The Responder (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 I work on me own.
- Not tonight.
- Spray! Phil's knackered so he's going home.
And she is going with you.
- Invoice for you, sir.
- You look shattered.
- I'll sleep when you do.
I want to get the most out of this place, it costs enough.
You know Chris Carson? - Who are you? - I'm a drug dealer.
My name's Ray Mullen.
I'm part of a team investigating Carson.
I know you're as fed up as I am.
I love my husband, Ray.
Why are you lying to me? After all I have done for you.
I have given you free money, lad.
It's not free money.
You are disappearing these last few months.
- You missed breakfast.
- I had work, you know.
- It isn't great, Chris.
- I know.
Look, I'm sorry.
Darling, I love you.
I want to be a good bobby.
I want to do good things.
I want to be normal.
I'm a fucking police officer, Casey.
If you hand them in, you're as dead as I am.
Oh, shit.
Fucking hell.
Doctor? Mr Sweeney, if you could go behind the curtain and remove your clothes for me, please.
Decent? Underpants too.
I see the psoriasis is back.
You've been hiding.
No, I haven't.
Don't argue with me.
You told us you were going to make everyone money, and then you ran away.
Someone someone took it off me courier.
He got smashed.
But I'm going to get it back.
Do you have any security? Well, I've got Barry and Ian, but I mean collateral, Carl.
I'm all in.
I never thought.
It's OK.
We'll take it from here.
Don't worry about it.
No, no, I can I can fix this.
- Honest to God, I can sort it - It's OK.
Get dressed.
Go home to your family and learn from this.
Are we all right, though? Just go home to your family.
- Sorry to keep you.
- It's OK.
How have you been? That bad? Mm-hm.
Bad at home, or bad at work? Yeah, both.
How's Helen? - Helen? - Your wife? You what? No.
James? No.
Oh, God! You're four, aren't you? I'm so sorry.
I've I looked at the clock 'cos I'm running late.
- And I've I've picked up 4:30.
- Right.
Um, I'm so sorry but I'm absolutely swamped.
There's so many of you.
There used to be two of us.
I'm dying in front of you and you don't even know me name.
Oh, Chris.
The car park.
The boy who fell.
I'm not here 'cos he fell, I'm here 'cos I cried when he fell.
- I know, I remember.
- Right.
Oh, can we, um, try again with the time we've got left? Yeah.
Um I don't I don't know.
Just keep it simple.
- Please.
- OK.
I don't know what's right and wrong any more.
OK? I thought I was doing something good this week and now it's got me fucked.
So what I want to know is, right, how do you even know .
before you do something, right, how do you even know whether it's right or not? And I mean, right for you? And right for them.
Right for someone you've never even met? And fuck.
I know, I know I'm spinnin' here, but - Right and wrong - Mm-hm.
is quite a binary concept when you break it down.
Pretty much the first thing a child learns.
If you can see through the fog and clear your mind in the ways that we've discussed, then you'll know what is right and what is wrong, and you will be able to apply that decision to the issue at hand.
Does that help? Are you able to, you know, share what's? - Can I stop you? - Yeah.
Erm - Do you want? - I'm sorry, no.
It doesn't help.
It doesn't help.
I'm going to go.
You'll fucking hate me, but you don't even know who I am.
So excuse me.
Well, I can only apologise.
Thank you.
I fucking hate this job.
I'm in the shit, Chris.
You've got some fucking front.
You know that? I should knock you out.
I should fucking You come to my house, and you threaten my wife? Come on, you know I would never hurt Kate or Tilly.
- I love the bones of them.
- Fuck off, Carl.
Honestly, mate.
Fair enough, I was out of order.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, it was.
All right.
So are you following me or what? - Where've you been, Chris? - To see my therapist.
What do you want? You crackin' up again? You're going to end up like your old fella.
Seriously, mate.
Look, look Look, if you want to talk? I'm late picking up Tilly, so what do you fucking want? Is it money? 'Cos I can, you know, try and sort you Oh, mate.
Look you you threatened to kill my wife.
- I'm in the shit, lad.
- I don't care! - She did a runner on the other two dopes.
- Who? Casey.
She's still got me gear.
I need you, mate.
I know you can find her.
I'll double whatever I pay you.
How about this, mate.
Fuck Casey.
Fuck your drugs, and fuck you, Carl.
Come on, mate, I'm not messing.
If you don't help me, I'm a dead man.
- I've got family too, you know? - Oh, you've got family now? Right.
I swear to God.
If you knob me off, you will be making me bird a single mother.
A widow.
I'll be making her a widow, mate.
Now, fucking do one.
- All right.
- All right, mate.
Fucking hell.
You going to be long? Another three hours.
Fucking job, it's not worth it.
Chris? - 30K.
- 30K? Where the fuck am I going to get that? I don't care, right, just get it.
Are you sure it's corruption? I mean, if it is, obviously I'm on board if it's something like that, but I have heard about him having other issues.
If he's bent, he's going to be struggling to cope.
But the corruption came first, I can absolutely say that for certain.
I'm not sure.
What we are supposed to do as police officers is find the truth.
If he's corrupt, we find that truth.
If he's not corrupt and he's just a bit unstable, we'll find that truth.
You're just helping me find the truth.
- I just want to do what's right.
- Brilliant.
Come on.
Not going to have me whacked, are you? What? I had no choice, Casey, honest.
What you on about "whacked"? I watched Goodfellas on ITV4 the other night.
- Boss film.
- Boss film.
I'll just get me bag.
Well, he was going to give me a grand, you know.
A grand? Erm .
I got you a Wham bar.
You bought me a Wham bar? Well, I robbed it, like, but I was going to give you half the dough.
So you was going to give me 500 quid, but instead you got me battered and robbed me a Wham bar? He didn't pay me.
A Wham bar, though? Hello, hello, hello.
Look, Tilly, it's your dad.
- We did painting today.
- Did ya? Very clever.
Nice one.
I normally see Kate here.
How's the counselling? You what? Come here, Tilly.
Tilly, come here, darling.
Put this on.
- How is Kate? Is she OK? - I swear to God, mate, one more, one more, lad, you're a snake.
- You're a snake.
And you know you are.
- Yeah? - Hey, listen, give me - What's wrong with you? - Give me a reason not to? - Language, Chris.
You need to calm down, officer.
Make your move or shut up.
Make your move, lad.
- In front of the kids? Really? - I'm ready for you.
Daddy, let's go.
Do as you're told.
All right, darling.
I'm only messing, just messing.
- Take care, Adam.
All right, mate.
- Bye.
Say hello to your mum, Tilly.
If yous two can sub me 30 grand, I can sort this.
30 grand? Yeah.
The copper says he can get me the gear, but we've got to give him 30K.
Lad, you shouldn't be paying him, you should be knocking him down.
How the fuck do I knock him down? Kick the shit out of him.
Piece of piss, lad.
Me and Baz'll go round there, no sweat.
You can't, lad.
He's a bizzie.
- He's your mate.
- What? There's no respect for you any more, lad.
Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, you cheeky twat? I'll come round there and show you fuckin' respect.
- You OK, Daddy? - Yeah, babe, I'm fine, yeah.
I'm just talking to Uncle Barry and Uncle Ian.
- I'll be up in a second.
- OK.
Goodnight, Uncle Barry.
Goodnight, Uncle Ian.
- Goodnight, God bless, love.
- Night-night, darlin'.
Go on, off you go to bed.
Night, babe.
You two shitheads have done nothing for me.
Thing is, lad, what you've got left is tin legs you can't stand up on.
I needed to come out tonight.
It's really, you know [CLEARS THROAT.]
so intense at the moment.
- You don't need to hear this.
- No, go on.
I'm your best mate.
- You're my only friend.
- No, that's not true.
I only laugh when I'm with you these days .
and now I've gone and spoiled it.
No, you haven't.
What am I going to do? It isn't good.
Ellie Home, it's all over the place and .
I want to be there for him.
There's only so much I can do.
Got to think of Tilly.
I mean, you do, but Look, nothing good comes from just [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
limping about, you know.
Maybe it's time for one of yous to make the decision? I don't Yeah.
- Maybe.
- Mm.
Three lads basically just causing trouble in the pub.
Chucking stuff about with threats.
You look shattered.
- Chris.
- Hm? I said, you look shattered.
- About last night - Oh, listen, mate.
Don't sweat it.
No, really, Chris, I just, um I was out of order.
No, I was out of order for leaving you.
Yeah, you were.
Stop, that's them.
- Eh, eh! What are you doing? - Getting my coat.
All right? Yeah.
You in the middle, come here.
Arms out.
- Hey, I'm clean.
- I'm not arsed, to be honest, mate.
Now, have you got anything in your pockets that could hurt me or you? [CHUCKLES.]
Don't laugh about it, son.
It's no laughing matter, is it? All right you're good, go.
You, sir, thanks.
Arms out.
Got anything in your pockets that could hurt me or you? No.
Need a belt there, fella.
Unlucky, mate.
Right, you know what to do.
- Come on, mate.
It's just a tiny bit.
- Hands behind your back.
Please, it's nothing.
Show yourself.
Steve! What the hell are you doing? - Just having a piss.
- You were hiding, Steve.
- Well why did you ask me, then? - 'Cos you're standing there.
Is he fucking arresting them there? - You were taking drugs in a pub! - We weren't taking drugs in a pub.
- Chris has just found them on your mate.
- Oh, really? You're doing this, - are we? - Rachel! - Yeah, I am.
Yeah, I am.
- You're doing it? Rachel! Right, you're coming with me, son.
Keep your head down, lad.
Keep your head down.
- Argh! You're hurting me wrist.
- Stay in there.
- You're going to break his arm.
- Take it easy, man.
Don't say nothing, lad, all right.
- Get back! - All right.
All right.
You touch that car, I'll kill ya.
You're going to arrest your own boyfriend? If I lose my job now, right .
then you lose yours, simple as that.
- You can't be - Rachel? - This is a nightmare.
- Just make a decision, I'll back you.
You're my partner.
- I could kill him.
- Rachel, look at me.
It's just a street bail, OK.
It's a bit of coke, it's not genocide.
He's your boyfriend.
Listen, the job is not worth it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- OK.
- Get out, dickhead.
- What? Out.
What's going on? [PHONE BUZZES.]
Lisa? You've called her? Right, I'm sorry about that.
Yeah, of course, I know.
I know.
- I'll I'll try her now.
- Right, off you go.
All right, love, I'll get back to you.
- Steve.
- What? You go to your mum's tonight, because I No.
You go to your mum's, Rachel.
Or go to your new boyfriend's? Shut up, Steve.
I just work with him.
The baby-sitter.
You need to be telling me or Lisa where you are going to go, all right? Call me back.
You OK? You did well, mate.
You did well.
So I'll bin that.
- Unless you want it? - [SHE SCOFFS.]
I appreciate this.
- Don't mention it.
- If you ever need to No, really.
Don't mention it.
Don't forget it, either.
I've rang you four times.
Where the hell are you? Right.
I'm sorry, Lisa.
No idea where she is.
Have you tried her? Yeah.
I've tried, like, five times.
It's embarrassing, sorry.
There's 40 there.
Thanks very much for staying.
Thank you.
- Get home safe, OK? - Bye.
- Thanks, love.
Erm, right.
Fix yourself a brew, get something out the fridge, - I'm going to go check on Tilly, OK? - Yes, boss.
What? - I can't get the money.
- What do you mean? What do you think I fucking mean? Right, so you open a shoe box or go digging in the garden or something? Look, I'm not Pablo Escobar, you tit.
I haven't got it.
I've got outgoings.
If I get some money, you know, and I leave it lying around, it's to pay suppliers.
So I get a cut, I spend a cut, that's how it is.
Right, so you're skint? That's why I was steppin' up.
So you can't pay me? You give me the gear and I'll weigh you in when it's moved.
Leave it out, mate.
I'm not an idiot.
Look, you need to think about it.
If you know where it is, you've got to ask yourself, "What the fuck "am I going to do with it?" Because this shit's worthless to you without me.
I'm begging you.
Don't try and do this.
Nobody is going to buy that shit off you without me.
You need me here, yeah? Carl, no money, no drugs.
Where's Mum? She's out with Ellie.
- It's late.
- Yeah, I know.
You know I don't like anyone being out.
Lisa was here, wasn't she? Nobody's ever here.
Yes, they are.
- You weren't this morning.
Yeah, - I know, 'cos I had work stuff.
Everybody's always got stuff.
Hey, I'm sorry, kid.
Who's that? This is my friend, Rachel.
Rachel, this is Tilly.
Hi, Rachel.
Hi, Tilly.
She's all right, isn't she? Good girl.
Are you going to go to sleep? - Yeah.
- All right.
I love you, so much.
Sweet dreams.
I'll be up in a bit.
Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused Ooh Sorry.
Ellie rang and I had to It's OK.
She'll be back in a minute.
Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I Good night? Yeah.
I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for I miss you.
Don't say that.
- I do.
- You can't say that.
- I know you miss me too.
- No.
Keep your head up Moving on.
Ready? Ellie thinks I should leave Chris.
What do you think, Ray? What?! I just want a man's opinion.
I mean, you know him better than anyone.
Right? I don't know the ins and outs, but if it's not working .
I mean Starting again .
scary on your own, isn't it? The stuff with his mum and that.
I mean, is it the right time? Well, I don't know, do I? Kate, you have to do what's best for you and Tilly.
Nice wedding photo.
Look like Borat.
Them taches were standard issue when I joined the job.
You know I got demoted, right? You do know.
Well, I wasn't bent, Rachel.
I know everyone says it, but I wasn't.
I was a lot of things, but they were wrong to think I was bent.
I never took a penny.
Anyway, Kate carried me then, and she's carried me since.
I haven't got a pot to piss in.
All right? What's he doing here? He's Ellie's husband.
- Yeah, but here, though? - He picked us up.
You could have got a taxi.
Where've you been, anyway? - Where've I been? - Tilly's on her own.
- How dare you ask where I've been? - Where've you been? Tonight, today, yesterday? I mean, you are never here, and now you've got a nark on because, for once, just once, you've had to be a dad for five minutes! Right.
Keep it down.
Keep it down.
Ray was nice enough to pick me up, which is more than you'd ever do.
Did you talk to him about me doing counselling? - What? - 'Cos outside the school, that gobshite is telling everyone I'm having a breakdown.
Well, half the job know you're losing it, Chris.
Anyone could have told him.
All right, don't don't walk away.
You know, I've been walking away for years, Chris, it's just you haven't noticed, and that's the madness of it.
I've been walking away from someone who isn't even there.
- Keep your voice down.
- What? Keep my voice down?! Shall I go as quiet as you do when you lose your temper, hey? Or, or, should I go quieter than that? [WHISPERS.]
Or should I go as quiet as you do, when you sit there silent for hours, staring at the wall? You know, when it was just sadness, when it was just that, I thought I could get close to you and help you.
But now, you .
you won't let me in, Chris, you are, you .
you are gone.
I do try, you know.
I do try, you know, it just .
swamps me.
I know.
- Mm.
I know you try, and I know that you love us, and we .
God, we love you.
But this .
this isn't good for any of us.
All of us.
I'm sorry.
Maybe you should leave.
Oh, fucking hell.
Erm .
can I ask you something? I won't ever ask you again.
Have you slept with Ray? Again? Fucking hell, Kate - Dad? - Hello, doll.
Where you going? Erm, just You coming back? Yeah, I'll see you soon.
Is it my fault? No.
No, it is not your fault.
Come here.
It's just me, I've got to go and get better.
OK? Please don't.
OK, listen to me, I want you to be good for your mum.
I've got to go to work.
All right? I love you.
Love you.
All right, be a good girl.
Have a good sleep.
I need to go to work.
Night-night, darl.
Just leave it.
All right, so if you need any further assistance, just ring the number on the top.
- It's not worth it.
All right? - All right.
All right, off you go.
Chris? [CLEARER.]
Chris? Hey.
- You all right? - You what? You all right? Yeah, just me fucking head Me head's battered.
Is that just from? It's tonight, you know, Kate.
And, uh .
I should probably tell you, me mum's dying.
Your mum? Yeah.
She's got cancer.
And the care home fees, they're killing me.
'Cos she just won't fucking die.
And now I'm homeless.
That's good, isn't it? Sometimes, I just want to get in me car and drive until I run out of fuel, you what I mean? Then just get out and walk away from it all.
Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Do you? Become a binman or something.
I don't even like fish, I just fancy it.
How long have you and Steve been together? Too long.
You all right? Yeah.
- Time to go.
- All right.
A trawlerman! You'd make a great binman.
Don't get cheeky.
I'm serious.
You'd look great in the outfit.
Going to stop at the garage and get a drink, OK.
Can you park any further away? The walk'll do you good.
Right Aw, orange? - That's what you wanted last night.
- I wanted apple.
- All right.
- No, I'll go.
I'll go.
I need a burst anyway.
Hello? What were you doing at his house? My wife knows his wife.
It's nothing to do with our operation.
Well, you should've told me that.
I'm not cool with this.
What do you mean? You being, what, mates? It's a conflict of interest.
I've told you, this is professional.
Yeah besides, he's he's not well.
I don't think he's dodgy, I just think he's not well.
That's what he wants you to think.
You haven't seen him.
I need you to trust my experience here.
Look, if you're not up to this, you need to tell me now.
I'll let you know.
Put it in, in the nozzle.
Put it in the nozzle.
That's it, put it in.
Put it in the nozzle.
Put it in the noz That's it.
Well done.
Cheers, that's 8.
80, please, pal.
Them phones charged? Uh, that one's charged.
But they're all pretty shit.
I'll take it.
Can I have one with the £10 credit? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Yeah, man? Who's this? You don't know me.
I don't know anyone who rings this phone, dickhead, what do you want? I've some coke to sell, a big bag of it, cheap.
What? - 30 grand.
- Is that Iggy? No.
You don't Look, I've come into possession of a bag of coke, right? A big one.
Lad, stop chatting shit and give your head a wobble, will you? Imagine having a gaff round here? Boss Ken's round here, lad.
- You couldn't live round here.
- If I won the lottery.
Even if you won the lottery, which, by the way, - you don't do the lottery.
- I do scratch cards.
But even if you won the lottery, which you don't do, - you couldn't live round here.
- Why not? - 'Cos.
- Why? 'Cos you're thick.
I'm not thick.
Who would you talk to? Don't know, have a bird if I lived round here.
Aside from the bird, which you haven't got, who would you talk to? Next door.
Round here it's, like, doctors or solicitors or something.
Like, what would you talk to them about? I talk to solicitors.
It's not the same thing, dickhead.
You know, like, Carl and the money and that I would have done the same.
Would you, actually? Grand's a grand, innit? Yeah.
- Hey, get on this.
- What? Ready for this? Huh! Ugh! [CHUCKLES.]
What are you doing, mate? Fucking hell, are you off your This is the turbo.
On me head, I can do it.
Wow! It's good, isn't it? Fucking state of you, with your Michael Palin backpack and that.
Shut up.
Where we going, anyway? [HE SCOFFS.]
Hey, I was good at shapes at school.
Miss Connolly said.
Dodecahedron! [SHE LAUGHS.]
- Hey.
Knobhead! Grandad, no! Erm .
I'd, I'd give it five minutes, lad.
Mrs Jones? - She's in the bin.
- I'm sorry? My daughter, Alana.
She's schizophrenic.
I can't do this any more.
She keeps coming back.
I keep kicking her out, and she keeps coming back.
She needs help, proper help, she won't take her tablets, and they won't take her.
And I can't do this.
OK, sorry.
So she's in the bin now? She was shouting that the Sheriff of Nottingham was after her.
I can't do this any more.
The Sheriff of Nottingham? I know what's going on.
What's going on? He can't afford to have me running around knowing what I know.
I'm a threat to him.
OK, Alana, your mum says you've not been taking your tablets, and I think that might mean that you just, you need some help.
He wants me to take them 'cos he knows they mess with me head.
All right, can't you see I'm in peril here? Peril? Fucking peril! There is no-one here that is going to hurt you.
It's just me.
We haven't got time for this.
You know what I mean? Like we could be here all day.
You could've given me a bit of warning.
You coming out? [INTERCOM.]
Hi, it's the police.
We've brought Alana back.
You want to give us the keys, then I'll just, um, - grab some change and get us some coffees.
- Mm-hm.
- What? - You all right? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Just a rough night, innit? I know the feeling.
- You schizophrenic? - Yeah.
You? Anxiety and depression.
What you on? Sertraline.
- What dose? - 100 mil.
Yeah, you might want to up it.
I might.
My advice .
take some time off work.
And, erm, get some sleep.
You look like shit.
Yeah, you live in a bin.
Take it or leave it.
- Here you go, love.
- Thank you.
- Ta.
- All right? You OK? Yeah.
Oh, Christ.
You know, I was just telling him that he should just take some time off work.
Stay out of it, Alana.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, you get used to it.
I'll take that.
Listen, Rachel, tonight, that's between us, yeah? Yeah, course.
Just find somewhere to sleep tonight, 'cos you're not coming to mine.
Why'd you buy a phone at the petrol station? You what? You spying on me? No.
So? So why'd you buy a phone at the petrol station? Well, if you must know, I want a new number away from Kate.
You looked at the intel system in the car.
You taking the piss? That's me job.
You hid it, though.
I looked after you tonight.
If you're struggling, Chris, you can talk to me, I mean that.
All right, thanks.
Oh, it's yours.
Hello? He interrogated the intel system and bought a burner phone last night.
Yeah? From the garage.
Tell me you got the number.
That's great.
Well done, Rachel.
Oh, you filthy fucking shit! [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
Hello? You want 30,000? Who's this? A friend of mine called to say that he'd spoken to you about something that belongs to me.
So if you want money, I'm the person who's going to give it to you, assuming you were telling the truth.
Uh, it's, coke, erm .
there's a lot.
I don't know if it's cut, but it's, like, in a sports holdall, a big one.
Why only 30? It's all I need.
You haven't been doing this for long, have you? Well, it's what I need.
Eight o'clock, Calderstones Park.
The car park off Yew Tree.
Yeah, I know it.
Bring it and you get your money.
Don't bring it, and you'll be sorry.
Fucking hell.
- Yeah? - I spoke to him.
Who? - Your policeman.
- Why? He's reached out to Dom Carver last night, trying to sell my drugs.
Carver rang me and now I'm fixing your mistakes.
I'm going to kick the shit out of him.
David and Marcus'll be there.
No, hang on.
I'm not, erm .
I'll sort him out.
I know him.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll let him know he was out of order.
All right.
Calderstones at eight.
Yeah, sound.
You her boyfriend? I'm her mate.
That's a relief.
- All right, dickhead.
- Jesus Christ.
- What? - It's all right, chill your beans.
What are you doing here? Saving your life.
- What the fuck were you thinking? - What? I'm - You're a bizzie.
- What, they know? - 'Course they fucking do! - Fucking hell! You're all right.
They won't hurt you.
Why's that? 'Cos you're my mate.
Where's the gear, Chris? Chris? Fuck.
Here you are.
You get the money? - Walk away.
- Aw, mate, you're taking the piss.
I'll box you off for a few bob when this is all over, but come on, there's no way you're getting 30 grand off these lads.
You're fucking killing me, mate.
Get back in the car and go home, mate.
Mate, I need this.
All right.
You think you do, but you don't.
Honest to God.
You're dodging a bullet and a half, gizz it.
Is that a threat? Not from big lad, from them, come on.
Fucking wake up, lad.
That the bizzie? Dirty fucking rat.
Yeah, we got it.
Hang on.
Yeah, looks like it.
Marcus is just testing it.
Just a second.
Try it.
Marcus is asking him to sample it.
Oh! What the fuck is that, lad? Washing powder.
What have you done? [THEY CHUCKLE.]
I swear down, I didn't know.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh! What the fuck.
Fucking hell, lad.

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