The Resident (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Rude Awakenings and The Raptor

1 Previously on The Resident LANE: Clearly you two are sleeping together.
She must be amazing for you to take me on.
NIC: Finally get to go home, Bradley? Finally.
I can't wait to get home and then sleep.
So, you chose saving money over patients' safety? Our CEO needs to be a doctor.
NIC: Claire wanted to see me? - JULIE: The CEO will see you now.
- NIC: Dr.
Bell? BELL: You've been with us a long time.
It's difficult for me to tell you this.
CONRAD: Nic, I heard.
This isn't over yet.
(BIRDS SINGING) (ALARM BLARING) ("YOU DON'T GET ME HIGH ANYMORE" BY PHANTOGRAM PLAYING) Runnin' through emergency rooms Spinning wheels and ceiling fans My handshake, cellophane, landscape Mannequin fakin' it the best I can Cadillac, Cadillac red No hands on the steering wheel I'm crushing this save-a-ho puppet show UFO obliterate the way I feel Walk with me to the end Stare with me into the abyss Nothing is fun Not like before You don't get me high anymore Nothing is fun Not like before You don't get me high anymore Anymore You don't get me high anymore Anymore You don't get me high anymore.
This better not involve another grown man's ass.
- I'm serious.
- Don't be ridiculous.
It's a guy with a broken weenie.
I'm paging surgery, but you need to admit him.
Why? Irving, why? Because I'm Lennon and you're not McCartney.
But you could be.
Could be Yoko.
Oh, and it's just too much fun.
Dudes! Fire in the hole.
What up? - What's up with you? - Nothing much.
Just catching my second wind after another brutal all-nighter.
What you got there, D-Bear? Helping Irving with a broken weenie.
Oh, heck yes.
But what about this, huh? What about helping me out with that double date we were talking about? Hmm? Pick a night.
I will.
I've been slammed.
- You know how it is around here.
- Don't you burn me on this.
- Trying to woo Noni.
- Noni? Our Noni? - Hot Noni? - The very same.
I think she might be the one for all of this.
So I need a wingman and a wingwoman.
You and Priya would be perfect.
Help me out.
You know I got your back.
(WHISPERING): Page me right after this, bro.
Speaking of dates, - you have one with Mr.
- Okay.
- Mr.
- Oh.
I'd like you to meet Dr.
- He'll be taking care of you today.
- So cool.
Now, tell Dr.
Pravesh what you told me.
You know, it just feels like a hamstring, but a little bit hi (PAGER BEEPS) Oh.
I'm sorry, man.
This looks urgent.
- Really? - Yeah.
Oh! - Did I pass out? - IRVING: Yep.
BERMAN: Can I get some drugs for the pain? (CHUCKLES) BELL: Chastain Memorial Hospital.
Incredible things are happening here with our cutting-edge technology, our groundbreaking research.
We deliver innovative care to keep your family safe.
Fix your face.
It says, "I'm going to pounce on Bell.
" He fired Nic.
What do you expect? MINA: A verbal, perhaps physical altercation resulting in your immediate termination.
But then you get to live happily ever after with Nic under a bridge somewhere.
Was that your attempt at sarcasm? It was not an attempt.
It was a success.
Look, I miss Nic, too, but she can take care of herself.
So, one more time.
Fix your face.
Don't be an ass.
Hey, guys.
Crazy times, right? It's like, what? What's even happening? Quick question for either of you Bradley, I love you like the little brother I always wanted, but I can't right now.
Later, though.
You and me, we are hanging and talking about, you know - stuff.
- Okay.
I love stuff.
- Um, Mina - What he said.
Are you saying that I'm the brother that you always wanted, too? Not that part.
It's, like, the main part.
This is the beginning of a new era.
One defined by The Chastain Difference.
And, as your new CEO, I'm grateful.
I'm humble.
I'm eager to work with each of you, so that, together What do you think he's saying? How sorry he is he won't have time to kill any more people in the OR.
It's Bell.
He'll make time.
BELL: You know, there are few things that keep me up at night.
But surgeons working overtime to fill the void I'll be leaving in the OR is one of them.
And that's why one of the most gifted cardiothoracic surgeons in the country AJ Austin is meeting with me today, and he will choose Chastain.
Why? Because his CEO is also a surgeon.
And I can ensure this hospital is a doctor friendly environment.
It's Bradley.
His pulse is thready.
We just some help here.
Just carefully.
He might have a C-spine injury.
Oh, God.
Someone page Trauma! I need a backboard and a lac tray in here stat.
Watch out, watch out, watch out.
Let me in.
BELL: Oh, God.
Holding pressure's not working.
I need that suture kit now! JT, stabilize that that impalement What are you doing? I'll use the cath balloon to apply pressure from within - to control the bleeding.
- That's not how we control bleeding.
We got to get him into the OR.
It's not how surgeons like to control the bleeding, but it's how we did it in the front when there's no time to get someone into surgery.
Okay, we're good.
Load him on the backboard.
Let's go.
Move, move, move.
BELL: I'm sorry, Bradley, am I boring you? Wake up.
NIC: He just completed a 30-hour shift.
BELL: Bradley, do you need to go home and rest? BRADLEY: No, sir, Dr.
Where's Trauma? - Page Dr.
- I'm here.
Talk to me.
- 32-year-old male.
- I know who Bradley is.
Deep neck laceration.
Chest impalement and fractured tib-fib.
- He should have been in the OR 5 minutes ago.
- We need a full assessment - before you crack open his chest.
- No time for that.
- Where's Bell? - Washing blood off his hands.
Oh, my God, Bradley.
How can I help? - You can't.
We're good.
- He's my friend.
I'm not going anywhere.
BP's 107/63.
- Heart rate's 94.
- Vitals are stable.
No output from the chest tube.
We have time.
That metal could be tamponading a major vessel.
- Could rupture at any moment.
- We need to figure out what caused Bradley's fall before we rush off to the OR.
Yeah, and while we discuss that, he dies on this gurney.
Or he dies under anesthesia from a pre-existing medical condition.
He took a header off the roof.
It's a suicide attempt.
- You hear hoofbeats, it's a horse, not a zebra.
- Stop.
I don't think he jumped.
What are you doing? - The OR is ready for him.
- He's not ready for the OR.
He's a trauma patient.
Trauma attending makes the call, Conrad.
Take him to the OR.
I'm gonna scrub in.
MINA: Let's go.
Look at his hands and feet.
He's posturing.
Right pupil's blown.
Send him for a scan of his brain and chest.
- Quickly.
- All right, let's go.
Is he even gonna fit into the CT machine with that thing in his chest? Here you go.
LANE: Thanks.
It's on me.
What are you doing? Don't you love this place? Wouldn't it be ironic if we suddenly discovered we had something in common? Especially today, of all days.
Okay, I'll play along.
See, I have a way of never giving up when I put my mind to something.
The good news is I have no distractions, so I get to focus all of my attention on one very important task.
You surprise me.
I didn't realize you had so much fight in you.
Too bad it didn't show up till the week after you got fired.
Tell me about Nashville.
This conversation's over.
I don't think so, Dr.
Oh, sorry, that was your married name.
It took you a minute to change back to your maiden name when you landed in Atlanta to start over.
- Let me give you a piece of advice.
- No, I'm good, thanks.
I'll find out what I need to know on my own.
All of it.
CONRAD: Don't let it shift.
DEVON: Did they teach you this in medical school? No.
You teach yourself on the red route in Kandahar after an IED sends shrapnel into a soldier's head, neck and chest.
- (INSTRUMENT WHIRRING) - Did he survive? No, he did not.
(METAL GRINDING) We're good.
You're up.
How's he doing? We're about to find out.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) IRVING: But why the hell did he jump? He didn't.
He fell.
We don't know what happened.
We do know he's a surgeon, and surgeons cut.
But he's been benched for six weeks.
I was benched for a day, and I wanted to kill myself.
Even after he was benched, he was asking everyone else if they needed anything.
This guy is strong.
He's resilient.
He was planning a double date with me and Priya.
- Said Noni might even be the one.
- She is not the one.
DEVON: The point is, he was living and planning his life.
This was not an attempted suicide.
BELL: Well, this was clearly an attempted suicide.
And it's not our fault that the suicide rate for male physicians is nearly one and a half times higher than for the general male population, or that it's the second-leading cause of death for young doctors.
28% of residents experience depression, which, left untreated, increases the likelihood of this kind of catastrophe.
Let's be honest, doctors don't go to therapy.
Bradley sure didn't, not even after falling asleep in the OR.
That's tragic, there's no doubt.
But this was a personal decision made by a mentally unstable resident.
Chastain will not be held accountable.
Our insurance won't pay a dime.
And? And? (LAUGHS) And I will make it publicly known that we want to be a leading voice and a powerful influence with an issue that plagues hospitals nationwide.
You were born to be a surgeon, Randolph, but you're a damn good CEO.
- I gotta go.
- Mm-hmm.
I gotta go.
- (LANE CHUCKLES) - I gotta, I gotta go.
- (LANE LAUGHING) - I gotta go.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular extension and hydrocephalus.
If we would have put Bradley under anesthesia, he would have herniated and died.
His brain is bleeding, so if you don't get the pressure down immediately, he still will.
He needs an extraventricular drain now.
Let's get him to Neuro.
- My heart has been broken - (ALARM CHIRPS) And all of my love is in vain BELL: Dr.
Austin, I'm glad you started without me.
I see you're late for your own recruitment.
Forgive me, this is a hell of a morning.
There are 3,200 types of bacteria from 150 species on the human hand.
Let's spare ourselves the risk of illness until we've established a mutual respect.
Bell, your reputation precedes you.
That's a lie.
I know nothing about you.
Though I assume you are a surgeon whose passion for cutting was snuffed out by his fondness for the good old American green.
BELL: Well, in addition to my expanded responsibilities, I'll retain the title of Chief of Surgery.
I still plan to cut.
(CHUCKLES) Why bother? Passion, love and discipline.
This is good.
You want some of my pie? You won't shake my hand, but you're willing to share your pie? Let me rephrase that.
You can have the rest of my pie, - I'll order another one.
- No, thank you.
I'm here to talk about Chastain, and how much we want you in our OR.
Let's just do this as colleagues, one great surgeon to another.
Yeah, Chastain is on my list.
Buried somewhere in the middle.
But I do like a good underdog story.
You like that movie? Not so much.
A little vanilla for me.
If I never see your smiling face again My mother and father taught me - Always love - I'll take the tour.
But I don't like smoke anywhere near my ass.
(SONG ENDS) (INSTRUMENT WHIRRING) Once the cerebrospinal fluid's drained, we've got to get him to an OR stat.
Yep, that's the plan.
So Bell is claiming mental illness.
You need to tell me if there's any truth to that.
I know Bradley was your friend, - but - No.
He was at the end of a 30-hour shift.
But a depressed doctor who couldn't handle the pressure and jumps off a building sounds better than an overworked doctor - who collapsed on Bell's watch.
- Okay.
Well, you know what's great about being an internist? We get to protect patients.
Which means we're gonna get to the real reason behind Bradley's fall, no matter what story serves our new CEO best.
(DOORBELL RINGS) MAN: Who is it? Hi, uh, my name's Nic Nevin.
I'm here to speak with Anthony Ewen.
Yeah, look, I don't want any solar panels or whatever you're selling.
And I'm an atheist.
NIC: You're a doctor.
ANTHONY: No, not anymore.
And I'm not a nurse practitioner anymore because of Lane Hunter.
Lily Kendall.
She was my patient.
She died recently.
Because of Lane.
Does Lane know you're here? No one knows I'm here.
Come on.
Please, sit down.
I'm about to scrub in to assist with a mass casualty.
I covered you with another resident.
Which means you're now available.
I would like your observations on a recruiting matter.
I'd like you to give a guest the grand tour of Chastain Park.
Do I look like a welcoming committee? You hear that? (SILENCE) That's the sound of the keys to this castle jingling in my pocket.
- Who is the guest? - AJ Austin.
Top of his class, studied minimally invasive surgery, nominated top CT surgeon by US News & World Report six times he won four.
- Fine, but why me? - Talent recognizes talent, and his attitude leaves a lot to be desired.
Mina, uh don't forget to smile.
(SIGHS) She was my mentor in Nashville.
When rumors started about her overtreating patients, I didn't believe it.
Then one of her patients died of chemo OD.
- What did the hospital do? - (CHUCKLES) They let her resign in exchange for silence.
So she came here with a clean slate.
Then she offered me a position at a clinic.
I was loyal.
But then the same thing started happening again.
This time I asked questions.
Yeah, next thing I knew, my shifts were reduced.
I was accused of self-prescribing, of patient negligence.
Did you ever report her to the medical board? (ANTHONY LAUGHS) Are you crazy? Who is gonna believe a disgraced doctor? By then she was already building a stellar reputation.
Was anyone at the clinic on your side? I mean, what about Allie? She's a nurse there.
- I mean, if the three of us go together - Lady there is no "us.
" The best advice I can give you is run.
Run away from Lane Hunter.
- Dr.
- That is the rumor.
Bell pulled me from a mass casualty to give you the royal treatment.
Is that what this is? I don't know what this is.
(LAUGHING) I like you already.
You like me? Early days, but probably not.
Well, I find your honesty off-putting.
Most do.
Well, let's keep it going, then.
That guy.
Bret Kilborn.
Vascular surgery attending.
- Fifth best at Chastain.
- Out of how many? - (CHUCKLES) Five.
- (CHUCKLING) Redhead.
Man hips.
Average at best.
Why are we doing this? Well, if I'm gonna come to Chastain, I need to know how many clowns are in the circus.
I'm already accredited here.
- I'm sure you know.
- Are you going to come? (LAUGHS) Not likely.
He Hey.
Where you going? Pre-op on a patient with a broken penis.
CONRAD: Devon what are you doing? Same as you, trying to figure out.
Bradley's last moments.
What really happened.
What the hell was he doing up here? Our lounge sucks.
Look around.
This is where a lot of us interns hang out.
Particularly the ones addicted to nicotine.
Wait, Bradley smoked? Every doctor has some sort of vice to survive the pressures, the hours.
This isn't gonna lead to some weird admission from you, is it? Look, all I'm saying is I'm sure you've got a poison, just like Bradley.
And that's probably why he was up here.
Yeah, you're right, I do, but I get my aggressions out in my own way.
It doesn't end with me crashing through the skylight.
Wasn't that Bradley's drink of choice? Yeah.
Anything to stay awake.
Why would he care about staying awake if he was planning on jumping to his own death? He wouldn't.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm sorry, but your appointment has been cancelled.
Uh, I've been waiting for over half an hour, and my appointment was scheduled on Tuesday.
Denise is a former colleague of mine.
- She would have called in advance.
- Something came up.
So sorry she forgot to call.
The way that our calendar system works, - it's really hard - Denise.
Hey, Denise.
Ma'am? Ma'am! Unfortunately, we are booked for the day, But if you'd like to make another appointment, you can call and reschedule.
You do realize I'm not just here to hang out and catch up with old friends, right? I'm actually here at the medical board to report someone who's putting patients in danger.
You know, the patients? The ones we're supposed to help? Do you care at all about anything? You know, don't answer that.
I'll be back.
(SIGHS) You suck.
Oh, this is my lucky day.
Wait, is, uh, is that good news for me? No.
It's a penile fracture.
AJ: That baby's broken.
Ow! But it-it doesn't even have a bone.
It's a membrane called the tunica albuguinea.
Look, Doc, this is my thingy we're talking about here.
Oh, we're not talking about it anymore.
I'm booking an OR.
Wait, surgery? Whoa.
Look, it's a little crooked.
- I can-I can live with that.
- (AUSTIN LAUGHS) "A little.
" (LAUGHS) Steve, tell me how you did this.
(STAMMERS) - I-I just not - Use your words, Steve.
(EXHALES) Well, I had to, uh I had a wild night with a-with a lady.
I mean, uh a girl.
- But she It was a woman.
- Steve, do you really want to lie to the people who are going to have sharp knives next to your thingy? I thought she was doing the surgery.
Who is this guy? Hey! Are you gonna help us help you or not? I have a tee time.
Okay, that's a lie.
I have a date with a single malt.
Now, Steve.
Are you going to tell me what happened, so we can save the only partner who seems to want to have sex with you? It wasn't from coitus with a human person.
I'll stay for this.
You did this yourself, didn't you? How? An elliptical machine.
Uh, he asked how.
That is how.
I was working out, and I was watching pornography.
You did this in public? No, it was at home.
I mean, I also own a-a used Pilates reformer and gravity boots.
Uh, gravity boots? Yeah, those are new.
AUSTIN: What do you have to live for, Steve? What makes you rise and shine in the morning? What fills your lungs with air? My my cats? I have seven.
I like kitties.
I've always been a cat man.
Dogs like everybody.
But cats are more discerning.
AUSTIN: I wanted to know how you did this so I could scare you into never doing something this stupid again, because the next time, you could snap your neck and not your thingy.
And you will die.
And then, three days later, guess who's gonna starve and die right next to your corpse? My kitties.
They They're all I have.
AUSTIN: That's right.
There's only the eight of you.
Now, we are going to fix your thingy, and then we're gonna find you another, safer fetish.
- Thanks, Doc.
- Don't touch me.
and Mrs.
Jenkins? JOANNE: Is he in pain? Uh, he's deeply sedated.
He doesn't feel anything.
Uh, how did this even happen? Our son would never try to kill himself.
I don't believe he did.
We're still working on answering a lot of questions.
But Bradley was a deeply dedicated member JOANNE: You don't need to sugarcoat it.
We know he was struggling.
Bradley was always one of those kids who had to work twice as hard as everyone else.
(SIGHS) But he would never - I mean - Don't take this the wrong way.
We love our son.
We wanted him to be happy, but he put a lot of pressure on himself.
Wanted to be like his big sister.
She's at the Cleveland clinic.
A natural-born doctor.
Maybe if we told Bradley how proud we are of him, no matter what.
He's a good person.
He's got a good heart, you know? - (CRYING) - Trust me, we all know that.
JOANNE: If Bradley ends up being okay, what happens to him? Is his career over? I don't know.
CHARLES: Well, if it is, he'll be just fine.
We'll help him get through it.
Okafor? Promise us that he's gonna be okay.
Surgeons don't make promises.
But I'll make an exception.
(JOANNE SOBS) Hey (ENGINE STARTS) Hey (TIRES SCREECHING) (TIRES SCREECH) Girl I think you know what I mean My little Georgia peach Hey My little Georgia peach.
NOLAN: Timeout is now complete for Bradley Jenkins.
Let the record show Dr.
AJ Austin observing.
MINA: The impalement injured the left pulmonary vein near the bronchus.
NOLAN: Okay.
Let's get him on cardiac bypass.
Bypass? I guess that's the way a trauma surgeon thinks.
But, you know, you wouldn't need a bypass if you knew how to do heart surgery like me.
What'd you just say to me? - I said kill your resident.
- So you think it's better to get in there, dig around without being able to see what's going on? What do I know? I'm only a cardiothoracic surgeon.
NOLAN: Mina, do you have an opinion on this? AUSTIN: Oh, whoa, whoa, you're asking your resident for confirmation? Dawg, you are the attending.
MINA: Theoretically, if you move fast enough, you don't need bypass.
See? Princess Nokia gets it.
AUSTIN (SIGHING): Let me show you.
Nurse, headlight.
I said I need a headlight.
I'm sorry, is English not your first language? Or maybe I need to speak slowly.
- I said - NOLAN: This is my team.
You will not talk to them like this.
Give him his headlamp.
My apologies to the group.
I don't know what came over me.
No I really, really shouldn't have raised my voice.
Thank you.
(SHOUTING): But it's not like this is a matter of life and death! After you, Doctor.
By all means.
This is only because you're cardiothoracic.
Yeah, whatever you have to tell yourself, pal.
Yo, why don't you load up a, uh, 5-0 Prolene on a BV-1 needle? - Today, Dr.
- MINA: Listen, I've treated people wounded in civil wars and children dying of AIDS.
None of that scared me.
So you definitely don't scare me.
Now, speak to me with respect, Dawg.
Now, do you think you can yank the impalement out so we can get to work? MINA: He's hemorrhaging.
AUSTIN: Retract medially.
Come on, keep up.
- Keep up! - NOLAN: He's losing blood.
Pressure's dropping.
Two units, wide open.
AUSTIN: Another suture.
(ALARM BEEPING) (SUCTIONING) MINA: Increase my suction.
AUSTIN: Come on, come on, come on, come on, keep up.
Will you look at that? - (BEEPING) - MINA: Bleeding's stopped.
- Vessel's repaired.
Piece of cake.
AUSTIN: That bleeding was nothing but a distraction.
Now we can look for other injuries.
MINA: Left ventricle severely thickened.
AUSTIN: He has heart disease.
In his 30s? NOLAN: Not that we knew of.
The medical board doesn't make scheduling errors.
And Denise just blew me off.
It was weird.
And I think someone's following me.
- Wait, what? - There was this car waiting for me outside the board, to box me in.
- It freaked me out.
- Okay, I'm done with this whole "I'll handle Chastain, you handle the investigation" thing.
Please, don't do anything else until my shift ends, and we'll come up with a game plan.
LANE: Rumors travel fast around here.
Nic Nevin? On the grounds of Chastain.
She heard about Bradley and wanted to visit him.
No need to explain to me.
It's not like I'm gonna call security.
Someone else might, but not me.
So let them.
Have a nice day.
DEVON: Ventricular hypertrophy? From what? Don't know yet.
Combination of cigarettes and obesity, mixed with a heavy dose of stress, would be my educated guess.
Obesity? I noticed stretch marks around his gut during surgery.
Telltale signs of a man who's had gastric bypass.
Um, I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met.
- Mina, is this? - MINA: Dr.
And he is? Dr.
Devon Pravesh.
Top intern at Chastain, and it's not even close.
Stop smiling.
And don't wink.
Conrad Hawkins.
I've heard some things.
But it's cool.
I'm sure you've heard some things about me, too.
I'm Dr.
AJ Austin in the flesh.
I assisted in Bradley's surgery.
The plan was to observe, but I ended up working with Dr.
Okafor, because the cretin masquerading as a trauma surgeon really ought to bury his scalpel, along with his career, in an unmarked grave.
Can I borrow you two for a second? CONRAD: Toxicology on Bradley's back.
Amphetamines in his system.
And security found methylphenidate in his locker.
Stimulants were his crutch to work in overdrive.
- And it's what damaged his heart.
- Yeah, but there's no proof that his heart caused the fall.
Which means Bell will still sell this as a suicide.
Unless a little controlled chaos helps us figure out what actually happened to Bradley on that roof.
You're smiling? - Keep me out of it.
- (DEVON SIGHS) You in? Do I have a choice? No.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) Wait, his rhythm is normal.
Why am I getting ready to cardiovert him? I'm pushing isoproterenol to mimic the cardiac effects of caffeine.
Wait a second, are you trying to induce an abnormal rhythm? - Because that would be - Yes.
I am.
I think that energy drink in Bradley's system triggered something in his already damaged heart and caused him to faint and crash through that skylight.
And this little experiment is gonna prove if I'm right or not.
(MONITORS BEEPING) He's in V tach.
He's gonna crash.
- I'm paging Code Blue.
- Relax.
There's our answer.
Okay? Paddles.
(SCOFFS) Charge.
Back in sinus.
See? Controlled chaos to test our theory.
Exciting, right? Everybody wins.
Except Bell.
Proves that he didn't jump.
Wean him off the vent and page me when he's awake.
(EXHALES) NOLAN: The guy is a gross liability.
He does not belong at Chastain.
Nolan is just filling me in - on what happened in the OR.
- You were there.
You saw the way that that animal treated everybody.
Mostly you, but yes.
Okafor, you spent the whole shift with Dr.
What are your observations? His bedside manner is a disaster.
Think about who's saying that.
But in the OR, his hands, his instincts unlike anything I've seen before.
And, ultimately, he saved Bradley's life without even having to expose him to the risks of bypass.
He's cardiothoracic, all right? I put my ego aside for the patient.
Other surgeons might not be able to handle Dr.
Austin with that type of modesty.
- Am I done here? - No.
In your opinion, would Dr.
Austin be a valuable addition - to Chastain's surgical staff? - Absolutely not.
Even a raptor serves a purpose, as long as you know it's a raptor.
Keep Austin away from conscious patients.
Unconscious ones will love him because he'll save their lives.
- Raptor.
- We're done.
- So, how's my, uh - Your penis is as good as new.
Oh, thank God.
That's amazing.
Give me your password.
What? Hey, how'd you get my ph Why? 6-9-6-9.
There's my kitties.
AUSTIN: Take care of your babies, okay? And I want you to see this face this face right here before you think about doing something stupid on a treadmill again.
Do you hear me, Steve? Yes, sir.
Can I help you? Oh.
Howdy there.
Um, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm just delivering your groceries.
Uh, well, I didn't order any groceries.
You must have the wrong house.
Oh, golly.
Really? I'm sorry.
I No, it No, it says this exact address right here.
Don't want to go wasting free groceries, now, do we? (CHUCKLES) Well, now, say thank you.
Excuse me? Oh, this is the part where one nice person says to another nice person, "Hey, thanks for the free groceries.
" If you don't get off my property I'm gonna call the police.
Hey, hey, now.
Ain't no need to go turning something perfectly pleasant into something else.
How about we just move on with our lives and stop looking to cause trouble? That way we can both sleep tight and nobody gets hurt.
You have a good night, Nicolette Nevin.
I am so sorry, you guys.
I was just trying to push through.
You know? Just act like everything was okay.
That's kind of what we do, right? We don't put patients in danger.
DEVON: Or doctors.
Or ourselves.
So, is that it then? Am I done? Bradley, what do you want? Everyone in this room would answer that question in a split second and say, "I want to be a doctor.
" But why didn't you? BRADLEY: No, I do.
I-I do want to be a doctor.
Don't tell me what you think the right answer is.
Tell me what you want.
I don't know, man.
Look, I I never thought that I would admit this to anyone.
But I thought about it all the time.
Not falling through the skylight on Bell's conference table, per Se, but (SIGHS) I thought about stepping off that rooftop.
I just wanted to escape the pressure anxiety the exhaustion the fear of fear of failing again of being a failure.
Even just the thought of walking away from medicine brings this overwhelming sense of relief.
It's like a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Is that weird or what? - To me it is.
- Incomprehensible.
But for you, it's not weird at all, because you don't love being a doctor, so go.
Get out of this place and find what you do love.
Yeah, and Well I am not going to miss this place.
(CHUCKLES) But I am definitely definitely gonna miss you guys.
We're gonna miss you, too, man.
You know where to find us.
Yeah, you guys seriously never leave this place.
(LAUGHS) Hey, thumbs up, man.
- Dude, yeah.
- Good, good.
I think this is (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) Not one for good-byes? Love them, actually.
I'm willing to offer you a full-time position.
Yeah, what's the number? Well, more than anyone else will pay, less than you'll demand.
I'll pass.
Austin, I know a great surgeon when I see one, but I also know a desperate man.
You've been a locum tenens for the last 36 months, hopping from hospital to hospital, searching for something, - maybe running from something.
- I only run when being chased.
Well, your reputation outside the OR is catching up.
You know, great hospitals have a profound aversion to risk, but I'm willing to bet two things: one, on you, and two, that your list of suitors is neither long nor impressive.
You'll have an offer from me in the morning.
It's a best and final.
Okafor frightens me in wonderful ways.
I want her to be my right hand.
My thoughts exactly.
- Did he come back again? No.
Not yet.
- How about his license plate? - It was dark.
I couldn't see it.
- I just ran in the house and locked the door.
- Did you call the police? And say what? That some creepy guy gave me groceries? No, no, that's okay.
I just, I know what you're gonna say, that you're fine and you don't need my help.
No, I am not fine and I do need your help.
I'm just starting to realize how far Lane's willing to go.
Grab your things.
You're staying at my place.
- Just until we figure this out.
- Yeah.
I mean, she already got me fired.
I thought she was just trying to ruin me.
But it's not that simple.
Think about it, Conrad.
This isn't just about Lily or me.
It's bigger than that.
Lane has got something else to hide.
And we're gonna find out what it is together.