The Regime (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Midnight Feast

as for foreign news reports
alleging stalled construction
on cobalt refinery sites
being built by our new Chinese partners,
better check your sources
say reps for the Bartos Corporation,
who claim work on the refineries
is progressing smoothly,
and no one should doubt China's
commitment to our future.
It's now one o'clock,
let's join our Chancellor.
SPEAKERS): Good afternoon.
I bless you all in this
time of great challenge
and great opportunity.
Despite discredited
foreign media reports,
the Faban reunification
was an unmitigated success.
There is no unrest.
There are no guerrillas.
There is only a renewal of our love.
And yet still, the American
Beast and its client states
try to strangle us.
But petty sanctions will always fail
because our love cannot be sanctioned.
(SCREAMS) Turn it off!
ELENA: Our enemies know we are thriving.
Turn it off!
Our economy is strong.
Our workers are happy.
- (SCREAMING) Please!
- Our enemies know,
- so they have to lie and say
- What is it with you?
Why won't you sleep?
- Please turn it off!
- We can't, Butcher.
Radio stays on all day. It's regulation.
- (SCREAMS) Turn it off!
- Jesus, fuckin' shut up!
ELENA: Anyone who dares
insult me or my country
shall feel my fury and
shall never be forgiven.
"It's one o'clock
let's join our Chancellor."
It's now one o'clock.
Time to join Chancellor
Vernham's daily address.
vicious lie is being spread
that our free trade deal with China
has hurt our local sugar industry.
That the shops have been flooded
with cheap Chinese sugar,
making it hard for our
homegrown producers to compete.
(ECHOES) A vicious lie.
Don't believe the lies.
The sugar beet industry is strong.
Our sugar producers
in Westgate are happy.
(ECHOES) Westgate trash.
Any so-called demonstrations
in sugar beet country are nothing
but cheap American performance art.
Don't let lumbering minds deceive you.
You must strive to have
a graceful mind.
And who is really to blame
for the struggles of
our local businesses
and the reports of unrest in Westgate?
I'll tell you who.
Keplinger, the vile leftist.
He's still out there
working with the global elite
to destroy everything we've built.
To those who oppose us,
I have a simple message.
You dream about fucking me.
I don't dream about fucking you.
You dream about fucking me.
I don't dream about fucking you.
(SCREAMING) Shut up! Shut up!
ELENA: I don't dream
about fucking you
GUARD 1: Sleep! Just sleep!
GUARD 2: Been a week, you crazy fuck!
ELENA: You dream about fucking me.
I don't dream about fucking you.
You dream about fucking me.
I don't dream about fucking you.
REPORTER: It's now one o'clock,
let's join our Chancellor.
Hot, hot. Fuck me. Hot!
Cold. Fuck me! Cold.
The fuck are you
wearing?! Take that off!
And burn it. If fire still
exists at this temperature.
Any better last night?
Ugh! It's like lying
awake in a camel's asshole.
- Can't you feel it?
- No, of course, I did.
It's nearly as bad in
my corner of the world.
- Mmm.
- Mm, hot. Hot. You're too hot, too hot.
Poor Lenny. I'll have another stern chat
- with services, yeah?
- Yeah.
You know, when I have trouble sleeping,
I picture a doctor
opening up my skull
and taking my brain out,
and all the thoughts that keep me up,
my pains, my desires, they're all gone,
and I just pop right off.
Yeah, I don't think I'll
imagine my own lobotomy, thanks.
Yeah, of course. Just
a suggestion, really.
Oh, God, his air. It
smells like dung today.
Oh, good morning, my darling. (SNAPS)
Good morning, sweetheart.
Ah, let's have a little
mint, yeah, shall we?
- Good boy. (LAUGHS)
- That's it. Yeah.
Oh, uhh
Furnace. It's like a furnace.
- Oh, God, it's worse in here, Nicky!
- Yeah.
VICTOR SCHIFF: I hear the boy
sleeps in the Chancellor's bed now.
- A bit worrying.
- I think we may have more pressing concerns, Victor.
Like our entire economy
circling the drain.
Oh, I'm just as concerned as you.
My son's application to Princeton,
my iPhone account,
the pied-à-terre in Miami,
it's all spatchcocked to fuck.
I'm living like a gypsy's dog.
And yet, I seem to
recall you cheering on
our Faban Corridor adventure.
"Sanctions? Do your worst,"
I believe you crowed.
No, no, no, I still
support Madam's policies,
- ya know that, it's just
- It's just? Just what?
You'd like to holiday
somewhere without Sharia Law?
(WHISPERS) Get rid of
your coats. She'll see you.
Oh. Number! The number, dear. Remember?
Um, 34?
- Ooh. (SIGHS)
Right, let's do this.
- Wait. Caviar, caviar. Wait.
- Yes.
- Mm, mmm.
- Cheese.
- Done.
- Oh.
- Maybe caption it:
"Love over easy," right? (LAUGHS)
"Petty sanctions won't starve us."
Yes, that's good too. Better, really.
- ELENA: Mm.
- So, I'm pleased to announce
that 20 of 26 poetry
centers have been completed.
My wallet weeps bitter tears,
but still tremendous news.
Why on Earth is it 26?
Remember, same number of original prints
of Blake's "Songs of Innocence."
- Are you serious?
It's 4,000 fucking degrees in here.
- Sorry, Madam, force of habit.
- Oh, I want some, please.
Time for your breakfast.
Uh! Apologize to Agnes.
Do you know, sorry, he's
been such a tyrant lately.
- Also, Agnes?
- AGNES: Yes, Madam?
His breath smells of
feces. Have you noticed?
Can't say I have, Madam.
Oh. Well, let's work on that together.
And Agnes?
how is it?
Um, I haven't yet inquired today, Madam.
But it's sleeping? It sleeps?
A bit, yes, Madam, yeah.
I think it's, uh, trying.
ELENA: Good.
So, it's still kicking.
That's good.
And Agnes, get me some more
fucking air conditioning units!
- AGNES: Certainly, Madam.
Even if the protests
happening in Westgate were real,
which they are not,
what do our sugar beet
workers have to complain about?
China is our friend.
GUARD: Sleep well, Butcher?
ELENA: Just think of all the ways
China is investing in our future.
Infrastructure. Roads.
Our exciting new cobalt refineries.
All of these partnerships
will pay off soon.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is either
a tool of American intelligence
or a delusional Keplinger supporter
dreaming of my downfall.
Well there won't be a downfall.
Our love is too strong.
No one will ever come between us.
I'm not telling her about the horse.
We have to tell her about the horse.
Then you tell her about the horse.
This is your purview.
I am Minister of Comms,
not fucking Master of Whips and Bridles.
(SHIVERS) Oh, shit. It's so cold.
I'd murder my family for a scarf.
One scarf. I'd slit their throats.
Well, now.
This is something new.
ELENA (ON SCREEN): Good morning.
Listen, before we start,
can I just say something?
I don't need your quiet, worried faces.
You all need to be
better at being normal.
When you're not normal,
it makes me feel like
you're telling me that I'm not normal,
which is a bad flavor for this room.
It's a loser's flavor and I dislike it.
And it makes me distrust all of you
and want you to be dead.
So, just be better at being normal.
Good, let's start.
Madam, uh, the foreign antagonists
continue to do what they can
short of armed intervention to punish us
for the Faban Corridor.
Freezing assets, banning
travel, spurring defections
Sanctimonious sanctions,
I'd call it. (LAUGHS)
Yes, but what's the
update beneath the update?
I was told the markets would even
out with the China deal in place.
Chinese free trade was
supposed to make us money,
not drain us dry.
Uh, Madam, uh, free trade with China
hasn't yet been the tonic we'd hoped.
As you know from the
protests in Westgate,
cheap imports have hurt
our industries, and
I don't care about the
sugar beet bullshit.
Just tell me about the
cobalt refineries, hm?
China was supposed to
modernize our refineries
and jump-start our economy,
so where's our payday?
When will they start earning?
Oh, very soon, Madam, we hope.
However, the Chinese contractors
have hit some snags on the tech.
Well, quelle surprise.
Well, I can't wait forever, you know.
Uh, meanwhile, ma'am,
with another three sugar
beet factories closing,
the protests in Westgate
are turning ugly.
We should discuss improving the visuals.
Uh, Madam, um,
may we talk to you about an incident
that occurred yesterday?
i-i-it's a situation
with a horse.
I'm eager for the next sentence.
One of our mounted police
monitoring a protest of sugar
beet workers in Westgate,
well, his horse spooked.
I-It was the crowd's
fault, really, Madam.
The horse bucked and it kicked a woman.
In the, uh, uh, stomach region.
- Mm-hmm.
- The woman was with child.
- Uh, a sort of unscheduled abortion.
- Quite late term.
Right, and the woman? Wh
Um, oh, regrettably, she expired.
Sorry, why am I hearing about this?
Well, ma'am, it's just that we're seeing
it's become a bit of a rallying cry
among the disaffected of
Westgate in particular.
Oh, the fucking Westgaters
and their fucking emotional needs.
They're like fucking infants!
Yes, agreed, ma'am, agreed.
Nonetheless, I think
it might be wise to have
a bit of a public dialogue of sorts
w-with Westgate people?
And perhaps with the fetus of it all,
something with children?
Fine, a Q and A with Westgate
children here in the palace.
But only to inform. I won't play
nursemaid to their big, messy feelings.
God, it's fucking hot! Who else is hot?
HERBERT ZUBAK: Hey! Hey, what is this?
- GUARD 1: Let's go, Butcher.
- HERBERT: Where?
GUARD 2: Left.
- HERBERT: Where are you taking me?
- Try anything and we put
- a bullet in your brain.
- She would never.
- She doesn't give a fuck about you.
- Move!
Hello, Herbert.
I'm Ed.
HERBERT: Keplinger
- what are you doing here?
- I live here.
No, you, you don't.
Oh, I am quite certain that I do.
No, no, no, you are in the countrys
You are in the countryside.
Am I? Gosh, well,
I-I hardly seem to be.
(CHUCKLES) No, no,
no, no. I've seen you.
You live in shame, up
north, in a big house.
We all know it. Everybody's seen you.
Oh, that. Yes, that is a bit
of movie magic, I'm afraid.
They drag me very politely from my cell
to a manor house now and again
to, uh, film a little
fiction for you all.
- You are a fucking liar.
- Yeah, I can see it's confusing
after what she's told you all.
No, you tried to ruin us
when you were Chancellor.
You and your rich leftist
friends cutting deals.
Piece of advice, Herbert,
from one prisoner to another,
everything you thought you knew
up there when you were sucking free air,
it's a cloud.
You just let it pass.
Here, may I, um
Tom, the keys.
Thank you.
You're from the beet
country, I hear, yeah?
My mum was a Westgater, hm?
There we are.
Don't mind Tom and Vin.
They're very, very lovely people
who have come a very
long way, especially Vin.
So, it's them who gave me your book?
The book. The book. Christ,
you didn't read it, did you?
- No.
- I should hope not.
The fetid wind of an
aging leftist. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, does anyone know
why we're still standing?
Come. Let's sit.
Gently, gently, Vin.
What is this?
Well, it gets a bit pokey in my cell,
so, uh, Tom and Vin like to
bring me here in the tunnels
for the odd midnight feast.
You know, a few smokes,
schnapps, bit of sausage.
It's our little secret,
so, you know, shh.
(CHUCKLES) Our little secret.
She's really giving you
the treatment, isn't she?
I mean, it's-it's fine. I-I
have no scores to settle here.
I've reached a point
where I frankly just, uh
- I suppose I pity her.
- No, no, shut your fucking mouth.
Watch your tongue, Butcher.
You will say his name or
you'll not share my table.
Do you understand?
Now get out.
But I haven't had my sausage.
And you will not. Not tonight. Go.
Tom, my friend, one
moment, if you please.
I apologize.
Down here, you'll be
treated with respect.
Yeah? I don't care what you did.
You and I are the same
now. I'm no better than you.
In fact, in many ways,
I'm a hell of a lot worse.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Thank you.
Don't swallow.
Don't swallow. Don't swallow.
USHER: Alright, this way,
please, all you Westgate children.
Those of you with questions
for the Chancellor,
please sit in allocated seats.
Come this way, please.
And we've thoroughly vetted these kids?
No prepubescent Trotskys in the mix?
- The children have all been screened, I assure you.
- Good.
I would hate to break out
the extra-small garrotes.
Yes, hopefully, it won't come to that.
Uh, ma'am, please do remember
that these are real Westgate people
and you did ask for live TV.
Why does everyone keep saying that?
Do you think I'm gonna
take a shit on the podium?
But I do think it may be wise
to have a moment of silence, up top.
(SIGHS) I'm not mentioning the horse.
Oh, you don't have to
say the word "horse."
I think most people will understand
it is ultimately about the horse.
Stop saying fucking "horse"!
EMCEE (ON MONITORS): So, without
further ado, boys and girls,
Chancellor Elena Vernham.
Goodness, it's warm in
here. I do apologize.
good morning, everyone.
CHILDREN: Good morning,
Madam Chancellor.
Oh, that's sweet.
Now I'd like to begin with a
some questions. Who's first?
I My mum My Sorry.
alright, dear. Just-Just take a breath.
- My mother says we may have to ration food
because of disruptions
in the supply chain.
- Is that something we
- No, no, no, no, no.
Let's not go scaring
ourselves with these words,
"rationing," "supply chain."
No, we are a good, strong economy.
Strong farming. Just be frugal.
I've been tightening my belt.
You know, less butter, less wine.
It's good for me to go with less.
So, just follow my example and cut down.
You'll still have all your
favorite little treats.
Yeah? Good. Who's next? Yeah?
I live with my parents in Westgate.
(LAUGHS) Yes, I thought
I smelled something.
Oh, pity. That usually plays.
No, I-I love the factory
smell. Smells like jobs.
And I've always had a special
bond with you Westgaters.
- Continue please, dear.
- My parents are worried
the sugar beet processing
plant will close down.
Will we be okay? Given
the China of it all?
"The China of it all"?
Well, kids say that don't they?
Thank you for your question.
Um, sugar beet country,
um, will be fine. Yeah.
A free trade with
China will be a success.
Um, Faban freedom
will be worth the cost.
But let me just say
this, have some pride.
I won Faban for you. I've
empowered you, come on.
Don't just fall to pieces at
the first little road bump.
Be real, people. You
know, stop complaining.
Let me do my work
and be grateful, okay?
'Kay. Sorry.
Yeah, no, don't say sorry,
dear. I'm not scolding you.
Okay. Who's next?
But first, are we all having fun so far?
- ELENA: Yeah? Alright, good.
Let's-Let's do another.
Come on, let's go.
Um, so, when I grow up,
I want to be a doctor,
- just like you
- I'm sorry, but a fucking horse.
(SCOFFS) That's all this is
about. A horse. It's absurd.
- Horses spook. That's just what they do.
- Oh.
Oh, no, maybe it was me who
told horsey to kick that woman.
Clip, clop, clip, clop, kick.
Yes, of course! Let's all
blame me. It was all my fault.
Listen, I'm sorry, if
you're a giant pregnant tuna,
don't attend a government protest.
Oh, you see, this is exactly
what the Americans want.
They want fear and unrest
because their defense budget
depends on it.
And you lot are just
handing it to them.
And Keplinger too, Marxist rat,
scheming to get rich
off your backs again!
Hiding in his mansion,
and trying to subvert us.
Plotting and scheming,
putting mold in our walls,
trying to poison us all!
Oh, I'm sorry, um, sorry, dear,
you were saying you want to be, um,
you want to be a doctor?
Can't someone just give her a tissue?
Right, I think we've seen enough.
for the youth of today.
Um, but you will need Mummy and Daddy
to buy you quite a lot of kit.
PETER: Mm, yeah. Must
be the cold, dry air.
- What?! Cold?!
- The hot, the hot.
- Of course, the h-hot air.
- Are you on crack?!
Get the fuck off me. Right, now
now, listen, I'm not angry,
but it was very dry in there.
That's what the moisture
meter is for, yes?
- That's your job, yes?
- Yes.
Oh! And I've told you
about the breath, remember?
- Uh-huh.
- Not angry, but the air was too dry,
and your breath smells like shit.
Palace doctors say the incident
was swiftly resolved,
but despite the brief medical mishap,
those in attendance
were said to be delighted
by the Chancellor's performance,
which even included a fiery denunciation
of foreign critics and purveyor
No, no, no. Stay seated.
Sit, sit. Sit, please.
Oh, sorry it's been so long.
I've just been absolutely jammed.
Yes. Well, I remember how
things can be, you know.
- Lapsang?
- ELENA: Thank you, no.
- Never much cared for warm piss.
- You're well, though, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
- Enormously well.
- Well, that's terrific. Good for you.
And you? Still curating
your, your look, I see.
Your stubble and your
rumpled dissident cool.
I said to Nicky, I said,
"Wonder how he's getting on down there."
And, uh, then I remembered
as long as there's a
mirror, you're in business.
Well, if you really want to know,
I've been feeling a bit old lately
bit lonely.
But I sleep really well.
Dreaming of your Mandela moment, hm?
- Elena.
- Chancellor.
Can I ask why you're here exactly?
Oh, you don't know? (GROANS)
I'm here to fuck your brains out, Eddie.
It was a joke.
I'm here to smash your fucking face in.
Yeah. Well, if you think it'll help.
(CHUCKLES) Relax. Another joke.
Listening to the radio,
your punchy new stance on the West.
I've been amused by
the rather basic irony.
Oh tickled, are you?
Well, after all, our American friends
never much cared for
my anti-imperial swank.
They much preferred you,
their safe pair of tits.
We all remember you bending over
for them at the drop of a check.
Well, that's all over
now. I've driven them out.
- Have you now?
- For the honest working people.
- Your old hobby horse.
- Yes, yes, yes. Right.
The honest working people,
like your gorilla man.
Brutes like him really
turn you on, don't they?
No, he was never important.
But you do have a wonderful
way with half-wits.
(CHUCKLES) They just eat you up.
- And they spit you out.
- The butchers,
well, they really devour your bullshit.
You effete, old peacock with your
gay book and your Lapsang,
- babbling your left-wing dissertations.
- No.
Yeah, no, I suppose I should've
been fucked in the head like you.
(CHUCKLES) Broken people really
love broken people, don't they?
I can't help it that I'm
interesting and you're not.
They're born in pain, so
you turn their pain to anger
and make their anger your cudgel.
It's brilliant.
But now, they're turning the
cudgel on you, aren't they, Elena?
And you know it. And you're very scared.
And that is why you're here,
you silly fucking bitch.
Right. (SIGHS)
enjoy your rest, Eddie.
- Where is my family?
Lisbon? Perhaps?
Pity about the horse.
Face and torso. But save some for later.
Alright, my lovelies.
the Chancellor's performance is
being met with widespread acclaim,
we're hearing reports
that during the Q and A,
she may have been the victim
of a pulsed radio
frequency attack by the CIA.
Doctors say these attacks
can cause brain fog,
irritability, and even nosebleeds.
Though the Chancellor
has already recuperated,
she will continue to be
monitored by medical experts
who say it is doubtful she'll
suffer any longer-term effects.
If you would like to send your
well wishes to the Chancellor
Welcome back. Come.
Sit, sit, sit. (COUGHS)
Yes, I know, it's ghoulish.
(LAUGHS) It's alright,
ya lovely bastards.
You had no choice. Come, let's feast.
Tonight, I see we have cheese.
- She was here.
- Yeah, yeah.
Did she ask about me?
No, no.
Actually, that's not true.
You were, you were mentioned.
- I was?
- Yeah.
- What did she say?
- She asked me if I had seen her butcher.
I'm sorry, my friend.
It's true. (CHUCKLES)
- I am a butcher.
- No. No, you're not. No.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
- I am.
- You hurt people.
But what did she
make you do after that?
- Yeah? Hurt more people.
- Oh, shut up.
You hurt people because
you wanted her to love you.
She did love me.
My advice
surrender the fight.
Just-just put down the bag.
Let her go like I have, yeah?
- Fuck off.
- Okay, okay.
You still haven't read my book, I hope.
Of course not.
Not even a page?
- No.
- Good man.
Date night has always been sacred.
It's the one night when we can focus
on what really matters.
BOTH: Family.
- Say "cheese."
- Cheese.
(CHUCKLES) Cheese.
Good. Got it. Right.
Get out. Everyone, fuck off.
Nicky, if I was pregnant,
I wouldn't go to a protest.
I mean, anything could happen.
Do you know, I could get
just knocked to the ground
or even kicked by a fucking horse.
You know, you have to protect
the baby at all costs, don't you?
Hm? Nicky?
I'm losing them.
My people.
Because you keep them at a distance.
- What? No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
Well, what do you know?
Stop being so bloody childish, Lenny.
For fuck's sake!
The protests are real.
China's put half of
Westgate out of business
and you know it.
You have to go and see your people.
Be where they live.
Oh, no, no. No, that's
not No, I'm not doing that.
- Oh, no. Absolutely no.
- I'll be with you the entire time.
No, no, no. I'm not doing that. I can't.
- And we'll bring all your medication
- No, I ac No
- your comforts. It will be like
- No, can't.
- you never left the palace.
- No. No, I said I can't.
You have to do this, Lenny!
And you can.
Trust me, you can.
Wh-What will happen?
(STAMMERS) We'll drive
out to Shitsville,
and you will smile your beautiful smile,
and say your lovely words,
and make those poor bastards happy.
And then, we'll come home.
- Yes?
- ELENA: Hot.
- Hot, hot, hot.
- Right.
- No, I'll do it.
- EPO, Diazepam, Epinephrine.
Nothing can hurt you, okay?
- But Nicky, we should've got more of these fan thingies.
- Yes.
And that's B-12. Thank
you, Rachel. We're gone.
REPORTER (ON TV): Chancellor
Vernham will meet in person today
with representatives from the sugar beet
producers union in Westgate
to address the concerns of protesters.
WORKER (ON TV): What do we want?
WORKERS (ON TV): Jobs for Westgate!
WORKER: When do we want it?
Sources say the Chancellor hopes
to bring an end to
the violence and unrest
witnessed at recent demonstrations
and foster a fruitful
and healing dialogue
with our nation's sugar beet workers.
Amongst the topics set to be discussed
are strategies to limit Chinese
competition in the sugar trade.
The Chancellor is looking
forward to, once again,
being out amongst the Westgate people
who she has long maintained
are the heart and soul of
our nation's working class.
EDWARD (GROANING): Oy, I'm sorry.
I thought it might be
easier to meet at my place.
As you can see, I've,
um, gone horizontal.
Oh, poor Tom and Vin.
Not your fault, my friends.
Never, ever your fault.
Didn't happen to catch
the news, did you?
Yeah. She's losing.
Yeah, she's meeting with the
sugar beet union in Westgate.
Desperate enough to leave her bubble.
And that, Herbert,
suggests to me (WINCES)
Thank you, my friend.
Here, take a, take a chair.
That suggests to me
an endgame.
I think it's over. I
think she's finished.
Now, we're still captives to her whims.
We may die with her regime,
but if we do survive, we need a plan.
- We?
- Oh, yes.
We. Together.
Me, with my experience
in the chancellery,
you with your, uh
with your common touch, huh?
And your vision. Mm.
What would we do?
- Everything. All of it.
- We give it back?
- We do.
- Farms, factories?
- Yeah.
- Land reform?
I said we'll do it all, Herbert.
And we'll keep the Americans out.
Yes, of course.
(CHUCKLES) We will. We will.
I mean, obviously, yeah,
we'll have to lift sanctions
somehow first, and stabilize the markets
to avoid total catastrophe,
but after that, yes.
Yeah, we keep America out.
- You speak too many words.
- I can do.
But go ahead, peer into my soul.
I have no reason to lie to you, Herbert.
And what about her?
What about her?
What will happen to her?
Well, I don't really know why you care,
given how she's treated you.
But, uh, she'll have a fair trial, hm,
so the people can see who
she is, what she's done
how it was me who felt their
pain all along and not her.
And then, she'll get
what's coming to her,
and she'll finally be gone.
- ELENA: Oh.
- NICHOLAS VERNHAM: What's that smell?
Oh, God. The car smells
like a hog's urethra.
- Must be in Westgate.
- Do you want a bit of scented oil?
Oh, yes, please. Oh.
(INHALES) Thank you.
Thank you, my love.
I'm so sorry. I mean, the AC in this car
is not working as well as in the palace.
It's cranked to the fucking hilt, Nicky.
Is it really? Hm.
It's alright.
You have diagnosed
perimenopause before, Doctor.
Yes, I suppose I have.
Aren't I a catch?
REPORTER (ON RADIO): It's now one
o'clock, let's join our Chancellor.
Oh, I want to hear my address.
- Can you, can you turn the radio louder, please?
- ELENA: Louder!
(OVER RADIO) My friends
(OVER SPEAKERS) my loves.
Oh, how I long to be with you again.
To answer the mystery,
what has become of our love?
We've let it wander.
Graceless minds,
pushing each other away.
Hot-headed. When really,
we wish to be fused together
like a baby and its
mother, skin on skin.
And so, I implore you,
don't shut me out.
Let me back in.
They look happy to see you.
- He looks happy.
- No, he's just happy because everyone knows
that I came to him.
Deep breath. (INHALES)
- Try not to inhale too much.
- Right.
Madam Chancellor. Silas Ganz,
President of the Sugar Beet Union.
- I'm so honored you came all this way.
- Please,
- always happy to be amongst Westgaters.
- Hello, Westgate!
- NICHOLAS: Hello.
- ELENA: Pleasure to be here!
The first stage is actually the washing
of the sugar beets,
and then we cut them into cossettes,
and I'll show you that in
the next stage of the journey.
The smell is from the water content
extracted from the sugar beets.
(SNIFFS) It's like a
sort of dog turd smell.
- Honestly, we're all so used to it now,
things that don't smell of
dog turds smell awful to us.
300,000 hectares of sugar beet crop
from which we sell a little over
four million tons of refined sugar.
- At least that's our usual quota.
But if China keeps flooding the market,
the whole factory will
be closed by Christmas.
If there's Chinese sugar in shops now
that's nearly half as cheap as ours,
of course people'll buy that instead.
- Right, of course.
- We're not stupid, ya know?
- No.
- But if the plant shuts down,
I don't know how to do anythin' else.
- This is it.
- Unless they're hiring in Guangzhou.
- Please. If I, if I may?
Before I continue, I'd
just like to say something.
I have the deepest sympathy
for the poor woman and child
who perished in the protests,
and why, I'd like to take
a moment of silence to acknowledge them.
I will now embark on a
series of listening tours
throughout the country to ensure
that no further bloodshed transpires.
In addition, we will work
to curb Chinese imports
of sugar to our shops.
Reforms will be put in place
to protect the rights of
our sugar beet workers.
Westgate will rise again.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, Chancellor Vernham,
a little something from us.
Uh, it's just a funny gift, really.
- Uh, a sugar beet for the palace garden.
- Yeah.
Uh, but we can't thank you
enough for today's conversation.
Very reasonable.
- We knew you'd see reason in the end.
- Mm-hmm. Of course.
(YELLS) Get that fucking stinking,
sprouting fucking turd plant
out of my fucking face, Nicky!
Get me Mr. Laskin.
Let us do the talking.
Pretend it's a family call.
- You won't be surveilled where you are anyway.
- Okay.
VOICE: Chancellor Vernham's
regime is going to be toppled.
Maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen.
If you remain in the palace,
you and your son will be trapped.
You have to get out.
You can really help us?
- Yes.
We have contacts that can assist you.
I'm listenin'.
All we need from you
is information on the inner circle.
Their day-to-day patterns,
what they eat, who they speak with,
where they go at night,
uh, habits, movements.
But we can discuss all that later.
The most important thing is
getting you and your son out.
Sir, I don't know who you are.
- Sorry?
- I don't know who you are.
I'm loyal to my Chancellor.
You're a demon. Never call me again.
- Listen to me
has become of our love?
We've let it wander.
Graceless minds.
Don't shut me out, my loves.
Mr. Laskin I have uncovered evidence
of a deeply troubling conspiracy.
I'd like you to send
armed security forces
to the Sugar Beet Union
offices in Westgate immediately.
(DISTORTED) Oh, let me back in.
Madam, are you saying you would like us
to uncover evidence of
a troubling conspiracy?
No, you're saying that, not me.
So, then you're not saying
to plant guns and money
in the union office?
No, you just said that.
Your words, not mine.
(DISTORTED) I want to
feel you feeling me.
Madam, if you do this,
the protests will only spread.
Mr. Laskin, why don't you go and protect
our country in that very special way
that only you know how to do hm?
(DISTORTED) Please, please.
I want it to finally happen.
Because I dream about fucking you.
I cannot sleep.
- Well, let-let me, uh
- No, no, no, no.
I don't want to sleep.
- No?
Since I met you
whenever I sleep,
one minute, five minute, one hour
there's nothing.
You understand? It's empty.
No dream. No nothing.
So, what are you saying?
It's like I'm dead in the ground.
Oh, Herbert, I-I do understand.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
This is what she does.
She starves the brain
of oxygen, information
any kind of social reality.
It's, uh, it's-it's what she does.
What the fuck are you talking about?
- Huh?
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
You're impatient. You're
impatient for change.
- I get it, we all are.
- Nah look at me.
I don't love you.
- You don't have to love me.
- Yes, I do.
I have to love you. And I would.
Look at me.
But I don't.
It's always exactly the same
with you people, isn't it?
- I see you now.
- You refuse to choose what's best for you, don't you?
- I see you.
- I can't help you, Herbert,
because you won't be helped.
You and your fucking book.
Well, maybe if you read
it, you'd learn something.
But of course, you people don't
wanna learn anything, do you?
You don't wanna help yourselves.
You just want to live
in your fucking feelings.
You just want the dream.
No, I want her.
Yeah, yeah.
Butcher. (CHOKING)
Well, you certainly got her attention.
Come on Let's go.
Acting on reliable intelligence
from local and central law enforcement,
state security officers
uncovered this week
a conspiracy of terrifying
proportions within
the National Sugar Beet Growers Union.
Large stockpiles of weapons,
as well as sizable reserves
of United States currency,
were discovered in the office
of Union President Silas Ganz
during a targeted raid late last night.
In response, the Chancellor announced:
"The entire Westgate Protest
Movement has been operating in secret
"with American intelligence for months
in an effort to subvert and
overthrow my Chancellorship."
Vernham out! Vernham out!
As radicals in Westgate vow
to avenge the arrest of Ganz,
military sources are warning
of a protracted struggle
against armed insurgents
bent on destruction.
It's going to get more
and more violent now.
Let's hope so.
Attacking peaceful
protesters makes me a monster.
Fighting off armed insurgents
makes me a protector.
- Agnes?
- Yes, Madam?
We'll need to devise new protocols.
Whatever you wish, Madam.
No Western electronics
inside the palace.
All Chinese.
Palace residents stay
contained to the palace grounds,
yourself and Oskar included.
We're battening down the hatches.
What if there's an
emergency with Oskar, Madam?
This is an emergency.
Aren't you fucking listening?
Civil war may be imminent.
Oskar stays with me at all times.
My family is now at
risk of assassination.
Yes, Madam.
(CHUCKLES) It'll be alright, Agnes.
- Yes, Madam.
- Don't you believe me?
- I want to fuck you.
- ELENA: Ah.
What the
No, don't stop. Keep going.
- Come on.
- Lenny.
Don't look, don't look.
- Le Lenny?
What will you do in the
battle that awaits us
to sustain our way of life?
- To prove your love?
For in the words of our Chancellor,
it is only love that can save us.
- Without love, we are lost forever.
- ELENA: Yes, yes!
- Yes!
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