The Resident (2018) s05e21 Episode Script


- Previously on The Resident - No way.
Is that the guy who killed Phoebe? He saw us with the FBI.
You want a baby more than you want me.
I want you, but I also want a family one day.
So what are you saying, then? This is it? Yeah.
Job well done.
Call me when you're off.
I'll meet you here this evening.
FBI? As long as I decide to stay at Chastain, they're giving me an armed escort.
You need that protection.
I used to have an extra room, but now it's Gigi's.
Thanks for letting me crash here last-minute.
I don't get it, man.
You guys always seemed really happy together.
I guess there was a problem all along.
Something big we never talked about, and when we started talking Hey, you mind if I use the bathroom? Shower is all yours.
The whole place is yours.
I'm gonna take Gigi to preschool.
if there's any way I can help.
You already have.
You know where Devon is? I keep texting him, - he's not responding.
- He's probably on his way.
He slept on my couch.
What, you don't spend enough time together? I think he just needed a place to crash for the night.
Well, I need him now.
We lost another ER doctor.
- What do you mean? - Sad day.
Cade gave notice.
Just up and quit.
You mean she's gone? Clearing out her locker.
Were you gonna say goodbye? Of course I was.
I took your advice, slept on it, made a decision.
Maybe it was the right one.
I certainly don't want you to be in danger.
No more Go Team, huh? No more torturing Irving.
That's what I'll miss the most.
And Hundley.
She's awesome.
I'll miss you.
We never really had a chance, did we? I thought we had a chance.
I hoped to break through the limits I've put on myself about getting close to people.
I wanted it to be different.
We did everything right.
We went straight to the FBI, played by the rules, it just still wasn't enough.
You still need to leave.
Look, I stay, the moment I let my guard down is when they'll get me.
Where will you go? If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
I tried to warn you, Hawkins.
I always disappear.
Nurse Allen to Residential Services.
Nurse Allen to Residential Services, please.
Bring it in here.
Ugh, I'm gonna miss you.
- Oh.
- There.
It's always too perfect.
What's going on? - I'm out of here, friend.
- No way.
You guys are the best.
I mean that.
Then don't leave us.
Ugh, I should have just snuck out.
This is too hard.
I love you all.
I'll walk you out.
Just this once.
This will be twice now.
You're getting soft.
Oh, and now I'm letting you open car doors for me? This is new.
Could have learned to like it.
I'd say "let me know where you are," but Yeah.
We were a good team.
Yes, we were.
I'll be thinking of you.
Stay safe.
Yeah, that's the idea.
Get down! Get down! You're okay.
I got you.
- Tell the ER to prep a trauma bay.
- Got it.
Multiple gunshot wounds, thready pulse! Am I dying? You're not gonna die.
I'm not gonna allow it.
Just hold my hand.
I don't want to die alone.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes! Okay, deep breath.
Wait, Doc, let me guess.
My lungs sound like Rice Krispies or Velcro It's always one of the two.
It's hard to tell if you keep talking, but yes, those are both key findings of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
I should have an honorary medical degree after these past two years.
I've seen every kind of doctor there is.
Well, except for a gynecologist.
He refused to believe the diagnosis for ages.
Well, I didn't feel like a man with a terminal disease.
Except for this cough.
- They told us he was - What, finished? - Yeah.
- Yeah, not a chance.
I am far too mean to die.
So, Doc, is it finally time for a transplant? I think so, Mr.
I've looked through your records and besides IPF, you are a young and healthy guy.
You got a strong support system here from Lola.
So, as far as I can see, you are an excellent candidate for a lung transplant, and I think we should do everything we can to get you on that list as soon as possible.
"Young and healthy"? Did you hear that, Lola? I like this man.
He should be a guest on my podcast.
How about it, Dr.
Pravesh? You get me new lungs and I will make you a star.
The next, uh, Dr.
That'll be a pass for me.
You a fan of my show? You know, sadly, I just don't have much time for entertainment these days.
Well, my podcast isn't entertainment.
I'm sure it's great Attention, please.
Active shooter alert.
Please remain where you are and await further instructions.
- Repeat - I-Is this a drill, Doctor? Please remain where you are and await further instructions.
Thank you.
There was a shooting outside the hospital.
The ER is closing, but you're gonna be safe up here.
I'll keep you updated, but in the meantime, a transplant surgeon's gonna come by to evaluate you and discuss next steps to get you on that list, okay? Yeah.
Weak carotid.
She's in hemorrhagic shock.
I want every unit of uncrossmatched blood we have in the hospital now.
On it.
We got you.
Can you get central access? Generous with the lido.
Subclavian it is.
What happened? Was it random or a patient or what? Definitely not random.
Conrad, I don't think she's protecting her airway.
We're gonna have to put in a breathing tube.
It's temporary.
I need to tell you, blood We've got transfusions coming.
Don't worry.
We've got you.
She's out.
Are you sure you're good? Good.
- E.
- Mm-hmm.
Advancing through the cords.
Let's get the vent on her.
I got it.
No chest rise on the left.
I don't hear any breath sounds on that side, either.
I got the page.
What do you need? Penetrating bullet wound to the left chest, another two in the abdomen.
- She needs a chest tube.
- I'm on it.
Tell me how I can help.
Units of O neg are waiting.
Grab them.
Doctor, are we safe in here? - Sandwich! I'm hungry! - I heard a doctor was shot.
- Oh, my God.
- Special Agent Garcia, FBI.
I've come to put the Chastain ER under lockdown.
Nobody comes through these doors for any reason.
Atlanta PD will be here in five.
All doctors and nurses are to show ID.
And I want all of these people out of here.
But these are patients.
That's our waiting room.
Not anymore.
- Come on, everybody.
- Let's go.
Hospital security to the ER.
Hospital security to the ER.
Line's in.
All right, I've got three units and a bag - of platelets and plasma.
- You got 'em? She's got free fluid in the right and left upper quadrant.
She's bleeding into her belly.
Simple pneumothorax.
Minimal blood in the chest.
All right, some good news.
No pericardial effusion, looks like the bullet just missed her heart and vessels.
But the other two hit her abdomen, shattered her spleen.
I just heard.
Any head trauma? I don't know.
She needs a baseline neuro exam.
Just heard from Bell.
He's pulling up.
All right, OR 1 will be ready in 15 minutes.
- Anesthesia will be waiting for you.
- Billie? I need to know.
- What? - Is her neuro exam okay? It's not like Nic.
You fix the rest of her, that brain will be just fine.
All right, let's prep her for surgery.
Let me know how I can help, please.
Hospital's on lockdown.
Go to the ER at Atlanta General.
- I'm the CEO.
- Surgeon.
How's she doing? We stabilized her enough to go to the OR, but it's bad.
This is related to the Medicare fraud ring.
Are we still keeping that a secret? No.
There's no need for secrets anymore.
Cade was a whistleblower.
She was working with the FBI.
Blew open a mob operation.
And they came for her.
Okay, then.
We were just about to take her to the OR when her pressure and sats dropped.
We're behind on resuscitating her with blood products.
Well, let's get a pressure bag on that blood.
All right, another unit going in.
There's no increase in abdominal free fluid.
She must be bleeding somewhere else.
No blood in the chest tube.
She's desatting.
Raise it to 100% on the vent.
Temp? 102.
She wasn't febrile before.
Stop the blood.
Hawkins, she'll bleed out.
No, she's not just losing blood.
- Her body's also destroying it.
- Transfusion reaction.
Yes, she tried to tell me something about blood.
She must have a rare type.
And we can't take her to the OR like this.
Any more blood could kill her.
- Okay, thanks.
- Talk to me.
The blood bank confirmed it.
Severe hemolytic - transfusion reaction.
- Didn't she get O negative? Yes, and that would be fine for most everyone else, but Cade reacted to it because she has a very rare blood type: Rh null.
Well, I hope they're prepping Rh null for the OR.
I mean, that's where she needs to go now.
We don't have any, and I bet that no one else - in Georgia does, either.
- If you operate and can't transfuse her, odds are, she won't - make it off the table.
- Yeah, but she's losing blood from her spleen and who knows where else as we speak.
If I sit on that, she'll die, for sure.
It's a risk we have to take.
All right, here's the plan.
You take her to the OR, remove her spleen.
Get in and out as quick as possible.
- Damage control.
- Yeah, I'll take out her spleen and fix whatever else could kill her, but this is a temporary solution.
And then bring her back to the ICU, keep her abdomen open.
Uh, so we're ready to get back into the OR as quickly as possible.
Once we get compatible blood.
- You want me in there? - No, there's no need.
What we're doing right now is just a Band-Aid.
It's quick and dirty.
But there will be a much larger surgery to put all this back together as soon as we get the blood.
- I will need you then.
- All right.
Let's get Dr.
Devi to assist.
Is she here? - I wouldn't know.
- I'll page her.
And I'll ask Billie to start the hunt for compatible blood.
Well, tell her to pull out all the stops.
I mean, I'll do what I can in there, but that blood is what's gonna save her.
Bell's on deck.
I need you in Cade's OR.
I'll be there.
Will she be okay? Don't ask questions.
Just focus.
The world doesn't stop.
I've got a patient.
He's kicking up a fuss.
He needs an expedited lung transplant eval.
- Can you do it? - Well, I'm all yours until they find blood for Cade.
Pulmonary fibrosis.
Meets BMI criteria, otherwise healthy.
Jimmy Miller.
The podcast host? - You've heard of him? - Yeah.
He's a nitwit.
He's a performance artist.
Says anything to get attention.
Anti-government, anti-gluten, whatever sells at the moment.
- Presently, he's anti-vax.
- Look, all transplant recipients need to be vaccinated.
For the flu, hepatitis Hepatitis, shingles, polio, pneumonia, COVID, diphtheria, pertussis, yada yada.
After a transplant, the meds we give you to keep you from rejecting your new lungs also make it hard for your body to fight off infections.
Leaving you vulnerable to any number of things that could destroy the precious lungs we give you.
These are my risks to reject or accept.
I will take my chances.
You can hold on to your position, but the cost is we can't list you.
Transplant programs simply can't give an organ to someone who refuses the necessary vaccines.
Look, there's got to be an exception for a guy like Jimmy.
- No exceptions.
- We can explain the science, right? There is no reason to fear vaccines.
They are the single greatest success story in medicine.
Prevention beats any treatment by light-years.
Yeah, this is about my principles.
Really? Is it about your principles or is it about remaining a hot topic? Hey, don't talk like that to Jimmy.
We're not forcing him to do anything, but the bottom line is you don't get a rare resource like new lungs if you're not vaccinated.
The risk of infection and death are too high.
Donated organs cannot be wasted on patients - who will not live to enjoy them.
- Hey.
My mind is made up.
I will never get vaccinated.
I came as quickly as I could.
OR 1.
Cade's already on the table.
Bell needs an extra set of hands.
Look, I know this is not the right time, but I'm guessing you heard about me and Devon and I just, - I hope you're not angry.
- I'm not angry, I'm stressed.
- We all are.
- It's not something I wanted.
Leela, it's your business.
And right now, I'm focused on Cade.
Of course.
That's where my focus is, too.
Sorry for the delay.
I couldn't believe when I heard.
Well, she has lost a lot of blood already, we have none to transfuse and when we open, she will bleed more.
Of course, we would all prefer that Dr.
Sullivan not bleed to death on this table.
So our goal is to keep blood loss to a minimum.
We have no reserve.
All right, then.
10 blade to me.
Damn it.
Devi, uh, take your hand and plunge it toward her back to find her spleen.
When you take it out, the bleeding will slow.
I'm-I'm where her spleen should be.
I can't find it.
- Dr.
Bell, take over.
- It's o-it's okay.
Take the retractor.
I got it.
Okay, now clamp it.
This is personal for all of us.
That's all the more reason not to panic.
You've got this.
Now staple it off.
- Good.
- Okay, spleen's out.
The bleeding is slowing.
But the pressure's still dropping.
She had multiple gunshot wounds.
Run the bowel.
- There might be a perf.
- Already on that.
I see one.
Okay, we'll cut out the damaged bowel.
We're getting cold here.
She's hypothermic.
Okay, that's all we can do.
We're out of time.
There's no time to repair the bowel.
So we'll staple it off on both sides.
We're going to leave her bowel in discontinuity? We will reconnect it when we come back later.
Jessica, give me all the lap pads you've got.
Let's jam them in there.
We have to stop the bleeding.
No, I said Rh null.
Okay, I understand.
Call me back if you find any matches.
- How is she? - Out of surgery.
Alive, but barely.
Where are we with the blood? I called up and down the East Coast.
Rh null is one of the rarest blood types in existence.
And even if we find blood, who knows how far away it'll be.
I just got off the phone with Cade's emergency contact Her father He is a peds surgeon at Seattle Children's.
He has the same blood type.
- When can he get here? - He's taking the red-eye, and he's gonna land at 6:50 a.
That means she'll be without blood for the next 16 hours at least? Cade knew she had a rare blood type.
Wouldn't she have banked some of it? Yeah, but not here.
I checked.
She wasn't planning on staying here long.
Where's the last place she worked? Atlanta General.
How is she? We managed a splenectomy and removed the perfed section of the bowel, but she's lost too much blood to do a definitive operation.
So until then, her bowel has to be disconnected.
Her abdomen has to remain open.
We're doing our best to find blood.
We have to figure out a way to work in the same hospital.
It's been less than 24 hours.
It's gonna be hard, but we just have to stay focused on being civil.
I know we can do that.
- How's she doing? - She's a bloody mess.
- They find the shooter? - The FBI is still looking.
Has your phone been ringing off the hook? I'm trying to head that off.
I have a press conference in 20 minutes.
I am so glad you were here to be the one to handle Cade's surgery.
Bullet wounds, FBI, a doctor shot in the street? Life is fragile.
- I'm so grateful for you.
- Oh, me too.
You know, poor Cade.
As far as I can tell, she's got no one.
Conrad's there for her.
- I can handle this.
- Well, we'll handle it together.
All I'm saying is I can run point if you want me to.
I know this is nothing like Nic, but she is a friend and a colleague that we want to save.
- The situation's got to be a trigger.
- No.
Not even close.
We can save Cade.
- Okay.
How? - Billie was right.
Cade did bank her own blood.
She moved it with her every time she switched cities.
There are two units at Atlanta General.
They're on the way now.
Great news.
Did you tell Bell to get the OR ready for when it gets here? On my way to do it.
All right.
I'll stay here and keep an eye on her vitals.
Remember, we have to watch her drainage, too.
Tells us what's going on in her abdomen.
- If it starts filling up with blood - I know all this.
I got it.
The lockdown of Chastain's ER created tremendous stress on the Atlanta hospital system.
I'm relieved to say that we are now open.
But our ER doctor who was shot is in critical condition.
Voss, since you're refusing to save Jimmy Miller's life, would you consider transferring him to another hospital? - Jimmy Miller? I - What if someone made a directed donation? How does Chastain respond to the accusation that you are punishing Miller for being anti-vax? Are you denying a patient life-saving organs - because you don't like his politics? - Are you? I'm here to discuss an act of violence against a health care professional, not Chastain's policy, which is consistent with policy throughout the country, requiring vaccination for transplant listing.
- Is this a UNOS requirement? - Jimmy Miller is the father of a young child.
Would you let him die? - Who the hell is Jimmy Miller? - He's a podcast host followed - by millions.
- Who apparently has been podcasting from his room, painting himself as the victim of the deep state's vaccine requirements for transplantation.
He needs new lungs, but he's anti-vax.
Since we can't list him here for a transplant, I'd like to transfer him someplace else.
Well, I called Atlanta General.
And, as with most hospitals, their rules are the same as ours.
What a circus.
On a day when we don't need any more chaos.
Look at this.
I'm in my hospital room at Chastain Memorial here in Atlanta, where doctors are refusing to list me - for a lung transplant.
- Oh, sorry.
Why? Because I won't get vaccinated.
Now, they say that I'm the perfect candidate.
They say that I'm running out of time.
And yet they're going to let me die because I will not give up control of my own body.
Nurse, help! Someone! I can't breathe.
He had a coughing fit and couldn't recover.
He needs a stat portable chest X-ray.
Call R and get him on a noninvasive.
And give him 40 of furosemide.
Drying him out a little bit won't hurt.
Help him! Just wait outside the room.
We will update you as soon as we get things settled, all right? I love you.
All right, Jimmy.
- Just take some deep breaths.
- And this is gonna do some of the work for you.
It's gonna help you breathe.
I lied before.
Get me lungs.
I'm vaccinated.
Cade's banked blood is here.
Just in time.
There's one unit in each of these.
Help me open them up.
They're frozen shut.
Cade must have banked them a long time ago.
Got it.
All right.
Now let's warm 'em up.
The bags are leaking.
We were careful.
How did that happen? Plastic must have cracked when it thawed.
Blood was frozen too long, and now all of it is contaminated.
Are we out of options? Both units lost? Okay, just let me know what I can do.
- He was lying.
- Who? Jimmy Miller.
Podcast host.
He's fully vaccinated.
He blurted it out when he couldn't breathe and felt what it's like to be dying.
Which means he technically meets our transplant criteria.
I even have his vaccination records.
That was his only barrier.
We need to list him.
We cure saints and sinners both.
Given the choice, we err on the side of second chances.
Yeah, but since we can't reveal to anyone that he's vaccinated, even his wife The public is going to think that we're violating our own rules.
It doesn't change the fact that he's now in compliance with our requirements.
I'll deal with the fallout later.
We have far bigger problems.
Cade's banked blood is unusable.
- Oh, no.
- And the Red Cross is coming up empty-handed.
They're broadening their search, but we all know how long that takes.
What if we don't give her blood at all? Devon is proposing we use Hemoglobin 2.
It is a blood substitute synthesized from cow hemoglobin that can carry oxygen - all around the body.
- Yeah, I'm familiar with it.
Supposed to save soldiers in combat who didn't have access to transfusion.
- Key words, "supposed to.
" - Yeah, exactly.
I mean, blood substitutes can be toxic.
Kidney damage, heart failure, death.
And they're not approved by the FDA.
I'm not crazy about the idea, but Cade will die if we don't do something.
The anecdotal evidence is promising.
The Cleveland Clinic recently used a similar blood substitute on a patient with hemorrhagic shock.
Saved her life.
I can connect you with the head of the company.
We're gonna need the FDA to get us expanded access and fast.
Slow down.
Let's just take a beat and talk this out, 'cause the risks are considerable.
Her lactate's climbing to five.
Crit is still falling, and creatinine's up to two.
I mean, what are we waiting for, for her to code? Well, let's say we give it to her and she dies and the Red Cross comes through moments later or her father arrives in time - to give blood.
- Every moment with a blood count this low is another moment her organs aren't perfused.
Brain included.
I'm with Conrad.
It's a temporary solution, but we can't just sit on our hands and wait.
All right.
Let's get the process started.
What's the good word? We're gonna list you for lungs.
Oh! Thank you, doctors.
Jimmy, you were right.
They changed their minds.
- Our policy hasn't changed.
- We only list patients for transplant if they've been vaccinated.
But you made an exception.
Of course they made an exception.
- They felt the public pressure and - No exceptions.
But if you didn't change your policy or make an exception, then Are you-are you saying Jimmy's vaccinated? - We did not say that.
- HIPAA privacy rules prohibit the release of protected health care information without consent.
- Oh, my God.
- Uh, Lola, take it easy.
I knew you lied about a lot of things.
It's like a game to you.
But you lied to other people, not to me.
At least, that's what I thought.
Tell me the truth right now.
Have you been vaccinated all along? Jimmy Jr.
got the measles because of you! No shots for your own son? He nearly died because it turned into pneumonia.
And I had a blood clot from COVID, and I was in the hospital for weeks, and you were vaccinated the whole time, you son of a bitch! HIPPA doesn't apply to me.
So the whole world will now know what a liar you are.
Lawyer up.
I'm divorcing you.
Bet it'll be extra sore with this many jabs.
One vaccine down, five to go.
Well, you're making the right choice.
Oh, I regret I didn't make it sooner.
At least I can do my part to help.
Stop some of the damage he caused.
"Vaccines: guess who got them? Begins with 'J' and ends with 'immy.
'" Plenty more to come.
I'm gonna get back at that man using the only language he cares about.
All right, hit me again.
- Dr.
Conrad Hawkins? - Yeah.
I got your HB 2.
Just need to see your ID.
Thank you for getting here so quickly.
You caught a break.
I was at Emory today.
You're a first-time user, yes? Yeah, but I've read up on it.
Start slow.
Monitor her heart rate, blood pressure.
Pressure will shoot up quick.
You don't want her to stroke out.
Once you give it, your lab may refuse to run the samples.
They'll say they're hemolyzed.
Tell them to do it anyway.
Uh, ignore the crit.
Trust your hemoglobin.
Don't look at her sat, either.
That's gonna drop.
It's not real.
Get a blood gas.
- Text me with any questions.
- All right, will do.
And, uh, don't forget to snap a photo when she's better.
I collect them.
Thank you.
She's maxed out on norepinephrine and vasopressin.
I'll hang an epi drip.
All the pressors in the world aren't gonna do anything if she hasn't got any blood.
I'm gonna hang another bolus of albumin.
Maybe buy us some time.
It's here.
All right.
Time to make a miracle, gents.
All right.
Damn it.
Her sats are dropping.
It's not a real reading.
The HB 2.
0 interferes with the probe's ability to measure her oxygen level.
She's okay.
Just wait.
That's the best pressure we've seen - all day.
- Okay, this is her window.
I'll get the team to meet me in the OR.
They've got her, Conrad.
I hope so.
What are you most worried about? That I decided on the HB 2.
0 too soon and she'll have some complication.
You didn't have any other choice.
We both know that.
I'm very worried about Cade.
But I'm also worried about you.
Devon already covered that territory.
I'm okay.
Are you really? I think the question everyone's thinking and no one is saying is How personal is this, Conrad? - It's personal for all of us.
- That's not what I'm asking.
Are you in love with Cade? No.
Are you sure? No.
What do you mean? She knew she had to leave, so we didn't go there.
She put up barriers to protect herself.
So did I.
What are your barriers? Ah, it's obvious.
It always comes back to Nic.
Something stops me, and it's not just with Cade.
It's with It's with others, too.
What stops you? I'm not sure.
Am I protecting myself, maybe? 'Cause I can't face another loss like that.
And-and do I feel like I'm cheating on Nic? I don't know.
Um All I know is that whatever I feel only goes so far.
And then the walls come up.
Maybe you just need a little push.
How's it going? They're prepping her as carefully as they can.
But I think they're ready now.
Those laps pads are all that's staunching the bleeding.
Pulling them out could unleash a torrent.
If it does, her survival depends on that team.
Okay, on three.
- Let's do it.
- One, two, three.
I need suction in here.
2-0 stick tie to me now.
More suction.
All right, bleeding is coming from the lesser sac.
I need better retraction.
Our pressure isn't pretty, team.
I'm giving more blood substitute.
Damn it, the bowel's more injured than anticipated.
I'm gonna try and save it.
We got a bleeder at the head of the pancreas.
And at the stump of the splenic artery.
I need to tie it off.
I'm dangerously close to the SMA.
More suction.
Come on, I need help here.
She made it through the night? Yeah.
Do you think she'll live? I don't know.
But if she does, the question is is she gonna have permanent brain damage? We're going to extubate her now.
We're gonna know more soon.
I want to be hopeful, but she lost so much blood.
That's a sickening thought, given how Nic died.
It's like he wants to relive what happened to Nic and rewrite the ending.
I wish we could rewrite our ending.
I never saw it coming.
I want us to find ground we can stand on somehow so we can work together.
I can't imagine that right now.
I guess we're both hurting.
"Liar, liar, super-vaxxed pants on fire.
" "How many people died because he lied?" - It's a temporary reaction.
- Yeah, well, dishonesty is a self-inflicted wound.
Sure, it brought you fame, but the truth always comes out, and now you have to deal with the reactions.
They're talking about me.
There's no such thing as bad press.
And I know how to deal with this.
They need a new villain.
Lola will fill that bill.
Ah, let me guess.
Because she went public online and called you out as vaccinated, - you're going to say she's lying.
- You know how many people who say they're anti-vax are really vaccinated? Do they all lie to their wives? I didn't lie to her.
She's the liar, looking for a big divorce settlement.
Hell, she cheated on me.
And that's what you're gonna tell your audience.
And they'll believe me.
Because they want to.
Look, nobody cares anymore if you lie.
They're happy to believe pure fiction.
Well, good doctors care, Mr.
If we didn't, our patients would die.
Including you.
There would be no such thing as organ transplants.
Blah, blah, blah.
All you doctors want to do is bully people.
Do you always resort to personal attacks when you lose an argument? You bet I do.
Because it works.
Well, I'm not here to debate you.
I have other patients to tend to.
I'm just here to let you know that you cannot have a transplant at Chastain.
Vaccines are not the only thing you need to be listed.
You also have to have someone who's willing to be your caregiver for a year after the transplant.
That would have been your wife.
Well, I'll find someone else.
Well, the thing is it can't be someone you pay.
That's what the rules say.
It has to be someone who actually cares about you.
You think I don't have that? You tell me.
You know what? I am done with you.
I'm gonna get myself to another hospital.
Good luck with that, Mr.
Hey, partner.
I can't tell you how happy I am to hear those two words.
You must have had some drama.
Any pain? Not too much.
I must be on some fine drugs.
Well, I made sure of that.
Thank you.
It's good news.
Your neuro exam is pristine, Dr.
And it makes me very happy to say that.
It'll be a long recovery, but you're on your way.
And we have more good news.
More blood, your type, just arrived downstairs.
Your father's here.
Just flew in from Seattle.
Came straight from the airport.
I am so sorry to do this.
I hate people who jump the line, but this is an emergency.
My name is Dr.
Ian Sullivan.
I'm here to save my daughter's life.

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