The Resident (2018) s03e15 Episode Script

Last Shot

1 Previously on The Resident Facing our new reality, the Cain Center for Neurosurgery.
- There's good news.
- My cancer's in remission.
I have a shot at getting my life back.
Torres here is a magician in the OR.
Go be one of those celebrity TV doctors, make a lot of money, wear nice clothes.
You'd be great at it.
Three different patients.
All with organophosphate poisoning, all on 3B Life.
The only link that we do have is your supplement.
We need to call public health and warn them about it.
That's ridiculously premature.
But if we wait, people could die.
- Dr.
Hawkins, welcome back.
- Nice to be back.
Leaving me out of the loop on Hawkins is a sign of disrespect to the surgeon who's made more rain for you and Red Rock than anyone else.
Not as much as you used to.
Everyone has an expiration date.
Good morning, everyone.
Today, we open up the doors to the most advanced neurological institute this country's ever seen.
Or at least the most expensive.
Red Rocks stands to make $1 million a day on surgeries alone.
No wonder they were so quick to open this place.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You hungry? I'm not here to eat, I'm here to work.
Red Rock packed in so many patients, they need more nurses.
I've got a bad feeling about this place.
I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our donors I see out here today.
It's your investment in the future that's made this institute possible.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, today's my admin day, so I'm stuck on desk duty.
- All papers, no patients.
- Well, you know what they say, "With great power, comes boring responsibilities.
" You have an office, Chief Resident.
I have no pity.
You have no idea how bad I am at scheduling.
Please, come help me.
- Nope.
- Out.
The brain is the new frontier for us.
Treatment and diagnosis I feel like I'm sending you off to the wolves.
I'll be fine.
It's the wolves I'm worried about, not you.
It's gonna be thrilling, - but most importantly - Hey.
it's gonna be groundbreaking.
Go get 'em.
Thank you all for being here today.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go scrub in.
Is it me or is it cold in here? Yeah, I already called maintenance.
They said it should be warming up soon.
Anyone know where the butterfly needles are? I think I saw them in the supply closet.
Top shelf, far right.
I'm still getting the hang of this new EMR software.
It hates me.
I gave up and faxed in a request.
- Faxed? - Girl's got to do.
Um, I'll be right back.
Oh, no, don't worry, I'm not a patient.
Still cancer-free, thankfully.
I'm here with Lucy.
Lucy, this is Nurse Nevin.
She helped me through my own surgery.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's nice to meet you.
I started fostering a few months ago.
Thought about doing it for years, but I guess cancer was the kick in the pants that I needed.
Oh, that's amazing.
What brings you in? Headaches, throwing up, tingly feet Should I keep going? The doctors found a brain tumor a little over a year before I met Lucy.
Because of the size and the location, they said that a watch and wait approach was best - until it got worse.
- Which it did.
A few days ago, Lucy fainted in the cafeteria at school during lunch.
I took out half of the salad bar on my way down.
My hair still smells like ranch.
But they did an MRI, and now we're just waiting to hear back on the surgical plan.
Well, it says here, uh, that she's scheduled for a tumor resection this afternoon with Dr.
Of course.
The surgeon who saved me operating on my little girl in this amazing new hospital.
I'm really glad she's in good hands.
Why don't I join Lucy's team today? - Yeah, we'd love that.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
I'm looking forward to operating with you again, Dr.
First, we need to get in and out of this patient's room - as quickly as possible.
- I prefer to take my time.
Really get to know a patient before surgery.
Where they're from, what they do.
- Clearly he hasn't met them yet.
- Nope.
Enough! The entire hospital can hear you.
Would you give it a rest? Professor, this is Dr.
He'll be joining our team.
It's a pleasure to meet Listen.
All day he crunches, piles up his dirty clothes, orders take-out at all hours to stink up my room.
- Our room.
- Oh, now you can hear me? They both have end stage heart failure, and they both need a heart.
Same blood type, heart size, and immune system compatibility.
But that's all they have in common.
My side, my rules.
Hey, check it out.
I just finished this one.
It's part of my series.
I call it, "Angry Little Man Who Definitely Needs to Chill.
" - Nice.
- I'm an artist.
Yeah, if no one pays you, it's a hobby.
Oh, come on, Professor.
Real artists don't do it for the cash, they do it to help show people the truth.
Hey, that's right.
I make art to move people.
Why don't you find yourself moving to a different room? I swear, if I have to spend another day in here You don't.
We're here because a donor heart is on its way from Savannah.
And since you're top of the list, we've got you scheduled for surgery later today.
Thank God.
I was worried that if I died in here, that kid's face would be the last thing I ever saw.
You should be so lucky.
Thank you for having me on.
Don't thank me.
Your publicist called in a favor at network.
And we're back in five, four, three Anyone tired? Want more energy? Yes! Yes, of course you do.
Well, my next guest says that his new supplement might be just the thing for you.
Bell, there are a lot of supplements out there.
What makes 3B Life different? 3B Life is a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to fortify your whole body.
- I take it myself every day.
- I figured you did, or you wouldn't have put your face on the bottle.
Yeah, uh You know, I've worked in hospitals for 40 years, and I'm sorry to say, we are unhealthier today than ever before.
Half of all Americans are uninsured.
And, you know, I remember a young man came in with liver failure, and he was uninsured, and couldn't afford a doctor's visit, so there was nobody there to tell him that his disease could be easily managed with lifestyle and diet, and by the time he came in It's too late.
Yeah, and I see so many patients like that.
People that want to take control of their own health, but they they just don't know how.
And they don't know who to trust.
And that's that's why my face is on the bottle.
Hello? You were great.
Very real.
Very human.
You all right? Remember the patients from Atlanta General with organophosphate poisoning? The ones that may have taken 3B Life? Why? One of them just died.
- This is not our fault.
- I need you to both relax.
Well, you didn't just go on national television and tell two million people that 3B Life is the best thing since penicillin.
Okay, you don't actually think that our product caused a man's death? No.
I don't want to believe that we're responsible any more than you do.
What happened has nothing to do with our product.
We tested our facility.
It's clean.
- Our ingredients are safe.
- I know.
I know they are.
I'm just gonna see if I can get the man's records sent over from Atlanta General just to confirm whether or not he was even taking 3B.
Social media's blowing up about your Pierce appearance.
Mentions on Facebook are strong.
Twitter, same.
Even the trolls like you.
So you can expect a surge in sales.
No, no.
Let's just delay shipments Stopping shipments could make people ask questions.
Well, that's a chance we have to take.
I We have to exercise an overabundance of caution on the small possibility that we may have injured someone.
I am sorry a man died, but it could've been an allergic reaction, or an underlying condition.
Who knows, maybe it was just his time.
Well, maybe isn't good enough.
I need to check on the others.
- Others? - Let's just get back to Chastain.
Hey! I saw you on TV this morning.
You make us proud, Dr.
I'll catch up with you in a couple minutes.
How'd you get his medical records? A friend at Atlanta General.
The autopsy will happen later today.
30-year-old male.
Diagnosed with organophosphate poisoning.
Treated with atropine, 2-PAM.
Full recovery, until this morning.
Yeah, he was about to be discharged, they found him in cardiac arrest.
- And what am I looking for? - Anything unusual, an allergic reaction, some underlying condition that might've caused his death.
You mean something other than your supplement? Look, I've reviewed all their files looking for any another possible cause.
I just, I'd like you to re-examine all three.
Pravesh already did a very thorough workup, - detailed history - You have a way of seeing what other doctors miss.
Just take another look, that's all I'm asking you to do.
If I found out it's 3B Life, you know I won't keep quiet.
I need to know.
Let's just try and make sure nobody else dies.
I'll be awake for the surgery? Your brain tumor is near your speech center.
Being awake allows me to avoid the brain tissue which is critical to your ability to speak.
But you'll be able to talk and see what's going on.
- Will it hurt? - No.
You won't feel a thing.
There are no pain receptors in your brain.
Well, that's good.
What if I have to sneeze? Then we'll get you a tissue.
Now, I'd like to be there with her.
I'm sorry.
There are no family members allowed.
But you'll be there, right? Absolutely.
I'm sure we can arrange something.
I can't believe my new heart is actually in the building.
Your long wait is over.
We've seen your heart, and it looks perfect.
Oh, thank you.
You're a little warm.
Ah, I feel fine.
It's probably just excitement.
We'll check back on you soon, all right? The professor's temp is 100.
1 now.
If it reaches 100.
4, we'll have to temporarily take him off the transplant list.
All right.
Get two cultures and start him on empiric antibiotics.
- I don't want to take a chance.
- It could just be a bad reaction to one of the medications.
But we need to keep a close eye on him over the next few hours.
- Hey.
- Sorry, am I interrupting? Not at all.
We just finished.
Okay, tonight I am drinking all the drinks.
What's wrong? What isn't? I want Chem-7s every four hours.
Strict ins and outs.
Page me with any new symptoms.
If anyone sneezes, I want to hear about it.
You think I missed something? No.
Everything I've seen indicates you made the right diagnosis and gave all three the right treatments.
Then why reevaluate? - Bell.
- Yeah.
He is looking for a way out.
- Mm, maybe.
- I know that he had your back when you got fired, but the man has gone from CEO and chief of surgery to the basement.
How long until he goes back to being the guy that would do anything to save his own skin? I say we give him the benefit of the doubt.
Right now, people taking Bell's supplement are in danger of getting just as sick as these three.
Once you discovered they were all taking 3B Life, how many more questions did you ask? - I'd made the connection.
- I get it.
I probably wouldn't have asked any more questions, either.
But now someone's dead, so we have to.
You with me? All right.
Let's go fishing.
It was the supplement? That's what I get for buying something from the shopping channel.
I buy stuff from there all the time.
Just bought the kids a trampoline.
You think we can get a refund? We're not positive it was 3B Life that made you sick.
For now, don't take it again.
Oh, I feel fine.
The nurse said I was just about to be discharged.
The food here is making me retain water.
I can't be puffy before my next shoot.
My oldest is in the school play.
And if I leave now, I might be able to make it.
A patient at a another hospital who was on 3B Life, they they recently passed away.
Oh, my God.
Now, this didn't happen at Chastain, so we have limited information.
So you think we're in danger? It is possible.
Now, this man initially recovered after treatment just like all of you, so that has us concerned that you could relapse and get very sick again.
Which is why we need you to stick around, so we can monitor you.
And fill out these questionnaires about your last two weeks.
I know there's a lot in there, it's annoying.
But we need you to be as detailed as humanly possible.
This is vital.
You expect me to remember what I ate five days ago? And what kind of pesticides are used on my neighbor's lawn? Look, I get it.
This seems ridiculous, but it could save your life.
We need to figure out what made you sick, and if this has to do with 3B Life or not.
Every detail matters for you guys right now.
I can't believe I paid for express shipping.
Please, Dr.
Take it again.
- It's not gonna change.
- Try.
Sorry, Professor, but you have a bona fide fever.
Which means that we're gonna have to put your transplant surgery on pause.
But I've been waiting here for months.
My heart has finally arrived.
If it's an infection, the immune suppression that you require after the transplant might be fatal.
We have to wait for the fever to go down and for your blood culture results.
Okay, t-then we wait.
Yes, but, unfortunately, the heart can't wait.
By the time we get your results, the heart will no longer be viable.
We're sorry, Professor.
We really are.
The donor heart will have to go to the next recipient on the list.
Oh, no.
What? Why is everyone looking at me? Doug, how are those questions coming? Doug, can you hear me? Call a code blue! We need help in here! Code blue, room 5916.
What the hell happened? I don't know.
We both just saw him.
He was fine five minutes ago.
Okay, pads are on.
Pads are on.
V fib.
Charge to 200.
And clear.
All right.
Come on.
Uh, I'll go check on Cynthia.
I'll see what's going on with Raj.
Thank you.
We put Mr.
Corson back on atropine and 2-PAM.
This is exactly what happened to the guy at Atlanta General.
He seemed to be getting better then, all of a sudden, - he crashed.
- What about the other two? Scared, but okay for now.
And 3B Life still appears to be the only possible cause.
We don't know that for sure.
The only way to be certain that you're not risking more lives is to issue a recall.
When patients get the right diagnosis and treatment, they don't usually recover and then get worse.
And why is only one of these three reacting like this? Well, every person has a different physiological response to poison.
Organophosphates are known to have an intermediate syndrome that show up a day or two later.
I think something changed between the time Doug finished his treatment and when he coded.
The answer is in there somewhere.
I'm gonna give Doug a trial of diuresis.
You all right? Well, I just heard that St.
John's brought in two cases of organophosphate poisoning this morning.
There's three more at Emory.
And the more hospitals I call, the more patients I find.
And I'm-I'm not positive they were on 3B Life This isn't isolated.
I'm gonna order some send-out labs.
You're that doc on the supplement.
What the hell, man? You made me sick.
Hey, what's in those supplements, man? Hey.
You're hurting people.
Hey! Hey.
Look, I know we haven't exactly become friends, but I'm way younger than you.
Okay? So I-I totally deserve this heart, all right? Let's go.
- I have a PhD, for crying out loud.
- And I'm a late bloomer.
My greatest work is still ahead of me.
I thought it was supposed to get warmer, not colder.
I heard Chastain is sending over more blanket warmers.
I just had to substitute oxacillin for Cefitaxe.
I mean, the amount of money that Red Rock spent on this place, you'd think they'd be stocked with critical antibiotics.
How many times do I have to reboot this new software before it stops freezing up? Should we place bets? It'll be a miracle if we make it through the day.
Where's Cain? Last week, I was operating on a young father whose seizures were so devastating, he couldn't hold his child.
- So what I did with that - Dr.
Do you have a second? That's one of our nurses who I will be with shortly.
It's about a patient.
Excuse me.
I think we need to push the surgeries a day, maybe two.
And why would I do that? Because this place isn't ready.
We're missing medicine, uh, I mean, the staff doesn't know how to work the software.
We can't even get the thermostat to work.
Growing pains are part of the process.
This is different.
Someone could die.
Everything seems to be running smoothly to me.
That's because you're distracted.
You're more focused on the donors than you are on your patients, like Lucy.
I will handle both.
And I will see you in the OR.
Are you ready for one of these? Ew.
I love it.
We'll match.
Yes, we will.
- Love you.
- I love you.
- Take good care of him.
- I will.
I said no.
When the agency asked me if I wanted to adopt, I said no.
You know, after my son passed away, I never thought I'd ever leave the house again.
Let alone raise another kid.
But fostering one for a while, I could do that.
Most parents won't consider a kid with medical problems.
It's a lot to take on.
You know, Lucy lost her parents in a car accident when she was four.
She was bouncing around foster homes ever since then.
She never had a room of her own until that first night with me.
Sounds like Lucy has it pretty good.
Me, too.
I love that little girl.
And now You can't imagine life without her.
She deserves a real family again.
I think she found one.
Man, I thought his eighth album took it to a whole new level.
- Track 14? - Oh, yes, sir.
- Where the horns come in.
- And that drum solo? It's heaven.
I got to say, it's nice to finally cut with a surgeon who appreciates a little hard bop.
Okafor is not a fan? Would you believe I agreed to be her mentor anyway? Just her mentor, huh? I kind of got the impression the two of you were maybe more.
No, our relationship is strictly professional.
Good to know.
We need to start thinking about a recall.
Uh, I, um I need to get some air.
- Andrea, let's just talk.
- I-I'll be right back.
So this is where we are now.
Do you want my professional opinion? We're not paying for your silence.
Wait this out.
We we have one dead; there's another critical.
- When more get sick - If more get sick, I can help you.
- How? - We spin it.
All the press needs is a simple blood sacrifice.
Someone who is close to the top who can take the fall.
You're changing the subject.
Won't be you who goes broke.
You're suggesting I throw Andrea under the bus.
She took advantage of a respected doctor.
You were focused on your patients.
You trusted her too much.
In case you hadn't noticed, my face is on the bottle.
Nobody is gonna believe that I'm not responsible.
The truth is what you make it.
Getting you out of this mess you're in, this is why you pay me.
It's why other people who are in far more trouble than you have paid me.
Andrea can start over again.
She'll recover.
You won't.
Anyone who tried 3B Life and stubbed their toe is coming after you.
And the public will not be kind, and they will never forget, unless you let me help you.
How are you feeling? I'm good.
- Probes.
- We should wait for Dr.
Cain before moving forward.
He told me to go ahead and start mapping - if he got held up.
- I understand, but Mind if I join? Hi, Dr.
Hello, Lucy.
I'll take those.
Lucy, before I remove your tumor, I'm gonna map out your brain like we talked about.
This is the part where you keep talking while I test the tissue, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Annie told me that you sang in your talent show.
It was so much fun.
My friend Sam juggles scissors.
- I sang.
- What song? "Baby Won't You Please Come Home.
" It's my fave.
Annie says I sing it almost as good as Bessie Smith, but I don't think I come close.
How is he? Aaron's transplant went well.
Well, I don't want to be envious.
But I am.
Your cultures came back.
No obvious infection.
Your fever hasn't returned.
- You're back on the list.
- It's too late.
When they admitted me, the doctors told me I had maybe six months.
And that was six months ago.
I don't have time to wait.
We don't know that.
Doctors aren't fortune-tellers.
You and I both know the odds of another heart coming my way before I die.
You know why I hate those? I see a lot of reasons.
They remind me that I'm alone.
So now, here I am in my little room, where the only person who comes to visit is just doing her job.
Well, the press are on their way in.
But I want you to think carefully before you make all this noise.
What about my offer? Come in.
The responsibility is mine.
Doug's responding well to the atropine and 2-PAM.
I'm still waiting for send-out labs.
Just give me a little bit more time before I have to give you a definitive answer on everything.
Do you know I only ever had one job before I became a doctor? I worked the register at my family's hardware store since I was a kid.
And I would watch customers walk in and out all day.
They came to see my father because they knew he wouldn't overcharge them or try and sell them something they didn't need.
They knew he was a good man worthy of their trust.
I worked so hard all my life to be seen like my dad.
But I didn't do enough to be like him.
Thank you for trying.
Elijah stacks cups.
I mean, it's not really a talent, but they let him do it.
- What's that noise mean? - Uh, that's your heart rate.
We just don't want it to get too high.
She just hit the 150s, and her temperature is rapidly rising.
Cooled fluids and IV acetaminophen.
Started that ten minutes ago.
She's not responding.
I think this might be malignant hyperthermia.
- I'm really hot.
- Get the dantrolene.
- What's that mean? - It's just special meds for this kind of situation.
Hey, Lucy, why don't you sing that song you sang for your talent show.
- Now? - Yeah.
Yeah, just pretend like no one's here.
Just close your eyes and sing.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I've got the blues I feel so lonely I'd give the world If I could only Make you understand Where's that dantrolene? - It surely would - It's not here.
- Be grand - I'll check the other OR.
You keep singing, Lucy.
It surely would be Grand I've gotta telephone My baby Ask him, won't you please come home - Oh - What are you doing? Emergency in OR One.
Baby Please come home Baby, won't you You please Come home - We need to cancel the surgery.
- Almost finished.
She needs to be intubated.
If we don't slow down her metabolism, we risk her life.
We need to stop.
We will not stop.
All right, hanging cold saline.
Please come home - All right.
- Oh I have Tried in vain Dantrolene going in.
To call Your name Temperature's coming down.
Lucy? Lucy? Should I keep going? You have a beautiful voice.
Yes, Lucy, can you sing us another verse? - It sounds so sweet.
- Yeah.
When you left, you broke my heart That will never make us part Every hour of the day You'll hear me say Baby, won't you please Come home Every hour of the day You will hear me say Aaron.
The surgery went smoothly.
Your new heart is functioning well.
The nurse stopped the propofol an hour ago.
He should be awake by now.
Can you open your eyes for us, bud? Blown pupil.
Pressure's a little high.
He's relatively bradycardic.
Explains hypertension.
- Cushing's reflex.
- He's having a stroke.
We need 50 grams of IV mannitol! And to get him to CT.
Somebody page Dr.
Austin now! - Stroke? - Cardiopulmonary bypass, blood thinners it all put Aaron at risk.
Well, is he okay? No.
He's brain-dead.
Stroke is a known complication of the transplant process.
Aaron was unlucky.
We did everything we could, but the injury was catastrophic.
Sitting in this room wondering if each day will be your last, it's hard in ways that you you can't understand unless you've lived it.
Like we did.
Poor kid.
Stuck in here with me.
I could have gone easier on him, and instead, I made his last days harder than they needed to be.
We think there's something you should know about Aaron.
He loved being your roommate.
What? Yeah.
When we tried to separate you two, he begged us not to.
He said he would die from boredom without you on the other side of the curtain.
I think in a weird way driving you crazy kept him sane.
You're not just saying that to make me feel better? Aaron was also an organ donor.
I-I get the heart? You can do that? Reuse of a transplanted heart is complicated.
This will be the heart's third home in the last 24 hours.
Every time a heart is transplanted, reperfusion injury occurs.
Increasing the chance that your transplant course could be a rocky one, but we will do everything we can to minimize those risks.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Bell will be in shortly.
There are no more tests to run.
It's time to send Cynthia and Raj home, which means discharge papers.
Why did Doug get worse and not the others? I still think we're missing something.
Uncertainty is part of the job.
I won't tell you who taught me that, but he seems to have forgotten.
You guys really need to do better with those hospital gowns.
Can't wait to get out of here, get back to the gym.
That's a pretty dress.
They were getting ready to leave.
- Keep going.
- Doug and the man at Atlanta General, they both got worse.
And they were getting ready to go home.
Wait a minute.
Get back in your rooms.
Doug, glad you're feeling better.
We need to examine your skin.
I'll start at the top.
I'll work my way up.
Thank you for coming.
I thought we already examined him.
That was before he coded.
What exactly are we looking for? That.
A subtle maculopapular rash.
That doesn't sound good.
I need to see the clothes you wore when you came into Chastain.
On the couch.
Where'd you get these? We've prepared a statement.
It wasn't 3B Life.
Uh, let's take five.
Initially, we focused on what the patients ate, but it wasn't consumption that made them sick.
- It was absorption.
- Absorption? - From what? - Their clothes.
All three shopped at the same boutique clothing store.
- Jacket.
- When clothes are shipped in a truck with chemicals, one spill of a pesticide can contaminate the entire delivery without anyone realizing.
It's happened before.
But they were all on 3B Life.
All three patients, on their questionnaires, stated that they ordered your supplements from the shopping network after your appearance.
They also said that same shopping network ran ads for this boutique clothing store constantly.
So these caused the organophosphate poisoning, not 3B Life.
You're off the hook.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it wasn't us.
I-I knew it.
I told you.
I I knew it.
We won't be needing these anymore.
Hi, Dr.
You think dealing with patients can be a pain, try dealing with a TV producer.
You left in a hurry this morning.
It was a hell of a day.
Your coat's over there.
Appreciate the call.
I could've had it sent over, but I wanted to talk to you face-to-face.
You know, most doctors come on my show and they just talk product, but not you.
I liked what you had to say, and my audience loved you.
Well thank you.
Well, not a lot of people know this.
I'm gonna retire.
And I'd like to float your name to the network for a possible trial run.
Do a couple of guest spots, see how it goes.
You interested? My commitments at Chastain are full-time, and, uh, I'm very happy in the OR.
But why reach one person at a time for the rest of your career when you can reach millions with that? From what I saw, you know how to use it.
You know, I-I know a dozen doctors who would kill for this opportunity.
Uh why me? My producer keeps bringing in these kids right out of med school.
Great smiles, no experience.
An audience can smell bull.
What they want is someone they can trust.
Someone like you.
To pitch softball stories about antioxidants? One day, coffee can prevent cancer.
The next day it can kill you.
It's entertainment.
Well, you're not wrong.
So, if you don't like the way it's done, change it.
My producer's gonna call you.
Think about it.
Thanks, guys! And we're back in five, four, three Professor, how you feeling? - Grateful.
- Your new heart is performing well.
At this rate, you could be out of the hospital in a week.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We were able to reach one of Aaron's relatives from out of town.
She'll be in tomorrow to pick up his things.
Tell her I'd like to buy those.
You hate them.
I do.
But they remind me of what I don't want to be.
I think they'll help me make a change.
Well, Aaron was an artist after all.
Yes, he was.
Before we go, we have to wedge the PA catheter.
You know what? Why don't you two round on the rest of our service? I'll finish up here.
How is she? Well, she woke up for a minute but then fell asleep mid-sentence.
Well, that's perfectly normal.
Her recovery will take some time.
However long it takes, I'm here for her.
Please, thank Dr.
Cain for us.
Of course.
She nearly died.
But she didn't.
Because we got lucky.
Don't believe in luck, just talent and fate.
Caution isn't weakness.
Risk is part of the job.
So you risk a little girl's life? Why? To impress some donors? Again, nobody died.
Even when we do everything we can to prepare, things go wrong.
What chance do our patients have if we don't? They deserve better.
There's a reason they don't name buildings after nurses.
- Doll's Head Trail.
- Overrated.
- Botanical Garden? - Boring.
Okay, come on.
There's got to be at least one place on my list that I should check out in Atlanta.
If you want a good time, you want to go to Inman Park.
I will check that out.
We could check it out together.
Tomorrow night.
You drive.
No open-toed shoes.

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