The Responder (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I know you try, but this, this isn't good.
You have to leave.
- You all right? - Yeah, my head's battered.
- What do you know about Chris? - Only what DS Mullen told me.
Ray organises cycling proficiency tests and lollipop men.
- What? - What's he had you doing? I am sick of being lied to! There is something wrong with you.
Why's he so angry with you? Because I robbed his cocaine.
- Just pay him back then.
- No, I robbed all his cocaine.
Jesus Christ.
There's no way you're getting 30 grand off these lads.
What have you done? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't know what is right and wrong any more.
I thought I was doing something good.
Someone wants to meet with you.
What have you done to him? Can you hear me? Chris? Have you taken something? Drugs? I'm a police officer.
Tell me what's happening.
It's panic attack.
Has it happened before? It's going to be all right.
- Just try to breathe.
Nice and slow.
- Hm.
Nose and mouth.
Count as you breathe.
- Two Three - [HE EXHALES.]
Four - Good.
- Good.
Get him a chair.
Help him.
You only witnessed your friend's death yesterday.
But your job right now, right this minute, is to stay alive.
Do you understand that? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.]
Greg? - Is he there? - He's here.
Right, questions and answers.
No messing about.
Simple yes and no, right? Yeah.
Do you know where my drugs are? No.
Did you swap them for washing powder? Nope.
So it's that baghead girl, then, isn't it? Oh yeah.
Do you know who you're talking to? I'm Greg Gallagher.
Do you know who I am? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I know who you are.
I know where you live, I know where you work, I know what you drive.
I know what you eat, I know what you're thinking right now.
So you will find that baghead and then you'll get me drugs.
Uh, I can't just, um No, no, no, shut up.
No buts.
You will find her 'cos we can't find her, right.
You've got no options, lad.
So you will just do as you're told.
OK, sausage? OK.
Untie him.
They'll help, with the attacks.
All right, thanks.
All right.
Steve? Steve, open the door.
Open the fucking door now, Steve! What? I want you out of here today.
Did you hear me? I'm sick of being treated like shit in my own home.
I pay for this place and you've not contributed once since you moved in.
Which, by the way, I never even asked you to do.
- I'm not a doormat, Steve.
- Stop it now.
Come on.
You changed the locks without even asking me.
- Stop it.
Fucking hell.
-No! This isn't how I should live my life.
What did you say? Are you going? I can bag up your stuff for you if you like.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Please? Get in the cupboard or I'll fucking kill you.
Get in the cupboard.
If I get home tonight and you're not in this cupboard There we go.
See you in a bit.
What? I'm corrupt.
I've been taking money off Carl for information, and now I'm on the hook with a major dealer and I don't know what to do.
You are corrupt? After everything that's happened, you Stop! I'm trying to tell you, right.
- Me mum's bills.
- I I defended you.
- I stood up for you.
- Carl's dead.
Carl? Carl Carl's dead? Wh - Our Carl? - Yeah.
Are you in danger? Don't know.
- Tilly? - No.
You fuckin' idiot.
Tilly, take my hand.
Tills, take my hand.
It's just salmon.
They haven't cooked it.
It's raw fish on me eggs.
You're such a bad divvy, you.
They smoke it.
Fuck off? What? - It's like posh salmon.
- Salmon comes in tins.
Shit salmon comes in tins.
Posh salmon comes like that.
Look, me nan was posh, and she got it in tins.
Your nan was a scruff and she robbed it off the Asda.
Oh, my God.
Tastes like foreskin, that.
How do you know what foreskin tastes like? Your ma told me what foreskin tastes like.
Well, if you don't want the salmon, we can go to Maccies for something later.
Big kid.
- You can have the bed tonight if you want.
I'm going to have a bath tonight, with bubbles.
When I sell that bag, I'm going to live this life forever.
Hey, have you seen the shower? Pure pressure, lad.
Even the mirrors doesn't mist up.
Excuse me.
Casey! Nah, lad, I can't go to the flat.
Lad, I can't 'cos she'll be there.
Lad, trust me, lad, she'll fucking be there waiting.
Davey's in the town, where is it? Back of Mill Street? Where the fuck's back of Mill Street? Oh, the back of Mill Street.
All right, fucking hell, the back of Mill Street.
All right, OK.
Meet you at Davey's place, then.
Sound, all right, lad.
In a bit.
Still haven't told me why.
I was up to me ears.
You know, with me mum and all that.
When I got demoted, Carl was good to me.
You know, he'd known me so long, we were mates.
- I can make money.
You didn't have to.
- Yeah, I know.
You didn't need to go to Carl, could've just asked.
That's it don't, like, ask, ask you for money.
That just makes it worse.
Worse than working for Carl? He was me mate.
He was using you.
You weren't well, and you're not well now.
I think I might have to hand myself in.
- How long would you get? - Ten years, maybe more.
This was all I ever wanted.
To know where you were, where you are.
Ten years? There's got to be a better way.
Something to be gained from it.
- Don't know.
Justice? - Justice.
Where is the justice for Tilly and me? Hmm? We are the ones who'll pay for it.
Figure it out.
I know you can fix this.
- Dad.
- Yes, darling? Can you give me a push? I'll be there.
I'll be there.
Fuckin' hell.
That's right.
That's great, keep going.
This way.
You're doing Whoa, watch out, Fireman Sam.
Give us a minute, Mike.
What are you playing at, Ray? I'm running a proficiency test.
She's only got three months in the job.
She could get sacked.
She thinks you're C and D.
I didn't tell her that.
- You told her Chris was corrupt.
- He is.
He is.
He bought a burner phone.
Rachel got me the number he called and I traced it.
It's Greg Gallagher's sister.
I called the number and she thought I was him and talked about drugs.
She talked about a drug deal? Not exactly, but she was talking to him like he knew what was going on, like he was part of a deal.
There wasn't detail, but How long have you got in the job, Ray? 21 years.
So I don't need to tell you about how important detail is.
You've got a doctor talking to someone who isn't well.
Even if she mentioned drugs, he could just say it was his medication.
- It isn't enough.
- Carl Sweeney too.
- What about Carl Sweeney? - You remember him? He used to hang around in the squad like a bad fart.
I think he's trying to step up, and he's using Chris to give him a bit of weight.
Now, I can't prove that, but if I can, then I've got the lot.
Yeah, this might be a shit job, but you are currently this close to losing it.
You need to stop.
Think about what you're doing.
I can't fit it all together, but I know it's there.
Get help, Ray.
You know I'm right.
Right, that's it.
All passed.
Well done, certificates in the post.
Fucking yippee! Well done, you can ride a bike.
Jodie, I am trying to find a way through this for us.
Us? So, Greg Gallagher.
What do you know? I know that in the past there's no way on Earth that Gallagher would ever do business with the likes of us.
So why now? Right out of nowhere, big bag of coke up front, no questions, cash down the line when it's cut and sold.
Carl thought it was Christmas, but I knew it stunk.
But why now? 'Cos Gallagher's desperate, that's why.
Everyone he's stashed his cash with is pulling up the drawbridge.
He's stuck in prison on remand staring down 20 years and he can't pay his bills, so he did a deal with the one dickhead left who'd do a deal.
So, Greg's going to get shivved in the showers if he doesn't pay what he owes.
How'd you know all this? Carl tells me everything.
You with Casey? I know she's got the fucking bag, Marco.
- Where is she? Sorted what? - I've sorted it.
The bag, lad.
I've rung Ian and Barry.
They're coming to get it.
Oh, fu What? No.
Listen to me, Marco.
You cannot meet them two, or anyone else.
- Do you hear me? - Why? 'Cos they'll fucking kill you, lad, that's why.
They'll fucking kill you.
Now, where are you? Call Chris Knobhead Work.
- Call Chris Knobhead Work on speaker.
- Calling Chris Knobhead Work.
Hang up.
Cancel call.
Rachel? Hi, Chris.
Yeah, I'm up the wall at the moment, mate.
No, yeah.
Course, that's fine.
So what's up? You still there? Rach? Yeah.
What's going on? Nothing.
You sound a bit echo-y there, mate? You OK? Yeah, yeah.
You sure? Yeah, just, uh I don't think I'm used to I don't think I'm used to the nights yet, so .
I think I'm just gonna try and get my head down and get some sleep.
- OK, as long as you're all right.
- Yeah, fine.
I'll see you to I'll see you tonight.
Hang on, Rachel.
What the fuck's going on? I don't I don't I don't know what to do.
I can't hear you.
He's locked me in a cupb He's locked me in a cupboard.
He's left me inside and I don't know what to do.
He's what? He's locked me in the cupboard! Jesus Christ.
Right, I'm on me way.
Mate, hold on.
Mate, can you open the door, please? [DOOR BUZZER BEEPS.]
Fucking two.
Flat three.
Rachel? Rachel? Hello? [PHONE BUZZES AND RINGS.]
Rachel? Rach? Fuck's sake, man.
Rachel? Chris? - Rachel? - Chris? Hey, hey.
Are you OK? Are you OK? What's all that about? - You all right, lad? - Fucking Did you think I wouldn't know where you were going? Hey, sit down.
- OK, all right.
- Give me that fucking bag! Right, all right.
Fucking hell.
So, you rob them from me? After everything I've done for you? I took you to my nan's house.
I even let you have a shit in there.
And what does he do, Davey? - Doesn't flush? - He robs me fuckin' drugs! That was my one chance in life to change and you took it off me! - You're my only mate.
- I didn't rob them.
He didn't rob them, Davey.
He didn't rob them.
He just took them by accident.
I risked my life for that bag and what it can give me and you took it from me? If you hate me that much, go.
I never want to look at you ever again.
- Put it fucking down! - You can have it.
I was going to give them back to who they belong to, all right? That's what I was going to do.
People like us don't win, Casey.
I was trying to save you, talk about fucking hating you.
- I don't fucking believe this.
- We could get away.
- What? - Don't you see? They're my chance.
My life's here.
There's all my mates here.
I got me kid there, ain't I? It's what I know.
Why are you being so negative? My life's negative.
What else am I going to be? - I'm trying to change that for you.
- Yeah, I don't want to change.
And you're not going to change.
I just wanna stay I just want to stay here with you.
- Whatever.
- And just want to be safe.
- I just want to be safe.
- Whatever, mate.
Eh? Stay together.
Eh Eh, it's it's hard.
Out here, Casey, it's very hard.
If somebody loves you, that's .
that's your chance.
No, not that, no, no.
- That clown.
- Eh, Marco? - Quick, get the bag! Give that Marco, don't run Run run, Forrest.
Get here now.
You little bastard, come on.
Marco! Right, right.
Marco, we just want to talk, lad.
- You sure you want to do this now? - If I don't, I won't.
- He's at work, yeah? Right.
- Yeah.
- Who's that? - It's him.
- Lad, where are you? - Where are you? We've had to move.
We're just off Flynn Street, lad.
We're hiding.
Hiding? Yeah, they fucking, yes, they drove fucking around for us.
Oh, fuck.
Right, five minutes.
Do not move.
I'll come and get you.
Where are we going? You don't want to know.
- There they are, look! Shit! Run.
- Which way? Down here.
Come on.
Fucking hell.
- Jesus Christ! [HE PANTS.]
- There they are, look.
- Fuck! Open the door, lad.
Quick, get it open.
Go! Go, go, go, go! Yes.
Fuck off! - What the hell is going on? - I know where you live! [THEY PANT.]
That's your fault, that is.
Do you two have any fucking idea how much trouble you cause me? Right, out and leave that bag.
I'll be back.
Hey, Casey? Don't you fucking dare take my bag? Leave it.
OK, leave it.
Get to fuck.
You're not getting it back.
- You're not getting it back.
- Give me my fucking bag, mate.
- Stay back.
- Give me my fucking bag.
Don't you dare take my fucking Hey, girl.
Come here.
Fucking hell.
- It's all right.
It's over.
It's all right.
- It's not fair.
- I know.
I know, I'm sorry.
I know it's not fair.
But what happened to Carl's not fair, is it? I don't give a fuckin' shit about him.
All right.
He's no loss and neither am I.
I don't matter.
Who said that? Everyone.
Not me.
'Course you matter.
Casey, listen to me.
You're going to walk away, right.
You're going to walk down that road, with him.
Leave these to me, yeah.
- Come 'ed, Case.
- One minute.
All right? OK.
OK? - You'll walk down there.
- Yeah.
Hey, you do fucking matter.
Don't say that again.
- OK.
- Good lad.
Come on, Case.
Let's do one.
You all right, yeah? - They all right? - Yeah, they're fine.
What's in the bag? Nothing.
Don't worry about it.
- Can you hold my hand? - Yeah.
It was just a fucking coat hanger.
Yeah, but it wasn't a coat hanger keeping you in, was it? It's your flat.
You know that.
It's your life.
Pisses me off.
Don't let him take that away from you.
I thought you were a right dickhead.
I know, I saw your phone.
I spied on you for Ray Mullen.
I'm sorry.
Ray? I gave him the number from the mobile you bought from the petrol station the other night.
I'm sorry, Chris.
Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry for not trusting you.
He told me that he was C and D and I just - What, he's C and D? Rachel.
- I know - Is he Complaints and Discipline? - He lied to me.
He teaches kids how to ride bikes.
Mate, he told me you were dodgy.
And let's be honest, you're not great, are you? I just try and make the job work, and do you know something? I fucking do.
Give me Carson and you walk away.
Who? Carson.
Tell me what you know and walk away.
Who are you? Detective Sergeant Ray Mullen, and I have got a fuckin' cob on, so don't mess me about.
I know who you are, I know what you are, and I know if you don't cough up with what you are doing with Chris Carson, I'm locking you up right now.
I don't know who you are talking about, and I don't like your attitude.
Where are you based? OK.
I know you know him.
You'll be sorry, you will.
You'll be fucking sorry.
I'm worried about Chris.
I saw him this week and .
well, he looked like shit.
He's got a lot going on.
Did he, um, did he tell you about his mum? Yeah.
She's not got long.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I hope you don't mind me prying.
I've got a duty of care to him as a boss and as a mate.
Of course.
This is awkward.
You don't have to answer this.
- Thank you.
- Ask me.
It's a mate question, not a boss question.
Is he getting better, or is he getting worse? He's been seeing the job counsellor.
They gave him a few sessions.
He's got a lifetime of shit in his head and a few sessions won't sort that.
- No.
- No.
- What about his own doctor? - Rashid? He's great.
He tries, you know? He's a busy GP, but he does care.
Chris mentioned a Doctor Gallagher? He's brilliant.
- Really helpful.
- Chris said it was a she? - That's right.
- You said he? Did I? Yeah.
Who is she? His other doctor.
Other? It's private for Chris, you know? Has Chris seen much of Carl Sweeney lately? I thought you said you were here as a mate? I am trying to help Chris.
I really am.
So am I.
- Answer it.
- No.
It's nobody.
I can't do it.
No, it's just going to make things worse.
What, worse than being locked in a cupboard? Maybe.
Fuckin' hell, lad.
If you've somewhere else to be? All the time in the world.
You're my mate.
Good luck.
You all right? What's going on? Here's your shit.
Go back to your mum's and don't ever come back to mine, all right? What do you mean? What you talking about? We're finished.
Let's talk about this tonight, hey? I mean it, Steve.
Come on, later.
Do you want me to say it? Or are you just going to fucking go? Later.
He hits me.
He hits me.
On my back.
On the top of my arms and legs.
He calls me a piece of shit.
He spits at me.
He locks me in cupboards and tells me he's going to kill me in my sleep.
- It's not - You're a liar and a coward! Don't ever come near me again.
My office.
We're doing this my way.
No arguing, you've got to listen to me, OK.
If you want this to be sorted, this is how where doing it.
What you talking about? Just listen to me.
OK, what do you suggest, then? You've got me driving around town with a bag of drugs in the car? - I could literally go to prison.
- You're not going to prison.
It's got my DNA all over it, Chris! You shouldn't have opened it, then.
Don't you dare try to turn this into being my fault.
Don't you dare! The whole fucking finding Casey thing? That was her just then in the car, wasn't it? Mm-hm.
And the the dead guy? Carl? He looked me in the eye and told me he was a drug dealer.
Is that bag why he's dead? For fuck's sake.
You're a drug dealer.
I'm not a drug dealer.
There is literally a fucking massive bag of drugs two feet behind me in the fucking car, Chris! I was just trying to help Casey.
She stole these drugs off some courier, right, and I got sucked in.
I was trying to keep her alive.
I'm still trying to keep her alive.
- Bullshit.
- No, it's not, mate.
Well, why didn't you just take her into protective custody, then? What protective custody? You've been watching too much Sopranos, mate.
- Fuck off.
- Jesus Christ.
If you want, you can lock me up.
That'll get you off whatever hook you think you're on.
- Think I'm on? - Yeah.
- I'm sorting it, OK? - How? I throw the bag into the found fucking property locker without booking it in.
- What about my DNA? - Every copper in the bloody nick's DNA will be all over it.
If anyone asks, which they won't, just say you kicked the bag out the way weeks ago.
I cannot believe I'm having this conversation.
Right, Rachel, if this whole thing kicks off, I swear to God, you'll be in the clear.
I'll cop the lot and keep you out of it, OK? We good? No.
No, Chris, we are not good.
We will never be good.
So, we OK? I'll see you tonight? [KEYS TAP.]
Come in.
- Is this domestics? - Yeah, it is.
Are you new? Yeah, I'm a probationer.
So, what's happening? - Do you want a brew? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it'd be nice, actually.
Make yourself at home.
- Be back in a minute, all right? - Thanks.
So what's he got on you? I'm sorry? Well, I've been thinking, right.
This is not just a normal family thing.
You might tell yourself it is, but we've all got family, this is different.
It's all wrong.
You're not the type.
I'm just doing what I have to do.
Where's the drugs? Right.
This is a Yellow Pedal.
It's evidence of a police seizure.
It'll get Greg off the hook with the people he owes money to.
He'll know what to do with it.
I'm still a copper, just.
You're still a doctor, right.
This is not our game.
We're not fucking drug dealers.
That's proof the drugs have been seized by the police.
It'll stop Greg getting killed inside.
We good? Yeah.
- No surprises? Right.
- No.
Rachel? Aren't you still on nights? What is it? I just need some help.
What is it? It's it's just the job and, uh, home.
- Chris is just - Chris? What has Chris done? Oh, it's It's me.
I think I need to take some time off.
If you need time off, take time off.
Nights are hard.
You're not used to them.
Do your last one, sleep for a day or two, and you'll feel better.
Shall we? Uh, no, I'll just, um I'll give you a ring.
So there's enough gear in this bag to set you up for life .
but if you take it, then I'm out from under.
- This what started all of this?- Yeah.
Anyone going to come after it? Well, someone's always looking for something, but we both know you can look after yourself, Jodie.
- We're square now, yeah? - OK.
All right? - I went to see your mum.
- Hm.
I paid the bill.
Yeah, I'm sorry .
for what I've done .
to us.
You know, my trouble, it's gone away now.
I'm going to be better.
- Dad, Dad, Dad, Daddy! - Hey, darling.
Hey, come here.
Give us a minute, yeah, I'll come up and see you.
Go on, then.
Good girl.
I really want to make this work, Kate.
'Cos my heart is breaking .
with what's happened.
I know we can fix it.
And I'll speak to you, not bottle it up.
- I love you so much.
- I lied for you.
Deb Barnes came round here asking questions.
She was asking about Doctor Gallagher.
Oh, fuck.
I told her she was your doctor.
I lied.
- Kate, you shouldn't have done that.
- I know.
But I did because I love you too.
We have to make this better.
We haven't got a choice.
All right, darling? A new book? Let's have a look.
- Wallaby Chairleg? Is he? - He's a detective.
Will you read it to me tomorrow? I think you can read it to me.
Come on, read it to me while I'm getting ready.
Come on.
Pilgrim by Fink All right.
Delta patrols to respond to a call marked IRIR, please.
Report of a burglary in progress.

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