The Resident (2018) s03e16 Episode Script

Reverse Cinderella

1 - Previously on The Resident - Just so we're clear, you're my one-hour person.
If I had one hour left to live, I would love to spend it with you.
I will take it.
It's stupid to question the love of your life for something that's just stupid.
So Jessica is the love of your life? She has Moyamoya.
She could die of strokes before she turns 30.
Unless I perform a cerebral bypass.
Your intracranial pressures and post-op labs are trending in the right direction.
Thank you.
Pravesh, have you ever saved a princess before? It was a team effort.
The king will want to thank you.
I expect he will be calling shortly.
- Well, what do I call him? - Your Majesty.
Well, you are a pleasant surprise.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Ah, today's been full of surprises.
My father's coming into town.
Your father? The king? He's throwing me a last-minute gala for my 25th birthday next week, and he wants me to invite the team of doctors - who saved my life.
- A gala.
That sounds fancy.
It's too fancy.
I know it's a lot to ask.
No, I'm in.
Especially if I get to see you in princess mode.
That's great.
Uh, here's the thing.
My father would have to meet you when he arrives.
- It would be a whole thing.
- Say no more.
Just tell the king that I'm looking forward to it, okay? Hey, you.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Come on.
We have to go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Two minutes.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Looks good.
- Okay.
Now your turn.
Way ahead of you.
- Now, that's just cheating.
- Get out of here.
We're late.
Uh, I got a page.
I'm supposed to meet somebody here.
What's going on? Nice coattail by the way.
"Let me not" "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.
Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove".
"Oh, no!" "It is an ever-fixed mark" Shakespeare? Babe, that's that's so romantic.
More romantic if you let me finish.
- Oh, right.
- Uh, it You know what? Never mind.
I'll just show you.
What?! Jessica Moore - Oh, my God! - will you You didn't let me finish! I don't care.
Yes, yes, yes! Yes? Come here.
- Yes? - Yes! We're getting hitched, baby! Tonight's the night.
Pravesh's royal debut.
Is that notes of sandalwood I smell? - It's just a birthday party.
- Mm.
One where I'm going to meet my princess girlfriend's father, the king, for the first time.
Wow, you're right.
Sounds just like any other birthday party.
Can't be too good a party considering I didn't get an invite.
You weren't on Nadine's medical team, man.
Besides, you're not exactly the life of the party.
Hey, I'll have you know I was an animal in my day.
A-A wild man.
I once woke up vomiting in St.
- So? - I began the evening in Kenosha.
Uh, which reminds me, Garrison called out sick, and you need to take her shift.
Uh, cool story, Nolan, but no.
I did an overnight just so I could have the day to prep.
Too bad you're needed here.
Looks like Cinderella might not make it after all.
Did you know you can lighten armpit skin with raw ground potatoes? I did, actually.
Don't ask me how.
You're on your way? You're gonna meet me at the salon, right? Yeah, that's the thing.
You haven't told your dad yet about us, - have you? - You're not coming? If you haven't told him It's too late.
I already did.
Okay, don't worry.
I'll figure something out.
Just don't replace me yet.
Well, I do have the prince of Zamunda on standby.
I've seen Coming to America.
Zamunda is not a real place.
I will see you soon.
In a heartbeat, we got Do you remember what happened when you fainted, Mary? I was in gym class.
I've been fighting with the school about these PE requirements.
Mary's punished academically for not having the energy to run laps.
Do you get tired often? I guess.
Here we go again.
Try flying 30 hours from Beijing to Atlanta.
That's tiring.
Hey, darling.
Sweetie, I told you I would take care of this.
I love my husband, but he indulges her every - ache and pain.
- Mom, I fainted.
I know, sweetie, and I'm sorry that happened.
But you have to stop making yourself sick to get out of your responsibilities.
Maybe she's sick because you push her too hard.
Well, you don't push her enough.
She's 17.
She needs to be getting ready for college, but you're keeping her tethered to you.
Okay, why don't we do a full workup.
That'll give us some answers, and we can move forward from there.
Thank you.
Finally, we can put this to rest - once and for all.
- Okay.
I'll be right back.
Any luck finding a replacement? Butler's out of town.
Ward is on maternity leave.
I got nothing.
Nadine will forgive me, eventually.
I'll take your shift.
Really? Yeah, you came through for me during my proposal.
Plus, if I go home now, Jess'll make me decide between teal and aqua napkins.
Spoiler alert.
They're exactly the same.
Just figure out what she likes and tell her it's your favorite, too.
See? Solutions like that are why I'm going to cover for you.
All right, give me another hour and then go to your ball.
Can I help you with something? Shut the door, if you don't mind.
Red Rock is dismantling the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology effective six weeks from now.
You're letting them all go? You think it's wise to just get rid of an entire department? It's already been decided.
It's a black hole.
Jettisoning it will help with our bottom line.
Respectfully, our bottom line isn't the only consideration here.
What about expectant mothers? Those patients will be taken care of at Atlanta General where they have a fully-functioning OB.
We have a fully-functioning OB here.
Not for long.
Hundreds of crucial staff will lose their jobs.
As for staff, I need you to give notice to the residents.
The chair and chief resident of OB are at a conference, so you don't have a choice.
Neither do those residents.
If you let them go, they won't get accepted into another residency, not this year, not when they're in the middle of their training here at Chastain.
And you still want to set them back like this? This is a business.
You wanted this "chief resident" title.
It's time to earn it.
Give the obstetrics residents notice.
- Gemma, I'm Dr.
I'm here - Shh.
Trust me.
This is why I chose to dress you for the Met this year.
You are my only priority.
The dress will be perfect, I promise.
Lin, I'm here to examine you.
Mind taking that call later? Jen, we'll continue this conversation later.
Talk soon.
Three years, I've been the boss.
Sometimes I forget I don't call the shots everywhere.
Your chart says that you're having abdominal pain.
Plus some vomiting and weight loss.
But I like that part.
Is something wrong? Does it hurt when I press down here? A little uncomfortable, but, no, it doesn't hurt.
I'd like to get a C before I let you get back to work, okay? No, thanks.
Fashion isn't for the young or the weak.
Uh, since the deck is stacked against me at the moment, I have to get back.
Look, Gemma, you want to be somewhere else.
Somewhere more important to you.
Believe me, I get it.
But you're here because you're not feeling your best.
So let me get some images, and we'll go from there.
Deal? You're a little bossy.
I like you, so I will stay.
But if you make me wear one of those hideous hospital gowns, we're gonna have a problem.
I'll be right back.
Oh, my God.
You kept our participation trophy.
Oh, yeah, to punish myself.
Never in the history of medicine has peds won the Resident Olympics.
Until that year.
I remember you were so mad, you punched a hole in the locker room wall.
Hey, they never proved it was me.
And we both know that game was rigged.
That night, you told me I should switch into OB.
Now I can't imagine doing anything else.
So, what'd you need to talk about? Gabbi I hate that I'm the one telling you this.
Red Rock is shutting down the OB department.
I wanted to let you know as soon as possible.
In six weeks, you won't have a residency here anymore.
Chastain is my home.
This is the only place I've I've ever worked.
I have left word at every single hospital across the state to try and get you transferred.
I can't make any promises, but I'll pull every favor I can.
But I'll have to start over.
Be an intern again.
I-I'm a year away from a real salary.
I have student loans that have been in deferment.
This is my career.
I know, and I've spoken to every department head to try and keep you here.
There just isn't room.
Oh, my God.
I took a year's lease on my apartment.
I'm gonna have to move home with my parents.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I need, I need to go.
And just like that, good doctors sacrificed for the bottom line.
These residents are still in their training.
It's almost impossible for them to get reassigned into a new program.
Even if they do find a new hospital, they might have to start over from their intern year.
I came up with some of these OB interns from med school.
These are good doctors, good people.
I can't let them go until I know I've done everything I can to stop this.
Mary Lawson's test results are back.
Thank you.
Not the news you were hoping for? I'm not convinced any news would be sufficient for this family.
- You need backup? - Not yet.
But if they start trying to kill each other.
I'll stand by.
Well, I just reviewed Mary's test results, and I'm happy to report that everything looks normal.
So there's nothing wrong with me? Well, your symptoms are real, but the tests show that nothing is emergent, so that's good news.
See? I told you.
Drink this.
It helps with your stress.
She said Mary's symptoms are real.
You don't look good, kiddo.
Are you okay? Actually, I'm not feeling that that good.
I I'm having trouble breathing, - but I guess it's nothing.
- Let's listen.
Take a deep breath.
And another.
Feeling any pain? My chest hurts.
I-I feel hot.
- She's having a panic attack! - That you gave her.
Your sats have dropped.
I'm gonna put you on oxygen - and admit you for observation.
- You're going to admit her? - You just said she was fine.
- I told you something was wrong.
Okay, I'm gonna need you guys to leave the room, please.
Thank you.
All right.
Introduce me to her.
What? Gemma Lin is single-handedly responsible for bringing avant-garde to streetwear.
There is no one who can hold a candle to her.
She's an icon.
But I wouldn't expect you to know anything about that.
What? 'Cause I'm a guy I don't know about fashion? You tell me.
What are you wearing tonight? It's a royal ball.
I have a tux.
You have a tux, or you rented a tux? I figured.
Introduce me or don't.
I will find a way.
Well, that explains the abdominal pain.
A mass in her stomach extending into her small intestine.
Doesn't have the appearance of a typical stomach cancer.
Regardless, she's gonna need an endoscopy to biopsy the mass.
Hopefully, I'll have some answers for her before I leave.
Don't you mean "we"? That's surgical.
Gemma's our patient now.
I told you I'd find a way.
How are you feeling? Better.
I know I seem like the girl who cried wolf, but, uh something feels wrong.
I believe you.
And we're gonna figure out what it is.
That's why my dad doesn't want me in PE.
He says I'm not like the other kids.
But I want to be.
I just He means well, but ever since Mom died, he's been a little overprotective.
- Susan's your stepmom? - She just wants me to be independent, mm? Move out and and stand on my own two feet, and I want that, too.
Could all this just be my anxiety? Ah, you'd be surprised the toll that stress can take on the body.
Are you feeling anxious right now? No.
I just My legs feel, like tingly, like Jell-O.
How about this? Do you feel this? I don't feel that at all.
What does that mean? Dr.
I need to get new assignments for some obstetrics residents.
You have room for, say, two in gen surgery? Depends.
Why are they leaving OB? Red Rock is shutting down the entire department.
You know, I should've seen this coming.
OB has the highest premiums and malpractice claims - of any department.
- Yeah, and new moms can stay for days without Red Rock billing a dime.
It's their nightmare.
Maximum care, minimum profit.
No, I think this new neurosurgery center has them overextended, and this is just the beginning.
- Well, how about we stop it? - Well, we-we can't.
No one can.
The only thing that talks in medicine is money.
So unless you got a whole lot of it - lying around - I know, I know.
Well, maybe we can't stop it, but what we can do is try and help at least some of these doctors, who will lose their careers if we don't.
Two residents? - That's all I'm asking.
- Yeah.
I'll see what I can do.
Your doctor is going to a black-tie event, and I think he needs your help.
He's clueless.
You're brilliant.
No, seriously, your fall line was my favorite collection of the year.
- I am such a big fan.
- Thank you.
No, no, no, no, no.
What are you wearing? - What do you mean? It's a tux.
- Says who? Okay, I'm leaving, but I will be back to check on you after your endoscopy.
But right now, I have a princess waiting for me.
- Is she blind? - Uh, seriously, though, you can't go looking like that.
I appreciate all your concern, - but I really don't have the time to - I do.
And I can't, in good conscience, send you to a party like this.
My team can get you into something amazing immediately.
What's your chest measurement? 38? 42, at least.
You're a 38.
Who invited 007? Well, you better bring your A game tonight, Hawkins, 'cause I ain't messing around here.
I can see that.
How did this happen? My patient is a famous fashion designer, and, as it turns out, part fairy godmother.
And you mix that with Mina's very aggressive comments about my rental tux, and voilà.
Well, you look good, man.
- What happened? - Well, she just got back from an X-ray.
- I came to take her for the endoscopy.
- Oh, make it stop.
All right, let's get four of morphine.
Does it hurt more when I push my hand in - or when I take it away? - When you take it away.
Rebound tenderness.
Surgical abdomen.
I'll check the X-rays.
- Air under the diaphragm.
- She's perforated.
- Wh-What does that mean? - It means we're skipping the endoscopy.
You need surgery now.
Get Nolan.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
I can't, I can't go alone.
- Shh.
- I have no one.
- Shh.
- I'm gonna die alone.
- You're not gonna die, Gemma.
- I will not let that happen.
- Dr.
Pravesh, please stay with me.
I'm so scared.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I promise.
All right? I'm right here.
I got your page.
What do you need? - Her O2 sats are in the 80s.
We need to intubate.
- I can't breathe.
I need meds and an airway kit.
Please just help her.
Her paralysis is progressing rapidly.
She's not gonna be able to keep breathing on her own.
- What's causing the paralysis? - We don't know.
Got it.
All right, it's gonna be okay, Mary.
This is gonna put you to sleep, all right? All good.
- Okay, here we go.
- Ready? Yep.
- Oh, my God.
- You never believed her.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
- Got it? - Got it.
All right, the tube's in.
- She's stable, for now.
- For now? You-you mean she could get worse? Not if we can help it.
I'll begin with an incision in the gastric fundus.
Got any tips on crashing a royal ball? Don't.
I know.
I'm late.
I'm sorry, Nadine.
- My patient needed me.
- I understand.
It's just people are starting to arrive.
Traditionally, you'd be by my side.
I will be there as soon as I can.
Look, I promise you, this is a straightforward procedure.
- I'll be out of here in no time.
- What the hell? Is that ? A giant, stomach-shaped hairball.
Nadine, I have to go.
You good? I think I got hair in my mouth.
I've heard about this before, but I've never seen such a severe case of trichophagia.
Gemma's eating her own hair? That would explain the no eyebrows.
An obstruction this big, she's been eating more than just her eyebrows.
And that's not all of it.
There must be a-a tail.
Extends from the gastric body, beyond the pylorus, into the duodenum.
- It's Rapunzel syndrome.
- Yeah, it appears so.
We have to untangle the hair that has wound itself through the intestines to extract it.
Yes, repairing whatever damage we need to along the way.
Sounds complex.
You should call your princess and let her know.
This is gonna take a while.
Sinus bradycardia with increasing pauses, up to five seconds.
Labs are pristine.
The spinal tap came back negative.
Nothing on imaging.
But her paralysis is moving so fast.
She could go into sinus arrest.
Let's put the pads on her, just in case.
Let's keep the crash cart bedside, ready to go.
This doesn't make any sense.
When she came here, her symptoms were so vague.
Respiratory failure and and now her heart.
- We're missing something.
- Mm-hmm.
It's just the pulse ox.
It's been finicky.
Nail polish can sometimes prevent the pulse ox from giving an accurate reading.
Mees' lines.
Sometimes found in chemotherapy patients or ones in renal failure.
Or when exposed to heavy metals.
Mary's blood levels are back.
The heavy metal in her blood is thallium.
- What? - Good news is, with some Prussian blue and dialysis, - we can treat her.
- The bad news is thallium is not a naturally occurring element.
Someone could be giving it to her intentionally.
Someone's poisoning Mary? Uh, who? Someone with access and proximity.
Susan married a man who's way more invested in his daughter than he is her.
So maybe she couldn't take it? She does want her out of the house.
Thallium is illegal in the United States, impossible to get.
Except for places like China.
Susan just got back from Beijing.
We need to get that tea canister.
What is it you're giving her? Prussian blue.
It'll help flush any toxic chemicals in Mary's body.
Toxic chemicals? Does that mean you know what's been happening to her? We're getting closer.
Mark, Susan, can I steal you for a second to sign some paperwork? Of course.
You probably only need one of us.
I'll stay here with Mary.
Um Yeah.
Actually, I need both your signatures.
It'll be real quick.
I'll keep her company.
I'm not going anywhere.
All right.
Just right there at the top.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should've had that Uh, there we go.
And if, uh, could give me the date.
Nah, we're good.
We're good.
Never mind.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you have any reason to believe that that Susan would try to poison your daughter? Um, uh, of course not.
She's hard on her, but she loves Mary like her own.
We found traces of thallium in the tea that Susan gives Mary.
Sue gave Mary the tea, but I'm the one who got it for her from her acupuncturist.
I was just trying to help her feel better.
The tea is supposed to calm her and give her more energy.
- This is all my fault.
- No.
We're not pointing any fingers just yet, but but we just need to know how the thallium got in the tea.
I don't know.
It comes in sealed packets.
Do you have one with you? I mean, we give it to her all the time.
I mean, I I mean, I can't read any of these ingredients.
These kind of alternative remedies are completely unregulated.
There could be anything in there.
We need to get this to the lab.
My wife.
She didn't do this.
You have to believe me.
Please tell me you're on your way.
They're ready to announce us.
I'm not, Nadine.
I'm still at the hospital.
I had to stay with my patient.
I'm so sorry.
They're about to announce you as my escort.
I'm gonna look like an idiot out there.
I don't even know what to say.
Bye, Devon.
So, they did find traces of thallium in the packets from your acupuncturist.
We contacted the manufacturer, and they have submitted a recall of the contaminated supplements.
And I'll be okay? With a bit of rest and a few more rounds of dialysis, you should be fine.
I am so sorry.
I should've listened to you.
Honey, this isn't your fault.
I I sent her to the acupuncturist.
I told you the acupuncturist was a bad idea.
At least I'm not impossible to please, like you.
This is so embarrassing.
Who eats their own hair? Look, stress can be triggering for these kinds of compulsion disorders.
Cut back your hours.
Take on fewer clients.
Easier said than done, I think.
And I will put you in touch with a professional who specializes in trichophagia, okay? I've been so stressed and scared someone would figure it out.
I pushed everyone away.
All I had was my work.
It paid off, but, uh You were alone.
I shouldn't have asked you to stay with me.
- You missed your ball.
- We all need support.
I wanted to be here for you.
Well, I'm okay now, and you can still make it.
It's too late.
I can't show up now.
It's like you said, everyone needs support.
Late or not, your princess wants you there.
And, besides, it would be a shame for that tux to go to waste.
Thank you, Gemma.
Now, that is how you wear a tux.
Well, if I remember correctly, you have a spectacular wardrobe yourself.
I'm just popping in, but I have a plus-one, if you're interested.
You want arm candy.
Are you offen are you offended by that? Usually, yes.
But I do have a dress I've been wanting to wear, and I desperately need a night out.
The whole night.
So I will drive myself.
It's a deal.
Uh, see you there.
You in that dress is exactly what I need right now.
It's time for you to return the feeling.
- You want to talk about it? - Eh.
Being chief resident is not what I thought it would be.
You know, we don't have to go out.
We can go home, get some wine, - relax.
- Mm.
And lose a night dancing with you in that dress? Absolutely not.
All right, but if you're not fist pumping in a half hour, I'm calling it.
All right.
Enough of that.
Get changed.
L-O-V-E I ain't ever giving up I'm feeling something electric L-O-V-E Higher and I can't get enough Want to reach out and touch it Now, my daughter, where's the boy I've heard so much about? He's, uh he's being a good doctor and saving his patient's life.
But you wish he were here.
I'm sorry, my love.
It's fine.
L-O-V-E I ain't ever giving up I'm feeling something electric Nadine, I'm so sorry.
- I tried - I'm so happy you came.
Want to reach out and touch it Devon, may I have this dance? Heck yeah, you can.
L-O-V-E Higher and I can't get enough Want to reach out and touch it.
Unhand me, sir.
I am a respected neurosurgeon.
My name is Dr.
Barrett Cain.
I work at Chastain H A little help, please? - I will be right back.
- Sure.
Some things don't start so innocent Great party, isn't it? Can't even imagine the cost.
I would say about as much as an obstetrics floor for six months.
I know you considered decimating OB when you were CEO.
But I decided against it, because when a hospital decimates departments, it loses prestige and status.
Chastain and Red Rock would no longer be a world-class medical facility.
And you think Chastain's our only hospital? If Chastain crumbles, Red Rock will be fine.
We always are.
Now, if you don't mind, I have a a king who's very grateful to Red Rock for saving his daughter.
You know, I've begged for money at enough parties to know it always ends in embarrassment.
Just schmooze now, ask for money later.
Just tread lightly.
If you did my job as well as I do, you would still have it.
Enjoy the party, Dr.
Your Majesty, uh, Logan Kim.
I wanted to thank you on behalf of Chastain.
You saved my daughter's life.
Well, I can't take all the credit.
We were able to provide exceptional care because of the generosity of our donors.
- People like you - Mr.
Kim, you see that woman over there? Rupa is one of my goddaughters.
Her unborn son has a condition called ectopia cordis, a very rare condition in which his heart is growing outside his body.
Now, who do you think has the best pediatric cardiac surgeons in the whole world? Red Rock Mountain Medical Boston Children's Hospital.
That's where I give my money.
Now, if you don't mind, others are waiting.
Thank you.
Would you happen to be in need of a dance partner? Go ahead and bark after dark Fallen star, I'm your one call away Motel halls, neon walls When night falls I am your escape You know her? No.
But her dress is - exquisite.
- Hmm.
Well, it's beautiful, no doubt, but yours is better.
You made it, I assume.
Couture technique.
Hand stitched every bead myself.
Oh, wow.
Well, I must say, you never cease to amaze me, Dr.
If you've been waiting for falling in love Babe, you don't have to wait on me 'Cause I've been aiming Well, we came, we saw, we had punch.
Oh, we haven't danced yet.
Okay, one dance.
Oh, one dance is all I need.
Not anyone You're the one More than fun You're the sanctuary Oh.
Oh, yep.
That's it.
That's what I needed the whole time.
Oh, just you, me and a ballroom.
It is like a fairy tale.
Are you the fairy tale type, Conrad Hawkins? I wasn't, but you make me believe.
But an angel ain't what I need After everything that's happened this year, I know that together we can get through anything.
Oh, so close 'Cause you never know Just how long our lives will be - Now, let's get out of here.
- Mm.
I was hoping you'd say that.
For falling in love Babe, you don't have to wait on me.
This is Dr.
It's an honor, Your Majesty.
- Baba, he can speak Urdu.
- Ah.
Devon's genius diagnosing is what saved my life.
It's my job.
I'm happy to do it.
Nadine is, um, really special.
My daughter is my everything.
If it weren't for you and your colleagues, she would not be here today.
For that, I thank you.
Did you tell him? Tell me what? I just signed with the hottest music agent in Atlanta.
Nadine, I'm happy for you.
But I'm afraid your time here will be coming to an end.
What? You can't be a musician in Atlanta.
You're a princess.
You'll be returning home with me.
Your Majesty, if I may please You may not! Please leave me and my daughter alone.
- No.
He's not going anywhere.
- No.
It's okay.
- You have a lot to talk about.
- Devon.
I'll go.
Yo, Pravesh! - What's going on? - Her water broke.
This baby has ectopia cordis.
His heart is on the outside of his chest.
- He's high-risk.
- I need you to call the ambulance now.
Clock is ticking, party people.
She delivers or the baby dies.
She says her doctor's at Boston Children's.
He's gonna operate when she delivers.
She has to deliver at Chastain, and then we can try to arrange transport to Boston.
We have to do the C-section quickly - to save the baby.
- Peekaboo surgery like this needs the dynamic duo.
We should go in the ambulance.
Mina told me what happened.
Do me a favor and remind them how important it is that this operation goes well.
It's a shame it'll be one of the last.
With OB gone, deliveries like this are gonna go to Atlanta General.
And not to bore you with more bad advice, but if I learned anything from fundraising as a CEO, it's that new parents tend to be the most grateful.
And to let a billionaire family like the Nours go to another hospital, I don't know, you might be risking more than just an OB floor.
Nothing's been finalized yet.
Good night.
All right, everyone.
Let's get this baby out.
There he is.
He's not crying.
- O2 sats in the 80s.
- Get him on oxygen.
Echo probe with sterile cover to me now.
If this was just ectopia cordis, he wouldn't be hypoxic.
It's not.
He also has tetralogy of Fallot.
These ectopia cordis babies often have other complex congenital abnormalities.
Which means he has less than a five percent chance of survival.
There are only a handful of surgeons in the world - prepared to handle cases like this.
- One of them is in Boston, waiting to save this baby's life.
Well, he's not gonna make it to Boston.
And I'm not sure if we can save him here.
Well, we don't have a choice.
He needs surgery.
I mean, that party was good, but Nice.
But this You know, I was talking to my accountant, and she gave me some really good reasons as to why we should probably just get married.
Think about it.
Discounted auto insurance.
- Joint taxes.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up.
Is this your way of proposing to me? I don't know.
It just feels like the practical thing to do.
And, I mean, are we really the romantic proposal kind of people? Oh, my God.
You are proposing.
- What? - Oh, I reject your proposal.
- What, you you reject it? - Y-Yes.
If we ever decide to get married, I'd want the perfect proposal for us.
And I'm sorry, seducing me with insurance rates, - that's not my idea of perfect.
- It It just seems like the logical next step.
I mean, we're committed.
We should at least talk - about making it official.
- Listen, I-I love you deeply.
I mean, you were my rock when I got fired.
You pushed me to forgive my father.
You gave me chickens.
You will always make those annoying sounds when you eat, and I'll probably never learn to pick up my socks, but nobody's perfect.
What matters is that we just keep trying to make each other better.
What matters is that we we belong together.
Wait, are you proposing to me now? Why do you think I'm saying all this lovey-dovey stuff? And why do you think I've been carrying this thing around in my pocket for weeks? Nicolette Marie Nevin, - will you do me the hon - Yes.
Are you sure? I have never been so sure of anything in my life before.

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