The Resident (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

Total Eclipse of the Heart

1 Previous on The Resident - So I wanted to go out with you.
- I don't date patients.
MINA: Romantic love is just a trick the brain plays on you - to get you to pump out babies.
- I was just like you.
Closed off.
Until I learned to use that emotion as fuel.
You were born to be a surgeon, Randolph.
But you're a damn good CEO.
NIC: I think Lane's committing insurance fraud by overtreating her patients.
- We have to do something about Lane.
- ALLIE: Nic, can we meet at the clinic at 4:00 a.
? - I will get you Lily's files.
- NIC: They set me up.
- Where are you? - NIC: Atlanta Detention Center.
BELL: The world at your feet.
LANE: Always imagined myself in a place like this, with a man like you.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) It just feels so right.
You know, I sold my house in Buckhead at a loss.
In debt.
I was floundering.
And then, you encouraged me to go after that CEO job, and I got it.
You're my good luck charm.
Hey They said it didn't recede, so it all points Back to you (BELL GRUNTS) I see the greatness in you, Randolph.
Always have.
Oh, ah It all points back to you - (LAUGHS) MULLINS: I don't know who you're looking for.
Her name is Nicolette Nevin; I've been trying to find her for 36 hours, but there is no one Arraignments are in room 304.
She's already been arraigned.
I just want to get her out of here.
Bail hearings will be in a few hours.
- A few hours? - She broke the law.
What do you think, it's like paying for a parking ticket? She's a nurse.
All she's ever done is help people.
- Who cares? - (LOCK BUZZES) How do I get to see her? Wait till they call you.
We should not have done that.
- I think we could go again.
- Micah, you're a heart transplant patient.
You've only just been cleared for sexual activity.
So you're saying you can't keep up? I'm saying we have to be careful.
Come back.
I have to get to work.
I need coffee.
Even waking up together was not what I had planned.
You may not realize this yet, but we're a thing.
- We're not a thing.
- Oh, yeah.
Last night, and then again this morning.
I think that's a thing.
You think I'm someone I'm not.
You have to understand, if I love anything, it's my work.
I'm not built for romance.
This was sex.
Nothing more.
I don't even know how you like to take your coffee.
Milk? Cream? Sugar? Micah.
Did you hear me? (GRUNTING, PANTING) (DOOR CLOSES, LOCKS) Yeah, you got to work that.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Are you all right? Allie finally agreed to give me the records.
So I went to meet her at the clinic, but it was a setup.
Have charges been filed? Breaking and entering.
A felony.
If I'm convicted, I'll lose my license.
- I'll never work as a nurse again.
- That's not gonna happen.
What was I supposed to do? We both know Lane killed Lily.
What about her other patients? We still have to do something.
I'm gonna find the money for bail, and I'm gonna get you out of here.
(SIREN WAILING) PARAMEDIC: 28-year-old male, status: post-heart transplant hypotensive, with labored breathing and a weak pulse.
Micah? It's going to be okay.
Hey, Micah, stay with me.
CONRAD: Get us up to speed.
It's Micah.
Sudden collapse, shortness of breath, thready pulse.
DEVON: Possible cardiogenic shock? IRVING: Trauma Two.
Mina, what are you doing here? What's his BP? 80/40 in the ambulance.
CONRAD: Micah, can you hear me? (COUGHS) How long have you been short of breath? - More than a day? - On three, two - Any chest pain? - It started this morning.
- After - Exertion.
PETERSON: He needs inotropic support.
Start a dobutamine drip at two and a half mics.
And add dopamine for blood pressure support; he needs a blood gas.
- I'll do it.
- Getting an EKG.
- We should add milrinone.
- PETERSON: Do it.
Start it peripherally, and I'll add a central line in the CCU.
Micah, we need your heart beating stronger.
The drugs we're giving you should help.
(PANTING) Could his body be rejecting the heart? Always possible.
Infection of the heart muscle? - Myocarditis? - We won't know until we run more tests.
BP's 110/70.
He's tachy, but no ST elevations to suggest an infarction.
Get him to the cardiac ICU.
(QUIETLY): I will see you there.
(SIGHS) You okay? Just worried about him.
Like you are.
Sure it's not more than that? I'm sure.
I'm due in surgery.
I'll keep you posted.
I got to be there! You can't stop it! You (GRUNTING, STRAINING) NURSE: All right, breathe.
What's going on? Elias Everett, 47, kidney failure, post-hemodialysis.
He's delirious, ataxic and aggressive.
How long has this been going on? He has been worsening progressively for three days.
- Tests were inconclusive.
- (ELIAS GROANS) CONRAD: Follow my finger.
Follow my finger Right eye's fixed.
Ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, confusion.
All signs of Wernicke's encephalopathy.
The dialysis is causing him to lose water-soluble vitamins.
He has acute thiamine deficiency.
Give him 500 milligrams of thiamine - three times a day for two days.
- (PHONE RINGING) A few weeks, he'll be fine.
How the hell does he do that? It's infuriating.
Hang a Thiamine drip, stat.
Hello? AUTOMATED VOICE: This is the Georgia Department of Corrections.
- You have a collect call from - NIC: Nic Nevin.
AUTOMATED VOICE: To accept this call, press one.
(BEEPS) Nic? A lawyer from Lane's clinic must have called the prosecutions' office.
They're calling me a flight risk.
Conrad, the judge set bail at $100,000.
CONRAD: For a first offense? That's insane.
Okay, don't panic.
What do you mean, "don't panic"? What am I gonna do? I told you, I will get you out today.
You can't promise that.
I'll see you in a few hours.
What are you gonna do, rob a bank? Kind of.
Stay safe.
(LINE RINGING) MARSHALL (OVER PHONE): Conrad? It's an emergency.
I-I need your help.
Well, tell me what it is, and I'll have it fixed.
(MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) - How we doing? - You tell me.
He's not saying anything.
He's making me nervous.
Well, you look a damn sight better than you did an hour ago.
This is just like a bump in the road, right, Dr.
Hawkins? I was due some blowback from that transplant.
PETERSON: I'll be right back.
I'll find out what's happening.
(SIGHS) Images from the echo.
CONRAD: What's this here, where the heart's attached - to the aorta? - Aortic root dissection.
A complication of the original transplant procedure.
Exertion caused a-a rise in blood pressure, which worsened a small tear.
So, surgery.
We repair the aortic root before it worsens.
We try to avoid operating on a transplanted heart.
Sometimes, it doesn't start again.
But it's possible.
It's been done.
Yes, but the mortality rates from this type of surgery are extremely high.
It's likely to kill him.
Obviously, this is very bad news, but I don't accept it.
Excuse us.
Okafor? (CONRAD SIGHS) I'll tell Micah.
What will you tell him? He has no chance? He's gonna die soon? In the OR, or at home? You're too emotionally involved.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Uh, Mina, okay, whatever you say, I just, I think you should take a step back, let me do my job.
Let me do mine.
Peterson isn't a surgeon.
Before you take all hope away, let me get a cardiothoracic consult.
Fair enough.
I just don't think you'll like what they tell you.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) (DOOR CLOSES) Nicolette Nevin's bail has been paid.
They'll release her within the hour.
I told you, all I needed was ten percent to pay the bail bondsman.
This was cleaner and faster.
Money makes problems disappear in our legal system.
It's not a level playing field.
It's just like medicine.
Obviously, I'm grateful.
You're my son.
I'd do anything for you.
This is a new beginning between us.
And I have a plan in the works for our future.
So Mina and Micah.
That's a shock, huh? Is it possible that she's in love with him? In love? Are you joking? Mina doesn't do relationships.
She's just getting laid.
The sex must have been amazing.
It did give him a heart attack.
It's the way I'd want to go out.
Death by coitus.
Preferably with Mina.
Long time no see.
I feel like it's only been a couple weeks.
- Eight days, actually.
- IRVING: Olivia.
- Yes? - You're not sick.
I most definitely am very seriously ill.
The disease you have is hypochondria! I can arrange a psych appointment.
I have a rash - and a persistent cough.
- Okay.
- I - Just come here.
- (STAMMERS) - It's all good.
I will check her out.
Give me the chart.
- All good.
- Thank you.
My hero.
Lay it on me.
I have rat-bite fever.
Have you been in close proximity to rodents? I hear them in the wall sometimes.
Okay, it's called rat-bite fever.
The operative word is "fever.
" Your temperature is normal.
Can it be hantavirus? Again, you would have a fever.
Leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is contracted by swimming in water in which animals have recently urinated.
Have you been river rafting in Kenya? Well, I read online that there was a factory worker in Arizona who got it when he drank from a rat-urine contaminated soda can.
Did you drink from a contaminated soda can in a factory in Arizona? There's one more possibility.
Can this rash be caused by lymphoma? Because I just had my first round of chemo.
Chemo? You had chemo? Mm-hmm.
Who diagnosed you with lymphoma? Dr.
Lane Hunter.
Conrad, where is he? Over there.
(GRUNTS) Hey, Conrad.
Look at this.
- (LOCK BUZZES) - Nevin, Nicollete.
Let's go.
- Where to? - Just hurry up.
Come on, come on, come on.
Your boyfriend said you're a nurse.
He's not my boyfriend.
Well, maybe he is.
I saw him.
Nice problem you got there.
Let's go.
Name's Jenny.
She's been like that for the last 30 minutes.
Confused, can barely speak.
And when it started, she got really light-headed.
She's not my girlfriend.
Well, maybe she is.
Sounds like low blood sugar.
Are you diabetic, Jenny? Are you taking any new medication? Antibiotics.
MULLINS: A sinus infection.
It's a sulfa drug.
Sulfa drugs can sometimes make the body produce too much insulin.
It's rare, but it happens.
You need glucose.
Do you have anything sugary? Any candy? - I have orange juice.
- Perfect.
You're gonna be fine.
You just have to get your prescription changed and then maybe go see a doctor.
It could be a kidney issue.
That should help.
Thank you.
What she said.
Oh, and you're free to go.
- What? - You made bail.
Let's get you your clothes and get you out of here.
LEONARD: Extremely high risk.
WALTERS: As in "bleed out, die on the table" high risk.
Even if you manage to get in safely, the scar tissue makes it hard to see the heart.
At that point, odds are you could cut the wrong vessel.
Only someone with a God-given talent and an ego the size of Texas would try it.
AUSTIN: Well, well, well.
What do we have here? You're not, uh, looking to have lunch, are you? Because I don't believe crow is on the menu.
Don't fret, princess.
I can save your patient.
You know about Micah Stevens? Whole hospital is talking about him.
Apparently, the brother has quite a fan base.
I spoke to three top cardiothoracic surgeons and they all say operating on Micah is likely to kill him.
Yeah, well, you spoke to hacks.
I wouldn't trust them to cut cheese.
MINA: Micah is a gentle, decent man, a great teacher who loves his kids.
He has more integrity in his little finger Blah, blah, blah, spare me.
I don't care that he's Mother Teresa.
I think it's an interesting case and I'll take it.
Micah's not a science experiment.
If you don't believe he has a chance Well, his odds do suck, but in my hands, they're not zero.
Besides that, I can't give you a number.
I mean, we're all guessing every time we scrub in, right? I mean, there's always art balanced with science.
And fortunately, I happen to be Rembrandt.
Kill me now.
You know what I like about you, Okafor? You're arrogant, just like me.
What I don't like about you is you're not me.
We'll schedule for surgery if Micah agrees.
He already has.
Let me guess.
You're all-in because if he dies within a year of his surgery, it's a black mark on Chastain's transplant program.
And without surgery, that baby is going to blow.
I looked at the imaging.
It's sooner rather than later.
So, let's give Micah a chance.
And Chastain.
That's what you wanted, right? Rembrandt, baby.
- Hey, Jess.
What are you doing here? Are they letting you come back? Nic.
We've been jonesin' for you.
Hey, um, not yet.
Um, but look, where's Conrad? - Nic.
- Oh, I - I'll see you later.
Hey, Devon.
- Bye.
Hey, Nic.
How the hell did you pull that off? Later.
This is more important.
What's going on? Look at these labs.
Blood work from my patient in the ER, Olivia Tan.
- Our frequent flier hypochondriac? - Yes.
You see anything abnormal? NIC: Nope.
Perfectly healthy, as usual.
DEVON: Well, last week, Dr.
Hunter diagnosed Olivia with lymphoma.
And she just received her first round of chemo.
She has no cancer markers at all.
Lane's giving chemo to patients who don't even have cancer.
Nic warned us that Dr.
Hunter was overdosing cancer patients - with aggressive chemo.
- Which is Medicare fraud.
Tough to prove, particularly since Dr.
Hunter keeps all of her patient records at her clinics.
And Dr.
Pravesh just discovered that she's also been diagnosing healthy patients with cancer, which explains her miraculous cures because some of her patients were never sick to begin with.
NIC: Including Lily Kendall.
She had a form of cancer that you can get from aggressive chemo.
Look, Th-this is absurd.
You're trying to tell me Dr.
Hunter gave Lily Kendall cancer and then killed her to cover it up? Lily was in the process of getting a second opinion.
That oncologist would have demanded her records.
Which would have shown her original diagnosis.
Hunter consistently refused to share them.
And Nic tried to get her records after Lily died and Dr.
Hunter set her up and had her arrested.
You're accusing Dr.
Hunter of cold-blooded murder, one of the best doctors in the hospital.
Wouldn't believe that in a million years.
It's not necessary that you believe us because we've already contacted the FBI and they're getting a warrant to seize Lane's records.
The truth is gonna come out, Dr.
You called the FBI? Without telling me? NIC: It's required by law, considering what Dr.
Pravesh discovered.
CONRAD: We're here to make sure you remove all of Dr.
Hunter's patients from her care.
And if you don't, moving forward, both you and Chastain will be liable.
Okay, well, this it's shocking.
And I don't know what to believe.
But I will suspend Dr.
Hunter's privileges, pending a full investigation.
And I would ask you not to say anything.
This is her career and Chastain's reputation that is on the line.
These accusations will have to be backed up with hard evidence.
They will be.
You ready? I'll be with you in surgery all the way, looking out for you.
I may not see you again.
Of course you will, on the other side.
What other side? The really, really far other side? In recovery.
You can be honest with me, Mina.
I know a Hail Mary pass when I see one.
Whatever happens, I'm at peace with it.
Don't talk like that.
I've had one miracle, my new heart.
If God gives me another miracle, then this will be a great day.
If not, His will be done.
I'm ahead already.
- My man, Harold.
- HAROLD: Hey.
Let's do this.
(EXHALES) (BELL SIGHS) We still on for dinner tonight? Um, close the door.
(BELL SIGHS) - What's wrong? - Um The FBI is getting a warrant to search your offices.
The FBI? Have you diagnosed healthy patients with incurable cancer in order to treat them? What? No.
Why would you even say such a thing? 'Cause there's a patient in our ER right now that you diagnosed with lymphoma.
She doesn't have cancer.
Well (SIGHS) I know, and you should, too, that the difference between a low white blood cell count and actual leukemia can be really small.
I mean, if an error was made, or a judgment call How bad are the mistakes? And how many others like this one? Is Chastain vulnerable? I've told you over and over again that I'm on your side.
I have been there for you.
You've made terrible mistakes, and I've helped you fight back.
Whose side are you on, Randolph? I'm on your side.
Now, the FBI can't get a warrant until tomorrow morning.
What are you thinking? Go to your clinic right now and get any records that could be misconstrued, and don't shred them, 'cause they can be reconstructed.
And bring any files you don't want found back to my apartment.
And we'll-we'll burn them in my fireplace together.
(SIGHS) You're protecting me.
I'm protecting us.
BUTLER (SOUTHERN ACCENT): All right, please confirm the name of the patient.
Micah Stevens, 11-22-85.
Attending physician, AJ Austin.
Procedure aortic root dissection repair.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow your roll, Beauregard.
I am not cutting anybody open with the cast of Deliverance assisting.
Where is Okafor? Ah.
Well, hello, Dolly.
(BONE SAW WHIRRING) Ah, I love that sound.
So sexy.
(LOUDLY): Median sternotomy.
We are cracking open the chest.
He has to go on pump.
If you go through the bone and hit the heart, the pump will save him.
You know, the longer he's on bypass, the more chance for poor blood flow to the brain.
You want him to wake up with pump head? Nah, I say he flies without a net while I slice and dice.
And maybe hit his heart and kill him.
CHU: Let's just make this a smoother case.
Not tempt fate.
We're goin' pump.
Listen, Olivia, you don't have cancer.
No, I-I have to have cancer.
It explains everything, all my symptoms.
The stiff neck, I mean, I'm pretty sure that's meningitis.
You have been a victim of a wide-ranging medical fraud.
I need you to expose the doctor that did this.
There is a reporter here right now tracking the story.
No, I ca I can't.
You'll be famous.
(QUIETLY): Yeah, okay.
My name's Priya Nair.
I want to hear your story.
(BONE SAW WHIRRING) - Be careful.
- Be quiet.
All right.
Retract dermis and rib cage.
MINA: Retractors.
There's too much scar tissue.
We can't crack open his chest.
All right.
Then I will fix that.
Bovie cautery and tissue forceps.
Thank you.
Please go slowly.
You can hit an artery or the aorta Please contain your emotions, Okafor.
I know what I'm doing.
Chest retractor.
MINA: Heart is intact.
AUSTIN (OVER SPEAKERS): Don't sound so surprised.
Full flow on the pump.
And then we stop his ticker and bring him closer to his maker.
(PHONE CHIMES) News from the OR, guys.
They're through the chest wall safely.
Isolating the heart and preparing to operate.
- (LAUGHS) - Yes! AUSTIN: Dr.
Okafor, please clamp the aorta.
Starting cardioplegia.
(MONITOR FLATLINING) Deader than a doornail.
That is until I bring Lazarus back to life.
Hello, trouble.
Meet the solution.
Get that to Pathology.
And then Dacron graft to Okafor, ASAP.
Me? Well, you're the famous seamstress of Chastain, aren't you? I can't.
What do you mean you can't? I just can't.
Then what are you doing here? Making sure you don't behave like a madman and risk Micah's life.
BUTLER: Would you like me to take over No.
She's gonna do it.
You broke the cardinal rule of the OR.
You are emotionally involved with this patient.
Is that why you can't operate, Dr.
Okafor? Or are you just not up to the task? Don't be mad.
UPS is hiring.
(SCOFFS) God, I hate you.
Ah, that's the first time you've called me by my name.
Admit it.
You have feelings.
You care.
You can have passion, you can love somebody even.
It does not make you less of a doctor.
No, in fact, it makes you a better one.
You can help fix Micah if you can harness that passion to elevate your art because hear me out: there is no great art without passion.
Now chop-chop.
Lover boy does not have all day.
3-0 prolene.
Slow the bypass flow.
Let's get this heart restarted.
Okafor, intermittent cardiac massage for circulation por favor.
AUSTIN: Paddles, stat.
Continue massage.
Initial shock.
Ten joules.
BUTLER: Lidocaine's in.
(ELECTRIC SHOCK) - He's still in V-fib.
- AUSTIN: Another 20 joules.
MINA: No, no, no.
This is not happening.
BUTLER: Clear.
AUSTIN: Clear.
Okafor, clear.
NURSE 2: (WHOOPS) All right.
AUSTIN: Well done.
If, he wakes up.
FBI, Dr Hunter I need you to put Dow what you carry.
I think this is a kind of mistake.
I need you put down what you carry.
- All right, all right, fine.
- Slowly.
- Ok, ok.
- Slowly please.
There is some kind of misunderstanding here Please I am a doctor here, I own this facility.
- What is this about.
- Keep your hand on your head.
All right.
Let's go.
Let the evidence please.
Listen, my work - Back up.
- What I have done.
Oh my god, Oh my god.
This is ridiculous.
Spread your legs please.
Ma'am you have any weapon on you.
Of course not, I'm a physician.
REPORTER: Comes as a terrible shock to the city of Atlanta.
So we are waiting right now for CEO Dr.
Bell to make a statement WOMAN: I know, right? MAN: Oh, here he is.
Randolph Bell, CEO of Chastain.
I have a prepared statement to read.
Today, like much of Atlanta, I am in a state of shock.
Our profession, the medical profession, has a sacred mission: to heal, to save lives.
You know, we, uh (SIGHS) We believed Dr.
Lane Hunter shared that mission.
And she fooled us all.
She stands accused today of unspeakable crimes that tear at the bond that we work so hard to earn, between patients and doctors.
But I must emphasize that these crimes were committed at her clinic, not at Chastain Park Memorial, which is why she eluded detection for so long, and we had no idea what was happening.
But two of our heroic young residents and a very determined nurse practitioner were the first to see the warning signs, and the moment they brought it to my attention, of course, I called the FBI.
Oh, well, that's amazing, he's taking all the credit.
REPORTER 2: Is it true that you personally helped the FBI catch Dr.
Hunter as she was attempting to destroy evidence? Well, anyone with a conscience would've done the same.
He's like a cat that always lands on his feet.
BELL: Now, I'd encourage you to direct the rest of your questions to law enforcement.
Thank you very much.
They're going to do a head CT.
Well, we're all pulling for him.
And for you.
(MINA CRYING) You see? I told you I was right.
I knew we were a thing.
- (GASPS) There.
- IRVING: Pancreatitis? - I think so.
- Mrs.
Arby, we're gonna admit you just so we can - run a few more tests, okay? - I-I'm worried about this place.
I saw the news.
A-Am I safe here? You're absolutely right to ask, Mrs.
You should always keep a sharp lookout.
Because doctors, they're like cops.
Some are heroes here to save your life, and others, you need to be careful of.
Pravesh? Rookie of the year.
He's one of the best.
But watch out for Dr.
("YOUR TIME" BY NICK MURPHY PLAYING) He's funny, right? Very well.
(LAUGHS) You don't know your time Is something that I need to have Breaking all the rules Because I've got to have you bad Oh, oh, oh, your time Oh, oh, oh, your time Oh, oh, oh Conrad, it's I know, I know, I know.
It's still complicated.
(NIC SIGHS) It's just I I don't know where we're going.
Oh, oh, oh I don't know where I'm going.
I mean, can I even stay here with Bell in charge? We are all asking ourselves the same question.
But the patients need us.
Your time I'm glad you're back.
Your time Oh, oh, oh, your time You don't know your time Is something that I need to have - I'm breaking all the rules - (PAGERS BEEPING) Because I've got to have you bad And you became the reason - See you around.
- See you around.
Oh, oh, oh, your time Nurse Nevin, Mrs.
Franklin didn't finish her breakfast.
Hawkins, I have a woman with a fever of unknown Your time Oh, oh, oh, your time Oh, oh, oh.
(SIGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) People say you saved the hospital, Dr.
(LAUGHTER) Well played.
Making you CEO was the smartest thing we ever did.
(LAUGHS) I want to introduce you to your new boss.
Marshall Winthrop.
I think you know each other.
We've crossed paths.
Marshall is our new chairman of the board.
MCKEE: Marshall holds a majority stake in several huge corporations that could boost our bottom line.
MARSHALL: You navigated a PR nightmare very cleverly.
Now it's time to put this hospital on a firm financial footing.