The Responder (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 I'm wra I'm wrapped up in here, you know.
In me head.
I thought I was doing something good.
- Who are you? - I'm a drug dealer.
You think Chris Carson's going to come and help you, don't you? I just want to do what's right.
You're just helping me find the truth.
Maybe speak to your wife about your fears? Have you slept with Ray? Kate.
Me head's battered.
Me mum's dying.
And now I'm homeless.
It's good, isn't it? Why are you even on this again? You got him demoted, Ray.
I just don't understand why you hate him so much.
I'm starting to hate you.
Them phones charged? Why'd you buy a phone at the petrol station? You spying on me? A friend of mine called to say that he'd spoken to you about something that belongs to me.
Bring it and you get your money.
- What you doing here? - Saving your life.
What have you done? Washing powder.
What the fuck I think I'm falling apart.
Chris? Chris? Wake up, lad.
Chris? You're over your ticket.
- Your ticket's until two o'clock - Yeah, OK, mate.
- .
and it's two o'clock now, sir.
- Yeah.
All right.
Now fuck off.
Oh, Christ [PHONE BUZZES.]
Where are you? Nowhere.
I was worried about you.
How are you doing? How's Tilly? She asked about you this morning.
About Ray No.
Kate, please.
Well, he made me feel happy again.
Just .
in the moment.
I felt loved, loving.
And I really needed that.
And I wish that I didn't need that.
You just weren't there, Chris.
And I really, really wish it wasn't him.
And I know what you think he did to you at work.
I can't think about this now.
Well, I think maybe we need to.
Honestly, I haven't got it in me, Kate, not now.
I'm not angry with you.
I'm just beaten.
I wish you were angry.
- Can I hear seagulls? - No.
Are you at the beach? Just don't worry about where I am.
Is this it? All these years Fucking hell.
Jesus Christ.
Shit! Fucking Fuck! Fuck! [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
Are you fucking my husband? Oh, Ellie, I'm so sorry.
I never It's so difficult, I hated myself for it.
I wanted I wanted to tell you, but Your marriage is gone, so you thought you'd take mine? Ellie, please.
That's not how it happened.
You mean so much to me.
I'm so, so sorry.
Yeah, I can't believe it, because, you see, I carried you.
I helped you.
You were my best friend.
Tilly, get your stuff.
Ellie, please Bye.
I didn't mean to say anything.
I'm sorry.
I heard you and Daddy last night.
It's not your fault.
It's never your fault.
Now come on.
Her again.
- Bin her off.
- We can't just bin her off.
What you going to tell her, then? Don't know.
Well, there's your problem right there, then, lad.
I'm saving your life.
What the fuck were you thinking? [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Erm Nothing to worry about.
- Next door - I don't get involved.
Erm Do you know when they're back? She'll know.
Can you ask her? She's not in.
Have you got a number for them? We don't get involved.
Well, do you know if their CCTV works? All right, I'll come back.
You're welcome.
Yeah? It's me.
Why you ringing me? Because I want to know what's happening.
Have you got something for me? I gave you the number that Chris is using.
What are you doing with it? What do you think I'm doing with it? I thought you'd have your team working on it by now.
This stuff takes time.
Well, then, give me the number of someone else, so I can chase stuff up.
I'm your contact.
Who's your boss? Rachel .
I'm your contact.
Look, we're doing the right thing, and it's going to pay off for both of us.
Just trust me, OK? I won't let you down.
I've got to go.
Hello, love.
Oh! Fuck! Argh! I spend all day telling people they shouldn't smoke, and then I sit here where everyone can see me from the car park.
I'm sorry about your friend.
What happened had to happen.
The first thing I want you to do is clean up after this morning.
And then I want you to get me the policeman.
All right? What about the gear? The policeman is the gear.
I'm not saying he has it.
I'm saying he knows who has it.
Or, at the very least, who had it last.
It's Casey.
Who? The baghead who started all this.
She must have switched it.
Because there's no way that copper would have turned up with jarg coke.
He isn't that stupid.
She might still have it.
It's ours, and people know it's ours.
Find her, find the copper.
And get me my drugs back.
- All right? - Yeah.
- Sure? - Yeah.
Look tired.
You ready? You can sit down.
He's me partner.
Get up.
I don't care if you're Derek Acorah and he's your fucking spirit guide.
He's not coming.
He is coming.
Get up.
This fella, the man we're going to meet .
I've had to convince him to see us.
We aren't selling knock-off ciggies here.
This is a step up.
This is dangerous.
People are looking for this stuff.
This guy, he's taking a chance.
We take him with us .
it's disrespectful.
The state of him.
You tailing someone? I'm a store detective.
I'm tailing everybody, it's me job.
What happened to your grid? Ellie.
Carson, he's bought a burner phone.
What's that got to do with me? Your mate, the one who works for the mobile company? Piss off.
- Oh, come 'head, Col.
- No.
Mate, I've waited years for this.
Calls, to and from.
Fuck sake Nice one, Col.
Get us a scotch, get him a lemonade, get something for yourself.
Do you want me to sit outside with a bag of crisps, as well? Clear head, dickhead.
But you can have a scotch? I know what I'm doing, son.
You don't.
You're early.
It's ten o'clock, innit? Like I said.
- Anything decent? - No, it's just shite.
Where'd you end up sleeping? - The beach.
- Jesus Yeah, beggars can't be choosers, eh? How was it? I smashed up a shit house.
- Who? - No, not a "shit house.
" A shit house, a place where you shit.
Are you serious? You kip at your mum's? Can't you tell? I think I've put on half a stone already.
Chris, someone at the front desk for you.
Who? How should I know? So, you spoke to Steve yet? No.
Look, if ever you want to talk, right, sometimes it helps.
A mate.
I mean, obviously, not me, like.
What the fuck do I know? Karen? Blonde.
Er Right, come through.
That's better.
Can't you sit still? It's all this sugar, lad.
I'm off me tits.
They're late.
Text them.
You don't rush things.
I know what I'm doing.
We just sit here and wait for them.
Was you a dealer, lad? He was a burglar.
A safe cracker, and a good one.
Not houses.
Unless there was a safe in them.
If you was that good, why did you spend so much time in prison? - It wasn't that much time.
- 15 years? Not all in one go.
Go and get the ale.
Just like her mother, always with the mouth.
Where's her ma now? Nobody knows.
And nobody cares.
I didn't know what else to do.
So, what are you doing here? Carl hasn't come home.
Has he called you? Well, why would he call me? I know what you do for him, Chris.
Did you kill him? What? Fucking No.
Who says he's dead? He was scared.
I haven't heard from him since.
Did you give Karen your name? Who? The front desk, the woman on the front desk.
- Did you give her your name? - No.
I phoned Ian, he wasn't interested.
I don't matter any more.
Carl's gone, and I know he's gone because I don't matter.
- Do you understand? - Look, I can't get involved.
I've got no money.
He's left me with nothing.
Jodie .
listen to me.
- I'm sorry, but me job - I need money.
And you're going to get it.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Hang on Hey - Money, Chris.
- Jodie Hey, hey.
I'll not mention your name unless I have to.
But I've got a daughter to look after, and I fucking will look after her.
Hey, Jodie Fuck sake.
Who was in the front office? Oh, just an old job.
- Where you sleeping tomorrow? - God knows.
We're fucked, aren't we? [MUSIC.]
Soul Sister by Allen Toussaint I'm trying to remember the last time I saw you, Billy.
What? I'm just just saying, it's a while since we've had a drink.
Eh? Are these your lads, Billy? Are they me what? Your lads, your sons? Yorsons? [SHOUTING.]
Put your hearing aid in.
I don't wear it, it's shite.
You can't hear anything with it.
Can't hear nothing without it.
What did you say? Nothing.
I saw your lips move.
And if you speak again, you little bastard, I'll have one of these two take you outside and set you on fire.
Hey you Hey you with the curly bush on your head, baby You know you're lookin' good You know you're lookin' good You know you're lookin' good [MUSIC DISTORTS.]
You're lookin' good, honey She's got flu.
She's fucking flying.
Come on, let's go.
Billy, we we don't even want wholesale.
I'm not buying.
It's free money.
And I know who it belongs to.
And the only reason they're not here now is because I've known you for a long time.
Billy, I'm really sorry.
I Billy.
Have you seen this? - [TYRES SCREECH.]
- Whoa, whoa - [CRASHING IMPACT.]
- Jesus Christ! Wow.
- Hey.
Hello, sir.
- All right, all right.
Can you get up for me? Can you get up for me, please? All right.
- Let's shut that.
- God Hello, sir.
What's-what's your name? [SLURRING.]
Father Liam.
Do you want to pull your trousers up, Liam? Oh, Jesus.
- What's the point? - We don't want to see your knob.
Liam Liam, stand up for me, mate.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Look at me, Liam.
Look at me.
Have you been drinking tonight, or are you ill? - I'm leathered, absolutely leathered.
- Right.
I've drank a bucket full of vodka and I don't give a fuck OK All right, mate.
Turn round for me, Liam.
Turn round for me, mate.
There you go.
What have we got here? Fucking seeing this? There you go.
Have a look in there, thanks.
Liam, come with me, mate.
Come with me.
We're going to go round to the front of the car, Liam, OK? - Go round to the front of the car.
- Careful, careful.
- Shit.
They're gone.
- Have they fucking fallen down? God almighty.
Right, Liam, I want you to stay here for me, mate.
OK? Check him for warrants, will you? Christ.
Hang in there, Liam.
Good lad.
Don't go away, Liam, please.
Jesus Christ.
Father Liam Neeson.
You're joking.
Liam Neeson? St Barabbas's in Holt Lane.
He's got no previous, no warrants.
He's only round the corner.
OK, Liam.
I'm a weak man Well, aren't we all? I do terrible things.
Join the club, mate.
I meet young men and give them money to wank me off.
We all need a hobby.
Oh, the misery of it all I can't take it! Oh, come on, now.
It's just empty pews as I bury the pensioners who used to sit in them.
I can't take it, the things I've done! Hey, Liam.
No-one cares.
I care! Don't you see, I care? I was supposed to be a good man.
I'm a lie.
Everything about me is a a lie.
What kind of a man is that? What-what good is a man who has no truth in him? He's just a shell.
There's nothing of value left! I just I want this to be over.
Arrest me.
Stop this lie.
- I'll clear the jail for one coming in.
- No.
No what? Look at him.
He's pissed.
He's having a breakdown.
He's a drink-driver, Chris.
- I'm a drink-driver.
- Yeah, well, we've all done it.
- No, we haven't.
- You know, in the old days.
I should go to jail.
Shut up, Liam.
What's to be gained? I have no life! He'll not do it again.
- I probably will.
- Shut Right.
He's under pressure, right.
He made a mistake.
We-we can't just destroy a man's life 'cos he fucked up in the middle of a breakdown.
Look at the kip of him.
Honestly, mate, I don't have it in me to ruin this man's life tonight.
I really don't.
So, what are we going to do, then? [RADIO.]
Delta Romeo 4-7? Go ahead.
Can you take a look at a report of a car on fire, please, mate? Yeah, will do.
Fuck sake [KEYS CLATTER.]
Am I under arrest, or what? Fucking humiliated Fucking humiliated! Me? The pair of you! One chance, you get with people like that.
One chance! And you two She's smacked off her face.
I'm having a meeting, and she's sitting there twisted! How do you think that makes me look? - Me own granddaughter! - What did he say? Never mind what he bastard well said! I put my reputation on the line for you! People in this city respect me! And you! You're no better than that whore of a mother of yours.
She wasn't a whore.
She was a fucking whore! And you're no better than her! Uh! You think I happened by accident?! Do you think that she took the road she did because she wanted to?! You made her! I never put that shit in your veins! You put the shit in our heads! You made her and she made me! She let us down You let us down! Get off! I can help you! Dickhead.
What are we going to do now? Spend his doo la.
Ah, yes! [THEY GIGGLE.]
Delta, do we have an ETA on the fire brigade? No, no No.
Oh, fuck Aw, mate We know this car.
Eh? The car, I recognise the reg.
I spoke to the driver the other night.
Yeah, he he said he knew you.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, it stinks, don't it? Chris [PHONE BUZZES.]
Let's see what you've been up to, shall we, Chris? That's Rachel.
Sorry, who's this? Doctor Diane Gallagher.
Who's this? This is Chris Carson.
I've been wanting to talk to you.
Why? You know why.
Yeah, yeah Are you going to give me money? Fuck - What's up? - Somebody called me.
Who? He said he was the copper, Carson, but he wasn't.
I was half-asleep and I said my name, Greg.
He knows my name.
Give that phone to David.
He'll be round yours soon.
You're always doing this to me.
I don't want to be involved, and I can't Just give the phone to David.
Do you hear me? Yeah, all right.
Er, so, we pulled up behind the car and drove on to the track.
The fire was really well under way.
Anyone else bar the fire brigade been near it? Just me and Chris so far.
And the radio room say it was called in by a passing motorist? Yeah.
You OK? Ma'am? You've just seen someone on fire in a car.
I hadn't given it much thought.
Well, you will, so .
be ready for it.
Ma'am? Er I do know this car.
I spoke to the driver the other night, and, erm .
he knew Chris.
Assuming it's him in the car, of course.
- Did they speak? - No.
- What, you didn't see them together? - I don't know.
But he was shady? Well, he he kind of said he was a drug dealer.
What? Sorry, I should Sorry.
What do you know about Chris? Only what DS Mullen told me.
Ray Mullen? Yeah, from Professional Standards.
Ray organises cycling proficiency tests and lollipop men.
What? What's he had you doing? Oh, look, I don't want to know.
Ray Mullen has had a feather up his arse about Chris ever since the squad got disbanded.
He thinks Chris cost him his career.
They call him Willy Wonka.
Whatever he's got you doing, I'd stop it if I was you.
You all right, mate? Yeah, just smoke, you know.
- It's all yours, then.
- Thanks.
You've got mud on your trousers.
Come on, show me what we've got.
So, what's she told you? How you doing, Skip? I'm not the skip any more.
You are.
You'll always be my skip.
I wish you'd tell me payslip.
So, come on, what did she say? That you know the car and the buck who owns it.
Yeah, she's right.
Did you know he was a drug dealer too? Er, no.
No, we weren't mates.
I just knew him from school, like, years ago.
I see him around, you know.
Across a bar, in the gym.
A nod and a hello.
Not any more.
Well, no.
Nothing else you want to tell me? No.
How's Kate? - Yeah, she's good.
- Your girl? Oh, she's great, yeah.
Watch yourself, Skip.
I'm all right.
- You said that last time.
- Mm-hm.
We'll take it from here, inform the next of kin.
You get back out on patrol.
What did she say? We're informing the next of kin.
What is it? Are Are you upset 'cos I told her you knew the guy in the car? I'm upset 'cos you told her I was mates with a drug dealer.
Well, I'm sorry.
Were you, though? - You taking the piss? - No, I'm not.
See, this is what I'm talking This is what everyone does.
As soon as anything kicks off, right, people look at me.
Oh Jesus Christ almighty.
You've known me two minutes I only .
and you're doing what everyone else does.
- I-I only said what I saw.
- What you saw? Just use your head, you know.
Think who you're talking to.
I do use my head.
- I only said what I saw.
- What you saw.
Right, we're here.
Have you got your hat? Yeah, I've got my hat.
You have to get to the point quickly, tell them outright.
You know, he had a daughter, same age as Tilly.
Don't hug or touch 'em if they start crying.
Yeah, right.
Mrs Sweeney? - Yeah.
- Can we come in please? Thanks.
All we can say for certain at this time .
is that it's his car, and there was a person inside the vehicle who is now deceased.
We don't know for certain that it was your husband in there just yet, though.
I know it's him.
Well, why do you say that? Was he in danger, suicidal? - Was he having problems? - No.
Rachel, would you make us a tea, please? [SOBBING CONTINUES.]
Thank you.
That's all I could get you.
What's that? I need money for Lexie, Chris.
Why do you think I was working for him in the first place? This is about my daughter! You will get me more money, Chris.
Oh, God, the thought of him knowing he hadn't provided for our Lexie.
Do you think he knew? What was happening when they? When it when it? He would have wanted to say bye to her.
He loved her so much, Chris.
Imagine it was your little girl waking up in the morning to this? I can't.
- Um, I just wanted to ask - You'll hear about him later and think he was a bad man.
You will.
Drug dealer.
Wide boy.
He was, but he did bad things for good reasons.
He was a man who just wanted to provide for his family.
It was all he had.
It was all he had.
Would you like some milk? With the tea.
Leave her.
Just put some in.
CID will be here soon.
They'll want to talk to you, but if you're not feeling up to it.
- I know how to deal with the Jacks, love.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry, Jodes.
- I know.
He was your mate.
Listen, when CID arrive, we weren't here, OK? Chris? Yes.
I really hope you're not mixed up in this.
All right, then, don't forget me, and I'll forget you.
You can come to ours if you want? My mum and dad's.
I've got to do something first, but I can meet you there later if you like? Thanks but no, thanks.
What about you and, um - Steve.
- The lovely Steve.
Settle down when it settles down.
Always does.
- You don't have to be unhappy, Rachel.
- Says you.
Maybe you should bell her.
- Maybe she'll have you back.
- She shouldn't have me back.
Better than the beach.
You're not as much of a twat as you think you are, Chris.
I'll go make the tea.
- Don't forget the milk.
- What? You, before.
- Uh, milk? Uh Hello - Oh, gosh! I didn't know what I didn't know what to say.
I felt a proper arse.
No, that's all right.
You did good.
- I'll be in.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mind how you go, Skip.
- Yeah, you too, Debs.
Hey, um, what did the wife say? The husband's shady, but she's not giving anything away.
She's been around too long for that.
My guess is he's either topped himself after getting para on gravel, or he's been ended for pissing on someone's chips.
It's a shame, with the kid and all that, but it's the game he was playing.
You get to bed, Chris.
You look like shit.
You too.
- I got you a tea.
- You lied to me.
- No, I never.
- Willy Wonka? - He's bent.
I've got proof.
- You used me! I could lose my job.
I thought you had something about you but you're just a stupid I am fucking sick of being lied to! There is something wrong with you.
You're a liar! You can't see past what happened when you lost your job.
Willy fucking Wonka?! If I ever hear off you again, I will make sure you get sacked, all right? All right? You owe me two pieces of toast, lad.
Christopher? Sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Take my hand.
Shush now.
It's going to be OK.
Come on.
God, I try so hard [SNIFFLES.]
having to keep it all in.
I just can't do it.
Shush now.
It's going to be all right.
Come on.
Me and Kate, right.
I'm sorry, but I've ruined it.
Tilly it's all gone.
Hold me.
- Please.
- Yeah.
- OK? - Yeah.
Carl, he's dead.
- Carl Sweeney? - Mm.
And it might be my fault, Mum.
I I could go to prison.
Carl was me mate, Mum, but he wasn't a good guy, right, he was mixed up in stuff.
- Carl? - Mm-hm.
And and so am I.
Christopher? [HE SOBS.]
Put your arm round me.
Put your arm round me.
All right.
Come on now, this isn't you.
You're better than this.
Tell me what to do.
You fight, that's what you do.
You fight.
You keep fighting and then you can't be beaten.
Steve? Can you open the door, please? It's my flat.
You can't lock me out.
Can you open the door, please? I could have you arrested! - [PHONE BUZZES.]
- There you go.
- Chris? - Kate, you and Tilly OK? Where are you? What? We're at home.
What's going on? I love you, that's all.
I love you.
Right, I'm going to go.
Chris? Fucking hell.
CCTV, lad.
30 years old, black and white shite.
Someone wants to meet with you.
Kiss The Sky by Shawn Lee I hold my head up just enough to see the sky And when we go we won't go slow we'll put up such a fight
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