Commander.
About what? I'm done with this.
I'm done with all this.
I don't belong on the job, Jim.
I shouldn't be out there.
How many times do you have to get cleared before you get it?! It was an accident, Paul.
You didn't know it was the wrong guy.
That's That's That's it.
I knew it was the right guy.
I saw him through the window, and I knew.
I was sure.
I was wrong.
You got there, and you made the hard call.
Maybe if the man that I saw hadn't looked like Brennan I fired right away because I knew he was dangerous.
How did I know that? Jim, what is that? I don't think I would have done it if he wasn't If he wasn't black.
That is what they want you to think.
You're better than this, Paulie.
That's the thing, Jim.
I don't know that I am.
That family wanted my badge.
They deserve that.
Jim they should have that at least.
Then I fell asleep and the city kept blinking, yeah What was I thinking It's the State's Attorney.
When I let you back in? I said I am trying to break your heart [LAUGHS.]
- Hello? - Tia? It's Amanda.
Well, I suppose I should say the same thing to you.
Oh, it was a closer fight than I expected, but it all worked out.
Hmm, well, there's always next time.
Same goes for both of us.
Listen, I know getting to know each other has been bumpy, but I'm excited to have another woman in the mix.
I look forward to working with you.
As do I.
I look forward to finding out everything about you.
Now I'm sure both of us have parties we need to get back to.
Oh, uh, is your family with you? Your extended family? Yes.
Would you tell them something for me? Hey, can I talk to you over here for a second? Jira, come.
Um Paul Evans quit.
But still I'd be lying if I said it wasn't easy I am trying to break your heart You got to him.
I'm here because of my family.
I'm here because my sister worked her behind off to get me here, and because my husband and my beautiful son loved and supported me through this time.
And I'm here because new family lifted me up.
I'm here because a man named Harrison Brennan told me during one of my darkest hours that I could make a difference one day, and it was true.
It's true for all of us.
Chicago is a perfect microcosm of America, but we're still segregated in a lot of ways.
And we don't always see each other.
But we are in this together.
My husband he drives a Red Line train, and we all know the Red Line runs north to south, through every different kind of neighborhood.
But it is up to us to make those neighborhoods a city.
Call me a crazy optimist, but I believe that if we could get Chicago right, then maybe we could get America right.
It's gonna be hard.
We are going to get our hearts broken sometimes.
We lose people.
We get hurt, but we keep fighting.
We fight for our futures.
That is how neighborhoods become a city, and how a city becomes a family, and I know better than most if there was no better answer to the darkness than to find more family.
She's talking about you.
She's talking about us.
TIA: I thank you, Chicago.
Now let's get to work! [BELL RINGS.]
We'll pick it up tomorrow.
I'll participate more tomorrow.
Just have a lot on my mind.
No, I get it.
I just I just noticed that you weren't whispering like you usually do with Riley and Matthew when I'm teaching.
Everything okay? I really want them to have my back on something, and they sort of don't right now.
Maybe, uh, cut them some slack.
It's hard being the support system.
I never thanked you for what you did at the walkout.
It's all good.
When those guys in the van showed up, I thought my dad was going to get hurt.
I'm sorry you did.
You're just You're always looking out for us me and Dad.
You're gonna be late.
See you tomorrow.
I'm down everywhere in the ward.
These exit polls from my town hall show that almost everyone who attended lost faith in me.
'Cause that damn Isaiah flapped his gums.
I saw him.
What? To get him to cease and desist.
He said he would stop interfering in my campaign.
- And you believe him? - I do.
I still haven't spoken to Jira - [PEN CLATTERS.]
- since our fight.
Lord only knows what he's filling her head with.
God, I feel like I am 15 years old all over again, like everything I've worked for is falling apart, like nothing's gonna work out, Ethan.
- Everything I've worked for - Stop.
Your life wasn't over then.
It's not over now.
And Jira and her dad can handle Isaiah Palmer.
Nothing he says can change how she feels about you, but if you fight her on it, it's gon' be like fighting you pain in the ass, and nothing good comes from it.
Shut up.
You know who you can fight for right now? Dwayne Boden.
'Cause people like him, T.
, that's the whole reason you got in this game.
So you do right by Dwayne, even if you lose this election, you win.
CLOVES: And I'm up and down [TRACK RATTLING.]
- Now I've wasted the day Bad news? Elizabeth said the rumor out of the grand jury is that the tape disappeared from inside the police station.
What? A cop sent us that tape? If so, she said that she doesn't think that any of 'em would ever admit to it on the record.
And Amanda Sharp needs the CPD for all future convictions, so unless the leaker comes forward [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
I hate everyone.
I just hate feeling powerless.
I can cancel on Isaiah.
No, don't do that.
You'll have more fun if you see him.
You're being really cool about him.
You know he could have stayed home and done nothing.
Instead he reached out, and he knew he'd be facing years of anger.
Brave thing to do for you.
- Shoot.
- Mnh-mnh, no.
Now, now No, do not listen to that punk.
You wait.
Wait for the dragon.
Just wait for him.
He's gonna come.
- Shoot.
Now, now, now.
- Yeah! Vengeance is mine! - Vengeance! [GRUNTING.]
Okay, my turn now.
My turn.
This is healthy.
Uncle Paul said we could.
All right.
Outside now.
One lap around the block for every minute you spent - melting your brain.
- Ugh.
Go on.
- Sorry.
I just wanted to come by and see 'em in case [SIGHS.]
I'm not here to check up on how the day went.
I I took the Fifth on everything.
The last few months have been - It's fine.
- It's not.
You've been trying to help me, and I've been a miserable bastard.
You didn't deserve it.
I'm sorry.
If the grand jury goes my way by some miracle, I will make it up to you.
Let's just Let's just get through this, okay? So you and Jim, huh? Is that something I gotta get used to or I'm so not talking about that with you.
I don't wanna hear about it, so that's good.
I proudly present the best bougie tea on the North Side.
Oh, bold claim.
"When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.
I'm sorry.
I just - I'm playing.
I'm playing.
- Oh, okay.
This, uh, grand jury thing you holding up okay? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Just feels like it's going to take forever.
I'm glad you're here.
Well, in the darkest times, we have to try and bring some joy.
If Paul Evans goes to jail for murder, that's my joy.
I'm sorry you got dealt these cards.
What do you mean? How everything worked out with your your dad Harrison.
Yeah, I miss him a lot.
He did his best by you.
I feel like there's something you're not saying.
I do wish he had lived in accordance with God's Word.
Do you mean that he was gay? God made the rules, and our only choice is to to follow or not follow.
Do you think my dad is in hell? Look, I It breaks my heart.
Get out.
Jira, look, I I know this is hard for you to hear.
- That's not why I'm here - Get out of my fathers' home! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Calder? Can we help you? I know somebody in this station sent me the tape of my husband's murder.
I need you to know that to do half-right is to do wrong.
All right, you need to leave.
If you don't come forward, if you don't testify to the grand jury, you might as well have destroyed that tape [VOICE BREAKING.]
because making my daughter and me watch that and having nothing come of it is just cruel.
Paul Evans will get away with it, and it'll be on you.
- Alderman's not here.
Well, that's too bad, especially since I brought him this.
It's a copy of the FOIA request to unseal Dwayne Boden's arrest records.
It may take a while, but you tell Gordon I will fight him until long after the last vote is counted, not just for Dwayne, but for everyone woman like us Gordon has treated like garbage.
Have a good afternoon, Ms.
He's who gave me a job.
It's a good job.
It pays, leads to other things.
I want other things, Ms.
Young, like you.
I have access to everything Gordon's professional and personal finances, his archives, all of it.
I can get what you need in time to help with your campaign.
But? I'll need a $100,000 severance package.
I'll put you on my staff when I win.
Regardless of what I give you, it's "if," not "when.
" Let's say you do.
You gonna pay me $10OK a year? You know that's an alderman's salary.
Then what's it gonna cost me in legal fees when Gordon sues the bitch who squealed? Who can't get hired? I've gotta look out for myself before I can look out for you.
Come on, man.
You still not talking to me? Redding called.
Yeah, well, I'm sure he's pretty pissed off about the interview, but How's Carranza? Went to see his kid.
Right? Yeah, he's a friend.
I was doing right by a friend.
That a problem? Carranza walked into the grand jury last night.
The only reason is if he's the bastard that sent Daniel Calder that tape.
- That's not possible.
- I told you.
- Get back with Vic.
- No.
Roll with someone you can trust, but no, your feelings got hurt, so you gave that traitor an in.
Are you happy now? Officer Dreamer just tanked your ass.
He wouldn't do that.
There's no way he would do that! The only thing standing between you and a stretch in Joliet was that tape getting tossed.
They're going to indict you.
They're gonna throw you away.
Everybody tried to save you Dad, Vic, the department.
You just pissed it away.
Where are you going? [PHONE BEEPS.]
What? What happened? Cop named Diego Carranza testified.
I think we just proved chain of custody.
Uh they they know it's real? They know it's real.
Oh, my God.
You did this! Um Carranza's the last witness to testify.
Grand jury results are today.
We're skipping school.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Um I'm really glad you're my dad.
I know this year, I've made you feel like I'm not with Tia and everything.
It's been a rough year.
But we're good.
We're good.
I don't wanna see Isaiah ever again.
He said some stuff about you and Dad.
What'd he say? I know what he said.
I had this image of if I'd grown up with him.
Maybe I'd have some good things, but I would hate you.
I wouldn't wanna be like that.
No, you you wouldn't.
You couldn't.
Because I had you and Dad.
You are a really good dad.
You know where you slept? Oh! The first week we brought you home? Mm-hmm.
Right there.
- Right here.
- Mm-hmm.
And my pulse lined up with yours.
And it still does.
Going this low could come back and bite you.
I don't, Gordon gets away with everything, including whatever he does in these next four years.
I could re-mortgage the house.
- Ethan'd love that.
- I'm sure he'd like it more than dipping into Benny's college account.
We'll think of something.
We always do.
Don't worry.
We'll get Charisse the money.
You ever wished you hadn't dropped everything to help me? I am extremely employable.
Don't you worry about me.
Oh, Jira just texted me.
That's good.
She's reaching out.
Grand jury's back within the hour.
She and Daniel are heading down now.
MAN: I got it.
Where you going, huh? I'm not telling you that, man.
Did you think I would hurt you? You think I'd hurt your family? Might not be you.
Might be another cop, but it'll be someone.
Started getting ready the moment I sent that tape.
Why would you do that to me, man? No, no, no, no, no.
Ta bien.
We good.
We were partners.
You crossed the line on your partner? - Never wanted to be your partner.
- We were friends, Carranza.
Friends? You only worked with me 'cause you wanted to prove you could roll with a brown guy.
I treated you the same as anyone! - You just don't get it, do you? - You don't know me at all.
- I know you.
- You don't know me.
I know a hundred guys like you.
You grow up in Beverly or Mount Greenwood, and you never see a black kid until your first day out of the Academy when the Irish cop you're rolling with takes you down to Englewood, telling you to hit the animals hard.
That's what you see, whether you know it or not.
I'm not my father, Carranza.
I am not Van Dyke.
I am none of those guys.
Think 'cause they're worse, that you're good? You get the call, and you know it's a black guy before you see him, before you get out the damn car.
So stop saying it was a mistake like some accident.
You wanna know why I sent that tape? 'Cause you were gonna sue those people those people you hurt.
But you said "sorry.
" Congratulations.
Oh, hey.
Not yet? Elizabeth just went to go check.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
No, I'm I should have listened to you about Isaiah.
Oh, I'd hoped he'd changed.
Maybe he has, but not into anyone I want in my life.
I'm glad you're here.
Of course I'm here.
It was my turn.
You okay? No? Yes? One way or the other, our lives are gonna change again.
We got this.
LAUREN DAIGLE: Where are you now When darkness seems to win? HARRISON: You're probably wondering who I am, where I come from, what kind of man I am.
WOMAN: Harrison? Dinnertime! - Harrison! - Okay! In a minute, Mom! They haven't given us enough time to tell you everything, so I'll focus on the stuff you need to know.
I wanna convince you that Daniel and I are the right people to raise your child.
But I want you to make the decision that feels right to you.
How am I supposed to know what's right? When you were little, what did you wanna do with your life? Figure out a way to help people, like you.
I know it sounds You can do that, Tia.
You really think I can come back from this? I know you can.
I know you're scared, but I promise if you give us a chance, Daniel and I will love your child with everything we've got.
I know we're not necessarily the family you pictured for your daughter, but we will take care of her and protect her and make sure she knows every day that she was chosen.
When my husband and I decided we wanted more family, that meant we wanted her.
I can't tell you that we'll be perfect.
We all make mistakes, but I can tell you that she'll grow up in a home where she'll learn that whatever setbacks she experiences in life, she can triumph over them and make a difference in this world, just like you.
Let us teach her that family is a choice and a gift.
I hear you say Look up, child Hey, hey Look up, child [REPORTERS SHOUTING QUESTIONS, CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING.]
I'm State's Attorney Amanda Sharp.
On behalf of the city of Chicago and our mayor, I must begin by once again expressing my deep sympathy for the family of Harrison Brennan.
A Cook County grand jury has completed its investigation into the tragic death of Dr.
Brennan on March 6th during an armed robbery met with police response in the Edgewater area of Chicago, Illinois.
After deliberation on the evidence presented in this matter The grand jury found that the officer in question acted in accordance with police policy and that there shall be no indictment of murder for Paul Evans.
Thank you.
So where are we going? When Dad and I were first dating, we used to just take lakefront walks.
Just start somewhere and end up someplace else, be happy wherever we wound up.
I don't wanna be happy right now, Dad.
It's not about pretending to be fine, I promise.
It's It's just about starting somewhere.
Was that Elizabeth calling earlier? Yeah.
She called and she said that the city made another settlement offer less than we asked for.
More than most people get.
She thinks we should accept the offer and get some kind of justice.
So we'll do that.
I don't wanna make it about the money anymore.
Okay, so at least we know one thing we're gonna do.
Let's keep walking, see what else we come up with.
Until we freeze? Yeah.
Let's see how far the two of us can get.
I remember her.
Fell in love with that girl watching her whup everyone's ass in algebra.
Was too scared to say it till about a decade later.
- Mm.
That was the year I thought my whole life was over.
This was supposed to be the year I really changed things.
You have, no matter what.
Color's good on you.
I'm meeting Suzanne at the venue for election night.
Seems crazy, planning a party when there's $100,000 - that I can't get.
- Fight's not over.
You still got a couple days left.
Charisse isn't getting paid, and I've got nothing else on Gordon.
I thought winning this election would make Harrison proud.
I do eight hours up and down on that train, and nothing much changes for me, but I got time to think, time that you don't, maybe doing everything you're doing.
But I think about Harrison.
I'm never gonna know the man, but he's in my life.
You know, if putting Jira in his arms made him half as happy as me when you put Benny in mine, you were that man's hero.
And you put a smile on his daughter's face when she needed you back in her life.
He's proud.
And he'd probably tell you it's not over till it's over.
You know, this whole year just just throw it in the trash.
Not one damn good thing.
But the two of us are still here, so you and me, we're done with the miserable bastard act.
We're gonna get ours back.
You got a second chance eighth chance.
You're gonna serve and protect.
What do you miss about the job? That it's not just a job.
Yet it is, though.
We're not better than anybody else.
Yes, we are.
We do things that other people are too scared to do.
Time for you to start owning that again.
It's in our blood.
Ready? Yeah.
Butch and friggin' Sundance together again.
Wish we could have made it all the way to the Museum of Science and Industry, you know, without catching pneumonia.
I love that place.
You know, that's the largest remaining building from the World's Fair of 1893? The whole city burned to the ground, 1871.
Then 20 years later, we convinced the world that we've got room for something new.
So we put up these big, beautiful buildings dedicated to progress.
That's how Chicago became this Chicago.
The White City.
That's fitting.
I think we both need something new.
I would love to feel like if I just had that, it would be better.
Now it's just cold, and Dad is still not here.
You are Harrison Brennan's daughter.
I am his husband.
And that has to mean something.
We have all this money $2.
8 million.
We can fight.
I would love a fight.
Well, there's a whole system out there that said Paul Evans did nothing wrong.
We can burn it down.
We can rebuild.
That is our history.
So it's our fight.
- Hey, Tia.
Oh, my God.
You got me purple balloons.
Your favorite.
- I love it.
- Looks good, huh? [LAUGHS.]
Hey, look who got out of the house.
Oh! Hey, baby girl.
How you doing? I'm okay.
- Sorry to distract you.
- No, no, I got this in hand.
She's all yours.
I, uh, thought you were keeping a low profile.
We were, uh, but then we went for a walk, and we wanted to talk to you.
You've been talking about collusion between Amanda Sharp and Nathan Gordon.
What can you tell us? Well, a 14-year-old kid named Dwayne Boden went to jail for something he didn't do.
Nathan Gordon's son did it.
I've been trying to prove they're connected Sharp, Gordon, and a quid pro quo.
Now there is someone with access to information that could help, but it's she's expensive.
Shady back room deal.
We have money.
City made a settlement.
I'm not taking Harrison's blood money.
That is for you.
This is for us.
These are not the people that should be running things.
We wanna have a say in that.
You have Jira's college to think about.
You're a single father, Daniel.
Got life insurance and some savings.
This money from the city is to fix things, and this seems like a good place to start.
No, I I really don't wanna complicate things any more between us.
No, money, family it just gets messy.
Please? We don't want it.
So you really wanna give me $100,000 for something that may not even work? Okay.
Let's broom the trash.
Did you not read the sign? I'm sorry.
- Did you not read the sign? - [SIREN WHOOPS.]
- There's no dibs.
- I put my chair here - this morning to save my spot.
- I don't care about your chair.
So I gotta come out here and tell you to move your car? Dibs is what I know.
I've never heard of that rule.
What are you, on your period? Are you? I put my chair here this morning to save my spot.
- I have to put - Thank you.
I put the chair here this morning to save my spot, and my neighbor just tossed it.
See that? That's my house.
- I put the chair there.
- I park here every day! It's called dibs, bitch.
It's an honor code, and it's sacred.
She called dibs.
Move your car.
You gonna make me? Look, man, it's just a car.
Don't make it a thing - [GRUNTING.]
- Paul, what are you doing?! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! Uhh! [GROANS.]
I'm reporting this.
Badge 376371.
Make the call.
- You're crazy.
- Make the call! - You're crazy! - Do it.
That's what's wrong with you people.
Oh, this is funny to you? A little bit.
Corey Gordon's medical records? Read on.
"Cracked ribs consistent with impact from a steering wheel.
Hematoma to the left upper chest from the seatbelt.
" This puts him in the driver's seat and an innocent kid in jail.
Doesn't take much ability for a man in power to pull strings.
Harder to prove it was Amanda Sharp's strings that got pulled.
She's been scratching his back ever since, but she knows how to cover her tracks.
The 6th is gonna eat Gordon alive.
New allegations against incumbent 6th Ward Alderman Nathan Gordon have rocked the closely watched race against Tia Young.
Medical records suggest a cover-up which protected his youngest son and possibly sent an innocent young man to jail, countering the official story.
Witch hunt is the last desperate attempt of a failed campaign! Tia Young she's deceived and distracted the voters time and time again, but I'm certain that my loyal constituents will see through this sad attempt to drag my family down.
God! Daniel, that's huge.
That's Equality Chicago graciously accepts your generous gift.
Not just a gift.
I'm gonna be on the board of directors effective immediately.
The organization is done throwing galas and acting grateful every time a shady Chicago politician wants to walk in front of a Pride float.
That's reductive and hurtful.
We've done a lot of good.
Which is why Harrison and I were donors for 20 years.
We fought for marriage, then we took a breath.
It's not the finish line, and it's not enough just to say we're allies.
Look at what is happening in this city.
There used to be all kinds of people living in the gayberhood.
Now? It's only guys that look like us.
But younger.
Seriously, Miles it's time that our community showed up for the people that they don't see at brunch.
The money's yours, but we're gonna go to city hall, and we are gonna be infuriating to the powers that be for the time to come.
Welcome to the board.
I'll make some phone calls.
- I have other demands.
- Start with one, and I'm mentioning the money first.
Miles is sweet, but he is also tenacious.
My fella will get it done.
How long after Manny died did it take before you felt comfortable being with someone else? My life isn't always gonna be about anger and grief.
Is it? Honestly, it was the duty to Manny.
It's good.
Mostly happy tears.
So there was the duty to Manny Mischenko to honor and remember what we had.
And then there was the duty to live the life that he couldn't.
I chose the latter.
Well, did you feel guilty? I survived the '80s.
Men were dying in the streets.
Our guilt couldn't save them.
Love is our rebellion.
And I've always been an agitator.
You are, too.
There is someone who makes me smile.
And I wanna smile.
If there's one thing I knew about Harrison, who I miss every day, is that he always wanted you to be happy.
I wouldn't have Miles if I let myself be buried alongside Manny.
There is an ocean of dead men standing behind you.
You live.
You love harder.
That guy you roughed up yesterday he filed a complaint with COPA.
Figured he might.
You smug little ginger goblin, I swear to God, if you weren't Gary's kid, I'd take a bag of oranges to your organs in a room with no windows.
At least it was a white guy.
You called me in.
What do we do? Oh, it's done.
Vic Renna's fired.
What? We fire you now after you've been cleared again, we look guilty as hell.
But Vic she tampered with evidence.
The Commissioner says someone needs to answer for that.
- Wait, wait, what? - Oh, and the, uh, State's Attorney called my office.
- She wants you down there.
- Commander, that's Now.
Jira? Can I have this? I want something of Dad's.
Like how you wear his ring.
It's yours.
It it's too big for me now, but maybe when I'm a doctor.
Probably still need to hem it.
Sadly, you did not get his height.
No, I got Isaiah's whatever.
I'm sorry Isaiah was a disappointment.
But you're happy? Meeting new family and with Tia, at least? Yeah.
I'm glad.
I'm I'm I think I might need that, too.
L-Like dating? Yeah.
Not replacing Dad.
It's just More family.
It'll be okay when that happens.
I guess this is what moving on looks like.
When I saw the grand jury ruling, the first thing I did was call the mayor.
We were bracing for riots and a tough election day.
Chicago doesn't vote out incumbents unless people are angry.
The activists want me on the chopping block.
Daniel Calder's on the warpath with Tia Young in the 6th Ward, and I'm losing my base, but there are a lot of wards full of voters with a lot of good will and sympathy for you, and they're angry, too maybe more so.
They see you being attacked, and they feel attacked, too.
I want you to help me take advantage of that.
You want me to campaign for you? Mm, just a press conference.
Doesn't have to be a full campaign event.
Expressing your thanks to this office for being fair to you, being fair to the police.
Tell me something.
Carranza confirmed the tape.
So why didn't this take me down? What happened in the grand jury? It's 'cause Vic took the Fifth? That why you got her fired? 'Cause she wouldn't play ball with you? She didn't take the Fifth, so if she's fired, it has nothing to do with me.
Vic testified against me? Does it matter? The fact is, that tape had nothing in it to sink you.
Make the statement.
Get me the Blue Lives Matter vote.
If you wanna rise in the CPD, then you need their support as much as I do, trust me.
Trust you.
I don't trust you.
I can't trust anyone, apparently.
Don't try and help me again.
Great kid.
How's she doing? She's good.
She's been canvassing for Tia on the South Side.
We've both been keeping busy.
Wasn't sure if I should call after the grand jury.
I get it.
So what am I doing here? I joined the Chicago Equality board.
But we're mostly white guys, and I wanna cause a little trouble.
And I've never met a gay Muslim before.
Most of them haven't either.
That matters.
Matters to me, too.
I can't promise that I will agree with everything that they say.
I just want you to be honest, like always.
Sounds good.
And I miss you.
And not because I'm sad or because I'm I need somebody or something to distract me.
I don't feel the way that I feel with you with anyone else.
I miss you, too.
And I realize that I don't really know you, not in the way that I want to.
And I do want to.
I don't know about that.
I-I mean, I'm terrible at paying my bills on time.
Oh, well, you know, in that case [CHUCKLES.]
And I wanna know you, too, outside of school, outside of hurt.
Is that even possible right now? I don't know what I have to offer you.
My life is chaos, but I'm tired of feeling defeated.
I wanna smile more, and I wanna make Liam Bhatt smile.
ANDREW BIRD: I may speak to you in tongues I don't wanna compete.
And I-I don't wanna take his place.
No one will, but that doesn't have to mean that there's no room here for us to figure out whatever this is.
Can I think about it? Yeah.
You can take all the time you want.
Vote for Tia Young, an alderman who will actually protect you.
Vote for Tia Young.
What are you doing here? My aunt's place is around the block.
I'm just getting the feel for the neighborhood again.
- Are you following me? - No.
I mean, I may have heard that you were out walking for Tia.
Thought maybe I'd try my luck.
Didn't wanna show up at your house after last time.
I have nothing to say you.
Look, I'm grateful that you grew up loved and cared for.
I'm grateful to know you now.
We have so much to offer each other.
We're blood.
I am who I am because of my fathers.
I'm your father, too.
I wanna be.
Then you need to accept them and love them for who they are.
That's what it takes to know me.
I believe what I believe.
Oh, my God! Go back to Indiana.
You're my daughter, Jira! It's right that we know each other, and I'm not gon' give up.
Damn, Tia, how far did you walk? [SIGHS.]
How big is the 6th? Ohh, God.
Tell me something good, please.
It's not great.
If we win it's a squeaker.
How's Amanda Sharp polling? Bitch ain't dead yet.
Daniel and Jira are coming by tonight.
I was hoping to give them better news.
Election's tomorrow.
Give yourself some credit for how far we've come when we started so far behind.
Yeah, I'll take credit when things change.
What am I gonna do? Like I said, I'm gonna talk to some people.
Nothing is set in stone.
Let me use my powers of pissing people off for good.
We need to talk, Vic.
She's had a rough one, and you've done enough.
You took immunity? You took immunity.
Tell me he's wrong.
Why? You tried to pin a frickin' murder charge on him? And did that happen? No! So if it's okay with the both of you, I tried to protect what's mine for once, or I'd be facing charges on top of getting fired! - Vic, we're family.
- Don't! I have walked over hot coals for you all year! Who the hell was there for me? I was.
Jim you're great.
This is so nice.
But I have two boys to think about two boys that if I'm gone and they're raised by their dad, they're gonna turn out just like you two.
Jim, come on.
How did we turn out, Vic? Jim and me how did we turn out? I'm not perfect, but you straight up shot a black man in the back without a warning.
Now I have covered your ass all year, but I owe it to my boys to raise them better than that.
I have to clean up my mess.
You clean up yours.
Ethan, Benny, this is my dad, Daniel.
- Pleasure.
- Oh - [CHUCKLES.]
- You're Jira's daddy? Yes, I am.
Is there a store? What kind of store? Where you picked her out.
There is a store.
Um, but it's a Daddy store, and I didn't pick her out.
Your mommy picked out my husband.
Which is a longer story than we do at bedtime.
- I'm not tired.
- Come on.
I'll go, too.
- Come on, Bean.
- Nice to meet you, Benny.
Hey, come here.
I'll give you kisses in a minute, okay? [LAUGHTER.]
Benny is convinced you got me pregnant.
We just kept saying, "No, Jira's daddy picked her out," but it all turned into a store somehow.
- Oh, I miss that age.
- [SIGHS.]
Are you ready for tomorrow? We've done what we can.
You ready? When you win, you're gonna be seeing a lot more of me.
- How's that? - The organization that threw the gala I kind of bullied my way onto their board.
And our new mission is to be a pain in City Hall's ass.
Well, you are the kind of enemy I can work with.
I have a good luck gift for you.
Um, this was taken the day that we brought her home.
Thank you, Daniel.
I still remember every word he said to me.
And when I first thought of this whole campaign, I remember thinking [CHUCKLES.]
I'm gonna make that man proud.
He's gonna know he was right about me.
God, it's so silly, I know.
- No.
- [SIGHS.]
No, it's not.
And you wanna know the crazy thing? This whole timing was God saying something.
The day I announced my candidacy, Suzanne did the whole the press push, article in the "Trib," first time I've ever been in the paper.
Very next day, the story broke that Harrison was killed.
One day, I'm in the news.
Next day, him.
What? Oh, my God.
What did I say, Daniel? I'm sorry.
It was you? [CLEARS THROAT.]
This was the last text he ever sent me.
He was thinking about me? If he had made it home that night, he would've told me about you.
And we would've told Jira.
I know it.
We were always gonna be family.