The Responder (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 I came to get fixed.
We both know I'm not fixed.
The door upstairs? Sorry.
Talk to me, then.
He shouldn't be in the job, Phil.
Look at the state of him! [SCREAMING.]
You're supposed to be a police officer.
I can't remember the last time I did something good.
Casey! You're workin' for Carl Sweeney, aren't ya? Why's he so angry with you? 'Cos I robbed his cocaine.
- Just give it him back.
- I can't.
- Why not? - 'Cos it got robbed off me.
Chris, I'm dead! You are dead, lad! I did a good thing for someone who normally doesn't matter.
Everyone matters.
They don't, Mam, not really.
Nah, I'm still here, aren't I? Do you want to buy some drugs? I know you're as fed up as I am.
I love my husband, Ray.
I can't keep going home to them like this.
The job has ruined me.
Delta patrol, anyone in the town centre, keep an eye out for a male reported Go on, then.
Anyone out there that can take a look at a report of a sudden death, please? Anyone at all? [LAUGHTER ON VIDEO.]
Oh Oh, no Oh, what? I'll fuckin' kill ya! Get off! [CHUCKLES.]
Shit! Get off! [WOMAN.]
Somebody help her! Somebody get some help! [GROANING.]
All right? Three sugars, please, love.
What are you doing in my house? Sorry, lad.
I was on my way home from the gym.
I thought you might be here.
Get out of there, Carl.
Yeah, yeah, she's made up to see me.
Listen, do you know that blue jacket I lent you? How dare you come to my house? How fucking dare you? He thinks it's in the wardrobe upstairs.
Delta Patrol, Charlon Street! We need help! - Or the spare room.
- I didn't even know he had it.
Last time I lend him anything, anyway.
Delta 5-4-6 needs backup on Charlon Street.
Any other units available? Listen, lad, I can just walk into your house and turn your life to shit.
Get out now.
- How long have you known me, eh? - [SIREN BLARES.]
I mean, haven't I been a good mate to you? Fuck.
I will kill you.
Don't you threaten me, lad, 'cos I'm here and you're there, so shut up and listen for a bit.
Carl, mate Don't you "Carl, mate" me, none of that shite.
That's over now.
That's history.
I could destroy your bird.
She could walk into this room any second now and I could ruin her and there's not a thing you can do about it.
I can plant gear in your house, I can torch your gaff.
I can even go upstairs and beat the shit out of yer kid.
Delta patrol, Charlon Street! We need help! And there's not a single thing you can do about it.
This is what happens when you let me down.
I need that gear, mate, so find Casey.
Right, she's gone.
- She hasn't.
- I put her on the fucking train.
Well, if you did, then she fucking got off again, didn't she? You what? Lad, she was sitting on Gary the Pimp's couch at nine o'clock this morning trying to flog my gear.
Christ, she hasn't got your gear! Somebody robbed it off her.
Chris, how can you be this thick, lad?! She's out there right now trying to get rid of my powder, the lazy little rat.
And as long as that's going on, everything you've got is in danger.
So find her, 'cos, lad, I am not going anywhere.
- I can't find your jacket, Carl.
- Oh, he's been cut off.
He was going to say, he was going to say hello and that.
I think he must've had to go to work.
Nothing? No.
I don't know where it's gone, then.
Spray! Fucking hell, Rachel! [PHIL SCREAMS.]
Get off! Rachel! Stay down! You all right? [GROANS.]
Who sprayed gas? Next time, aim it at him, not at him.
Cuff him.
Hey, come on.
Remember your training.
Deep breath.
Fine motor skills.
Ah, shit.
I think he's broke me nose.
Let's have a look.
- Argh! - Yeah, he has, yeah.
Go ahead, Chris.
Cancel anyone else making the assistance call, please.
Do you need an ambulance? - Negative.
He's out cold.
- No.
Well done, Chris.
One adult male.
Can you clear St Helens for assault police, please? Roger.
One male detained.
He'll live.
You going to be OK? I've got shit to do.
- We need a statement off you.
- Nonsense.
You used force.
You kicked him in the face.
- He was beating you up.
- It's still force.
Is that what they teach you in training school? - Yeah.
- Yeah, well, good luck with that.
Kate? Hi, Dad.
What are you doing answering Mum's phone? It was ringing.
Is Uncle Carl still there? I think he's outside with Mum.
Er What are they doing? Are they shouting? They're just talking.
I can hear them out the window.
I'm really worried about him, and you're pretty much the only friend he's left.
All right, Kate.
Come on, we don't do all that bollocks.
I've known that twat for 40 years, I don't think he's ever talked about his feelings, unless it's about the footy.
Well, maybe if you asked each other once in a while? [CHUCKLES.]
If I can get him in a good mood.
You are a good friend.
All right, yeah, whatever.
Tilly? Tilly? He's going now.
Why? Are you OK? Anything the matter? Are you doing OK, Dad? Yeah, I'm do I'm doing fine.
You sure? Why are you asking me that? I think you're sad.
No, look No, look, I'm just I'm just tired.
Nights? Yeah, nights.
- Are you coming home, Dad? - I can't, love.
I've got to find someone who needs me help.
Hey, do you want to have breakfast with me in the morning? That would be the best.
That's a deal, then, me and you.
Do you still you want Mum? No, not any more.
- Don't forget about brekkie, Dad.
- No, I promise.
I'll try to be a good girl, so you're not sad.
You're perfect.
You You couldn't look at him.
He was like a whip crack.
Like one word .
noise, or something out the corner of his eye and, bang, he'd be on yer.
- But you're not him.
- Mm.
Yeah, but I know he's in there.
He's in there.
Well, you love your family, 'cos you've told me yourself.
And you could never hurt them.
Hm Yeah, there's .
different kinds of hurt .
Come on.
Come on.
You're Come on.
You're all right.
You're all right.
Casey? You have fucked us both now.
Where are you? [WOMAN ON RADIO.]
Delta Romeo 4-7, 4-7 Delta? Go 'ed.
Sergeant Wilson requesting you call into the custody suite to speak with him, please.
Will do.
Casey! And two bags of Monster Munch.
No pickled onion! - Come on, girl.
- What?! Omar Omar.
I'm working here, Marco.
Do you want to buy some cheese? I'm not interested.
It's fresh, lad! Sound Cheddar or something.
- Just a tenner.
- Next.
Please, lad.
Bloody hell, a fiver? Am skint here.
There is a queue here, Babybel! Are you having a laugh? What the fuck are you doing, man? [CAR HORN BLARES.]
Shit! On yer way, dickhead! - Nice one for that, lad.
- Fucking right.
Fucking hell.
What are you doing here? - Let meself in.
- Oh, my God.
You're twisted, you.
You know everyone's looking for you.
- I need dough.
- I'm wiped, girl.
A tenner? I'm tryin' to flog run-over cheese.
Oh, right, yeah [CASEY MUTTERS SOFTLY.]
Twatted, I am.
Fuckin' Yoda there.
I told her I was staying in tonight.
Had a film lined up and everything.
Pie dinner, few cans.
Does me head in, this.
Fuckin' bagheads, I hate them.
It won't take long, will it? Too fuckin' right it won't.
- I work on me own.
- Not tonight.
- She hates me.
- It isn't up to her.
- I hate her.
- It isn't up to you either.
Well, Phil's knackered, so he's going home, and she's going with you.
It'll do you good to have someone else in the car with you.
You work on your own too much.
Yeah? Listen, I've been to her alley, she's not there.
She's gone, Carl.
We've got her.
Yeah, you're off the hook, mate.
- You what? - Forget her.
Mate, please be careful.
She's not a bad kid, she's just fucked up.
You worry about yourself.
Start taking your tablets, will yer? You know, sort your head out.
- You what? - Get a grip.
Get pissed or something, have a holiday, 'cos your bird's head's wrecked with you being a misery.
Try smiling, lad! Fuck.
Marco, call me.
It's urgent.
It's about Casey.
I'll get it.
Right, take all that out, stick it in the boot.
What? Why? Because if we lock up and I'm struggling with a prisoner, I don't want to have to wait for you to move your shitting wardrobe before I can shove him into the backseat.
She wants us to be a fam.
I ca I can't shorten this, can I? Right? I love 'em too much.
Here you are.
For what? For before, the fight.
Well, don't thank me.
And don't gas me.
Look, in this job, sometimes you've got to do things that aren't in the book.
- All right? - All right? - Ray? - Bernie.
How are you, mate? You got someone in? You know I don't bother with that shite any more, Bern.
Happy customer.
You don't hear them after the first six hours.
It's not the one Chris Carson brought in, is it? No.
That was him I saw out there just then, wasn't it? Who's he working with? - Phil O'Rourke's sprog.
- Sprog? Two weeks on the streets.
Rachel Hargreaves.
Where's Phil? Bust his nose, so she's partnered with Carson for the rest of the week.
They're the only two parading on here.
God help her! Haven't you had enough? Enough what? Well, you've done his legs once, and here you are trying to do them all over again.
I don't know what you mean.
You got him busted from detective inspector to constable, Ray.
You ruined his life, and here you are with all the questions again.
- He was corrupt.
- He was a bad line manager.
And he wasn't the only one in that squad either.
Alpha 5-4-6, assault police, is that Hargreaves? He did his own legs, by the way.
Marco, call me.
It's urgent.
It's about Casey.
This has got gravel in it.
Who's that? - Your ma.
- Your fucking ma! How long we waiting? - He'll be here soon.
- Who is it? Just a lad.
And, what, he's bringing money just like that? Yeah.
What? What are you doing? - Texting my boyfriend.
- Right.
- Well, you're at work, so - He's worried about me.
Worried about you? You know you're a police officer? Tell him to have a word with himself.
Doesn't your wife worry? Just letting him know I'm OK.
Delta units to check out a fire at the back of the Asda, please.
Probably just kids, but there might be some rough sleepers who need a welfare check.
4-7 responding.
Where's the gear? What gear? I'm not in the mood for fucking around, smart arse.
I lost it.
It got robbed off me.
I'll smash you.
I'll break every bone in your body.
Do you understand me? So tell me where the gear is.
Tell me where it is! - [SHE SCREAMS.]
- You better fucking [BLOWS STRIKE.]
And now on Radio 4, the Shipping Forecast.
- Right, stay in the car.
- No way.
All right, Davey? - They burnt me bed.
- Mm-hm.
Who burnt it, Davey? Stevo.
Ste-e-e-e-e-e-evo Daylight come and he burnt me bed.
Stevo Marsh? Pick on old Davey cos there's no-one here to fight them.
Eh? Boom-boom-boom! Boom-boom-boom-boom! [DAVEY CHUCKLES.]
Yeah We should be getting back, you know.
Ah, it's only early.
Why are we even on this again? You got him demoted, Ray.
He should've been sacked.
Now here he is with a new partner like nothing ever happened.
That's not really your concern, though, is it? Opal Fruits.
Made to make your mouth water! Can I interest madam? No.
No, thanks.
Midnight and the stars and you Charmer, aren't you, Davey? [HIGH-PITCHED.]
Midnight and the rendezvous! Hey, go get the statement book.
Here, Davey.
Have you seen Casey the last few days? Who wants to know? Eh? Winky, winky.
Has she given you a bag or, you know, something to hide? She's in the shit, right? And we can get her out if you tell me Do me a favour? Scratch Davey's back? And, erm Hey Casey, we can discusseth.
Where's Stevo? Subway by the bingo hall.
Eyes down for a full house of bastards! Ha! Eh? Oh - Forget the statement.
Get in.
- What? Why? [WOMAN, ON RADIO.]
Further reports of a party that has got out of hand at the disused synagogue in Egberth.
Don't touch your coffee.
Just don't understand why you hate him so much.
I'm starting to hate you.
- Just another couple of hours.
- I'm done.
Drop me back at me car.
I'm finished for the night.
Bodycam off.
All right, lads? What've we got 'ere? Oh, hello, that looks very naughty, that.
Yar, lad! What's your problem, lad? We're just sittin' off, aren't we? Bad bizzie, him, la.
He's off his head.
Why did you set fire to Davey's bed? Davey, lad? Mad, him.
Why did you set fire to Davey's bed? No-one set fire to nothin', lad, so tell him to do one, the dirty rat of a man.
Argh! You burned his bed.
He's got fuck all, and you burnt his bed.
He's just a tramp, lad.
He's probably dropped a biffta or something.
Brand-new, her, lad.
Look, her boots are dead shiny.
Look at that, lad! Actin' all hard and that.
Hey, fit, though.
Bet you're happy, aren't yer, lad, all night in the danny with that? Do you think that's appropriate? - Are you a Manc? - No.
- She's a Manc.
- Bad Manc bizzie that, lad.
- Right, I'm from Warrington.
- Aw, wool, lad! Argh! Why don't you bully me? You bully Davey, but you don't bully me? Why is that? - Is it 'cos you're a shithouse? - Chris - 'Cos he won't fight back? - Behave.
You're a shithouse.
Get up.
Have you got the balls? Have you got the fucking balls? [STEVO COUGHS.]
You fancy having a go at someone? Fancy havin' a go wi' me? Have a go with someone who will.
Come on, mate.
I'll kill yer.
You touch Davey again, I will kill yer.
Any of yous go near Davey, yous just go down.
No bollocks, no messing about, you go straight down, all right? - Say "Yes, sir".
Yes, sir.
Now fuck off.
What was that? Keep fucking walking! Wait there.
All right, it's done.
Eh? Ooh Davey Casey? Oh, f - You're a bastard.
No, no.
- Hey, hey, hey Hey, no, no.
No, no.
I-I never said I knew.
I just She's in the shit and you're playing games? - Nah, mate.
- What else do I do? Eh? Would you have helped me otherwise? Would I have what? Of course I would.
I'm a copper.
I'm trying to help her.
Who's Casey? Chris, who's Casey? Girl, it's only going to get worse.
He hasn't even started yet.
Waste of time making it hard for yourself.
No point in it at all.
The man is speaking to you.
Casey? Casey, girl, look at me.
'Ere you are.
- Party Boy? - Mm.
Smiggy would have told us.
Smiggy doesn't know, dickhead.
Marco, if Casey doesn't tell me where the gear is, I can't help her.
Where is she? I need you to call me, yeah? Just call me.
- I wanted orange.
- They didn't have any.
- They had no orange? - No, Chris.
They didn't have any orange.
So I got you apple, all right? I don't know what to put in my notebook.
What do you mean? Those lads.
- Don't put anything.
- I could get into trouble.
You're not going to get into trouble.
They know the score.
I want to support you, Chris.
You're my partner tonight and I really want to be on your side, but that was heavy.
- It was too heavy.
- Yeah.
What would you have done? I don't know.
Arrest them for criminal damage? Come on, Rachel.
Criminal damage to a tramp's bed? How long do you get in prison for burning cardboard? Chris, that's not the point.
Even if I got a charge out of the CPS, then some magistrate is going to pull a face at me and send them home with a fine that they're never going to pay.
So, what's the first thing that they do when they leave the courtroom? First thing they do is go find Davey, kick the living shit out of him.
I just don't want to lose my job before I've even started it.
Well, you're not going to lose your job.
You made me look stupid.
Your boots made you look stupid, then they heard your accent.
Delta Patrol for an incident marked IR-IR, please? A male in the vicinity of Belcross Road reported to be carrying a sword.
Delta Patrol to take a look, please.
4-7 responding.
4-7, thanks.
Just take a look, please, Chris.
We're trying to get armed response there first.
Yeah, whatever.
You OK? Rachel? - Super switched-on, all right? - Yeah.
I watch you, you watch me.
Who watches the guy with the sword? - [ENGINE ROARS.]
- Hold tight.
Fucking hell.
Smiggy's gaff, eh? I didn't I didn't really hear much, like.
Get out.
- But me money? - Get out the van, Marco.
Shall I take her with me, like? You You ring me, yeah? [ENGINE STARTS.]
Fuck! 4-7.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yeah, I think we've found this guy's location.
FIM is saying to wait until the ARVs arrive, Chris.
Yeah, copy that.
You coming? They said to wait.
This is why you joined up, innit? The terror? Should I go round the back? - Do you want to die? - No.
Well, no, then.
What are you doing? Fuck, Kevin? I've broke me knee! Get up, you fat fuck.
I thought you were them kids again.
A sword, though?! They smashed me door! Yeah, so I see.
Christ, have you got no lights? Lecky ran out.
Jesus Christ.
Me dad won it in Blackpool.
Yeah, cancel the ARVs, please, Delta.
- Ooh, yer [KEVIN GROANS.]
I've only got water.
What is the point of you, Kev? - I'm depressed.
- Yeah.
So am I now.
Any Delta patrol available to check out - another one of Smiggy's party's please? - Mm-mm So, where's your social worker? Cuts.
Not with that sword.
I've got an assessment in two weeks and the fella I saw first Right.
I need you to get to the point, Kev.
Are you a mentalist right now, this minute? "Mentalist"?! No.
I'm just sick of all this.
Sick of all this shit.
- A sword, though? - You could have been shot.
Well, what else can I do? I mean, no-one listens to me.
I don't get any help, so I'm having to help meself.
We hear where you're coming from, mate.
Fuck me, I would love to go about with a sword, but you can't.
'Cos none of us are getting the help we need, Kev.
But if you let them see how much fucking life is getting to you, they're going to use it against you, mate.
You have got to keep it inside.
Do you understand? [HE SOBS SOFTLY.]
You getting your dole? - They took me car, but I still get - [PHONE VIBRATES.]
- Is that it? - We need to go.
He doesn't have any food! - Look at the size of him.
- We should notify social services.
He's got a social worker.
Yeah, and they obviously aren't doing their job.
- I'm hungry.
- You're always hungry.
Let's go.
He needs our help, Chris.
Aw, mate, pick your battles.
- What does that mean? - He's got a house.
It's a shit house, but it's still a house.
You want to involve social services 'cos he's not had his dinner? What do we do when we're on a job later on with someone who's really in trouble? Like, proper trouble? Like, fucking starving to death or getting battered by her husband? - What do we do with them? - We ring social services.
But you can't because you've just tied up the only available social worker dealing with Orson here.
So are we just supposed to leave him? - Is he in immediate danger? - No, but [SCOFFS.]
Are you going to be all right, Kevin? Right, let's go.
Get some lecky, Kevin.
Come on, there's someone else who needs our help.
Go ahead, Chris.
That party, is it still a thing? If you say you're responding, I'll love you forever.
It's been clogging up me screen for hours now.
I thought you didn't want to go.
Yeah, whack us down for it, will you? Roger that.
Thank you.
Come on.
Where do you think you're going? I don't think so.
- Is he dead? - He fell down a K-hole.
I hate drill.
- That's not drill, it's grime.
- What? BPM's slower.
Where's the gear? - Upstairs.
- Upstairs? I was here the other night and Party Boy was out of his head.
I just went up and hid it.
I'll show you.
- You won't find it.
- Bagheads, they get on me tits.
Eyes on stalks at all times, OK? And don't let them move you.
- Stand your ground where need be.
- I'm not stupid - Stay with the car.
- Why? 'Cos if we leave the car outside on its own, it won't be here when we get back.
Hello, you can't win if you're badmind NO What goes around comes back around, hello Bad energies don't act right NO You might think that you've won now, cool But you stay there like the landline, hello Karma don't forget no-one, rudeboy You get back what you give out, echo Echo, echo, repeat The universe don't forget your receipts You can't take back talk when it bucks you You overstand that, you see me? You might think that you're sick now But badmind is the worst disease So mind how you're patterning yourself up Before karma shows up Everything they told me was a lie I'll live forever, I'll never die I've got friends that are family for life Any pagans, then I'm cutting all ties Stay on point at all times Excuse me.
You can't just leave your car blocking the road like that.
Who are you with? Are you in the job? Who are you with? What's it got to do with you? - Who are you? - I'm a drug dealer.
You know Chris Carson? Yeah.
He's your partner, isn't he? Fuckin' hell girl, it's not your night, is it? Move back.
- You want to search me? - No.
I want you to move back.
I just told you I'm a drug dealer.
What are you going to do? You think Chris Carson's going to come and help you, don't you? Let go.
All right, Smiggy? - This your daughter? - It's your ma.
What do you want? [DANCE MUSIC POUNDS.]
Lower the music.
Oi! Greg James, lower the music! Fuck off! Has Casey been here? Never seen no Casey.
I'm telling you, she's never been here.
No Casey.
Here you are, it's just through here, and No! Move.
Move away from the table.
I said, move away from the fucking table! Come on, then! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Get off! Fuck! It was mad in here the other night.
I was off me tits when I hid it.
I thought it was in this room, and now I'm up here [THUD, BARRY SCREAMS.]
- Smiggy, don't fuck me about.
- What, and your mates? What are they called, Cagney and Lacey? Yeah, you know them.
And John Wayne Gacy, he's here.
You know, clown face, sells a lot of burgers.
- What are you doing? - Fucking hell, get if off! - Get it out me head! - Where's Casey? Out the window.
Fucking hell [BARRY GROANS.]
- Fucking hell! - Come on.
- Where's she gone? The copper.
- Who? - In there.
- Jesus Christ! [FROM INSIDE.]
Oi, why has me music stopped?! [SHOUTING, BLOWS STRIKE.]
All right.
Where the fuck's Casey? I only know her backyard.
I'm not fucking around, mate.
No, no, no, not the one off the alley.
I'm talking about her country residence.
You go to the back of the club, two doors down.
Stay down! Get off! - I want my fucking prisoners! - Forget 'em.
- No! - Get in the car.
Fuck! They were cutting up coke right in front of me, Chris! - You shouldn't have even gone in there.
- I was doing my job! I told you to mind the car.
Fuck the car! They were taking drugs! Actually, fuck the drugs, get in the car! Stop telling me to get in the car, Chris! You're not an inspector any more! Remember?! I'm going back for my prisoners! If you lock up tonight, right, you're walking 'em in on your own, 'cos I've got shit to do.
You know what? Whoever this Casey is, I hope, for her sake, that you don't find her.
- You are fucking toxic! - Yeah? - Yeah.
- Right.
You're a car crash of a human being.
You act like you're a knight in shining armour, but you're not.
You're just an angry arsehole with a chip on his shoulder! So, go on, and fuck off! [HE GROANS.]
Fucking twat.
Casey? Casey? Are you there? Oh [HE BREATHES DEEPLY.]
Jesus Christ.
Chris, please.
I told you to get out of Liverpool.
Honestly, I was going to go.
Don't, please.
At least help me.
God almighty.
Casey Casey .
I tried to help you, didn't I? I tried do the right thing, eh? But you took the piss.
You know, Carl Sweeney was in me house Listen, Carl Sweeney was in me house with my wife and my daughter.
All right? It's not on.
You had this the whole time.
I'm sorting it now.
OK, so you give it back to Carl for me? I'm a fucking police officer, Casey.
I'm turning it over.
If you hand them in, you're as dead as I am! [INTERNAL RINGTONE.]
- Steve? - Yeah.
- You home yet? - Yeah, I got home about an hour ago, yeah.
Can you come and get me? I'm on the Xbox.
I'm stuck and I need a I need a lift to the station.
- Steve? - What? What, what, what, what? - Could you come and get me?! - I'm on the Xbox! [SIGHS.]
All right, ta-ra.
- You missed breakfast.
- Yeah.
- I had work, you know.
- It isn't great, Chris.
I know, but look at me.
You know [SHE SIGHS.]
- I've got to go.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Love you.
Darling, I love you.
Love you.
Have a good day.
Give me a kiss.
Go on.
Good night? Yeah.
Yeah, not bad.
Are you back out tonight? Erm, I don't know yet.
Shouldn't they tell you these things in advance? You know, it's hard to plan our lives and that.
It's the nature of the operation.
I know, it's a pain in the arse.
Er, I might have to go out again in a couple of hours.
Rachel, are you currently with Constable Carson? No, I've just got home.
Who is this? My name's Ray Mullen.
I'm part of a team investigating Carson.
Rachel? Are you still there? [LYNNE.]
Down the steps.
Straight down.
Your safe space.
Keep walking.
Further down.
Listen to the birds in the trees.
Feel the sunlight on your face and the safety of the garden.
Can you see the bench? You're nearly there.
Take a seat on the bench, Chris.
Feel safe.
Are you there? No.

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