The Returned (2012) s01e01 Episode Script


Here, Camille.
Your answers
should be short and clear.
Due on Tuesday.
– We already have a math test!
– You had plenty of time for that.
Sorry, it doesn’t work sometimes.
– I’ll see you next week.
– Sure.
Your dad just went to see Lucy again?
Isn’t it the third time this week?
– You’re a dick.
– Just saying.
We will start in a few minutes,
but first, I believe…
Sandrine would like
to tell us something.
Yan and I,
we thought you should know
that we are going to have a baby.
It’s been hard,
but we wanted to tell you,
and thank all of you.
And thank Pierre.
I think that…
these meetings have really helped us
since the accident.
It’s mostly thanks to you
if we could…
I wouldn’t say get closure,
but at least…
get on with our lives,
move on.
And now, this happened.
Life is stronger.
It’s such a gift.
It’s wonderful.
You give us a gift, Sandrine.
You too, Yan.
It looks like a blackout.
– Here we go.
– So, as I was saying…
As you can see,
the memorial is shaped like a ring.
It will be smelted on Monday,
and we will install it
by the end of the week,
for the commemoration.
There are 38 niches,
one for each student.
Does anybody have any questions?
– Jérôme?
– Did it cost a lot of money?
Because honestly, it’s quite hideous.
You think it’s good?
You like it?
If you like it,
that’s all that matters.
– Never mind.
– You already told us
what you thought
when we decided to build the stele.
We listened to you, then we voted.
Maybe we can move on.
At the time, I said it was pointless.
Now, I say it’s hideous.
It’s different.
Look, we’ve had enough
of your sarcasms.
If you think this is ridiculous,
you don’t have to be here.
I’m here,
because it makes me feel better.
It makes me feel great,
just like all of you.
Maybe I’ll get wonderful gifts
from life too.
I know I’m so late.
You must have been worried to death.
It’s not my fault.
Something weird happened.
Please don’t stare at me.
It seems crazy,
but I ended up
in the mountain over the dam.
It took me an hour to get home.
Believe me, Mom.
I’m telling the truth.
I’m starving.
Are you OK?
I’m OK.
Is Léna home?
She’s at a friend’s house.
That’s ugly.
I’ll clean up later.
Can you bring me my bathrobe?
Thank you.
Then there’s the picnic, and then…
the kids’ performance around 2 pm.
This is Pierre’s voice-mail.
Please leave a message.
It’s Claire.
Can you please come over?
10:30 sounds good.
Maybe we should give the kids
some time to rehearse.
– No one told me about that.
– Mrs. Durand asked.
That’s my suggestion,
because, actually…
It’s Claire.
You need to come over right now.
What’s going on?
It’s about Léna?
It’s about Camille.
– What?
– I’m begging you.
I’m on my way.
Mr. Costa?
I’m listening.
Where does it hurt exactly?
Your heart is pounding?
I can give you an injection.
I’ll be there.
– When will you be here?
– Well, I don’t live next door.
I need you now.
I can’t be any faster.
– You’re leaving now?
– I’ll be quick.
In the meantime,
lie down and try to relax.
– I’m waiting for you, Julie.
– I’ll be right there.
Who were you calling?
Can you let me in?
The code has been changed?
Good night.
She’s not there.
She has just left.
– When will she be back?
– No idea. I’m not her secretary.
Did you have an appointment?
Just kidding.
Julie’s love life’s
none of my business.
I’m busy enough with my own.
You didn’t come for her?
Then who are you looking for?
Adèle Werther.
Never heard of her.
You sure she lives here?
Of course I’m sure.
I’m coming, sweetie.
I have to go.
Good luck with Adèle.
Come in.
Why did you call me?
You’d better come in.
Camille is home.
She’s taking a bath.
You want to see her?
No, it’s me.
What the hell?
Get out, Dad!
She doesn’t remember anything.
Neither the accident nor…
She just remembers the school trip.
It can’t be.
I know it can’t be, but she is here.
– There must be an explanation.
– You think I’m crazy?
Then you are crazy too.
You saw her, right?
Look at her.
Is there a problem?
What the hell are you doing?
Are you smoking, Dad?
Did Mom tell you about me?
It’s kind of creepy, right?
Like some kind of coma
or something neurological.
Maybe I should see a doctor.
Are you all right, now?
Well, yeah.
But you’re the ones
who don’t look so good.
And where’s Léna?
I told you,
she’s at a friend’s house.
I can’t remember.
Who are you calling?
I lost my cellphone.
It’s late.
He might be sleeping.
Faster! Faster!
That’s your mom.
Should I get it?
Hell no.
Screw her!
Léna, your turn.
I’m exhausted.
Good night.
Drink! Drink!
Come on!
– You give up?
– Over my dead body.
Lucy, another round, please.
I need to pee.
You’re OK?
– You can’t throw up.
– I’m not a rookie.
There you go.
It’s done.
You look really nervous.
Are you gonna be OK?
– You’re not alone?
– I am.
What was that noise?
I’m telling you, there’s nobody.
All right.
I don’t mean to pry,
but you know you can talk to me.
I know.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
See you next week.
Good night, Mr. Costa.
I was starving.
Excuse me.
Where’s Adèle?
– I don’t know her.
– She’s a waitress here.
I’d know if there was an Adèle
working here.
I know a girl named Adèle.
There can’t be 15,000 of them.
Tall, brown hair, green eyes,
working at the media library…
But she doesn’t work there.
Adèle Werther.
I just know where she lives.
It’s not far.
If you buy me a drink, I’ll show you.
You’re drunk already.
No, I’m not.
Come on.
Excuse me.
– What would you like?
– A beer.
Two beers.
What the hell is he doing here?
Camille came back.
You told me.
You told me if I prayed,
He would listen.
Do you want to see her?
She’s in her room.
She’s so pretty.
I’m so happy.
Come on.
May we come in?
Why did you move all my stuff?
I can’t find anything.
This is Dr. Tissier.
Good evening.
Where’s Dr. Dolorier?
He’s on vacation.
I’m his substitute.
You mom told me what happened,
but I’d like to hear it from you,
with your own words.
Can you?
There’s nothing to say.
I remember the bus, then I woke up
in the middle of nowhere.
I don’t remember how I got there.
Could it be a brain tumor?
I don’t think so.
How can you think that?
Won’t you check me out?
You’re not a doctor.
You have no blood pressure stuff,
no suitcase, nothing.
You’re a shrink, aren’t you?
I’m not a shrink.
Do you think you need a shrink?
I’m not crazy.
What do you think is being crazy?
Do you know what I think?
Being crazy…
is denying reality.
Sometimes, it’s easier.
Sometimes, reality is so harsh
that you’d rather go crazy,
or pretend that you are.
It’s a strategy.
And I don’t think
you’re that kind of person.
I’m tired.
You need to rest.
I can’t sleep.
I’ll give you something
to help you sleep.
What is he doing there?
Are you lost?
You can’t find your way home?
What’s your name?
What’s going on?
Poor little boy!
Does he live with you?
He looks kind of wild.
What’s his name?
A young man came to your door.
Very handsome, by the way.
He was looking
for a girl named Adèle Werther.
Is that your nickname?
No, that’s the girl
who used to live here.
All right.
Good night, Ms. Payet.
Lucy, I need to talk to you.
Call me.
Well, doctor?
What’s your diagnosis?
Acute resurrection?
If you know a better word,
I’m listening.
What do we do in such cases?
“What do we do in such cases”?
I don’t know.
There is no precedent.
Actually, there is one,
but I don’t think you want to hear it.
You’re right.
Save the crap for Claire.
So, what do we do in such cases?
Why are you lashing out at us?
I thought that after all these years
of prayers,
you’d be better prepared for this.
That’s what I’m thinking.
I’m disappointed.
I may not know
what to do or what to say,
but I didn’t pray for this.
When she…
when she realizes
what happened to her,
you will have to tell her…
that she doesn’t have to be scared.
That what she’s experiencing
is both terrifying and wonderful.
And that she won’t be alone.
You’re gonna tell her that?
That’s terrible.
You’re the one that’s gonna tell her,
with Claire.
You belong here, Jérôme,
with your daughter.
– Then why are you here?
– Stop it.
Pierre is helping us.
Won’t you slow down a bit?
How come I’ve never seen you
at the Lake Pub?
I’ve never seen you either.
I pretty much live there, though.
There’s nothing to do around here.
How long have you been living here?
I was born here.
That’s why you’re all cheery.
How did you meet Adèle?
She tutored me last year.
It didn’t help much.
What about you?
Did she tutor you too?
You’re the mysterious kind of guy, huh?
You see the first house over there?
That’s where she lives.
You’re welcome, asshole!
It’s me.
Let me in.
Open the door!
I can hear you.
What’s going on?
I know you’re here.
Open this fucking door!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
If you don’t talk to me,
I’m calling the police.
They’ll come and get you.
Your parents are not gonna
be pleased at all.
You want me to call?
I’m calling them.
I’m doing it.
Police, may I help you?
It’s just for tonight, all right?
I’m taking you to the station
– I’ll do it.
– You sure?
Thanks, bye.
– Good night.
– You too.
There, there…
It’s over now…
It’s OK.
It’s over.
All right,
you need to get some sleep already.
Would you at least tell me your name?
– So?
– The firefighters say it’s arson.
– Any casualties?
– None.
There was no one in there.
But some neighbors
saw Mr. Costa earlier.
– Where is he now?
– He’s missing.
Put out an APB on him.
– Go talk to the neighbors.
– Yes, Captain.
– Chief.
– Do you know the situation?
You’re OK?
What’s going on?
– Tell me.
– It happened again.
– What?
– I thought it was over.
I’m here.
Don’t worry.
What’s going on?
Yes, indeed.
– The water level has gone way down.
– And it’s still dropping.
We should report it, don’t you think?
What the hell is he doing there?
Is that Mr. Costa?
I don’t want to go.
Do I really have to?
Yes, we paid for it.
It’s non-negotiable.
But obviously, Léna can stay.
– She’s sick.
– Yeah, right.
She’s actually not very sick.
101 °F.
It’s unfair.
Come on and eat your breakfast.
You’re gonna be late.
Have a nice day, Léna.
Come in.
You don’t wanna?
It’s not like that.
Is it because of Camille?
It’s not cool for her.
She kind of has a crush on you.
You’re the one
I have a crush on, kind of.
“Kind of”?
You’re a jerk.
More than kind of, then.
Maybe you can’t even tell us apart.
Maybe I’m Camille.
Here, Camille.
All right.
Your answers
should be short and clear.
You’ve never done it?
Neither have you.
Are you OK?
I have to get out.
– No one’s getting off.
– I want to get out!
Stay away from that door.
I want to get out!
I can’t pull over here.
– Calm down.
– Open the door!
– Stop it, now!
– Let go of me!
Calm down.
Stop the bus!
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