The Returned (2012) s01e02 Episode Script


Another round, please.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
You want more?
Then see you tomorrow.
It’s gonna be the wedding
between a big dumbass,
Simon, the bass guitarist wannabe,
and Adèle,
the hottest waitress ever.
Lucky bastard.
Thank you, take care.
Can my friends and I take a picture
with the whole band?
Totally, sure.
I’m coming.
With Adèle.
– Are you coming?
– Sure.
– Be careful, that’s not a toy.
– Don’t worry.
You want me to show you?
Like that.
See? That’s easy.
We haven’t slept much.
We’ll sleep when we’re dead.
Stop it.
I have to get ready.
Get up and get dressed.
It’s bad luck for you to see me
in my wedding dress.
I’m outta here.
You’ve got something to tell me.
Not now.
I’ll tell you tonight.
Come on, what is it?
What, you’re pregnant?
You’re pregnant?
Are you happy?
Are you crying?
Damn him.
Don’t worry.
He’ll be here soon.
– I’m sorry.
– It’s OK.
Excuse me.
– You’re not eating?
– I am.
– What is Mom doing?
– I don’t know.
She can’t seem to get up.
Is it like last time?
No, she’s just a little tired.
Eat your breakfast.
Are you OK?
I’m sorry.
Do you want me to go
to the church without you?
I’ll go.
I just need five minutes.
Do you need an appointment
with Boisseau?
I’ll be fine.
You can talk to me.
I’m sorry.
I understand.
Don’t worry.
I’m listening.
What can I have with this?
All right, get lost.
Would you just have a piece of bread?
I’m starving.
I said get lost.
– Sorry.
– Wait.
Do I scare you?
I scare myself.
What happened to me?
– You’ve never seen him before?
– Never.
– He really messed you up.
– No shit.
We’ll watch the video
and put out an APB on him.
Yeah, right.
May I help you?
I was wondering
if there was any report of a missing…
little boy…
brown hair,
about 8 years old, maybe younger.
Brown hair and dark eyes.
Why are you wondering that?
Because I saw a little boy last night
on my way home.
He seemed lost, so I was wondering.
You didn’t ask him if he was lost?
Not really.
Not really?
I was inside the bus.
So I just saw him.
– But never mind…
– Wait.
You saw the color of his eyes
from inside the bus?
Why haven’t you reported it earlier?
Come with me.
I’ll take your statement.
Come on.
– Do I have to make a statement?
– Of course.
That can be evidence.
No, thanks.
You want some tea, Camille?
Is that how it’s going to be now?
– What do you mean?
– Act as everything is fine?
– It’s not.
– How do we know it’s her?
Maybe she’s a clone or something.
– Stop it.
– What?
She could be a fraud.
– Can’t you see it’s Camille?
– Who else could I be?
Do you know how I feel?
Put yourself in my shoes for a second.
I don’t care.
You’re not real!
Enough already!
Why are you lashing out at her?
Am I the only one who sees
what’s happening?
She can’t be back from the dead.
That’s impossible!
Is she some kind of Jesus?
She was dead,
and now, she’s returned to life?
That’s enough.
Someone might hear you.
You wanna hide her?
We should throw her
a big welcome home party!
– Stop it now!
– You’re gonna hit me again?
I can’t explain it.
All I know
is that your sister needs you.
My sister is dead.
Don’t you get that?
She’s dead.
Excuse me,
do you know Adèle Werther?
– I’m sorry?
– She used to live here.
– I just took her apartment.
– How long ago?
– Eight or nine years.
– Do you know Simon Delaître?
– They were a couple.
– I don’t know much about Ms. Werther.
It was eight years ago,
I met her three times, I’m sorry.
Do you know
what happened to Simon?
Who the hell is that guy?
You need to talk to me already.
I went to the police station.
No one’s looking for you.
You need to tell me
where you got lost.
It wasn’t in this town?
Do you even understand what I say?
I can’t keep you.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.
I don’t have any toys.
I don’t have anything for kids.
You’ll get bored with me.
I’d like this to be settled by Thursday,
so we can print the texts.
Thursday should be fine.
You’ll have time
to make up your mind.
I’m sorry.
I don’t like any of those.
We’ll find something.
I need to pee.
The restroom is over there.
Excuse me.
A woman was assaulted last night
in the tunnel near the town hall.
the victim is Lucy Clarsen.
– She’s a waitress at the Lake Pub.
– She’s alive?
She’s critical.
She was stabbed a dozen of times.
– She has bite marks on her stomach.
– Bite marks?
It looks like he’s back.
– Get a canvass going. I’ll be here.
– All right, Captain.
I have to go.
An emergency?
I’ll make a detailed report for you.
I’m sorry.
It has dropped since yesterday?
It’s still dropping.
Let me know if it keeps dropping.
I’ll send someone to check it out.
And don’t tell anyone.
I tried to call her many times.
She won’t answer.
I’ll call you back, Pierre.
Is Camille in her room?
I think she’s finally sleeping.
I need to get changed at my place.
I’ll be back.
All right.
Why don’t you bring
some of your things here?
It’s for Camille’s sake.
What about Pierre?
I’m sorry.
You’re right.
See you later.
– Sorry, were you sleeping?
– I was trying.
What did you want?
Have you been in your sister’s room?
No, why?
Just asking.
– Hello, Julie.
– Hello, Ms. Payet.
Hello, little boy.
You’re so cute.
– Victor, is it?
– Yes.
I didn’t quite catch it.
Are you related?
Yes, absolutely.
Did you hear about Mr. Costa?
You didn’t hear?
This morning, Mr. Costa…
He took a dive from the dam,
and it was no bungee jumping.
You knew him, right?
– Not much.
– Poor Mr. Costa.
He was nearly 75, right?
He didn’t have much longer to wait.
He must have been really desperate.
– The boy doesn’t go to school?
– Not today.
– Have a nice day.
– Will do.
If you can’t find a text that you like,
we can have more songs instead.
That would be better.
I have a feeling
that you don’t trust me anymore.
– Why are you saying that?
– I know you.
I can see something is wrong,
and since you won’t talk to me,
I take it
that you don’t trust me anymore.
Last night,
I thought Simon came back.
It was so real.
He talked to me.
He was even yelling.
It hadn’t happen for years.
I thought it was over.
I thought I was cured.
You know,
a few days ago, a lady came to me.
She was completely overwhelmed,
because she had just talked
to her husband,
who died more than twenty years ago.
She told me
that it was as if he reappeared
in the flesh.
As if he came back.
Do you think that’s possible?
I think that our loved ones
live on through us.
I believe souls are immortal.
The resurrection of bodies,
on the other hand…
I don’t think
anybody would want that.
Don’t worry, Adèle.
Thinking about Simon
before your wedding
is absolutely normal.
But when you realize
that you won’t have to forget about him
once you’re married to Thomas,
you will find peace, I’m sure.
It is really important
to be at peace with one’s ghosts.
Unlike what people think,
they mean us no harm.
So, if Simon comes back to you,
don’t shut him out.
Talk to him.
The one who’s always been here,
but who nobody knows.
How are you?
– Where did you say Adèle was working?
– At the media library.
– Where is that?
– Next to the town hall.
Why do I feel like I know you?
What did he want?
To have sex with me.
But he’s not my type.
Does she remember friends
that would’ve been with her in the bus?
Yes, she remembers everything
before the accident.
She remembers her life,
her friends…
Hello, doctor.
Still no medical stuff?
– Did you get some sleep?
– Not even for a second.
Can you explain that to me?
– Everything can be explained.
– Yeah, right.
– What are you doing?
– I’m suffocating here.
I don’t think that’s a good idea.
What do you know?
Who are you anyway?
Pierre is here to help.
You can trust him.
– So what? I’m some kind of zombie?
– You’re not a zombie.
So what am I?
You know, you’re not the only one.
– It happened before.
– I don’t believe that crap.
Whether you believe it or not,
it’s true.
I was at your funeral.
I saw you in your coffin.
Yet, here you are.
Someone has given you the chance
to start over.
Who is that someone?
There were forty of us in that bus.
Why did they save me?
I understand why you’re scared,
but you don’t have to be.
What you’re going through
is absolutely amazing.
Someone is watching over you.
I just want to live a normal life.
Like I used to.
It looks good, right?
Do you like it?
Hey, Toni.
Come with us to the precinct.
We have a few questions.
– About what?
– About Lucy Clarsen.
What about her?
Come on, we’ll tell you.
Hey, Alcide.
What’s going on?
I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about it.
Sylvain, give me my coat, please.
See you later.
I think I’ve located the perp.
He’s at the media library.
All right, I’ll let you know.
Oh, my.
You’re so handsome.
Just because I’m marrying Thomas
doesn’t mean I’ll forget about you.
You are a part of me.
I’ll never forget you.
Of course,
I had to try at some point.
I quickly realized that I couldn’t.
And that I didn’t have to.
I know you’re a ghost.
I know you’re not real.
But I’m not scared.
You can stay.
I won’t ask you to go away anymore.
I’m glad that you’re back.
Even if it’s only in my head.
Calm down, everyone.
You pick a book, you keep quiet
and you sit down.
Sit down.
Hello, sir.
Would you please come with us?
He waited for her in the tunnel,
stabbed her 17 times
and tried to eat her liver.
Look, it’s exactly the same MO.
It gotta be the same murderer
from seven years ago.
Take a seat.
Do you know what happened
to Lucy Clarsen?
She did work last night?
When did she end her shift?
I’m not sure.
Around 2 am.
Was someone waiting for her?
I don’t think so.
Do you know
if she has any family here?
– Not that I know of.
– What were you doing when she left?
Closing the bar.
Were you alone?
Then what did you do?
I went home.
– Who can corroborate?
– Why are you asking me all this?
Seven years ago, you were arrested
on suspicion of attempted homicide,
in the tunnel.
They made a mistake.
I was proven innocent.
Look at your waitress.
It’s a miracle
that she’s still alive.
It can’t be.
You did this.
You did this to her.
And to the others too.
You crazy bastard, you wanted more
and you started to eat them.
You may go, Lieutenant.
All right, Captain.
Let’s take it right from the start.
What the fuck are they doing?
You’re OK?
You wanna go somewhere else?
Do you think someone
can come back from the dead?
Yeah, in movies.
In the real life…
If they came back, we’d have to hide.
– The dead would be fucking pissed.
– Never mind.
Wait, Léna!
What is it?
– What’s wrong with her?
– Nothing.
Come on, hit it.
Yes, I understand.
I really can’t, tonight.
I can come tomorrow
whenever you like.
All right, 2 pm.
Is it OK with you?
Tomorrow at 2 pm then, Mrs. Romain.
Bye, thank you.
What did that animal do to you?
Why did you hit me?
Are you nuts?
Hail Mary, full of grace…
It’s me!
… blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Holy Mary, Mother of God…
When did you notice?
An hour ago.
I went to her room
to see if she was sleeping.
– Did you call Léna?
– She won’t answer.
She can’t be far.
Do you think she’ll come back?
I’m sure.
If she doesn’t come back,
I won’t bear it.
What are you doing?
I can get you in.
You want a drink?
Did you see Camille?
Did she go out?
– What the fuck were you thinking?
– She snuck out.
Where did she go?
We don’t know.
I’ve never seen that before.
The man who assaulted the waiter,
he’s in our records,
but he’s supposed to be dead.
For ten years.
Take a look.
His name is Simon Delaître.
He didn’t tell us his name.
He won’t talk to us.
We just took his fingerprints.
Has that ever happened to you?
– What?
– That.
I didn’t know
the records could be falsified.
Does Simon Delaître
ring any bell with you?
It’s OK, thanks.
We’re having
a little problem with you.
According to our records,
you are dead.
How do you explain that?
You’re the cops.
Your name is Simon Delaître.
Is that right?
And this.
Are you telling me it’s not you?
– Are you?
– That’s right.
Do you know Adèle Werther?
Why are you asking me that?
If you know her,
you probably knew Simon Delaître.
They were a couple.
You know that Simon Delaître is dead?
But he is Simon Delaître.
He’s dead.
That’s what you said.
Who is Adèle to you?
Read him his rights.
Take him into custody.
What’s going on?
Why was the house locked?
Where is Mom?
Did something happen to her?
She’s dead.
What happened?
What did you do to her?
I didn’t do anything.
When did she die?
Three years ago.
What are you talking about?
Why don’t I remember it?
– Because you weren’t around.
– Where was I?
With her.
Good evening.
How was your day?
I picked the songs.
You’ll tell me if it’s OK with you?
Where have you been, sweetie?
Don’t leave like that.
I was so worried.
What could happen to me?
I’m already dead.
Where have you been?
At the Lake Pub.
– I wanted to see Frédéric.
– Did you see him?
I bumped into Lucho.
Did he recognize you?
He didn’t.
I saw someone at the Lake Pub…
I think he’s like you.
What do you mean?
I think he’s dead too.
You really don’t want to call anyone?
Are you sure?
Tell me if you change your mind.
There, there.
Don’t worry.
I’ll take good care of you.
All right.
Good night.
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