The Resident (2018) s05e20 Episode Script

Fork in the Road

1 - Previously on The Resident - Hawkins, - what's your problem? - This is the pharmacist who filled the fake prescriptions.
Hey, what are you doing? Phoebe agreed to wear a wire for us.
Someone must've found out.
We got a good look at the killer.
- How's Padma? - Depressed about AJ.
What if I offer to be the sperm donor? - You can't be serious.
- Why not? Because I couldn't handle that.
Mom? If it's not too late, I would like to be your sperm donor.
Yes, yes, yes! But there is a condition.
So if we're going to do this, I don't want to just be a donor.
I want to be a father.
Carol meant the world to all of us.
I know.
Thanks for coming.
You're so lucky to have had such a wonderful mom.
Not everyone gets that.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm holding onto that.
Even though he knew this day was coming, doesn't make it any easier.
Nothing makes this easier.
Hey, have you seen Cade? I thought she might be here.
She she has some things to work out.
I hope everything's okay.
AJ, I'm so sorry.
I wish there were something I could do.
Thank you.
Um, we should find some time to talk about the baby.
Maybe sometime tomorrow.
Of course.
The sooner the better.
I want to thank you all for coming.
You know you guys are my only family.
At least for now.
When we buried my father here, three years ago, my mother wanted to plant a tree to mark his grave.
She told me that even after death, she would always want to be by his side.
Bell? It's alright, it's alright.
♪ Job well done.
I'll be fine.
Call me when you're off.
I'll meet you here this evening.
Glad you're back.
FBI? As long as I decide to stay at Chastain, - they've given me an armed escort.
- Good.
You need that protection.
Yeah, but it's not exactly a long-term solution.
What are you doing? We have to get to work.
Woke up in the middle of the night wondering about my will.
It was written a very long time ago and needs to be updated.
Funerals do have that effect.
- I should probably update mine.
- Well, it turns out that if I drop dead tomorrow, everything I own - goes to my ex-wife.
- Feel free to leave her that boat.
Lord knows I'm not maintaining it.
It's serious.
You are not about to drop dead, I promise.
People younger than me die on the treadmill every day.
I just need a trust that benefits you and Jake and Sammie.
And because Georgia doesn't recognize common-law marriage, your part in this could be, you know, pretty complicated.
I have everything I want.
Leave it all to them.
Well, I don't want to do that.
Okay, let's get married then.
So, this is the way you ask me? No no fancy dinner? No big ring? Just didn't even get down on one knee.
I love you to the moon and back.
But I kneel for no man.
Okay, okay.
I've heard your proposal.
I would like, uh, maybe a week to think about it.
- Oh, stop it.
- It's a big decision.
So, are we talking, like, big destination wedding on Lake Como? 'Cause I could, I could get behind that.
I'm thinking a ceremony in the backyard.
We've both been married twice.
What about my bridesmaids? I want it to be special.
It will be.
And it's that easy? Medicare will pay for anything if you got the right story.
Just last week, I told 'em my cane wasn't cutting it.
I don't even have a cane.
And just like that, they handed me a shiny new motorized scooter.
Paid for 100% by the taxpayers of America.
Remind me to count the wheelchairs.
- Yeah.
- Hey, I'm no thief.
But I am an opportunist.
If I had a house, I'd have one of them poofy chairs that tilt to help you stand up and an automated bed, too.
All I need is a prescription from a willing doc, cutie.
And I know where to find 'em.
Yeah, but you don't want that kind of doc to actually treat you.
So, what brought you in today? Uh, had a bit of a rumble a while back with this numbnut moving in on my block.
We got into it over a hot chicken sandwich some do-gooder brought me.
I've been trying to treat it on my own, but That ulcer looks severely infected.
Well, if you want to keep that arm, we need to clear the infection.
Thought you could use a pick-me-up.
Triple espresso with an absurd amount of hazelnut creamer.
So, Cade showed up, so I'm off this afternoon.
And your shift is over.
You want to grab lunch? Uh, I can't.
I have another surgery.
You're starting another shift? You sure that's a good idea? You've been here all night.
It's an interesting case.
I'll manage.
Um we need to talk.
What's there to talk about? - We're fine.
- I thought so, too.
But you haven't been home all week, and we've barely spoken since I floated the idea of being Padma's sperm donor.
Truth bomb I'm still trying to process that.
So it it is still an issue.
Let's go.
Right behind you.
We'll talk tonight.
I think we better.
This is your second shift, right? Sure you don't need that coffee? Positive.
The adrenaline alone is enough to keep me up.
Especially for a case like this.
Well, a full spinal reconstruction is a great case.
But it's a marathon, not a sprint.
Eight to ten hours.
A challenge of sheer endurance.
I can find someone else - if you're tapped out.
- No.
I'm good.
I got this.
Is that our patient? Yes.
24-year-old female with congenital dextroscoliosis of the thoracic and lumbar spine.
The pain has started limiting her activity level, and she's not the type of person to be limited.
Can one of you tell my bossy wife that stumbling around like a troll to get my steps in is irrelevant at this point? Movement is medicine.
Music to my ears.
Naomi is also Ashley's physical therapist.
I have to input some notes.
But Dr.
Devi here will talk you through pre-op.
Is that how you two met? I thought I was getting a lifetime of free massages.
But, instead, I get a lecture every time my butt touches a chair.
She is a couch potato.
It's because I can barely get up off the couch.
That's true.
Well, we need a few more hours to run all your pre-op tests.
The surgery will be in the early afternoon.
Look at me, Dr.
Don't I seem rarin' to go? You're very brave.
I know this is scary.
- She's terrified.
- Well, let me give you some hope to hold on to.
It's just a mock-up, but we should be able to get pretty close.
As long as you make me taller than Naomi, I'm good.
Now get some rest.
You earned it.
Her type and screen will be back in an hour, and it'll be another hour until our OR is clean.
Find an empty bed and get some rest until then.
I'll call you when we're ready.
That's an order.
I've seen a lot of gross stuff, - but that has to take the cake.
- Seriously.
How do you get a fish hook that size stuck in your cheek? Really bad casting.
Hey, did I show you this new game I got on my phone? We need some help over here! Please! Anybody! - What's your name, hon? - Scott.
- But it's not me.
It's my coworker.
- What happened? We were working on some power lines nearby.
Uh, the plate wasn't secure.
It fell on top of him.
Looks like a blunt chest wall injury on his left side.
The plate must have crushed his chest.
Obvious chest wall deformity.
He may have broken every rib on that side.
And whatever's left of the lung underneath clearly isn't doing too well.
You got to help him.
He's a good guy.
He taught me everything I know.
Sir, can you please back up, please? Thank you.
IV is in.
Uh, let's give the doctors some space.
- Thank you so much.
- He's not gonna make it to the OR like this.
Let's intubate.
Left lung is no bueno.
We need to do a single lung ventilation.
You intubate, I'll position it with the bronchoscope.
We got one good shot at this.
Pushing meds now.
Great view of the cords.
Inserting tube now.
Scope going in.
All right.
Inflate the cuff.
He's stable.
But it won't matter if we don't get him to an OR.
Okay, let's get transpo! Hundley, let's call for a portable chest X-ray and page Austin.
Tell him that I think our patient needs to have his lung removed using an emergent pneumonectomy.
Got it.
All right.
Here you go.
- All right.
- Okay, hold on.
This is a lot.
Yeah, but don't worry about it.
I will handle it all.
So far, planning for our future child has been a great distraction.
"Our" future child? AJ, I need a sperm donor, okay? Not-not all this.
Look, Padma, I understand it's a lot.
But bear with me.
All right? I assure you, it will be worth my top-shelf DNA.
But accurate.
All right, let's hear it.
So, I took the liberty of opening up a 529 savings account for the baby.
I will fund it annually to make sure our child's college tuition is paid in full.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't want your money.
You're turning down a college fund? Ivy League schools are expensive.
Okay, well, what if they don't want to go to an Ivy League? Or college at all? Good one.
All right, moving on to my main point.
Now, I have bio siblings and parents who I barely know.
We're not in touch and I can't consider them family.
And I want a family.
Okay, see? This is this is what I was afraid of.
We're not creating a family.
I know.
But we agreed that I would be involved - in the child's life.
- Yes.
Involved means visitations, occasionally, on my schedule.
No, the child needs to know that I am their father.
Okay, look, you can be there on birthdays and holidays and, look, some weekends, too.
- What are you doing? - We We're not done here.
Padma, I get that you are a free spirit.
But a child has to have a roof over their head, - financial security.
- Okay, I have a roof.
You are not raising our child in a van.
That's a deal-breaker.
You hear me? Look, I'm needed in the OR.
I'll be back.
Okay, but we haven't settled anything, except for the fact that you're gonna be controlling and I won't be controlled.
I hear you.
We're gonna work it out, all right? Just look over the papers.
I'll be back in a couple hours.
Seriously? Sorry to interrupt your beauty rest, Devi, but I'm on deck, which of course means you are, too.
I'm supposed to be with Dr.
Sutton today.
Yeah? Well, you look pretty busy.
Now, if you'd like to opt out of an emergent pneumonectomy, then be my guest.
Pneumonectomy? You're joking, right? By now, you know me well enough to know the things I do not joke about.
But if you have better things to do No.
Who needs sleep anyway? My thoughts exactly.
Eh, free food and a warm blanket, I'm all good.
- Not all good.
- What? You still have a fever, and we flooded you with antibiotics.
So, if this combination doesn't work, we need a plan B.
I-I didn't know there was antibiotics.
If antibiotics was gonna work, I wouldn't be here.
Why is that? I'm already on one.
I've been on one for weeks.
I had a bout of walking pneumonia last month, and I went to Atlanta General ER that time.
I'm an equal opportunity ER surfer.
They gave me, um, these.
You didn't mention these meds.
I need to know everything you're taking.
That's the only one.
I owe my life to fish oil and whiskey.
And lenvatinib.
- This one's for cancer.
- Seriously? Huh.
Well, they must have given me the wrong bottle.
This drug costs, like, $10,000 a month.
Huh, and it was prescribed by a Dr.
Conrad Hawkins.
Funny, think I'd remember that.
You know, if I wanted a pat-down, I would've gone through TSA.
I got to get out of here.
Just take a second.
Look I don't know anything.
I'm a nobody.
I'm a little cog in a very big machine.
I could end up at the bottom of a lake with my feet in concrete.
I hear you.
So, let's focus first on how to treat you, okay? I'll be right back.
Cancer drugs.
Parkinson's meds.
Viagra? The prescribing doctors are all from Chastain.
Bell, Dr.
Pravesh And there's a lot more where that came from.
Well, we have to call the FBI.
Let Agent Barker know about this.
I know, and we will, but Teri needs medical attention immediately, or she'll lose her arm.
I don't love the idea of waiting to make that call.
I get the feeling that she'd rather go to jail than talk to the FBI anyway.
- So, what do you want to do? - Treat her, earn her trust, and then find some way to get her to open up about the scam.
Let's work together.
How do we save her arm? Well, I have a possible solution, but it's unorthodox.
Padma has seemed to have forgotten the condition upon which I agreed to do this.
She wants my sperm, but not my involvement.
And when you do have an opinion and draw a clear boundary, it's still not enough.
I should not have to explain why I feel a certain type of way.
You are absolutely right.
Just like I shouldn't have to explain why I want a roof over my child's head that's not made of vinyl.
You're right.
See? At least the two of us have our heads screwed on straight.
It's his pulmonary artery.
Inflammatory mediators are causing vasoconstriction.
He's going into acute heart failure.
Let's hang two liters of saline and nitroglycerin.
Are my ears bleeding, or did you just order fluid and nitroglycerin to save his heart? My-my mistake.
I meant nitric oxide, and hold on the bolus.
Well, maybe your head isn't screwed on so straight after all, Devi.
I'm sorry.
My brain's a little fogged.
Well, un-fog it, Devi.
There's no room for error here, you hear me? You are not putting maggots on me.
I know it sounds medieval, but these are pharmaceutical-grade larva.
- They're grown in a lab.
- The maggots will eat away at the necrotic tissue.
It's your best chance to avoid amputation.
You can close your eyes if that makes it easier.
It won't stop me from feeling like a decomposing corpse.
Hey, you seem tough.
You can handle a few bugs.
All right.
Get on with it.
I love bugs.
I haven't used sterile maggots since I was in Afghanistan.
Field medicine at its finest.
I had some experience with them in Haiti.
Works like a drug, but without all the undesirable side effects.
Well, why do I feel sicker than when I walked in? All right, so, by the way, I think I've found the perfect solution for our housing hiccup.
You're gonna love it because it keeps you totally independent.
I don't remember asking for your help.
Well, you didn't have to, but I am prepared to offer you my mother's house, no strings attached, not one.
- You can't be serious.
- I know it's a generous offer, but nothing's too good for family.
It's a great neighborhood, top-notch school district, and, of course, I will pay all the taxes and upkeep.
Just to clarify, you want me to move into your recently deceased mother's old house? Well, I can't imagine a better place for our child to grow up - than the house I was raised in.
- You are insane.
You didn't hear a word I said earlier.
I just offered you a free house.
This is not the reaction I was expecting.
Look, I understand you're grieving, so I'm gonna say this as nicely as I can, you have crossed a line.
- What're you talking about? - We clearly have very different ideas of what parenthood looks like.
I'm not here to create your Mini Me.
I want my own baby.
This was a huge mistake.
I'm sorry.
I don't think this is gonna work out.
Yeah, private ceremony, you, me, and a judge.
That could be just as meaningful.
On the other hand, the world is so dark and dreary right now, why would we miss an opportunity to celebrate? - Okay, now you're flip-flopping.
- No, I'm not.
I'm weighing all options, looking at both sides.
Okay, here's what I have to say, whatever you want, my answer is, "Yes, dear.
" That works both ways.
It can't just be what I want, or what you want.
We have to find a middle ground, - together.
- Yes, dear.
I need to talk to someone, and Leela's so busy.
Is everything okay? No.
Everything is terrible.
You're not having regrets about the embryo implantation, are you? I am.
It seems I have chosen the wrong father.
What do you mean? AJ will make a great dad one day, just not to my child.
I shouldn't have rushed into this.
I should've weighed all my options.
So Leela told you about my offer? Your offer? I'm still happy to help.
But, look, between you and me, Leela was not thrilled when I threw out the idea of being the sperm donor.
You did what now? Wait she didn't tell you? I'm sorry.
I I shouldn't have said anything.
Because this would solve everything.
No, it wouldn't.
I promise you, this would make things much worse, - for the both of us.
- I mean, I get it's a little it's a little crazy, but you wouldn't be making these demands AJ's making.
Padma, listen to me.
I love Leela, and I don't want to do anything to hurt her, so Please, just forget that I said anything.
This is what we live for.
We have to execute flawlessly.
If we do, our patient's life will be changed dramatically for the better.
Let's cross our T's and dot our i's.
This is gonna take a while.
One slip, and we can do great harm, so let's focus.
You good? Fresh as a daisy.
Well, if everyone's bladders are empty, let's get a move on.
Maggots are making some real progress.
Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad bugs are eating my flesh.
And I'm grateful to y'all.
Teri, will you tell us what you know about those prescription pills? Now, see, you had to go and ruin the moment.
Help us out, and we'll help keep you safe.
What do you mean safe? - Did you call the Feds? - No, because we understand why you're afraid.
We know the men behind this are dangerous.
A pharmacist, the same one who filled some of your prescriptions, was murdered right here in this hospital.
Her name was Phoebe Moffit.
No, Phoebe? They killed Phoebe? You knew her? She wasn't like them.
She was no different than me.
She was just a good egg who fell on hard times and did whatever she could to survive.
They took advantage of that.
And they're taking advantage of you, too.
- Aren't they? - We share a common enemy.
We will protect you.
You can help us put an end to this, so no one else has to die, like Phoebe.
Here's the deal.
I'll tell you what I know, for Phoebe, but you got to swear to keep my name out of it.
It'll be anonymous.
We swear.
Why don't we find somewhere more private to talk.
Just start from the beginning.
How did the mob find you? I had some hard times, made some bad choices.
I got evicted from my home.
I was looking for a place I could lay my head.
- t was supposed to be temporary, - I until I got back on my feet, ut it never works out that way, b so I had to figure out how to make do.
- hat was when I first saw them.
- This sketchy bus showed up.
All right.
Y'all know the drill.
Let's see those red, white, and blues.
Thought they were passing outl free meals or something, the way everyone - was carrying on.
- Hey, lady, you got Medicare? Maybe.
What's it to you? If you want to make some money, let's see your card.
Hop on board.
It turns out "red, white, and blue" is code for Medicare ID cards because of their patriotic coloring.
Oh, I figured it was some kind of scam, but if a hound's hungry enough, she'll do anything for her next meal.
I had no clue where I was going, but the moment we made our first stop, I knew I was in trouble.
Everybody get inside.
It looked more like a massage parlor than a medical clinic, and I figured any doctor who worked there shouldn't be prescribing aspirin, much less real drugs.
But I quickly learned that was the point.
Those guys didn't even bother with an exam.
They just scribbled on a chart and handed me scrips.
I didn't know what the drugs were for, so I asked him.
He didn't like that.
After that, I learned to keep my mouth shut.
Then they dropped us at a pharmacy on the other side of town.
That's where I met Phoebe.
All the other customers looked at us like we were vermin.
But not Phoebe.
She was kind.
Never asked any questions.
Her mom was sick.
She needed the money.
We all make mistakes.
I guess she paid for hers.
Oh, those bastards are scarier than hell.
Taron especially.
If you want your fee, have your bags and prescriptions ready to be counted.
First time? Welcome to the team.
Now, come back next week, there's more where that came from.
And if you say anything to the cops, you'll regret it.
Understand? I've been around the block, and I knew the pills in my hand were worth a hell of a lot more than 50 bucks.
So, I kept a little on the side.
For street resale, you know what I mean? Did anyone else keep pills for themselves? Yeah, we all skimmed.
Who were we cheating? Bunch of crooks.
That explains why we've seen patients O.
with those pills in their pocket.
And why you had a cancer drug with no cancer diagnosis.
Where did they take the pills? I only saw the place once, from the outside.
Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me.
And-and, one day, I finally saw them by some warehouse.
My guess is that's where the mob does its dirty work.
Got to count the pills, they repackage them, and then they resell them back to the pharmacies for up to ten times the original price.
This is it.
All the answers we've been searching for.
Once the FBI knows this They'll shut that operation down in a heartbeat.
But just remember our deal: you can tell the FBI, but keep my name out of it.
Almost done with the high T-spine pedicle screws.
Let's shoot another fluoro image.
How are those screws coming along? You're getting a little close.
We need to leave half an inch more between those screws.
Devi Dr.
Devi! - What happened? - You fell asleep.
There's a massive bleed in Ashley's spine.
Cautery to me, now.
We need two units of reds up and hanging.
- She's bleeding fast.
- No, no, no.
I asked you if you were ready for this.
You lied to me.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so - Go home, Dr.
Devi, now.
This is extraordinary.
With what you just told us, we should have enough to get warrants, run surveillance, and with luck, bring down the entire drug ring.
- Thank you both.
- Well, we're not the ones you should thank.
Yeah, well, tell your source that the Bureau - is eternally grateful.
- We'll pass along the message.
Always a pleasure, Dr.
I hope for both our sake this is the last time we work together.
If you ever want to hang up that white coat, there's a wide world of Medicare fraud out there.
I prefer a stethoscope over a handgun.
Wise choice.
Look at you.
Saving lives and bringing down the mob at the same time.
- It was a team effort.
- Listen, I know what you said about not wanting to get comfortable, but our job is done.
It's time to start living your life.
- Same could be said of you.
- Oh.
Okay, that's fair, but I have a life, it's just centered around my daughter.
No way.
What? - Is that the guy who killed Phoebe? - Yeah.
He saw us with the FBI.
He saw me.
- I need to talk to you.
- Take a number.
I have a lot of sins to account for today.
Devon told me everything, about his offer.
I cannot believe - he told you.
- Well, the question is, why didn't you? Can we not do this right now, please? No, we're actually gonna do this now.
I didn't tell you because it's insane.
And I I thought of all people, you would agree.
I don't, actually.
Look, this thing with AJ, it's-it's really not working out.
And Devon could be a good option for us.
For us? No, it is not a good option for us.
It is a good option for you - and only you.
- Look, I know it's complicated, okay? But Devon's offer solves - a lot of problems.
- Oh, my God.
Padma, would you listen to yourself.
I have given you everything, even the freaking eggs from my body, but we cannot share this.
I will not give you Devon.
Unexpected complications? What does that mean? One of the screws used to reconstruct Ashley's spine caused a significant amount of bleeding.
- Will she be okay? - Yes.
With a little rest, I have no doubt your wife will make a full recovery.
That's a relief.
Thank you.
Um, where's Dr.
Sutton? She got pulled into an emergency surgery, but she'll be by as soon as she can.
And Dr.
Devi? You can spend the night in Ashley's room, if you like.
The hospital will provide a cot.
Loved ones help the healing process.
Call if you need anything.
So, I-I got your text.
Did you know Dr.
Devi was pulling double duty in cardiothoracic and neurosurgery? I think everybody was aware.
But Leela is an excellent surgeon.
She's she's just trying to do more and be better than any human can be.
Today, her patient paid the price for that arrogance.
What happened in the OR could've been catastrophic.
I know, I agree, and so does Billie.
We've had many conversations about her stretching herself too thin.
It's past time someone had that conversation with Leela.
She has to make a decision, or I will make it for her.
You don't look so good.
I'm not.
I've lost everything today.
My future child and my own sister.
May I join you? Listen.
I grew up in foster care.
- I didn't know that.
- Moved from house to house, never had a place to call home.
It made me resentful and angry because all I wanted was stability, right? So, the very idea of you raising our child in a van Well, it was triggering.
I see.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
You know, I-I made this about my past when it should've been about your future.
But you did ask me to be the father, not some stranger.
So, you would have to meet me halfway.
Padma, I can't help you bring a child into this world and then abandon it.
This would be your baby as much as it would be mine.
And you should tell your story.
But I cannot watch my child grow up from the sidelines.
I need a relationship, a connection.
And if that's not what you're looking for, then I'm willing to bow out gracefully.
But you are going to have to find someone else.
You're a good man, Dr.
I think our child should witness that firsthand.
Our child? - You sure about that? - You were right.
It was wrong of me to trivialize your involvement.
It takes a village to raise a child, if you're still willing.
Absolutely, I am.
But just so you know, the van is a deal-breaker.
Fine, but you need to ease up on the Ivy League talk.
Let's let our child decide what their future looks like.
Hey, you saying you don't want a 529 account? I never said that.
God knows how much college is gonna cost in 18 years.
- What are your options? - I leave tonight.
It may seem impulsive, but I'm pretty sure that's how - I've stayed alive so far.
- That's one option.
What else? I quit running.
Try to build a life for myself.
Make friends I can keep over time, put down roots.
But I'd risk that, one day, I'd find myself bleeding on the pavement.
I don't want to go.
I've felt more at home here than I did as a kid in my own home, honestly.
What was your home like? My parents divorced when I was young.
Same here.
I was raised by my dad, a man-child genius surgeon.
I was the gardener, he was the flower.
Mm, the dots are connecting.
All this will be over soon.
Why are you still running? We spoke to Agent Barker.
They have everything they need to shut this down, and your FBI protection is right outside.
They're gonna put me in a hotel for the night.
Try and find the man we saw and arrest him.
And when they do you could stay.
Create that life you want, here.
The people who want to kill me have more than one soldier.
I hear that.
I'm so tired.
Tired of running.
Tired of fear.
Why don't you just give it the night? I'll walk you out, make sure the FBI tail's got your back.
Yeah, just this once.
You're up.
I thought you'd be passed out by now.
I slept for a few hours.
I'm awake now.
- So, how'd your surgery go? - I don't know.
I was asked to leave after I nearly paralyzed my patient.
What happened? It doesn't matter.
Kit gave me a week to pick a specialty.
So, you were right.
I can't do it all.
You push yourself too hard.
It's as if you have something to prove.
I do have something to prove.
I know you talked to Padma.
Why would you go behind my back like that? You knew exactly how I felt.
How would I? You don't even talk to me about it.
I should not have to explain why I don't want my boyfriend to have a baby - with my sister.
- That's not true.
I was trying to help, and I wish I never had.
But why can't you be honest with me about it? You do not want me to be honest with you, Devon.
Well, what is that supposed to mean? I don't want kids.
Not now, not in a few years, maybe never, okay? So, you lied to me.
I think, deep down, we both knew.
- I didn't know.
- Why else would you offer to father another woman's baby? This isn't about Padma.
You led me on.
Made me think that there was a chance.
A future for us.
And now there isn't? A future for us? I love you.
But not enough.
You want a baby more than you want me.
I want you.
I want us.
But I also want a family one day, and I never hid that from you.
I'm not gonna apologize for it.
I'm not going to apologize for wanting something different.
So, what are you saying then? That this is it? This is the end? Yeah.
I guess I am.
So, we haven't got a verdict on the venue, but we both agree it should - Be small.
- We'll invite a few friends and figure the rest out as we go.
Either way, it's gonna be perfect.
Well, not quite.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I would hate to disappoint you, darling.
That would be a terrible way to start a marriage.
Randolph Bell, will you marry me? Thank God because I can't return this.

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