The Resident (2018) s02e21 Episode Script

Stuck as Foretold

1 Previously on The Resident - First husband.
- You mean, best husband? I got to say, my new assistant was right.
I'm proud of him.
He's a good son.
That scotch is from my mom.
She and my dad crossed paths and reignited their spark.
The greatest betrayal of Austin's life was when his birth parents abandoned him.
Threw him away like trash.
At work, we go back to what we always were, friends.
- NIC: Her kidneys are failing.
- KYLE: This time I'm here.
For her.
For you.
- Here we go.
- Bring it on.
Uh J-Jelly octopus.
Looks like a mouse to me.
Oh, come on, guys.
It's an elephant.
Respect the trunk.
I see it there.
Wait, who was that? Work.
You need to calm down.
I promise I will tell you the second I hear from the transplant coordinator.
It's just that they called me 24 hours after my first blood test, so Nic, his test was yesterday.
All right? Like the man said, calm down.
KYLE: That's my girl.
Look, I'm Jessie's father.
I will be a match, and I will donate my kidney to her.
Well, I'm already scheduled for my second round of testing, just in case, so I just wish neither of you had to do this.
I know, honey.
But in good news, you have two shots at a new kidney.
(DOG BARKING) CONRAD: Come on, girl.
Come on.
Come on, you're onto something.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Come on.
- (BARKING CONTINUES) CONRAD: I found our guy! Found our guy.
About a hundred yards northwest of where the river bends.
WOMAN (OVER RADIO): Copy that.
Air unit en route.
You're gonna be all right, huh? Fritz I got you.
WOMAN: County Search and Rescue.
Update on the information that the sheriff has been notified.
My name is Dr.
Conrad Hawkins.
You know what day it is? How'd you find me? Your friends called Georgia Search and Rescue.
- I'm a volunteer.
- I got lost.
My friends.
Well, I got you now.
You're safe.
He's alive.
We're gonna need to fly him out of here.
Hang with me.
We're gonna get you to Chastain.
21-year-old male lost in the wilderness for 72 hours! IRVING: Let's get him to bay seven.
I thought you were off today.
I am.
Picked up an extra volunteer day.
Glutton for punishment.
And why were you out there, my friend? I asked my fraternity brothers to go camping.
Figured we'd throw rocks at trees.
- Drink beer.
Forget about the world.
- One, two, three! Instead, they turned it into this messed up intervention.
- They were mad at me.
- Why? Because I started dating Jonathan.
(FRITZ GROANS) All right.
- (GROANS) - Relax.
Just breathe.
He took a fall, he's hypotensive and severely dehydrated.
I gave him two liters of normal saline in the chopper.
IRVING: This is why God invented hotels.
Nobody needs to sleep outside.
Gave him a Chem 8 en route.
His hemoglobin's 6.
Why is he so anemic? I'm only seeing cuts and scrapes.
CONRAD: Could be bleeding internally.
Type and cross him for four units of blood and let's get him to CT.
What, haven't you heard? Chastain's almost out of blood.
There's only a few units left in the whole hospital.
Get whatever you can.
He's gonna need it.
DEVON: How is it possible that Chastain is out of blood? MINA: Last night there were car pileups, stabbings, and more than the usual amount of gunshot wounds.
Well, why don't we just get some from another hospital? There's a national shortage.
Happens a lot.
I'm no help.
I donated last month and you have to wait 56 days.
I'm out, too.
Conrad and I donated together last week.
It wouldn't help today, anyway.
It takes at least 24 hours to test and process blood.
Who is that with Dr.
Austin? I don't know her.
(CHUCKLES) Well, he certainly does.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that's a big improvement.
Way too long bored off your ass in a hospital will do that for you.
A necessary surgery for a pheo and an aneurysm will do that for you.
When are we supposed to let you out of here? Tomorrow.
Can't wait.
I already missed the Braves' spring training and the season opener.
Ugh, you and your sports.
Uh, I can't miss another game in their VIP suite.
The Braves' VIP suite? That's an upgrade.
When we were married, you could barely see the game from our seats.
"Is that it there? That tiny green square?" I'm telling you, you'd like it now.
Champagne an outdoor patio with servers who bring food right to your face.
Come with me this weekend.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
But it might be.
You're not wrong.
It might be.
Doing okay, Fritz? How did I end up here? I started off the school year in our fraternity house.
I'm an orphan, no family.
- Those guys were my family.
- Well, that sounds pretty great.
- We all need to find our people.
- They were awesome.
Didn't act like I was different from them, with their normal homes, normal families.
- We were homies.
- Until you met Jonathan.
Until Jonathan.
I imagine he must have been pretty special.
Long hair.
Acoustic guitar.
Vaped cloves.
Wow, come on, man.
I know, I know.
But I liked him so much.
So much that I kind of stopped hanging with my bros.
Oh, it happens.
We all get wrapped up when we're in a relationship.
Yeah, well, I got a little extreme.
I ignored them until Jonathan ghosted me for a barista.
So then I had no boyfriend and no homies.
That's why I asked them to go camping.
I thought I could get back in with them.
But the moment we got to our campsite, they unloaded on me about everything.
So I walked off.
Ended up getting lost.
You find anything? No major bleeding.
Does have a grade II splenic lac, but it's stable.
That still doesn't explain how he lost so much blood.
Two to three liters, at least.
It doesn't make sense.
Are those the test results? IRVING: His anemia's critical.
His body's starving for oxygen.
- His organs are shutting down.
- He needs blood.
And we don't have any units that match his blood type.
We need to figure this out.
Seems like Chastain's always trying to squeeze blood - out of someone.
- ALEC: It's necessary.
In the United States, a patient needs a blood transfusion every two seconds.
And the shortages are only becoming more common.
I'm just here for the free cookies and orange juice.
If I save a baby along the way, well, good for me.
Thank you for your donation.
Man, you're good at dealing with those patients.
Eh, she likes to feel needed.
Look, I know we're just colleagues, which I respect, but am I allowed to ask about your sister? Of course.
I don't have an answer.
Are you okay? Well, I found out my blood's a match, waiting to see if my father's is.
I got my CT this morning.
Should get results soon.
Who's going with you? Conrad? He doesn't know about it.
It's fine.
I don't want to talk about it.
Not my business.
(MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY) We're giving him supplemental oxygen, but his O2 sats keep going down.
Why is it so hard to breathe? These are normal red blood cells.
These are fragments of cells that have burst open, and these are cells that are sickled.
That combination is making it so you don't have enough red blood cells to carry the oxygen throughout your body.
But I've never been diagnosed with sickle cell disease.
That's 'cause I think you've got a sickle cell trait.
It's usually asymptomatic unless there are major bodily stressors.
Like in your case, severe altitude and dehydration.
The blood bank just called.
They have one unit of blood available for our patient.
Tell them to send that now, - but that's still not gonna be enough.
- Okay.
Could we get a little help with transporting here? We're gonna take a little trip down to the basement.
All right.
Here we go.
BELL: I contacted Atlanta General.
We're all in the same boat.
(SIGHS) Postpone elective surgeries, - encourage employee donations - GRAYSON: Dr.
Bell! Dr.
Bell! 911! 911! My mom is in the ER! I repeat, my mom is in the ER! That's all you, bro.
BELL: So how long has this been going on? Well, redness and swelling for a few days.
I thought it was age or weather or something.
But then I slipped in the shower and twisted it.
And now it's really bad.
Go ahead, Dr.
We're all adults here.
We all know you two did the deed, - so just don't make it weird.
- Grayson? Grayson? Please? Thank you.
(QUIETLY): Grayson.
Your mother is gonna need a specialist.
Who's the ER ortho consult today? Right here, just finished.
- Morning.
- I'm Dr.
Kit Voss.
Vivian Betournay.
Nice to meet you.
I, uh, slipped in the shower.
GRAYSON: I'll have handrails put in.
- I know a guy.
- Y-You know my assistant, um Vivian is, um, Grayson's mother.
Voss is one of our very best physicians.
BOTH: Thank you, Randolph.
KIT: Let's get an X-ray, and then I'm going to need to get an arthrocentesis.
Fritz, this hyperbaric chamber is gonna pressurize, just like when a submarine dives underwater.
Increasing pressure's gonna allow extra oxygen to dissolve into your blood.
How long will I be in here? Till we can get more blood for a transfusion.
This hood is gonna give you pure oxygen.
Nurse Robert will stay with you.
There's a tech outside, page me if anything changes.
You good? All right, I'm gonna take that as a yes.
Dive time.
(AIR HISSING) Ready? Take him down to 60 feet.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) - DEVON: Who's coming tonight? - Anyone who wants a beer and to complain about Chastain.
It keeps us sane.
- Irving? - Always.
- Conrad? - Not unless Nic comes and she has a lot with her sister right now, - so probably not.
- Hmm.
Maybe he'll bring that woman from this morning.
(CHUCKLES) Are you here for Mr.
Harper? Shira Smook, anesthesiologist.
Just came over from Coburn Civic Med.
Mina Okafor, surgical resident.
Devon Pravesh, intern.
By the way, I called the blood bank about Mr.
Harper's surgery and they still have ten units of type A positive.
Are you sure it wasn't a typo? (CHUCKLES) Type O, typo.
Sorry, bad jokes, they keep the lambs from screaming.
- Everybody needs something.
- Exactly.
I'll be in Mr.
Harper's OR with you, Dr.
- I'm looking forward to it.
- Mr.
Harper is not; he wishes he were anywhere else but here.
How am I looking, doctors? We had hoped the bowel obstruction would resolve on its own.
Unfortunately, it has become emergent.
You need an operation.
(SIGHS) So, no way I'm gonna make it to the convention this weekend? It's nut looking good.
(VIVIAN SIGHS) Where's your partner in crime? Grayson went to get snacks.
Have my results come in? Vivian you have gonorrhea.
(LAUGHS) Remember, I'm the knee patient.
The knee? Uh, my vagina is fine.
The disease can travel through your bloodstream and infect your joints.
Although gonorrhea is transmitted through sexual intercourse, it can be asymptomatic until it shows up elsewhere.
As it did here.
Bright side, all you need are antibiotics and a washout in the OR under mild sedation.
Well, I would rather have the traditional gonorrhea, you know, the vagina kind.
That never gets amputated.
(LAUGHS) You know, for the record, it's been, uh, it's been more than six months since I was, - uh, with her - I'm sure you're fine.
- I could run a test.
Here you go.
How can I help you? I'm getting out tomorrow, right? Yeah, I hope so.
I'm sure you want to get away from all these doctors.
To tell the truth, I'm not actually trying to get away from all the doctors.
You know Kit and me? Things are looking up.
Oh, really? I know, right? Later-in-life romantic reunion? - (CHUCKLES) - We should be a Hallmark movie.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) We've got plans this weekend.
So if you can spring me early - I'll check your chart.
- Thank you.
I told you you didn't have to come.
Oh, I'm happy to be here.
This is tough stuff.
I've seen other people navigate the organ donation process, it's a lot.
Nic Nevin? We reviewed the images from this morning's CT scan.
It shows that you have an arterial anomaly - with your kidney.
- What kind of anomaly? An abnormal additional artery.
Now, it's not dangerous and it doesn't affect Miss Nevin's day-to-day life, but it does disqualify her from being a donor.
I-I'm sorry.
There are other ways.
I can start making some calls.
See about getting Jessie into a different transplant program.
Thanks for coming.
Your assistant's mother has septic arthritis.
I've scheduled her a washout in the OR.
Well, thank you very much for taking care of her.
I checked Brett's chart and he's happy to be going home tomorrow with you.
Brett wants us to try again.
And do you want that? I'm leaning in that direction.
Well, I just it sounds like you'd be very happy with him.
I'm leaning.
I'm not there.
Bell! Dr.
Did you give my mom gonorrhea? Are you gonna hit me? No.
No, I'm a, I'm a pacifist.
DEVON: Okay, let me (HARPER GROANS) So, Dr.
Pravesh will take you to pre-op in about an hour and I will meet you in the operating room.
I-I guess there's no way that I could stay in costume for the surgery.
- Is there? - It's not sterile.
- Okay.
Would you mind, then? - Yeah.
It's a shame, I-I was really looking forward to the convention this year.
Is it a, um squirrel convention? No, no, no, no.
(STAMMERS) There's rabbits, too, and, um, chipmunks.
Uh, the occasional weasel.
Almost all the rodents are represented.
Yeah, people, people think it's a sex thing, but it's not.
I'm sorry you can't go.
Well, it's the one time a year when I actually get to be with people who are you know, like me.
Okafor? I just came from blood bank, they're down - to four units of A positive.
- Oh, don't worry.
One of those is ours; I put one on hold - for Mr.
Harper's surgery.
- Okay, good.
Then we don't need to throw in the bowel just yet.
(DEVON LAUGHS) Throw in the bowel? That that really is terrible.
Well, thanks.
(LAUGHS) Okay, this one laughed at that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, come on.
She's funny.
HARPER: Uh-huh.
I see what's happening.
You know, I may just be a guy getting out of a squirrel suit, but I'll tell you this: that doctor was flirting with you.
- No, she's not.
- Oh, no, I agree with our patient; her joke was a flirt joke and your laugh was a flirt laugh.
- No, it wasn't.
- Uh-huh.
I approve.
You know, look, we're all weird in our own way, but if you can find someone whose weird matches your own, I say go for it.
Well, I do not approve.
At least not until she comes up with better jokes.
All right.
Lay back.
Thanks for the latte.
NIC: Thanks for being here.
(SIGHS) Look.
Things are about to get tough.
We don't know when or if Jessie's getting a kidney and dialysis is hard even when there are no complications, and there are almost always complications.
Are you trying to scare me away? No, I need to make sure that you're not gonna run when things get harder.
Jessie didn't even finish rehab, I'm just I'm worried this is all too much for her.
Nic Why don't we just put all this aside for a minute? Hmm? What about you? I'm fine.
- Let's just focus on Jessie.
- No.
You're not fine.
That's why I'm here.
I knew that you'd put everything aside to take care of your sister, like you always do.
Of course I would.
What else would I do? Are you sleeping? At all? You were still awake when I went to bed last night, you were the first one up.
Plus Conrad.
Jessie said you're having problems with him, too.
Look your sister got here because of her bad decisions.
Addiction is a disease; she didn't ask for this.
Neither did you.
I'm here for you, too.
So I want you to just hang in there until we get my results.
If I'm a match we're golden.
- (GROANING) - (ALARM RINGING) Should I bring the patient back up? No, we take him out of the chamber, he won't have enough circulating oxygen to survive.
Hang on, I'm coming in.
Oh, God, it hurts! (YELLS) (FRITZ MOANING) Talk to me.
ROBERT: Abdominal pain.
And his pressure just dropped.
- Where is the pain exactly? - Left upper quadrant.
Give him 50 of fentanyl, set up the ultrasound.
Fritz? Keep breathing.
In out.
In - out.
- (WHEEZES) - In - (BEEPS) Push another 50 of fentanyl.
(FRITZ GROANS) CONRAD: There's free fluid around the spleen.
His injury's getting worse.
He's gonna bleed out.
Page Dr.
We need to get this spleen out of Fritz now! CHU: It's a little tight in here.
You couldn't find a less convenient place for surgery, Dr.
Hawkins? Was the surface of the sun already booked? - Give it a minute.
It grows on you.
- (AUSTIN CHUCKLES) The best filtered air outside of an OR.
You turn that Bovie on in here, we could all go up like Roman candles.
Pop, pop, pow.
In this chamber, you can't use anything that could cause a spark, so no Bovies.
And no defibrillators, either.
If he codes, we can't shock him back to life.
No worries.
These magical babies will make sure nothing happens to our forest-wandering friend.
10 blade.
That's Chastain's last bag.
So we can't lose any blood at all.
(MONITOR BEEPING) There's a small perf in this dead bowel.
Harper's going to have significant discomfort from the peritonitis.
I'll make sure we have the pain meds.
How much longer you think it'll be? Maybe about 20 minutes until we close.
Great, his backup IV line just blew.
I'd hate to start another one - if it's just going to be - Don't say it.
in vein.
(CHUCKLES) Fine, you don't appreciate a pun, I can respect that, not everyone does.
All I'm saying is, if he really needed to squirrel away some nuts (MINA LAUGHING LOUDLY) What's that sound? (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) I've-I've never heard Dr.
Okafor laugh before.
It's unsettling.
JESSICA: Yes, it is.
(LAUGHTER CONTINUES) I was not expecting that.
(LAUGHS) (CHUCKLES) VIVIAN: If I'd known nerve blocks killed all feeling so effectively, I would've gotten one when I married Grayson's father.
- You don't feel this at all? - No, nothing.
KIT: Here we go, then.
How is Grayson? Seemed a little upset earlier.
VIVIAN: Well, you know, I'm sure it's not easy watching your parents fall apart.
- Do you have children? - Two.
I'm not with their father either.
Well, that's how it goes.
That's not always how it goes.
VIVIAN: You're young.
You don't know.
At first, you're in love and planning for the future.
Next, you're having your cheating husband's STD drained from your knee.
- KIT: Could be worse.
- There is no way.
The gonorrhea could've infected your eye.
Pus literally dripping from your eyeball and running down your face.
Oh, you win.
That's disgusting.
Oh, my God.
Ugh, more than anything, I just can't believe that I'm here, at my age.
I'm right there with you, sister.
Was your marriage as bad as mine? Marriages, actually.
And no, they weren't.
At least, the first one wasn't.
He was actually a decent guy.
Should've held on to him.
Maybe I should have.
Maybe it's too late now.
Well, a smart surgeon like you, I'm sure you have other options.
- I think I do.
I dropped Jessie off at dialysis a while ago, what's going on? You're not a match.
(NIC SIGHS) Did you bring my meds? WOMAN (OVER P.
): Dr.
Kennedy to triage.
Those anti-craving strips aren't working anymore.
I-I just Still want to use.
So bad.
That'll get better, Jess.
I'll up your dose.
You got this, - I promise.
- Nic, if I couldn't stay off drugs when my life was good, how am I supposed to do it now? - Dad's pulling the car around.
- Great.
These short gastrics are killing me.
Can we call the blood bank again? I just touched base.
Still nothing.
He's getting acidotic.
There's not enough oxygen - delivery to his tissues.
- AUSTIN: I need more hands.
Hawkins, get Okafor here now.
I'm on it.
- Take them down to 100 feet.
- That's pretty deep.
I'm buying us some time.
RECEPTIONIST: I'm sorry, but we're just all out right now.
If you could just have a seat, we'll be with you.
Thank you.
Uh, if you're here about one of the transplants that got pushed, nothing I can do about it, we're out of blood.
No, no, um, I was here this morning about a kidney donation.
- Last name? - Nevin.
- RECEPTIONIST: Jessie? - NIC: Yeah.
Sorry, nothing I can do until the donor calls back - to schedule his follow-up.
- The donor? Uh, Kyle Nevin.
We can't move forward with the intake until he does that.
- Kyle's a match? - Right, but like I said, we can't move ahead until he calls for the follow-up.
- Is there anything else? - No, thanks.
- AUSTIN: Fogarty clamp.
- He's not clotting.
- CHU: Pressure's dropping.
- AUSTIN: His organs are shutting down.
Would it help if we dive deeper? No, increasing the pressure can only do so much.
If we don't get real blood into him, he's gonna code.
- He's dying right in front of us.
- Take me down - as fast as you can.
- They're at 100 feet.
If I drop you down that far too fast, it'll put - too much stress on your body - Do it anyway.
(AIR HISSING) - MINA: More bicarb.
- CHU: It won't work.
Without more blood, he's going to die.
I'm O negative, universal donor.
- Sylvie, help me out.
- Didn't you just donate? Another bag.
That was only half.
Oh, okay, this isn't the military.
Blood needs to be screened for HIV, - hepatitis - I'm clean.
Trust me.
Hold up.
Now I don't doubt that your blood is clean, but if he dies right now, we're all legally protected.
Whereas if we put your unprocessed blood in him and then he dies So don't let him die.
All right.
You heard the man.
Let's save this kid's life.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - BELL: Knock, knock.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard the surgery w-was a success.
How do you feel? It's not my finest moment.
I-It could happen to anybody.
And, FYI, I got tested, I'm clean, so neither one of us gave the other gonorrhea.
I know that.
It was my jackhole ex-husband.
But I get to tell him that he has gonorrhea, and that will be very fun.
How about you? Are you seeing anybody right now? Well, complicated, but no.
Really? Well, you should 'cause you're a decent guy.
And not awful in bed.
(BOTH LAUGH) I started seeing someone a few weeks ago.
He's sweet and kind.
We're taking it slow thank God so no sex yet.
He's a lucky man.
You were good for me, Randolph, at least for my ego.
It's only a matter of time until you find the one.
I don't know if that's in the cards for a guy like me.
How you feeling, Hawkins? If Fritz is good, I'm feeling fine.
(PAGER VIBRATING) Fritz's "friends" are here.
Well, go.
- We're almost done here.
- (GRUNTS) Hey, yo.
I'm, uh feeling light-headed, yet relaxed.
Like you've just had a stiff martini? Exactly.
Nitrogen narcosis.
AUSTIN: Good ole martini effect.
You know, I've always heard about it.
I've never felt it.
It's fascinating, Mina.
Not at all unpleasant.
MINA: Gases at high pressures can cause temporary disruption to nerve signaling, impair judgment and delayed response times.
It's rare, but it can happen to anyone.
So, it's like you're drunk? Yeah, pretty much.
All right, Okafor, I'm gonna need you to finish closing up.
(SIGHS) Thank you, Chu.
(INHALES) - (EXHALES) - So you were with a woman this morning.
Uh, well, sometimes I'm with women in the morning and also the evening.
(CHUCKLES) Wait, are you trying to take advantage - of my inebriation? - Mm.
Only if it's working.
Well, that pretty lady you speak of was a liaison to an adoption agency.
- Are you adopting a child? - No.
No, I looked up my birth parents.
Get this.
Bio Mom is a doctor.
What are the odds? Turns out that was the problem.
She was in med school when she got pregnant.
She wanted to focus on her career, so they decided to give me up.
Where are they now? Right here in Atlanta.
Together, married, three grown-ass kids.
The ones they didn't give away.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I guess old August Jeremiah just showed up at the wrong time.
Uh hey, hey, hey.
- Jessie's sleeping - You haven't changed a damn bit.
It's not that you can't give Jessie your kidney, it's that you won't! (SIGHS) - Nic, it's complicated - Why can't you, for once, for once, do something that is not selfish? There's a reason they don't hand out kidneys to addicts.
They use again, they destroy - perfectly good organs.
- She is your daughter.
- So maybe in-in six months, a year - She might not last that long.
That's exactly my point! Who's it gonna help if she has my kidney inside of her - and she OD's? - (SCOFFS SOFTLY) (EXHALES): Wow.
- I'm sorry, I - You didn't you didn't come here to help either one of us.
You came here to make yourself feel better for being a crappy father our entire lives.
- That's why you're here.
- That's not fair, and that's not right.
Get out.
And don't come back.
Get out.
Is someone here to see Fritz Rawlins? Is Fritz okay? - He will be.
- MONROE: Look we weren't trying to make him run away from us.
Yeah, we just wanted to get some things off our chests, like how it wasn't cool when he dropped us to hang with Jonathan, - so we told him that.
- And he got mad.
And then we got mad, and then it got ugly.
RALPH: Yeah, Fritz stomped off, said he had to pee.
I-I guess we should've been clear.
It's not about him being with Jonathan.
I mean, we don't like him.
The guy's a schmuck Dude's a part of our rival fraternity.
Fritz could do way better.
But we just missed our homie.
I'm pretty sure he missed you, too.
Come on.
I'll take you to him.
- Come on.
- MONROE: Thanks, Doc.
Hey, Dr.
I, uh I just wanted to make sure we're chill.
You know, after-after our beef.
Can I still work here, even after I almost hit you? You know, Grayson, during the course of your employment here, I've had multiple reasons to fire you.
Mostly, for inappropriate suggestions of a personal nature, and for your seeming inability to speak in any manner that even remotely resembles the English language.
But defending your mother, I'm not gonna fire you for that.
(CHUCKLES) You're the dopest, Dr.
I'll see you tomorrow.
No, uh seriously.
Look at you.
I mean, you're-you're literally giving your blood to help other people.
My pops would never do that.
He's only in it for himself.
That's why I liked the idea of-of you hanging out with my mom.
You're not like that.
I don't think you know me very well.
I think I do.
You're one of the good ones.
You just keep it way deep down, so people will think you're a hard-ass.
Can we get a needle in this kid? Oh.
- Hey, sleepy.
- Hi.
(GROANS) Apparently, dialysis makes me take three-hour naps.
Where's Dad? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) Right on schedule.
It's just you and me now, huh? (WHISPERS): It's just us.
(SIGHS) Good.
I like it better that way anyway.
All right, Mr.
Harper, you're up for a milligram of hydromorphone.
(HUMMING) You don't need all of this.
Go ahead.
MINA: Go ahead what? You took advantage of my altered state, and now you want to explore the information that you gathered.
Oh, please.
You wanted to tell someone about your biological parents.
Will you contact them? I don't know.
I understand why you would be upset.
I'm not upset.
I'm not angry, either.
Every day, I choose my career over my personal life.
It must be in the DNA.
But if you wanted to be angry at them, that'd be okay with me.
Are you still drunk from the hyperbaric chamber? (CHUCKLES) Maybe.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I can be angry for you.
Thank you.
Look, I wanted to thank you for taking care of Grayson's mom.
And for your discretion.
Eh, what's a little "gono-knee-ah" between friends? - I, uh (LAUGHS) - And I liked her quite a bit.
I understand the attraction.
Well, to be clear, that was a temporary situation.
Well, I certainly know my way around those.
Um Look, I want to tell you, you're not gonna screw it up.
Whatever you end up doing, it'll be the right thing.
It'll be the good thing.
And if you don't lean in that direction, I'm here for you.
(QUIETLY): Okay.
Have a good night.
Y-You, too.
("MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA" PLAYING) Leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, woo Woo, I'd rather live in his world - Live in his world - Than live without him in mine Her world is his, his and hers alone He kept dreaming Dreaming Here without Nic? And eating carbs.
- Mmm.
- Who are you? I'm just hanging with my homies.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, you invited her.
- You must like her jokes after all.
- You know, some of them are just okay.
Uh, and I think you wanted to see if you are weird the same way? CONRAD: Mina Okafor is your wingwoman.
You could do much worse, my friend.
Back to the life He once knew Oh, yes, he did, he said he would Oh, oh, he's leavin' Leavin' On that midnight train to Georgia Yeah.
I've been thinking about this all day.
- Alec, it's late.
- I know.
Just hear me out.
I've got a way to help Jessie.
But I got to know: how far are you willing to go to save your sister's life?