The Resident (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Run, Doctor, Run

1 Previously on The Resident I'm Dr.
AJ Austin in the flesh.
BELL: One of the most gifted cardiothoracic surgeons is meeting with me today.
- I still plan to cut.
- Why bother? Keep Austin away from conscious patients.
CONRAD: York, what did you shove up your rectum this time? DEVON: It was the first time that That you had extracted an object from the colon of an adult male? - Yes.
- ALLIE: I like working for Hunter.
She likes everyone who works for her to be discreet.
Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm just delivering your groceries.
NIC: I think someone's following me.
I'm just starting to realize how far Lane's willing to go.
6-5-4 U-H-V-F.
DEVON: Claudia! Claudia, wait! Somebody, he Get her! - (DEVON GRUNTS) - (PANTING) Seriously? Are you Really? Thanks.
And then he said Bob's actually your uncle.
" (LAUGHS) - See, that's funny because it's - (PHONE VIBRATING) Never mind.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) "Incoming"? Whoa! Oh! IRVING: Claudia? - Get back! Get back! - Hey! Hey! - Stop.
- Claudia.
(SHOUTS) - Get back! Get back.
- DEVON: Claudia, let us help you.
You're hallucinating.
(UNDISTORTED): Claudia! (SIREN WAILING) - Incoming.
- Okay, let's go to Trauma One.
Major trauma, page Surgery.
(VIBRATING) It's your sis.
Do you want me to pick up? I can't do Jessie before coffee.
Well I got his license plate.
And you were gonna keep that to yourself? (LAUGHS) - What? - And do what? Track him down, catch up to him this time, kick his ass? Oh, well, maybe you can track him down and slash his tires, throw a trash can through his window.
- (LAUGHS) - Whatever.
How about I call the cops? They can finally nail this creepy son of a bitch.
Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.
Think this is when you go help someone in that big, shiny hospital.
I'm fine.
(EXHALES) CONRAD: She was hit by an ambulance? DEVON: Yeah, she was admitted with a severe headache, high temperature, nausea, somnolence, and she started hallucinating - and she charged out.
- Yeah.
Hip fracture from impact with the ambulance, and looks like loops of bowel in her chest? The impact ruptured her diaphragm.
I'll prep for surgery.
Yeah, I'd like to pull in Dr.
Austin for this, if you could check his schedule? He treated you like a child at Bradley's surgery.
He's the best thoracic surgeon I've ever seen.
He'll probably save her life.
Nolan, I called you a cretin after our last surgical experience.
Is there anything you'd like to say to me? NOLAN: Yes, there is.
Let's have a good surgery.
I love that.
Yes, let's do that.
Okafor, proceed with the time out, s'il vous plaît.
MINA: Claudia Clare Webb.
AUSTIN: Yes, correct.
MINA: A pair of ruptured diaphragms, status: post-MVA, versus pedestrian AUSTIN: Well, this is a special treat.
BELL: Just here to observe.
Bell said, "I will still cut.
" I said, "Why bother?" Dr.
Bell said, "Love, passion, discipline.
" A rare opportunity for the both of us.
- And after that, we can take you to see - Damn it, lady! You keep giving me the runaround.
I need you to tell me Sir, you need to calm down.
I need you to tell me where I can find Claudia.
- Now.
My - Hey.
Conrad Hawkins.
- Claudia's my patient.
What's your name? - Felix.
- Are you taking me to see her? - Soon.
Trust me, she's in good hands.
I trust nobody.
Now, somebody, tell me where I can see Claudia, or get out of my face now.
I'll take you to see her as soon - as she's in recovery.
- I don't believe you.
I got to make sure that Claudia's getting the best treatment.
People like you lie to people like me all the time.
I need to see Claudia now! Are you done? Are you ready to listen to the person who's trying to save her life? Hmm? (PANTING) So, Claudia's your mom? She's more of a mother to me than anyone else.
She gave me a job when no one else would.
We have to run some tests when she's out of surgery - and figure out what's going on.
- (SIGHS) Yeah, I know, I know, but She spreads herself thin, you know? She's got a lot of mouths to feed.
(SQUISHING) (RAPID BEEPING) MINA: Looks like a traumatic splenic laceration from the accident.
NOLAN: Do you need a trauma surgeon or? BELL: No.
"Not seeing things can be a blessing.
" Someone famous said that.
NOLAN: August Strindberg.
Ah, look at the big brain on Albert.
But that quote doesn't really apply in surgery.
Seeing is saving.
Wouldn't you agree, Dr.
Bell? MINA: Dr.
Bell? AUSTIN: Well, I've never met a bleeder I couldn't catch.
All right, Captain, I think it's my turn.
Stay where you are, keep your quotes to yourself.
2-0 silk.
(RAPID BEEPING CONTINUES) (STEADY BEEPING) - Imagine you can handle it from here.
Yes, Officer, the guy has been following me, he confronted me at my house.
I just I don't feel safe.
You'll look into it when? Thanks.
For nothing.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) - Allie, listen.
- What are you doing here? Look, I'm worried Lane's gonna hurt someone else.
I just need Lily's original blood work.
- I know you're scared - Uh, yes.
I'm scared.
I have a child, bills.
If I lose this job I can't lose this job.
Stay away from me.
All right, the surgery went well.
- Toxicology results? - Negative.
- No drugs, no alcohol.
- Well, we still have to figure out what's causing her erratic behavior.
Sounds like bacterial meningitis.
She needs a spinal tap.
Start her on empiric antibiotics after that.
Ah, Pravesh.
Your favorite frequent flyer just arrived.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Don't tell me he put another condiment in his colon! It's nice to see you again, York.
- And this must be - My beloved mother, Yvonne.
Yorkie has told me so much about Chastain.
Thank you for your care of him.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Don't mention it.
I have the same problem, you know.
A day without asthma is a day I long for.
(EXHALES) Well, - we are so glad that we could help.
- (MOUTHS) - With his asthma.
- And Conrad is where? Urgent case.
So, Ms.
Evans, what brings you in today? Well, I took a tumble.
Yorkie and I were out for a walk on the BeltLine, and Can we stop for a second? Do you have any heart-related issues? Mm, no, not that I know of.
- Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- It hurts, yeah.
I'm gonna order an echocardiogram and expedite an X-ray on your foot, okay? - Fine by me.
(CHUCKLES) - All right.
- Wait, where you going? - Just one sec.
My mother is my entire life.
Do you understand? She seems like a very sweet lady, York.
She is a bulldog.
My dad left us.
Did she wallow in self-pity? No.
She grabbed life by the balls.
Kung fu grip, - started squeezing - Okay.
Just try not to worry, York.
I assure you, she is going to get the very best care.
She better.
(ALARM BEEPS) (STRAINED BREATHING) Jessie? - I screwed up, Nicky.
- Look at me, what did you take? I tried to call you, I tried to call you.
Oxy? - Yeah.
I'm - Okay.
- I'm sorry.
- Hold on, okay? - OPERATOR: 911.
What's your emergency? - Oxy overdose, 79 Fairview Drive.
I have Narcan.
I'm giving it to her now.
Stay with me, Jessie.
(PANTING) Come here.
Stay with me, Jessie.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I never want to do this to you again.
I don't care.
I don't care about that, Jess, okay? - Let's just get you better.
- Trauma Bay Two.
- What's going on? - My sister.
She OD'd on oxy.
- I gave her two doses of Narcan.
- You had it around? After the last time, I had to.
Just keep an eye on her, okay? You know I will.
Vitals, full blood work, EKG.
Let's have Narcan standing by.
I want updates every five minutes.
Keep this one quiet.
Of course.
I told her to call me before she I didn't pick up earlier.
I should have answered.
She's here now.
She's safe.
- She could have died.
- Do not do this to yourself.
I should've picked up the phone.
I Any word on Claudia's blood test? Elevated white count, otherwise normal.
We'll need more tests to figure out what's going on.
My head's killing me! - My head is killing me! - Look at me.
Deep breaths.
Deep breaths, Claudia.
Tell me what's wrong with me, please.
- Stay focused.
Shh - What's going on? What do we got? Her head CT was normal, but with these symptoms, - I think we need a repeat.
- Claudia.
We're gonna get you something for the pain.
Claudia's visitor, Felix, in a gang.
Last time one of their members showed up, a rival tried to take him out, this place was chaos.
She's also uninsured, so we have to diagnose and treat Claudia before Bell turfs her.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I'm looking for Claudia Webb.
She's in recovery right now and can't be seen.
- FELIX: Yo! - CONRAD: Felix.
Go back to the waiting area.
- Hell no.
He's cool.
- Wait, who's cool? This cat right here.
- Thanks for coming.
- How are you? Man, I'm freaking out, man.
I still haven't seen her.
Do Claudia proud, keep it together.
For her, okay? I used to arrest this guy every six months until Claudia took him in.
Felix is one of many ex-cons she's hired at her catering company.
Claudia's an important part of the Atlanta PD family.
- Take special care of her.
- Don't worry.
I got your word on that, homie? Yeah, you got my word.
Appreciate it.
Come on.
Thank you for coming.
You have a fifth metatarsal fracture in your foot.
But the good news is it's-it's nonsurgical.
Oh! (LAUGHS) Yeah, but that echocardiogram is not so good.
Let's keep this train moving.
Evans, your aortic valve has calcified and thickened, resulting in critical aortic stenosis.
It's in urgent need of replacement.
How urgent? D-Does it require general anesthesia? It does.
A close friend of mine went under and when he woke, he was a different man.
He couldn't even recognize his own family.
Yeah, she's right.
General anesthesia can trigger dementia in the Cocoon crowd.
Now, there is another option.
It's, uh, nonsurgical.
- You interested? - BOTH: Yes.
Don't have the surgery and die.
You watch it, buddy.
Austin is just being honest, but I would rather die than go through life being demented and confused.
- Mom! - I still got to go to my belly dancing classes.
- I like this lady.
- Pravesh.
- Hallway, sidebar, now.
- York.
Emergency, sorry, bye.
It's Claudia.
She started seizing and her sats are dropping.
Let's get her to the ICU.
Push two of lorazepam and prep a gram of phenytoin on standby.
Okay, ready? Let's go.
One two three.
- Not now.
- Easy.
I come in peace.
I-I heard about your sister.
I'm sorry.
- I trust she's doing better? - Yeah.
I have a troubled loved one in my family as well.
Believe me, I understand what you're going through.
He's doing great now.
He was part of the program over at Crossroads.
Hasn't had a relapse since.
Four years clean.
If you'd like, I can help get Jessie into the program free of charge.
Are you crazy? You are the last person I want help from right now.
Why don't you let me take care of my family.
What's wrong with me? The seizures have been continuing and we're trying to figure out why.
I have so many people, they're like family to me.
- They depend on me.
- I know.
I've met some of them.
CLAUDIA: I don't know what happens to everyone if I'm not okay, you know? Look who it is.
You look great.
You're gonna be okay.
I know.
Whatever happens look how far you've come.
I am so proud of you.
Don't talk like that.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I love you.
We all love you.
I know you do.
Austin, where are you going? To see a movie.
I Feel Pretty.
Centers on an ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity on a daily basis.
Amy Schumer.
She makes me laugh.
(CHUCKLES) What do you want? I wasn't comfortable mentioning this earlier, but I can do a transcatheter aortic valve replacement.
So Yvonne can have moderate sedation.
I need an attending.
I'm not really a fan of awake surgeries.
A risk we have to take.
You in or out? - (SHARP INHALE) - Great.
I already bought my damn ticket! Are those Claudia's CSF results? Negative for bacterial meningitis.
So we're still nowhere closer to figuring out - what's wrong with her.
- We're looking for a zebra.
- But we've run every test.
- Yeah, now you know the drill.
You talk.
- To whom? - Felix, Mambo, and Raq.
Figure out everything about Claudia.
Habits, hobbies, favorite food.
Hope we get closer to a diagnosis.
Awake? What do you mean awake? Awake, meaning not sleep Don't you do that.
It just scares me.
- When I had surgery - Surgery? For what, Yorkie? Mom, it wasn't a big deal.
- Is it safe? - Yes.
And just regional anesthesia.
- I'm in.
- Mama.
I'm in.
But you listen to me, mister man.
I'm sure you are God's gift to medicine, but you mind your Ps and Qs in the OR.
If I hear anything to the contrary, I will wield my pen like a mighty sword.
Ask Pravesh.
I was thinking about something else when you were talking.
But don't bother repeating it.
I really don't care.
I am going to save your mother's life.
You're welcome.
MINA: So you've got the valve issue, asthma, varicose veins, a recent cataract surgery.
Any other medical history we should know about? - Nope, that is everything.
- YVONNE: Uh Yorkie, honey, give us a minute.
- But we don't have secrets, Mother.
- No, no, honey.
I Just one moment, sweetie.
Okay? Close the door.
I have, um the little "C.
" The little "C"? You mean big "C.
" - Cancer.
- No.
We call it the little "C" in my retirement community.
(CHUCKLING): Yeah, you do.
She likes European movies.
- At least I can tell you that much.
- European movies Mambo, not European movies, she hates European movies.
- She loves the outdoors.
- She does.
- She does like the outdoors.
- She loves music.
It doesn't matter what kind of music.
As long as she can groove to it, - she digs it.
- Loves food.
Oh, she loves to cook - The Hot Pocket things, the - The little Hot Pocket things.
- She cooks a good meatloaf.
- She likes hiking, biking.
She's at the water park, she's always in she was in the water the whole day It was nice.
I mean, we do it every year.
Wait, back up.
What did you just say? Uh, we did an event for the Boys & Girls Club.
- I know, but, uh - We-we always do an event for them.
Wh-Where was it, again? - It was, uh, Running Rapids.
- Running Rapids.
- Yeah.
- Yo, why are you asking all these questions? Did Claudia get in the water? - Yeah, man, lazy river.
- Obviously.
- Slides.
- You know what, uh, I'll be right back.
Hey! Yo! I got it! Conrad, I got it.
Get this.
Claudia was at Running Rapids.
- Warm, stagnant water.
- So what are we thinking? Naegleria fowleri.
98% fatal.
I don't like those odds.
Yeah, but the signs and the symptoms, they-they-they all line up.
The CSF didn't show an amoeba.
Because it was Gram stained.
I took a seminar on brain-eating amoebas in med school.
If they don't use the Wright-Giemsa, it's almost impossible to detect it.
Tell the lab to rerun the held sample with the Wright-Giemsa.
You need anything? Yes, go to work.
I know you got a million things to do.
We're good.
Nice to see you two are happening again.
Nothing's happening again.
Well, it should be.
- Nice to have you back, Jess.
- Conrad.
When's the last time you had a simple carb? (BOTH CHUCKLE) It's been a minute.
Eight months clean.
Happiest I've been in forever.
Just like that, I threw it all away.
Saddest part is, I can't even tell you why.
It happened.
It's done.
Now I just need to get you into a treatment program.
Too expensive.
I'll do outpatient again.
I'll go to meetings.
No, Jess, we got to get you better for good this time.
Whatever it takes.
I'm such a liability.
Thank you.
Let me talk to her.
You've saved me so many times, Nicky.
(CRYING): I can't keep doing this.
- You don't deserve this.
- I'm not going anywhere.
And don't you dare call yourself a liability again.
We all have our demons.
You never judged me for mine.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I really do think you might need to make Conrad some pasta.
NIC (LAUGHS): He won't eat it.
- What are you doing here? - BELL: Well, one of your patients made it into my space, so now I'm coming into yours.
- York.
- He's very insistent.
He also writes medical reviews on every major website known to man.
An awake surgery on his mother with the Raptor? Whose grand idea was that? Well, now you'll have to control his uncontrollable mouth.
Isn't that your expertise? It's way below my pay grade.
You put this plan into motion.
This surgery falls on your head.
(SIGHS) AUSTIN: I'm sorry.
I don't get it.
What are we doing here? I'm the patient, wide awake on the table.
I'm trying to prevent you from giving Yvonne a heart attack during surgery.
This isn't about me.
Well, this certainly isn't about me.
Is that what you thought was-was happening here? You were gonna train me? You're gonna groom me, huh? Come on, girl.
I don't want this old lady to die because you can't keep your mouth shut.
Maybe this will help you understand me better.
My daddy looks like Chow Yun-Fat and my mother is the spitting image of Mary J.
Now, you're probably thinking at least one of them served in the armed forces, right? Wrong.
They met at Vassar.
A decade later they adopted my left-for-dead ass.
They were fantastic parents.
My childhood was amazing, but guess what.
That didn't matter 'cause I was still mad as hell because the people who actually made me tossed me away like trash.
That's all I ever thought about.
(CHUCKLES) Why are you telling me this? Because I was just like you, princess.
Closed off, tied and, and twisted all up inside, until I learned to use that emotion as fuel.
See, you think my behavior is a weakness.
It's my superpower.
I walk into the OR with nothing but a clear mind and steady hands.
The only thing that stands between life and death in an OR are these, and the very thing that you were trying to breed out of me is why mine are better than anyone else's.
Now you tell me something real and make me believe it.
I do not need your superpower.
Then you will make a great surgeon.
But you will never be the best surgeon.
That's too damn bad.
There it was.
Naegleria fowleri confirmed.
Brain-eating amoeba.
So we administer miltefosine.
Spoken like a true rookie.
It's the only chance for a patient with primary amebic meningoencephalitis to survive.
It's also incredibly expensive with a short shelf life.
So I'll give you one guess who doesn't stock this drug.
And Claudia doesn't have the money for a drug we don't have.
Okay, so we fix this.
I mean, there's got to be something that we could Yeah.
Yeah, there is.
We need the Glacial Sun.
That's for inducing hypothermia in cardiac arrest patients.
If we can lower her body temperature to below what the amoeba can survive and administer the miltefosine, we might have a shot.
- We also might freeze her to death.
- It's possible.
Call the CDC, and then call whoever the CDC tells you to call and do not stop until you get a dose of miltefosine.
What do we do about the money? We do whatever it takes.
And keep this quiet.
We don't want this popping up on Bell's radar.
- Hello? - ALLIE: Hey, uh, I've been thinking about what you said.
Nic, if it's true, I couldn't live with myself.
Can you meet me at the clinic at 4:00 a.
, before the staff arrives? Of course.
And listen, Allie, I know this is hard, but it's the right thing to do.
- You don't deserve to go down with her.
- ALLIE: I will get you Lily's files.
NIC: Okay, see you then.
Thank you.
ALLIE: Gotta go, bye.
Evans, would you care for some music? Yes.
How nice.
Tom Jones? I love Tom Jones.
Okafor, time out, please.
- Yvonne Aurora Evans.
- Correct.
- Actually, that's "Aurr-rrora.
" - Dr.
YVONNE: You got to roll the middle "R.
" It's Spanish.
- I'm not Spanish, but my mother loved - Date of birth.
My boyfriend thinks I was born in '47.
He was born in '45, but you know men.
They prefer younger women.
Am I gonna feel much? I mean, I know I'm not gonna feel pain, but You know what you are going to feel, Ms.
Evans? She's a lady As good as new, when this surgery is complete.
How does that sound? That sounds wonderful.
Just wonderful.
That little lady And the lady is mine.
Were you aiming at something? (SIGHS) Sorry, I'm just-just frustrated.
Claudia was diagnosed with P.
I know.
I heard.
And the CDC sent me to the only company in the U.
that supplies miltefosine.
They're in Florida and of course they're closed.
I've been calling the owner's cell phone and I keep getting his voice mail.
She's gonna die, man.
I'm sorry, am I boring you with this devastating news? It's late; he's sleeping.
Yeah, awesome.
Super helpful.
What's the number? We'll tag-team him until we get him, even if it takes all night.
Oh, I remember visiting my grandmother in the '60s.
It was awful.
I never imagined I'd be one for a retirement communities.
(DISTANT): Oh, I remember (TALKING FADES) (MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) But these days, they're like mini resorts.
Mmm, I couldn't imagine I'd be one for a retirement community.
Is everything okay? Ms.
Evans, best to stay quiet as we thread the catheter through.
I'll be your comfort And you can meet my needs First-class mystery And you've been giving this for free It's atypical - What you've been doing to me - (LINE RINGING) Now I see you are (PHONE VIBRATING) Some kind of miracle.
Kevin? It's you.
It's Dr.
Devon Pravesh, Chastain Park, Atlanta.
- We left you, like - 39 messages, yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's just urgent.
I have a patient with primary amebic meningoencephalitis, and we need miltefosine as soon as possible.
Patient insured? No.
It's $48,000.
(BOTH MOUTHING) It's not a problem.
How fast can you get it here? Uh, the time it takes me to pull on my pants and drive there.
I'll see you in about four hours.
We need a lot of money.
From where? 48 Gs? Yes.
- Brain-eating amoeba? - Unfortunately.
So, we get this money for Claudia and she'll be good? It gives us a fighting chance to save her life.
But there could be some permanent damage.
We'll get the money.
MAMBO: Yeah.
Good luck.
Oh, whoa, whoa, she's a lady Talking about Sorry, I'm sorry.
OR 3 ran over.
(JESSICA SIGHS LOUDLY) This one's a doozy, huh? My gram-gram had chlamydia.
- Uh, Jess.
- And I think Hey, Chu.
Yeah, estrogen and, uh, Viagra, they're helping gomers hump like rabbits.
MINA: The patient's awake.
Are you blind, illiterate, or both? The sign on the window says, "Awake surgery in progress.
" - She made a mistake.
Move on.
- You giving orders now? I'm giving advice.
(YVONNE GROANING) I don't feel well.
What's happening? Abnormal rhythm.
- What's happening to? Oh! - Put her under.
- You sure? - (MUMBLING INCOHERENTLY) I said put her under.
Geez, this looks like my eighth grade science project.
If she dies, it's on me.
My call, my ass.
So do me a favor, relax.
DEVON: So, lowering Claudia's body temp freezes the amoeba? CONRAD: It slows its progress, which hopefully can limit the damage to her brain, it's It'll buy us time until the miltefosine arrives.
Get me that miltefosine.
We can't keep her cold for long.
We need to cardiovert her.
Push diltiazem.
She knows just what to do Get Dr.
Nolan in here.
- Why? He's a trauma surgeon.
- I have my reasons.
Sinus rhythm.
We do not need a trauma surgeon when there is no trauma.
I'm here.
What's going on? What do we got? And the lady is mine Is this Tom Jones? You know this is Tom Jones.
Uh, a-am I needed for this surgery? No, you are not needed for this surgery, Dr.
Nolan, but your colleagues need to lay eyes on someone who gets it, someone who listens, who learns and who understands What it's like to let your emotions get the best of you? Just shut your mouth.
This is unfortunate.
I believe it was Nietzsche who said that many are stubborn in You've served your purpose.
Now get out.
Whoa-whoa-whoa, she's a lady Yeah-yeah-yeah, she's a lady.
Oh, man, thank you.
Thank you.
Uh, yeah You don't want this problem, uh, yeah It's whatever you want You see that Benz ride slow? That's me on the hunt, I'm a jerk Might creep with your girl in the front Just so you know Hey, how's Jessie? - She's better.
- Huh.
Uh, what exactly is going on here? Fund-raiser.
Reformed criminals doing a legal drug deal with more cash than I've ever seen.
While my sister is detoxing from legal drugs bought illegally.
Hey, you.
Uh, look, Mambo, this Ooh Uh, yep.
- MAMBO: Nurse Nevin, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, you took care of my Uncle Deebo a few years back.
Oh, I love him.
- He's a big teddy bear.
- Yeah.
He always would brag about how good you were to him.
I think he had a little crush, to tell you the truth.
Oh, how's he doing? He's dead as hell.
Well, diabetes finally took him out.
(EXHALES) - Sorry.
- Yeah.
But, anyway, I never got a chance to say thank you in person.
- Hey, just doing my job.
- Yeah? Well, you ever need me to return the favor, you just holler.
Hey, Mambo.
Actually, there there is a situation I could use a little help with.
You are quickly becoming a lost cause to me, Dr.
Your behavior in the OR in general is unacceptable.
Well, I inspire and transform those around me in order to breed the best.
I do not compromise.
- You're delusional.
- Yeah? Well, when you win a three-peat JAMA publication and an ASA Medallion in the same year, then, maybe, I'll consider your diagnosis.
But until then, if you're in my OR, you either exit or evolve.
That's funny.
I didn't peg you for a doctor who cared about accolades.
Well, I do.
I am who I am.
That will never change.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (SIGHS) (WHISTLING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) MAMBO: What's up, man? Can I help you with something? Yeah.
My little sister Nic wanted me to return the favor.
(STEADY BEEPING) (SIGHS) Thanks for coming all this way, Kevin.
Ah, it wasn't so bad.
I once drove to Kentucky to deliver a dose.
Did that patient make it? Ah, afraid not.
Never would have imagined a pharma CEO to hand-deliver medication.
Well, I worked in Big Pharma for 20 years.
Couldn't take it anymore.
Believe it or not, I put people before profit.
Wait, so you only supply miltefosine? Big Pharma refuses.
Not enough people contract Naegleria.
No patients, no money.
How do you profit? I don't.
48 grand a pop's what I need to keep the lights on and the drug stocked.
Speaking of which, my daughter is getting married tomorrow.
I should probably get back on the road.
Uh, who should I, uh invoice? Yeah, uh (RUSSIAN ACCENT): Hey, pay that man his - Uh (CLEARS THROAT) - So you're the guy? Drove all the way from Florida to deliver Claudia's medicine? It's all there.
For your records.
- No records.
- No records.
Thank you, Kevin.
I really hope this trip was worth it for you.
It certainly will be if Claudia survives.
Let me know, okay? Will do.
ALLIE: You've reached Allie.
Please leave a message.
NIC: Hi, Allie, it's Nic.
I'm pulling up now.
(ENGINE STOPS) Allie? Allie? (SIRENS WAILING) (TIRES SCREECHING) Tell me about this man that you're very close to.
- You met him.
- Oh, there he is.
Bring it in for the real thing.
- (CHUCKLES) - Oh.
- All right, big guy.
- Thank you.
- You're all right by me.
- Thank you, York.
Now, let's get you guys home, yeah? - Yeah.
- All right.
(TYPING) - Just get my flowers, don't forget.
- Yeah.
It's clear you've chosen the right profession, young man.
Thank you.
(PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES) Yorkie, why is there a syrup bottle up your butt? YORK: You pulled up the wrong "Y.
" - (KEY CLICKS) - I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I have chlamydia.
(DISTORTED): Those look good.
How we feeling? (ECHOING): Can you tell us your name? Yo, Felix.
Hey, what's up? What? Oh, what's up? She okay? She's awake? This one's all you.
She's awake.
And she's okay.
- (FELIX LAUGHS) - In fact, she's doing great.
And she can't wait to see all you guys.
You did good, man.
You did real good.
(GRUNTING): Oh! MAMBO: I love you, D.
Man, not again.
You know, only four people in the U.
have ever survived Naegleria fowleri.
You just saved the fifth.
It would not have been great if you'd frozen Claudia to death, but you didn't.
No, today you gambled on unorthodox medicine and you won.
Had you not won you'd be walking out of this hospital for the last time, to join the ranks of the unemployed along with Nurse Nevin.
This is my hospital.
It's not your casino.
Enjoy your drinks.
Wait, wait.
What just what just happened? He said you're amazing.
- (GRUNTS) - (PHONE VIBRATES) And he can fire you whenever he wants.
NIC: They set me up.
Who set you up? Where are you? Atlanta Detention Center.
I'm on my way.
No, Conrad, listen to me.
There's nothing you can do for me right now.
There's something else I need help with.
There you are.
I was just about to call you.
I tried Nic, like, a hundred times.
She's not answering.
Where you going, Jessie? Inman Park.
Gonna meet up with some friends, just clear my head.
It'll be good for me.
Thanks for everything yesterday.
Sit down, Jessie.
Yeah, I'm good.
Did Nic send you? Is that why she's not answering my calls? You know, I don't need this right now.
And I've been discharged.
Whatever said I could go.
Uh, Nic got you a place at Crossroads; it's a three-week program.
- Crossroads.
- Mm-hmm.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) See, this is what happens.
People make decisions about my life, - and that's not okay.
- We'll do this together.
Yeah, I said I'll do the outpatient stuff, I'll go to meetings - You tried it last time, and it didn't work.
- I'm leaving.
Move, Conrad.
You almost died last night.
Would you have come to my funeral if I did? You care now? We're family? Please.
You're still just passing through.
Well, I'm here right now, and I'm not leaving without you.
Where the hell is my sister? Your sister's going through a hard time right now - Is she okay? - She will be.
Your sister loves you very much.
She loves more than anything.
If you don't want to do it for you, do it for her.
I wasn't always the one screwing up.
I guess you don't know Nic as well as you think you do.
I'll be waiting outside.
We'll leave when you're ready.
There's no need To argue anymore I gave all I could But it left me So sore There's no need To argue No need to argue anymore (SNIFFLES) There's no need To argue anymore.