The Responder (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 All right, we will We'll try something different.
- I want to talk.
- Of course.
Yeah, well, I ca I can't.
'Cos I 'm wra I'm wrapped up in here, you know.
Look, I want to speak.
I want to speak.
I want to believe in you.
That you can help me.
But I've got another week of nights stretching out in front of me.
And I can feel it.
I'm going to crack.
Then let me help you, then.
Tell me what you want from this? I want to be a good bobby.
I want to do good things.
Yeah? I want to be normal.
Delta Patrol are you able take a look at a report of youths causing rather a lot of annoyance on Park Street, please? And I 'll get home and I lay down and die Anyone available to respond to that last shout, please? I won't cry No, I won't shed no tears And when the dog that bites has got me And this guy appears to be dressed.
At least from the waist up.
Do we have anyone available for a call marked IRIR, please? Anyone at all, Delta? Instant response, I'm sorry to say it's 24B Stirling Avenue again.
Oh ga-ga, oh ga-ga, oh ga-ga, oh ga-ga.
God, you've polished off some of that! Where are you storing all that food? Little chipmunk cheeks? Sausage and mash again? - Yeah, she likes it.
- She had it last night.
Beans last night, peas tonight.
Peas tonight.
She's going to turn into a sausage.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- Hey! - She got it.
- Close.
- She got it.
I got that.
The door, upstairs? - Sorry.
- It's OK.
''Fee-fi-fo-fum,'' said the giant as he hunted for Jack.
Who bought you this? Nanny.
- Do you like it? - It's OK.
It's not Pixar though, is it? No.
It's boring.
- Read it though, please? - Oh, it's rubbish.
I know, but I like you reading it.
- Right.
Where were we? - The fee-fi bit.
The fee-fi bit.
- So, listen.
- Yeah? The giant is running after Jack and he's going to kick his head in.
He's going, ''Fee-fi-fo I'm going to batter you, you little'' So Jack was a little bit of a coward, if the truth be told.
He does a runner.
He slides down the beanstalk so fast he gets a burn right on his bum.
Right? You know like when you go down a rope at school.
You've got no control over it! It barks and it barks and it barks! I can't hear the TV! I hear it in the bedroom, in the living room.
It's every night! I swear to God, one of these days I'm going to take that dog He poo'd all over the landing.
I could taste it while I was having me supper.
- Supper? Who do you think you are? - Right.
- Trevor, take it down, mate.
- He threatened me.
I threatened nobody.
That dog I'm trying to have me dinner! I 'll make a complaint about him.
Nobody's making a complaint, all right? - He's a pedophile.
- I'm not a pedophile.
Jesus Christ.
He sits there all day on his computer, wanking.
- I do not.
- I don't care if he does.
God knows what he's looking at.
- I'm not wanking.
- Fucking hands down, right? With his bog roll and his underpants round his ankles.
Wank, wank, wank.
Mary, keep your fucking voice down and get the dog in the flat before I throw it over the fucking side.
- All day, she leaves it out here.
- I know, I know what she does.
'Cos you told me last night, didn't you? And three times last week.
- I can't take much more - Why are you doing this to me? - What? I I don't know what.
- Answer the question, Trevor.
'Cos I've only been on duty five minutes, and here I am again.
- But the poo! - Do you think I enjoy it? - No.
- Finally! Come on, mate.
Look, I'd get more sense out of that dog than I would with her, right? But you, you are just this side of normal.
I'm fucking I'm fucking struggling here, mate.
- Do you understand me? - But the poo! Right.
If you do this one more time, I'm going to fucking kill you.
Do you understand me? All right? All right, good man.
Go inside now.
Get inside, Trev.
Good lad.
I came here to get fixed.
And we both know I'm not fixed.
If you take care for yourself and you support yourself and most of all, you be kind to yourself .
that will help.
I know.
But at the moment it feels, like you're just dropping me off and driving away.
- I've given you the tools.
- Have you? I don't mean that.
Yeah, I know you have.
You have.
But I can't keep going home to them, right, like this.
I'm a fucking shell.
The job has ruined me.
Every night there's spit on me face, there's blood on me boots.
And it never stops.
- It's such important work.
- Hmm.
Is it? I don't think it is.
I think it's whack-a-mole.
Except the moles wear trackies.
But you need to focus on the good that you do.
I can't remember the last time I did some good.
I don't think that's true.
It is.
- Yeah? - Have you seen her? - Who? - Casey.
- Mate, I'm in the middle of working here.
- I need to speak to her.
- Who? - Who the f You've got me swearing in front of our Lexie here.
Say hello from me.
Say hello yourself, after you've found Town Centre Casey.
No, mate, I can't do that.
- Oh, come on, lad.
Sort it for me.
- I'm not picking anyone up for you.
But I need to speak to her.
I'm working, Carl.
I thought we had an understanding that when I'm working we leave it alone? Understandings are out the window, lad.
I just need Casey.
- What's up? - Nothing to do with you.
No, you asking me to find her is making it to do with me.
She's just a baghead, why do you want her? - She owes me.
- So I'm a debt collector now? Oh, why're you making a song and dance out of this? Just help me out, mate.
No, I'm not making a song and dance out of it.
But it's not what our thing is, is it? Our thing is Jesus Christ.
You've got more song and dance than Sammy Davis Junior.
Find Casey.
Piss off, Carl.
She shouldn't be watching this, Carl.
It's got killing in it.
I'm all right.
It's not real killing.
How many times? She's too young.
Go brush your teeth.
Hey, hugs.
- I've got to go out, babe.
- Why tonight? Because there's no rest for the wicked.
And you of all people should know that.
- Mm.
- Mm.
You shouldn't be watching that, it's got killing in.
Just go, knob-head.
- Love you.
- Love you too, so be careful.
- Give me the weed.
- Haven't got any weed.
Just give me the weed.
- I don't smoke weed no more, me, man.
- Piss off, Marco.
All right, empty your pockets.
Fucking hell, lad.
This is bang out of order, this, you know.
Bang out of order.
Well, don't make me put my hand up your arse.
- You'd like that, wouldn't you? - Is that everything? - I can fucking hear you jangling, lad.
- Jesus Christ, lad.
- All right, where's the weed? - There isn't any weed.
- Why don't you believe me? - Because you're a liar, it's what you do.
- Shit, this.
- Tell you what, though.
- Where did you get this money? - It's me dole.
Where did you get this money? You asking me, yeah, and then hitting me, - not going to make me tell you.
- Hey.
Whoa, will you stop hitting me! Fucking hell.
Pick it up, Marco.
Do you know Casey? Town Centre Casey? Where is she? - Town centre, probably.
- I swear to God, mate.
All right, fucking hell.
- Erm, she's dosses round the shops.
- Right.
Which shops? - The derelict shops.
- They're all derelict, narrow it down.
The town centre shops, man.
- Get in.
- Hey, lad.
Only pigs and grasses in the front.
I'd get my fucking head kicked in if I get in front seat.
Get in back.
I don't fucking care.
What about me bike? Christ.
What? Any need, like? Jesus Christ.
- So you're not dealing, Marco? - As if I'm going to tell you.
- How else have you got hundred quid? - I got skills, man.
No, man.
You haven't.
You're a thick twat, but you have got hundred quid.
- I've done a man a favour.
- What man? What favour? You trying to be the detective again, lad? - I tell between us, yeah? - Yeah.
- You know Snide Nige? - No.
Well, I sat on some gear for him.
Gear? Ah, like, jarg clothes.
Weren't nothing heavy.
Just tracksuits and that.
But good copies though.
You know what I mean? Smart.
Get you one if you want, lad? Nice tracky and trabs.
Smarten you up dead cheap, lad.
What do you want to do with your life, Marco? I mean, you must have some sort of plan? Is this where you talk to me like you're me dad? You haven't got a fucking dad.
- It's just pointless, innit? - What? - You.
I'm not being rude.
- Oh, my God.
You are being rude.
Seriously, lad.
You're the absolute definition of rude, everybody says it.
Everybody? Yeah, man.
You are rude to everyone out here.
- We all hate you.
- We? Not me, like.
Don't take it personal.
I'm just saying, you know.
Your life, there's no point to it.
- I've got me kid.
- You've got a kid? Yeah, man.
- Get lost.
How old are you? - 18.
Fucking You look about 40.
There you go again.
You being rude.
She lives with her mum.
Me kid, she lives with her ma.
- Do you see much of her? - Nah.
- Why not? - She's a slag.
- Your kid? - Oh.
Her ma, you bellend.
You should see your kid.
- I ain't got time.
- What else you doing, you lazy bastard? Hey, have you got kids? - Yeah, I've got a daughter.
- Do you see her? - Yeah, she lives with me.
- And your bird? Yeah.
- Do me head in, that.
- What? Living with your girl? - Living with anyone.
- I don't think you need to worry, mate.
I wouldn't mind a house and that though, with a garden, so me baby's ma and her could stay sometimes.
My dad never lived with us as kids, so .
it'd be good to be like a family, do you know what I mean? Maybe even go for walks, down the beach even.
- Marco? - What? I'm not really arsed, to be honest.
Rude, him.
- Where's Casey? - Everyone's out looking for her.
- And yet you're in here.
- The whole crew's looking for her.
I've checked everyone.
I mean your fucking mat, the fucking postman, the fucking cat, them girls in there.
Including you.
Yeah, yeah, fair enough.
Wait there.
Come out.
Come on, kid.
Come out or I'll send the dog in.
You haven't got a dog.
There aren't no warrants out for me.
No, nobody wants you but me.
Good girl.
That's it.
- Oi.
He made me bring him, Casey.
- Bad grass, you.
Empty your pockets for weed.
I want a woman to search me.
Give me your money.
- What? - I'll pay you back.
Shit, he never pays.
Good lad.
You want that? Empty your pockets.
- How much? - What's there? - 30.
- Done.
- Shut up.
- 30? I don't believe this.
- There you go.
- Ta.
- That it? - No.
What? Casey, have you fallen out with someone? - No.
What've you heard? - You're lying low.
- Why not go to a hostel? - It does my head in there.
It's better than bin bags.
What would you know? Stay there.
Tell me what's happening, maybe I can sort it.
Nothing's happening.
Whatever it is you've done, you need my help.
You're chatting to the wrong people.
- Where are you going? - I got places to be, people to see.
- Be careful.
- Fuck off, knob-head.
Oi, I heard Carl Sweeney's looking for her.
See you, Marco.
- Got any change, like? - Yeah, man.
- You're taking the fucking piss, lad.
- Sorry? I said, ''see you later.
'' Any patrols to attend a serious RTC on the Mainlax Road, please.
Delta units, please be advised at the scene of the RTC, there are two casualties seriously injured who are now en route to the Royal via ambo.
Further regarding the RTC on the Mainlax, patrols required to assist in the recovery of body parts, Delta.
Anyone to assist with the above, please? Found it.
- Hey.
- Can you talk? Yeah, I'm just sitting off.
- Are you OK? - Tilly's still awake.
- Why? - I keep telling you.
Lately she's getting out of her bed and getting into ours as soon as you leave.
- She won't sleep when you're on nights.
- Sorry.
You think we should talk about your therapy? Right.
Your sessions finish this week and I was thinking maybe we Could you ask for more sessions? Maybe, maybe we could both go? Look.
They they won't give me more.
We could maybe go private? It could do us both good.
Darling, I don't think it's me.
You know, just sitting there, talking.
I feel like I'm wasting her time, my time.
Talk to me, then? You are disappearing these last few months.
You won't take my hand.
Four-seven Delta.
You won't take my hand when I'm trying to pull you back - and I'm sick of trying.
- Yeah.
Go ahead.
Can you take a look at a report of a sudden death for me, please? Kate, I've got to go.
I'm sorry, OK.
- It's Mrs Robinson.
- Right.
You? Or in there? Oh, no, here.
In there.
The living room.
You won't be needing that now, love.
At least you're in your own home, eh, love? Do you mind? I just need a Thanks.
Won't be long.
Alpha one-four-seven.
Yeah, confirmed.
Elderly deceased female.
No sus circs, but I'm going to need the doctor to come out.
- Do you require supervision? - Negative.
Good, 'cos you haven't got any.
How the hell do I know what that is in inches? Didn't you go to school? Do you know, like, a massive box of washing powder? Nah, like, the really big ones? Yeah, so it's like three of them.
It's more coke than you've seen in your life, mate.
Nah, I'm not taking the piss - Hey, you got a spare ciggie, mate? - Nah, sorry.
- Not fucking now, Marco.
- How how's it going? I'm fucking busy, lad.
Casey's just been with the busy, you know.
He let her go.
What? Come on.
Fucking 'ell, where is she now? Oh, I don't know, lad.
Hey, any channy of a lift? Fuck off, you prick.
- Was your nan ill? - Bad heart.
- How old are you, mate? - 16.
Me mum, she's on her way over from work.
We can do this later if you want? I can talk to your mum when she gets here.
But we do have a lot of work to be doing.
- It's all right.
- You sure? Yeah.
I'm sorry about this.
Do you mind? - What? - Why you dodging me? I fucki I told you, I'm at work, for Christ's sake.
I'm not in the mood for you ringing me every two minutes moaning.
Yeah, well, fucking get in the mood, dickhead.
All right? Get in it and get in it now.
- Where's Casey? - I don't know.
Don't know.
You do know.
I fucking don't.
You fucking do know.
I know you do, because I've been told you do, lad.
You found her and you let her go.
Why are you lying to me? Eh? After all these years? Thought we were mates? After all I've done for you.
I've given you free money, lad.
- It's not free money.
- Why you saying that? Listen, I'm not saying you've not been good to me, right.
I'm just saying I've done my bit.
This isn't my thing, mate.
I'm down for the odd number plate check.
I'm not Dog the Bounty Hunter.
How hard can it be to catch a fucking baghead? You seem to be struggling.
Look, just leave her alone, Carl.
Christ, she's just a kid.
You've let me down, lad.
Thing is, I can't figure out what the problem is.
- This problem between us, now.
- Carl, there's no problem.
ls it the mental thing? Look, I don't I don't want to say this, you know what I mean? 'Cos we're mates and all that, but you're making me say it.
Say what? You don't have a choice.
Bring me Casey.
No excuses this time.
- Did you hear me? - Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
All right, then.
You go and find her so we can put this to bed, eh? - Sorry about that.
Where were we? - You OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Thanks for asking.
I want to be a copper.
So, your nan was unwell? Yeah, erm, she had cancer, you know? And angina.
She's been feeling rough for the past week or so.
Sleeping and that.
That's why I was going to bring her some soup from me ma.
- And that's that? - Yeah.
- Did she like soup? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Did she have her favourite? - Pea and ham.
Do you know, I love a bit of pea and ham.
Come on, mate.
Come on, now.
I If I came earlier, I-I could have helped her.
Mm-hmm, she was already gone, mate.
You're not to blame.
People get old, right, then they die.
It's nobody's fault.
So just let it out, right? Because life is shit .
and there's no harm crying about it once in a while.
Is there, eh? You didn't get very far, did you, love? Eh? - Doctor Sutherland.
- Hello, Doctor.
She's just in here.
Is this her? Well, yeah.
Age? Been here a while.
I know how she feels.
It's a busy night.
Pea and ham.
You think that's appropriate? Well, I think it's home-made.
You said it yourself, Doc, it's a busy night.
Have you seen Casey? Been to a rally.
Where is she? Right, she isn't there.
- Hey, lad.
- Yeah, what do you want, bizzie? - Do you know Casey? - Leave a message, yeah.
Look, she's in the shit.
You seen Casey? Have you seen Casey? Need you to call me.
It's urgent.
It's about Casey, yeah? Where is she? Come on, mate, pick up.
Pick up Oh, shit.
Hi, you all right? - All right? - Yeah, good.
How's the sudden death? Dead as fuck.
- Rachel needs a sudden death.
- Yeah Yeah, don't we all? - For her training.
- No, mate, yeah, I got it.
Yeah - How's your mum? - Yeah, she's hanging on, you know.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
Listen, mate, I better crack on.
- Yeah, same as.
- No worries.
- Stay safe.
- Take it easy, mate.
See you later.
Yeah, what? You looking for Casey, lad? What's it worth? A tenner, right? I'll give you a tenner.
Why do you want her? Because - Will you bring it straight down, yeah? - Yes.
Yes, all right.
All right, she's here, lad, on Eggy Road.
Just gone into Khan's Kebabs.
- What, now? - I am looking at her, lad.
- You sure? - Yeah, man, now.
- You're looking at her now? - She's ordering a spicy donner, lad.
Right, I'll be there in five.
He's a bit weird, isn't he? Chris? I've worked with worse.
Do you like him? It doesn't matter if I like him.
He's pretty rude.
Has he been out of order to you? Is ignoring me out of order? Because if it is, he has.
He's just quiet.
I heard stories about him.
- From who? - The nick.
Coppers are worse than old women.
Are they true? Part of the job is working with people who .
you wouldn't be friends with them if you met them in real life.
- Real life? - Out there.
Look, I know some of the fellas have it in for him, but he was a cracking bobby back in the day, you know.
A good sergeant, too.
What happened, then? It's complicated.
How complicated can it be? You haven't been here long, have you? Fuck sake.
Casey! - No trouble.
- Sorry, mate.
- Get here.
- All right.
- Look, you don't have to grab me.
- Yeah, I do, actually.
Behave yourself.
Thanks, Spence.
I'm not shagging ya.
Who mentioned sex? Where are you taking me, then? On a message.
You're working for Carl Sweeney, aren't you? What do you know about Carl Sweeney? I know he's a blert, who's going to kick me head in.
Is that where you're taking me? - Nobody's going to kick your head in.
- You sure about that? What's he going to do to you if I'm there? Oh, he'd walk right through you.
I'm a copper.
Nothing's going to happen.
How long have you known me? No, come on, how long? - Four year or something? - Right.
And have I always been fair with you? - No.
- Fucking hell.
Everyone says he owns a copper.
I should have known it was you.
Why should you have known it was me? 'Cos you're mad, aren't you? You're the fucking loon.
No, I'm not.
You always look like you're going to start crying.
- I don't.
- You do.
You cried that time Jumbo jumped off the car park.
- I didn't.
- Ah, you did.
Everyone saw ya.
He wasn't even dead.
- He only broke his leg.
- I'm not who you think I am.
Oh, you don't even know what I think about you.
Yeah, I do my best.
You work for a drug dealer.
Don't feel bad about it.
You got to do what you got to do.
He's going to batter me, though.
I'm fucked.
Why's he so angry with you? 'Cos I robbed his cocaine.
Just pay him back, then.
No, I robbed all his cocaine.
You what? Right, how much? Like, that.
Oh, fuck! What were you going to do with that much coke? I was just in Willo's gaff and he was stoned, so I robbed it! I just didn't think it through.
Well, you should have.
I'm a smackhead.
Thinking shit through's not a strong point.
Right, just give it him back.
- I can't.
- Why not? 'Cos it got robbed off me.
Fucking hell! Who by?! I don't know! I was off me cake.
And now he's going to kill me 'cos I can't give him it back! Look, he's not going to hurt you if I'm here.
Oh, fuck off.
We've discussed that! Chris, I'm dead! - Cocaine? - Yeah You're a fucking nightmare.
Sorry! Don't, lad.
Don't you dare.
Don't you You're a fucking liability.
You are dead, lad! Do you hear me?! You're dead! They aren't following us.
Are you mental? A hammer? Lad, I swear down, I didn't know he had it.
Oh, piss off, Carl.
Why didn't you tell me what was going on? I told you she owed me, and she owes me.
What else do you want to know? Bang out of order! This isn't my game, mate.
It's not what we do.
I need that gear, lad.
I have gone all in, and I am fucked! Do you understand me? 'Cos I can't pay what I owe.
How's that my problem? It just fucking is, dickhead! Fuck.
Thank you.
Right, is there somewhere you can go? Take us back to town.
No, you can't go back to town, Casey! All right? He's going to be looking for you in town.
Have you got somewhere you can go that's far away? Me Auntie Kathy lives in Leeds.
But I ain't got any money or nothing.
Listen What happened to the money I gave you tonight? - Spent it.
- Already? I've got overheads.
Jesus Christ.
Liverpool's a small place when you're trying to hide, isn't it? You are a nightmare.
Well, it's not my fault.
Whose fault is it? Fucking Thatcher? It's - I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I know.
Fucking Right, that's enough for the tickets.
Go to Lime Street.
The last train leave in an hour.
Can I have something for a butty? What? You're a smackhead, you don't eat.
I'm starving.
I know you're taking the piss.
- Thank you.
- I'm not a mug.
I know.
And I mean it, thanks.
Right, come 'head.
Erm Look Care for yourself.
Support yourself.
And be kind to yourself Don't laugh.
I'm fucking - What? - What? Look, someone said it to me the other day.
Don't fucking laugh Right, do what you like.
I don't care.
Listen, not a word about this, OK? You're talking bollocks! You should come with me.
Carl's not just going to stop, you know.
What's he going to do? I'm a bizzie.
Are you? Fuck Fucking hell Delta Romeo 4-7? Delta Romeo 4-7.
Go ahead.
Job marked instant response.
Sorry to say, it's 24B Stirling Avenue again.
- Jesus Christ - Sounds of screaming and reports of a knife.
I was just about to clock off, Delta.
Apologies, mate.
Eh, instant response.
Christ almighty Leave me alone! He says he's going to kill Trixie! He's got a knife! Did you see a knife? She's just a little thing! - Did he have a knife, Mary? - He's going to kill her! Does he have a knife?! Get in there.
Get in your flat.
Stay there.
Trevor? Come on, mate.
I'm sick of this.
Open the door, will ya? Get back in to that flat! I'm not joking, Mary! Jesus Christ.
Trevor! Fucking hell, Carl! Shut the fuck up! - He said he's going to kill Trixie! - Jesus Christ.
Right, if you come out again, you're going to spend the night in a cell.
Stay in there! Right.
Who is it? Fuck! You know who the fuck it is! Open the door, you fucking nonce! If you don't open this door, I'm coming through it, and then I'm going to come through you.
I'm going to count to three.
One, two All right.
I'm putting the chain on Fucking hell! Have you got a knife?! Where's the dog?! She she she said he, uh.
he had a knife, you know.
Where? You need to sort this shit out, yeah? Got you.
Sorry about that.
He kicked off, so I had to drop him.
Why isn't he under arrest, then? If he assaulted him, he should be under arrest, shouldn't he? He didn't kick off.
Mate, you saw the way he was holding No, we didn't see anything.
We're already back at the nick, getting ready to go home, yeah? Oh Well, you know, he kicked off.
He's a mess.
- Who asked you? - You're supposed to be a police officer.
Is that right? Come on, lad.
You need to sort yourself out, mate.
Fuck me.
You broke your ribs? No.
I landed on the recycling.
Fuck, what am I going to do here? I'm sorry for causing you trouble.
Stop saying you're sorry.
- I won't say anything.
- Well, you can say what you want.
Just don't say sorry.
I won't say you hit me if you don't arrest me.
I shouldn't have hit you.
She said I had a knife.
I did tell her I had a knife.
I suppose I did have a knife.
But it was for me beans.
How do you feel now? Chris? I still get it It's it's still there.
Hm What's still there? Try.
You just shut me down.
Just like that, you shut me down.
I don't have a voice here? - Time and place.
- Really? That's what you're saying? Do you want him to lose his job? He shouldn't be in the job, Phil.
Look at the state of him.
He's under a lot of pressure.
And you kicking off at him, or making unfounded Unfounded? We saw the man on the floor, holding his face.
You even said he was out of order.
- I know what I'm talking about.
- And I don't? No.
If you've got a problem with a fellow officer, save it till you're back at the nick.
You're supposed to be teaching me how to do the job properly.
- And I am.
- No.
Honestly, Phil, you're really not.
Come on, mate.
All right, see you later, yeah? Go on.
Adam! Adam, wait there, mate.
All right, listen, you have a smashing day, yeah? You be a good boy, yeah? OK, let's go.
See you later, son.
See you, mate.
Thanks so much.
What the hell are you doing texting me at tea-time? I I'm sorry.
I just.
I just wanted to chat.
So, you just text me out of the blue while Chris is sitting opposite me? - I didn't think.
- Hmm.
I was just a bit fed up and .
I thought you might want to talk, too.
I don't know.
I was having dinner with my husband and daughter I know you're as fed up as I am.
I love my husband, Ray.
Mr Carson? Invoice for you, sir.
Hey, Mum.
Here's my hero policeman.
How you doing? You're late.
Well, it was a busy night.
Did you sleep? It's you who should be worrying about sleeping.
You should be going home to bed.
Coming round here every morning.
Kate and Tilly will want to see you before school.
Well, they know where I am.
They'll think you don't want to go home.
- They popped in yesterday.
- Mm.
She brought me them lovely flowers.
Oh, right, yeah.
You look shattered.
I wish you'd get some decent sleep.
Well, I'll sleep when you do.
I'm scared I won't wake up.
You're not dead yet.
I want to get the most out of this place.
It costs enough.
How was your night? It was OK.
You know, it was the usual.
You know what, actually I did a good thing.
Isn't that what you're supposed to do, anyway? I suppose so, yeah.
So, what was it? The good thing.
It was just a thing for someone who normally doesn't matter.
Everyone matters.
Mm, they don't, Mum.
Not really.
So, what made this someone matter this time? Well, she's in a hole, and I pulled her out.
Might make a difference for a change.
Hey, you all right? You all right? I'm fine - Do you want me to close that? - No.
It's a bit cold.
It's nice I like it, the breeze.
Hey, do you still want to? You could get into trouble.
Hm, trouble's my middle name.
You worry about you.
Your middle name's Perry.
And I have to worry about you because you don't worry about yourself.
Do you remember when I used to roll cigarettes for Dad? Do you remember, Mum? No.
Do you remember when I dropped his bag of baccy? You do.
Come on, you must do.
I don't.
And if I did If I did, I'd say I did.
But I don't.
All right.
'Cos I know the damage it does.
Living with a monster.
But you're not a monster, Chris.
'Cos that was your dad, and this is you.
You sure about that? Yes, I am.
Maybe speak to your wife about your fears? How would that go? Well, she wants us to talk.
She wants us to be a fam I can't I can't show them this, can I? I love them too much.
You think you're being clever 'cos you've got some saviour complex over Casey.
Well, you've made a bad mistake, lad.
Another one in a long line of them.
But this one is the worst.
And this one is going to cost you, lad.
Nah, I'm still here, aren't I? Do you want to buy some drugs? Coke.
Ten grands' worth.
Well, yeah, I'm serious.
I am.
Money first, 'cos you're a blert and I don't trust you.
I'll come to yours.

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