The Resident (2018) s02e22 Episode Script

Broker and Broker

1 Previously on The Resident Does she know you're in love with her? I am her teacher, her mentor.
To be anything else would cross a line that I would never cross.
Nic, I know we have new boundaries, but I am here for you.
My kidneys will never work again.
You have to stay on dialysis.
There's got to be another option.
Nothing I can do until the donor calls back - to schedule his follow-up.
- Kyle's a match? It's not that you can't give Jessie your kidney.
It's that you won't.
Get out.
I've got a way to help Jessie.
How far are you willing to go to save your sister's life? - Oh, Huncho did this? - DJ Durel! - Steppin' up - Up - Always take the risk, living life - Up, up, life - Go hard and don't quit - Go hard Drip, splash like the ice on the wrist Brr, brr, brr, brr That's a call I can't miss Set my goals like a go, hit the switch Work, work, work, check it off the checklist - Work, work, work - In a position to win - Win - In a position to go - Uh - In a position to win - In a position to go - Uh, uh, uh Doc Bell, I'm two shots away from jumping on my new Gulfstream to Sin City, so say what you came to say.
- Your father was a great man.
- The best! His generous donations over the past 20 years have been vital to Chastain's financial health.
I would love And you think you can party your ass - into a big fat check again? - Diego, I'm-I'm just here to build a relationship with you the same way I did with your dad.
He left you his fortune after he passed because he believed you would do great things.
- What, five million? - Eight million.
Doctor, eight million sound fair to you? Eight million saves a lot of lives.
You never respected me when my dad was alive.
I was invisible to you.
So what, now you want some of my gold? Let's see if the doctor can dance.
Oh, oh! Come on.
Come on.
"Three marriages "and the only seed of mine that can find its way to an egg is that jackass.
What are the odds?" Your father's words, not mine.
In hospice, the last thing he said to me was, "Randolph", "children are a poor man's riches.
My son is a rich man's biggest failure.
" Enjoy Vegas, kid.
Hope you have better luck than your father did.
- In a position to win - Win - In a position to go - Go - In a position to win - Win That was awesome! Screw that kid! So who's the next richie on our list, huh? Diego was the list.
Is this dartboard smaller than usual? Maybe you're just larger than life so everything else seems really tiny.
Are you trying to seduce me? - Is it working? - It is.
- Oh.
- Mm.
66% of relationships fizzle.
45% of marriages implode.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Why does anyone bother? People love to spoon, and this requires a partner.
High price for a cuddle.
Another round? I'd love to, but I got to roll.
I'm headed to Osteria Frankie to meet a woman whose brilliance almost matches mine.
May your egos have a wonderful time spooning.
I'm telling you! True story.
The guy had a machete gash in his neck and wouldn't let anyone touch him.
That's insane.
So so, what'd they do? Told him what you tell every patient who refuses stitches.
Suture self.
Yes, I'm kind of on fire tonight.
Uh, you want another drink? - Uh, sloe gin fizz, no ice.
- Oh.
Spinning on that dizzy edge Another beer? Sure.
Dreamed of all the different ways - Song? - Sure.
Anything but the '80s.
What do you got against the '80s, man? What do you like about the '80s? Uh, it's a Nic thing, which used to make it my thing.
I heard she was gonna swing by tonight.
Do you have any idea where she is? Nope.
You lost and lonely You just like heaven.
Alec, what are we doing here? I told you, a transplant expert.
But it's midnight.
You meet him when you can.
- Dr.
- Mr.
Festervan, thank you so much for coming.
- This is the friend I told you about.
- Nic.
I'm so sorry your sister's in kidney failure.
But I think I may be able to help you.
Well, we haven't been able to get her on Chastain's transplant list.
What hospital do you work with? I don't work with any hospital.
O-Okay, w-what's going on here? You haven't told her? I'm an organ broker.
I'm here to sell you a kidney.
An organ broker? What the hell were you thinking? - I want you to know all your options.
- That is not an option.
Desperate people are exploited enough without us hocking their organs - for cash.
I mean, come on.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
It doesn't have to be like that.
What you are suggesting is a crime.
That doesn't mean it's wrong.
There are countries where this is legal.
And if done the right way, it can help both the donor and the recipient survive.
We both know Jessie needs this kidney.
Don't tell me what my sister needs.
I trust Elliot.
You should, too.
You've done this before.
Yes, I have.
Nic, thousands of people die each year waiting for a kidney.
I just don't want your sister to be one of them.
I'm not buying a kidney.
Because you just burned the bridge to the one person in Atlanta who could get one for Jessie.
How you doing? I'm acing dialysis.
Even made some friends.
And one enemy.
I won't ask.
I want to show you something.
My 60-day sobriety chip.
I just got it today.
My sponsor dropped it off.
You're crushing it.
I couldn't have done any of this without you.
Your light got me through this darkness, Nic.
In four months, you'll be eligible for a kidney.
When I get a kidney Maybe you'll finally stop falling asleep during our movie nights.
So proud of you.
Me too.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
How'd the board take the news about our money sitch? Stop talking.
You didn't tell them.
Ah, I get it now.
Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
The loop? You want to be in the loop? Chastain has received over $95 million in donations per year over the last decade.
In the last eight months, that's down 40%.
Why is that? Lane Hunter plus QuoVadis equals disaster.
And where are we with the new wealth-screening software? Locked and loaded, Chief.
Already identifying rich patients at Chastain who could be potential donors.
Check it out.
Spit out three names this morning.
Oh, Grayson, one of these patients died, and the others are not they're not rich enough.
These are minnows.
We need a whale.
Hello? Mina you will never guess what landed.
Dextrocardia with situs inversus.
This man's heart is literally on the right side of his chest, which, obviously, is not the right side.
Okafor, are you there? I think so.
Well, day off be damned.
Get your butt in here and scrub in for this CABG.
We may never see another one like it.
This was my fault.
Are you okay? I swerved too late.
Left or right, couldn't decide.
My bad.
Oh, God.
Think you might be bleeding internally.
- I'm what? - Who? I have no idea.
I'm sending you my location.
Get an ambulance, now.
- What do we got? - 34-year-old male with crush injuries, deep leg laceration, BP 85/60, - heart rate 130.
- Okay.
Trauma bay nine.
I need the ultrasound.
Is this the end? It is likely not the end.
One, two, three.
Sh-Should I call my mom? Is it the right time or too soon? I don't want her to worry, - but I think she deserves to know.
- Okay, - diffuse abdominal tenderness.
- Decreased breath sounds on his left side.
Maybe one of you should call.
Is-is that uh, better or worse, hearing from a doctor? - Uh, better or worse? Okay.
- Taylor, you need to calm down.
Looking for internal injuries.
- Whose suit is that? - I was playing a night round.
- Yeah.
- I should've stuck to the day.
It's just a bad call by me.
It's just, I was so busy, that I you know, and I-I can't think.
I'm so sorry, I-I didn't mean to I hit you, I - How do you even play at night? - Oh, glow-in-the-dark balls.
- It's pretty awesome.
- Oh, cool.
Why were you there? His intestines are in his chest.
Diaphragm rupture.
I'll prep the OR.
You're bleeding.
You could have a significant head injury.
I need to check you out.
What on earth happened last night? I don't remember.
Okay, here we go.
Follow my finger.
All right, clench your jaw and hold still.
Puff out your cheeks.
Cranial nerves intact.
I'm gonna take a look at that head wound.
What's the last thing you remember? Drinking with the Raptor.
I ordered another round of drinks, and he had to go leave to be with his brilliant one-night stand.
Ah, so you drank that last round by yourself? No.
Someone else joined me.
I just don't remember who.
Maybe the guy from the golf course? - Definitely not him.
- So, we have heavy drinking with a mystery person and a late-night stroll on a golf course.
None of that sounds like you.
I don't lose control.
I have never behaved this way.
Well, while you figure out why you went off the rails, I will figure out why you have mild amnesia.
I need to rule out a bleed.
I got to keep you for observation.
And that means no reading, no watching and no thinking.
Are you putting me on brain rest? Yes.
He knows of which he speaks.
I don't say this often, but do what Pravesh tells you.
Okay, there is no way I am sitting here while you go operate on a man who has his heart on the wrong side of his chest.
I'm fine, and I'm scrubbing in.
You cuff her to the bed if need be.
You approach this bed with restraints I will end you.
Just relax.
Hold still.
Are you ready for your smile to match mine? Wealth screening software flagged a bona fide Moby-Dick.
Born in Boise.
Rents a place in Grant Park.
Are you pitching me a whale or your replacement? I'm pitching you someone who won big.
- Won what big? - The lottery, baby.
His name's Taylor Emeye.
Just hang on one second.
Emeye, I'm Dr.
Randolph Bell, Chief of Surgery and CEO here at Chastain Park Memorial.
Hi, Dr.
Is-is something wrong? No, no, not at all.
I just wanted to let you know that I will be scrubbing in with one of our very top surgeons on your operation today, and you'll be recovering in our VIP wing.
Would you prefer a suite that favors sunrise or sunset? Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise or sunset, sunrise or sunset, sunrise or sunset, sunrise or sunset, sunrise or You don't have to decide now.
Okay? W-We will see you after.
For you to advertise me as one of the elite surgeons at this hospital is No, I wasn't talking about you.
You got something on your mind? As a locum tenens, these eyes have seen a lot of CEOs of a lot of hospitals do a lot of things in the name of financial solvency.
This going somewhere? Well, let's start with staff cuts.
You fired Jana Cervantes my favorite scrub nurse and replaced her with a less-expensive imposter.
Said nurse is in the room.
And she shouldn't be.
Exactly my point.
But the bright red flag on the field is: why am I in here with you when we both know Nolan could easily handle this cut and run? Now, I smell wealth screenings.
And if you would stoop to software to spy on your patients, then I have to ask: how much is your boy Taylor worth, and how deep of a hole is Chastain in? - Barking in the dark.
- Well, I know what I see.
- Well, let me educate you.
- And what I see is confusing.
Is it me, or does your golden goose have abnormal lungs? Brain rest not going well? How could someone not think? Even thinking about not thinking constitutes as thinking.
Hear there was an incident with a hospital gown.
Itchy, tortuous fabric that will never touch this skin.
Brought you these.
You are a godsend.
- Wait, did you see this? - No.
What is it? A dry cleaning tag.
I think you're wearing Bell's suit.
I should have put on the hospital gown.
Okay, so you end up in Bell's suit at the end of a wild night.
Clearly, you have some things to get off your chest.
No, you're wrong.
I'm fine.
The dialysis center's paging me.
Something's wrong.
If you need anything, I'm here for you, too.
What the hell? What's going on? I feel like I'm drowning.
Why are you doing an echocardiogram? She got a unit of blood with dialysis.
That shouldn't be enough to tip her into pulmonary edema.
It shouldn't be, but I'm afraid she has, uh, a reduced ejection fraction.
Okay, you're freaking me out with all the medical speak.
Can you just can you explain it in English? Your heart isn't pumping strongly enough, so your lungs filled with fluid.
That's what's making it hard to breathe.
Why isn't my heart working? I'm sorry, Jessie, but you're in heart failure.
First kidney failure.
Now heart failure.
- What's happening? - We don't know yet.
But Dr.
Williams will do a full workup.
Keep us updated, and I promise I will translate everything into English for you.
It's too much, Nic.
We're gonna figure things out, okay? Just try to stay calm.
My sister needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible.
We're looking for a match, but even if we find one, Jessie's not eligible unless she's on the recipient list.
If I recall, she isn't listed because she's an opioid addict.
She has been two months clean and sober.
Six months of sobriety's the hard and fast rule.
Right, that is Chastain's policy, but other hospitals have different criteria.
You could decrease the amount of time required.
Or just make an exception.
Bell, please.
If I make an exception for Jessie, I'd have to make an exception for others.
It's a slippery slope.
We both know that addiction is a disease.
She shouldn't be punished for that.
Well, it isn't a punishment.
Chastain has a responsibility to honor the donors' sacrifice by ensuring that each organ has the greatest chance for success.
You remember the drug trial that you approved? That you approved, for money? That's what caused Jessie's kidney failure.
She trusted Chastain.
And now she will die if we don't help her.
I-I wish I could.
Bell and I were able to repair your diaphragm without incident.
But during the procedure, we noticed your lungs have - an irregular appearance.
- Irregular? - What's wrong with me? - It's most likely you have an infection.
But there's a possibility that you may have an inflammatory process, which would then need to be treated aggressively.
Have you had a cough or shortness of breath? Yeah.
Okay, well, have a choice.
We can give you antibiotics and if it's an infection, it should get better.
Or we can perform a bronchoscopy to get a definitive diagnosis, so that we can treat you more specifically sooner.
Which, in this case, would be my recommendation.
A bronchoscopy.
- That-that sounds serious.
- It's a minor procedure where we reach deep into your lungs and take a little piece of tissue.
Before committing, I need statistics on most common complications.
Uh, uh, am I put under or sedated? You'll be under conscious sedation, which means you'll be awake, but you won't feel anything.
We take a thin tube, we pass it through your nostrils or your mouth, down to your lungs.
Pros and cons on nasal versus oral would go a long way in helping me decide.
Could I have a day to think about this? No, no.
This is serious, dawg.
We need to treat this, like, yesterday.
A hasty decision is a careless decision.
I wish we had more time, but that would be putting your life at great risk, and I am not willing to do that.
I don't think you want that, either.
Yeah, I-I'm just not comfortable making this call right now.
I'm not.
- I can't - And you don't have to.
We will start you on the antibiotics, and then graduate you to the bronchoscopy just if necessary.
Sound good? Grayson wasn't at his desk, so I let myself in.
I see that.
How was your night? What do you care? First time at The Depot? The what? You're a member at the, uh, Crystal Springs Golf Club.
- Spit it out, Mina.
- Tell me where you were last night.
Well, not that it's any of your business, I had a date.
Did not go as planned, I went home early.
So where the hell were you? We're done here.
- You're on brain rest.
- Don't make us call your mother.
- Too soon.
- Fair enough.
We're worried about you.
Mina don't run off again.
We're not playing.
I want to see Taylor.
I'm not playing.
Well, your oxygen levels and BP have improved.
And it looks like they got off two liters with dialysis, so, all good signs.
Good signs I'm not dying right now.
Look, one day at a time.
But how many-how many days do I have left? I mean, come on.
We both know I'm running out of time.
If a kidney walked in the door right now it wouldn't matter, 'cause I'm not on the list, okay? So just stop pretending like everything's gonna work out.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know you're doing everything you can for me.
I'm just scared.
I'm scared, too.
I just keep thinking that Mom would be so disappointed in me.
Jessie, no.
No, Mom would be so proud of you.
For what? For not giving up.
And I'm not giving up either.
Okay? Okay.
Right this way.
It took some convincing to get him to see us again, so if you're not - absolutely sure about this - I am.
Um, either of you want a coffee? Uh, no.
Thank you.
I didn't expect to see you again.
I hope it wasn't the price that gave you cold feet, because that's the same.
- Ten percent down.
- I have it, and, I, uh, I want to move forward, but there's a problem.
My sister isn't on the transplant list at Chastain.
- So unless - Doctors can be bought.
Just like kidneys.
I have arrangements out of state.
So just be ready to travel.
What's next? Hmm.
My chaperone is getting anxious.
I am sorry I can't be more help.
No, it's all right.
I didn't expect you to.
- I'm just glad you're doing better.
- Thanks.
Hey, um maybe we were out there for the same reasons.
Figure stuff out, the things that scare us the most.
Which is? Well, for me, it's-it's what to do with my lotto winnings.
Every dollar is another decision to make, and, uh, the money is just such a an opportunity, and I'm just terrified that I'll do the wrong thing.
And why would you think that? Well, because ever since I was a kid, I've been making the wrong call.
When I was nine, my folks split.
Dad was moving to Dallas, and they made me pick who to live with.
They made you choose? Yep.
And I picked Mom.
- Hmm.
- And my dad never forgave me.
Well, I'm pretty sure that wasn't your fault.
That doesn't change my fear of making a bad choice.
Especially one that could change my life.
Hey, you're a doctor.
That means you have to make all kinds of life and death decisions.
What-wha How-how? How do you do it? You're asking the wrong person.
A few weeks ago, a wonderful man who loved me proposed.
I took so long to decide that he changed his mind.
Oh, so we're-we're similar in that way.
In every other instance in my life, the correct choice was obvious.
But in this instance I weighed my options until it was too late.
So So I guess that guy from last night must have been a rebound, then, huh? What guy? The guy-the guy, from the country club.
The, um I saw you two inside when I was heading out - to the course.
- What's his name? I don't know.
I'm-I'm, uh, pretty sure his dad, like, owned the club, though.
On behalf of my people, would you please put the yarmulke down? We paged Grayson 20 minutes ago.
- I'll find him myself.
- Mm-mmm, mm-mmm.
Let me go on Like a blister in the sun What? Only a Green Day fan after hours? - Dude, no.
Not Green Day.
- Regardless, last night it was performed by another American treasure.
Guess we left the party too early.
Yeah, and you left before I could get Bell his suit back.
I mean, luckily, he hasn't asked for his dry cleaning, or else ya boy would be screwed.
Okay, why was I wearing Bell's suit? Wait, do you You don't remember? Oh, man.
Best night ever.
Karaoke duets, taking shots off of random strangers' midsections.
And the pièce de résistance? Crashing Daniel Leebshitz's bar mitzvah.
I mean, you were underdressed, so I let you borrow one of the boss man's suits to gain entry.
Wait, wait, wait.
I have pictures.
That is Daniel and squad, us included.
Oh, yeah.
- Oy vey.
- Oh, yeah.
It was lit.
Wait, no, no, no, no.
Those are memories.
Grayson and Mina.
First Grayna adventure ever.
Last adventure ever.
Clearly, I came to my senses and fled to the golf course for some peace and quiet.
Well, not before pouring your heart about how much you love surgery and dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs? - That's crazy.
- Unexpected.
Specifically, velociraptors.
- You must've heard wrong.
- Uh, no.
I had a video on there before you deleted it, but whatever.
Haters gonna hate.
Um, no.
That's not what that means.
Raptors Mm-mmm.
I got your page.
Everything okay? Uh, yeah.
There's just one question I need help with.
What do I put for "Are there any limitations on the information that can be released?" These are to release your medical records, Jess.
- You going somewhere? - Nic didn't tell you? She thinks I get on the transplant list someplace else, so Even if you're approved and listed as a recipient at another hospital, the wait for the kidney still takes years, no matter where you are.
You'll be on the list here in a few months.
Why not stay here? I Hey, I just do what the big sis tells me.
Nic seems really sure I can get a kidney now, so that's good, right? Right.
Well, maybe I'll swing by later to talk to her about it.
Another '80s movie night? Yeah, if she doesn't bail like she did last night.
Why'd she bail last night? She rushed off to the clinic for some emergency.
Hey, there.
You want to watch the sunset? It's really nice.
Oh, I'd love to, but, uh, unfortunately, - I've come to say goodbye.
- Well, where are you going? Well, the truth is that um Chastain's board is gathering as we speak, and, uh, I don't think I'm gonna be around much longer.
- What? Why why not? - Because at the end of the day, a hospital is a business.
And if a CEO can't find a way to pay the bills, then the board will find one who can, whether it impacts patient care or not.
I am just so sorry to hear that, Dr.
You've been so good to me.
Oh, thank you, Taylor.
I appreciate that.
'Cause I was always a doctor first.
Never practiced anywhere but Chastain.
I never-I never wanted to.
When you're a-a charity that relies on donations, and the and the donors aren't feeling generous, there's not much you can do but face the music.
Bell, I want to help.
What do you mean? I think I can.
What's going on? His SATs dropped into the 70s.
- I was just here.
He was fine.
- It's not an infection.
There's no fever, his white blood cell count's normal, yet he's worsening at an alarming rate.
We should've done the bronchoscopy.
You're damn right we should have.
Where are we? Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
Explains his difficulty breathing.
Nothing a little lung lavage can't fix.
All right, here we go.
Ready for some fun? Gentle.
Don't hurt him.
Don't worry, I'll make sure your golden goose lives to lay another egg.
Ha, ha! Hey.
Have you seen Nic? Is she in with a patient? No.
She's not here.
Is everything okay? Eh, it's Suddenly, Nic's very confident Jessie is gonna find a kidney soon.
Transferring her to another hospital.
I just I don't know where the kidney's coming from.
Well, your guess is as good as mine.
They must've found a Good Samaritan donor you don't know about.
Nic was here last night.
Do you know why? Sounds like you got some trust issues to work out.
Well, she would do anything for her sister.
Whatever's going on, I'm sure she's being smart and protecting herself.
Yeah, I don't know, man, I just can only think of one way Nic could get a kidney for Jessie right now, and it's illegal.
And I don't think she would've thought of it on her own.
Nic has a mind that's very much her own.
And I'd say if she's found a way to help her sister, that's a good thing.
You think you're helping Nic, but you're not.
Have you given any thought to what happens if this goes wrong? She could end up in jail.
Got to close up.
You know, if she wanted you involved, she would've come to you.
- She didn't.
- No.
You went to her, you put this in motion, and now you're hanging back while she closes the deal all alone.
All the risk is with her.
W-What you get - some sort of finder's fee? - This is a joke, right? Oh, come on.
Where is the organ broker? This is none of your business.
- None of my business? - Yeah.
I know you're trying to help Nic.
But this line that she's about to cross will destroy her.
Do you want that on your conscience? I just want to talk to her.
Nic? - Conrad, what - Don't do this.
You didn't like jail when you were there for a few nights, do you really want to go back for years? That's not gonna happen.
You don't know that.
They'll take away your license for life.
You'll never be a nurse practitioner again.
I'm not a match, Conrad.
Kyle's avoiding my phone calls.
What do you want me to do? - We'll find another way.
- How? Tell me how.
We treat her underlying heart condition.
Now that heart failure's involved, you know she's not gonna make it.
Are you telling me to give up? No, I'm not telling you to give up.
What I'm saying is what you're thinking of doing is awful.
How many times have I watched you cross a line for a patient? A stranger to you? This is my sister.
Be honest.
If it were me and I needed a kidney it was the only option what'd you do? Anything.
Hey, this is Kyle.
You know what to do.
Kyle, it's me again.
I still haven't heard back from you.
Listen, Jessie is running out of time and I'm about to do something that Just please call me back before it's too late.
Sometimes you don't Should we be doing this here? They know me here.
Down payment out of the way.
Now we talk details.
I want to meet the donor before we move forward with this.
You already have.
Paige has been counting tips here since high school.
The, um, the transplant staff they're trained to identify if a donated organ was bought.
I shall coach donor and recipient with a story to explain how they know each other.
Grade school friends who lost touch and reconnected on social media.
And Paige saw one of Jessie's posts about her health and wanted to help.
And they shouldn't practice too much.
Can't sound rehearsed.
A Uh, is she prepared for this? Don't worry about that.
She's made a choice.
Just as you have now.
Aw, she cleaned me out And did it on the sly.
Just just one thing left.
Yeah, the check.
The check.
Just got to sign it.
Oh you know what? I think this pen is out of ink.
Oh, man.
This feels so good.
Honestly, I think-I think this is the easiest decision - I've ever made, I mean - Hmm.
maybe I'm, um, turning over a new leaf.
You know? Oh.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The Um this, uh That's just the first installment.
Oh, yeah, right, of course.
I mean, who keeps $36 million in a checking account? No, I'd be happy to arrange a wire transfer.
No, I don't have $36 million.
I mean, when the-when you win the lottery, they give you a choice: you can either take the lump sum or you can get weekly payments.
Which actually ends up being way more in the end.
So, only idiots choose the lump sum.
- That was an easy one.
- Uh, yeah.
I think so.
Bell, you can count on me for 13 grand a week for the next 30 years.
Yo, how is she? She is in the room.
So do not speak of her as though she is not.
Good news.
Your observation period is over.
And as your concussion officer, I officially release you.
- Okay, I'm getting out of here.
- Or you can come watch the bypass on this inverses patient.
That surgery was this morning.
I had it rescheduled.
The patient needed stabilization and I didn't want you to miss it.
OR in ten.
Your reign of terror is over.
- You know I hate it when you smile.
- I can't help it.
Because I finally figured out something you're not good at.
Matters of the heart, Mina.
You might be a genius at medicine, but when it comes to love a proposal and now these unexpected Raptor feelings is too much.
So you purged and you let it out and you did the right thing.
He's my mentor.
Nothing more.
Some lines can't be crossed.
Sometimes a velociraptor is just a velociraptor.
Look, I already told Nurse Nevin I can't - bend the rules for her sister.
- We both know you're willing to bend the rules when it benefits you.
How could it possibly benefit me? I offer you something bigger in return.
They'll put Jessie on the transplant list.
What? Now she can have the surgery at Chastain.
All we need is a kidney.
How? Doesn't matter how.
And we will do everything to make sure the transplant goes well as soon as the donor gets here.
There is no donor.
What? The 30-year-old woman who was willing to sell her kidney she was only gonna make ten percent of the money.
Elliot takes advantage of these people.
It's disgusting.
Even if this transplant goes well, Jessie will always be an addict in recovery.
I need to be better for her, someone that she can look up to.
If I'd gone through with this Nic, you made the right decision.
I hope so.
But I am not giving up on a kidney.
There has got to be another way.
We will find one.
I know we will.
You weren't gonna say goodbye? Just gonna pack up and leave, huh? Look, Nic I don't regret anything I've done.
Not in the past and certainly not in the last couple days.
I am who I am, and that's not gonna change.
I know.
And I know you're always gonna love him.
Thank you for everything.
Alec, honestly.
See you, Nic.
- Good luck.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Nic.
You know you never needed me here, right? The clinic it's yours.
As it should be.