The Rehearsal (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Orange Juice, No Pulp

These two title MTV cartoon guys
Who is Beavis and Butt-Head?
- Ben?
- Who are Beavis and Butt-Head?
- Yup!
- TV character for 400.
I'm not good
at meeting people for the first time.
- Hey. Nice to meet you. Nathan.
- Pleased to meet you. How are you? Kor.
- Door city over here.
- Yes.
So, this is basically, it's like a portal,
I guess, on some levels.
I have been told my personality
can make people uncomfortable,
so I have to work to offset that.
Humor is my go-to instinct,
but every joke is a gamble.
- Please walk as is.
- Okay. Shirt off? Or? Just kidding.
- I'll leave my shirt on.
- No, it's not that kind of place.
- No, it's not, I'm just kidding.
So far it was going well, and it had to,
because I was about to ask this man
to trust me with his life.
Kor Skeet is a 50-year-old teacher
from Brooklyn, New York,
and there is nothing
he loves more than trivia.
I'm very good at television trivia.
Who is the youngest person
to ever be inducted
into the Television Hall of Fame?
It's a female.
- Who?
- Oprah Winfrey.
A few months ago,
Kor responded to a vague Craigslist post
I put on the internet,
sharing a story about a lie he told his
bar trivia team over 12 years ago.
I told my friends
that I had an advanced degree,
and I didn't.
I play trivia with them often,
wanted to seem like I was smarter
than I was.
My teammates
all had advanced degrees.
I decided to let them think
I had a master's degree
when I was just getting my bachelor's.
- You've quite a collection.
- Yeah, I'm a bibliophile.
How to Make Love All Night
and Drive a Woman Wild?
Well, you know?
I think we're gonna get along
pretty well.
- Yeah.
And now it's gotten to the point
where he's lying to them every day.
I have a friend on the team
that keeps sending me,
jobs that require a master's degree.
So now, it's being shoved back
in my face again,
and I'm running out of excuses.
I understand his dilemma.
This trivia team is his life.
And when you reveal your true self,
people don't always like what they see.
But I wanted to show him
that if you plan for every variable,
a happy outcome
doesn't have to be left to chance.
I assume you've seen
- I'm afraid I haven't.
- Okay.
Nathan For You.
Didn't you say your trivia specialty
is television shows?
It is, but there's even a limitation
on that.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- I mean, you should check it out.
- I mean, definitely.
But a lot of it involved
uncertain environments
and I became really good at
predicting how people
would act in a future situation.
- Okay, okay.
- For example.
Like this conversation's going
pretty well, right?
- Okay, I'd like to continue it.
- I mean, do you think so? I don't know.
- I mean, we've been having fun.
I assume we have been
sharing some laughs so far.
Yeah. I hope to continue that way.
So, that's no accident.
Everything that's happened so far today,
I have rehearsed it dozens of times.
These exact words, in a replica of
your home, with an actor playing you.
Remember a couple of weeks ago,
when the gas company came by
because of a leak in your building?
Well, there wasn't a leak
in your building, that was my team.
Ehen you gave them access,
they secretly made
a digital map of your entire home.
We then recreated
every detail of this space
as a physical set in a warehouse
a few miles from here.
And with the help of a fake you,
I could practice every single permutation
of this interaction
and have a plan for it.
I mean, do you think
I should say something about the doors?
The actor I hired
analyzed your submission video
to mimic your speech patterns
and psychology.
I can't remember,
maybe I was about ten?
How to Make Love All Night
and Drive a Woman Wild?
I feel like we're going to
get along pretty well.
And we tried over and over.
- Hi. Nathan.
- Hey.
- Hi. Nathan.
- Hi. Hey, hi.
- Hi. Nathan.
- Hi. Hi.
Door city over here.
And I'd adjust each time
until I perfected it.
- Or shoes off?
- No, you can leave them on, it's fine.
All right. What about shirt off?
Leave it on, please.
Yeah, so that will probably
make him laugh.
So everything that's happened
so far today,
I have rehearsed it dozens of times.
These exact words, in a replica of your
home, with an actor playing you.
This is what we can do
for your lie with your friends.
Your trivia, like, this is the potential
is what I am saying.
I see. Like a person,
or other people are going to react,
- You'll know.
- Yeah.
You'll know what exactly
to say for every possible way.
Then that would be
extremely appealing, yes.
But as we kept talking,
I began to understand
the real reason he had been
putting this off for so long.
Well, it's good except for one thing.
Suppose one of my friends
might give a reaction
that's very, very violent on some people,
even beyond the several predictions
you can make.
What do you mean by violent?
Like, you know, call me names and
saying things that are so unforgivable
that I couldn't be their friend
after that.
Who are you worried about specifically?
I'd rather not reveal the name,
it's definitely someone
that's on the team.
I found myself in an odd situation.
Kor was willing to point out his friend
in a photo,
but he wouldn't tell me
anything else about her.
She looks so nice, what is it about her?
How do I put it?
you don't want to cross her too much.
Oh, my God! Okay.
It was frustrating.
My rehearsal for today
was designed to get him to open up
about this stuff,
but perhaps I had done something
to put him off.
Thinking back, there was a somewhat
off-color joke I tried
after a trip to the bathroom.
Oh, my gosh, I should start
traveling with a plunger.
- Yeah.
But when I did it with the real Kor,
it didn't land.
Oh my God, I should start
traveling with a plunger.
Well, well, well.
I should invest in them.
- Are they expensive?
- No. No.
Could that joke have been it?
I'd intended the joke
to be self-deprecating
about my unpredictable
bowel movements,
but reflecting on it later,
I realized he could have
interpreted it as a criticism
that his bathroom was under-equipped.
Whatever the reason,
I couldn't stage a rehearsal for Kor
with no details about his friend.
So, I planned a day trip for us upstate,
that was strategically designed
to endear me to him
and hopefully, get him to open up.
- Have you ever been?
- Never.
- You've never?
- Never in my entire life.
So, your last name is Skeet
and you've never been skeet shooting?
No, no.
I didn't tell Kor,
but I had arranged ahead of time
to have the guns loaded with blanks,
in the hopes that it would create
a moment of bonding,
because we were both bad at this.
- You fired too early, man.
- I fired too early.
Wow, we are not good at this.
- But it's nice to have a new experience.
- Yeah.
But this was just laying the groundwork
for the main event.
The mutual disclosure of personal
information in a heated pool.
- You mentioned you were married.
- Yes, I was married for five years.
- I was married for three years.
- Didn't know that.
Is it sad for you?
one of the bigger failures of my life.
- One of the what?
- Biggest failures of my life.
I didn't want to go
too deep into my private life,
so I'd pre-planned for an
elderly swimmer to interrupt us,
in the hopes that it would convince Kor
I was ready to share more
had the moment not been ruined.
I wasn't sure if my portrayal
of vulnerability was convincing,
but on the ride home, Kor finally told me
the name of his trivia friend, Tricia,
and what she did for a living.
She's been mostly a freelance
writer and she has a blog,
gives information about things you
could do to save money and have fun.
- What's the blog called?
- Cheap Chick in the City.
- Cheap Chick in the City?
- Cheap Chick in the City.
- Cheap Check in the City.
- Cheap Chick in the City.
- Cheap Check in the City.
- Cheap Chick in the City.
Cheap Chick in the City
seemed to be a bare-bones website
dedicated to low-cost activities
in New York.
I was hoping it would be a window
into Tricia's psyche,
but it seemed like the majority
of posts were just apologies
for not having
anything to post that day.
I understand that. Sometimes
you don't want to say anything,
but you do want people
to know you exist.
Regardless, I was hopeful
this blog would be enough
for the rehearsal actress
we'd hire to base her performance on,
in addition to Kor's insights.
She has an appeal for an actor named
But unfortunately, it wasn't enough.
I think it's really useful to get a sense
of what their reactions might be,
and the kinds
of words that they might use.
So, to get her better access,
I decided to create a blog
of my own called Thrifty Boy,
and offered Tricia the opportunity
to write an article for us.
And luckily, she took the gig.
Her article would entail interviewing a
professional bird watcher for our site,
because bird watching
is a thrifty thing to do.
But what Tricia didn't know
is that she'd be interviewing
who would be studying her every move.
- Nice to meet you.
- You look all dressed up for birdwatching.
Tricia? That's my daughter's name.
Funny. There's not very many
other Tricias or Patricia's ever.
So, do you have any favorite birds?
I do love hummingbirds.
At first glance, this woman
didn't seem frightening at all,
but she did like to talk.
But you know my dad is really into birds.
- Oh, yeah?
He lives in North Carolina, which I guess,
there's a very big bird show there.
A really good book called The Huntress,
and I do recommend it. It's World War II.
But otherwise, I mean,
aside from my roommates,
I'm pretty happy with the way things are,
You know, like, "Hey, I'm running late,"
like, but maybe he found a payphone,
One time, like, the plane started
I still get kind of nervous
Over the course
of the 30-minute encounter,
our actress had trouble
getting a single word in,
even though she was the one
being interviewed.
So, I have all the apps,
you know, for the different,
airlines, on my phone, ready to go,
whenever I need to fly.
American Airlines, Delta,
Gogo inflight entertainment.
But before it was over,
I wanted to get a sense of how Tricia
would respond to being lied to.
Data that would be crucial
for our rehearsal.
There's actually something I need
to come clean about.
I said early on that my daughter's name
is Tricia but that was actually a lie.
- Okay.
- I don't have a daughter.
I guess I should have guessed
when you said you were 39,
because it's a little young
to have a daughter these days.
That's okay, that's funny,
because I was like, I mean, like I said,
you don't meet too many other Tricias,
so I was a little surprised, but you know,
but I understand.
- It's fine, don't worry.
Do you have any funny moments
that you had with a bird?
With birds?
Or any fun stories about birds?
I was surprised
by how not mad Tricia was.
Was Kor worried for nothing,
or was Tricia just able to bottle up
her rage because it was a stranger?
Kor was so convinced
she would have an extreme reaction
that he insisted the confession
could only go down one-on-one,
in a public place.
Trivia would be, I think, the only place
that would not arouse suspicion,
because that's something
we do out of habit already.
I can probably get her in a trivia event,
by ourselves, just between she and I.
But when I saw
the trivia bar Kor frequents,
I was overwhelmed
by the chaos of the environment.
This is footage I collected
from the Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn,
and it seemed like
any aspect of this space
could radically transform
the tone of his big moment.
I had learned this firsthand
when I met Kor.
I thought I would look cool,
but due to just a slight difference
in chairs, I looked like a fool.
It's hard to say what about this place
could affect Kor's confession,
but I did notice
there were a lot of chairs,
and I didn't want to leave
anything to chance.
Kor had messaged Tricia
to play trivia with him
in just under two weeks' time.
This is where it would happen.
The place where he would
finally come clean.
So with the clock now ticking,
I invited Kor into my secret warehouse
to begin his rehearsal.
That's not even a funhouse version of it.
Every detail was meticulously
replicated this time.
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!
This spice rack, it's the exact spices
they have, the garlic, the basil.
Yeah, and that, even that's exactly
the way it is. The portrait kind of tilts.
You see that balloon there?
That's in the real bar.
It'll be like walking in,
in a normal level,
and then being able
to know my bearings.
When you show up on the actual night,
it'll feel just like this.
- Yes.
- No surprises.
You know everything
that's gonna happen.
There's something strange
about entering a space
that's indistinguishable from another.
In moments,
you can forget where you are.
you're Willy Wonka
in the Chocolate Factory
and I'm Charlie Bucket,
I don't remember the plot fully,
what did Willy Wonka do?
- Was he good?
- Wasn't he a bad guy?
- He had some questionable things.
factory full of candy, basically.
- I'm the bad guy in the story?
- Well, but he's a dream maker.
dreams happen for me.
But kids died in the factory.
Well, they supposedly died,
But they didn't get
some good fate out of it.
to look into it.
It's good.
We started with basic blocking,
and the first choice Kor
would have to make is where to sit.
- What's yours? This one?
- Yep. Yes.
- Yeah.
- Good?
Kor proposed that on the night,
he would arrive early,
and secure his favorite table
using his hat
while he went to grab their trivia sheet
and drinks for the two of them
from the bar.
Hi, can I help you?
Can I have an orange juice, no pulp,
and a margarita, please?
Coming right up.
Is that a margarita? What is it?
- What did you put in it?
I don't know how to make a margarita.
He thought that greeting
Tricia with a drink
would help put her in a good mood,
since she normally shows up at trivia
complaining about something.
My roommates are driving me crazy,
and just, it's one of those days where
you're like, "You don't need to be rude."
I think it's just, like,
we're all human beings here.
And he suggested trying to joke with her
to lighten her spirits.
I'm going to probably
give you a little buzz tonight
because I'm sure someone's
plucking your nerves today.
Okay, is that a joke?
- It'll be more of a joke.
- Okay.
For every way Tricia could react,
I would input a planned response
from Kor into specialized flowchart
- Hey.
- Hi, Trish the dish.
How you doing?
This would allow us to chart
the optimal path through the evening.
- Are you starting with presidents?
- No, I'm starting with twins.
You went twins
and then go to presidents?
- And then go to the presidents?
- Yeah.
A decision tree that would guide us
towards key milestones
and help us avoid pitfalls.
- Hey. Hi, man.
- Hi. Trish the dish.
Kor had told me there was a chance
Tricia could misinterpret his invitation
as a sign of romantic interest.
that after all these years,
I'm inviting her by myself.
You know I don't drink very much,
you trying to get me drunk?
But when we ran that simulation,
he gave confusing signals.
You're leaving your hand
touching hers right there.
Well, if I move it then
it's going to bring more suspicion to it.
How as a woman,
how would you take that?
If you touched a guy's hand
and he just left it there.
- She could read that as you flirting back.
- Right.
So, I had Kor practice
some standard defenses
to any advance she might make.
I think it's really nice of you
to get me a drink.
But, of course, all this was designed
to lay the perfect foundation
for him to confess his lie.
Did I tell you what happened
with my laptop?
No, no idea.
The other day I went to switch it on
and it just didn't switch on, and like,
I was in the middle of writing something,
so I'm thinking I'm going to lose
Well, it's funny that you think
about losing, I wanted.
It sounds heavy, but actually,
This story turned around,
like, I didn't actually end up losing
the photos and the stuff,
but I did have to take it to get it fixed.
Kor, I think you need to take control
of the conversation,
she's not going to give you an opening.
If you just let her talk
she's just gonna keep talking, right?
I'll try just one more time.
To see if I can find another pattern into
breaking into the conversation.
Okay. Try it.
Like, he just couldn't make
any kind of conversation
and like, he suddenly said like,
something about, like,
pineapple being a member
My educational situation is a fraud.
But just starting his confession
wasn't the only challenge.
Kor was most worried
about the aftermath.
So, our entire approach
had to be planned around the format
of this particular trivia night.
There's usually six questions per round,
it's about four rounds.
After round two, they usually
have a ten to 15-minute break.
We're going to take a ten-minute break,
and I'm going to add up all your scores.
And then during that time,
sometimes we would order some pizza.
Here are your two tickets for pizza.
The ideal thing would be to talk
about it for five minutes
and then, yeah, move on.
I don't want to linger, I just want to say
it and then pretty much have it dropped.
So, you don't have a master's degree?
No. I just don't want you to send me
any more information
how did we end up here?
So, you just want to shut it down.
I want to shut it down.
So, at least if I do it toward the end,
then the benefit is I can leave
if I think, "Okay, too hairy,"
and say, "Oops, I have an appointment
to go to, sorry, I have to go."
I don't owe you an explanation for that,
I really don't.
I owe you an apology
for putting you through that,
but I don't feel
I owe you an explanation.
All right, well, can we like,
discuss it after the trivia?
I don't want to discuss it
any longer about the situation.
So, I'd rather say it at least after the
last round, but before the scores.
All right, start finishing up your ballots
and bring them up to score
when you're ready, all right?
But as soon as we started incorporating
full rounds of trivia into our rehearsal,
it revealed a problem.
What is the number on the roof
of the bus in Speed?
What is the number on the roof
of the bus in Speed?
Kor became entranced by the game,
and when he didn't know an answer,
he couldn't focus on anything else.
That's right, I'm gonna lose
some points on this one.
I thought I would have known,
who hosted Wheel of Fortune
before Pat Sajak.
And I had 10,000 names in my head
but I couldn't pinpoint anybody.
Sure. Okay, well, do you want to go
into the confession?
And he grew frustrated that the stress
of having to confess this lie
was affecting his trivia game.
I'm not gonna take the chance
to miss good questions
because I'm having this burden,
because we can actually just lose points
Right, but who cares
if you lose the game?
You got this off your chest,
It's just one night of bar trivia.
No. One night of bar trivia
is sacrosanct to us.
And that's when he told me
that if it wasn't going well
on the actual trivia night,
he might bail
on the confession entirely.
I'm not sacrificing trivia night.
- Not for that, no.
- Isn't it just for fun?
- Like everyone's drunk, right?
- No.
Then, I'm going to have two things
against me,
I mess up a good trivia night
and I lied to her.
So, to me, I got to take one of them
out of the equation.
I had gone to incredible lengths to
eliminate all uncertainty from the night.
But the only way to know
the actual trivia questions
that the real host would be asking
would involve some sort of cheating,
and that would be unethical.
But maybe it's more unethical
to leave things to chance
when there's something
you could have done.
So, posing as the founder
of the popular blog Thrifty Boy,
I arranged an interview
with the real trivia host
at one of the other bars he hosts at
under the pretense of doing
a Thrifty Boy trivia night feature.
Now, is it mandatory to buy drinks?
Because our readers
really don't like to spend money.
We have not had a problem with having
people forced to buy drinks or food.
And does the bar charge
for seltzer water, or is that free?
That's up to each individual
- Very cool, okay.
I told him we wanted the profile to
include an interactive video component
in which he would read the questions
for the Alligator Lounge's
upcoming trivia night to camera,
so our readers could play along
at home for free.
What conflict began in 1789
and led to the beheading of Louis XVI?
It was one thing to get the trivia
questions for the big night,
but making sure Kor knew the answers
would be its own challenge.
So, I don't know
why Archie had trouble choosing them
except for the personality
cause they look physically the same.
I knew that cheating at trivia
was something Kor doesn't tangle with.
- Have you ever cheated at trivia?
- No.
So we started going on daily walks
just to chat about life,
but I was actually using
these casual strolls
to covertly implant
every single trivia answer
into Kor's brain without him knowing.
If you ever need to get in,
the code is 1789.
Like the year the French Revolution
started in 1789.
I'm not a big summer person.
- Oh, shit!
- It's all over my DKNY pants.
- Donna Karan New York, DKNY.
- Only in New York.
Building's looking pretty tall.
It is tall but it's not the
tallest building in the world.
That'll be the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
- The Burj Khalifa?
- Yup. The Burj Khalifa. Tallest building.
What's going on here?
It's a hostage situation,
guy has four people at gunpoint.
Shot someone in the head on his way in.
- Oh, my God! That's nuts.
- Oh, my gosh.
It's days like these that I curse
the Chinese for inventing gunpowder.
That's crazy. Oh, my God.
Good luck to you, sir.
Good luck with the whole process.
- Oh, my God.
- Prayers for the family.
With just three days to go
until Kor would meet up with Tricia
at the real Alligator Lounge,
I had over 30 actors occupy the space,
playing customers, servers.
We had real beer on tap and even a
working simulation of their pizza oven.
Each time we ran through the night,
new variables were introduced
that he would have to adapt to.
With a special focus on the moment
when he'd be confessing.
I got to tell you something,
and it's been eating at me for years.
- Oh, yeah?
- Hey guys, how we doing over here?
- Good.
- I'm fine, thank you.
Can we get you another drink?
Can I get you a drink?
I think we're good.
Kor, you don't want the interruption
happening during the confession,
so maybe you make sure your drink
isn't empty at this point in the night.
- Right? So, maybe tiny sips.
- Right.
- Can you just take tinier sips?
- I got it, take tiny sips.
We ran through the entire night 13 times.
But unlike real life,
in here, you can always hit
the reset button and start over.
It was the one place on earth
you couldn't fail.
Orange juice, no pulp.
Hope you don't mind?
I decided to give you a little buzz.
I decided to give you a little buzz.
It's something that's been
eating at me for a long time.
Oh, yeah?
I just want to tell you.
- No pulp.
- Okay.
I got to tell you something.
This has been eating at me for years.
My whole educational status
has been a scam.
Just based after my childhood,
I guess there's some issues there.
Some insecurities
I haven't been able to face until now.
As we neared the end, Kor seemed
to be testing new approaches,
but that didn't mean
Tricia always took it well.
I don't understand why you felt the need
to lie about your education.
I mean, it's really messed up.
For years, we were trying
to help you get a job
because you said you had a master's
degree, and that was all bullshit!
Is this what you think a friendship is?
Like, you have no respect for me,
no respect for my time.
I don't give a crap
about your education.
It's unforgivable.
I don't want to talk to you again.
Please don't go.
He lied about having a master's degree.
I just heard their conversation.
- No master's degree?
- This guy is such a fraud.
- Who doesn't have a master's degree?
Kor Skeet.
Are you sure you want to do this?
For sure?
Well, it still felt good
that I got it off my chest,
even if it means I might lose a friendship
in the process.
I'm literally going into the unknown,
he's going to swallow me up
or let me go free.
We had planned for Kor to get there
early to secure his chosen table.
But when he arrived, there was
a problem. The table was taken.
Fortunately, we had rehearsed
for this exact scenario.
Sorry to bother you, my grandmother
This table here
is like a sentimental thing.
I know you're all settled here but would
you consider to moving to another area?
- I know it sounds outrageous.
- We can go one table over.
- Yeah, if you want.
- That'd be nice of you.
- Thank you so much.
- No worries.
My grandmother very recently died
I'm so sorry about that.
- Do you have any orange juice?
- Yes.
Do you have it with no pulp?
Thank you so much.
You just take the tickets up there
for your pizza.
Thank you so much.
- Hey!
- Trish the dish.
- Gosh!
- Now what?
I decided to get you a rum and coke,
a little buzz.
Because I'm sure everyone's
been plucking on your nerves,
Oh my God! Yes,
today has been pretty awful.
As expected, Tricia showed up
not in the best of spirits,
but Kor knew exactly
what to talk about to cheer her up.
The Bush twins.
Yeah, Jenna and Laura.
They're the only two children
of a president, that are twins.
With all the presidents,
sometimes having eight or nine kids.
And none of them had twins
within that range.
Not even stillborn twins,
not even like in that situation.
- So he's the only one.
Kor was sticking to the script,
and it was working.
He's the earliest president we have
living from that generation.
That is so crazy.
And before long,
it was time for trivia.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
the moment you all have been waiting
for, we're going to start playing trivia.
What mode of transportation places the
rider in a laid-back, reclining position,
distributing the rider's weight
comfortably over a large area?
These freaking recumbent bikes
are everywhere.
What mode of transportation
places the rider in a laid-back
reclining position,
distributing the rider's weight
comfortably over a large area?
Probably a train.
I think Amtrak did that but I'm not sure.
Or it could be a bike, or something like
that, one of those reclining bikes?
But you don't really,
recline the seat of a bike.
Kor was slightly off
on the first question,
and I was worried these answers
weren't fully absorbed into his brain.
The correct answer
to that is a recumbent bike.
- Yeah, I knew it was a bike.
but I couldn't imagine the name.
- I've heard the name.
- I wouldn't know the name.
But then,
things started to turn around.
The correct answer
is the French Revolution.
Look at you!
The correct answer, gunpowder.
And the correct answer
to that is called Burj Khalifa.
It was an amazing streak that continued
until the end of round four,
and he seemed
to be brimming with confidence
by the time he got up to hand
in his score sheet,
marking the start of his window
to come clean.
Thank you. I'll be right back.
In our fake bar,
we had practiced an option
where he would get pizza for both
of them right after the fourth round,
so it would be easier for him to initiate
the confession while her mouth was full,
and since she was in a chatty mood, it
seemed like he had decided to go for it.
- Two cheese pizzas, please.
- Two cheese? Okay, ten minutes.
- Okay.
- But then, something happened.
When he returned to the table to wait
for his pizzas, Tricia wasn't talking.
It was the perfect opportunity to begin
his confession, but for some reason,
he wasn't doing it.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.
The pizza tastes better
after a certain period of time,
the pizza's good but then, after a couple
Hits it to the last spot.
Especially after a couple rums and cokes.
And as the clock kept ticking,
he just sat there.
In this case, ask over the lady
who'd take the pizza, the faster it comes.
Oh, my gosh.
There's been, something on my mind
you know, maybe it's there?
Is it this one?
Hang on a second.
Okay. Okay.
Almost around the corner.
What's up?
They ring the bell, they're getting closer
to making the pizza.
Well, I guess so.
Now what were you saying before?
me a long time to tell you this.
What's that?
My whole educational life has been,
kind of a fraud.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Remember when I was showing pictures
of my graduation a couple years ago?
In front of the gang
and everything like that?
And then you asked at the time,
said that I got a master's degree.
- And I kind of went along with it.
- Really?
I felt kind of bad because I didn't want
to level with you about that.
I was only going for my bachelor's
degree at the time.
It's still pretty impressive.
I mean, you know, lots of people
don't have master's degrees.
It's cool, I'm not surprised, because I
Hang on a second, one second.
Yeah, thank you.
- Two cheese?
- Yes. Thank you.
I didn't realize you didn't have your
master's degree, cause I thought you did.
That's what you said before.
what made it worse was
I came into the group,
the trivia group,
I was, like, the last person
that even had a college degree.
And I kind of felt
like inferior about that.
That's so silly,
don't you feel upset about that.
Lots of people
barely even finish high school.
My sister only got her GED
like two years ago. You know?
Well, I just, you know, and I kept
that lie going on all that time.
And it kind of ate at me and then, you
helped me, you know, apply for jobs,
so it actually went that far to even
I appreciate that so much,
I had no idea.
My friendship with you means
a great deal.
Me too.
And I don't want you to think that I would
even continue lying to you.
But I've been living this lie all this
time and I kind of felt bad about that.
Well, it's so sweet to finally tell me
about it. I had no idea.
Iyt's very brave of you to tell me this,
and I really had no clue.
Instead of trying
to move on to another topic,
Kor sat with her
for the next hour-and-a-half
and began sharing things
that he had never told Tricia
in their nearly 20 years of friendship.
And my father used the situation
where he sent the child support,
which could be for my college education,
for me and my sister.
And by the time we came of age,
he doesn't want to pay for it.
That's rough.
I'm sorry to hear that. I really am.
And what made it worse
While we were practicing,
I also had Kor rehearse the aftermath of
his confession beyond the actual night.
Whether it be the torment
or the joy
of a friendship strengthened.
Where his confession opens
the floodgates
to actually talking for the first time.
This is so nice, it's like,
like such a difference from just normally
when we're hanging out in the city in a
Maybe it's easiest to choose a path
when you can live the future first.
To free yourself from doubt and regret,
to always know the answers.
As a symbol of support
for those living with AIDS and HIV.
So, what is a ribbon?
- Oh, yeah.
- Red ribbons.
I would have lost a point on the color.
- So, how are you feeling?
- Fantastic.
We actually did better than expected,
when we actually won.
Well, congrats.
Yeah. There were questions
that were in my wheelhouse.
The questions that were
in my wheelhouse,
I was able to answer
those particular questions correctly.
You got everything off your chest,
and it must feel good.
I got it off my chest,
and I still won that night.
I won a trivia night, and that's the extra
cherry on the sundae, I guess.
come clean about.
So, I knew what the trivia answers
were going to be tonight
and I taught you them
in advance without you knowing,
and I know you're against cheating
and this isn't cheating because you
actually didn't know I was doing it,
to focus on the confession,
and I wanted your confidence to be up,
but I feel terrible about it, and I just..
I'm sorry. I want to say I'm sorry.
Okay, I understand
you've tainted,
you've ruined the whole thing for me,
because I knew the answers,
I knew the answers and I'm on TV now,
and everybody now is going to think
that I didn't know them,
You know how important
this was for me?
This is a mistake. It was a huge mistake,
and you fucked this all up.
awful person.
Like you're a great person.
- Well, thank you for the compliment.
I don't give compliments a lot,
so I wanted to come clean
about just kind of saying the compliment.
I don't affirm people enough.
- That's nice of you to say.
- Thank you,
- You are, you are.
- That's very touching.
- Of course.
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